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July 13, 2015

7-2015 Planet X theory not viable for axis change

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I decided to create a post to address my recent reply about planet X Nibiru and some basics about the axis shift. Thus, much of this post is a repeat of my reply & some earlier posts. I have no opinion on whether planet X Nibiru exists or not. My only objective is to address how this issue does not relate to the axis shift. If you wish to read about planet X Nibiru, here is the Wikipedia link on that subject.

I disregard the planet X Nibiru theory as a factor for the axis shift. Any gravitational force of that magnitude would affect EVERY object in the solar system. Not just the Earth. Every planet, moon, asteroid & speck of debris would be disrupted toward the source of such a gravitational pull. Not to mention how such a rogue planet would also be pulled into the gravitational pull of such gas giants as Jupiter, Saturn or the sun or any of the other planets & moons in our system.  This situation would apply to any theories of rogue planets, asteroids, wormholes, black holes or any other source of gravitational or EM fields.  None of these would affect just the Earth alone without affecting our moon, orbit & adjacent planets in our system.

The problem most people have is “tunnel vision” or “nearsightedness” when it comes to Earth. Many people still think our planet & population are the exalted center of the universe with a sense of entitlement. As if we were the only tree in the forest. So they fail to consider any gravitational source strong enough to affect the Earth would also affect the other planets, moons, asteroids, orbits, comets,  etc in our solar system. The earth is just one grain of sand among quadrillions. Our Solar system is a finely balanced group of planets, moons & other celestial objects in meticulous orbits which would be severely disrupted by the intrusion of a rogue planet.

The closer to a large gravitational object, the more significant the disruption would be among  the celestial bodies in our solar system. Common sense mandates no such external force could affect the Earth alone without severe disruption of other planets closer to that force, not to mention the orbit & orientation of our own moon. Anything close enough to affect our planet would certainly have affected our moon, its orbit, the tides & any other planet or moon it passed by.  So whether or not such a rogue planet exists, you would clearly see visible changes in our moon, tides & other planets as well as massive seismic & volcanic events in conjunction with lunar orbit changes & extreme high tides. This is simple logic of gravitational interaction between major celestial objects within close proximity.

Although I have no opinion on the planet X Nibiru issue, I certainly would not recommend taking advice from someone recommending Euthanasia for pets or people.  Remember “Heaven’s Gate” & Jonestown? I would think twice about trusting the reliability of anyone giving such rash advice & strongly advise reading about this issue on the Wikipedia article link I provided above.

I’m not saying the planet X wont be a future issue on a larger scale but it is not associated with the current axis issue.

This axis shift is not a new occurrence. We have scientists who have found evidence that our planet’s axis has shifted onto its side as many as 11 times in the past leaving evidence of tropics at the polar regions & glaciers at the equatorial regions. The multiple occurrences of previous axis shifts negates any external force as the causal factor.

The simple answer is the glacial weight on the South pole land mass acts as an anchor to maintain the axis angle balance of the planet. Massive melting & loss of this ice weight on the landmass allows the axis to shift position. The more it melts, the more the axis shifts. The melting ice changes the planetary balance  & weight distribution. The planet begins shifting toward the equator which is the next heaviest portion of the planet. When sufficient ice weight has been lost at the South Pole, our planet will shift horizontally sideways. It wont take much more for the final shift to occur. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for all the ice to melt.   We are at the tipping point.

To envision how the south pole functions as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the axis angle, think of a rubber ball floating in water with various weights attached to represent land masses. These landmass weight distributions dictate the orientation of the rubber ball in the water. If the bottom anchor weight which maintains the planetary balance reduces sufficiently (such as Antarctic glacial ice loss), the ball will shift orientation toward the next heaviest point. In our case, the equator is the next heaviest which is why we are shifting toward a horizontal position. The north pole is lacking sufficient landmass to invert the planet upside-down.

Events of such a large scale occur on a slower pace so it usually takes years for these changes to occur.

However, we have also seen how a massive shift of our axis created a tsunami which killed over a quarter million people from Indonesia to Africa. The earthquake was merely a symptom of the planetary shift, not the cause of a tsunami. It usually requires abnormal planetary motion or significant water displacement (asteroid, landslide, eruption, etc) to produce a tsunami. Not an earthquake. These particular tsunami related quakes are only a byproduct of the axis shift. Not the source of the tsunami.

