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August 28, 2018

8-2018 LANL families & Nuclear Contamination pt 2

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I attached this 300 page adobe PDF document which is an overview named “Inventing LANL” about the LANL housing  & schools for scientists families at the bottom of this post.

Starting on page 140-143, they talk about contamination around schools, injuries, experiments, open radioactive pools, etc.

LANL is the Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico. Also known as LASL in the early history.

This is the history about the creation & building of the Labs & scientific community for the scientists & their families.

However, this attached 300 page document also goes into great detail about the amazing school system & students. It is 95% a positive look at the homes, families, schools and talent at Los Alamos from the beginning. If not for the contamination & secret experiments this would have been a utopia. This is a wonderful document to read but don’t forget pages 140-143 about the dark side.

This  is a multipage  Adobe PDF document.  I have tested it on Google chrome which brings the book up on an Adobe document reader screen. It does take some time to download the 300 pages. You will need to save the document to your computer or device if you wish to keep it to read later.

I couldn’t get this document in the US. They didn’t like the graphic honesty about contamination of the children of scientists families in Los Alamos. I found it in the Moscow library. They’ve since removed it from there. I suspect this amazing document about a Utopia of genius families & fantastic schools is why the Russians believe we are all rich, pampered capitalists with Cowboy mentality among our military & gov’t. I’ve spoken to the head General over the Russian Space agency & they believe we are all rich. Clearly our gov’t has fed them a lot of false propaganda about us & hidden their own crimes upon our citizens.

This is a large  PDF file  below named “Inventing LANL”. 300 pages. It may take a while to download. Be sure to read pages 140, 141, 142, 143.

Download: Inventing LANL file Here

This document is especially important to anyone who has lived there. There are also many other sites where families of employees were exposed to downwind radiation like Rocky Flats, Hanford, Ohio, Georgia, Nellis, Groom Lake, NTS, Columbia River, Idaho or innocent residents near private, military or public reactors & power plants like LA Simi Valley and 3 mile island where the victims & contamination were covered up & the victims were forced to sign silence agreements to receive money for their illness.

Anyone who lives near contamination should move away to a clean environment. No exceptions.

Our US gov’t (among many other nations) clearly cannot handle dangerous elements & nuclear radiation. They have no business using radioactive elements & dangerous chemicals if they cannot handle them with 100% safety, 100% compliance  to rules, regulation, safe operations & 100% protection & 100% effective safety gear for every employee  NOW. That means lead (like the dentist Xray protection) & demron combined, gamma blocking full body suits with spares for every employee & visitor with same type boots, gloves, head protection, positive pressure, level 4 or better, battery triple filtered hoods for breathing with gamma blocking of same type & full protection, personal dosimeters, geiger counters & full facility monitoring. Backup power, Generators, etc should be installed on tall, adjacent buildings without cooling pools nor containment buildings & above 100 ft to avoid floods & tsunamis  & wildfires. All emergency equipment in place for immediate use for every type of worst case disaster must be in place now & 100% cleanup. No exceptions.  No delays.

Not some paper suits, rubber gloves, rubber boots & fireman’s suits like I’ve seen used in Japan, Russia, etc. If these nuclear plants can afford to be built, they can afford adequate employee protection & equipment now.  Demron suits are only about $350. No excuse. Should be supplied now. Not after an accident. Every site across the globe should comply with protection & equipment now or be shut down.

If a company has not complied with cleanup like Boeing in Simi Valley, the site should be shut down & decommissioned. Boeing should be banned from any gov’t contracts or bids and banned from acquiring any other nuclear permits & forced to sell any other nuclear holdings. This should be done with any company who fails to follow full safety & full cleanup: worldwide




  1. Im very familar with DOD education system my daughter had the very same complaints. She gravitated to everything I hoped she would not. She too was tested non stop. Clearances were easy, many knew her grandfather and the rest of the family, yes grandpa had to have permission to travel decades after retiring.
    One thing I never really thought much about but was prevelant through out our lives specific schools chosen .
    The other was camping. I did not realize it was actually survival training. Mom never went just the kids many times. If we didnt catch anything we didnt eat anything. Remote places like the Grand Tetons. We knew how to ride, shoot, forrage, and survive. I guess there were things he couldnt tell us he just made sure we were prepared. He did believe in females being independent .


