Earth's Axis has changed

January 18, 2015

1-2015 Southern Hemisphere Solar position

If anyone knows someone who lives in the southern hemisphere south of the tropic of Capricorn.. such as Southern Australia, the country of South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay or New Zealand… ask them to look outside at sunrise and sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon and ask them if the sun is to the south of their location right now.

The appearance of the sun position from my vantage point in winter may simply be because I’m too far north to properly evaluate the position of the winter sun.


Our request was answered. We now have the info and response we needed from the southern tip of Australia verifying the sun is to the south of their position, so this verifies our original concerns since the major shift of the planet in Dec 2004 significantly altered and increased the tilt of our axis. The sun which should never be farther north than the tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico or farther south than the Tropic of Capricorn in Mid Australia is now significantly beyond those points. The sun is now about 2000 miles too far north in the summer shining in our northern windows and too far south in the winter shining in their southern facing windows at sunrise and sunset. I had some concerns that the orbit around the sun had possibly altered the direction of the angle and could not verify from my location, hence my inquiry today which the response has now alleviated those concerns.

We have  now verified our original observations and measurements of the abnormal position of the sun due to a significant shift of our axis in Dec 2004. However, it has also significantly shifted again in the past year for the first time since 2004. We had some smaller shifts but this was quite noticeable. So it will be interesting to see if there are any further changes when we measure again this summer June 21st or if it has settled down again. We also don’t know what the world governments may be doing covertly to address the situation. We do know they are using Chemtrails to cool down the weather. I posted the websites of one of the gov’t contractors on those projects. But if they do something foolish trying to undo the shifted axis, they could make it worse for all of us. Their batting average has not been very good so far. I will make a new post on what we need to look out for. 



  1. I spent decades as Commercial Fisherman offshore is general area east of 41n 70w.
    Without doubt the Sun rises and sets MUCH further South now than I ever remember.
    Just today I asked this question to Google and was surprised to find so many articles.
    For the last 8 months or so something has been tickling the back of my mind about daylight.
    4 days ago I woke early and was shocked how far South the Sun was in my East facing windows.
    I was severely injured in a marine accident some years ago and I believe this kept me from noticing the change until now.
    With my extensive experience navigating offshore there is absolutely no doubt in what I am now seeing!
    Why is this not Headline News??
    I am giving my Twitter Handle so you can see I really am a retired Offshore Commercial Fisherman


    Comment by Phil — January 12, 2018 @ 9:37 am | Reply

  2. Although comments above are a few months old now, the subject is our planet and the increasing changes stretching over at least 50 years now, sometimes the oldest material is the most truthful as it was given by scientists with great integrity, tremendous honesty … such as Robert Harrington and Zecharia Sitchin as well as the great Immanuel Velikovky. The video submitted here is bit scratchy, but really worthwhile watching – The Bonds of the Past (Full documentary) History of Velikovsky can also be found on bibliotecapleyades. I tend to agree with alphalex9 above, that the reality of the passage of PlanetX /Nibiru is becoming more and more convincing everyday. Definitely, IMO a global cataclysm is expected as today the presence of the DUMB’s are common knowledge and what is currently happening in the US further supports upheavals, which not too far away, are being prepared for with military precision. Furthermore, also IMO, as far as ZT goes, no matter how people slate Nancy Lieder, the ZT subject matter is scientific (but understandably so) and loaded with info not to be found anywhere else and since 1995, the full and incredibly extensive library is available as a track record for anybody desirous of studying it for their own edification. Maybe people should consider not shooting the messenger, but rather for their own benefit concentrating on the message? – After all, nothing to lose, but much to gain (again my humble opinion). Another interesting site is — for those wishing to rather remain with pure, but independent and well-respected science, rather than the predictions or alerts from off planetary beings. Also Next Magnetic Pole Reversal is under way –
    If you like also check out: 2002 NT7 — This has also been in official news a few months ago. Much is undoubtedly happening and I think we need be prepared to grow and fast and remain positive and on top of things.


