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September 13, 2018

9-2018 Sunspot, NM Second Update

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Update #2:

Now they are claiming child pornography & unusual visitors at Sunspot. Not for one minute do I buy they needed to shut down multiple Observatories & space cameras & evacuate an entire research town, place them on lockdown and not inform local police or the facility head.

Not to mention the objects transitioning in front of the sun AND the moon plus the 72 radio bursts which have suddenly been changed from NASA to Seti and now changed from another galaxy.  When is the last time the Feds evacuated a town & closed a post office for child porn. This occurs in every city in the US. Now it’s been turned into a jail with the newly mounted video cameras & newly hired security. Those 80 people are still on lockdown.

But the Feds certainly found a lie that would discredit every person in that town so the public would disbelieve anything they say. Just the same way Bob Lazar was discredited by destroying his credentials… which were impeccable.

The mere fact that the local law enforcement & facility head were kept in the dark & other observatories & space cams shut down clearly show this story is a bogus coverup by gov’t minions. Or a real story regarding a janitor & used to divert attention & discredit the entire groups credibility. Nor are there any arrests or charges for any such crime.  The websites first posting these porn stories were CIA hireling front companies used to spew gov’t propaganda & coverups. If you have any doubts, read about Operation Mockingbird and the CIA program to alter articles in publications & media to divert public perceptions. Ben Bradlee of Newsweek & Washington post, Cord Meyer, spouse of Mary Pinchot Meyer who was mistress to JFK and sister in law to Bradlee, Richard Bissell & other well known CIA operatives were involved with Operation Mockingbird under the direction of Allen Dulles CIA DCI.

What were they censoring crossing the sun & moon? Apparently, whatever they were, the craft occupants had enough sense not to approach a planet full of paranoid warmongers who keep the taxpayers in darkness.

Anyone who is gullible enough to believe these bogus coverup lies deserves every corrupt crooked deception the gov’t spoonfeeds to them.  I don’t buy it.

Update #1:

The authorities are now claiming they evacuated the community for their safety due to criminal activity, as their cover story.

However, this poor excuse for a cover story does not explain why several other observatories were shut down & dozens of space webcams shutdown.

Plus there were the Nasa reports of objects crossing the path of the moon & the sun, in addition to the 72 radio bursts & 1 recording (?) from deep space.

The Feds claimed criminal activity but did not inform local law enforcement or the head of the Observatory & research. But they are hiring a security group & have installed cameras & microphones throughout the site to monitor the 80 people & 35 houses.

Perhaps the university researchers attempted to contact the craft using laser or radio & the paranoid Feds think the occupants of the crafts will track the signals back to Sunspot.  Or they planned to contact the media. Personally, I was hoping the craft occupants would come here & clean house.

It seems the  occupants of Sunspot will still be on lockdown  even after returning to the site.  Crews were seen on the towns. Probably installing surveillance cameras, etc., and replacing communications antennas which only work on the Feds frequencies. (Like they did to St Bernard Parish, Louisiana during Katrina.) I suspect someone revealed what they saw to someone outside or planned to tell the public & an inside covert agent reported them.  I’ve worked on jobs where covert agents were planted among the employees.  Listen to Snowden. The gov’t has strict rules about revealing ET’s to the public. This in the USAF officers handbook.

So they were shut down & debriefed until the Feds were satisfied. They did the same to other observatories who might have seen the craft. The post office was closed to prevent them from sending out uncensored info.

A crappy cover story because a criminal act in Sunspot, NM does not explain the closures of other observatories & certainly not the shutdown of the dozens of web cams.  Nor why the local law enforcement & head of the research facility have not been notified or informed. You can be sure to hear more cover stories about this as the feds backpedal.

Don’t believe a word they say.

Original Post:

I thought everyone might be interested in this issue brought to my attention yesterday. (links are pasted at the bottom)

Sunspot, NM is a University Observatory with research labs. It is 25 miles east of White Sands missile range and 85 miles from Roswell, NM. It is also south of Los Alamos & nearly on top of Alamogordo. It has a population of 80 & about 35 houses.

A few days ago, the FBI suddenly descended upon this community & Evacuated the Observatory & closed it, permanently closed the post office, evacuated everyone & closed access.

They wrapped yellow tape around the community. Black Hawk helicopters were seen flying around. The FBI claims it is a security issue. The local law enforcement was told nothing. Several other observatories have also been closed in PA, Hawaii & other locations. Also, all the space webcams went down at the same time.

Nasa also detected 72 radio bursts in deep space & a recording(?).  Plus multiple objects crossing in front of the sun & our moon. The images are being blocked with filter discs to hide them. The discs are not the craft. Only the instruments blocking the craft from view. People make erroneous snap judgments & don’t use proper logic & analysis to properly determine the real situation.


