Earth's Axis has changed

August 5, 2018

8-2018 Dates of Major Axis Shifts & Death Wobble

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My research has concluded we are in a final death wobble of an axis shift which began in 2004. The death wobble reversion in 2015 and the final death wobble onto our side began in Aug 2017. The volcano activity has gone wild in 2017 & 2018.

See major quakes below. Bizarre weather & heat waves 2017 & 2018. Bizarre overlapping tsunamis Aug 2017.

The global conditions will likely become insufferable by 2020. It is likely at some point we will either drown on coastlines or cook alive in 125F plus heat which may exceed 130F to 150F degrees unless we dig a shelter underground. We will have to watch & see. It could always revert again. The gov’t will move underground & use background stage props to make you believe they are in DC. Don’t believe what you see & hear. They want the public oblivious & ignorant of the situation.  Keep watch for troop activities in your area. It wont be on TV. They were training helicopters just last week.

This is my best guess at the moment, based on the available facts. I could be wrong. But even so, the heat waves, bad weather & global upheaval events & axis shifting of solar position will still be occurring.

Here are the dates of the major axis shifts  12-26-2004 Indonesia Tsunami & 3-11-2011 Japan Tsunami.

The reversion death wobble was detected on my June 2015 post. A death wobble is a child’s spinning top just before it falls over.

The most recent final death wobble shift occurred 8-9-2017 to 8-13-2017. These were multiple tsunamis concurrently overlapping on both Pacific & Atlantic coasts of south America.  Authorities renamed  events “Oceans in Opposition” to hide the chain of retreating oceans followed by Tsunamis on both coasts during 4 days  of Aug 2017. These tsunamis are the main indicator of global axis shifts. See link below.

The Volcanic charts are not research friendly for dates & activity. They either provide data for one volcano at a time or current week report. However, most major well known volcanoes are currently active  on a massive scale. See info I posted yesterday on volcanoes.

Watch global temperatures.

A list of Quake activity above 8.0 from 2001 to Aug 5, 2018 is listed below.

11-16-2000 PNG

  • 8.0 Quake

6-23-2001 Peru

  • 8.4 Quake

4-18-2003 (or 2004)  Tidal wave moving toward China.

  • never reaches coast

  • Source  not located

  • Image captured by NASA

  • Both 2003 & 2004 stated

9-25-2003 Japan

  • 8.3 Quake

12-23-2004 Macquarie Island

  • 8.1 Quake

12-26-2004 Indonesian Tsunami,

  • over 280,000 dead,

  • 9.2 Indonesian quake,

  • Australian plate shifting north in conjunction with tsunami.

3-28-2005 Indonesia

  • 8.6 Quake

6-1-2006 Philippines

  • 8.4 Quake

6-5-2006 Philippines

  • 8.0 quake

11-15-2006 Kuril Islands

  • 8.3 Quake

  • 8.3 Quake East of Kuril

1-13-2007 East of Kuril

  • 8.1 Quake

4-1-2007 Solomon Islands

  • 8.1 Quake

8-15-2007 Peru

  • 8.0 Quake

9-12-2007 Indonesia

  • 8.5 Quake

2-27-2010 Chili

  • 8.8 Quake

3-11-2011 Japan Tsunami

  • 9.1 Quake

  • 16,000 dead

  • tectonic plate shifting west

  • 3 nuclear reactors melt down, Fukushima

4-11-2012 Sumatra

  • 8.6 Quake

  • 8.2 Quake Northern Sumatra

5-24-2013 sea of Okhotsk

  • 8.3 Quake

4-1-2014 Chili

  • 8.1 Quake

9-16-2015 Chili

  • 8.3 Quake

8-9-2017 South America

  • Tsunami OO Chili Pacific coast

8-10-2017 South America

  • Tsunami OO Uruguay Atlantic coast

  • Tsunami OO Brazil Atlantic coast

  • Tsunami OO Chili Pacific coast

8-13-2017 South America

  • Tsunami OO Uruguay Atlantic coast

9-8-2017 Mexico

  • 8.1 Quake

Links to verify:

Multiple Tsunamis (oceans in opposition) both coasts 8-9-2017 to 8-13-2017 multiple countries (Chili, Uruguay, Brazil).

Earthquakes: (set for quakes size 8-10 from 2001 to Aug 5, 2018). Change parameters for longer.

Axis tilt Reversion (Death Wobble) 6-2015

Volcanoes 8-2018

Death Wobble   8-2018

Global Heat   8-2018

Survival kit Preparations 7-2018





  1. Mmc7,
    I have been painting on a job for the last several days. I begin my workday at 7PM. I always have had “good lighting” for about 80 minutes. Except for yesterday, August 27th, I had barely 15 minutes of light and the sun set far sooner than it had in the previous several days. I had another two people mention the same incident (NY and OH). Anything showing up on your radar?


