Earth's Axis has changed

October 26, 2016

10-2016 Important Observations from Australia

I am pasting a comment below from John in in Australia, which is of great interest for everyone. John can also add more details by commenting to this post.

From John:

I have been watching this site on & off for some time and now feel I should have an input. As a retired Avionics Engineer and experienced international sailor who has designed and certified International Airline navigation systems including VLF Omega, Satnav and of course GPS.

I now live in Cairns Australia and intended to travel down to Rockhampton that is on the Tropic of Capricorn but there was no point at our Winter Solstice and I had already used a protractor and pendulum to check the Southern Cross that seemed to 10 degrees higher than expected, confirming your findings.

As we know the Sun should not go further South than Rockhampton, so I used a Lookout above Cairns at dawn on 21st of June 2016 and used the fence rails as a physical reference then. I continued to roughly take sightings after that date on and off when horizon was visible.

We kept moving south ( sun moving North) for approximately 6 to 7 weeks before Sun stopped and changed direction. The distance is approximately 600 statute miles and the locals around here can tell by the weather that something has changed! The technique described here could be used by your readers and I will take sightings around our Summer Solstice and continue the Sun changes direction again.

Keep up the good work.







  1. I know this is for people south of the equator, but I ran across it and will give you my report from the USA at 35° N. The sun used to rise in the east and a little south, and set in the west and a little south. Now it rises in the east and a little north and sets in the west and a little north. We should not be seeing the sun rise and set at all to the north from here. I came to the same conclusion that the earth’s axis must have tilted more, or has developed a wobble. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

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    Comment by Sand — April 27, 2017 @ 7:31 am | Reply

    • I have discussion headings for each region of the planet. It isn’t confined to any specific zone, but I thought the area commentaries would help everyone compare what they see in their regions.

      My internet satellite has been down for nearly 3 months & I was too ill to fix it. So I apologize for the delay in approving commentaries.

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      Comment by mmc7 — June 22, 2017 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

  2. HI mmc7

    Here we go again, this is my third time to try to get this report out! Luckily this time I got smart and photographed the entire report, however at this time I will just give a short burst on my findings.

    I have a tablet that I do other stuff on and a couple of other computers I use for CAD design but I accidentally came across dozens & dozens of what I consider to be mass hysteria pole shift videos of “you tube”!

    What my report basically contains is; and I say it again “GOOD NEWS FOLKS” and I’m not talking about “poles stuck in the ground”.

    My inland readings at sunset line up closely with the Summer Solstice Sunset readings at the website “”. My Sunrise readings are a bit more difficult because of early morning clouds during our NORMAL wet season but within a degree or two on the same website.

    I’ll even give you my last figures at the inland Cairns location was 249 deg True on Thur. 19 Jan 2017. I consider this reading to be very accurate (perfect conditions). My Summer Solstice reading at that location was approx. 245M but it wasn’t a good reading because of weather conditions.

    I did draw your clock face on CAD and superimposed your angular results with my recent readings and ”” records overlaid on top on top of your results and of course the differences are obvious.

    Some of your past comments regarding other Sun Table sites may well be justified however “timeanddate” I consider to be correct.

    It’s obvious they are just following the Almanac year in, year out as they are not a “predictive site”.

    Regards John

    PS. Heiko if your reading this I’d love to meet up with you but I will just have to invent some devious means of contacting you


    Comment by John — January 22, 2017 @ 1:50 pm | Reply

    • One further thought about Digital Compasses. I did purchase an App for one prior to me receiving a normal compass from overseas.
      The errors were too extreme for my purposes although there may be some available with better accuracy.

      I knew this by comparing True Geographical Map readings converted to Magnetic Variation readings. They may be OK for approximate readings but not for my purposes. They seem to give constant and repeatable readings so at least you could get lost in a straight line’ that would be better than going around in circles!

      I do in fact a have larger electronic compass system but really not that physically suitable for this application. (Built for boats).

      I’m just an old fashioned, grumpy, short, white haired old engineer so there’s some more clues for you Heiko! If you knew where to look on TV, there are some more clues?
      Don,t worry as all the Aunties still love me and I could wear a wig to put “the MIB” off the scent.

      All you Preppers will need one in case your batteries go flat but I don’t know if we will know ‘which way is up’ or where the north pole will be anyway?

      Sorry I just can’t help myself. Oh by the way I have no Birth Certificate
      but I’ve had three Surnames (another clue).

      I’m not going to worry because it,s not my turn to worry.

      Regards John


      Comment by John — January 22, 2017 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

    • If you endeavored to attach an image, it did not come through. As for youtube, there is nothing reliable on there.
      And yes, I do control statements which are contradictory of our findings until we take our measurements on June 21st. If our measurements in June confirm any changes, they will be posted at that time when everyone can look outside and verify the veracity & accuracy of the sun position for themselves. That way, everyone can see the sun’s position for themselves & not have to rely on my word or anyone else. I simply provide my measurements in simple terms so everyone can look outside & judge for themselves next June.

