Earth's Axis has changed

May 5, 2016

5-2016 Greenland, Iceland, Azores & anywhere else Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Greenland, Iceland, Azores & anywhere else Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.


  1. Hi mmc7, I just finished reading an article by Steven Dutch from in which he tries to discredit you and the divulgence site and he apparently doesn’t know you are a woman.
    To summarize, in his article he basically is saying you are crazy and he is correct, and that nothing has changed with sunrise and sunsets, it’s just that we never noticed before now. I for one am a person who has worked outside most of my life in different seasons and have always paid attention to the changes. The last several years I have noticed the heat intensity of the sun increasing (except when they are spraying) and that our seasons have moved to a month later or so. Spring comes the end of April (we take our last snowmobile ride about mid April here in the Sudbury, Ontario area) and winter weather comes in the middle of December when normally it should come the middle of November.
    In his article, Mr. Dutch tries to discredit the claim that the earth’s tilt has changed to 49 degrees from 23.5. Do you know where this 49 degree number came from and if it is accurate? I am a bit confused as to which way the earth is tilting with this change and just want clarification if you could please.
    Thanks from Canada.


    Comment by Dean — July 22, 2016 @ 8:09 am | Reply

    • He sounds like someone who gets his jollies jerking off in public to get attention. I couldn’t care less what he says. I’d hate to see how he abuses his wife (if he still has one) since he gets off attacking people. Perhaps someone should ask her about him.

      I already know the truth. I share the info for other peoples benefit. Not mine. I certainly have nothing to gain.

      The current tilt angle is about 41. It has changed several times since 2004.

      As for the sun angle, anyone can look at it on June 21st, the summer solstice & see that the shadows are being cast toward the south and the sun is rising and setting significantly north. If he doesn’t know the sun should NEVER be north of the Tropic of Cancer which runs thru central Mexico, then he clearly did not learn his 3rd grade science class on this subject. Anyone is welcome to look outside on June 21st and see for themselves.

      It is interesting how fools like that wait until the sun is past the summer solstice to espouse their ravings. I wonder how much the gov’t is paying him to be a hireling attacker to cover up this issue.

      I could care less. Anyone who wishes to follow his babblings is welcome to do so. I certainly don’t hold anyone hostage.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 22, 2016 @ 9:49 pm | Reply

  2. I’m not a scientist or anyone with a college education. Just your average joe. But I’ve noticed that the sun seemed different the last 10 years and the position of the sun is changing…I thought I was just losing my mind or contributing it to just getting older but when I would bring it up in conversation (with open minded people) they say the same thing. Now that I’ve read this article, I’m convinced I’m right.
    Perhaps following the UFO community would be interesting to you if you are not all ready. Especially a man by the name of Dr Steven Greer. I have a feeling the 2 are connected some how.


    Comment by Darrel — May 28, 2016 @ 8:40 am | Reply

    • There is no special education required to see the sun is not where it should be. I try to keep the site in plain English so everyone can participate. It is my belief the melting ice at the South pole has allowed the axis to shift. We will see how far is has shifted this past year on June 20 & 21. The last 2 years have had significant changes.

      Whereas the UFO’s are not involved with the axis change, but perhaps you would be interested in some photos of intelligent life & flowing rivers & lakes on Mars?


      Comment by mmc7 — May 28, 2016 @ 10:37 am | Reply

  3. See :Space Photos of the Week: Greenland and the Amazing Technicolor Coastline


    Comment by Mai Zimbleman — May 7, 2016 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

    • Each year I plan my garden around the sun. I know where the sun should rise in fall. I have lived where I am for four years and have become very aware of the sun and its position. During the summer the sun sets in front of my house over the lake and during the winter it moves to the right where is falls behind the trees. Every evening last summer we watched the sunset right over the water. But this summer the sun is still setting behind the trees ad it would in winter. Its kinda freaky. Freakier that not many people even pay attention and the glazed over look I get when I mention it…that freaks me out even more


      Comment by Shell — July 21, 2016 @ 2:13 am | Reply

      • Most people have been programmed through the media & school with pavlovian responses & wordsmithing.

        Here is what that means: Pavlov trained dogs to expect food whenever they hear a bell ring & immediately begin salivating. The gov’t has trained the masses to treat anyone who brings up a subject which isn’t sanctioned by the gov’t or NASA as “Conspiracy Theorists”.

        They are also programmed to respond with rolled eyes & skepticism toward anyone who implies that the gov’t is not being truthful or who uses the word conspiracy. 80% of the world population believe the gov’t is always honest & those of us who point out these dark activities such as CIA assassinations, human experimentation & foreign gov’t usurping (Jackals) or the deaths of JFK, General Patton, or the false WMD used to start a false war, or the extra building 7 of the WTC which collapsed but had not been hit by a plane or damaged or ancient aliens… are all nothing but the ravings of us crazies.

        Every day, (especially during an election year) the political partisans choose a “word or phrase of the day” such as “Obamacare” (for example) and you will hear that word used by every senator or congress Rep, or member of that political party who speaks on TV or news throughout the day. This is also an example of wordsmithing. You can hear patterns in the things they say. They must have a morning conference call or email to update everyone on the word of the day. The public retains things they hear repeated 3 or more times.

        This is how people become programmed without realizing it. The public is also taught to eat their own, when certain key words such as conspiracy theory or UFO is mentioned. The public is ready to attack the person before they have spoken a word. This is because of the trigger words or phrase. Thus anyone who suggests the gov’t is withholding information or involved in black projects or other covert activities must be a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy is then associated with untruths and crazies. The minute they use those trigger words against someone who threatens to expose them, the public automatically turns on them as they have been conditioned to do.

        However, in our case we have one thing going for us which those other issues do not. They cannot hide the sun. Most people are taught in 3rd grade how the sun never goes farther north than the tropic of cancer. The furthest north basically occurs on June 21st each year with minor fluctuations. This is the summer solstice or the longest day of the year. So next June, you can show them how the shadows are cast toward the south which the sun should never do if it was over the tropic of cancer on June 21st & should never be north of that position. The tropic of Cancer runs through central Mexico. So if we in the US & northern hemisphere are seeing shadows cast toward the south in June, then the sun is not where it is supposed to be. (unless you are living in the arctic circle. Then it would be more difficult to show.)

        Make a list of people who glazed over or those who ridiculed you. Don’t mention it until next June. Then next June you can show them how the sun is casting southerly shadows & is rising & setting to the north. If they see it with their own eyes they will think twice before putting you down. Let them stew on it after that. Don’t try to force the subject. It might also help break the word & response conditioning.

        Those of us who were in our teens or twenties between 68-78 were the ones who obtained the freedom of Information act & revealed Watergate & forced the CIA human experiment documents & pentagon papers public & other things. We exposed the real gov’t corruption. But they turned our kids into puppets.

        My 43 your old son does not believe anything unless the gov’t makes public statements. He didn’t believe the pet food was tainted even through I had spoken with the director of Veterinary Research at Cornell & the FDA meat inspector who is a vegetarian. He wont even allow his cat to eat meat. That should scare everyone. Especially some of the things he told me. I lost 7 pets to that bad menu food pet deaths. My son called it or conspiracy theory & said if their was something wrong the gov’t would tell the public. The gov’t threatened Cornells grant money if they shared any more info with the public, The FDA inspector told me he received over 5000 pet death reports just in his one region in one day. But the gov’t claimed only 9 cats at Menu foods died. So you can see the extent of the lies.

        I find it quite scary that our adult children think the gov’t is honest & totally above lying. I couldn’t believe my own son was saying such things. This is just a small example.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 21, 2016 @ 2:50 pm

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