Earth's Axis has changed

July 30, 2018

7-2018 Reconsidering sun theories & adding more links

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July 30, 2018- the sun appears to be back to where it was on June 21st but still dangerously too far north (as best I could tell behind the bushes).

Someone asked me about the sun color & strength. I brushed it off as atmospheric coloring of the Sun & moon which is true. But I hadn’t considered that our shifting had moved us under the ozone holes caused by freon, allowing the UV to burn & kill people until I watched a video about the people who were burned & died from Sun poisoning or sun stroke. The atmospheric holes above both poles & how they are now above us as we shifted under these holes.

It has allowed all the UV & other types of radiation in & a brighter color to the sun.  We no longer have a filter over us to block out harmful rays. It is baking us, our children, our plants & our trees alive. Even the paint on our cars.

Use Spf 50 on all exposed skin, dark sunglasses, sun hats, clothing. Don’t stay out in the sun. We have shifted under the atmospheric holes which were above both poles & our filtering is gone.

This is probably melting the glaciers much faster  & killing wildlife, fish & trees.

The chemtrails are trying reflect the UV & radiation back into space but the aluminum is toxic & the SF6 is 30,000 times more hazardous than freon.

Keep your kids & pets inside & out of the sun. Especially sun reflecting on water from pools, lakes, on boats, oceans, fishing, etc. Even shade isn’t safe. Use the highest sun block possible.

Do any mowing or yard work at dawn when it is cool & sun is not up. Wear sun hats with wide brims. Be inside before 8:30 AM. Do the rest of the work on the next day: Drink gatorade to keep hydrated & the salt it has for electrolytes.

Do your shopping in the evening to limit your sun exposure. Try to move all your activity inside during daylight.  Polarized & shaded window glass. Sun Blocking window shades. Keep your Children & pets inside. Try to create 90-100% shade & solar block over decks, porches, patios, vehicles, etc.

Don’t leave food or bottled water in your car for prolonged period.  Shop & unload at night.

I used to use rubbing alcohol & Noxzema to take heat out of sunburns.  Sun burns can be life threatening.  You may need a hospital. Sun poisoning is deadly. It isn’t worth it to be radiation burned for recreational or yard work, swimming or skimpy fashions. Mow early when just dawn before the sun comes up.

There was a new Outer Limits episode where the children were genetically changed by alien music to tolerate the UV radiation.

Interesting. It is happening in our lifetimes. I had estimated 2020-2026  for the final axis shift to occur when I first started these sites in 2005. Looks like I was right.

Here is a link for Volcanic activity at Smithsonian. Every famous volcano seems to have become newly active.





  1. DT, I’m only 8 years behind you. I would like to be around long enough to see the end results of the planet & say ITYS. If they had spent as much time & energy on fixing the problem instead of attacking me to prevent the public from finding out, we might not be in as much trouble as we are now. I might have been able to help with my background & expertise. They don’t appreciate or recognize resources when they see one. I warned about this situation back in 2005. My neighbors actually saw it first & came to me. I noticed the sun streaming in those northern Windows. I built these sites for neighbors & friends to monitor the situation.

    The gov’t has had 14 years since the Dec 2004 tsunami to find a solution. Instead, they removed all environmental protections to get rich while this problem became irreparable. They’ve got shelters in Denver & the mars program. So the crooks will survive. They destroyed the planet & seem to wreak all the rewards. I just couldn’t believe it would go so fast even though I had predicted 2020.

    I recommend everyone should try to keep their properties raked, watered & free of underbrush to limit hazards. Even here, the grass is dead & my trees are losing their leaves as if it was November. Bare branches. Many dead trees. We all need to plant more heat resistant shade trees. Sprinkle the lawns. Dark shades on windows. It is only going to get hotter. I would like to screen the entire back yard like they do in Florida (ft Lauderdale) using solar UV blocking screen. It is the UV killing everything. Protect yourself from the sun. The rays are toxic now. No ozone to filter because we have shifted under the holes in the atmosphere.

    I did get that youtube video removed but I think the perpetrator was either disturbed or paid to impersonate me.


    Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

    • Insane times. Hope somehow enough awaken to the psychopathic horror we face and are able to successfully address it. This has been my life work…but the oppression is so pervasive, ubiquitous and deadly now…best I can do is serve as witness. Thanks for your site, providing what you do. Very good to be in touch. David


      Comment by anonymous — July 31, 2018 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

  2. Ok, here is a vid that seems to nutshell it in terms I think most can understand and it explains the heat thing. There were some other ideas in there that I found very helpful in connecting ideas I have found over the years too.


