Earth's Axis has changed

August 8, 2018

8-2018 Heatwaves & UV

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We do have a serious situation with these heat waves which will only get worse each Summer. With temperatures in the triple digits fahrenheit & climbing above 120F, people will start dying in the thousands. Electric grids will overload & fail.

The unfiltered UV rays are baking our planet & roasting our people & plants alive causing severe shortages of water & food. I noticed the highest temperatures seem to be in coastal areas which were normally cooled by ocean breezes. For instance, Texas was 98F when LA & San Francisco were 106F. San Francisco rarely went above 65F on its hottest day. While Texas was rarely ever below 101F in July & August. Usually above 110F in July & August. Unlike common belief, Dallas & Houston are not barren deserts. We have plenty of trees & green grass. East TX is mostly green forests. West TX is grassland. Few trees. South TX & San Antonio are barren wastelands.

When the arctic circle reached 90F in July it was 80F in Dallas, TX.  A bizarre reversal due to the axis shift. Until the past few years, the shift increased our humidity levels because we had shifted into the tropical latitude. But now it is dry again because of the heat.  The gov’t has been using chemtrails for 15 years to create rain clouds & reflect the heat. But the aluminum is toxic and the SF6 is 30,000 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Since W moved here in 2008, he didn’t like the chemtrails they were spraying directly overhead 365 days per year. Yes, even on Christmas. So they moved the spraying to the west where we get the cloud & rain benefit but reduced fallout toxicity by the time it reaches us.  Horrifically expensive since the fuel alone was $55,000 per tank 15 years ago. That doesn’t include the chemicals for spraying. They appear to be refilling at Tinker AFB in OKC based on their flight patterns. 2 jets each day.

I have photos on my chemtrail post. You can see the chemtrails become storm clouds as they rapidly expand.

The ozone layer which protected us from UV rays has had holes above the polar regions since the 1970’s caused by use of freon, regardless of how they are trying to rewrite history & lie about it. The glaciers used to reflect the UV rays back through the ozone holes.

However, now that the planet’s axis has shifted, the ozone holes are above the US & Canada latitudes where there is no ice or snow to reflect the UV rays. So it is baking the planet, people & plants alive.  This will cause severe water & food shortages by 2020. The gov’t Apparently knew this because they announced these 2020 shortages back in 2009 as did the UN.

This link has several dozen news article links about the global 2020 shortages of water, food. etc. on the lower half of the web page. Some links may have changed over the years. But the news titles for each link are still captured.

I am very concerned about the heatwaves. I failed to foresee this issue because I was focused on storms, tsunamis, rising seas, Quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes & volcanic activity. I missed the heatwaves & wildfires altogether. Only in July when I saw the sun position was still moving further north a full month after the solstice and 90F temps inside the arctic circle and 106F on the California coast did I realize these heatwaves will be the end of us unless we make drastic lifestyle changes to night time dark hours & day sleeping.

It is the climbing temperatures & heatwaves which will be the death of us very soon. We cannot survive triple degree fahrenheit temperatures. You will discover this if your electricity fails or your car breaks down or air conditioner fails.  It is dangerous drive anywhere during these heatwaves. Your car is your only heat protection.

When we performed heat tests on technology, no person could be exposed to 120F for more than 10-15 minutes with plenty of Gatorade. This is just to show you how deadly these temperatures are.  This was a federal OSHA mandate.  Humans cannot tolerate prolonged triple digit heat. The experts claim the heatwaves will get worse every summer. We will die by the thousands in heatwaves like this. People are already dying. Power grids will overload & eliminate our air conditioners.

Most of these areas were always cool so they don’t have air conditioners. Canada, Finland, Norway, UK, Japan, Siberia, California coast, Mongolia, China, etc.

Water shortages & food shortages from damaged crops will also be the death of us.

We can make changes by scheduling schools, jobs & shopping to night hours. Sleep during the day. Work at home if possible. Change store, retail, medical providers & labs, fast food & restaurants to dark hours. 4 day workweeks at night. Construction jobs at night using flood lights. Road construction is already done at night in Houston. All sports & practice sessions restricted to dark hours. Solar blocking nursery canvas over homes & yards to reduce rays. Can be obtained in solar blocking percentages to allow enough sunlight for trees & plants. Plant more shade trees. Especially fruit, nut & berry trees for food shortages. Start building homes underground & include solar power, etc.  Existing homes add underground day rooms & solar or wind plus rain water capture system. No outdoor pets. All cattle & horses & other farm animals must have adequate full shade & fresh cool water supplies.  Possibly cooled Barns.

These changes would be of vast improvement to the heatwaves by keeping cars off the road during daytime & protecting lives by changing to night hours.

But the public will have to force gov’ts to do this. Read the Georgia Guidestone text about depopulation. They want us to die off while they are cool & comfy in their underground Denver shelter with stolen donations from FEMA & Red Cross intended for victims of disasters. Remember Katrina. Watch the Katrina news videos on Youtube.

Reminds me of the movie “the day the Earth caught fire”. Even the experts in Canada say it will only get hotter & worse each year. But they refuse to reveal the cause.

The planet is shifting because Antarctica is the gyroscopic anchor which controls the balance & tilt of the axis & acts as a counter weight. The more the ice melts, the more Earth shifts. We have shifted under the ozone holes allowing unfiltered UV to cook our planet. The glaciers had been reflecting the UV back through the ozone holes into space but the shift now has the north ozone hole below the arctic circle above US & Canada latitudes where there is no ice to reflect the UV rays, which are now baking the planet, people & plants alive. Hence, the record breaking heat waves.

However, in Winter the situation reverses with record breaking blizzards, severe cold & ice storms while the southern hemisphere suffers in record heat in December & their summer months. Australia has opposite seasons from us.

The magnetic poles aren’t shifting. You can check that with a compass. It still points north.

If there was a rogue planet & star that close, it would be affecting all the other planets & moons in our solar system. Not just earth. Mars is the closest planet. Compare the size of these so-called rogues in those blurry images, with Mars. In fact, that looks like our own sun behind heavy cloud cover. Plus our own moon. Notice they only film on a cloudy day. These rogue planets & stars are manipulated photos & contrast tricks. Pure nonsense. Anyone with common sense would know the effects on gravity, tides & orbits such a rogue this close would cause. These Youtube images are photo & contrast manipulation by someone with no background in Astro sciences. Every creep on the planet is feeding on public fear to gain subscribers so they can be paid ad hit dollars for each one who watches their video.