      There are too many gov’t hirelings lurking on the internet trying to twist the information & falsify the data. They cram every site with falsified data on subjects they don’t want publicized or try to shout down or intimidate others; to confuse & control the public. That won’t happen on here. This is the one site where everyone can verify the position of the sun for themselves each June 21st by looking outside to see for themselves without anyone telling them what to think.

      I simply provide my measurements which are easy for everyone to understand & they can compare it with the sun position outside for themselves. Then I provide an overview of how it can affect us. So next June, we will see if there have been any changes since last year.

      One other thing regarding the comments I removed; I don’t condone any mocking of the gov’t censoring or their efforts to silence & spread disinformation. My family has worked in gov’t intelligence agencies & other gov’t entities for 85 years. One of my uncles began in the 1930’s. I also have worked on gov’t projects & know many people who work in places like S-4, A-51, the tunnel systems & underground sites including two of my spouses, my father, 2 uncles & a brother. Plus a hundred former coworkers I have known. I also had employees working in these underground sites. These places do exist. You can see the sites on Google earth satellite. Black helicopters, eavesdropping, Black ops underground facilities, silencing witnesses & massive info censoring is no joke. Nor are other world intelligent life forms. These gov’t agencies do exist & they do kill people. They are mostly a black ops rogue organization within the CIA which operates without oversight. However, there are also black ops groups within the other intelligence agencies as well.

      The gov’t also creates & finances documentaries & TV shows & films to broadcast their propaganda to program the public mindset such as their “conspiracy theory” programming of the public. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, the public has been programmed to eat their own each time they hear that phrase. The public has been programmed by the false scientific info they spoonfeed them on the gov’t sponsored TV shows such as History channel or Faux News.

      The CIA has all kinds of front companies such as parcel shipping, courier service, travel agencies, security companies, movie studios & production companies & even an airline “air america”. These are just the ones I personally know about. There are plenty more. They also insert agents into existing corporations like CNN as photojournalists or Embassy staff and working for land line & cell phone companies to track people. This I know for a fact. My employer was one who was forced to take their agents as employees whom I could hear from my desk. The gov’t uses blackmail & threatens to destroy their business if they don’t cooperate. I personally fought them with my employer but the gov’t fights dirty. Not only am I familiar via my family members who worked in these entities & then after retirement as contractors for the front companies but also having been forced to install their spyware on the public’s privacy. There is no landline phone, no cell phone, no email, no satellite phone, no internet action or account which is not monitored by the NSA. The DEA & FBI & CIA also have full access as well. This is not speculation or second hand knowledge on my part. This is first hand knowledge. I could go into reams of details on what the gov’t does. What the public doesn’t know about our gov’t activities would give you nightmares. That goes for Australia & the UK as well as the US.

      They keep the Universities experts under control with the gov’t grant monies. Nearly all scientists & astronomers are under gov’t control through monies whether it is University scientists, NASA, DARPA, gov’t contracts & contractors, Observatories, National labs (LANL, LLNL, JPL, Northrop Grumman, Bell Labs, GE etc.) No one dares to go against gov’t policies for fear of losing their jobs. Even when a company tries to be independent of gov’t control such as the commercial space company or the commercial satellite company, the gov’t will have their black ops agents get jobs with these companies to covertly control or sabotage their efforts if they are going against what the gov’t wants which is why so many of their commercial space craft explode. The gov’t does not want them to have access to space unless it is under gov’t control & censoring.

      There are only a handful of us who are not under gov’t control who dare to speak out. They control foreign scientists with money loans to their countries. We also censor info from countries which are not under our control. (Russia, Venezuela, Iran, China, N. Korea, etc.) We will also smear them with false accusations to turn the public against them to ensure we don’t listen to anything they have to say.

      So Black helicopters & Black ops agencies like MIB are no joke. This is a very real & serious issue. People are dying over these coverups.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 23, 2017 @ 4:26 am | Reply

  3. to mmc7

    Hi it’s John from Australia. I have written quite a lengthy report regarding my observations from Cairns Australia however, I tried to tack it on to your North American site. But it wont let me?
    I guess I’ve made a mistake and my question is how do I transfer it to this location without loosing my work? I believe everyone should read this, a lot of work and research actual pole shift results are included. I must admit I am not familiar this WordPress site and I need your help. Another option maybe to transfer it to the North American site if possible?
    Thanks John


    Comment by John — January 19, 2017 @ 8:34 am | Reply

    • I have the same problem with comments. It is the way WordPress has their formats set up. They only allow photos & attachments on posts which is only available to the site owner. I have also tried to add photos & docs to comments when I respond. There is a new tab “img” on comments which might allow an image now if it can be converted. There are no instructions for that tab. Maybe one of our other followers has a suggestion.

