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August 29, 2018

8-2018 Weather & planet gone mad

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What has happened to our planet? The weather has gone mad. We are being baked alive in the Summer. Triple digit heatwaves in the Arctic circle, LA, UK, Japan, Canada, San Francisco, Scandinavia.  Yet we are also conversely, buried in Winter blizzards with cars in 5 ft high blocks of ice. I even heard of snow in Europe this week in August. The sun was farther north in mid July than on June 21st, 2018; supposedly the longest day & summer solstice. Our followers from around the globe are helping to tracking these changes & sharing their observations since 2005.

Our axis is shifting. Here is a basic overview to help make sense of the madness. Then you can look outside yourself on those specified dates. You can only see the sun too far north in June because it changes as we orbit the sun.

The sun changes position every day, all year long when everything is normal. It also changes position daily, (albeit more erratically) when it is not normal… such as the abnormal axis tilt since 2004. I will try to explain how things were when it was normal and how they are now.  Learn how tsunamis indicate a planetary shift has occurred, affecting the position of the sun. The daylight hours are changing more rapidly than ever before in our lifetimes.

On the normal Summer solstice on June 21st each year, the sun was at its farthest north point above the tropic of Cancer (mid Mexico). The sun could be seen over 4000 miles north of the old tropic line on the summer solstice this past July 2018.  Confirmed by multiple contributors in Canada, UK, Netherlands, Alaska, Nova Scotia, etc. We also have commercial Fishermen & geologists contributing their observations. We don’t require experts. Only honesty. Everything is in simple English so everyone can contribute or participate.  There are no gov’t hirelings shouting anyone down.

Since the first major axis shift (Dec 26, 2004 Indonesian tsunami which killed over a quarter million people) the axis continued to shift each year and we saw the sun appearing further & further north every year which we measured  annually (June 21st). The solstice. AKA: The longest day.

There was an axis shift tsunami captured on a photo by NASA around 4-18-2004, headed for Hong Kong but it never arrived. Another major shift occurred March 11, 2011, the Japan tsunami.

Tsunamis are an indicator the planet has shifted. Tsunamis are “usually” caused by abnormal planetary motion. Not Earthquakes despite what you have heard. Quakes are secondary & caused by the abnormal planetary shift or magma disturbing the tectonic plates. Not vice versa. But the seismic vibrations travel faster than the tsunami water waves, so people mistakenly believe the Quake occurred first. It didn’t, the axis shift or planetary motion did. There are a few exceptions such as landslides & collapsing glaciers, but these are usually short-distance tsunamis (Alaska & Iceland) across a bay. Occasionally, a volcano, quake or asteroid will cause one but those are usually short distance as well, such as 400 miles across a bay.

But when tsunamis occurred on both coasts of South America at nearly the same time, Aug 2017 without any quakes or other events, they failed to connect planetary shifts & abnormal planetary motion as the cause, so instead, they renamed the tsunamis “Oceans in Opposition”. The oceans receded far into the ocean exposing vast areas of beaches on both Atlantic & Pacific coasts of South America at nearly the same time on the first week of Aug 2017 and the tides returned sometime later in surges. But they couldn’t blame the tides on earthquakes. So instead of correcting the holes in their theories, they renamed the tsunamis.

The ocean is like a bowl of water, which sloshes over the side when you carry it across the room (or you can use an aquarium to see how water moves when you tilt the tank).

When the planet shifts it causes the oceans to create tsunami waves. If the Indonesian earthquake had caused the tsunami, the waves wouldn’t have surged in one direction. They would have created rings of waves ebbing from the epicenter outward in every direction. Or a rocking quake would create waves in two directions, 180 degrees diametrically opposed.

Over the past 14 years, the shifting axis has continued to move the planetary tilt causing the sun to appear farther north each year on June 21st. That was until the June 21st, 2015 measurement when the axis had shifted back 2000 miles in the opposite direction to where the axis tilt had formerly been measured 9 years earlier in 2006. I originally referred to this as a reversion with the possibility of being a wobble. 

I confirmed a wobble this year in July 2018 when the axis rebounded another 2000 miles in the opposite direction of 2015. This “wobble” is not a good sign.

It is like a spinning top when it is getting ready to fall over onto its side. The axis remained stable at that position until Aug 2017 when we shifted again; indicated by “Oceans in Opposition” tsunamis on both sides of South America (small & mild) but at nearly the same time.

This year 2018 on June 21st, the sun was the furthest north it ever has been since we began our measurements. But something new happened.  The sun did not begin to return south on June 22nd as it always does. It continued to move farther North until mid July 2018 when it was seen north of Canada & the UK by multiple observers on this site from around the world. Several in each country viewing & measuring from different locations confirmed the observations were valid. At the same time, we were seeing triple digit heat waves in & around the Arctic Circle and Wildfires across the western US & Canada.

Since the latter half of July, the sun began heading south again where it should be directly over the equator on Sept 23rd (and again on March 21st) as it does every year on the equinox of Spring & autumn. The equator is the midpoint whether the axis tilt is normal or shifted north of Canada on the summer solstice… because the sun on Dec 21st in Australia, South Africa, Uruguay, etc. is the mirror image of ours in the north, except it will be too far south during their December 21st solstice summer as it was too far north during our summer. The southern Hemisphere should have similar heat waves as we did in July & August 2018.

Although the sun should be over the equator on Sept 23rd, it will have much farther to travel in a shorter amount of time. From north of Canada & UK in mid July to the equator in Sept instead of the pre 2004 normal mid Mexico on June 21st to the equator on Sept 23rd. That’s well over 4000 miles extra with one month less to do it.

This will make the days shorter & faster than any other year as we approach the Autumn equinox on Sept 23rd. It will also cause sudden temperature & weather changes.

Hotter summers with Heat waves & severely colder winters along the Jet Stream. Storms will be severe & of bizarre nature due to the rapid pace and length our sun has to travel (figuratively) between tropics of Cancer & Capricorn which have been extended by 4000 miles each instead of the distance between Mexico & Brazil each year.

The axis shift changes our Angle as we orbit the sun. The South pole also acts as our gyroscopic anchor to maintain the balance of our tilt as we orbit the sun while pointing in one direction.

As the ice from Antarctica melts, it allows the axis tilt to shift. The shifts create tsunamis & the changes in our axis tilt allows the position of the sun to appear further north on the summer solstice, June 21st and further south on the Winter solstice, Dec 21st in the southern hemisphere (their summer).

We will also have severe winter storms this coming winter around our northern & New England states & Canada because the shift affects the Jet stream and the position of the ozone hole moves over US & Canada with no glacier snow to reflect the UV rays back into space as it did when the ozone holes over the poles were above the glacial ice reflecting the UV Rays away from our planet thru the ozone hole, into space & filtering them where the ozone layer is intact.

Now the UV rays solar radiation bake us like a microwave  oven because there is no ice below the ozone hole during the summer axis shift position to reflect the UV rays back into space. Hence the heat waves. The UV radiation is literally baking people, paint, plants, animals, trees, etc. like a microwave oven where it comes through the ozone holes without filtering or inhibition. This also heats up the atmosphere. People are literally being burned on exposed skin. The full UV radiation is also cooking them through their clothes; Including white fabric  and long sleeves & special garments (hats, sunglasses, lotions) to block sun. Victims are also suffering from dehydration & severe burns including  increasing deaths. We should be tracking the numbers of solar injuries & deaths. We should also start changing work, school & activity hours to after dark & sleeping during the day in the summer months. This will also help with power consumption. Absolutely no outside work during the day. The gov’t needs to mandate these changes.

I’ll bet some of you can see these UV radiation damage effects in the increased paint damage on homes & cars, severe sunburns & death from dehydration, damaged vegetation & deteriorating plastic.

Also, we still don’t know for sure why the sun kept moving further north this past July 2018, when it should have returned south on June 22nd.

I believe, based on the abnormal appearance & orientation of the constellations, the new further north position of the sun in summer and the continuing northerly positions in July 2018, earth has wobbled again, opposite of the wobble in 2015 or like the spinning top has shifted over onto its side where the sun was nearly directly north this past the summer 2018.

On using a clock face to sight the sun in July 2018, with 12 being true north: the sun was rising at 0.5 (halfway between 12 & 1) & setting at 11.5 . Places outside the arctic circle were seeing 24 hour daylight while this latest axis shift in Aug 2017 brought triple digit heat waves to the arctic circle, Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Japan, LA, San Francisco and massive wildfires across the west coast of the us & Canada.

Bizarre winter storms hit Boston & New England in Jan 2018, encasing cars in blocks of ice 5 ft deep. Alaska has been hit with large quakes exceeding 7.0 during the past month. We can only expect worse as we go forward. The Canadian environmental Chief agrees that the heat waves will continue to get worse. There wont be any reversal of this UV heating unless we can close the ozone holes. Chemtrails will help cool us but not fix the holes.  The gov’t tosses feel good propaganda at the public to make them feel this is only temporary. Don’t believe it. We need real fixes.

I recommend stocking up for winter with food, batteries, etc. in case you lose power for weeks from an ice storm. Better install a window air conditioner before next summer so you’ll have one room to escape the grueling triple digit heat.  Keep your children & pets inside. Farm animals in a cooled barn. In Texas, we do yard work at 6 Am. No one works in heat.

(Note: Actually, the earth’s axis tilt is shifting. The sun is not moving over us but it is easier to describe details using the sun’s position as a point of view).

When I had a gyroscope as a child and the spinning would cause it to wobble as it slowed down, we referred to that exaggerated wobble as a death wobble. Now they have changed that term to indicate a vehicle failure.

Just like Homage is no longer HAW~MAJ but OH-masz and Renault is no longer Ra-nolt but Re-No. We lost Death Wobble to the revisionist histories.

I think we should fight to keep the Death Wobble description as it was when I was young, because that is what we are doing when our planet wobbles 4000 miles one way in 2015 and 4000 miles the other way in 2017/2018.

Both this site & have lists of emergency supplies. I will add more links when I find them. The Oceans in Opposition video is interesting. I previously posted it.





  1. I just watched a video on youtube by a woman named Cindy Garay called “Plans to turn us into popsicles”, and it was quite an interesting take on what is going on with our weather. Speculation for causes range from a grand solar minimum to Geo-engineering, poles reversing, Chemtrails, Haarp, CERN and DEWS being used in the California fires to burn everyone out and get them off the land. One very interesting common note from people in the comment section is that the weather across the entire US is experiencing extreme unprecedented cold for this time of year and most people are extremely concerned about how they will stay warm if it continues to get colder or even worse if the power were to go out for an extended period and many of them only have electric heat; the results of which would be catastrophic for many. If the PTB wanted to get rid of a bunch of people, the extreme cold of winter would be an ideal time to do it. Humans have been domesticated now to the same degree as any other farm animal and are completely dependent upon the system to provide EVERYTHING they need to survive. It’s very sad to know this but I have learned through trying to enlighten that most people couldn’t care less, so I have given up trying to enlighten especially when they say “oh you’re one of those conspiracy theorists” ( I actually had a university professor with 3 degrees in law and a PhD. say that to me.)
    I just thought I’d share that for anyone interested. Stay warm, Cheers, Dean


    Comment by Dean — November 18, 2018 @ 9:39 am | Reply

    • The Universities and their personnel are dependent upon grant monies from the Government so they have to spew the gov’t dogma if they wish to keep their jobs. The next time someone says that to you, just comment “I didn’t realize you were so ignorant. No wonder you hide out at a University instead of having a real job”. That should make him think twice about making ignorant comments to you.