    Comment by kznwatch — July 12, 2015 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

    • New info is always welcome.

      However, I disregard the planet X Nibiru theory as a factor for the axis shift. Any gravitational force of that magnitude would affect EVERY object in the solar system. Not just the Earth. Every planet, moon, asteroid & speck of debris in our solar system would be disrupted toward the source of such a gravitational pull. The closer to the object, the more significant the disruption. Common sense mandates no such external force could affect the Earth alone without severe disruption of other planets closer to that force, not to mention the orbit & orientation of our own moon.

      I’m not saying the planet X wont be a future issue on a larger scale but not on the current axis issue. This axis shift is not a new occurrence. We have scientists who have found evidence that our planet’s axis has shifted onto its side as many as 11 times in the past leaving evidence of tropics at the polar regions & glaciers at the equatorial regions. The repetition of this cycle indicates the axis shift is unrelated to external forces & influences of other rogue celestial objects.

      I’m going to create a new post to go over these issues and how the south pole acts as an anchor weight to maintain the planet’s axis balance for those who follow this subject.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 13, 2015 @ 10:00 am | Reply

  3. Great work on this blog and the compilation at However, the hypothesis of melting polar ice causing the axis to shift is an unlikely explanation, IMO. Much more probably the magnetic field of earth is being affected by the magnetic field of a very large planet orbiting the sun’s dark binary twin star that is approaching earth in its approximately 3600-year tilted elliptical orbit around the sun. Being alternately attracted and repelled as the poles of earth rotate around its axis daily, earth is in effect wobbling, causing extremes in weather. This could explain why we are seeing wild weather swings alternating hot and cold as the planet slowly bobbles in space, like a ball floating in water. The existence of Planet X was being researched by the late Dr. Robert S. Harrington, who was probably assassinated for getting too close to the truth. A good place to find information is at the “Your Own World” site,

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    Comment by alphalex9 — February 4, 2015 @ 12:56 am | Reply

  4. Hi mmc7 – great stuff – plowed through all the ZetaTalk archives over the years – way too much woo-woo over there but I wonder if it’s a form of cover story to keep people distracted over irrelevant things – I really like how you make measurements to confirm for yourself – I’ve witnessed some odd wobble-related things most notably last August in northern Michigan as the moon rose high one night and low the next – It’s hard for amateur observers to get their head around the various planet and sun relationships, even with a good deal of study, at least in my case that’s true – It would be great to see a video of someone holding a globe in their hands and a stationary sun on a table and giving a good visual on orbit, tilt, rotation and such. Thanks for all the good work you are doing. JF


    Comment by dragonflysquared — January 21, 2015 @ 9:13 am | Reply

    • Thanks.

      You are correct in your assessment. It is the gov’t’s pattern of behavior to place gov’t hirelings into various groups to cause discord to break up any organized efforts. They have admitted publicly as to how the FBI used to place agents into UFO groups to cause internal discord and break them up. They would also place emphasis & media coverage on the crazies to make everyone else in that genre seem ridiculous. Like the guy in the 50’s who claimed he road in spacecraft with Venusians. By showing him all the time, it disgusted people. That was the way the gov’t used to ridicule serious UFO sightings. Methods to alter public opinions against the subjects the gov’t wants kept quiet. They are teaching the public to eat their own in the process. Now the public has an automatic knee jerk reaction when they hear the words Conspiracy Theory… to attack or ridicule that person. People are being trained like Pavlov’s dogs to respond negatively to certain words.

      I was under vicious assault from the gov’t pit bulls the first couple years after I created a website in 2006 and then later this blog post. I don’t advertise. In fact, I built the site for myself and a couple friends. I didn’t encourage anyone to visit either site. But the gov’t pit bulls went so far as to publish my address and name and incite physical violence & attacks against me for simply stating that the axis had changed. Why would they get so upset about this unless this was something they desperately wanted to hide? They thought they had gotten off the hook when no one noticed the difference in the sun position immediately after the shift in Dec 2004. I was bringing attention to it. I began doing extensive research on this which you don’t see on the blog but it is all uploaded to a website. It contains photos, weather info, star positions, imagery which you were looking for. I even have a weather satellite image showing the actual shift occurring. You can see all of it on if you are interested.