    Comment by Kathy — September 2, 2018 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

    • Our tests were mostly annually. Not including tests for each class subject. I didn’t even know I had high clearances until I received my uncles gov’t & AEC records totally unredacted and started receiving gov’t job offers with current active clearances. None of which I requested. Apparently, my employers arranged for the clearances. The gov’t still sends job offers. I refused the jobs. Salaries too low & living in a fish bowl. Psyops really wanted me & Army intelligence because I was good at tracking people.

      I’m also a big picture person & can easily match puzzle pieces to see the whole picture. They couldn’t pay half of what I was making. But I was still cleared to work as an independent or subcontracted at gov’t jobs for grounding systems. Someone was clearing my access. I never had to sign anything but an NDC. And I never saw anything worth disclosing.

      One tip on retirement for everyone. Pay off your house. Less income is higher when your aren’t paying $1000-$2000 per month on mortgages or rents. But don’t forget to factor in your insurance payments. No car loans. No credit card balances and you will be amazed how much spare money you have. Those savings funds will be quickly eaten up with taxes every time you withdraw & even if you don’t withdraw within 5 years. Why do you think the politicians use the Cayman Islands?


      Comment by mmc7 — September 2, 2018 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

  2. All I remember were constant tests for kids lots of geometrical block shapes. every year I had IQ tests really got tired of them angry in fact and deliberately gave wrong answers.
    It caught up to me eventually . One time they confronted me about my giving wrong answers. Told them I was getting seriously irritated with the same questions and was hoping for something more creative.
    I got the 5 star royal test treatment after that. Really enjoyed the challange.


    Comment by Kathy — September 2, 2018 @ 4:07 am | Reply

    • The one test which bugged me was the unfolded box. I always disliked that one. What did I care about an unfolded box.

      I went to DoD schools most of the time. They were worlds ahead of civilian schools and no prejudice between students. It was a culture shock to go to a US civilian school after so many years in military base schools overseas. In civilian schools, Girls were forced to take Home Ec. I wanted to take drafting & mechanical drawing & wood shop. All forbidden to females. So I took broadcasting in high school & was selected for journalism until they lost the funding & changed to physical sciences where I won a scholarship. I fortunately missed out on the 60’s violence & riots. We also didn’t have US TV. Just military TV & Radio. We even had to use Transformers to run any US appliance because the voltage & cycles were different even between the European countries.
      We were worlds ahead of civilian schools in curriculum & interacting with others. The only time we encountered issues was when someone new brought prejudice with them from the states But that was quickly eliminated because the military had no tolerance for it whether it was from a soldier or family member. Nice, safe schools & safe base housing where you didn’t have to worry about safety. Definitely preferable to Civilian schools & crime. So I graduated at 15 under special advancement just to get away from civilian schools those last 2 years.

      US civilian schools were horribly backward & the students cruel to each other while the teachers were just course administrators assigning chapters & tests. No teaching involved. You have to attend both types of schools to understand the difference.

      Dod teachers were not military. They were the top of the line US teachers who didn’t like the US civilian curriculum & limitations. They threw away the books & created their own lessons. I had a 6th grade teach who decided to teach us base math… what is now known as binary, Octal, Hexadecimal & everything in between. I was the only one who had such knowledge & allowed me to sail to the top of my profession above my classemates & coworkers. It was the language of computers. I also loved Boolean algebra which created computer commands back before Windows when we only had Dos. I couldn’t believe that teacher is still alive in his 90’s. He told us there would be a computer in every home before we were in our 40’s. He was right about our futures except when I found him about 18 years ago, he hated Computers & we had to communicate thru his wife’s computer accounts. and he typed in all Caps. He was correct about our futures but went backward on his own. He was never the same after leaving DoD schools where he was the most amazing teacher & became curmudgeonly. But I finally helped him overcome that.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 2, 2018 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

  3. See the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – ‎Vol. 41, No. 4 – ‎Magazine April 1985

    Fallouts and Falsehoods:

    These and other formerly classified documents reveal details of the official secrecy fostered coverup in the 1980’s, , survival is not enough ..


    Comment by maizart — August 30, 2018 @ 12:50 pm | Reply

    • I knew one of the scientists from Operation Paperclip. One of the Germans our gov’t imported after the war. He told me an interesting story about a job he had at area 51 & how he was treated.

      I also had another friend who worked at area 51 whom had been CIA Q level Top Secret classification & OSS. He was with the St Louis Cardinals when he was drafted for WWII. Because of his classification they kept redrafting him for every war. Korea, Vietnam before it was known by the public, etc. He was virtually a prisoner of the CIA whenever they were in the mood.

      I also knew one of the Red Flag pilots.

      Each of them told me interesting details about A51. Such as there is an underground launch ramp disguised as a pond. I had already found it 25 years ago.