      I’ve previously explained how the shifted axis causes extreme heatwaves in the summer and bitter cold winters. The extreme weather is occurring more severe and noticeable now because it is at its furthest limits above the North pole during our summer and above the south pole during the summer of the southern hemisphere. We are either close to being shifted onto our side or have fully shifted onto our side but I cannot confirm that until June because that’s when I can compare the star charts from the 1980’s in a book of star charts I bought back then which is a source they cannot change or falsify. It is like the lies they have been spewing about Telstar one. It was destroyed by the EMP & radiation from Abombs our gov’t was exploding in space. They are now trying to say it had completed its mission so they disabled it and made a big deal about the 50th anniversary for the designer. Not only was I around at the time Telstar one’s circuitry was fried by the nukes and my parents were both engineers for Boeing at the time, I also have an encyclopedia from the 80’s and a video called “Nukes in Space” narrated by William Shatner which tell the truth which they are trying to change and rewrite historical facts to make themselves look better. I also did a lot of work with Bell Labs and their Scientists who were alive when Telstar one was damaged; all know the real truth.

      However, there is no Grand Solar Minimum. That is nothing but a gov’t propaganda hoax to hide the truth about the axis shift. They think the public would panic and loot the cities. So they divert them with a variety of hoaxes such as flipped poles which can easily be checked with a compass and the same for magnetic field changes. All false. That includes the more ridiculous claims of a second sun and rogue planets. I discovered the other day when I was rewatching the Star Wars series that those images of the double suns they have been showing on youtube came from the Star Wars films of Tatooine which has 2 suns. It was the exact same Star Wars film scenes of Skywalker’s home with the two suns that the hirelings and nutjobs and greedy scaremongers put on their hoax youtube videos claiming it was a captured image of the second sun. I recognized the image from the Star Wars film which the hoaxers are using to claim it was a double sun seen from earth as phony proof of their second sun claims. They get money by increasing their subscriptions and people viewing their fake video. Here is a link to the Star Wars image. They merely edited Skywalker out of it. I also included the link below in case the image does not appear. Also, my reply continued below.


      The only reason the gov’t minions leave me alone is because I pointed out that I keep my site honest and calm and provide info on how to prepare and survive. I’m not one of those panic mongers with scary titles trying to get subscribers or money from ad hits. This site provides honest info and details on the truth of what is going on & how to survive. Not shock & awe like they tried to do and gov’t hireling youtube sites and other websites who try to gain hits by scaring people with hoaxes. Or fake Grand Solar minimums. We are having colder weather as the sun position moves closer to the south pole. It will really get cold after Dec 21st. Especially in Jan and Feb. I wonder if the sun will continue to move farther south in January above the south pole as it moved farther north above the north pole last July. Nearly a full month after the solstice. It has never happened before and indicated a change in our orbit or perhaps it was the final shift onto our side like Uranus. Most people cannot picture the axis shifts in their head and how it would look with us rotating on our side with the planet horizontal. Their most difficult concept is why the sun would look normal on the equinoxes of spring and fall. The only variance being the rapid change from Summer heatwaves to bitter Winter cold with only a few days of Autumn in between… if any at all. But even if we are horizontal (which I will need to verify next June by the constellation positions I am most familiar with and the chart book) most people cannot comprehend how the sun and rotation could look normal from a sideways planet. Or where are the violent cataclysms they see on their movies such as the film 2012. Those are only in movies. However, we get seismic and volcanic reactions and as the moon tries to adjust to the changes in the earth’s shifted angle, the gravitational pull of the moon increases the seismic and volcanic reactions on the earth. Once we settle into a horizontal position and the moon resumes its orbital position, the quakes and volcanoes will calm down. However, we will still experience summer heatwaves and bitter cold winters as a normal way of life.

      The wildfires in California were caused by the poorly maintained electrical and gas lines. Firefighters and investigators have attributed over 12 of the wildfires were started by the poorly maintained electrical and gas lines. Perhaps a similar issue caused the fires in Canada as well. I have not found any articles on the Canadian findings in this matter.

      Here is the HAARP website explanation endeavoring to skirt around their actual use of the transmitters creating electrical stimulus of the ionosphere. It has been transferred to the University (which is also controlled by the gov’t) from the Air Force but I’m not sure the University has any better sense in using this device than the USAF did. I’m also pasting the Wikipedia link below the HAARP link. HAARP claims they are researching the development of communications and navigation in the ionosphere. Which is a lie since I worked with someone who was using the upper layers of the atmosphere in the Air Force to allow them to communicate from the arctic circle to the arabian sea. It wasn’t sensitive to the EMP of a nuke. So for them to say they were researching upper atmosphere to develop communications is a lie. They already developed that 30 years ago. I did notice that Darpa was one of the 3 agencies which paid for HAARP. I was also disturbed by the experiments they were doing on the Van Allen belt. This implies that this device is no simple RF transmitter as they are claiming. The info they were skirting around trying to avoid saying is this device can create radioactive ionization. This isn’t a weather control device. It is an ionization device which is much more dangerous. The HAARP website below lists the next date when they plan to activate the device. Someone needs to take a Geiger counter near the device at that time and test for radiation. It may also be capable of producing an EMP pulse. However, even though it doesn’t control the weather, it is an ionosphere heating device. So if you heat up the ionosphere you are going to affect the global temperatures and the formation of storms. I highly recommend reading both of these links below. They actually reveal the real capabilities of HAARP.

      However, none of the devices or projects such as Chemtrails, Cern, HAARP or DEWS have the ability to start wildfires. Chemtrails create clouds which cool temperatures and produce rain. For more info, read my chemtrail posts. Chemtrails are the reason Texas was not suffering from heatwaves like the rest of the country. The aluminum fallout isn’t good but after they moved to the west, we only got the beneficial cloud cover. But this past week they are flying overhead again. W must be out of town.

      With the heatwaves and drought, the entire west coast area became a tinderbox. The least spark would have set off the wildfires. When I lived next to the area which was destroyed by wildfire a year ago, we had over 200 electrical transformers which shorted out causing widespread power outages and lack of backup generators caused widespread phone outages as well because the phone company only invested in 2 backup generators for Sonoma county and we had to choose which phone offices to save and which to crash. We could only save 2. Dozens of towns were without electricity and phone systems. There was also a chance of the phone offices catching fire as the batteries were drained of power. It causes the power plant to overheat. Similar to your cell phone getting hot when you talk on it for a long time. That is the battery overheating. So I believe it when they said the wildfires were sparked by poorly maintained infrastructure of PG&E’s electric and Gas. I’ve seen it in the very areas where it burned last year.

      I also knew someone who worked there. High voltage electrical lines cause Leukemia. The electrical workers know this but want the high salaries they are paid. It is a job hazard known by the employees. I had also done medical research on the hazards of high voltage lines for an employer who was placing cell antennas and equipment at high voltage lattice towers. My research showed a 50% chance of leukemia. They also learned that children under 6 were at high risk of brain cancers if they lived near or went to school near high voltage towers. They learned this when the Florida power company gave land below their high voltage lines to the school system to build new schools. It created an epidemic of brain cancers among kindergartners. 5 in one class. I knew the former CEO of the FL power company. The person I knew at PG&E also had leukemia. She was the wife of a friend.

      The problem with these youtube people is they don’t have the engineering and science knowledge about the issues they claim. Therefore they are subject to ridicule by those engineers & scientists who do know the subject. Then the gov’t paid hirelings set up hoax sites to make absurd statements about these issues such as burning people out which has no degree of veracity to it… nor the capable technology. These hoax sites and videos are there for the purpose of generating ridicule to the public. Burning out an area does not get rid of people. They either rebuild or move into another area nearby but they rarely leave so no purpose would have been accomplished. Nor can any of those devices listed perform such a task. What’s worse is these devises do have nefarious capabilities if misused, but these hoaxers make everything sound absurd with their bizarre claims which masks the true concerns. Yes the NWO elite would like to see a significant reduction in the population but they aren’t using HAARP or CERN or DEWS to do it. DEWs is an early warning system for US bombers to launch an attack. There used to be a Dew line. The entire acronym has been updated and it is now a software system for warfare planes in counter attacks. It has zero capabilities in regard to the wildfires.

      It is the food and GMO soy and GMO corn which are killing people with cancer as well as tobacco and exposure to other carcinogens. But the gov’t uses hoax sites to blame it on the ridiculous so no one believes the real issues because the public and media only notice the absurd which makes everyone look bad when someone expresses concern for the real issues such as their food. It only helps the gov’t when their hirelings create these hoax sites to make everyone look bad. Especially when the uninformed public flock to these hoax sites and repeat their absurd claims designed to make the public sound ridiculous. The best thing would be to avoid these hoax sites. Their statements are so far off normal it makes them sound deranged.

      Read the details on the links below to learn about the truth. You can learn from their descriptions even when they are sidestepping the issues.

      Be sure to read these two links about HAARP


      Comment by mmc7 — November 18, 2018 @ 5:51 pm | Reply

  2. I have a google drive link to a Redshift 2 copy from Maris Multimedia(the company has dissolved and the software is abandonware), I created an ISO copy which you can burn to disc to run on Windows 7 32 bit or Windows XP 32 bit, it possibly can run on Windows 8 if it is an upgrade of a 32 bit system.
    The astronomy program runs from disc or a pc copy, Quicktime 7 is the last version which will run with it, the install version is for Windows 95. The advantage of this program is it cannot be updated or changed so the difference in solar/moon position will be apparent. Nor does it require a Key or validation.
    You can get a free iso burner from, run in compatability mode for XP or lower.
    All the online Astronomy programs now have the current solar position.


    Comment by David Kendrick — November 9, 2018 @ 10:54 am | Reply

  3. Our weather in Northern Ontario has for the most part been very fall like since the end of September when our very hot summer ended and we had no Indian summer this year and have had almost continual cloud cover for the last six weeks with the exception of a few partly sunny days. Spraying has been minimal as well, so I am not sure if spraying is being done elsewhere to create our continual cloud cover or is it the tilt of the earth and the changed weather patterns that are doing it? Our prevailing winds now are almost always from the NW or NE and our weather remains at least one month ahead of where it should be and has been like that since the end of Sept. The southern US seems to be experiencing unusually cold weather too from the north part of Texas up to Canada and from coast to coast, that whole area seems to be either below or just above freezing which I think seems unusual for such a massive area this time of year? (
    I shot the sunrise Nov. 2nd while it showed itself for about 30 minutes before it disappeared for the day behind our ever present cloud cover and it was at 121 degrees, then I checked a sunrise/sunset site for comparison and it said the sunrise was at 111 degrees which means either I am wrong (my compass is properly adjusted for our declination) or they are fudging the numbers. The winter solstice prediction for sunrise is 124 degrees and the sunset is 236 degrees according to them for Dec. 21st. so I guess we’ll see and I will check it and continue to monitor till mid-Jan.
    I do believe that we are in for a heck of a winter judging from we have had so far and and also seeing the ducks and geese leave about six weeks earlier than normal. I hope everybody is prepared to take care of themselves because we all know the government won’t.
    Cheers, Dean


    Comment by Dean — November 8, 2018 @ 8:25 am | Reply

    • There was one from your govt who was partially honest. Your environmental minister who was on CN last Aug. When he said the heatwaves would continue to get worse & become the norm at 130F the broadcasters couldn’t get him off the air fast enough. Only happy happy news is allowed. Reminds me of the future world on Demolition Man.

