Earth's Axis has changed

May 5, 2016

5-2016 Southeast Asia & Indonesia Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Southeast Asia & Indonesia Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.


  1. Hello
    In the region where i am, not far from the equator line, these islands of bali-lombok-sulawesi & now sumba, had been having non stop earthquakes big and small in the past few weeks. Lombok and sulawesi are badly damaged and there was a tsunami 3 days ago in sulawesi. Any information that can explain this recent shakings in our region?
    Thank you


    Comment by Nel — October 2, 2018 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

    • It is my belief we are in the final stages of an axis shift and what used to be called, a death wobble when I was young. Think of a spinning top or Gyroscope. As the spinning slows down they begin to do an over exaggerated wobble just before the spinning top falls over. The term “Death wobble” has since been changed to describe a vehicle failure but in the 1960’s it was used to describe the wobble of a spinning top as it loses momentum before falling over.

      I have been tracking & measuring the position of the sun since 2005 when I first realized the tilt of the earths axis had changed. The Dec 26, 2004 tsunami was caused by the massive shift of the earths axis. This occurred due to the loss of ice in Antarctica which acts as a gyroscopic anchor for our planets tilt. The more the ice melts in Antarctica, the more our axis tilt shifts. Earth wont shift upside down as some people claim because there is not enough land mass at the north pole. But it can shift onto its side like the planet Uranus. Earth will continue to rotate and the sun will still appear to rise in the east and set in the west but we will endure extremely hot summers & bitter cold winters. Near the equator is the best place for stable temperatures, especially in the Spring & Fall when the position of the sun returns to normal above the equator on Sep 23rd and Mar 21st. The polar regions will be subjected to the hottest temperatures during their summers & coldest temperatures during their winters. The closer we are to the arctic circle, the more we will endure these scorching hot summers & bitter cold winters. Thus, if you live near the equator, you will be spared the worst of these temperature extremes.

      Unfortunately, the tectonic plates in your region are the most unstable. So when the axis shifts, it causes tsunamis and disturbs your tectonic plate causing quakes. Nearly all tsunamis are caused by these axis shifts. Tsunamis are not caused by quakes, despite what the poor excuse for a scientific community says.

      However, when the axis shifts & disturbs your tectonic plate, it usually causes both a tsunami & earthquake if the tectonic plate is unstable such as has been seen in your region. If you think of a ball encased in a thin shell and you pump more air into the ball, it will crack that shell creating plates. Some plates will be more stable than others. Those regions near the ring of fire and those near an unstable volcano such as Italy will endure the most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If you think of a boiling pot of water, it creates steam and builds up pressure when covered. If you try to compress the pressure it will blow up the pot. Our planet has molten magma at the center which builds up heat, steam and gas pressure until it is released by a volcanic eruption. These pressures also disturb the tectonic plates when it gets bad enough. Any disruption of these plates result in earthquakes.

      When the earth shifts its axis, the motion always causes a tsunami. If the planet shifts toward the north, that causes the water along the coastline to recede toward the south because the water did not move with the planet when it shifted and the water becomes backed up away from the beach toward the south as the planet shifts north. When the shifting ends, that backed up water surges northward as a tsunami. The more severe the shift and the more sudden the shift ends, the bigger the tsunami is. This same axis shift also disturbs the most unstable tectonic plates and causes the unstable plate to bump into adjacent plates toward the south (in this example) and possibly into the plate to its north when the shifting stops, thus creating an earthquake. Similar to the way the water backs up and surges northward with the inertia caused by the shifting planet. The more abrupt the shift, the larger the earthquake. Usually above 7 or 8 on the Richter scale. The worst ones have been above 9.0. Both the tsunami and the quake are caused by the axis shift. However, since the quake vibrations travel faster than the water and reaches the recording sensors first, our poor excuse for a science community has mistakenly blamed the tsunami’s on the quakes. Then the so-called experts become confused when the majority of quakes don’t cause tsunami’s… resulting in numerous false warnings from earthquakes which were caused by gravimetric stresses and built up internal pressures instead of the shifting of our planet.

      If a tsunami had been caused by an earthquake, it would not cause the water to recede from the beaches prior to the giant tidal surge. A tsunami caused by a quake would simply surge without the water receding. It would also be more likely to generate tidal waves in circles in every direction like a rock thrown into a pond creates circular waves. Only the shifting movement of the earth would cause the water to recede from the beaches in the opposite direction of the planets shifting motion due to inertia. After the planet stopped shifting, it would cause an enormous surge of water in tsunami waves moving in one direction toward the beach.

      However, any quake above 7.0 should be suspect for an axis shift and forthcoming tsunami. Not because the quake caused the tsunami, but because the quake vibrations reaches the monitors before the tsunami’s do because the quake travels faster than the water surge.

      Since Antarctica (South Pole) is the gyroscopic anchor for stabilizing earth’s axis tilt angle, the more the ice melts, the more our axis shifts. The more we shift, the more tsunami’s we have. It would be more efficient to place tsunami sensors near the coastlines… about a half mile away from the beach. When the sensor detects the water flowing backward, away from the beach, it should activate warning sirens along the coastline where the receding water was detected. The reverse tidal sensors should be placed along the coasts of every country and island which has ever been hit with a tsunami, at 5 mile increments spacing along the coastlines and a half mile from the beach to monitor for reverse tide waters receding from the beaches. These monitors should automatically activate the tsunami warning sirens for 5 miles of coastal settlements in both directions from every sensor which detects receding water along the coastline. If this had been in place in 2004, very few people would have died. These warning sirens should also include a recorded voice warning in both native language and English warning people to seek high ground immediately. This type of system could be installed very easily for reasonable costs.