The tectonic quakes & aftershocks which are not associated with axis shifts & do not produce tsunamis. A good example are the Japan aftershocks, many of which were of nearly the same magnitude as the first one & at the same epicenter location. None of which produced even small tidal changes. If  the first quake had caused the Japan Tsunami, then the successive quakes should here caused more tsunamis of varying sizes based on magnitude. They did not do so, because the tsunami was caused by the shifting of the earth, not the quake. The quake was a byproduct of the shift. The destabilized fault line produced the aftershocks.

Another example was the 89 Oakland quake which I was present. You didn’t see any tsunamis wiping out Hawaii after that quake rocked the Bay area. That was a tectonic plate fault line quake. Not an axis shift. So without planetary motion, no tsunami occurred.

That doesn’t mean the change in axis position is not associated with the increase in seismic & volcanic activity. The global shift in the position of our axis does effect the planetary & gravitational stress on the Tectonic plates & geothermal conditions as well as ocean currents & weather. The shift of our planet has significantly increased the occurrence & magnitude of seismic & volcanic activity & weather conditions. But I did want to show the difference between the axis shift & tsunamis versus tectonic plate or fault line activity. Large tsunamis are indicators of major planetary movement.  Only abnormal motion of the planet can displace waves of such a large scale and vast distances.

To envision how tsunamis are created by planetary motion & not by quakes, place a couple inches of water in an aquarium or roasting pan. Slide or pull the pan across the counter to see how the water in the pan surges in the opposite direction from inertial motion. That is like a tsunami from planetary movement. Place a vibrator under the pan to see the effects of a tectonic quake. No matter how strong, it will not create a surging wall of water (tsunami) traveling in one direction. A true tsunami needs the inertia of planetary motion or sudden significant water displacement to produce such a surge.

Also note that a normal quake should produce rings of small waves in ripples outward in every direction from the epicenter. Not a huge wall of water surging in a singular direction over hundreds of miles like we see in a tsunami from a planetary shift.

Tsunamis require a major planetary shift.

Landslides, glacier collapse & volcanic eruptions can also produce tsunamis but of short distances across a bay like in Alaska, Iceland & Italy. A large asteroid hitting the ocean could create huge waves but in a ring ripple pattern & equivalent to the amount, size & force of impact and water depth. I suspect these could also be the cause of rogue waves.

We also only hear about tsunamis when they cause significant damage to a well known populated region. For instance, a huge tsunami was caught on satellite imagery heading for Hong Kong around April 2003 or 2004. (The TV program “What on Earth” stated both years in the same episode when they showed the satellite image of this unreported Tsunami).  I think it was April 16th in 03 or 04.  The tsunami suddenly dissipated before causing damage so it was never reported or listed. Yet, it was a gigantic tsunami caught on camera without any earthquake association & was a giant surging wall of water hundreds of miles wide, traveling in one direction. It was so clearly a result of an axis shift. This was before the Dec 2004 Tsunami.

The gov’t also likes to severely underreport the data to placate & spoon feed the public like they did with the Katrina & WTC death tolls. A 10 inch shift did not move the sun position hundreds of miles to the north. Common sense alone should tell you that data is a fraud.

The gov’t is trying to trivialize the issue by diminishing the actual data to ridicule & shut down any public concern or questions.  They turn all death & global shift report data into trivial jokes by reducing the numbers below 10% of the actual figures. This is nothing new. They’ve been doing this for decades. Then they send out hirelings to shout you down & intimidate you on the media & internet to embarrass everyone into silence. Only an axis shift of several hundred miles could cause the sun to be rising & setting several hundred miles to the north of its normal position. I could give you a long list of instances of gov’t adulterated data. Missing POW’s from WWII & VN are a couple of radically altered data lists which come to mind where abandoned POW’s  were deliberately listed as dead rather than imprisoned to reduce public outcry. Our younger generations need to be more aware of corrupt gov’t practices from history to understand why their reports & data cannot be accepted at face value.

At least on this axis shift issue, they cannot hide the sun. Thus, it is not my word against theirs. It is the Sun position which reveals the truth of it. Anyone can look outside & verify it.