      As I have said, the fall & spring sun & weather will always be normal on the equinoxes because the equator is always the center point no matter how far we shift. However, the farther out from the equinox, the sun has to travel an extra 4000 miles to reach the solstice so the weather changes faster than normal & goes a lot farther toward the poles. So we are getting colder faster in the northern hemisphere & hotter in the southern hemisphere at this time of year. They should have heatwaves as we did & we should have a bitter cold winter due to the extreme shift of the sun into the arctic last summer & the sun being in the Antarctica circle this winter. The extra 4000 miles to the south should really freeze New England & Nova Scotia & areas along the border where the jet stream carries the storms. The govt will make sure the numbers reflect a normal position rather than the actual position. They wont tell the truth until some major agency calls them out. But those agencies depend on govt money so they wont.

      The hotter the summer, the colder the winter. The animals know. Those 14 videos on my second to last post show their bizarre behaviors, mass suicides & mass deaths. You have to see it to believe it. I included summaries for each video.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 8, 2018 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

      • I was just curious to know what your normal temps are supposed to be for Texas for this time of year because I just had a look at and the north half of Texas is below freezing which seems to me to be unusually cold for down there. The NNW winds seem to be pushing that cold front well into Mexico too. I would expect massive crop failures for large portions of the southern US if this cold persists.
        Our weather here in Northern Ontario is full blown winter now with daytime highs at about -7C and nighttime lows at about -14C, our normal temps should be +2C and -5C.respectively.


        Comment by Dean — November 13, 2018 @ 5:32 am

      • Usually, if there is any freezing at all, it would be the first week of February. Occasionally latter December. The most we have is 3 weeks of winter. We usually still have hummingbirds migrating south in late October to mid November but they left by the first week of October. We also never have weather coming from the east. Our weather always comes from the west. For weather to come from the east it would have to buck the direction of the Jet Stream. The birds are unhappy because the water is frozen. For the first time ever, the cardinals have been standing on their toes with their eyes against the glass of my sliding door trying to look inside the house. My glass is polarized like a mirror so they have to press their faces against the glass to see in. That means they want me to do something. Either food or water. I even saw one of the field rats looking into the glass as well. They don’t live long if I can get to them. They come to the houses when the fields have been harvested and tilled. All of the crops are harvested in August and tilled & fertilized in October. So unless they are growing winter wheat, there aren’t any crops to be lost at this time of year. They wont plant again until the last week of April. During the first week of February we occasionally get an ice storm where the ice gets an inch thick on branches and roads and electric and phone lines. It looks like a winter wonderland. But the weight of the ice breaks branches and phone lines and power lines causing major outages. The ice occurs when it rains during freezing temperatures. It has been a few years since I have seen one. This is certainly too early for freezing temperatures. And we never get weather from the east. That is completely backward. I haven’t been outside for a month and have been having hot chocolate. We don’t have winter clothing. Just thin coats over summer clothes.

        I warned this would be a cold bitter winter. Perhaps the coldest ever with the worst storms on record. Just the opposite of our summer. The backward weather direction may be from how far we have shifted toward the horizontal. Even horizontal our equinoxes would still be over the equator and we would still be rotating where the sun would come up in the east so no one would realize we were horizontal. This is something that would be difficult for the public to understand. If the south pole has the sun overhead for their summer like it was for ours last summer, then they will have heatwaves while we are freezing in with very little sun if we are horizontal… depending on which direction the poles are pointing. It will be important to sight the constellation layouts in the summer. If we are horizontal we should be able to see the constellations shifted to correspond. I thought they looked out of whack last summer but did not find a chart in time. I finally found a chart book printed back in the 80’s but too late to check. It is important to use sources which have not been changed. Sources from the 80’s would be best. I do know that Orion was not right. Nor was Cassiopeia or Draco. Those I know without charts.

        We don’t use hot tubs in Texas because it is too hot but it is definitely hot tub weather now.


        Comment by mmc7 — November 13, 2018 @ 3:39 pm

    • Caught the dawn (or near as):
      @105 degrees 8.20 am GMT 4/11/2018
      @ 145 degrees? 7.55 am GMT 6/11/2018 Might be some odd magnetic field movement due to solar interaction?.
      @ 130 degrees 8.27 am gmt 8/11/2018
      Time and date dot com has sunrise at 7.23 am GMT and sunrise at 118 degrees SE for today for Manchester England. now follows sun positions live. The Sky Live since it only shows star positions rather than data does not so you estimate by a ruler on screen in hours (RA etc). I am 25 miles SW of Manchester UK.


      Comment by David Kendrick — November 9, 2018 @ 6:39 am | Reply

      • Opps! Forgot to mention I was using the astronomy programs as comparators to the actual sun positions. I will make an ISO image of Maris Multimentias redshift 2 and post a link since the company went defunct in 2015 and the software is abandonware.


        Comment by David Kendrick — November 9, 2018 @ 6:59 am

      • Those readings were two months apart so they should be different as it moves toward the solstice. Remember, it is changing at a faster rate… to and from the Equinox because it has an extra 4000 miles to travel to reach the arctic region where we saw it last summer. It was only 5 degrees from true north in July… which is why I was so shocked when the sun kept moving farther north after the solstice into mid July. (keeping in mind it is Earth which is shifted. Our orbit and tilt designates where we see the sun. The sun isn’t moving but it is easier to say it that way). The higher the sun & the ozone hole shifted over the land is why all the northern countries were having heatwaves.
        None of those sites will show the actual sun position because the govt & hirelings control them. Then there’s the Wikipedia mafia.

        Can you keep track of the moon? It will give us an idea of the stresses on the lunar orbit as we shift. It must be trying to adjust to each shift because the magnetic fields keep moons and rings at the equatorial center matching with the moons equatorial center.

        I love England. Been there 3 times. Southampton, London and drove up to Althorpe but haven’t been to Manchester. I love driving on the opposite side of the road. It felt normal to me. I actually had trouble reverting back to the US side of the road. I also felt refreshed in the mornings when I was there. I always feel tired in the US. I think it is because my body clock was set to Europe time because I lived in Europe for 3 years in the 60’s when I was a child.

        For England to be having heatwaves, hurricanes or Europe to have tornadoes is unheard of. England was always cool, damp and foggy when I was there. I loved driving so much I put over 600 miles on the Jaguar I rented. (for those who don’t know, a Jaguar is a standard car to rent in England). My coworkers and brother who were on the same trip in 98 were all terrified of the reversed roads, roundabouts & reversed steering wheel but I loved it. They were more than happy to let me do the driving and couldn’t get over how natural it was for me. Clearly the road designs were originated by someone who was left handed. (which I’m not) But I wasn’t crazy about the tickets by camera everywhere and 3 tickets were loss of license which was told to me by our London office managers. I didn’t get any. I also road the trains and every metro underground route in London. The bad parts were the lack of parking so residents parked in one lane leaving only one road lane for people to drive both ways. And the curbs on every road such as driving out to Windsor where the Lorries coming from the other direction would cross the line and shove you into the curbs.

        At the car rental office at the airport, they literally parked the cars 2 inches apart. I’m not exaggerating. There was no way to get between the cars. The employee had to climb on top of the cars and slide down into the window and back the car out so we could get in. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have some great photos and a stack of books on Diana from Kensington Palace which you can’t buy elsewhere. I had wanted to transfer my job to London but the prices were outrageous. $90 dollars for a pack of AA batteries. $60 for fuel (before our rates increased), $450 per night for a hotel which was only worth about $35 in the US. And the rooms were also squeezed together. 3 sides of the bed were against the wall. It seems like there was a space shortage on everything. Probably because the roads and lots were designated in the 1300’s. I had to give up on the idea of living there with such extreme prices. Also the cameras everywhere… although they were useful in solving crimes such as when those 10 year old boys kidnapped and killed the 2 yr old. The US has installed cameras at intersections for people who run red lights. And in stores.

        Canada has even higher prices. The Environmental minister I mentioned was in Canada.


        Comment by mmc7 — November 9, 2018 @ 12:26 pm

      • Your best bet for accommodation is a type of travelodge and to go off season, come to see the buildings, museums, the globe theatre, eden project in cornwall, southampton for hms victory and whats left of the RN, some caravan sites are good value our version of the trailer park for tourists. Best touristy sites Chester near me, Stratford upon Avon for anything Shakespeare and warwick castle, conway north wales & Snowdonia national park then on to the lake district, william wordsworth country, then on up to Edinburgh if you can spare the time going to Glencoe. It is best to avoid hogmany and any festival if you are staying the prices go sky high. The thing is you dont need is a rental car, just take the west coast main line trains, remember any soveneir is best mailed home as you travel staying at multiple locations. We have long established day trip coach companies if you select a single place to stay in the uk, you use them to plan your events, i.e johnsonscoaches, harry shaw and sheerings.

        Bring thermals, wear sensible walking shoes, good but not expensive waterproof coat and a cheap phone you dont mind losing, no jewelry, You are probably best off arriving light and buying necessities at asda\walmart Morrison’s then just taking any expensive items as baggage home, they have online shops with thier current shop price and location so you can balance out cheap clothes or that must have from the hogwarts shop. Travelodge starts at £29 Per night. Id give london and manchester a miss, not only expensive but crime ridden. Cameras only solved the bulger murder because several million people watched the abduction on tv and the police were desperate to stop natural justice. They no longer show identifiable suspects, and have become a uesless appendix with a majority of crimes erased before being recorded including grooming, rapes, etc. I have been through the judicial system, no joy thier either, 2 minuite trials, defendent does not turn up, Judge gives the silent treatment when you question or have a precident. 2 minuites in that the Judge records only his name and verdict after 2 hours of ad hominem and can get away with it. So dont be a victim in the uk, or of it.

        Look native, come well insured, research for cheap places online, come off season, you can buy a umbrella here and warm/wet gear from a supermarket, to get what you are looking for, pay by debit card on amounts over £100 since transactions are insured and bring little cash, you can exchange for some at a post office Get what you want, mail the stuff too bulky to carry home, dont get too friendly with the natives, i recommend using the pubs for meals, a lot are also inns as well, I think the point is have a firm target and schedule, budget, keep to the budget, be prepared not to see and do everything and avoid the criminals and the authorities by not going to the most expensive areas since you will experience being a victim twice and get extra insurance with a reputable vendor.