      After talking to the pilot, I learned about the giant elevator sections off the main runway where they returned the aircraft to the underground hangar because the launch ramp was too steep to land on. When you watch the film Independence Day, the launch ramp they use for the space craft is the inside view of that pond ramp.

      I have some scary official declassified documents about radiation abuses by the CIA & military upon innocent victims. Former CIA DCI Wm Colby was fired by Pres. Ford for testifying to Congress about the CIA dirty laundry which became public knowledge. Ford, BTW, was on the JFK Warren commission with Allen Dulles.

      I also have a lot of videos about experiments upon innocent public. I will post them soon so everyone can read them. I wish I could do the same with the videos but it is too involved.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 30, 2018 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

  4. Thank you so much for allowing me to read the book. Explains a lot of the whys I had. Why can’t we have magazines, or go to certain activities there were a lot of don’ts the family had to live under.
    There were a lot of rules a lot we could not do.

    Dad was a GS 13 at 24 yrs old. He was recruited from Cal Tech for his ability to understand physics but most of all could make anything with a lathe and knew what metals could do what under stress.. The achedemics gave him their theories but they had to have the right design to make it happen. He designed and patented the torpedo only to have the government take it away. Could be why he moved on to the first prototype of the space shuttle. Cancelled for the 3 man capsule used to eventually land on the moon. The surveyor was one of his projects, after that it was mini engines and fuel cells for satellites still in orbit today. I never knew what to say when asked what my dad did because we werent supposed to say. finally settled on aerospace engineer. He finally got a signed comendation for his work on the Mahattan project in the late 70’s they kept it classified over 30 years.


    Comment by Kathy — August 28, 2018 @ 8:07 pm | Reply

    • I love to hear about these details. Would love to hear about the Lanl rules & schools info. Especially with the odd way my uncles wife reacted. It sounds like your dad was also a precision machinist. They were the most important for the correct dimensions, thickness & parameters for the device core which had to perfectly fit together.

      They may have kept him classified to protect him from abduction. Those skills were extremely rare & foreign gov’ts would have snatched him off the street. I’d love to hear anything you wish to share. My two favorite subjects are LANL & NASA and anything aerospace or science.

      I had a feeling you’d like that book. You can save it to your computer from the document reading app. It has 300 pages of Lanl families & school history. I’m still reading it between posts & movies. I just bought Victoria season 2. PBS masterpiece. I don’t care for the actor who plays Albert. There were much better actors in Young Victoria and Victoria & Albert videos. This Albert always hangs his head down talking to his feet & doesn’t have the class or style of the real Albert.

      Back to the LANL book; because of those 4 pages about their experiments on the families it was removed in the US. They thought they destroyed all copies but Moscow was more than happy to share. It just popped up on a google search one day about 10 years ago. I guess Google indexes everyone for their search engine.

      The library had the book online free while our libraries require paid membership these days and sell books instead of maintaining them. I remember when they encouraged people to read & go to the library. Now they want your soul & financial contract to look at one book. They act more like brokers & actually require PHD’s for their librarians. I knew someone who wanted to be one. What happened to encouraging reading?

      Ironic that the Moscow public library was easier to access without prerequirements. I had never considered they had a free public library.

      I also found interesting catalogs on weapons, satellites, space technology, etc. from the Air force library 20 years ago. All digital. I have them through about 2010. Intended for contractors to use for bidding & tells how many they have of each item & how many they want and what each item does. I found it interesting that all their satellite weapons point out into deep space. What are they pointing at? They also show pictures or drawings of each Catalog item… such as a space maneuvering vehicle for the crews to fly between satellites to repair. There is also a Congressional budget book which corresponds for each year and item & black budget from the library of congress. Sounds like you might like those USAF catalogs if I can find them. Full of space devices no one knows about for their space command center. We don’t seem to know Anything about their space footprint either. Or their base on Mars. That wasn’t in the catalog but it was in their Mars satellite images. I have a friend who worked at their space launching facility in FL. I like to research everything.

      I sent copies of the LANL book to my cousins. One was about 8 when her dad died in 54. I thought she would be pleased with the book & the photos. But I didn’t hear back. I’ve never spoken to her brother. He still lives in Santa Fe or Los Alamos. Santa Fe, I think & doesn’t want any contact. She is also reclusive. Perhaps growing up with Lanl rules does that. Her mother was raised in Santa fe before LANL existed. I haven’t heard from them in years.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 29, 2018 @ 2:26 am | Reply

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