Meanwhile, the gov’ts are all under US pressure to withhold & hide the axis shift & ozone hole UV info from the public to maintain the economy & tax monies.

When people start to riot for water, food, electricity & deadly heat temperatures the gov’t will have an excuse to declare Martial Law under armed troops controlled by FEMA per Presidential Executive order, while they hide in their elite Denver shelter with all the FEMA & Red Cross stolen donations & money which were intended for disaster victims. They will be cool & comfy in their fancy shelter using background props to make you believe they are still in DC.  I’ve heard the shadow gov’t is already underground.  Cheney was running a shadow gov’t underground in 2001 & 2002. Possibly continuously after that but I only know Sept 2001 thru Mar 2002.

Meanwhile the public dies in record heat above 125F corralled in convention centers by armed troops without food, water, etc. Remember Katrina? Watch some of those videos.

Meanwhile, the elite are cool & comfy in their taxpaid fancy shelter under Denver. Stocked with FEMA & RedCross donations while we die in the heat without water & food under Martial Law & armed troops.

Just look at some of those original murals in the Denver airport. They changed some murals but you can still see photos of the originals showing apocalypse images, dead children, extinct animals, burning Chicago, soldiers with gas masks, etc. All in a public airport. Notice they plan to remove then restore these murals in 2021. After everyone has suffered from heatwaves & shortages.







  1. in case you missed this , australia is having a heat wave
    from article : Australia’s post-Christmas heatwave continues to sweep across the country, with a near record-breaking 49°C [120°F] forecast for Western Australia, and fire danger, health and air quality warnings issued across the nation.Temperature records have been broken as a heatwave continues across the country and parts of South Australia are expected to enter catastrophic fire conditions later on Friday.


    Comment by nara — December 28, 2018 @ 5:02 pm | Reply

    • I had not seen this but was expecting it. One of the Canadian ministers last summer on CN said we should expect these heatwaves as normal from now on and to expect 130F as our norms in the next decade. Remember we saw temperatures in the arctic circle, Japan and LA at 106F last July. This overhead sun above the poles is going to get a lot worse and we are going to get inundated with people looking for answers. I am, however, glad people are starting to notice the changes in the sun.

      People are going to die at those temperatures. My former employers used to perform heat tests on new equipment. The systems had to perform error free for 24 hours at 120F. (which only made marginal circuit packs go bad and good circuit packs go marginal. Some of these tests ran for weeks because they could not perform error free for 24 hours at 120F. Some circuit packs back then cost as much as $120,000 each. The cheapest were $35,000, so they stopped doing that heat test. However, when these systems were being heat tested the entire room was sealed in plastic sheeting with duct tape to keep in the heat. Every employee was limited to 15 minutes inside the heated area at 120F. We also had to provide ample Gatorade to keep them hydrated.

      So the point is how dangerous 130F will be on humans, not to mention what it will do to the power grid. The only chance of surviving those deadly temperatures would be to restrict all work to night time hours. I heard one report a couple months ago where roads in Australia were melting from heat and bats were dying. Have everyone sleep during the day and work at night. Even with that, the night time temperatures would exceed 100F if not higher… 110F during the night. As it is, we have temps well above 90F at night here in Texas and adjacent states during the summer months with no rain. It doesn’t cool off like it should so if daytime temps increase to 130F, it should be a lot worse. Not to mention our asphalt roads melting and sticking to our tires like happened in Australia. They’ll kill off illegals and minorities by trying to work them to death in the daytime heat on outside jobs until the death tolls force the gov’t to change work, driving, schools and shopping to night time hours and everyone to sleep during the days. This will also help with the power grid load. I can see all of this occurring by 2026. But many will die before they do anything or make any changes. Especially since they want to reduce global population. We will also have a heck of a time keeping our homes cool at those temperatures. Heat like that will certainly kill off humans, wildlife and plants. Not to mention severe UV burns from the sun. Then we will also have to deal with rising seas.

      Thanks. please continue to send info.


      Comment by mmc7 — December 28, 2018 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  2. I decided for research purposes I will measure sun rise and sunset daily with a camera drone.. fixed posistion but able to fly up high enough avoiding trees and buildings. all will be photographed might prove to be intresting.
    There was a huge 8.2 earthquake at 7:19 Nodi island fiji 350 ft deep aftershocks running 5.4 5.8 and some to 4.5 itws right on that big plate connected to New Zeland tracking up to pauppa new guinea with spider lay lines to Japan and marimar.panama and costa rica also hit lower 5.6 4.8 earthquakes.


    Comment by Kathy — August 18, 2018 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

    • How are you going to ensure you are fixed at true north without a compass for the drone?
      I forgot. Where are you located?

      NZ & Fiji are really getting beaten up.
      My best knowledge of NZ comes from the Lord of Rings & Hobbit directors edition DVD sets which have many hours of NZ behind the scenes. They had the first snow & hail ever in NZ while filming the movies. This is significant in the weather changes associated with our axis shifts.

      Then the raining of frogs. Now we know it can rain frogs in Egypt with Charleton Heston.
      The burning hail was volcanic ash.

      Also, plutonium catches fire & burns when wet. One of Fukushima’s reactors used Plutonium fuel so they could not use water cooled pools for plutonium rods. However, the plutonium fuel caused the burning columns of smoke for several months & radioactive fallout as they sprayed water to keep the uranium reactor fuel rods cool.

      The worst was when the sailors on our own aircraft carrier were catching snowflakes in their mouths, unaware that they were downwind of the radioactive fallout from Fukushima for 3 days. Surely, a nuclear aircraft carrier had radiation detectors to alert the presence of radiation on the ship? My nephew was a nuclear tech on this carrier years earlier.

      Over 300 of these young men & women sailors in their 20’s came down with horrific forms of cancer after that. None of the ports would allow them to dock for months after they were contaminated. Even though they had scrubbed down the decks repeatedly. I think it was Thailand who finally allowed them to dock.

      They had gone to Japan to offer humanitarian help after the tsunami.

      Re: the other quakes, I lived in Panama CZ for 2 years 1969-70.

      If you go to there is an earthquake chart I created, but they changed the reporting methods by dropping the quakes under 3.0 so my chart ends where the full reports end. There is a note which explains the chart details.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 19, 2018 @ 3:02 am | Reply

  3. I am following this conversation with great interest. I was born and grew up north of the polar circle in Northern Norway. I remember all the tropical summers from my childhood. We were told that it was due to the Sahara winds mixed with our high humidity. Norway is not only coastal, but has thousands of lakes and inland ocean fjords. Therefore “tropical summers”… in the arctic, year after year.
    I found this new website, which I read with great interest, and also watched the related videos.