        Comment by David Kendrick — November 9, 2018 @ 5:14 pm

  4. in case every one has not seen this article yet


    Comment by nara — October 19, 2018 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

    • I heard about these matching hurricanes on both coasts. Reminds me of the matching tsunami’s on both coasts of South America simultaneously in Aug 2017. This could imply our planet might be horizontal. You would not know the difference if we were rotating on our side like Uranus. The sun still would have been centered over the equator on Sept 23rd… although I’m not quite sure what it would do to the lunar orbit. It would conceivably be orbiting north and south rather than east and west at the equator. Last I saw the moon a few weeks ago, it was still moving from east to west. We are still in uncharted territory with the change of the sun in July. The sun was just 5 degrees from being due north a month after the solstice. I’ll have to watch to see how it behaves next summer. I can only speculate at this point. But these hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and eruptions have gone crazy. Although I attributed all the subsidences, cracks and sinkholes to the underground tunnels being bored by most of the G20 governments around the world turning the planet into swiss cheese for their maglev trains, I should have also realized the planetary shifting is also contributing to these problems as are the quakes. Those are signs that the tectonic plates are unstable and the pressure is rising under the ring of fire. This could be caused by the moons gravitational pull as our planet shifts and pulls against the moon. The moon already controls our tides and may be placing extra stresses on our planets deadly throes. Jim Berkland was able to accurately predict earthquakes based on the moons position with the earth and other issues. It is a shame he died because he would be most helpful now. Nearly every month we are seeing tsunami’s which are clearly caused by the planet’s shifting.

      I need to know the direction of the receding waters for each tsunami. That will tell us which way the planet is shifting.

      Maybe it will wobble back again as it did in 2015. We can only watch and see but clearly the planet has gone mad. So we should be prepared to survive these storms, floods, hurricanes, quakes, wildfires, heatwaves, tsunamis, water shortages and power outages.

      Keep watch on this website which seems to report all of these issues first:

      Did you see the article on sundogs? I had never seen those before but I don’t buy their reason about ice crystals in the clouds, although that would cause reflections and rainbow effects. First they were in the tropics and secondly there were no clouds in most of the photos. I also saw some strange bubbles on the outer halo ring. Looked like clear balloons. Then they mentioned a lot of spraying but never said what they were spraying. Maybe a college experiment releasing some chemical in the air with clear balloons?

      When humidity is high, often you can see halos around the moon. Especially just before a rain.

      I lived in the tropics for 2 years when I was younger. So I’m very familiar with jungle weather and overall climate. When I pulled up all the articles on Vietnam on the Strange Sounds website, I could see that they have had one freak weather disaster after another ranging from Snow in the jungle killing their crops and livestock (Not just a little snow but nearly 20 inches) To repeated floods and massive fish die-offs and reservoir color changes, etc.

      Sounds a lot like someone using weather as a weapon of destruction. Especially since most of this was around Hanoi. As the target of gatling gun lightning from a cloud drone, I can definitely consider the possibility of us misusing weather as a weapon when we don’t like someone. (Remember the movie “Enemy of the State”? The gov’t has already admitted they can create hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes.

      Plus the chemtrail rains which I’ve seen for the past several years since before 2005… except for one year after Obama was first elected, then they started up again to the west so it wasn’t directly over us which was much better because we got the clouds and rains and cooling shade without being under their powdered aluminum and SF6. The change of chemtrail location came because W moved here and didn’t want to be directly under the spraying despite the fact that he was the one who ordered it directly over us in the first place.

      I’m probably one of the few who appreciates the cooler temperatures and rains the chemtrail clouds give us. When everyone was suffering from 106F degree heat waves this past summer, Texas was in the 80’s and 90’s. Clearly out of the ordinary for Texas. The chemtrails do work. I can still remember back in 98 and 99 when there were no chemtrails and our summer temperatures were above 110 every day for nearly 3 months and without a drop of rain. All the crops in the fields around me were all burned up and dead. It was a terrible drought. The marina’s at the lakes were dry and had boats laying on their sides. We were all baking alive. That’s also when I learned how to keep the central air from freezing up. That was true Texas summer heat. After the first axis shift in Dec 2004, we had 18 inches of snow in April 2005. (The shift causes hotter summers and colder winters). Snow is rare here, although ice storms are not. Much less snow in April.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 6, 2018 @ 2:19 pm | Reply

  5. looks like we will get early winter this year… canada has begun to get some snow already
    quote :[ British Columbia and central Alberta are preparing to jump straight from summer to winter as Environment Canada issues brutal snowfall warnings.

    Meteorologists say a cold front will plunge southward out of the Northwest Territories bringing unseasonably cold temperatures to regions within both provinces.]

    another article : [ The pumpkin harvest is underway early at many Alberta farms after some unexpected snowy weather brought an end to an already strange growing season.]

    also elsewhere : [A mix of rain and snow, fog, frosts, icy winds and unusually cold nights are all forecast to hit many parts of Kazakhstan this week.

    Weather warnings have been issued to farmers as crops and livestock are expected to suffer in the freezing conditions.]

    [ A sudden drop in temperatures has taken its toll on evacuees following the deadly M6.7 earthquake in Hokkaido that caused massive landslides and killed 44.]


    Comment by nara — September 14, 2018 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

    • With the axis shift, the hotter our summers are, the colder & more brutal the winters. Most people believe cold winters prove no global warming. They don’t know it has nothing to do with it. An axis shift creates hotter summers & colder winters due to the angle of the sun & tilt of the earth.

      However we have something else wrong with the orbit because it appears to be a month off & that may not be all. There is strange early snow around the world. But our summer extended the solstice into July & heatwaves into august. a month late. Just the opposite of an early winter & only a month apart.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 14, 2018 @ 1:50 pm | Reply

  6. freak blizzard dump snow in south africa


    Comment by nara — September 11, 2018 @ 12:40 pm | Reply

    • Wonderful images.

      This late snowstorm in Africa is disturbing if you consider the sun further north this past July. It seems like our orbit is a month off. This is in addition to the axis shift.

      Their summer is in December. It is clear we need to keep track of these things. Something is seriously wrong. I found the images of cars frozen in 4 ft deep blocks of ice in Boston, Jan 2018 to be the most shocking.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 11, 2018 @ 9:24 pm | Reply

      • I just discovered a site called that I thought might be of interest to anyone wanting to see live wind speeds and patterns across the globe; it’s quite interesting to see the lack of prevailing winds from the SW and bizarre wind patterns that I am sure are as a result of our earth tilt being off.


        Comment by Dean — September 14, 2018 @ 8:07 am

      • I forgot to mention also shows radar, lightning strikes, rain, thunder, temperature, humidity, clouds, waves and more.


        Comment by Dean — September 14, 2018 @ 8:30 am

  7. yesterday earthquakes — solomon island area 6.5 mag , today near new zealand 6.9 mag


    Comment by nara — September 10, 2018 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

    • A lot of big quakes for NZ & Fiji this month. Notice no tsunami warnings because they are not caused by Quakes. Quakes are secondary but they reach the sensors faster than the water waves which is misinterpreted.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 10, 2018 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

  8. I don’t understand why so many are hesitant to share their info with the group? There is no stigma to it. If you limit to 2 links per comment, it wont trigger the spam filter. Although it may misinterpret astronomy numbers as links.

    The 8.1 in Fiji is very significant as are the other recent Quakes which I have been told about these last few months. Those over 8 seem to be most connected to our axis shifting.

    Link #1
    As an engineer, this road shifting & cracking is simply a bad foundation. My road does this all the time. It was a dirt road. Now they raised it by 3 feet, curved it for draining & damn near made it impossible for my neighbors to get out of their driveways before I grabbed the contractors to forced them to install tinhorns & inclined access for everyone. If you pour asphalt on a sand underlayment which shifts, this would be what you would see. I wouldn’t call it subsidence. That is what happens when an underground mine or tunnel or underground hollow collapses. Rain or very dry weather would cause a sandy layer to shift like this.

    Link #2
    This is a very common fault fracture of a tectonic plate. We have this in California along the San Andreas fault as well as the continental divide except those faults exert pressure as it slides against the other side of the fault. While the Africa faults are pulling apart. Half of those faults pressing together in the US must be balanced on the opposite side of earth, where it pulls apart in Africa. I have some great photos I took of the US continental divide from a plane.

    The remaining links are all showing TBM tunnel subsidence or ancient buried ruins causing the rifts. These are incidents of subsidence caused by TBM tunnels & some buried ancient ruins in the middle east. The G20 countries are drilling tunnels like Swiss cheese without common sense. The US is the worst. I know people on these projects. It isn’t the crust. It is the TBM tunnels crisscrossing between military bases, cities & gov’t sites. They are in a TBM panic with 100’s of TBM’s worldwide. Just go up on Google images & search on TBM. They are panicking the world’s end worse than we are because we are (or I am) endeavoring to use Scientific logic for these issues. Not fear from every hangnail. Politicians aren’t smart & neither are their advisers. They are mostly dumb crooks. (Watergate)

    If a tectonic plate is involved, a quake will occur such as Fiji. The crust is not collapsing. The poles are not shifting. The planet may end up on its side but it is not flipping upside down. We can survive a sideways planet like Uranus is. We can survive heat waves by working at night if we get decent “intelligent” leadership.

    I’ll let everyone know when to worry, This is emergency preparedness month. It was on the radio. So create emergency kits & order supplies.


    Comment by mmc7 — September 7, 2018 @ 7:09 am | Reply

  9. For those who wish to send offline info, I created an email address.


    Comment by mmc7 — September 6, 2018 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

  10. I found my old data for 2017’s observations, The positions were further north last year. Dates are English format DD:MM:YYYY swap them for US MM:DD:YY

    Sunset 320 degrees magnetic 20.06.2017 21.13 gmt (i.e. June 20th 2017)
    Sun position Google PLANETARIUM RA: 5hr 58m Dec +23° 26′ (75.96667° Decimal Degrees)
    Redshift 2 Dec 23 02′ 50” RA 08h 11′ 0” (120.1833°) (Sun below the horizon Redshift2, visible above)

    June 21st summer solstice.

    Sunset 322 degrees magnetic 25.06.2017 21.14 gmt (June 25th 2017, Sun has gone further North)
    Sun position Google PLANETARIUM RA: 6hr 19m Dec +23° 21′ (90.31667° Decimal Degrees)
    Redshift 2 Dec 23 02′ 50” RA 08h 31′ 43” (120.5286°) (Sun below the horizon Redshift2, visible above)

    Extensive cloud cover and rain, then

    Sunset 320 degrees magnetic 02.07.2017 21.17 gmt: (??????????)
    Sun position Google PLANETARIUM RA: 6hr 48m +22° 58′ (90.8° Decimal Degrees):

    Sunset 320 degrees magnetic 13.07.2017 21.13 gmt (oh dear)
    Sun position Google PLANETARIUM RA: 7hr 33m +21° 43′ (105.55° Decimal Degrees)

    Sunset 317.5 degrees magnetic 16.07.2017 20.58 gmt (Now sun goes retrograde)

    Sun position Google PLANETARIUM RA: 7hr 45m +21° 13′ (105.75° Decimal Degrees)

    Google planetarium is its astronomy software as is redshift 2 by maris multimedia.

    Of note this was noted by an observer in stonehenge who is the person I mentioned complaining to the astronomy software company I got the names wrong since it was from memory 😦 oops(


    Comment by David Kendrick — September 4, 2018 @ 1:49 am | Reply

    • Which is a form of censorship if you require statistics in your posts to prove an observation. Not as dodgy as market leader Disqus which censors with a spambot + allows government bots to red flag(remove) replies to propaganda as well as actively shapes the conversation with deletes on unmoderated sites.


      Comment by David Kendrick — September 6, 2018 @ 5:35 am | Reply

  11. would this news about increasing ice in Greenland fit into what you have been saying [ new axis tilt ] or just another gov’s propaganda ?

    from article : Summer is over, and Greenland’s surface has gained 510 billion tons of ice over the past year – about 40% above normal.