The gov’t fears public panic & economic disaster so they will never admit to this situation. They will go to their fancy shelters & leave us to the under mercies of Martial Law to lockdown & eliminate the surviving hordes. This is not conjecture or speculation. I was on a major metro emergency management agency for 2 years.  I almost had my head torn off for asking about food, water, medicine & supplies & victim rescues. FEMA & Red Cross dictated the control, corralling & confinement of survivors at these meetings. Katrina was no accident. It was a practice run.  There are no plans for rescue, food, medicine, care, clothes, shelter or personal needs. Keep everyone confined without food, medicine or water. Use Troops to confine survivors. Use troops from Mexico as backup if our own troops falter. Shut down all access, escape & communication. Then mass graves. Read the Presidential Executive orders on FEMA’s powers if you have any doubts.

As I have stated, we need to keep informed & monitor the situation and track changes. We can’t do anything about it except be aware & prepared.

Keep a cool, rational head & don’t panic or anticipate. If it happens in our lifetime we will deal with it when it does. If you live in a large city you need to be outside of the metro within 30-45 minutes after a disaster occurs to avoid being cordoned in. Cell phones & phones will be shut down. Radio Frequencies will be dampened.  Army surplus khakis may come in handy in such a situation. Consider alternate back roads & groups for safety in numbers.

Otherwise, we continue as normal & hope for the best. Panic & worry are a waste of energy. I believe the gov’t expects a calamity to occur between 2020 and 2026. They already have their fancy shelters & maglev tunnels prepared with no plans to warn the public. If we are lucky, perhaps it wont occur in our lifetimes. But we can prepare for planning disaster survival for any calamity which may come our way. This final axis shift will be survivable for those who remain calm, prepared & away from coastlines.

As I previously stated, I believe the latest reversion in axis position this year  may be similar to a spinning top which begins to wobble just before it falls over. We need to closely measure the sun position each solstice to verify this for certain.

There is additional info about the global issues & axis changes as well as disaster planning ideas on






  1. Science admits quite a few points in favor of Planet X. Our solar system is surrounded by a vast collection of icy bodies called the Oort Cloud, located 50,000 to 200,000 AU (Astronomical Units, or the Earth-Sun distance) from our sun. If our sun were part of a binary system in which two gravitationally-bound stars orbit a common center of mass, this interaction could disturb the Oort Cloud on a periodic basis, sending comets toward us.


    Comment by Mai Zimbleman — May 6, 2016 @ 11:50 am | Reply

    • If so, it would go toward our sun or our larger gas giants. Not toward earth. It would also affect every object, planet & moon in our solar system. Not to mention the asteroid belt which is clearly the remnants of a long lost planet. Nothing distant could affect just Earth alone, without affecting everything else in the system.

      Also, a gravity source attracts objects & can induce orbits around its source. Not repelling objects except for slingshot scenarios.


      Comment by mmc7 — May 6, 2016 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  2. Good information and not just speculation, heresay, bad govt. science or media lies. We will have to rely on each other in the future as events unfold. The small army of us who have been awakened and have lived from the 1900’s truly have noticed the numerous changes throughout our lives. In my own case, I will be 59 years old this year and have lived so far to see my Greatgrandsons first birthday this Feb. 29th 2016. It saddens me to see so many people both young and old that go about their lives rarely looking up from their mobile phones as I commute to work every weekday for last 30 years. Little do any of my relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors or strangers that ring up your goods and groceries seem concerned about the changes around them. It’s as if they are asleep while awake, if that makes sense. It is even more saddening when I am met with only scorn or ridicule when I mention any of these changes or observations and most of all my own wife. Nothing matters but work, tv, family issues and whats for dinner tonight. If it happens, it happens…whatever!. Everything is just taken for granted. One thing that is absolutely sure is that I will continue to read, observe and pay attention to all sources of information no matter how ridiculous. Ive learned to disseminate between the lies and truth. One only has to read between the lines to know. I am not a scientist, scholar or even a college graduate but I read all the time to gain knowledge and from those I learned from while in my youth. What I do have is a deep sense of family, future and an ability to question everything and do for myself and family with abilities that I was taught by my family while growing up. I am not religious man but I believe in god and I dont put my trust in religious leaders who only twist real truth . I am not political but I believe true leaders are not created by elections but are chosen by others who recognize wisdom. When times become desperate, I will not hide in a hole in the ground like a frightend animal. I have no weapons and will not waver when a man or woman point them in my direction. I will however, extend my hand, my bottle of water, my daily ration of food and tell them you are my brother, my sister. Please come where others like us do not fear the coming changes. These things of nature we cannot control for they have always been a part of human civilization. Though many have been destroyed in the past, we tend to forget calamities aftet a generation or so. The proof has always been there. We only need awaken to know what is coming. Those who deceive us fear everthing and they will suffer just as many who ignore everthing around them will suffer as well. We will continue but things will not be the same. As we are witnesses to these events, let us never forget the errors, sins and deceptions of the past. We will rebuild but not the same world we left behind. That world was built on religious, political and technological advances used to control, destroy and deceive. We must advace consciousness and minds before all other considerations or we will just repeat the past. Awaken to truth my friends. The earth will not be destroyed but we will have to change ourselves if we are to truly become human.
    Thank you for reading and may the creator of all things bless you in the coming years.