    Comment by lavender — July 31, 2018 @ 3:25 am | Reply

    • You’re not going to like my answer. Mostly, these guys are talking nonsense. Their images are camera artifacts & manipulation. The blue sun is the SOHO Lasco images. They use a blue filter to pick up solar storms. The Goes satellite imager is always failing. Consider the veracity of your source. These guys are panic mongers inventing situations that don’t exist. No rogue planet & No rogue sun. Any distortions in the magnetic field would show up on my field strength meter & compass. It is still showing normal. So is my defibrillator working fine. They over abuse the word physics & are talking complete nonsense & tying it to religious signs.

      I’m reluctant to even post the link to their nonsense because I have an honest site. They are taking advantage of people who don’t have science backgrounds & are inexperienced or easily trusting. Earth is not a fuse & despite the tilted axis, the magnetic field is still in proper place but less effective at protecting us from solar flares & radiation & UV.

      It may be worse nearer to the polar regions where there are giant holes in the ozone with ion fountains spewing our atmosphere into space while allowing solar flares to get inside. I have these articles if you are interested. It may be on the divulgence solar imaging menu link below. Even we had some bad storms yesterday. It finally got cooler after the sun has been cooking us alive in Texas for 2 months.

      However, I do concur that Earth may have shifted onto its side or close to it. Earth is in serious trouble but the Current situation is not as bad as I expected. I also agree about the increased seismic & volcanic & bizarre storms. I already posted those links so everyone can verify for themselves. We also need to look for events of “Oceans in opposition” under which name they are hiding tsunami events by renaming them.

      I also think we need to have survival kits prepared for natural disasters, storms, floods, etc. Especially in southern Australia where the volcanic activity has begun. The thin hot crust & Maars heating the ground water. Coastlines of every continent are in danger & need to be ready to evacuate storms & floods. Like Houston suffered from hurricane Harvey.

      But here are the SOHO links & images so you can look at it & see how off base these guys
      are. They are a scam to earn money by increasing subscribers on Youtube. SOHO is a joint NASA & ESA project to monitor the sun & space conditions, especially for the welfare of our ISS crews.

      Here is a menu of SOHO images of the sun I posted years ago.

      Here is SOHO;


      Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 5:35 am | Reply

    • Did you listen to the last half of that video? That was when their conversation became revealing of their total lack of expertise & reasoning. The recording was made from their home. I mention this because initially they brought up the planetary shift.

      It was only when the conversations on the last half revealed they were not who they pretended to be. I thought perhaps you didn’t hear the second half of what they were saying. I try to be honest in my review of issues. Sometimes I change my opinion but usually my first impression is correct. There are a lot of scammers out there & most of them are snagging my graphics & info & using them in their videos, although this one did not.

      I only recently learned these scammers were making ad money from the numbers of subscribers & visitors on their youtube channel. So the more people they can attract, the more money they earn. I am harder on the ones who make a joke out of the serious planetary situation like Mark. I take the safety of our followers very seriously. His video joking sarcasm could cause people not to take their safety & welfare seriously. I’m trying to help people survive. It’s not time to panic but it is time to start building survival kits even if only for the bad weather, flooding, fires, seismic & volcanic activity ongoing now.

      It is difficult to gather supplies on the run as they did in Houston. This is why I created the emergency kit lists because when we run out the door, we always forget to take our phone chargers, medicine, irreplaceable items like family photos, Jewelry, money, pet supplies & they are often lost or stolen in the evacuation.

      I hope everyone will look at those 3 lists on planning for emergencies. Then they will be prepared for anything that comes our way. I go a bit farther than the lists because I also plan for long term loss of infrastructure. No food, medicine, power, water, cars, jobs, stores, phone service, etc. for years. Not just a couple weeks. So my kits include crop seeds, camping gear, books on natural medicines, air rafts, water, solar, 2 way radios, etc. even rad suits, geiger counters, night vision, weapons, extra ammo for long term survival of the worst. Better to be prepared than not. But don’t let people know what you have & be prepared to fight because those who didn’t prepare & laughed will be the first to kill someone & take what supplies they have. There was an old twilight zone episode, The shelter, which addresses this situation.

      I wouldn’t trust the gov’t not to set off a suitcase nuke & blame it on terrorists like they did the WTC on 911 which were clearly brought down with explosives. Our military blue fly team used a suitcase to coverup their UFO extraction in northern Mexico. We went after another in Canada & Paul Hellyer the Defense minister let them have it rather than another suitcase being used. We are doing this to our neighboring countries without consequence.