    The SMB (Surface Mass Balance) from Sept 2017 to Aug 2018 has been the highest in 20 years, thanks to exceptional snowfall last winter and the lowest melt rate for 17 years in summer 2018.

    also could you explain why there are so many sinkholes or so-called landslides or lakes drying out over night ? are the crusts moving to adjust to the tilt ?

    thanks for enlightening us , very much appreciate it.


    Comment by nara — September 2, 2018 @ 8:20 am | Reply

    • By all means. Any unusual weather conditions, seismic, volcanic & tsunamis are pertinent.

      My apologies for my bad wording in writing habits. No detriment was intended. Your posts are always excellent.

      If we use our basic senses. The heatwaves were triple digit this past summer in the arctic circle. Would those conditions be conducive to increased ice levels & less melt; even if the prior winter was colder?

      Lowest melt rate with 100+ temperatures for 2 months? BS. Just think about my July & Aug temperature posts for Canada, UK, Scandinavia & the west coast US normally cooled by arctic currents. All above 106 while Texas was in the 90’s because the sun was over the arctic & the ozone hole was over US & Canada with no ice to reflect the UV rays. We were being baked like a microwave oven. Including Greenland.

      The Greenland ice is melting underneath & is losing its solar reflective features because it is severely melting below. Look for ground surface water runoffs. So no matter how great the winter, it is a bald face lie when it claims these triple digit heat waves resulted in less melt loss. Definitely propaganda.

      On sinkholes:
      When the ground is dry, it tends to open cracks. Especially adobe, clay & porous sand become huge drains. These cracks are big enough to fall into. I get them in my yard in Texas but not when I was in California 30 years ago.

      PA, VA, WV, etc had underground mines now abandoned. Some undercut with rivers & floods which get sinkholes. Even places like MO, SE Kansas, NM, UT, CO, etc. have abandoned mines, caverns & TBM tunnels. Our country is like Swiss cheese & so are Canada, UK, Europe, Russia & others who copy us with their own TBM tunnels. It’s a wonder the entire surface doesn’t collapse.

      Of course the gov’t is going to create scapegoat excuses to cover up their complicity. They don’t want an army of Lawyers, legislatures & consumer activists descending upon them in the courts for damages. It was their underground train turntables which caused the Taos hum in the 70’s & 80’s. The newer maglev tunnel trains aren’t as noisy.

      Also, the gov’ts are creating new underground tunnels at rapid rates between military bases, cities & underground shelters. Every major USAF base is connected & has underground facilities below their runways. You can see the air vents.

      We can track these tunnels across country on Google Earth by earthquake trails below 4.0 in subsequent progressing dates. Usually between 2.11 and 3.4 on the Richter scale. About 30 miles per month apart.

      Look up google images of TBM’s (tunnel boring machines). There are hundreds of them cutting these tunnels under fake metro projects, the big ditch, etc. This is not fracking. That’s a cover excuse.

      They just cut W’s alternate route to Denver shelter in Oct 2015. Just in case the primary route Mar 2009 collapses. I also know the relatives of his team members who confirmed my findings. I’ve been in many of the major metro underground cities: Houston, Chicago, NYC, ATL, etc. My friends have been in the others & inside the tunnels & base projects.

      This rampant tunnel boring is causing most of the subsidence, holes & drained lakes. Especially when the surface is dry. We also lose a lot of underground water sources when TBM’s & dry soil converge.

      My trees are also all dying for lack of annual Rain. We are now getting the triple digits the past couple weeks. There will be global water shortages by 2020 & those tunnels are a big factor.

      Keep sending info. It is very interesting & informative. My responses aren’t directed at you. Rather at the info they are publishing to divert the public.

      For Everyone: All those things everyone believes are conspiracy theories; are not. They are the truth the hirelings are paid to shout down & discredit. The public should never attack whistleblowers who risk their necks. They should attack the attackers who go after them for the gov’t such as Friedman, Shermer & Mufon & Ben Bradlee. These attackers are All CIA hirelings paid to attack whistleblowers. Hirelings are the loudmouths on every blog shouting down anyone whom the gov’t wants discredited or any idea they want silenced.

      For everyone:
      Always support the whistleblowers like Lazar, Corso, Schneider, Boyd Bushman, Snowden, the Canadian Minister of Defense, etc. They are telling the truth. Listen to them.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 2, 2018 @ 11:41 pm | Reply

  12. is it normal to have so many lightning strike in one thunderstorm ?
    from an article : On August 28th, more than 100,000 lightnings in less than 12 hours lit up the sky over France, from which 40,000 struck in the northern part of the country. Meteo France announced storm warnings in 9 regions in the south west of France, advising residents to stay at home.

    and for australia ; forecast by Bureau of meteorology : dry spring
    from an article : It has been a dry summer, followed by a dry autumn, followed by a dry winter, for large parts of the country and it looks like spring is going to follow the trend


    Comment by nara — September 1, 2018 @ 1:10 pm | Reply

    • This is another favorite subject. Part of my job for 13 years was to design lightning protection with the grounding. To ensure $23 million systems weren’t damaged. I remember on the way to the airport in Ft Lauderdale, I saw 30-50 simultaneous lightning bolts in a row at the edge of the everglades.

      I’ve mentioned before that all lightning data is classified. I was told this by NOAA, NWS, NASA & a metrological University. The only reason to classify lightning would be if they weaponized it. Remember, I said I felt like I was being targeted with gatling gun lightning bolts from a clear sky & a cloud drone 3 or 4 times. I live out in the middle of nowhere. Grain fields & specialty breeding cattle. Less than 1 dozen homes in 10 sq miles.

      First: a single drone cloud with a matching shape, VW bug car size, hovered over my back yard for 3 hours. Impossible since Earth rotates. Perfect, clear blue sky. Only cloud in the sky. I posted the photo.
      Second time: Daytime lightning strikes repeatedly hitting my house, my new transformer poles & grounding I had just had installed days earlier. Repeatedly hitting new street poles across from our yards & blowing them apart. Hitting my house, my neighbors house & our yards & my new poles in the same spots from a clear sky. Basically, repeatedly striking within a 150 ft diameter circle from a clear sky.
      Third: 5 months later I was nearly fried with a row of gatling gun simultaneous lightning bolts a half mile long area. I was the only one driving on this country lane. I made a side stop & saw the bolts shoot from this same shuttle shaped cloud in a clear blue sky the size of a VW bug. Just like they had been rapid fired from a gatling gun. It neatly smashed every roadside tree for 1/2 mile. All smashed to pieces covering the country lane with a nervous hispanic crew staring at them. This destruction was followed by a second gatling gun strike just 2 blocks from where I had made the side stop. I was being targeted. The two hits were 2 miles apart. Both came from the lone drone cloud. The same shape & size which hovered over my yard. Clear blue sky each time.
      Fourth: Just a week or two ago. Massive lighting storm hitting only around my house. Worst ever. Repeatedly hitting in same spots with explosive force next to house. I thought it was going to come thru windows. Then it hit the substation transformer 1/2 mile away. Oops! The lightning stopped. The sky was clear. The foreman told me it was a million dollar substation transformer. My power was off until they checked the circuitry. I know them fairly well. There were thousands of hits just around my house.
      I had posted the photo of the cloud drone so you know I didn’t make this up. I think I’m being targeted.
      Yesterday, I had the chemtrails dumping powdered aluminum over my back acreage for the first time since Dec 2008 when they stopped doing it above my house & moved the spraying west after W moved in. W was out of town for a funeral yesterday.

      Couldn’t find my camera battery charger yesterday or the other times.

      Motive: We have a president who likes to send nasty tweets. An immature 10 year old mentality who bullies & calls people names from the office of the presidency. I wouldn’t put anything past him. The entire world knows what he is except our own 10 year old mentality population who don’t see what’s wrong with this. Low Brow Americans like to watch a bully beat up on someone smaller without helping. They are no better than the bully. We have 9 year olds committing suicide because of bullying. There should be zero tolerance for bullying. That includes a juvenile president. The teachers & parents should also be cited as accomplices if they ignored or supported such behavior.

      On the lightning imagery I wanted when I learned All lightning data was classified, I had only asked for video of a lightning storm here in 2007.

      Actually it was 2 ion storms. The first I had ever seen. I did not tell them that. Few people would recognize one. There are no bolts but thousands of bright flashes like a huge strobe. It makes a loud arcing sound like a fuse box or downed electrical line in time with the strobe flashes. It is eerily silent. No lightning. No thunder. No rain. Only massive ion strobe like flashes between clouds making arcing electrical downed wire sounds. It is very scary & I don’t scare easily. One ion storm was about 3 AM. Imagine total silence, total darkness and suddenly giant flashing, flickering strobes with deafening electrical arcing & buzzing sounds like a downed electrical wire or arcing fuse box. Deafening with the rapid blinding strobe flashes in the clouds. That’s an ion storm. we didn’t know the ozone hole had shifted near us allowing ions to enter our atmosphere as the aurora in NY & ion storms in Dallas.

      There were 2 storms about 2 days apart when all 6 (12) of Nasa’s ISS duplex redundant computers failed at the same time. A shuttle with complete replacement computers & circuit boards just happened to arrive in time to offload the space station crew before all the power & systems failed. Clearly, they knew in advance a massive solar storm was coming & hid all knowledge of it from the public. Why do that? We have huge flares & episodes of solar Xrays & radiation all the time which affect broadcast, satellites, cellphones, GPS, etc. So much that we have a space weather reporting system. It just happened to show normal that week. My foot! The same ion storm which came through the ozone hole twice that week was the same solar storm which destroyed the ISS computer system that same week & they saw it Coming. It’s the only way a shuttle could have been launched fast enough to rescue the crew. They could have had great publicity by telling the truth but they lied & hid all the solar SOHO data then blamed the Russians 6 months later claiming it was defective equipment designs. Russia was livid.

      NASA still wouldn’t tell the truth about the solar storm. Only a massive solar storm of Ions penetrating the atmosphere could have caused those ion storms in Dallas & destroyed the ISS computers the same week. I also have images of the aurora Borealis in NY that same week. That shows us how far south the ozone hole was that week.

      drone cloud

      3 sources of proof we had a major solar storm hit us that week. Why didn’t they reposition the ISS behind the earth to protect it? Are they stupid?

      Massive lightning is unusual but not unheard of. Houston phone company had the 3rd story brick wall explode when lightning went through the outer brick wall on the 3rd floor to reach the copper ground bar inside.

      Some lightning is mild but this artificial lightning & particle beams they don’t want anyone to capture on an image because weaponized lightning would violate our treaties with Russia. W was President when the ISS incident occurred. You said that lightning attack was on Turkey? Our favorite cold war attack site against Russia. Sounds to me like a secret cold war of weaponized lightning & particle beams to simulate nature & Russia doesn’t know we can do this. A war without radiation & fallout. This is why we put them on the defensive in 2007. So they wouldn’t find out.

      Keep an eye out for these unusual lightning attacks. To look for patterns.

      They probably used Australia as a bigger test ground. I was just a target for fun. But I rarely go outside.

      I spent a lot of time on rooftops when I was working. I had one harrowing climb on a Chicago skyscraper ladder mounted to the top 2 stories of a 50 story building to check the loran C (pre gps sync) lightning arrester. No handrails. No safety edge or parapet. The men watching safely from below. No help. Wind blowing. Ladder ended 2 1/2 feet below roofs edge. Downright scary having to dangle my leg over the side to find the ladder. No handholds.