    Comment by Vvl — August 28, 2018 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

    • I made a new post as an overview for the causes of the Weather meltdown. For your specific questions, those are in RED & Blue font near the bottom. But I didn’t know how much you knew about the issues, so I included most of it in the overview in case you needed more info.
      Here is the link to that post.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 29, 2018 @ 1:09 am | Reply

      • Thank you!


        Comment by Vvl — August 29, 2018 @ 5:38 am

  2. By the way, I refuse to accept your name for it “death wobble” as that was indeed the prior destination; but things have changed. Let that soak in.

    Not denying events, just saying humans CAN affect the planet through collective resonance. There are economic and political changes that will happen before the earth items, that will enable them to make these choices after the dust settles emotionally. I think people are realizing they need to come out of their shells and recognize other human beings have capabilities that are more important than 9-5. That and the skills we all have learned will enable us to get through the wobble-shift. Not saying things won’t happen; but I think more is going to happen than you realize on many levels. That is why the Mayans could not continue their calendar. They had no way to know which of the many paths humans would choose. And it is a choice that is based on the heart energy of each person. This could slack off or could get worse. We will all just have to see. But this emotional level has to be dealt with first, and it may not build up enough until 2020 (along with the physical events). Hurry up and wait, you know?

    This is my opinion. Remember quantum. Also look at some of the other planet’s history – most have gone from a duller color to a more vivid color during the last 10 years. Look at Mars, something has been going on with it. Something is causing this. So maybe it’s our turn and this is what it is.


    Comment by lavender — August 5, 2018 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

    • As they have done with many things, they have redefined phrases. In my day, when a spinning top began to lose speed, it started to wobble unevenly from one side to another before it fell over. That was called a death wobble. Now it has been redefined as a vehicle failure. But the use in my day was as I described & the type of uneven wobble as our planet shifts onto its side. A regular wobble is not correct in this situation because it isn’t a stable wobble such as precession of a rocket.

      I spent 5 weeks analyzing the cause of our changes in suns position & heat waves in the arctic circle confirmed by hundreds of monitoring sites & equipment. I checked seismic & volcanic activity for the past 18 years, star positions, planet positions, weather changes & comparisons of visitors observations from around the world. Plus my annual tracking of the suns position since 2005 & all my skills as an engineer & scientist to analyze the recent changes for the past 3 years.

      I suspected this death wobble back in June 2015 when the suns position reverted & improved. We are not in a stable wobble. These were the last gasps before it shifts onto its side. Nothing stable or steady. But it will continue to rotate and orbit as Uranus does on its side. The world will not likely end, but the heat & flooding, etc., will kill a lot of people. If you live close to the southern Australian Volcanic Maars & thin crust, then that could become an issue for you as may Yellowstone for us.

      I try to offer any ideas for survival & preparation of kits. Even if there are no global issues, these come in handy for bad weather, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, evacuations, etc.
      I try to share my knowledge & experience to help anyone who is interested. I don’t believe in panic, scare tactics or ignoring the issues. Just my best efforts for anyone who is interested.

      It would certainly not make sense to hang out on sites you disagree with. There are many other sites with other points of view & to each his own. I’ve always promised to be honest & keep the site in simple English & easy to understand. I also provide links & data so anyone can verify the info I post. I’ve had this site for 12 years with over 100,000 visitors each year. I don’t take money or require subscriptions.

      I’m not going to start lying just to appease. Everyone is entitled to their points of view. Those in other countries have different situations. I’m sure there are youtube sites for alternate opinions. This is our opinion & an honest site based on real facts. No one has to agree with us or remain if they believe otherwise. Everyone is free to choose their own path. Personally, I don’t delve in emotions. I haven’t been angry or upset for over 30 years. I’ve never been stressed or depressed; even in the face of global changes.

      Although I suspect heat will do us in, I live a peaceful harmonious life & spend all my time on research. Mars, Moon, Earths axis & satellite imagery, history & genealogy are my favorite subjects. Preparation of survival kits can be as detailed or simple as someone desires. Or none at all. Everyone is free to choose. But I always forget my cell phone charger in an emergency, so I mention these things. Perhaps a list at the door can be used as a reminder. But it is easier to build a survival kit ahead of time than to be standing in water or outrunning wildfires to gather our things.

      The loss of photos, jewelry or other important things can be devastating. All of our things burned in a warehouse while we were overseas when I was a child. So I remember what it is like & try to spare others from these things. Hence the lists.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 5, 2018 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

    • Which comment? Specify a sentence to identify.

      As you are in Australia, your sun won’t be in an abnormal position you can see until December. Your longest day is Dec 21st and should never shine in your southern windows. Just the opposite of us. It will be curious to see if your sun begins to return to the north on Dec 22nd & into Jan. Or remains south in the mirror image as ours has done in 2017 & 2018. You are currently coming out of Winter. Your summer temperatures should be interesting to compare. It is difficult for most people to picture the difference between hemispheres. Except north & south remain fixed for both. Even our stars are different. The sun is in opposite motion for your seasons.