    Please go to website to see graphs

    Why Ice Ages Were Earth Crust Displacements

    Fig 16: This graph shows us with a very high degree of certainty which timeframe we are dealing with regarding crustal shifts. The natural temperature swings of Earth’s temperature (green areas) has to be filtered out to find the magnitude of the crustal shift. Note that the amount of natural temperature variation varies by 2.8 degrees Celsius (±1.4°). Varying Sun activity is the most likely cause of this discrepancy. The odds for this correlation to be coincidental is 1 to 750,000. Although there is still much research to be done, it is profound mathematical proof for the most likely timeframe for the deformation processes of the crust. | © 2015-2018 by Mario Buildreps

    Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates with Ice Ages

    Orientation patterns of more than 552 ancient pyramids and temples, randomly spread around the world, correlates with the temperature changes of the last series of glaciation cycles. Most ancient monuments are hundreds of thousands of years old. Renovations of ancient monuments were done on top of their much older foundations, leaving most of the original orientations intact. The orientation of ancient monuments is, beyond any doubt, a very powerful mathematical data analysis tool, revealing an astounding, inescapable truth.

    Why Orientation is the Key to Unlock Ancient Mysteries
    The orientation of a building is purely mathematical, because orientation is dimensionless, i.e. not physical. While the size, weight, or chemical composition of a structure might change, its orientation is, by definition, independent of material properties.

    When we process the orientations of virtually all ancient buildings around the world, it reveals a great discovery. Our research is so new, so innovating and refreshingly novel, that you will not find anything like this anywhere else, except maybe some copies of this original material on other websites.

    Many astronomical, religious, and even political buildings, like the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Vatican, are cardinally oriented, meaning they are effectively oriented to the current geographic poles
    Some people are shocked by the vast array of facts that supports this new mathematical model. They simply deny that there is any evidence for this to be true and go on with their lives. But who dares to deny established mathematical facts?

    The facts of our new dating model are not only supported by the math itself, but also by flood myths and stories of “Visitors from the Sky”, and furthermore by scientific observations such as the orientation of ancient sites, paleomagnetic data, orbital data of the Earth, and ice core data. All data is pointing in only one compelling direction. There is no escape, there is no place to hide from this conclusion.

    Most people are even more shocked when they discover which time frames we are talking about. While we have all been conditioned to think in terms of a few thousand years, here we are in fact considering a period of over 350,000 years.

    The pyramids of Giza belong to the youngest ancient structures on this planet. They are the crown on the works of very advanced civilizations that once spanned the entire planet.

    Simplicity is the Key – How the Method Works
    Our dating method explores the orientation of pyramids and temples spread all around the world and combines their orientation extensions into one big mathematical geodetic pattern. When intersecting, the resulting pattern appears to form several nodes. The probability that the nodes resulting from the hundreds of intersecting orientation extensions can occur randomly has been calculated and is close to zero for each intersection node.

    Because the nodes occur in a latitudinal direction, they point to drastic climate changes, and we suggest that these are due to crustal shifts. Remarkably, in every instance, we see that the nodes correlate with the temperature peaks and valleys of the last series of ice ages. And of all possible places on our planet where these nodes could show up, these massive nodes occur only around Greenland, that large island with an icecap of unknown origin. The odds for these concentrated nodal patterns to appear in the region of the last known ice ages is 1 to 256.

    But when we examine these patterns more closely, we find an even rarer chance of 1 to 750,000 for these complicated physical patterns of crustal nodes and temperature changes to fit coincidentally onto each other, i.e. it is very unlikely to be a coincidence altogether.

    To the contrary, it is not some statistical glitch but a very powerful mathematical “signal” from more than 552 independent ancient structures around the world – an ancient phenomenon that traditional science has completely overlooked, comparable to an encrypted message from outer space. It is time to wake up!

    The Orientation of Ancient Structures is the Key to a Deeper Insight ( see graphs)

    Mathematical Nodes Running Over Greenland
    The conclusions drawn from this typical clustering of our data are profound because these ancient structures, as noted before, are randomly spread around the world, hence they are not connected to each other (the only connection is another all-transcending geographical pole). The probability that these 5 clusters can occur coincidentally in this way is a whopping 2.3·10-67, which is the probability these nodes are “just” formed coincidentally without the presence of other geographical poles that are related to these ancient monuments. Geology claims that the geographical pole did not move during this relatively short timeframe. Of course, most of us know what that means, because we no longer subscribe to academia’s historical and geological fairy tales.

    Let us illustrate just how small this number is; the estimated amount of sand grains on all beaches in the world is 7.5·1018. If you are looking for that very special grain of sand that you’ve lost but then forgot which beaches you have visited and when you just randomly start to search, the chance you will find it within a lifetime is around 2.9·10-12. The chance you’ll find your precious grain of sand is awesomely better than these mathematical nodes to be formed coincidentally in this very special. Now you can see the evident truth in our reasoning.

    Of all possible places, why are these nodes running over Greenland, the large island which has a huge ice sheet of unknown origin? And if that is not enough, why do the distances between the nodes correlate with the glaciation graphs shown below? Could that all be just coincidence? It does not appear to be so. It is the most profound proof for the existence of former, ancient geographic poles, revealing the true age of ancient structures. This is proof of corresponding latitudinal crustal displacements. The growing size of these clusters shows how the crust was deformed due to the displacements. The older the clusters, the larger is the extent of the deformations. Isn’t that logical?

    It also explains simply and elegantly why and how the vast, thick ice sheet on Greenland was initially formed. This ice sheet on Greenland is the last remnant of the huge “ice age” sheet that once covered North America, North Europe, and North Russia. Is it not obvious now that this ice sheet will melt, and why it will melt?

    Many Scientific Ideas Need to be Revised
    It is now also easy to understand why CO2 lags behind on changing temperatures and why it was never responsible for climatic changes. We can now solve the many yet unsolved problems.

    What many climate scientists never seem to have noticed is that Greenland is also the center point of the Laurentide ice sheet, the Innuition ice sheet, and the Scandinavian ice sheet.

    As a climate scientist, to “create” an icecap on Greenland by playing with computer models with the assumption this island has never been on the geographic pole requires the strangest, most unscientific models you can imagine. Climate science has nothing to do with real science – it is a pseudoscience that mostly serves the agendas of politicians. Mainstream scientists do not dare to oppose this agenda and are afraid to lose their funding.