      I will say the Chicago mob’s chief electrical inspector begged me to stay in Chicago. They needed a woman owned engineering business to look good with the gov’t who required the female owner knew what she was doing & not the wife of a male engineer. I was the only one who was genuine. It was worth 20% of every project, but my company wasn’t big enough to handle it. He wanted to give me 20% of all electrical business in Chicago. Business, Industry, Utility & residential. I had 20 people. Bell also offered me 20% of a $240 million annual project budget. Same problem. Not enough people or special equip for skyscrapers. So I moved to Texas & became an engineering exec for others but was hired out to Bell Labs & other companies & to attorneys to write contracts, Manage joint company partnerships, Built the southern coast to coast internet backbone for Quaalcom. All kinds of strange things like the WDC red circuit & backup power. Built AOL network. Sprints fiber network. Systems in London, Korea, Israel, Netherlands, QWest. SEC investigations. All kinds of strange jobs.

      Anyway, watch for more of these. I think we may have uncovered a US weaponized lightning program. CIA no doubt. Where’s Snowden? He might know this.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 1, 2018 @ 11:14 pm | Reply

  13. Writing from approx 52 degrees north on the interior plateau of British Columbia. Very odd light this evening, as the sun set at 8:15 PM at approx 10 o’clock , 12 being magnetic north. The arc of the sun thru the day still is VERY north of former “normal”, I’d guess at noon being overhead at 49 or 50 degrees North latitude. I’m busy bringing in firewood…anticipating a long very cold winter. Thanks for this site. I’d welcome your offer to share more of your understanding as suggested earlier in this string.


    Comment by cosmicalarmclock — August 31, 2018 @ 10:27 pm | Reply

    • I’ve been seeing the sun shining on my southern porch. I only get that beginning Nov or Dec.

      Try using a pole on flat concrete. Pipe, broom handle, etc. Be sure it is plumb. Use a parking lot sign, fence post, etc.

      At noon standard time see which way the shadow casts. Use true north. Not magnetic. You can find it on google earth. Use the compass under view tools. or turn on the grid feature.

      This is especially important for anyone living in Canada, Russia, UK, Japan, Alaska, Scandinavia or arctic circle. It will screw up your readings. True north gives you matching angles off sunrise & sunset. Magnetic will not. It is not centered & is increasingly off the closer you are. Some parts of Canada point east with a magnetic compass. Others point west. Depending on the year and location.

      I only use the compass for the perimeter degree numbers & align it with true north & ignore the needle. I only use the compass needle to show where magnetic north is & prove the poles haven’t shifted. I can also verify the magnetic field with my field strength meter. They are all normal.

      Those are deliberate diversions to mislead the public & create disharmony & dissension.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 11:15 pm | Reply

  14. and here is a few more headlines for unusual weather
    —-Turkey hit by summer snowfall [—quote :It is noted that the snow rained for about 10 minutes. And the air temperature in the region for a few hours dropped to 7 degrees.]

    Global cooling: Summer snowfall reported in the Alaskan Range [ quote “There’s snow falling further down the mountains in the Alaska Range, down to about 3,000 feet. A storm could dump up to 3 inches of snow along the Denali Park Road.]

    UK Forecast: Severe Frosts Followed By Azores Heat with Possible Hurricane — Grand Solar Minimum


    Comment by nara — August 31, 2018 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

    • It is great info. Also disconcerting about the snow dates in August. We need to keep an eye on this. We also need a spotter on or near the Equator.

      Except that grand solar minimum is another diversion to give people false feel good. They don’t understand the mechanics of how axis shifts create Hot summers & cold winters. Perhaps I need to do more graphics on this issue for youtube to steal. Every one of them on this axis subject are using my graphics & images.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  15. Just to add the electric universe people postulwte the suns travelling through a particularly dense nebulae adding vast charge to the solar system which effects gravity, the earths orbital period has reduced which since we are barely in the life zone has taken us out of it. More and higher levels of UV, a color change in the sun and this happened about 40years ago. Whilst at the same time the Earth s magnetic fields are about to flip in the next 20 years, resulting in a 25% of original field strength field for the duration. You will find that the cfc scare was ballony and the first cover story since molar mass of 120g mol-1 and O2 is 32g mol-1 precludes mixing unless by a high energy input such as lighting so in fact cfc lives in the troposphere and is found only in ozone from trace elements left by the military since no mechanism exists to transport the element say from your refigerator into the ozone layer, not that cfc was not toxic in its own way but the junk science pr was reused in global warming, we had always had holes but it was the rocketdyne srb and our old friend vulcanism which are the main culprits.


    Comment by David Kendrick — August 31, 2018 @ 4:48 pm | Reply

    • I disagree on just about everything.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 6:35 pm | Reply

  16. is the gov changing snow fall data to fit their narrative ? here’s a headline : Erie’s Snowfall Measuring Team “Thrown Under Bus” As Official Report Erases 32 Inches

    rare EF-2 tornado in quebec : Quebec Storm Chaos — 175,000 Without Power — EF-2 Tornado Officially Confirmed

    just a head up for unusual news … will provide links to articles if U need them… don’t want to clutter your site … good work


    Comment by nara — August 30, 2018 @ 4:50 pm | Reply

    • Please continue to send whatever info you find. I can’t keep track without a TV.

      This trend of the gov’t trying to sugarcoat the data as a feel good tactic to keep the public happily shopping started in the 90’s. It was tied to keeping the economy high by eliminating unhappy reports.

      They reclassified all the Hurricanes to lower levels and the tornadoes as well by altering the wind speeds for each class. Thus, class 5 hurricanes became class 3, etc. There rarely could be class 5’s because the minimum wind speed was too high to attain. The same with tornadoes. So the public believed everything was getting better. Noaa actually announced these classification changes after the Homestead FL Hurricane but the public paid little notice to its meaning. The gov’t knows people rarely pay heed to the implications.

      They also broke up the tsunami reporting site which used to show global tsunamis in great detail. After the Dec 2004 Indonesian tsunami, they broke apart the tsunami reporting centers into several separate international agencies making it difficult to keep track of them. This was critical because the tsunamis are indicators of axis shifting & global abnormal planetary movement. It was just a fluke to discover the oceans in opposition, (renamed tsunamis) in Aug 2017.

      When mass deaths fired up the public outrage FEMA employed their tactics of reducing death counts. 911 WTC began at 50,000 & was reduced by 10,000 at each report until the uproar died down at 3000 then to 2996 for a feel good thrust. Their plan in the 90’s (before these manmade disasters) was to reduce all data at a steady pace until it was below 5% of the actual numbers. I was there on the bi-monthly Emergency Management Team when FEMA & Red Cross talked about altering of information to keep the public calm & happy & disinterested to maintain a strong economy while they go to their jobs & keep shopping.

      So when you see the 911 WTC death tolls drop from 50,000 to 2996, think of public psychological reactions to sales tricks. Instead of $30.00, price it at $29.96. Or how you always see prices like $1.99 instead of $2.00. Your brain doesn’t see one penny difference. Our brains see a dollar difference & dismisses the pennies as insignificant change.

      They did the same for Katrina. They started off with a death toll of 10,000 and slowly reduced it each week until it was 1833. The rest of the bodies of the many elderly & disabled, hospitals, nursing homes, hundreds on the airport floor & those who couldn’t escape are buried in a mass grave near the airport if I remember correctly.

      The nat’l guard waited 3 weeks before it bothered to go door by door. The only 2 men doing rooftop rescues in a helicopter from FL were charged as AWOL. I never heard the results.

      After Texas gov Perry rescued those held in the arenas who weren’t allowed to get on waiting buses by armed soldiers until Texas decided enough was enough just when public outrage was at the boiling point & ready to charge en masse to rescue the victims.

      It wasn’t kindness from Texas, it was fear of mobs from 48 states converging upon New Orleans which made the powers that be decide to get the victims out of there. Gov Perry was W’s former Lt Gov.

      After their rescue, the Red Cross helped split the victims up between dozens of other states a week or two later so they couldn’t compare notes about missing family & friends with other victims & coming up with quite a different death toll number. Gov’t minions like FEMA, Red Cross, etc will claim the death toll downsizing is caused by duplicate, lists, hospitalizations, mistaken reports & failure to apply & remove found missing persons as their excuses for the gross mathematical differences on the death toll variations.

      This is how they control the public reaction. They also use the public’s trust in the media. Especially since the media has been overrun with CIA since the 50’s, project Mockingbird to control the public with propaganda articles. Ben Bradlee of Newsweek & later the Washington post was one of the admitted CIA assets. Mary Pinchot Meyer & her CIA husband Cord were also Mockingbird operatives. Allen Dulles started it. You can read about all of this on Wikipedia.

      The media & hirelings also use key words like “Conspiracy Theory” to program the public into attacking their own or finding something to discredit the whistleblower to them appear to be a liar. They also use Pavlov’s dogs methods on the public to control the publics response. Mk ultra was the CIA’s mind control project, one of which DCI William Colby testified to Congress. The gov’t minions have even removed their university files & degrees or employ their hirelings to destroy the whistleblowers or hang out on blogs to shout everyone down or join groups to cause dissention. The public believes these hirelings who place doubt in their minds.

      The gov’t has their minions do the same with data. When the earth shifts 800 miles, they admit to a shift of 8 inches. Notice how they toy with the numbers.

      I’m sure this is just a coincidence, but if you flip the two 9’s upside down on the 911 WTC death count, the 2996 turns into 2666. Just an oddity which caught my attention.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 4:28 am | Reply

      • The BBC and UK press report hurricanes using their upper atmosphere speeds under the Global Warming agenda and when the Virgin Islands were overrun in 2017 they were classed as category 5 storms, now cat 5 on the saffir-simpson scale is catastrophic damage – nothing left alive, no buildings and certainly no survivors to ask Venezuela’s military for aid. Our media in the UK with its Global Warming agenda has entirely the other extreme and if you look up the terms and then watch several videos of the hurricane event you get a better picture which was a Cat 2 storm at worst and Time denies cat 5 So when survivors give interviews it is not a cat 5 which are very rare events.

        So it is a good idea to check the UK press if it covers an environment disaster event and draw the belief line somewhere near the middle after observing the damage in reference to a saffir-simpson table/fujita scale etc. Since they tend to broadcast lots of film and pictures(sometimes of the right location) and rely on the false narration to make it seem other than it is.


        Comment by David Kendrick — August 31, 2018 @ 6:53 am

      • It is the US being deceitful for sure. London has one of the best open minded support Programs for its citizens to survive global warming. I liked the green roofs but that doesn’t work for our roof designs.

        Perhaps we can get more honest weather reports from the UK as long as it isn’t coming from the Universities there. They still are off track & running with the US on this axis issue. Although this is the first year where the UK could see the sun to the north.

        But the same creep who owns fox in the US also owns all publications & broadcast in Australia. I’m not sure about the UK & Canada if Newscorp has taken over the news like it did in Australia.

        We also have one corporate monopoly over our radio & TV stations in most major cities. I forget the name. They own all 5 radio stations in one town and do the same in other major metro areas. Mostly Houston & San Antonio. I thought monopolies were illegal. We have a school run radio station, no commercials & plays mostly 70’s music.