  • UFO’s & aliens are typically the purview of the CIA; not the FBI.
  • The FBI was sent to evacuate the town as were the Black Hawk helicopters.
  • The evacuees are on lockdown. Probably held in the FEMA detainee camps or gitmo to prevent them from talking about what they saw.
  • There are Black Hawk helicopters kept at Dulce, NM as are the EBEs.  Dulce is an underground lab where the CIA & Ebe’s conduct horrific experiments on humans & animals.
  • More helicopters are available in Ft Bliss at at El Paso, TX.
  • There are more EBE’s at S-4 on Nellis Range Nevada. 18 Ebes from what I’ve been told. Joint labs there work on space craft & propulsion systems & Ebe technology. We also have underground labs in Utah & A51.
  • If it were a spy security issue, closing the other observatories & shutting down cameras in other locations wouldn’t have been necessary.
  • Clearly, the observatory saw something in space & the gov’t rushed in the FBI to remove, lockdown & detain the entire facility & town to prevent them from talking. The observatory may even have tried to contact the ships they discovered.
  • Multiple objects crossing the moon & the sun plus deep space radio bursts implies there are multiple craft between us & the moon which are unknown to us.
  • The objects are not near the sun. They are near us & merely crossing in front of the sun & our moon.  If they were near the sun, the craft would be dwarfed to pinpoint size.
  • The approach of these spacecrafts appear to be a real life Independence Day arrival.
  • Based on the reactions of our Authorities; these are apparently new ebe’s & not the ones we are familiar with; hence the panic & observatory closures to keep the public in the dark.
  • The true reason the gov’t keeps the public in the dark is not from fear of public panic. Their real fear is having the public oversee their projects with the Ebes & forcing the gov’t to stop inhumane practices & police the CIA activities. Someone needs to get rid of the CIA.
  • The gov’t will definitely try to cover up this event with lies & cover stories. Their latest attempt to shut down those who believe in UFO’s is to imply only narcissists believe in Aliens. There is no narcissist worse than Trump himself. Remember, sticks & stones? Don’t let them get to you with slurs just because they are hiding the truth at our expense.
  • There would be less bad reactions from the public if the authorities were honest for a change. Silence is even worse.
  • Let’s hope they aren’t stupid enough to shoot first without trying peaceful contact first. If our authorities start an unnecessary fight, let’s hope the Ebes know where to find them.

Here are some links about this story:







  1. Sputnik news current. Aliens moon.


    Comment by TheShadow — December 28, 2018 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

    • I’ll take back what I just posted. I had looked at the wrong thing. The video of the moon and the space craft at the beginning was genuine but the object over New Mexico was a cloud. The daytime dots could have been birds. The orange sky object was clearly a bird. I could see the wings flapping. The night scene with the ghost images are spotlights being shown upon the clouds and are moving back and forth to attract attention. I can see the spotlight beams. These are used for advertising new openings or something like the Oscars. Laser shows can be much more detailed and creative.

      The others are questionable as to what they did to create the video. It looked like Boats on the ocean but the tree did not match the orientation. Most likely from a cliff overlooking the ocean.

      When seeing something in the sky it is important to remember that a UFO would not dance around back and forth like that or put on shows any more than our own pilots would do such a thing. Especially not when we shoot them down to steal their technology. They go from point A to point B to obtain water & food for their colonies from fresh water lakes. Mostly Lake Michigan and another one in South America. They are not visiting underwater bases. They are filling their water tanks. They go to their water source, fill up and then return.

      If it was a real UFO, the military would have dispatched jets to investigate and will shoot off flares to divert the public attention from the real UFO like they did at Phoenix.

      They only divert from their tasks when something attracts their attention… such as a bomb test because the fallout pollutes their water and food supplies as well as ours. When they saw the Ivy Mike test on Enewetak around 1951 (The first Hydrogen test), the blast was only exceeded by the Castle Bravo test in 54. That’s why they flew over Washington DC and Belgium (Nato) and other places in 1952 in a squadron to express their disapproval of what we were doing and the fallout contamination of their own supplies as well as ours.

      I also caution on any Mexico videos because they film everything that moves. There are spotlights and laser shows in the US. There are also launches from NASA and from the Military who has another launch site farther north west in Florida. Vandenburg in California was constantly shooting missiles. These rockets make great lights in the sky and the rocket stages which drop off during launch also make a great spectacle.

      The only part of the video which was genuine was the very first moon image and crafts at the beginning of the video.

      I am pasting a link to my Lunar site. I haven’t had time to get around to uploading some of the thousands of satellite images I have. These were nearly all downloaded from the US Navy or NASA by myself. No third party images. The blurred buildings were censored by the Navy but you can still see the structure. Plus the huge vents they missed on the south pole of the moon. Plus the UFO logos from Rendlesham which DARPA decided to use for one of their logos.