      These were deadly serious gov’t pitbulls trying to incite scientists to engage in physical and vicious attacks on me. They had used scientific chat rooms and bulk emails to encourage these attacks. I had no idea except I had received threatening emails. One of the scientists was so incensed by the organized attacks that he contacted me directly, sent me a copy of the broadcast encouraging everyone to attack me at my home and he told me what was going on and apologized. Fortunately, they never had my actual home address or the correct last name. It was only a box.

      The gov’t’s violent attempts to incite the scientific community to actually physically attack me had backfired and upset the very people they were trying to incite. Scientists can be AH’s but physical violence is abhorrent to most of them. I was shocked that the gov’t would go this far to shut up someone for such a seemingly minor reason. All they had to do was ignore or refute my personal opinion about the axis shift. But the attack message they had sent out against me was simply unbelievable. It also showed their desperation and ignorance. Many wonderful scientists have been discredited by organized attacks. One I can think of was Jim Berkland, who was a Santa Clara county geologist for 21 years who was able to predict earthquakes using scientific measurements of the moon and sun. Keep in mind that nearly all scientific jobs are tied to the gov’t through DOD projects, Tax dollars, black projects or grants. There are very few of us who are completely independent where their blackmail doesn’t work to silence us.

      Speaking of the moon, I do want to point out that the moon has an irregular orbit. So it is literally closer to the earth at some times than others. Which is why you will see the moon look huge at times and small at others. Also, the atmosphere when the moon is close to the horizon has an enlarging visual effect and will also add colors if there is dust in the air… such as a red moon. I’ve taken photos of the moon in some huge near orbit positions. However, I have not known it to be so erratic that it changes in a 24 hour period.

      I do my best to make realistic assessments. I was an engineer and exec for 30 years and a research scientist for 20 years (overlapping about 8 years). I will not post lies or erroneous information. I do not let anyone post trash on the list. If I don’t like it, it does not appear on the blog comments. I think other blogs should employ a bit more restraint to stave off the attacks and crazies. I haven’t had any crazies, but I have had the gov’t hirelings attacking me. The more they try to silence me, the louder I will get. Leaving me alone is the best thing the gov’t pitbulls can do.

      Amazingly, the very gov’t officials who originally tried to destroy me over alerting the public about the axis shift… for fear of my inciting panic about something they desperately wanted kept quiet… found that the calm methodology and monitoring of the changes & measurements on my web and blogs were actually helping to provide answers to the public in a calming manner. So our approach is more calming than inciting panic. Since we can’t do anything to fix the planet shifting, there is no point in wasting energy panicking. But we can monitor the situation and take measurements to be aware of any additional changes and we can make plans as best we can to survive. It would probably be much easier to diagnose if we were on a square planet. When we see changes with the position on a round ball, we must measure by gauging the position of the sun at sunrise and sunset where it touches the horizon using landmarks as our guide for position.

      There is no doubt that we are looking at a bad situation in our very near future. I do not know whether or not it will occur in our lifetimes, but it isn’t looking good, especially with the increase in the axis shift over the past year (June 2014). The first significant increase since the big shift on Dec 2004. We will continue to require the input of everyone to do our measurements twice a year. I will also be interested in any reports of unusual animal behavior, migration changes, broad scale tree changes or any info about unusual drifting ice and glacier changes from any of our group since the gov’t is doing their best to limit info on a wide scale. So we have to depend on your local observations of these incidents. For instance, a lot of icebergs drifting outside the polar regions is a bad sign as is seeing elephant seals in Brazil. Not to mention the Canadian Inuit’s noticing the changes as well.

      We have quite a large following. I try not to overload everyone with too many messages but my messages are always too long. I dread seeing the measurements this coming June. I hope the problem has not increased any further. If they don’t stop the melting of the south pole, we won’t be able to maintain the axis tilt much longer. It will shift until the earth is completely horizontal.