    Our new discovery questions a host of mainstream ideas regarding history, paleontology, archaeology, climatology, and geology. Mathematics, as the Queen of Science, does not care about ideas built on material “evidence”. Math is the only immutable truth wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you believe, and no matter how much mathematics is hated or feared. Mathematics can show us that most generally accepted ideas, from history to geology, are based on corrupted science, i.e. believe systems.

    Ice Ages Were Crustal Displacements
    Our new holistic, completely mathematical paradigm provides a working hypothesis dealing with Humanity’s ancient history in relation to the Earth. It does not leave a single doubt regarding the unbelievable truth of mankind’s antiquity and finally, it explains virtually all the ancient mysteries. Deluges were no myths; they were caused by crustal displacements. Science has, in fact, found the ultimate evidence for these events in the ice cores of Antarctica, but it failed to interpret them correctly, and claimed that they were “ice ages”.

    It is also crucial to realize that not all ancient buildings were oriented to an ancient geographical pole. We found that more than 40% of ancient buildings are not aligned to one of the nodes. Isn’t that entirely normal? After all, we do not live in a perfect world. Not all ancient architects oriented their structures to the cardinal directions, but the majority chose to do so. By doing so, they left an indelible and important message for us.

    Did you ever ask yourself: “Why is Greenland Covered in Ice?” Scientists have tried to solve this question for many decades and, without actually making any serious progress, they tumble over one another with the wildest ideas, because, with the assumption that the earth crust was static over the past several hundreds of thousands of years, it is an impossible task. Nevertheless, we have proven with our new dating method that the crust has crept exclusively in the latitudinal direction over extended periods of time when the Earth was in high eccentric orbit around the Sun, while Antarctica remained at a fairly stable position. Strangely enough, it did not move.

    That is why the graph of Earth’s eccentric orbit around the Sun fits so perfectly over the glaciation graph (Fig 12). Science still has no clue why this is so. The large rotational variations (and tidal oscillation) of the Earth during high eccentric orbits (as is the case with our Moon) generated a perpendicular reaction force which, when large enough, caused the crust to crawl and deform in the southerly latitudinal direction over extended periods of time.

    Our rationality has profound consequences on our grasp of ancient history as you will see. Humanity, as well as the ancient sites, are much more ancient than we ever imagined.

    Powerful Mathematical Signal That Greenland Moved Over the North Pole

    Ancient Buildings Working as a Compass
    Imagine that you are going to build a home on the heath, in the middle of nowhere. Your new home is going to be square or rectangular. What will make you decide its orientation? The Cardinals? To the Sun? Or something else? What could this something else possibly be? But how would you orient an astronomical observatory? That is when such a question would become relevant.

    How would you orient yourself when you are blindfolded and dropped into a forest? What would you use as your guide?

    Many architects will align their project according to the Cardinals when they have enough space to do so – and some do not. There are as many reasons as there are architects, ranging from spatial planning to natural environmental factors like mountains or rivers. That is how this simple (although mathematically complex) method works – it can reveal some deeply hidden aspects of very ancient civilizations.

    It is generally believed that there existed no advanced structure-building humanoids when Earth was in the middle of a series of ice ages spanning the past hundreds of thousands of years. How do we know that is true? Because there is no “evidence”?

    Let us be clear about the nature of evidence. Have you ever seen evidence that was not overthrown by other, newer evidence? When dimensions and measurements such as kilos, Newtons, meters, seconds, Joules, and so on are involved in your primary evidence, it is likely that this will be overthrown one day by other evidence.

    Orientation is Dimensionless
    What is orientation? It is dimensionless, hence purely mathematical, and not materialistic. For example, 90° = ½π and 180° = π, and so on. With the location it is likewise, namely, we have solely degrees or Pi – and this means that there are no materialistic units attached to it. By defining ancient buildings like this, the ancient builders show us a way to an ultimate and undiscovered truth: our real history.

    Once you have completely grasped this concept, a whole new world will unfold to you!

    We have found that ancient buildings, like pyramids and temples, frequently have orientations that relate to cardinal points (like a compass), especially because we processed them in large numbers. The patterns are overwhelming, and instantaneously prove the correlation between ancient structures and glaciation cycles. Our conclusion was that Glaciation cycles are caused by latitudinal crustal shifts, thereby resulting in “ice ages”.
    Why Satellite Footage is Preferred Over Field Work
    We are now able to prove the age of pyramids and other such structures solely by their orientation, without digging into the ground or putting even one step on a pyramid. That is the difference between materialistic sensory-based science and mathematics.

    How is this research done? By mass-processing the orientation and location of ancient buildings, we were able to determine the rough time frame in which certain structures were built. The interconnectedness between orientation and age has profound importance, as you will see.

    In this area of research, one decade of satellite footage has been more constructive than centuries of digging. Although it might be necessary for other scientific disciplines to dig up the foundations from under thick layers of soil, for our purposes, examining satellite footage is preferred to digging.

    The Intersection Point of Two Cardinally Oriented Structures
    Why We Need an Intersection Line
    When we want to find the geodetic intersection point of the orientation of two randomly-picked structures that are non-cardinally oriented, there is a large chance that this intersection point will not reveal anything significant because the intersection point can be located anywhere on the globe. Such an endeavor is probably not likely to reveal anything fruitful.

    For example, it is easy to verify that the intersection points of the pyramids of Giza and the pyramid of Ping of Han in China intersect each other on the current geographical North pole. We simply know what this means; they were meant to be oriented in this way. But what about the 85% of non-cardinally oriented structures?

    Can we do the same with two structures that are oriented with a seemingly arbitrary angle? For example: can we do that with Teotihuacan and the Great Ziggurat of Ur? The intersection points of these two are 35.050N, 93.675W. What could we possibly find here? In fact, nothing of importance as far as we can tell. Hence, there is no way to even suspect that connecting these two different structures via their intersecting lines could have something in common. Or perhaps, more importantly, we have no idea why they were “uncardinnally” oriented in the first place. No archaeologist can tell you why Teotihuacan or the Great Ziggurat of Ur are oriented in their own unique way.

    Intersecting lines are neutral, so to speak – they represent a purely mathematical entity and have no meaning on their own until they are correlated to each other by processing many hundreds of intersecting lines and then tabulating the resulting data.