    One who listens and learns


    Comment by Michael Duran — February 27, 2016 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

  3. I would like to know more about the Hong Kong tsunami of April 2003/2004. Do you remember which episode of “What on Earth” aired this footage, or if it can be seen somewhere else? I’ve searched and come up with nothing. Maybe the images have been removed entirely from the Internet. A tsunami that doesn’t kill anybody isn’t very newsworthy, I guess. :o\


    Comment by Silver Buttons — September 1, 2015 @ 8:45 pm | Reply

    • I tried to find the episode myself. I think I saw it in April 2015. It definitely got my attention but they gave 2 dates. One in April 2003 & the other in April 2004 on the same episode. I think the tsunami was on Apr 18th. I put the correct date on my post at the time. It was the TV show which stated two different years. They did show the huge Tsunami several hundred miles wide as it traveled across the Pacific toward Hong Kong.

      I think they said the images came from NASA. I have tried to find the record of this Tsunami which spontaneously dissipated before hitting Hong Kong. But no luck. Clearly, they do not want us to know about Tsunamis which cannot be connected to Earthquakes because they would have to explain about the shifting earth movement which created the Tsunami.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 1, 2015 @ 9:15 pm | Reply

  4. Probably Nemesis indeed. Supposedly the dark sun of the system has been seen, and Mars is now tilted in a different angle that what is was before.
    Also this … and it included a link from the channel, which is how I ended up here.
    I had been wondering if there was more than just the Magnetic poles wandering, thank you for this post and your observations.

    Something is affecting the Entire Solar System :


    Comment by White Eagle — August 10, 2015 @ 12:37 pm | Reply

  5. could be all the chemtrail charged al-26 barium an so on use to quark the earths axis through Cabibbo angle quarking the ckm matrix


    Comment by nathanael woodward — July 30, 2015 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

    • Actually, that’s particle physics and is apples and oranges in comparison with a planetary axis. However, I will post some links below if anyone wants to read about those subjects. AL-26 is extremely rare and not used in Chemtrails. Nor is Barium. They are using aluminum salts (potash or alum is an aluminum salt. There are also several other kinds). They are also using SF6 in the chemtrail spraying as well as aluminum coated chaff for tracking. I have another post on this site you can read which provides info on Chemtrails and links to the contractors who also have this info on their website about the chemicals they are using for the gov’t chemtrail spraying projects. I lived under one of the areas they have been spraying. They stopped spraying this summer… likely because of the heavy flooding and 40 days of heavy rains in April & May. I wouldn’t mind having some of this 110+ degree heat shaded with some clouds and rain right now… as long as it was done with safe chemicals. The chemtrail chemicals they are using certainly do not qualify. I think they are trying to stop the global axis shift damage by using chemtrails to cool down temperatures; costing the taxpayers a huge fortune. But as long as they continue to pollute the air, they will never get a grasp on stopping the runaway glacier melting and axis shifting. It is too late for anything except possibly stopping the shift or slowing it down. But they will never commit to what is needed to accomplish that.

      I am not in favor of the chemicals they are using. The aluminum salts are toxic to the water supplies, crops, plants, wildlife, pets, food sources and humans. SF6 is 23,900 times more damaging to the planet than CO2 plus it can create an acid rain. If you want to see what acid rain can do, take a trip to West Virginia along the Ohio river and check out the older headstones in their graveyards. They are barely readable from the acid rain caused by burning coal for heat and power. The estimates they have provided as to the amount of concentration of SF6 in the atmosphere is completely inaccurate and doesn’t begin to include the amount of SF6 which has been continuously sprayed in chemtrails globally for more than 10 years. They reduce the numbers with false (or conveniently omitted) data to placate the public into a false sense of security.