      You can try to copy & paste your info to a comment. Or you can add a link to another site.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 21, 2017 @ 1:54 am | Reply

  4. Measurement using digital compass facing due south. Sunrise at 132 degrees at 8;30 am
    Location juputer florida usa.12/22/2016
    Weather warmer season by almost 10+degrees


    Comment by ellen — December 22, 2016 @ 7:50 am | Reply

  5. Hello, I live in Kent in SE England. I am not an expert in this field, nor monitor the sun but came across this thread of information as I am intrigued.
    In late November 2016, a few weeks ago I happened to notice that our sunset seemed further round to the south and lower in the sky. I remember thinking I wouldn’t have expected it to be in that position until around Christmas. I just thought it weird. I have lived in this house 23yrs.
    I have not noticed since, but now I have read snippets on your site I will look this afternoon to see where the sun sets.
    Thank you for your information.


    Comment by Linda — December 22, 2016 @ 2:25 am | Reply

  6. To mmc7.

    It’s 2 am local time 21 Dec 16 ( summer solstice) and I will be taking sunrise measurements 5:41 am from my coastal viewing location today. I have good readings from this location and photos and I intend to make the readings available on this blog very soon. Because of weather conditions I now have an even better inland location also with readings and photos and I will be taking a reading at 6:49 pm at sunset today, weather permitting.
    I haven’t fully calculated these readings, however the angular positions and times seem to track the figures at website ‘’ previously mentioned I think?
    I have looked at your clock face presentation and have converted that to a linear CAD graph of date and degrees displacement that I consider gives a plan view representation of the pole shifts.
    This graph gives RADICALLY abrupt pole shift CHANGES and because of gaps in the years on your clock face (which I like) I have just gone point to point with your yearly records.
    I have also calculated the year to year angular rate of change which are incredible ; particularly the 2014 period. Obviously this graph needs rounding and I will look at this when time permits.
    I have a decent sized globe that I have traced the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn lines for the 10 and 20 degree offsets you have previously described. The 20 degree lines are particularly disturbing! Thankfully they have moved back to approximately the 10 degree position.
    My feeling is the poles have not shifted since your Northern Hemisphere observations but I will certainly know more about this by the days end.
    Further to this I have asked a friend to take some vertical post shadow readings today
    at 11:46 am ( sun directly overhead ) in a place called Maryborough that is about 200 miles south of the original Tropic of Capricorn. I have another friend in a place called Grafton who might take readings at that location.
    Grafton is the location that the Tropic of Capricorn was close to 10 degrees south from where it always was before this crap!
    What is going on I do not know? I agree your polar ice melting sounds reasonable especially the South pole and there seems to be some very strange things going on in that location?
    ps. At my inland viewing location today when the sun is overhead i will use your technique of a 12 foot vertical pole and record pole shadow, length and angular displacement providing the sun is out ?


    Comment by John — December 20, 2016 @ 11:59 am | Reply

    • To mmc7 and all.

      Good news: I have now tracked the Sun with the 12′ pole for one hour around the sun’s meridian at 12.15 pm on my inland viewing location. The sun’s shadow tracked around the pole in a parabolic movement and the closest position was 14 inches @ 180 south degrees at the bottom of the parabola at the meridian.
      One hour later the shadow was about 235 degrees magnetic and it’s length increased to about 36 inches. Haven’t analysed these figures as yet, I do have the exact South & East co-ordinates, maybe mmc7 you could help, let me know.

      At sunset same location 6:53 pm the sun’s magnetic heading was 245 degrees and seems to be heading south again. Prior to sunrise today I checked the position of my old friend Southern Cross and it’s elevation is about where I would expect it to be.

      My friend in Maryborough which is south of Tropic of Capricorn took shadow length & position at 11:35 am of a power pole 1/3rd the pole’s height and most importantly the shadow was pointing SOUTH which means the Tropic of Capricorn must be somewhere close to it’s normal position at Rockhampton.

      So don’t ask me what’s causing this?

      Have a Merry Christmas



      Comment by John — December 22, 2016 @ 3:51 am | Reply

      • Not necessarily. What is the closest town to your location? I don’t need details just a general idea. I have forgotten. I assume you are in Australia? Location makes a huge difference. Also an exaggerated arc path can have the sun south of you at sunrise & sunset, but north of you at noon. I explained some of it on the post I just added.

        I looked at Maryborough & their position could indeed have the sun to the south on Sunrise & sunsets while the curved arc path sweeps it to the north at Noon thus creating a south shadow at noon and north shadows at sunrise & sunset. The arc doesn’t provide accurate tracking but it is mostly for determining how far north or south the sun is arcing.