        I found this London climate survival program 14 years ago & was very impressed. The PDF file below was from the original London Resilience site. The upper 2 links are from their new upgraded sites. At least they are trying to help their citizens.

        The US gov’t denied climate change exists. Let alone the axis change. The original London site was where I learned how the US was trying to hide the evidence with beach bulldozers, river mouth dredging & modification in Seattle.

        9 countries had joined together to fight global warming UK, Canada, Japan, etc. But the US was afraid our industry & vehicles might be inconvenienced with pollution filters & restrictions. Just this year, all restrictions on US industry pollution were eliminated. They come before the people. They want to get rich before they all go underground… literally.

        UK puts people first. I almost transferred there when I had work there but the prices were ridiculously high. $450-600 dollars for a hotel room & very poor ones at that. $90 for batteries. $60 for car fuel. Otherwise, I would be there now. I loved driving reversed & felt like I was finally in the right time zone. My body clock was probably set when I lived in Europe for 3 years as a child. I put over 600 miles on the rental car. None of my coworkers wanted to drive. I went out to althorpe & all over London and rode on every Metro branch. Plus the roundabouts in the car which terrified my coworkers. (They should see the one at the arc of triumph in Paris).

        Everything was perfect except the food. Fortunately they had McDonalds & pizza hut, etc. I couldn’t deal with the kidney pie, etc.

        I definitely need a better news source without 10 million popup ads like the Guardian has.Ours don’t tell the truth. So they are worthless.

        Click to access adapting-climate-change.pdf


        Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 7:55 am

  17. re. Stonehenge…


    Comment by cosmicalarmclock — August 30, 2018 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

    • Stonehenge was partially still up in 1750 and records show funding was being raised to restore the site in the 1800’s including early photographic evidence. There was a prior woodhenge on site, found by excavation, the Blue Sarsons were added from another site last but the 50 tonne ones were all on site though mostly fallen, there were 50 of them. I will point out that Stonehenge is on Salisbury plain miles away from a river and we had no way of moving them by road, the 40 tonne payload lorry did not arrive until the container in the 1960’s about 18 years after the restoration began and moving the stones in the 1850’s would have needed a steam shovel/crane similar to Big Brutus certainly it would have been noticed as would the railway built to the site to drop the stones off.

      What happened throughout the country, which is why this is such a unique monument, is that such places were broken up by fire and the stone reused in buildings since they were on loam miles away from any quarry. The henge was much bigger originally, and the original purpose of such sites was lost after they were built, nearly 5000 years ago, we find different burials types so entirely different societies used the site, most of those who claim conspiracy also look at the site through the Christian eyes of the wiccan movement who took it over as modern Druids in the same way as Beade everything non Catholic did rather than as an archeologist, just because they claim it is a mystery as to how it was built, does not mean all of a sudden it is a fake monument any more than Aliens built the pyramids when at the time 100,000 egyptians were perfectly capable of building a giant pyramid working under the best craftsmen, very big whips and spending a century on the project. It is very disrespectful of our ancestors even the recent ones.


      Comment by David Kendrick — August 31, 2018 @ 7:20 am | Reply

      • I just wondered David if you have ever taken any readings of the sun on the summer or winter solstice, you seem to know quite a lot about it?


        Comment by Dean — August 31, 2018 @ 8:37 am

      • Most of the people we’ve been hearing from since the July changes to our axis have been on here for years as followers & usually participate in measurements. Many people send me their measurements with the request not to publish. So you may not see their input but they are helping. I haven’t found a free email yet so I can respond to anyone offline & remain off the grid.

        Some have been here for over 10 years. Although this is the most active it’s ever been. Most of them know as much as I do, having heard it repeated so many times for new visitors. We’ve never had such strange & unexpected changes as we’ve seen since June & even into last year. I’m normally not well enough & only do the solstices. This has been the worst year yet for health issues. But well or not, I find these new changes to be very intriguing.

        Normally, I go months without conversation, Just reading & researching. It’s nice to see so many interested in solving the current mystery plus expanding into other topics. I’d like to share some of my info while I’m still around to post it.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 1:47 pm

      • I have contributed over tbe last 3 years but 2016 _17 could only post on the old thread for uk & europe. I use a sighting compass. The july 18th 318′ reading for cheshire was mine.


        Comment by David Kendrick — August 31, 2018 @ 3:59 pm

      • That’s close to my reading. But I’m in Texas so mine was closer to 345 in mid July. 320 June 21st.

        I can lay the compass onto the photo where the Angles are landmark laid lines. Mine was made in Finland & has every bell & whistle imaginable. Reminds me of those specialized trucker maps & laser/roller distance pens at the truck stops.

        They sure made a mess out of the chemtrails today. I saw the planes in the act & the powdered aluminum is silting everywhere over my back yard to northern skies but none to the south. They tried to mix fake & real clouds. They didn’t mix. First time they sprayed overhead since W moved here in Dec 2008.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 6:37 pm

      • They may have used glaciers to move the Stonehenge stones. On ice like gliders.

        Those “roads” from the river to the Pyramids they saw on ground penetrating radar were actually canals so they could bring the boat or barge of stones along side the pyramids & use the same fulcrum method or a water tank like a lock to use water to raise & lower the entire boats/ barges with the stones along side the pyramids. Why unload & drag stones delivered by barges when you can float them the rest of the way to the pyramid. They found boats at the pyramids which may have been lost in a tsunami.

        The sand wasn’t there until the planet was shifted out of orbit by the 5th planets destruction and created 3 mile high tsunamis which dumped marine fossils at 13,000 feet at Puma Punku and knocked it down & partially buried it in the mud where it never rains. It wouldn’t take much of a change in orbit to create tsunamis & affect weather & create instant glaciers and kill the dinosaurs.

        Tsunamis from that orbit change dumped millions of tons of sand on the Sahara, Egypt, middle east, Western US and filled the black sea. I believe this occurred when the 5th planet blew up leaving the asteroid belt & pushing Mars & Earth slightly out of orbit or into an oval orbit.

        As with the axis, it created massive tsunamis like the film 2012. Evidenced by marine fossils & sand all coming from a westerly or from the Northwest heading South east direction on all continents affected on their West sides. Even Australia.

        It took hundreds of years to drain the western states & grand canyon. Saltwater was toxic to the soil in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, etc. Hence salt lakes in western US & a salt sea in the middle east.

        2 asteroids became moons for Mars while one of the 5th planets own moons may have become Earths moon after the 5th planet was destroyed. It also explains the flood evidence at massive heights & mammoths frozen with food in their mouths as we were temporarily thrown from orbit.

        However, Puma Punku was built by aliens. The other structures in Egypt could have been built by their humans like I described with water since that’s how the stones were brought from the quarries to the pyramids. But not Puma Punku. Even the entry steps are for tiny feet.

        The massive tsunamis also explain why Egypt was buried in sand. Those pyramids were not built on sand. And the severe water damage to the sphinx & how many Egyptian structures were damaged. It takes great forces to knock down such huge structures.

        The entire civilization prior to the upheaval was lost & rebuilt except the pyramids & those structures high enough to survive. Just imagine what we will find if we dig deeper.

        Also the Sahara & the toxic soil of the middle east & how the Black sea was filled over those villages. Not to forget Gobekli Tepe.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 31, 2018 @ 8:53 am

      • David and mmc7 I want to apologize if you thought i was being somewhat condescending with my last comment because I wasn’t try to be. I should have asked if David had ever taken any readings from Stonehenge, not if he had ever taken any readings in general, the omission of ” from Stonehenge” sure changed the whole tone of what I was asking and I did not realize it until I re-read it this morning, so my apologies.
        Cheers from Canada.


        Comment by Dean — September 1, 2018 @ 8:48 am

      • Before I got rid of TV, I heard a few people remark about the sunlight angle but as it is a tourist issue, the countries don’t want it advertised. Neither does the US gov’t. So they don’t get much TV opportunity. Just look at the way ancient aliens is treated.

        For instance, the LA Simi Valley reactor meltdown was kept quiet for 50 years despite hundreds of people knowing about it. Just because we don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Those willing to talk don’t get air time.

        The victims of 3 mile island had to sign a court agreement to keep their silence in order to receive money. It isn’t right or constitutional but it happens every day. Never judge the veracity or existence of an issue based on how many people talk about it. Not everyone is willing to defy the system or risk their neck to speak out like I do. Or spend the time to research the issues & deal with criticism. I believe in truth & honesty no matter what they throw. But I still keep my anonymity & keep off the grid.It has saved my life.

        Wait until you read some of the nuclear documents I’m going to post. I had friends who died from 3 mile island 10 years later. You could see the cooling towers from their house. Like the LA reactor & Japan, it is what they release into the air which is deadly while the politicians tell you everything is ok. Don’t worry. No need to evacuate. Wait until you read the details from residents who did talk.

        Our gov’t is the same about keeping the calm with our axis slippage. Even after 14 years of tracking it we were shocked by the changes this past July. So would they mention the sun angle at famous landmarks? No. It might reduce tourist dollars so those people will be kept off TV. Have you read about project Mockingbird &the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer? That will open your eyes on the CIA & control of the media. It’s on Wikipedia.

        BTW, I’m not thin skinned & I don’t ever have anger in my words. I’m a boring science geek with TMI.


        Comment by mmc7 — September 1, 2018 @ 11:21 am

      • I suppose it is also different in that with Windscale in the UK we had the NHS to keep the victims alive which happened to my aunt who has had lifelong problems having consumed contaminated milk but still is with us at 67 having had cancer(with 3 children and 12 Grandchildren + 1 great grandchild). The NHS was something created by Beverage in WW2 and paid for by the British taxpayer through national debt in 1948 or just in time for the event. We had therefore less issue with deaths and had a populace already hardened to privation and ruin so less of a knee jerk nasty government cover up. Today matters would not be so nice since the quality of the government has devolved to the French republican model where everyone else must obey the rules. May even publicly fired her junior election staff members when she almost lost an unnecessary general election, for the first time in UK history rather than resigning which is traditional.


        Comment by David Kendrick — September 1, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

      • I’ve seen the video on Windscale. I’ve heard they were planning to reactivate it again. I cant remember if it was my video or Youtube. The lead engineer actually got on top of the reactor outside during the emergency & saw the fuel on fire thru a trap door.

        One of our most ghastly accidents was an SL1 military reactor which killed 3 men. One was pinned to the roof of the reactor with a rod which was hurled from the reactor under pressure when he was trying to push the control rod back into the reactorwhich was overheating. One was actually still alive.

        The worst accidents usually occur when a test is being conducted. The columbia river site was so bad the farming community downwind had deformed children & farm animals shown on a video tape about GE. I think it was downwind of Hanford. I’d have to look. Con agra foods owns the food grown there. Eggbeaters was one product I remember.

        Strontium is one of the first fallout contaminants of burning fuel. It gets on the grass the dairy cows eat & it ends up in the milk. It usually lasts for 90 days after the disaster ends the burning fuel & fallout. Ingested radiation in your body keeps cooking you on the inside. Plutonium is the worst.

        On the site there is a link to the 300 sailors of a US carrier which were downwind to Fukushima. I bought cases of powdered milk for that time. The US gov’t was ridiculing anyone who expressed concerns. There was no doubt there was strontium in the fallout, among other things which contaminated the dairy in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana & any other state along the jet Stream. Mostly burning Plutonium. It was measured in Iceland within 2 days of the accident.