      So even if there was no axis slippage, there would still be storms, floods, fires & natural disasters to be prepared for. Like Houston’s Hurricane Harvey. Or a gov’t suitcase blamed on terrorism. It is better to be prepared than not.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 6:37 pm | Reply

  3. Former US Ambassador William Mount, whose life has been destroyed because his intent to share what he understands to be true, speaks of the sun actually burning more helium and appearing to be white hot, rather than the yellow sun we knew years ago. Don’t know if this is true or not…but he presents lots of interesting info. He has a site on youtube…William Mount/Dr. William Mount. He let me know in 2016 that the Satanists would begin their Holocausts…burnt offerings…by creating and managing, not extinguishing, numerous wildfires in Canada and the USA. I am VERY grateful, for because of Bill’s warning, we acquired a fire pump and all the related hoses etc. needed as our area in British Columbia was Devastated summer of 2017. Friends and neighbour lost their homes….we thankfully had the fire pump and an adequate pond on our property. Might be a repeat this year. Time will tell.


    Comment by David Thatcher — July 30, 2018 @ 10:42 pm | Reply

    • Thank you. After I did some research, I changed my opinion.
      A gas or spectrum chronograph analyzer can detect various chemicals, ores & elements in the sun. It is certainly baking the ground here & killing the trees. Japan has had deaths from record heat waves.

      Usually, wildfires are caused by campers, cigarettes, lightning, fireworks, vehicle exhaust pipe, electrical sparks, hunters, arsonists, kids, etc. Keep the ground wet with hoses & sprinklers and rake up loose leaves, pine needles, deadwood & remove the under brush to remove sources of kindling. Beware of snakes. Trim branches. Get your neighbors to help create a fireline at least 500 ft or more away to prevent firejumps. I wet down everything each year when the neighbors set off illegal fireworks. I get carried Away with planning & suggestions.

      That is terrible about the fires. Cannot someone get the community together & insist that your District Attorney (whatever the Canadian title is) or FBI equivalent launch a full investigation to hunt down & eliminate those people? Community Volunteers to help track them, petitions if you need to pressure them & media involvement. If you make a big enough fuss, the authorities will have to comply.

      I would wonder how he knows so much about their activities & intentions.

      I would suggest using an alias so you wont become the target or choose a different spokesperson once you get the community involved; Anonymously or under an alias. You also need a state or province arson investigator. But be sure to protect your identity when dealing with crazies.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 30, 2018 @ 11:50 pm | Reply

    • I was also thinking about those wildlife Camera captures with night vision. The forestry dept fastens them to trees & motion of a person or animal will cause the camera to take photos which show the person or animal which triggered the photo. The night vision makes the target very identifiable at night. If these cameras were spread around the area it would photograph the trespassers. If you include alarmed motion sensors, it will alert you to their presence. I use these. But don’t try to take them on by yourself. This will help ID them & perhaps stop them.

      There are also multiple camera security systems for homes & property which would probably be better. Interior or exterior High Res Wireless color cameras & motion sensors recorded on a central computer with divided screens to view all cameras continuously or zoom in. They can handle 8 or 12 high resolution color cameras. Wireless & night vision continuously recording. Only a few hundred dollars. They are security camera systems. They can also page or Call you and you can access & view the cameras & system remotely. I used to travel a lot for work but they can be fitted with baby monitors, window & glass alarms, door alarms, cheating spouses & stealing housekeepers or monitoring home health care nurses, etc. Might help you sleep at night.

      These are 2 possibilities to protect your property. The neighborhood could also share the cost of a private security patrol. 2 guards at night in a vehicle or hire retired police officers. Just some ideas to ID & alert the presence of anyone on your property.

      So they don’t sneak up on you. Cheaper & safer than a fire. I also had solar flood lights around my property which had motion sensors to turn on & light up the perpetrators. Super bright double flood lights.

      Plus a loud horn & fire bell which could be heard 2 miles away. Hooked to a motion sensor with a beam. If the beam was broken they set off & alert the entire neighborhood. This was how I caught my son sneaking out. I added a keyed glass lock to his windows & motion beams in the house to put a stop to his night wanderings. All this was quite affordable. I alarm my driveways as well to alert me to visitors. You can set these up in zones with different alert sounds.

      I don’t use ADT or other alarm companies because bad people often work for security companies to case their victims. BTK serial killer in Wichita did that.

      All the systems above are self Installed & wireless. But some people buy those fake ADT signs to make criminals believe you are connected. I loved the multiple camera system which called or paged you or any number such as police or security. Better than any security company you can custom set up by the home owner in a couple hours without wiring. Even the door & window alarms, hi-res, color, day/night cameras & motion sensors were all wireless. Panic buttons for 911 & 2 way speaker phone. The Basic system was $800 back in 2003. You can also see your pets when you are at work. Or communicate & monitor a child at home alone while you are at work so they wont feel alone.These are neat systems which are probably smart phone & slate compatible by phone or wireless internet by now. It is probably more expensive now. I didn’t want any ADT crooks or serial killers casing the joint or running wires or not responding to alarms.