        For instance, the noon shadow in June only cast a shadow that was 1 inch long at noon in Dallas. It was a south shadow. If the sun was normal, the shadow would have been north. That 1 inch shadow from a 10 ft pole (which was perfectly plumb & set in concrete at a medical complex) would make you think the sun was nearly on top of Dallas or perhaps in south Oklahoma. I had estimated the sun was directly over mid Nebraska at noon but our Nebraska follower said it was north of him. So actually closer to the mid point between the Dakotas. This is several hundred miles north of Dallas, yet only a 1 inch shadow. So the concept of distance & size on earth does not follow the same rules in space on a planetary scale.

        I also have an old post on star charts on my sidebar menu. I compared 2 charts on the same longitudinal line but about 850 miles apart from the old tropic of Cancer to 850 miles north where we shifted at that time. The difference between stars which are millions of light years away was so close the difference in the star positions seen between those distances on earth are nearly identical on the star maps. It is a difficult concept for most people because they presume that distance on Earth should also be a huge difference in the star formations. But it’s not. I lived in Panama for a couple years & I remember the stars quite well. I too expected a huge difference at my much younger age. The only difference was the Constellations seemed a lot larger there.

        Just as Earth rotates at about 1024 miles per hour, we don’t feel motion or inertia. Although if Earth’s rotation came to a sudden screeching halt, we would be hurled into the nearest object at 1024 mph. (that isn’t the exact speed, just a close estimate). Nor do the moon and stars flash by at 1024 mph either as we rotate. It’s not like looking out the car window as we drive & see the roadside flash by. It’s more like looking at the mountains in the far distance which remain in place despite hundreds of miles travel. Mt Hood was like that. It was visible for hours of driving while the roadside weeds sped past. When dealing with space & galactic distances & planetary motion, nothing appears as people expect but they just can’t let go of their concepts which only occur in our environment around us. It does not translate to Galactic distance, motion & appearance. Which is why the star chart post might help put it in galactic perspective.

        I wont be able to verify until June whether we’ve shifted again. I also need to research the seismic & volcanic & Tsunami activity as well. Something reversed us in 2015 which didn’t seem natural. I’ve been waiting to see its next move. I suspect technology on a huge scale perhaps presented as colliders? But they won’t leave it alone if that’s the case. They never know when to stop so I’d rather something natural than artificial. People go crazy with technology. Just look at the drivers on the highways.


        Comment by mmc7 — December 22, 2016 @ 7:35 am

  7. dp from Australia. Have noticed the sun now sets to the south of old sunset placeon horizon in December. Alson the sunrise @ 4:45am now shines in my bedroom window which faces South. Same at sunset. A few years ago I took a magnetic bearing on the setting sun on the 21st Dec. I am going to look up my diaries and find that bearing, and then take another on 21st.Dec., to see what the variation is.


    Comment by d p m — December 13, 2016 @ 2:06 am | Reply

  8. I need to make a correction as there are now 24 GPS in use for the GPS system. In the early days there were less and the elevation was less accurate than it is now.
    I believe there are 6 countries that now have GPS systems, probably as backup for military purposes?


    Comment by John — November 14, 2016 @ 10:14 am | Reply

    • I used to work with GPS timing. There was a major axis shift in Dec. 2006 which offset the GPS system. Nasa had to blame it on a phony solar flare. They waited 4 months for the international scientist convention to get them all on the same page with the story. Then Nasa announced the phony flare the following week. If there had been a real flare they would not have waited 4 months to announce it. They also tried to delete all the solar records & images for that date but I found some they missed which prove there was no flare on that date. I also found a weather satellite image which actually shows the earth shifting at that very day & time. These are all on the links below plus an article about the GPS failure. I also noticed they used a flashlight to create the solar flare effect image like was used on the film Silent Running, instead of showing a genuine flare. So fake flare, fake flare story & fake flare image. It is clear they didn’t have their brightest minds on duty during the December Holidays.

      It was nothing for them to use a software patch to add the difference correction so the GPS devices show the original location. If the earth shifts 930 miles and 10 inches, the software patch is updated to add the correct amount so the readings match the original locations regardless of the GPS satellite network position or shifted earth. It is a very simple software patch & can correct the entire network in a matter of minutes. They have had to update these software patches several times to keep the GPS network readings corrected for the axis shifts. A very quick & easy fix. Much easier to change the software to add the new difference in position than to move all the satellites. But our other satellites have thrusters to adjust their orbit and the USAF has orbital vehicles which can be used by space crews to repair & relocate satellites. They are called SMV’s (space maneuvering Vehicles). But many satellites have a full view of the US & continue to function even with a 1200 mile planetary shift due to their orbital position. Some are low orbit like GPS while others are high & an tolerate major shifts without errors.