        One reactor was plutonium fuel which burns when wet. Hence the burning plumes of smoke for over a year & a half as they sprayed the reactors with water. The US was downwind for all that fallout. Plus the contaminated water in the Ocean. Fortunately, Texas was not under the fallout. I kept tract with my 2 Geiger counters. But couldn’t check elsewhere. Our gov’t was lying their arses off because they didn’t want anything to derail their new nuclear program & subsidizing. Texas alone was building 11 new reactors. The media made everyone who expressed concerns, look like fools. They were all breathing & eating that fallout in their air & food & milk. It was also in the fish. Found in Pacific tuna off San Diego just 5 months later in Aug 2011.

        I was very careful to this day about fish. But people were quite nasty & attacked their own because they believed the gov’t self serving propaganda. Especially our nuclear experts who had their first job prospects in 30 years. Only Germany was honest while hirelings shouted them down to discredit them. I believe Germany got rid of all their nuclear power.

        We have no business using nuclear power when we cannot do so with 100% safety. A child could design better containment & safety systems. There should be zero tolerance about cleanup. Not like Boeing using the courts to avoid cleanup of spreading contamination for 60 years in LA.

        The public has no idea about private reactors, military, medical, university, etc. They only hear about commercial power plants. The rest are kept quiet. We have no open disclosure about anything. They forget who they work for. We are just slaves to the Lords. As a child, I actually wanted to be a nuclear physicist. My father threatened to stop me so I wouldn’t end up dead like his brother. Ironically, I became an electrical engineer which is what his brother was when he was electrocuted as a LANL Sr scientist on the nuclear test program & maintained their betatron reactor. So I actually became his worst fear. But I was a national expert in 68 fields. Not just power & grounding & lighting protection.

        The US CIA conducted many of their experiments in Canada & London MI6 could always blame us since we were the aggressors. There was a film called Medusa about Jack Nickleson & Windscale if I remember Correctly. Also, Faye Grant, I think.

        I have a friend in Canada dying of ALS & I’ve heard about the long waiting for tests & terrible care. Especially if you get a bad doctor. It is like an HMO medical nightmare. I tried to get him to come to the US.


        Comment by mmc7 — September 1, 2018 @ 4:40 pm

      • Sorry Dean, in your terms I live 150 miles North from the site which is a stones throw in American distances, the difference is miniscule. Stellarium or Starry Night software houses(it came up in a google search) had a commentator last year 2017 who asked why at his visit the readings he took from the summer solstice were identical to their softwares simulation 4000 years ago, they fobbed him off with a Julian date error, which is not possible since in Java it is a calculation good for 5000 bc. I don’t think I got June 21st because of cloud but I was looking for the readings in the UK and caught the comment – I have a BA degree in computing and used the calculation in a project.

        My irritation is with the usual belief in henge fakery, what usually happened is our established religion believed these ‘pagan’ sites to be religious therefore to be erased(normal practice build a church on the temple or cults sacred site) and most of them have kept up the practice into the current day therefore we have an active program even across the Atlantic claiming fakery of non Christian monuments by well fakery and the latest theories usually have them as originally representing gates(like shrine gates in Japan) between the living world and the dead with the alignments which could be accidental in a 360′ henge(they never left an instruction manual). The was in fact no evidence of habitation within them at any time, but feast sites with animals imported by drovers from afar as the isles of Orkney we can date and place them by the amount of strontium in the bones. The feast site hence the religious site was away from the henge by half a mile, so henges are called ritual sites usually with AND religion in the description since there is no evidence of religion other than the Druids who are latecomers to Britain and certainly never built the monuments.


        Comment by David Kendrick — September 1, 2018 @ 11:33 am

  18. In reply to vvl on the sun setting abnormally early of late, I have noticed it as well, just a week ago it was getting dark about 9:15 and now it is dark at 8:30 EST. I will continue to monitor and post observations.
    I was thinking today about ancient monuments like Stone Henge and others that were built with summer and winter solstice sun slots in them which were very important dates to the ancients. I was just curious if anyone has checked how many degrees off the solstice is while visiting some of these monuments because we could calculate the current axis tilt if we knew exactly how many degrees either north or south the error is depending on which hemisphere you are in. These monuments would be positioned to the solstice’s based on a 23.5 degree axis tilt I would guess.
    Our summer here in northeastern Ontario was unusually hot and dry with several dozen large out of control forest fires that some of which are still not out. Fires ranging in size from several hundred acres to over 70,000 burned and extra help was brought in from Mexico, USA, and Australia/New Zealand as well as other provinces. Fires of this magnitude have not been seen in our area since the 1920’s. I believe the numerous days 30 C plus temps, wind, hundreds of dry lightning strikes and aluminum nano particles on the forest floor contributed to the severity of the burning. My greatest concern now is what happen this winter and next summer knowing the sun continued to track north after the solstice, that did not happen last year. Last winter was long and ended in late April and we went right into summer with only a few weeks of spring like weather. I suspect this winter will be even more brutal than last and will go late again and back into summer like happened this year with a repeat of massive fires. I hope I am wrong but the writing is on the wall.
    I will check the sun on the fall equinox, winter solstice and into January thanks to mmc7’s observation noted in this post. I did not monitor the sun after the summer solstice assuming it would not go more north but I was wrong and now that I know I suspect it should go the same distance to the south in mid-January.
    Cheers from Canada


    Comment by Dean — August 29, 2018 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

    • Thank you for helping us keep track. We need all the help we can get. Especially from the northern latitudes, which helps us see just how far north the sun was in the summer.

      I had also said the same thing about expecting the Dec 21st solstice to roll into January as ours did in July. We will need our southern hemisphere observers to see if the sun continues to move further south into Jan 2019. Also, if they suffer unusual heatwaves as those near our arctic circle & coastlines did.

      I’m also expecting a severe winter in the northern Hemisphere. Especially along the path of the Jet Stream affecting our northern states, New England, Canada, Nova Scotia, etc. I’d also like to hear from UK & Europe. I hear it is already snowing in Europe this week. I expect snow in Michigan by October.

      I will be most interested how the equinox behaves & if it stays on target for Sept 23rd or affects the next month. I suspect the equinoxes will conform to normal.

      The tsunamis they renamed “oceans in Opposition” occurred the first week of Aug 2017 on both coasts of South America. That tells us when this last shift happened.

      The extreme winter in Boston Jan 2018 confirms it was an axis shift in Aug 2017, which means extreme heat in Summer and extreme cold in winter. The equinoxes should be normal & centered between the new solstice sun positions as it did the old normal tropic of Cancer line positions.

      On the “post gone mad” I created to explain the abnormally rapid changes in length of days, it is because the sun had to traverse an extra 4000 miles plus the original distance between the tropic of cancer & equator to return to the equator by the equinox Sept 23. So the changes are rapid to reach the equator from north of Canada in time.

      Plus, since it had gone farther north in July, the sun has one less month to reach its goal. The question is whether it will do so on Sept 23rd or extend that target into October as it did on the summer solstice.

      We also need someone near the equator to sight this equinox sun position for us in Sept & Oct.

      Here is an excellent page & images about the Aug 2017 tsunamis “oceans in Opposition.”

      This was the Aug 2017 axis shift which caused the Sun to move to the Arctic Circle, the July 2018 increased solar position further north, brought the heatwaves in July 2018 & the extreme winter storms in Jan 2018.

      I thought I had seen similar solar changes in July or Aug 2017 but I was so ill at the time & had not seen any comments about it, I dismissed the issue until the 2018 summer solstice & the increased July 2018 position north of Canada.

      That was when several people in each country from Canada & the UK & Scandinavia all responded that they were seeing the sun north of their locations in July 2018 when I requested confirmations.

      I have heard there was foreknowledge of the wildfires this year & they were not acts of nature. However, I have no personal knowledge on this issue. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t another Georgia Guidestone attempt to thin out the population or to somehow appease the lumber companies as they did before about 1997. It gave the lumber companies an excuse to thin out the national parks to prevent future wildfires. They just wanted to get their hands on federal parkland lumber. Most of you are probably too young to remember the greedy battle over those trees & claims of fire hazard. Then conveniently had a fire to prove their point. It is too easy for the gov’ts to create a “natural cause scapegoat” as a diversion to cover up complicity like the 911 WTC. Just something to consider.

      Why are the wildfires always in the same areas & not in the central or eastern regions? They certainly have more lightning storms & smokers & campers than the West coast. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Texas are just as dry with massive numbers of lightning storms. But California which rarely has lightning always seems to be the target. San Diego nearly every year. Also, remember the Oakland hills firestorm tornadoes in 1991? Just after the big Quake.

      There was a natural lightning fire near Los Alamos New Mexico which nearly scared LANL to death as it approached their nuclear facilities. But that natural fire was only once in 50 years. Not annually like we see in the San Diego hills. Nor anywhere else except California & western Canada.

      Most people do not realize just how different the weather & environmental conditions are when you compare different areas of the country. I have lived in & traveled to most states & many countries. So I have seen the differences. Why would a low lightning region be subjected to constant wildfires when high lightning areas have little to none? I think it is important not to take these things at face value. There is something highly suspicious about this.

      Consider what may really be going on behind the scenes and any patterns & comparisons to other states. In 13 years I lived in California, I only saw 5 bolts of lightning total. In Texas, it takes the cold air from mountains to the WEST (Rockies), interacting with hot air rising in the East (usually along the I 35 corridor) to create vast formations of thunderheads with lightning storms in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc. California does not have those conditions. They have cold Pacific temperatures & it doesn’t rain in the summer. No thunderhead conditions. So we should see the wildfires in the central US. Not California. Therefore these annual California wildfires are not of natural origin.

      It could also be a serial arsonist. I remember they found a fire chief in California about 20 years ago who was setting fires as he drove up & down the state to attend seminars. They nailed him with a book of matches they found… if memory serves. It was on one of those crime shows.

      Why is it always southern California & Western Canada and not Nebraska or Minnesota or Pennsylvania or Virginia or Georgia? It just doesn’t sit right with me. I flew into Sacramento every week in 2003 & took photos from the plane of rice farmers burning their fields & blinding the runways & pilots with massive columns of billowing smoke. I couldn’t believe California was allowing such dangerous behavior & pollution.

      On the solar misalignments at global monuments & landmarks: Most people are riding the official gov’t stance on this issue & unwilling to give us credence by defying the gov’t. However, I have been surprised that more & more are siding with us on this issue & are more frequently mentioned the sun being out of alignment. Unfortunately, those who do are also stealing the credit for the discovery & my web page designs & graphics & verbatim explanations as well. I wish they would create their own images instead of stealing mine.

      When I first posted this in 2005 on & 2006 on here, there was no one else who agreed with me & I was under attack by everyone including death threats from gov’t agencies. This is why all comments are moderated. But they couldn’t hide the sun & attacking me only drew attention to it. So they leave me alone now for the past 10 years although there were some nasty comments from their university hirelings & lapdogs.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 30, 2018 @ 12:52 am | Reply

    • In 2500 BC the sun rises at 24′ and sets at 336′ the question therefore if the Earth is as stable as claimed what latitude was the UK at during midsummer.(


      Comment by David Kendrick — August 31, 2018 @ 7:39 am | Reply

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