Earth's Axis has changed

April 17, 2020

4-2020 survival

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Survival shows can provide info on  what to do & not to do. Most of the participants who claim to be experts dont possess basic scouting skills.

They cant build a decent shelter. Just remember how roofing tiles overlap the row below it. This will keep out rain on shelter roofs using largest leaves. A role of plastic sheeting & blue duct tape will come in handy. Keep your shelter bed off the ground.

fresh drinking water, fire starter, fish, insect repellant, rambo knife, machete & mosquito netting are primary.

I also include a raft, tent, cooking utensils, shower, solar radio, water purification pills & medical kit.

this is in addition to the emergency kits.

water, food, shelter, insect control, hunting, fishing, defense, radio, cb, medicine, money, tradable items, fuel are key issues when forced to evacuate & the system collapses. No stores, hotels, etc.

see for more info on emergency kits.


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