    How the Intersection Line is Determined
    Fig 6: This picture shows in one view how the intersection line runs from pole to pole along a rough reference line of 47.1W. The intersection point is based on the whole dataset and has been calculated at 71.555N, 47.091W. Because we now have two points, we can draw a line. The line runs, by definition, from the current North pole through the location of a previous pole. The point cloud of Fig 3 played an important role to verify this outcome. | © 2016-2018 by Mario Buildreps

    Why the Crust Deformed Latitudinally
    Some people wonder how the crust could have shifted so perfectly in the latitudinal direction along the reference line of 47.1W. In fact, it did not shift perfectly. It moved in an irregular pattern along a rough latitudinal path over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. The crust moved latitudinally because it obeys the laws of a spinning top reacting perpendicularly (at right angles) to its causative force. The causative force is the Sun’s oscillating “pull” during high eccentric orbits. That is why the glaciation patterns and eccentricity (part of Milankovitch’s cycles) fit perfectly with each other.

    As stated, the crust did not shift equally. It was heavily deformed while Antarctica hardly moved. The Pacific was stretched while the Atlantic was compressed. That is why these parts look as they do. The Earth’s crust appears to be much more active than Geologists always assumed.

    Shown below in Fig 14, you will find illustrations indicating the Poles I to VI with red dots. The size of the red dot grows with the age of the pole. The path of the pole is defined by the sizes of the red dots, so that is not perfectly a straight line, but clearly roughly in the latitudinal direction.

    The reasons for the red dots to become larger is because of the growing uncertainties of defining a pole within a certain diameter, i.e. the crust has invariably been seriously deformed due to the crustal displacements.

    Orientations on Both Hemispheres are Fundamentally Different

    Instantaneous Proof: No Probability of Such a Spread being Coincidental
    The probability that many structures, randomly spread around the world, are oriented like this is so small that it surely is not coincidental. This is why we are 100% sure that these buildings were massively oriented to one feature that is common wherever we are on Earth: a geographic pole.

    The only correct conclusion is that the crust has been deformed significantly over the last 400,000 years, without geology even noticing this fact. They measured it, yes, but did not interpret it as a movement of the crust. They interpreted it as “glaciation cycles”. Logical maybe, when you believe the crust is fixed.

    Strangely, geologists believe in the movement of the “invisible” magnetic field, but it is ironic that even paleomagnetism points to movements of the crust. Until now, this discipline has been attempting to repair errors and contradictions in the conventional data but without much progress. However, when we incorporate the movements of the crust in their data, the errors suddenly become much smaller, and that adds to the mountain of proof we already have. Our proof is presented to the deniers on a golden platter. Thank you for listening!

    We have proof from different angles and all of them are pointing to the same unbelievable truth. Not only were the biblical cataclysms very real, but it is also indisputable that in the distant past the ancient architects pointed their structures to a very different geographical pole. Our proof goes many ways – deep down into the rabbit hole.

    The Origin of Homo sapiens
    We are also sure that structure building humanoids, the Homo predecessor, came originally from South America, from the region of Brazil and Peru, around 800,000 years ago, and then spread Northward. We have concluded this from the orientation patterns, with 100% certainty and accuracy.

    We studied the orientation patterns in relation to the crustal shift patterns and the most probable migration routes our ancestors took. The patterns go North through Mexico, spread over the US, and then go over a land bridge across the Bering Strait into Russia, Japan, China, and the Middle East. Land bridges were everywhere across the world at that time when the ice sheets were developing on the Northern hemisphere, causing the sea levels to be significantly lower than today.

    The orientation patterns we have found in the region of Iraq, Iran, and Syria clearly correlate with the periods mentioned in the Sumerian tablets, around 420,000 years ago. The details of what exactly happened are of course impossible to reconstruct, but indicators are pointing to a significant event in the “mutation” of Humanoid species. More will be published on this specific topic in our upcoming book.

    Fig 9: DNA patterns show correlations with orientation patterns of the Homo erectus family tree. The “Out of Africa” hypothesis is short-sighted and based on incomplete and outdated evidence. Why did the Neanderthals, a tough, highly intelligent, and well-adapted species, become extinct? Ask yourself this simple question: If Göbleke Tepe is only 12,000 years old and is allegedly the oldest man-made monument on Earth, what were Homo sapiens then doing the rest of the time? Was Homo sapiens wandering around for over 400,000 years doing nothing and leaving no traces of significance? We have found compelling proof that Homo sapiens was in fact very active over the last 450,000 years. There is something very wrong with the dating methods of the established academia. What would be the purpose of maintaining and teaching a false paradigm?

    Collective Orientation of Contemporary Buildings
    Maybe you suspect that, if we do the same kind of research regarding the orientation of contemporary buildings, we could, for some odd reason, find a collective orientation that differs from North similar to the ancient buildings. But that does not appear to be the case. The collective orientation of contemporary buildings points almost exactly towards our current geographic pole, our current cardinal system.

    The more data one gathers – whether in a particular region, one country, one continent, or the whole world – the more obvious it becomes that contemporary buildings have an average collective orientation toward the geographical pole. There is no contemporary culture that seems to prefer a specific orientation other than a cardinal orientation.

    This large-scale investigation is part of our huge challenge to prove that ancient buildings largely differ in orientation and that this deviation has a reason: the geographic pole was at another location back then, a very long time ago. Our mathematical model completely contradicts what contemporary history books are telling us. History is about storytelling and has really nothing to do with reality.

    We built a random location generator for every continent and generated a list of 392 contemporary buildings with their location and their respective orientation. When we compiled their collective orientation, they all pointed to our current geo pole within ±0.5°. This proves that, when we add up the orientation of large amounts of independent buildings, they will always point to their geographic pole.

    Fig 10: The collective of the orientations of 392 contemporary buildings points almost exactly to our current geographic pole. The large deviation alone between contemporary buildings and ancient buildings proves mathematically that ancient buildings were oriented to another geographical pole location. Never before, has anyone in the world ever done this kind of research, in this manner and on this scale. | © 2016-2018 by Mario Buildreps

    What is the Time Frame for These Ancient Poles?
    The interpretation of this whole new view on ancient times is that, when the crust shifts (along with its pole) in the latitudinal direction, it causes a new glaciation cycle.

    Most researchers, even the most controversial ones, keep sticking to a time frame of a few thousand years. They have never dared to even think in terms of hundreds of thousands of years. That is why the countless ancient structures, as well as all the ancient myths, remain shrouded in mystery.