      Comment by mmc7 — December 28, 2018 @ 7:42 pm | Reply

  2. I am with Issac Arthur (futurologist, youtube) Aliens if they exist to cross the infinite expanse of space at near or above light speed have technology so in advance of our own our governments entire arsenal is the equivalent of stone age tools. If nothing else perhaps it will panic elites into their holes in the ground where they can be cemented in. Aliens however, they are not going to be able to live here, either they will bring something here by accident which will wipe us out or more likely our highly deadly ecosystem will try to do the same to them. Perhaps the independence day stage show to usher in one world government has arrived, more holographs, big banks and economic resets due to the war against the ‘aliens’. Possibly also our secret space fleet active since 1962 has committed one too many atrocities to the wrong party and we are about to receive the same treatment the US gave the River Plate in 1831 for piracy or the equivalent.

    If someone lands on the lawn and states take me to our leader without a blaster in hand on this planet I am likely to point them to the local council, they are clearly stupid aliens, if they arrive with an army and a medical bay for live brain extraction they definitely get pointed to London.


    Comment by David Kendrick — September 14, 2018 @ 7:38 am | Reply

    • I agree entirely. I have catalogs of our Air force weapons, space command center, satellites, Deep space lasers & deep space radar, plus all the normal planes & weapons. I got them from the air force library. They had left them there for the DoD contractors to bid. It listed how many they had of each & how many more they wanted. I was also able to obtain the annual budget lists how much Congress was appropriating for each hardware request. As I’ve said, the gov’t does things & has technology the public cant believe. I have proof these are a reality not a theory. They are already on Mars. I saw their Mars base before they censored it.

      Here are a few pages from the USAF catalogs for space defense. This was the 1998 catalog. I have them thru 2010 but these pages are online so I can post them on here. I have many more. I also included a photo of one of the TBM’s they use at Nellis AFB to bore tunnels & facilities & underground Nuke tests & expansions to A51 & S-4 etc.

       USAF Space laser

      USAF Space Control

      USAF Space Defense

      USAF Space Laser

      Space Maneuvering Vehicle

      Space Surveillance

      Nellis AFB TBM


      Comment by mmc7 — September 14, 2018 @ 10:54 am | Reply

      • there are a few people right now , claiming that our gov has a secret space program and that they– these few people — have been to mars , and that most young people who disappeared , were kidnapped and taken there to try out as colonies … they also claimed that there are various ”aliens ” in contact with certain group of earthlings already , and those aliens are fighting each others [ some to help us , others to enslave us , according to them ] , i used to think that they made those stories up , but maybe they are not…


        Comment by nara — September 17, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

      • Actually, most of that is true except for the kidnapping of young people for Mars. They wouldn’t need to. Plenty would volunteer. But anything is possible. They are however being used for horrible experiments by the Ebes at Dulce, NM and other such locations. Watch the video below for the info. Anyone who is a whistle blower or anyone whom they gang upon to discredit… is telling the truth. Many have been killed for sticking out their necks to tell us what they knew. If you listen to these whistle blowers & what they had to say, you will know the truth. But our public behaves like a pack of vicious dogs attacking their own. They have been programmed to react to certain words like, “conspiracy Theory”.

        The military does have separate space programs & we are on Mars with a huge facility. A good friend of mine worked on the USAF space program. The US Navy was in charge of the military space program & Groom lake. We also have an orbiting space command center operated by the USAF.

        ONI was over S-4, Groom Lake, etc. I was introduced by email to the ONI base commander at groom lake by a friend who was high level ONI. I believe it was 2005 when W changed the space command control to the USAF. In fact, those UFO researchers who couldn’t get any documents through FOIA were always incorrectly requesting USAF records. USAF controlled Nellis AFB, but the Navy controlled Groom lake, S-4 & A51 and some joint operations with the CIA. The ONI has the records they want.

        Friedman tried to discredit Bob Lazar because he had a Navy intelligence payroll W2. Friedman was ignorant. ONI was indeed in charge of S-4 where Lazar worked. His payroll was authentic. Freidman also blasted Lazars working for Zia company at LANL. Zia is correct. They are a sub company of University of California who handled the employees of LANL (LASL) since they were first established. My uncle was a senior scientist for the nuclear test program & when first hired, maintained the LANL reactor. At that time, LANL used Zia & U of C to manage the employees, housing, payroll, etc. so that was accurate as well but Friedman (a double agent hireling fraud), was grossly incorrect. I have my uncles documents showing Zia as the hiring entity for Los Alamos labs. Just like Lazar. I have tons of documents. Zia handles the personnel records for LANL to this day unless someone changed it. I mention this to demonstrate what a fraud Friedman was & how he was on the gov’t payroll to trash & discredit anyone the gov’t didn’t like. Especially whistle blowers. Shermer is the same.