      The gov’t wont be warning anyone. They will do whatever they can to create confusion, disinformation and discord among whatever groups notice these planetary changes. You are quite right about that. They will incite discord right up to the last moment and bail on us in their underground shelter in Denver. Their haste in completing the shelter and rapidly building more tunnels for their underground maglev train systems is an indicator of limited time remaining. (I know people working on the tunneling projects. This is no theory. It is fact.) Right now they are boring under Arlington TX to give our former Pres a second tunnel system east and west to connect into New Mexico. They built the north south tunnel in Dec 2008 after he bought his home in Dallas, which proceeded northward to connect his home in Dallas to the shelter under Denver. A perk for a former pres. If they were not wasting so much money on these ridiculous, underground tunneling projects, US residents probably would not need to be federally taxed at all. Corporate and sales tax would be enough. Not to mention all the ground subsidence’s and cave ins which the massive tunneling has caused nationwide during 2013 alone.

      You can actually follow the progress of these tunnels being bored by turning on the earthquake markers on Google earth and following the progress and dates of the tremors caused by the boring machines which are usually between 3.1 to 4.0. The depth markers are false. The tunnel depths are classified. The tunnel boring quakes rarely go above 4 on the Richter scale. You have to zoom in tighter on Google earth to see more of the earthquake markers. But you can follow these by dates and by intensity as they bore the tunnels and you can lay out the tunnel locations. I’m willing to bet some of these tunnels are marked as main gas pipelines to prevent oil companies and water well companies from drilling into the tunnels… although I suspect all the energy corporation CEO’s are all on the invitation list to the underground shelter, so they already know where not to drill the tunnels. However, I noticed Google earth has been trying to remove these earthquake markers which show the tunnel progress after I posted how to find and follow the tunnel boring machines. You can also see the TBM’s online but I will post a link to pictures below.

      What concerns me is the rapid state of activity currently going on as they are rushing to finish this underground world & network of tunnels to give them access to all the Air Force bases and certain gov’t labs and the major metro areas from coast to coast. In fact, they are actually in the process of creating secondary parallel tunnels as an alternate route in case the primary tunnels are damaged. But this also requires creating bypass layouts for the maglev trains to bypass cavein’s etc. So that implies they have already had some problems. Likely in areas where the cave in’s occurred. The tunnels connecting the US airbases are why the former President was taken from one airforce base to the next back in 911. From Florida to Arkansas and then to Nebraska, etc. These bases are just a few of where the tunnel access points are located. But they weren’t all connected at the time… as they now are since they’ve been boring like crazy with dozens of these monster sized machines. The underground facilities is also why our current president was taken to Denver a few months ago when an asteroid got too close. That is the main underground facility was built at the highest elevation and surrounded by granite mountains. The safest, most protected place in the country. I have personally been in several of the metro undergrounds. My ex was in Norad. There is a tunnel from Taos which runs northward through Peterson AFB, Norad and up to Denver. (Hence the Taos hum. There is a major train switching and repair facility under Taos). The new maglev trains don’t cause the vibrations the old trains on tracks did back in the 80’s. They also use those awful crowd sound control RAD systems which make you nauseous to keep you out of their tunnels. They have to turn them off before you can go inside. Ironically, we will probably end up turning into the Morlok and Eloi’s for real.