      As for timing & Sync, most systems can go 24 hours without a GPS signal & maintain sync & timing. But will slowly begin to lose precision the longer the GPS signal is missing. That’s why the cell phone systems began failing a month later in Jan 2007. Whomever the lazy ass was, who was supposed to be monitoring the GPS network, never bothered to check the GPS network in Dec 2006 since it wasn’t alarming in failure. It was just providing incorrect readings & measurements. The software fix was easy but no one informed the GPS techs the planet had shifted. You can’t fix it if you don’t know what the problem is.

      Nokia’s article used to show the solar flare as the cause. But after I posted proof there was no flare, Nokia changed the story years later to claim it was a phone problem misreading the GPS. It wasn’t a phone problem either. That was another cover story after I blew away their first one. It was the axis shift which caused the abnormal GPS readings until they uploaded a software patch. They were slow fixing it the first few times. Now they are used to it.

      If they were smart, they could use a laser measuring system to monitor & detect planetary positional shifts & automatically calculate the difference & have it automatically adjust the software patch to compensate & update the GPS network without having to depend on unreliable human techs to notice & make the corrections.

      Here are those links.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 14, 2016 @ 2:21 pm | Reply

  9. Further to my comments regarding sunrise position in Nth Queensland.
    I have ordered a good quality magnetic compass that also measures elevation for checking star position. I intend to take photos at sunrise with a time and date stamp probably at weekly intervals.

    There is an excellent website ‘’ that gives detailed sunrise, midday,sunset times plus geographical degree position. At the moment the sun is still moving in a southerly direction (as expected) and should keep moving south for six weeks following the summer solstice perceived date of 21 Dec 2016.

    The major problem I have with all this is based on navigation techniques ( air, sea and land). The rate of change of earth tilt would have to be continuously monitored by the ”Powers That Be” and the GPS satellites adjusted accordingly or we would have major accidents.

    As mmc7 mentions, GPS Selective Availability where the satellites were calibrated by the PTB, however this was supposedly changed in 2000 so that all users could enjoy the increased accuracy.
    I can give an example of this during the Gulf War when the satellites were offset for military purposes and a yacht grounded on Pixie Reef on approach to Cairns.

    There are supposedly 70 US GPS satellites of which 12 are used for public navigational purposes, I guess another array could be used for military purposes. Who knows?

    This is where the sun’s position comes into play at sunrise/sunset and the website mentioned above is a valuable reference to compare readings.

    More on this when I obtain a magnetic compass, navigation chart of this area and other reference material.

    ps. It should be noted that international aircraft have IRS long range navigation systems that can operate without GPS. Ground based radio navigation transmitters are used for position determining also. I personally was in the cockpit of an aircraft using ground based GPS transmitter signals coupled to the autopilot that was disconnected 20 feet above the runway for a spot on landing. Shipping can also use this technique for coastal navigation. It’s called Differential GPS (very accurate).
    I only mention this to allay any fears of flying with Pole Shift variation in progress.


    Comment by John — November 14, 2016 @ 3:17 am | Reply

    • June 20 2017,time is approx. 5:22 sunrise at 12:45 position ,sunset at 10:45 at position 11:00-11:15
      this is one of the times that I have noticed the sun position to the for north of my location ,of Beaumont ,Alberta ,Canada .I’ve lived in this area since 1999 and have worked outside for this whole time frame (roofing contractor for 30+ years),formally lived further north before 1999.


      Comment by Anonymous — June 21, 2017 @ 8:39 am | Reply

  10. I first noticed that the satellite that drives my satellite radio was lower on the horizon. Things suddenly began to obstruct the signal.


    Comment by Evelynn — November 10, 2016 @ 10:50 am | Reply

  11. Hi mmc7,
    Do you have an educated guess of what the current axis tilt is at? I suspect it is similar to last years according to our weather which is about 10 degrees C above what it should be in the daytime. Heavy chemtrails lately to shield the warmth. The fall was very slow to come again this year.
    I read an article recently that described how the earth axis change could be being caused by the 9000 year cycle of Planet X approaching earth and is affecting the tilt/magnetic field, which seems possible if Planet X really exists. I have looked for it with my welders glass and have not seen it. Love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Cheers from Northern Ontario, Dean.


    Comment by Dean — November 6, 2016 @ 7:50 am | Reply

    • I have numerous posts & comments on these issues. There are 3 menus on the sidebar where these can be accessed. I’m not feeling well enough to go through them at the moment. According to some of our followers, the sun was apparently farther north than I had estimated in June.

      As for a planet X, any such planet would affect all of the outer planets & moons long before it would affect us. It would simply be a 10th orbiting planet beyond Pluto. & I don’t care what a group of astronomers think. Pluto orbits the sun & rotates on an axis, so it is a planet regardless of what they think. I’ve heard ancient records mention 12 planets in our system. If anything is affecting our magnetic field, it would be of our gov’ts doing. Not some outer planet.