        However, someone who worked at Dulce, NM said our CIA allows the aliens to take locals & Cattle parts for experiments in the Dulce lab. I’ve seen a photo of the labs. The native Americans whose land the Dulce labs are located under, say they have heard horrific moans & blood curdling screams coming from the air vents above ground which are connected to the labs which have multiple levels. They said these are sounds of humans being tortured while our CIA allows it. The lower levels occupied by gray ebes & the reptilians supposedly don’t get along with anyone. The lower levels are connected to the cavern system under New Mexico. There was a battle between ebe’s & humans in the Dulce labs where many were killed or maimed. Phil Schneider was a contractor at Dulce & at the shelter under the Denver airport. His fingers were shot off by an Ebe and he was dragged to safety by a green beret soldier. Schneider was later murdered in Jan 96 because of his speeches about what he had seen. He was strangled from behind in his wheelchair with his oxygen tubing. They claimed it was suicide which he couldn’t possibly have done without fingers or reach from behind. He had also repeatedly stated if he ever died from suicide it would be murder by the CIA. 22 of his coworkers were also killed by the CIA who claimed 11 were suicides.

        I didn’t know until I just read this article below, that Schneider was the one who started that battle in Dulce by shooting first. You can’t blame them for self defense. I have never seen his video or read any of his speeches before but his video on the link I posted below, describes most of what I’ve been saying nearly verbatim.

        Here is a video of Schneider telling what he knew.


        Comment by mmc7 — September 18, 2018 @ 6:09 am

      • Here is Schneider’s last speech, 2 months before he was murdered. At the end, where he takes questions, are all the same things I said on this site. I had never heard Schneider before today. I know people who were involved with these projects & had first hand knowledge. My ex who was considerably older, worked on Norad. I thought it would be great to write a book. I was nearly finished when the movie “War Games” came out and Norad was the centerpiece of the film. So it was no longer a novelty.

        This video of Schneider’s speech was Nov 1995. He died Jan 1996. He confirms everything I knew from people who worked in these places.

        His only error was thinking our tunnels had the only existing maglev train system. But Japan has a public maglev train system. I’ve seen it on documentaries. Although I don’t know if Japan’s was in operation in 95.


        Comment by mmc7 — September 18, 2018 @ 8:33 am

    • My sentiments exactly except I would point them to Washington DC. They claim they haven’t “Contacted” aliens. That doesn’t mean they haven’t “spotted” them & that would be a huge security issue to have spotted the arrival of multiple large crafts from a new species they aren’t familiar with. Usually when a race arrives en masse, they are here to invade or plunder.

      BTW has anyone noticed the clouds are moving backwards?

      Note: It is the tropical storm. They spin backwards as do hurricanes. Speaking of which, how is the UK hurricane doing?


      Comment by mmc7 — September 14, 2018 @ 1:07 pm | Reply

  3. Odd to see this. Recently I got a telescope was having a hard time using it as the directions were very off due to location. Simply north isn’t north and my coordinates didn’t come anywhere near the North Star to polar align it.

    That leads me to my second frustration. The weather. I don’t recall cloudy sky’s like this year. And strangely the days are fairly clear. Before clouds was smoke. Even charting where the sun sets has been impossible. Strange living in a semi arid environment.

    Once I do get even a partly clear sky I’ll be looking up suddenly the stars and planets aren’t my main goal.


    Comment by Sandra — September 13, 2018 @ 11:34 pm | Reply

    • I noticed the same evening clouds where I live in TX recently. The chemtrails had usually been sprayed in the mornings to the west (since W moved here in Dec 2008) to bring down the heat and bring rain we normally would not have. They may be spraying the chemtrails in the evenings now to block our view. They know we don’t have the ability to view the sun details but we can see the moon where Nasa has reported seeing objects crossing the path of the moon. The gov’ts are so paranoid nothing would surprise me. Especially if you live close to a large city.

      Take a look at my 2 chemtrail posts to see what the clouds look like & how they moved it to the west after W moved here. The clouds are now fully formed when they come over us. These are real & our tax dollars are paying billions for this. We even pay to spray Saudi Arabia when they have tons of money to pay for it themselves. There are links on my posts to the contractors doing the spraying & the TX state authority who manages the spraying. Just Clouds is the main contractor & their website tells all about their spraying.

      Normal rain & storm clouds from cold mountain weather fronts encountering hot arid climates usually build tall thunderheads. Chemtrail clouds are not very tall. More like a thin wet blanket.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 14, 2018 @ 10:15 am | Reply

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