      I loved the homeowners custom security system but moved before I bought it. I don’t remember the brand. It was not ADT. A private brand custom security system. Probably some on Amazon. It even had a medical alert option and pool alerts & fire alarm features and panic buttons. You can also get solar driveway gate openers with lights. That is another independent system.

      I hope something I mentioned was useful. As an engineer, I loved a custom system like this which I could control while traveling for work & set up exactly as I wanted. Peace of mind. You could use it for elderly parents, monitoring baby sitters, & remotely log into the system if an alarm goes off while away from the house. The cameras can detect motion & you can log in & see who it is. Your insurance also should give a discount for alarm systems. Mine would only discount for monitoring Companies like ADT & I didn’t want them. They were in a rush to get a check & 2 days later that sales guy quit & moved out of state. He was after the money. Really pushy. They are famous for hiring crooks & killers.

      I still have some of my old motion sensors & new ones under $30, each.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 4:11 am | Reply

      • On the fire issue, do you wish me to withhold posting your comment since your were replying to my questions? I know only too well the gov’t complicity. I was in a meeting one night with then Lt gov Rick Perry & Cheney when Bush W was governor before he was president. Talk about crooks. They were screwing California by getting their power company to shut down multiple power plants for maintenance at the same time causing rolling blackouts. Then Cheney, Perry & W were selling them power from Texas for a 1200% markup which they passed to the consumer while they were stuffing their pockets with profits. I was sitting next to Cheney. He didn’t notice I was listening. I also knew our recent state attorney general who was indicted for crimes as was former governor Perry. I could tell you unbelievable tales of these creeps. Especially W. The only honest politician was Obama’s VP Joe Biden. I met him in Delaware when he was first running for Senate in 72.

        On your identity, you are probably safe on here. I meant it could be dangerous if you plan to organize the community & publicly fight them. Let me know if you wish me to withhold your last post. I realize you were responding to me. I moderate all comments before I allow them to post to maintain peace from hireling attacks but it has been over 10 years since they did that. The attacks stopped when their access was blocked.

        Let me know on your comment.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 5:18 pm

      • Wow, one email post goes to another comment and the other one comes here. I am starting to get lost. Believe it or not, people are saying much worse on youtube. Many are complaining and making observations. I am not naming names but you can delete it if you feel it’s not a good thing to be on a website about the subject, thanks.


        Comment by lavender — July 31, 2018 @ 6:54 pm

      • The fire email was to someone else. check the name at the top. But I posted another supplemental comment to explain to you about the second half of that video Conversation. I thought perhaps you only heard the first half.

        I agree there is much worse. I just got through reporting a Youtube video posted days ago with someone pretending to be me using my website images & verbatim wording from my sites clearly marked with copyright statements. I was very unhappy about that one. It was a deliberate attempt to post a fake version of me. I don’t speak that incoherently. I also don’t post videos or axis info on Youtube or facebook or twitter. Only here &

        Although I do tend to ramble TMI.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 7:14 pm

      • I hit reply, but don’t see the post that’s in the email. Between the Mandela Effect and extreme weather, people are waking up because our institutions are not acting correspondingly. Then they are noticing Mother Nature is not acting normally either. So now, people are looking at everything and so things are definitely in an uproar worldwide. You have been missing out on the fun. At any rate, we are all in for one heck of a ride. Buckle up.


        Comment by lavender — July 31, 2018 @ 7:03 pm

      • All comments are moderated for everyone to prevent hirelings & hatemonger’s from posting, although they stopped trying about 10 years ago when I blocked their access. It isn’t directed at anyone. I approve the comments as soon as I see them. They won’t go thru until I see & approve them. Sorry for the delays but necessary.

        Now that everyone can see there is something wrong with the planet, all the crazies & gov’t hirelings are in motion. This is why I caution about these crazy diversive theories meant to send people off into wild goose chases. Religious zealots will try to control them & garner donations for personal profit. They use fear to scare people.

        I try to sort out the crazies & keep everyone aware of facts versus scare tactics & to remain calm but prepared.

        I’m still trying to analyze what we are dealing with at this point. I can say that constellation draco was twisted around last night but still too much clouds to be sure. I didn’t have a chart handy for confirmation.

        Will keep trying to confirm planet’s orientation. I always said it would be difficult to recognize if we were shifted onto our side due to the round planet & round sun. It would look the same except for the orientation of constellations.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 7:33 pm

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