      However, any significant change in the magnetic field would affect our own moon. As long as the moon orbit & tides are normal, there is nothing wrong with the magnetic field. It is not associated with the shifting axis. That is a planetary balance issue.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 7, 2016 @ 4:09 am | Reply

  12. Hi there, I am writing from the Borneo Island, Sarawak being the northern part of Borneo and deeply I have witnessed that the weather or the sun is changing tremendously in its shinning of late. Almost daily, we have very very hot weather and fine day in the morning. Once reaching 11 or 1130 am, the sky turns cloudy and rain or storm will come in the afternoon after two or three. By 430 pm we feel the darkness has come for the day. It becomes very short days now.
    The sun is shifting its shine and not so hot though I cant accurately say how far shifted but I can see its shadow it’s just different position now.


    Comment by Loretta — November 3, 2016 @ 7:37 am | Reply

    • Your description of the changing conditions is very important because it helps everyone to understand how the shifted axis is affecting everyone world wide. This is why I encourage everyone to contribute the changes they observe in their regions. It helps everyone to understand the scope of the axis shift changes. It not only affects weather & daylight but crops, rainfall & global food & water supplies.

      In the winter months for the northern Hemisphere (which is the summer months for the southern hemisphere), Borneo (which is normally just north of the equator in Indonesia) has shifted further north by 850-1000 miles (as we have all shifted). This causes the sun to be further south during this upcoming time of year and the Dec 21st solstice. (December is winter for the northern hemisphere & summer for the southern hemisphere).

      Instead of your normal position just north of the equator, by December Borneo will be near the latitude position of the Philippines & mid Viet Nam in respect to the sun position for the Northern Hemisphere due to the shift of our axis. The farther north you are at this time of year, the shorter your daylight hours. The axis tilt also affects the water & air currents & temperatures. Being farther north, the cooler air & water temperatures mixing with tropical conditions generate more overcast & low altitude cloud cover & moisture.

      With the sun further south in December (our winter months) the sun is melting more south pole glaciers. This evaporated moisture increases humidity & precipitation (rainfall or snow). The more the south pole continental glaciers melt, the more it will allow the axis to shift. Which is why we measure the sun position every year on each solstice, to find out if our axis has shifted again.

      This is very helpful information about the changes in Borneo. We are all affected by the axis shift no matter where we are across the globe. I encourage everyone to share the changes they see in their regions. By sharing info, we will be aware of global changes so we will be informed & prepared if it should become necessary. We have nearly 100,000 followers world wide from most regions of the world. So that gives us an excellent network of observers to keep us all directly informed without any filtering by the gov’t or media. We have collected an excellent network of interested observers around the world to keep us informed.

      This global sharing of info & observations is far better than I could hope for. We have another engineer with Navigation expertise in Australia tracking the axis & sun position changes. We also learned about the effects the ocean changes have made on whale migration & nurseries from South Africa. I want to thank everyone for the excellent info they are contributing about their regions. I look forward to hearing more info on changes everyone observe in their regions.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 3, 2016 @ 9:29 am | Reply

  13. wow amazing discovery – but being a muslim, we have learned from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) – one of the major signs of the last days – the sun will rise from the west. Now 1400 year later modern science is discovering this is happening.


    Comment by Azmi Yusof — November 1, 2016 @ 2:50 am | Reply

    • This was interesting. I have not heard it before.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 3, 2016 @ 7:21 pm | Reply

  14. I have lived in the same house for 26 years in the US. I have a large window and many large trees to “mark” the sunsets. I have noticed the last 3 or 4 years that the sun sets much further south than it used to. Also, this is Halloween. It used to be very dark at this same time of the evening. About 12-14 years ago we even saw the northern lights while Trick or Treating with our child.


    Comment by Judy Brown — October 31, 2016 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

    • Even though the Sun position on the equinoxes (Sept 21 & Mar 23) remain the same (over the equator) on those dates as they did before the shift, the sun has an additional 1600-2200 miles to travel between each equinox & solstice. In simple English, that means the sun has approximately 2000 extra miles to travel between June 21st and Dec 21st. (plus an additional approx. 2000 extra miles from Dec. 21st to June 21st). Instead of the normal sun movement we had before the axis shifted where it traveled between the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) and tropic of Capricorn (Uruguay) between June 21 & Dec 21 (& vice versa) it now travels from a new position between Nebraska & the Dakotas to South of Australia in the same amount of time. So the weather changes would be more rapid than before. Back in 2014 when it was at its most extreme position, the sun was traveling as much as 4000 extra miles every 6 months. It is only half as much now.

      I can remember when it was dark enough for fireworks at 9:30 pm on 4th of July before the shift. After the first major shift it was still too light for fireworks at 10:30 pm. Before the shift, I never had sun in my northern windows. Now I get direct sunlight thru those windows in June.