    Our new dating method sheds a completely different light on our history and provides an opportunity to explain most of the mysteries that no one has ever solved before. There are simply too many dating mysteries around the world that scholars like to compress into less than 10,000 years, which is, according to our intense research, completely irrational. The amount of labor necessary to build all these tens of thousands of structures in a few thousand years was simply not present. That is another indicator that the official timelines are incorrect.

    Which mysteries are we talking about here? You would have to continuously juggle a long, long list of mysterious sites in your mind to realize the sheer magnitude of our ancient past, such as:

    Why do we find hundreds of pyramids all around the planet?
    Why do we find thousands of dolmens all around the planet?
    What about Puma Punku, Sacsayhuaman, Teotihuacan, Göbekli Tepe? There are literally thousands of these ancient monuments, all over the world.
    What about the Nazca lines?
    Have we ever unanimously solved how the pyramids of Giza were built, not to talk about when and why? And if you think that you have solved one of these enigmas, stop cheering, because you have only solved a tiny fraction of the whole mystery.
    Have you ever heard of the mysterious Kailasa temple? If you have solved Giza, try to solve this one.
    What about Baalbek, Mount Shoria (Russia), Stonehenge, Carnac, Easter Island, and Yonaguni?
    How did they produce, move, and position megaliths weighing some 1000 metric tons? With the power of the mind, or with brute technology?
    What about the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey? How and why was that built?
    And that list is just one grain of sand in a whole mountain of sand. Keep that in mind!

    To prove the correct timeline of any one of these mysteries requires more than only educated guesses and vague hypotheses. To even begin to solve these ancient enigmas requires more than hopping from idea to idea. It requires a deep understanding of mathematics. With our new dating method, we have developed sufficient mathematical proof to support the claim for our enormously stretched timeline.

    Why Ice Ages Were Latitudinal Crustal Deformations
    The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca Cultures Are Much Older
    The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca cultures are much older than scholars always told us. Why did these cultures suddenly disappear? Scholars have never found a credible explanation for the rapid disappearance of these highly developed cultures, except mythos tales, opinions, and just ideas.

    For example: When scholars claim that a certain civilization abandoned a city in the 9th century AD, they are actually talking about the people who used the cities, not about the people who actually built the cities. That is quite a difference.

    Because their pyramids are predominantly oriented towards a different older North pole, the cultures who built them must also have experienced destructive crustal shifts, throwing them back into the “stone age”. It would be very difficult to survive such a catastrophe.
    It now appears that especially these Mayan, Aztec, and Inca root cultures are amazingly older than was always assumed. According to our research, the oldest traces go back to over 700,000 years!

    How to Interpret Glaciations
    The temperatures on Earth depend on the latitude where you are. It is crucial to understand that you can interpret a glacial period in two ways:

    The classical view: During a glaciation, the geo pole was where it currently is, so the crust endured no shifts or deformations, but the temperature changed nevertheless. Which mechanism caused this glaciation is still unexplained. Geologists who believe that the Milankovitch cycles were the cause of the ice ages are parroting unexamined beliefs. We have never seen any calculations that prove this assumption to even be correct. This shows that Geology is one of the many branches of mainstream pseudoscience. Earth is a sphere, and will always receive the same amount of solar energy, no matter how the sphere is rotated towards the Sun. The climate will show ripples of about ±1.4°C, but these changes are caused by varying Solar activity.
    The new view: A glaciation was caused by a crustal shift or heavy crustal deformations. Collected ice core data shows that the amount of crustal shift corresponds to the temperature change of the glaciation cycle. The crustal shift moved the cold North pole region to a warmer region and a warmer region to the polar region. When geologists examine the phenomenon with the assumption that the crust was fixed, the findings are interpreted as a global cooling down, which in fact never happened. The temperatures will of course return to “normal” after a period of tens of thousands of years and balance is once again restored. The crustal ‘crawling’ was caused by a highly eccentric orbit of the Earth around the Sun. That is why the patterns of eccentricity and glaciation so strikingly match together. The crustal shifts went very slowly – between 15 to 35 meters average per year, depending on the rate of eccentricity. The crawling process proceeds over periods spanning tens of thousands of years but has a clear start and stop periods. We still have a long way to go in our understanding how exactly this works, and why the crust moved along this path. Paleomagnetic records show correlations with the crawling crust. Other evidence is obvious: high dust concentrations in the atmosphere during the crawling process due to very heavy volcano eruptions. The geological patterns are clear, and the mathematical proof from the orientations of ancient sites removes all doubts. Humanity was thrown back into a new Stone Age.
    When the crust shifts, the temperature changes in that specific “ice age” clearly correspond with the temperature differences at the latitudes of pole locations in different time frames. This they certainly do, as we will show you further down in this article.

    The Impact of this new Dating Method
    Our methodology permits the dating of ancient cultures (pyramid builders of yore) in a more reliable manner, via the orientations of their structures, which in turn can be related to a glaciation cycle. Every glaciation cycle stands for an era. However, there are structures that do not match up with one of the former poles. Dating these structures requires a thorough investigation by using the path of the pole since it is possible these structures were built during periods of crustal unrest. Many structures have been dated by us, as you can see summarized below.

    They say that every ice age is caused by an alleged cooling period. “Alleged” because the classical view dictates that the crust is fixed. Polar ice sheets that have been shifted to warmer regions will cool that region, and the ice sheets will start to melt very slowly. Melting takes place over a period of tens of many thousands of years. The warmer region that shifted to the pole now becomes cold as well. The melting energy must be provided by the two Gulf Streams that transport the energy from the equator to the icecaps (in accordance with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). That is why there are a warm Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift running close to Greenland – and they are necessary to restore energy balance.

    True to the tenets of Occam’s Razor, our new methodology provides an easy-to-understand explanation for glaciation, ancient history, and crustal geology – in the simplest possible way and with the fewest assumptions.”


    Gathered and Analyzed Data
    Results of the Data Analyses

    SEE: How the Crust Moved Over the Last 440,000 Years:
    Why did the Crust Shift in this Direction?
    The most probable path of the pole is in the southerly latitudinal direction. It follows the basic principles of physics and is like the reaction of a spinning top on an external force; it reacts at 90 degrees to the direction of its rotation, and that is why the crust shifted as we propose in our hypothesis.