      However, the sun is currently retreating to the equator from our North by Sept 23rd and you wont be able to see the error until December. It should then be the mirror image as we have experienced. Too far south.

      We have had Australians & South Africans provide the details for your region in prior Decembers. Now that things have changed we need to compare your December & January.

      Let me know which one. I held the last until clarified.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 6, 2018 @ 7:32 am | Reply

  3. Well, to add to the fun, USGS is downgrading quake magnitudes and not reporting quite a few, especially those inside mainland USA unless they get caught at it. No matter what happens, we are in for the ride. Found an unusual source for Schuman and GOES data that seems to stay current. The Schuman shows for different parts of the planet, which was unique.
    Here is another for earth wobble plots for the last 5 years to current for comparison purposes.
    Ok, so lets see if this will post.


    Comment by lavender — August 5, 2018 @ 12:04 pm | Reply

    • They downgraded hurricanes & tornadoes after Katrina. They think lowering the sizes & Categories, changing the names, reducing death tolls will keep people ignorant & oblivious. They will lie to the last moment as they retreat underground & leave the public abandoned to the troops under Martial Law to die. Mostly by heat & coastal flooding.

      See what happens when temperatures in the US exceed 125 F.
      Probably in summer of 2019 or 2020. If the power grids crash & overload from desperate attempts to remain cool, people will start dying by the thousands. This applies to any country. Thus the economy & infrastructure will start to fail as people cannot work. Only Texas has its own dedicated power grid.

      If anyone goes to Central America, remember the Volcanic activity, quakes & coastlines. The Rockies, sierras, Lake Powell, Appalachians, West PA, Ozarks, & must be above 300 ft with water, food & tree shade sources might be possible places to choose. Nearby lakes with fish, streams, waterfalls, rivers, animals, wild fruit & berries, areas for crops & materials for shelter.

      The more rural, the safer like West PA, Canada, Colorado, California sierra, etc. Stay away from New England, coasts, low altitudes like FL or the Southern states or west coast except Sierras. Trees (not pine), clean safe water, natural food, place for crops & diggable good soil for underground shelters are essential. Good soil where you can dig underground to escape heat. Away from towns, populations, military, roving gangs of refugees, killers & thieves. Trees, lakes, rivers, fish, berries, defensible. See what the animals are eating. But beware of wildfire zones & hazards. Or volcanic & seismic hazards even from dormant volcanoes like Hood, cascades, Lassen, Mammoth or faults & earthquake zones. Away from nuke plants including private reactors. N0 swamps, deserts or barren land. Beware of Mexico, Louisiana, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, New England, any state east of Mississippi river and south of Mason Dixon would not be safe.

      Perhaps Wisconsin, Michigan upper & thumb, Minnesota, Idaho, montana, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, West PA are possibilities. Avoid Arkansas, KY, TN, MO, AL, MS, GA, FL, LA, OK, etc.

      Winters could be extremely cold. Stay away from all Coastlines. Be Above 300 ft. Survival Books & natural medicines & first aid would be good. How to build shelters, etc.

      Just some ideas for everyone to think about. Use google earth to search areas. Pick more than one location in Case situations change. A large boat would be nice but may not survive tsunamis. Perhaps find large abandoned sailboat after disasters settle down, with book on how to sail.

      Just for ideas. No immediate need or urgency except for survival kit preparations.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 5, 2018 @ 1:13 pm | Reply

      • I saw a vid last night where the guy was showing on the news it said 95 but on his thermometer it was maxed out at 125 !! I didn’t get the date but it was this year in Massachusetts somewhere. So yep, all data is being manipulated to keep the fear down.


        Comment by lavender — August 5, 2018 @ 2:19 pm

      • If it was exposed to direct sunlight, that would also affect the results. I have a full weather station but it finally bit the dust a couple years ago. I need to buy another. But this enabled me to see the actual weather than to rely on someone licensed by the gov’t & not allowed to forecast any details unless first approved by NWS & NOAA.

        I was thinking how many varieties of English we have among our group. American English, England British, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, South Pole, aboriginal Australian, etc. There are a lot of different English dialects just among us. They all sound different & use different words. Even in the US, Boston natives & New Yorkers sound totally different as do our southerners. Even Canada has English & French on the west side and British English & American on the east side. Canadians sound More American than we do, eh?

        Note: To clarify, I never make malicious or mean comments toward anyone. If interpreted that way, it wasn’t intended. However, I can get short if someone trivializes a serious issue. This doesn’t apply to FEMA, Red Cross, Gov’ts, hirelings & bullies. I will say what they are from personal experience. I don’t say something unless it’s true. I also tend to speak in generalizations. Not toward any specific person but I habitually use “We, you, they, etc” as a generalization. I also don’t say or reference something unless I’m certain of its validity. I have a near photographic memory but can make errors on extremely rare occasions.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 5, 2018 @ 6:26 pm

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