      However, chemtrails do cool down the area below the clouds within 30 minutes after the cloud cover forms. I’ve seen average temperature drops of 20 degrees whenever they sprayed the chem-clouds… and as much as a 45 degree drop in temperature within less than an hour. The chemtrails are more advantageous when they spray the chemicals to the west over barren, unpopulated areas like the panhandle. When the new cloud cover then travels eastward, there is more cooling and rain benefit without having to be directly under the spraying like they used to do before Bush decided to move into the area. So a few years ago they changed from overhead spraying to spraying over the sparsely inhabited western region, allowing the clouds to be fully formed by the time they reached the inhabited areas. Therefore, the gov’t is clearly aware of the toxic nature. But the SF6 they are using does heat up the general atmosphere of the planet at a highly exaggerated rate according to the research. Like I said, if people thought CO2 was bad… SF6 (Sulfur hexafluoride) they use in chemtrail spraying is 23,900 times worse. That is also mixed with “finely milled” aluminum salts…. and other salts. It is key for everyone to remember that just because you see the word “salt” or “mineral” or even “natural” it doesn’t make it safe. Not all salts are like table salts. A lot of chemical salts are quite deadly as are a lot of minerals and other products of nature. Arsenic is a natural mineral. That doesn’t make it safe.

      While I like the benefit of the chemtrails keeping our usual bone dry 110+ degree summer heat below 90 degrees with weekly rains like it did last summer 2014… I am absolutely opposed to the use of aluminum salts, SF6 and aluminum chaff. So they need to come up with something safer.

      Frankly, they could reduce the global temperatures simply by doing something about industrial pollution and vehicle emissions worldwide. There is plenty of solar, wind, geothermal & water plus more than enough technology to power the entire planet with completely clean, toxin free, continuous free power sources. In fact, if each of us placed solar cells on our roofs or a small windmill and tied them into the main power grid, we could generate more than enough power for every customer on each power company grid. The power companies could make arrangements for bulk, wholesale solar systems for each customer and let everyone pay off the costs with the extra power generated and then everyone would have the benefit of free, clean power once the initial costs of equipment and installation were refunded. These small coop power companies are in a prime situation where they could do this quite easily. The very reason this free fuel isn’t used is because the OIL and energy companies cannot get rich by holding the population hostage over the OIL, nuclear fuels and any other fuel they can use to control the market.

      Even battery powered vehicles could continuously recharge themselves whenever the car is in motion by using the wheels and axles to turn a small turbine using the same principle as the turbines turned by the water of a hydroelectric dam. Or similar to hand cranking a portable generator. You only need to turn the turbine to produce power to charge the batteries on a continuous basis. You could also add some thin solar cells to the vehicle to keep it charged while parked. You should never have to plug it in and no limit on the distance you drive. You could also add turbo fans under the hood if you wished to capture wind charging as well. Three easy options to charge a battery powered car.

      There are also several other alternate fuel vehicle power designs… but when the car companies build one… they use the ugliest vehicle design they can find to deliberately discourage the public from buying so they can blame it on indifference to the fuel type. The most obscene thing they did was to use hydrogen extracted from OIL as a fuel source. This is a scam since water is 2 parts hydrogen and very easily produced from any water source. We have oceans of it… but the oil company board directors are also on the boards of the car companies and vice versa (I checked out the board member names a few years ago which also usually include a gov’t executive branch cabinet member… each sitting on about 20 different corporate boards at over $250K per board each. Plus the university boards as well. Add it up. It runs into millions in payola & they are in control of all corporate decisions and processes.)… so they are in bed with each other on these scams to maintain power, control and the populations dependence upon their companies as the fuel source. I’ve attended some of these gov’t meetings and boards of directors. They have no shame whatsoever on crookedness and fleecing.

      But, even if they cleaned up all the pollution, we have already shifted. We can’t grow back the lost ice anytime soon and restore the original planetary balance. The best we could hope for is the planet to remain in its current position and not shift further. We simply do not have the technology or capability to correct the planet axis due to the scale. We could only hope to obtain a status quo… but they wont. The powers that be… will try to squeeze the last drop of money they can stuff into their pockets and destroy whatever environment we have remaining… right up to the day they head for their high dollar shelters and leave the rest of us behind without a word of warning.

      I try to keep this site simple so people wont feel intimidated by anyone talking down to them. I try to keep all info easy to understand so they can base their decisions and choices on their own observations.

      However, if anyone wishes to read further on those particle physics subjects or chemtrail chemicals, I’ve included some links below.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 30, 2015 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

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