      The worst changes are the weather & temperatures. Since the sun is much closer to the poles in summer, it has accelerated the melting of the glaciers. Not only does this change the planetary balance, allowing the axis to shift… it also evaporates more moisture into the atmosphere. This increases humidity and the amount of precipitation. So we see more rain, snow & floods. But the shift has also changed the behavior of the jet stream & ocean currents & temperatures. This has altered the storm patterns & caused desert conditions & drought to regions which were once green & bountiful. California was once our food basket for the nations produce. A beautiful state. I used to live there before the axis shift. It is now running out of water due to low rainfall. Partly because the rice farmers are wasting massive amounts of water (the equivalent of a full lake of water per crop), but also because the artic currents off the Pacific coast have changed so the combination of warm air & cold water no longer form those rain storms or snow pack in the mountains which supplied the water for California.

      The US had predicted in 2008 that we would be facing Nationwide shortages of food & water by 2020. (Perhaps they need to cap the population through birth rate & immigration controls rather than trying to thin us out… which is another story). The changes in our weather threaten our crops & food resources as well as our water tables & water supplies. Even the rising sea levels will contaminate the water tables as they continue to rise.

      California also has one other issue which began affecting its weather even before the axis shift. The massive amounts of pollution from cars & industry created a heat bubble. I used to notice how the rain remained off the coast over water nearly every weekday when the roads were jammed with rush hour traffic. But every weekend when the traffic & industry pollution & heat bubbles diminished, the rain would move inland. Once the Monday traffic & pollution recreated the heat bubble, the rain moved off the coast, back over water until the following weekend.

      We see similar effects with tornadoes. They tend to turn & skirt the edge of a large city as it encounters a heat bubble from traffic, industry & concrete retaining heat. So in most cases, the tornadoes go around a city. It did not do so with Ft Worth because the city is nearly abandoned. I was working there on a project at the time. Most of the buildings were sparsely occupied or vacant. The streets were void of cars & people. Few shops on the streets to attract shoppers. Mostly scaffolds over the sidewalks. Their biggest industry is cattle auctions & grain storage & exchange so there was no heat bubble to stave off the tornado. But this was the exception due to economics & location. I have a lake to the west where the storms & tornadoes usually skirt around the perimeter or tornadoes delay descending to the ground. So they either go around my house or delay dipping to the ground until they pass over. The lake water temperatures affect the storms & tornadoes as do heat bubbles. It affects the air density. But it also decreases the amount of rain I receive since the storms are redirected or diminished.

      I notice patterns including weather behavior. It surprises me that the meteorologists never seem to notice the repeating patterns.

      The jet stream has changed its position since the axis shift. It now dips into Mexico in warmer weather and goes up into Canada in the winter carrying frigid weather & blizzards into the NE US & Nova Scotia. We have heat waves in states which were once temperate. Floods & Blizzards. I also noticed how our storms in the mid US were once generated from the Rockies & moved easterly or north easterly. Now they are moving south westerly.

      In the spring (end of April & May) since the shifts began, we started seeing these huge rotating storms sitting over the mid US like giant land hurricanes. As they rotated, they would scoop up warm, moist air from the gulf and cold air from Canada like blades of a fan. This fueled the giant spinning storm covering the entire mid section which sat over this entire region for weeks constantly dumping rain as it refueled itself. We had nearly 40 inches of rain in 6 weeks. These are just some of the changes we are seeing. You can see satellite weather loops of these spinning land hurricane storms at this link.

      This past summer was abnormally hot where 3 years ago it was abnormally wet & cool. Not what you would expect for Texas. I have a friend in Alaska who lives near a glacier. He used to send photos of snow blowing 20 foot deep snow from his roof back in the 90’s. Then their temperature changed in December and temperatures increased to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit & they had hardly any snow at all.

      When our axis was at its worst position, the winter of 2014-2015 carried blizzards into NE US and Nova Scotia. Nearly 50 ft of snow buried the region. My friend in Nova Scotia sent photos. It was unreal. I had warned everyone to expect a record breaking winter due to our sun position being the furthest south that winter which came true. While our meteorologists were predicting a mild winter. It was clear to me that the extreme southerly position that year could only result in the coldest weather ever recorded. Additionally, since our sun had also been at its furthest north position that summer of 2014, there would have been massive glacier melting & evaporation from the north pole in summer & the same over the south pole in Dec 2014 which caused the massive blizzards that winter which buried NY, Boston, Maine, Nova Scotia in nearly 50 ft of snowfall. You should have heard the meteorologists trying to backpedal out of their erroneous predictions for a mild winter. I was the only one predicting that record breaking winter storms & cold. It was the only obvious conclusion based on the extreme positions of our sun that year.