    The dynamics, in this case, are the large tidal forces when Earth is in a high eccentric helical orbit around the Sun. The interconnectedness is further explained in the article: ”Lost Civilizations and Earth Crust Shifts”

    SEE: Five Previous Geographic Poles: Mathematically Proven

    SEE: The Time Frame & Shortlist of Ancient Structures

    Why Ice Ages Were Earth Crust Displacements
    Fig 16: This graph shows us with a very high degree of certainty which timeframe we are dealing with regarding crustal shifts. The natural temperature swings of Earth’s temperature (green areas) has to be filtered out to find the magnitude of the crustal shift. Note that the amount of natural temperature variation varies by 2.8 degrees Celsius (±1.4°). Varying Sun activity is the most likely cause of this discrepancy. The odds for this correlation to be coincidental is 1 to 750,000. Although there is still much research to be done, it is profound mathematical proof for the most likely timeframe for the deformation processes of the crust. | © 2015-2018 by Mario Buildreps

    The Average Temperature Gradient
    Important to note is that the average temperature gradient of 0.576°C per degree latitude that you find in Fig 16 is calculated based on the surface area to which the specific temperature belongs. For example, at the poles, it is very cold, but the surface areas of the poles are very small compared to that of the equator. Hence, the poles are not significantly contributing to the so-called ΔT, the temperature differences.

    The reason why these temperature gradients are used this way in our research is that the temperature reconstructions from the ice cores use a similar method. In fact, here we transform the data from the ice cores and we recalculate them into a latitudinal displacement of the crust.

    When we subtract the natural temperature variations, 2.8°C, from the peaks and valleys in the ice age graphs, we find the remaining crustal deformations of the last major events. In all cases, they are matching with temperature gradients between two adjacent subsequent poles. The chance for such a match to occur coincidentally in such a complicated set of patterns is 1 to 750,000. We are sure we have found the correct time frame.

    The Crust is More Dynamic Than Often Believed
    We have processed a large amount of data to calculate and prove the position of the former poles, and to calculate the reliability of this new theory.

    It is crucial to realize that Antarctica hardly moved its position at the South pole, while Greenland was catapulted over the pole. When we look at the Pacific, we are looking at a huge uninterrupted plate that has been stretched due to the deformations. This is why there is no longer a continent in the Pacific. Australia was ripped off from Antarctica. Zealandia became submerged in the massive stretch movement.

    When we look at the other side of the globe, we see that the opposite happened. A massive compression took place. This resulted in the spreading of the continents, a crack in the middle of the Atlantic, and the resulting movement of Greenland over the pole towards the equator. The timescale of these large deformations is much shorter than geologists ever realized. Yes, there are tectonic forces and the tectonic plates move towards each other or away from each other. But there is clearly another force present that geologists have never recognized.

    The Earth is apparently much more dynamic than we ever thought. Our book (in progress) deals extensively with this subject because although crucial, it is hard to grasp. When it comes to crustal deformations, the earth seems to behave sometimes like a flat plane; in other words, the Earth is a sphere that behaves sometimes as if it is flat. Compare it with a photon; it can behave like a particle or like a wave, depending which characteristics you are studying.

    Our Data Shows how the Motions Mechanics of the Crust Works
    The orientation of the foundations of ancient buildings, especially because they were processed in large numbers, gave profound insights into ancient times.

    Ice age graphs correspond to the eccentricity of Earth’s orbit over the last 800,000 years. The chance for these two graphs (Fig 12 top) to correspond to each other coincidentally is 0.00069% or 1 to 145,000. It shows that we must look here (eccentric orbit) for the root cause of ice ages and nowhere else.

    When we dive into the motion mechanics of large celestial objects, we see mainly two things happening:

    eccentricity causes variations in the rate of rotation of the minor object (in this case the Earth). The inner parts of the Earth are much heavier than the crust, hence they will react less intensely to tidal forces of the Sun.
    tidal forces vary on annually (in case of Earth). The larger the eccentricity, the larger the tidal variations. At perihelion, the Sun “pulls” hardest on Earth, almost egg-shaping the Earth. At aphelion, the Sun “pulls” less on the Earth. At an eccentricity of between 0.03 and 0.05, these annual forces can vary up to about 26%, putting the Earth’s different layers under varying amounts of stress.
    From this we can quite easily understand what happens: a corresponding latitudinal reaction force is born. Compare it with a spinning top that reacts perpendicular to an external force applied to it. This reaction force drives the lightest and topmost parts of the Earth, the crust, to crawl perpendicularly to the sense of rotation during high eccentric orbital periods around the Sun.

    The data indicate with a very high degree of certainty that former poles, namely former poles II, III, and IV existed on Greenland during the most recent ice ages. The crust has continued to move not just slightly, it moved significantly. It moved 38 degrees of latitude over the last 330,000 years (from pole IV to the present pole). The crust ticks like a clock on eccentricity.

    The Moving Crust Turns Everything Upside Down
    The whole crust in the region of Greenland was heavily deformed – leaving Antarctica surprisingly stable at its current position – and Greenland moved over the geographic North pole between 330,000 and 110,000 years ago in two shifts, meaning that Greenland has three former geo pole locations. To illustrate: This is like three fence posts having two spaces between posts. The Greenland ice sheet is a result of this era, and that is why it is so heavily covered with ice and is melting now.

    Earth crust shifts do not happen overnight. They are slow, unstoppable processes that take place over extended periods of time. The most violent, swift crustal shifts took place over a period of about 15,000 years and the slowest ones happened over a period of about 100,000 years. But it is a period of constant turmoil, megaquakes, sloshing oceans, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and a changing climate due to the shifting latitude and sliding earth crusts. Sea levels have changed repeatedly over many tens of thousands of years and will again fall or rise depending on the position of new geographic poles. Whether the pole is in the ocean or on land makes a world of difference in the formation of ice sheets.

    An Earth crust shift is not the spectacular event that many people think it is. It is a massive, slow, environmentally disruptive, extremely powerful deformation process of the crust, which forced many of the ancient peoples to migrate to safer places. It also caused massive extinctions of the Human population which we now call “lost civilizations”. The reasons for these huge changes have been right under our noses and we collectively fail to recognize them.

    The Probability that our Whole Theory is Correct
    The probability (chance) that temperature changes during the last ice ages accidentally correspond to our found mathematical hot spots is 1 to 746,496 or 0.000134%. It is therefore for more than 99.99987% certain that the following facts are true:

    the crust is heavily deformed in the latitudinal direction;
    Antarctica remained (almost) stable at its current position;
    the crustal shifts relate to ice ages in that specific order and magnitude;
    ancient structures were oriented to these former geo North poles;
    a high eccentric orbit around the Sun is the cause of crustal shifts or deformations;
    Greenland’s ice sheet was formed by being repeatedly found at four different successive North pole locations, and that its massive ice sheet will eventually melt because it has moved to a place of ‘moderate’ temperatures;
    CO2 lags behind on temperature changes and is therefore not the (main) cause of temperature changes.