      But this extreme rush to finish their underground network is very disconcerting. They certainly have better measuring and monitoring systems and equipment than we do. So that implies they know our time is getting quite short. Some of their own statements indicate 2020… but I have no way to be sure. I will probably be the only one excited rather than afraid when the final shift does occur. It would be a validation… albeit a tragedy as well. Once we reach the tipping point, our axis will be horizontal. Some of us can survive if we keep our heads. The worst will be the roving gangs killing people for their food and shelter. Those are the people who are too busy making fun of everyone else rather than preparing. It is like the twilight zone episode “The Shelter” where the doctor built a bomb shelter for his family while his neighbors laughed and ridiculed. But when the sirens went off, they turned into a mob breaking down his door instead of making their own preparations. This is exactly how people will behave. So if people know what you have, they will show up looking for your supplies… including your neighbors, relatives and best friends. People will become animals which is why we will need to group together to get to a safer area if such a calamity occurs in our lifetimes. Maybe we should think of an emergency meeting spot where we could travel together in better safety with large numbers if we are unable to survive where we are. Right now, I can tell you that Texas is the only state with its own, independent power grid. But we can only use lakes for water because the ground water is tainted from oil and other contaminants. I know. I tried to have a well drilled. The water is only fit for mixing with concrete and it is very deep. But those lakes are above the 300ft sea level so lower chance of contamination when the sea level rises & will contaminate most ground water. After the final shift where we are horizontal, the best locations should be in the tropical zones between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. However, it depends on which direction the earth faces the sun as it is lying on its side as we orbit the sun from one season to the next. If the poles are pointed at the sun, then the situation changes dramatically. Since we do not know for certain, it is hard to judge but that looks like the probability at this time. If we tip sideways, one pole would be facing the sun during the summer 24 hours a day and the other pole would be facing away from the sun in darkness 24 hours a day. One very hot. The other very cold. Thus the tropics in between would be most temperate. However, if the earth has the poles sideways, then our weather would remain similar to what we have now during certain seasons. It depends on how it stablizes on the side and if it maintains that orientation to the sun as it orbits. But the fact that we are now tipping toward the sun more during the summer and farther away in the winter indicates we will end up with each pole facing the sun for at least one season once the axis slips completely over onto its side horizontally.

      It is important for us all to keep track of the changes of the axis by sharing our measurements. It will give us a better idea of the progress of the situation. As I said, there is nothing we can do about it… but we can be aware and prepare. I don’t know if this will happen in our lifetimes… but if the behavior of the gov’t is any indication… the implications are that the big final shift will occur around 2020 but I have no way to gauge that for sure.

      We will just have to take it one year at a time and keep track of changes. At least we will know what is happening and can perhaps use that knowledge to survive if we all stick together and do our part with sharing measurements in June and December and any oddities you know about in your areas… weather, ice drifts, animal behaviors, etc. We have to depend on each of you to share your local knowledge because our gov’t is doing their best to contain the info from our news sources. The behaviors of animals, ice flows, glaciers, bird migrations and even the mass dyings of trees like over a dozen trees I’ve lost just in the past 12 months… are all important indicators of the problems. So the more we know, the better chance we have to prepare.

      If at some point the situation becomes imminent that we need to relocate to survive, it might be better if we did so in a large group for protection. So, if it ever gets that bad… I will post some suggestions. Hopefully before the internet goes down.

      I could not insert an image into the reply but I can give you a link to hundreds of images of tunnel boring machines on google. The pictures I have of the machines included the air force logo and the crews. However, these are photos of hundreds of TBM’s. Interestingly, none of these are the USAF boring machines with the USAF logos. But I also know they are farming some of this out to contractors. Why would anyone need this many TBM’s if they were not using them? These tunnels are so large you can fit multiple lanes of traffic or two trains just in one tunnel. You only need one TBM to bore a subway tunnel and the costs are astronomical. They only used 2 TBM’s to bore the tunnels across the English channel. Most major US cities can only afford one TBM. But our tax dollars the US gov’t and USAF uses to build their coast to coast duplex tunnel network and crisscrossing tunnel systems are endless deep pockets using our money… and they are in quite a hurry to be using this many. Frankly, I hope they flood. Here is the link to the google images of hundreds of TBM’s:


      Comment by mmc7 — January 21, 2015 @ 4:29 pm | Reply

  5. Gday Mate 🙂

    I live in southern Australia.. Victoria to be exact… over the past, say, 5 to 6 years – the sun has been slowly working its way South of our sunrise and sunset positions… this year seems to be quite noticeable though… I take my gauge off where the sun Rises out my lounge room window.. at the moment is to the far right of our double door windows which is in the area of southeast… not exactly southeast.. just south of east… and the sunset, which I take off from houses across the river of our position which at the moment is setting south side of west… so, like I said, this has been very noticeable this year to me and hence have been looking it up on line which brought me to here… they say that this is a normal cycle of things… winter was a month later than usual and summer has been cool so far with some good heavy rains and cloud cover.. particularly in this first half of January…
    I’ve seen weather patterns like this years ago whereby the really hot days not coming in until late January or February…

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    Comment by bluekats777 — January 18, 2015 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

    • Thank you! That is exactly the info I needed. You are definitely at the most southern tip of Australia so you are in the best position to verify the southern hemisphere for us. So that relieves my concerns about an alteration of the tilt perspective direction to the sun. Even more important, it verifies the fact which I’ve been saying since 2005. The sun is too far north in the summer and too far south in the winter. The sun should NEVER be south of your position. That isn’t a normal weather pattern change. That is a major positional change of the earth’s axis tilt. I just could not verify the winter position without help from someone. We couldn’t ask for better verification. The sun should never be south of you at any time for any reason. You live south of the tropic of Capricorn and the sun should never be further south than the tropic of Capricorn even at its furthest point on Dec 21st winter solstice. (Summer season for you. Winter up here). A lot of people are oblivious about things like the normal positions of the sun. It is even worse for you to get untainted information since the News corp Fox network owner controls 100% of every newspaper, magazine publication and media throughout Australia and 60% in the UK. You don’t have access to uncontrolled info except through the internet. But our media is controlled just as bad… but our population just doesn’t realize the extent.

      We have to stand our ground when the gov’t hirelings & disinfo jackakls try to shout us down. This isn’t some swamp gas or inversion cover story they would like everyone to believe. They are hoping they can convince people they don’t know what they are seeing. They can’t hide the sun and more and more people are starting to notice now. We have hundreds of people checking with us on a daily basis now. More than 60,000 different visitors in one year.

      Problem is that I saw an additional significant increase in the Sun position this past June (2014) for the first time since I started keeping track. So we have shifted again since the major shift in Dec 2004. I had hoped the shifting had settled down for a while. Apparently, it has started shifting again.

      I hope you’ll help us next December with the angles of the sun. By the way, when the Tsunami occurred in December 2004, were any of the coast lines in Australia affected. Or were the only areas of Tsunami destruction on the southern coastlines of southeast asia, India & Africa. I was fairly certain that the wave only traveled in one direction. To the north. It didn’t go south or east as far as I know… but I thought I would ask since you live near there. I realize you are on the opposite end of the state, but I assume there was significant TV coverage of it although I realize Newscorp is probably controlling it. Do you remember if any Australia coastlines were hit or if any waves traveled east of Indonesia? This huge Tsunami was the actual shift of the planet. I just wanted to compare notes about the areas which were hit since the gov’t pitbulls like to alter information online, knowing we have no direct open access to info in your region. I’m not going to let the pitbulls shout us down or intimidate us on this issue.

      We can’t do anything about the sun and earth’s tilt, but we can at least try to keep track of it. It might help give us some advance warning time since we can’t count on our gov’t leaders who will all bail on us into their shelters while leaving everyone to fend for themselves. So, this is the best we can do at the moment. Just keep an eye on it and measure the changes as best we can.

      I would also be interested in any info about unusually large icebergs and glacier breakage which I would imagine is common in the oceans south and east of your location. Also any odd mass animal behaviors, migration disturbances, extreme unusual weather and especially important if you hear of any more Tsumani’s. Tsunami’s are generated by abnormal planet motion not earthquakes… although quakes usually occur with them but they are also a result of the planet’s motion in those particular instances. These are all pertinent issues. So I would like to hear about these things from any location. I will probably do a separate post with this as well.

      Your help and info is greatly appreciated!


      Comment by mmc7 — January 18, 2015 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

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