      Then in June 2015, we significantly reverted our tilt position. I remember a series of severe Earthquakes & volcanic Eruptions in South & Central America in May 2015 so I suspect that’s when the shift reverted. That was also when we received nearly 40 inches of rain.

      The axis definitely affects our weather conditions & sunlight behavior. We’ve been stable for the past 2 years but it will likely shift again soon. My fear is what caused the axis shift to revert. If is was due to human intervention, which I suspect it was, it is inevitable that they won’t leave it alone & will be itching to try again to restore the axis to its normal positions. I believe any further attempts will have disastrous results. If the reversion was a result of human intervention, it would be best if they left it alone as it is now. I keep thinking of the movie “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”. Our authorities & inept scientists will surely not have the good sense to leave things alone & we will end up much worse. But this is speculation. I have no confirmation they have done anything. Only suspicion.

      Either way, we should be seeing some more axis changes soon.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 1, 2016 @ 2:09 am | Reply

  15. Hi John
    I am on the Atherton Tablelands and have been following this blog for 2 years. I was, as anyone would be very surprised (alarmed) by the findings and degree of the earths axis change. As I am unfortunately not a skilled navigator I have not done any of my own calculations and have wondered if its simply another conspiracy theory.

    Many of the elderly that have lived here all their lives verify that the sun rises well different to what it used to 15 to 30 years ago. They remember things like where they would sit in the mornings to have smoko (in the shade) That same place is now in full sun. Again no one has done any proper measurements on the 21st June for example.

    Anyway would like to have a chat further with you. If interested please shoot me an email.

    PS Not sure if you see my email address via this post. Will see if there is a response in my inbox and will check for further posts on the Earths Axis Change Website.



    Comment by Heiko — October 27, 2016 @ 2:44 am | Reply

    • Even if someone is well meaning, I strongly recommend not identifying yourselves to anyone & suggest using this site as a protective filter to communicate. A few years ago, a gov’t subsidized group posted a hit on me over this axis issue. Their attacks were vicious & violent. One of their group contacted me to warn I was in danger. Fortunately, I have never used my real identity online & everything tracks to a box which also does not have my true ID or address.

      That online post they placed was instructing everyone to do violence against me & fortunately posted the false name & address I used as protection. Several of my relatives worked for intelligence agencies, so I know what the gov’t is capable of & they have sent threats through my relatives… none of whom have my address either. No one has it.

      When these people go to these lengths over something like this pitiful website, they are serious. As I have always said, don’t take my word or anyone else’s word about the sun position. Look outside for yourselves on the summer solstice.

      When someone is under attack, such as Lazar, Corso, Schneider, etc., you should listen to what that victim is saying. The worse the attack, the more the gov’t is trying to block the info… which means everyone should listen & support those who risk their necks to tell you the truth.

      Since those threats against me backfired because their own people turned against them… the gov’t has decided I am not inciting anyone to panic. In fact, I encourage calm & reason & explain the current situation & if we need to do anything. So the gov’t now leaves me alone. I maintain the calm. Not condone panic.

      I will always tell the truth as I know it & everything I post is easily verifiable. Just look outside on the summer solstice. This is simply information so everyone can track for themselves. I also provided links for emergency preparation kits. But right now we are doing ok. I will let everyone know when we need to worry. But it doesn’t hurt to have emergency kits for other disasters handy: Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.

      However, I still recommend remaining safe through anonymity. It is not a good idea to give out your contact info. This site does not post your login details. Just the user name.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 27, 2016 @ 4:59 pm | Reply

    • Hello Heiko

      I have recently been in Atherton and visited O’Hallorans lookout which would be suitable for checking the sunrise position on the summer solstice 21/12/16. This location would also be suitable for checking the sun at noon as there is a communication tower there, the shadow should be quite large depending on the sun’s position.

      My original measurements taken at the Cairns lookout were only approximate as I had only a casual interest then.
      I’m a bit more serious now after some of the content on this blog! Some of the comments on magnetic variation almost seem unbelievable however, I will keep an open mind until I do some further research.

      The relationship between the geographic and magnetic poles is quite interesting (and confusing), to me anyway?

      I believe the technique of recording the date and gradual directional movement and reversal of the sun could be used at any location providing the sun is low on the horizon. The same technique should also be suitable on a westerly aspect at sunset.

      Once I have nutted this out a bit more using GPS co-ordinates, it may be possible to predict the most southerly aspect of the sun for 2016 and be there at that time within a few degrees on the now erratically shifting Tropic of Capricorn and of course Planet Earth?

      Certainly next year with regular observations for a few months prior to the expected summer and winter solstices in both hemispheres. Providing there is a next year! Only joking?

      PS I tend to agree with mmc7’s comment about making contact at this stage.

      Regards John


      Comment by John — November 3, 2016 @ 4:57 pm | Reply

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