    Antiquity Reborn – a Scientific Battlefield
    Our new mathematical crustal displacement hypothesis will eventually prevail and change the way science looks at our history and persuade them to accept the truth of what happened with the Earth’s crust. It will have a deep impact on the current climate models once the method is validated and recognized by the mainstream “gate-keepers” as true and valid. Of course, it will probably take many decades for this theory to mature. Much energy is being expended to further develop our present theory and rapid progress is being made.

    Increasing numbers of knowledgeable scientists are surprised and amazed by our new dating theory – the genie is out of the bottle.

    An example of just one of the many profound implications this theory might have: how much chance is there that paleomagnetism, which is a highly technical and well-funded discipline, develops a correct and valid theory anytime soon? Not very much – but why is that?

    Because mainstream Geology stubbornly ignores and dismisses the possibility of a slow latitudinal crawling crust during high eccentric orbits of the Earth around the Sun. These crustal movements would also leave traces in the magnetizable sediments, and in fact, destroy the patterns that geologists hoped to obtain. That is why this discipline has never come to one overall acceptable view of the movements of the magnetic pole. There is no way to recognize from the samples alone what has moved: the core, the crust or both. Because the magnetic core obviously moves, it is therefore not the only variable that left traces.

    Geology is not the only unlucky discipline that stumbled into the crosshairs of our new method. The same goes for paleontology, archaeology, climate science, and the Nobel Prize winner Willard Libby with his C14 dating method. All these systems and methods appear to be based on corrupted ideas. They have turned our world into a labyrinth of denials and lies. And that is ultimately due to the empiricist materialists employed by Big Money who deny the invisible substances of life – called the Noumena or the Logos – because they cannot see it.

    Our book, which is currently in the making under the working title “Antiquity Reborn” (the title might change), will turn many generally accepted paradigms into dust; not by swinging words of accusation at anyone, but by using mathematics in a way most people will understand and accept as valid.

    Aside from all the proof necessary to show what happened in the distant past, our book will provide a framework to develop a new look at lost civilizations, and what really happened to them. It will also help us to understand who we are and where we came from. It will solve many mysteries and unite many scientific disciplines while probably raising many new questions at the same time.

    © 2015 – 2018 by Mario Buildreps

    Proofreading and editing: J.B.


    SEE: youtube channel videos: Mario Buildreps

    Current Geo Pole:

    The Secret History of the Living Earth

    How Orwellian Propaganda Distorts the Truth – It’s Time to Wake Up

    We’re running out of time. We don’t know who we are because we have listened too long to the nonsense propaganda of Western scientific institutes and Western Media.


    Comment by Mai Zimbleman — August 9, 2018 @ 10:32 am | Reply

    • Laughing. It’s About Time! I Believe We Are Ready For Truth and Done With Propaganda And Corruption. I Hope And Pray We Are, Why? Because For Humanity To Survive, We Must Embrace Self Honesty.


      Comment by Deena M Chamlee — August 23, 2018 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

  4. Could a space body 12x Jupiter’s size and 200x Jupiter’s pull at a distance of 20 light years from earth have this affect? Came across this:


    Comment by lavender — August 8, 2018 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

    • Not for 20 light years, except those effects would be slower than FTL. More like hundreds of years & would affect outer planets & moons first Before us & be much diminished in effect. Like comparing your microwave RF field to your neighbors 200 ft away. It would take a good astrophysicist to do the math like Hawkings. I tend to use Boolean Algebra & base computer math Binary, Octal & hexadecimal. Not much use for planets unless I looked it up from my old school books.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 8, 2018 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

  5. This is very disconcerting. I live in Los Angeles, where we have had record heat this year, climbing up to 117 degrees one day. Day after day of temperatures over 100 is making me physically ill. We have no air conditioning at home, but surivive on fans, and the fact that we have a brick house surrounded by trees. I spray my dogs with water all the time, and keep ice in their water, and the cats’ and parakeets’ water. The parakeets spend a lot of the their time in their bath. We can’t walk the dogs except late at night, around 9:30pm, when the temperature is around 90 degrees.
    I had heard that after this heat wave that we are experiencing, we are going into a grand solar minimum, when we will be experiencing a reversal of the heat, into much cooler and colder temperatures. In fact, I heard that this would be our last summer with extreme heat. I sure hope so, because I don’t want to see temperatures rising above 120F. Do you think it might be possible that we are going into a reversal?
    Thank you as always for your posts! I find them extremely detailed, scientifically based, and informative!


    Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 8, 2018 @ 12:07 pm | Reply

    • You can freeze water in pint or quart milk cartons for larger chunks to put in outside bird baths. Also, birds love cold watermelon or even rinds. Hope your dog has shade; saw a vid where a dog had severe burns and lost the hide on it’s back just by being outside. If you can’t get a window a.c., put the square fans in your window to at least get air circulating inside the house. Install ceiling fan if you can, those really help with air circulation. I remember one summer the temps were like that in Texas and it was miserable (high humidity) and I was young then, can’t handle that anymore so I moved north. When you feel sickly make sure you put an ice pack on the back on the neck to avoid heatstroke. I know QVC had a scarf with a built in icepack that you could change out that came in real handy when doing yardwork.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by lavender — August 8, 2018 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

      • My pets are all inside. I only take my dogs out when it’s night, but it is still 89 or 90 F even that late… 9:30pm. It’s good to know about waternelon for my birds! I give them lettuce, and they eat it up! I’ll try watermelon too.
        We have table and floor fans in almost every room. The dogs stay in one room where I keep the fans going all the time.
        One thing is good though. We don’t get colds or flu… ever. I think that artificial pumped in air can actually make you sick. Everyone I know seems to have a cold.
        Stay cool!


        Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 8, 2018 @ 6:39 pm

      • Wow. I just don’t want hotter summers. This one has been unbearable. We are going to get a window unit from Lowe’s next year in late spring and have them install it. Tomorrow it will be 103F, but starting to cool down a bit each day, 99, 95, 93, 91. When it’s been over 100 every day, the 90s feels like a cooling trend. Hopefully, that will be the end of summer this year. I can definitely stand colder winters, but not hotter summers. Thanks for your info!


        Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 9, 2018 @ 12:32 am

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