      Detecting receding beach water is the only accurate tsunami warning. The amount of time between the receding water and the tsunami surge is entirely dependent upon the duration of the axis shift. The size of the tsunami surge is entirely dependent upon the speed of the shift and how fast it stops.

      If you take a rectangular pan of water and lift up one end, then lower it… you can see how the water recedes during the lift and surges forward when you lower it. This will give you an idea how a tsunami works during an axis shift.

      If you want to be more accurate, take a long rectangular pan with a couple inches of water in it and pull it quickly across the ground. Fast enough where the water is pulled toward the back by inertia (water receding from the beaches). Then stop pulling and see how the water surges forward. This is how an axis shift or abnormal movement of the Earth causes tsunamis. An earthquake cannot cause the water to recede from the beaches. A quake would also create multiple circular waves like a rock in a pond. Thus multiple waves would hit the beach without any receding. Only the abnormal motion or axis shift of the earth can do this. This experiment shows how the water is affected by the shift of the earth.

      When the earth shifted north on Dec 2004, the water receded to the south. When the shift ended, the tsunami water surged northward toward the beaches.

      I had originally forecast 2020 as the time when the earth would shift onto its side like the planet Uranus. When the shift position reverted significantly in 2015, I revised that date to 2026. The gov’t had also chosen these same dates despite trying to squash my info about the axis shift. They don’t want the public to know what is happening so they create all kinds of hoax theories using their hirelings and financially captive minions to create hoax websites to confuse the public. This is an honest site and now some of the gov’t minions are beginning to agree with me but are taking credit for my findings which I was the first to discover back in 2005. I was the only person to warn about the axis shift in 2005 and was attacked by the entire scientific community for over 5 years. Now many of them are beginning to agree but as I said, they are taking credit for the findings… almost word for word from my websites.

      However, in Aug 2017, there were multiple low grade tsunamis on both coasts of South America at the same time. Both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Since there were no quakes for the so-called experts to blame these on, they renamed these low grade tsunamis as “Oceans in Opposition” and created some BS reason as the cause for them. Based on the directions of the dual tsunami’s on both coasts, I would estimate that the shift was a momentary change or interruption in our rotation. Since it was a minor shift in our rotation, the surge was very mild. An abnormal planetary shift such as the shift toward the north in December 2004 created a huge tsunami wave. A sudden jerk shift of the planet with our rotational direction caused the devastating tsunami of Japan in March 2011. There was also another around 2010 near NZ (I think).

      However, this past year has been alarmingly active. Instead of once every 2-5 years for a tsunami, we have seen them on nearly a monthly basis.
      Aug 2017 “oceans in Opposition” multiple tsunami’s in South America
      Sep 2017 Tsunami
      Jan 2018 Tsunami
      Feb 2018 Tsunami
      Apr 2018 Tsunami
      Sep 2018 Tsunami

      In July 2018, we discovered the sun’s position was further north than it was on June 21st, 2018, the summer solstice which should have been the longest day. The sun should have been seen heading back south after June 22nd, but this year it continued further north to where it was just about 5 degrees from being true north. Then the heat waves began. The Arctic circle, Canada, UK, Japan and the Scandinavian countries were all experiencing heat above 106 F near the Arctic circle. Even Los Angeles which is normally cooled by Arctic currents along the coastline was suffering from 106 F degree temperatures throughout the month of July and into August. Earth’s axis had made a huge shift well over 45 degrees since the death wobble in 2015. (I will have to measure it to be exact. It may be as much as a 65 degree shift. I will update as soon as I measure it). We had people near the Arctic circle reporting the sun was directly overhead and no darkness at all, while the opposite side of the Arctic circle in Russia had several hours of total darkness in the daytime, never before seen. Then we also had wildfires burning up the US and Canada due to the heatwaves drying out the forests.

      With the sun farther north in July that tells us there is also something wrong with our orbit around the sun which was perhaps affected by our axis shifting so many times in the past year.

      All of this tells me my original estimate of 2020 for the final shift onto our side was correct. I will not be able to tell how much we shifted until next June 21st… or possibly July as the sun was further north where it never should have never been if our orbit was correct. I will have to see the star patterns in June and July to determine if we have shifted onto our side.

      Since the tectonic plate in Indonesia seems to be the most unstable, there very likely may be more huge quakes and tsunami’s… possibly on a monthly basis if it continues as it has these past 14 months. You may also be seeing more volcanic eruptions as well. Once we have shifted onto our side and the planet calms down, you will be in the best area, weather-wise. But until the planet settles down, you will be in the worst seismic, tsunami and volcanic region on the planet.

      If the water on your beaches begins to recede, head for high ground as fast as you can. Be at least 30 to 45 feet above the ground and as far away from the beach as possible.

      For the rest of us, the gov’ts will lie about everything. They will lie about death tolls, shifts, severe weather categories, you name it. They use paid hirelings and gov’t minions held captive by university grant research monies and DOD contracts which are held over their heads as threats if they don’t follow the gov’t propaganda. They create hoax websites to confuse the public and divert attention away from info the gov’t wishes to discredit. They use hoaxes like rogue planets, field reversal, Pole flipping, grand solar minimum and other crackpot themes to prevent the public from learning the truth. The gov’t fears blame for the climate warming. You can easily verify the poles and EM fields are where they should be with a simple compass. If it points toward the north, the poles and EM fields are where they should be.

      The one thing they are not lying about is the water and food shortages in 2020. The heat waves will evaporate the water and destroy the crops. We also wont have enough water for the crops adding to our food shortages. It will get worse with each successive year.

      Our shifts have also shifted the ozone holes above both poles away from the snow and ice which used to reflect the UV rays back into space. The ozone holes are now over land and sea in the summer where there is no snow or ice to reflect the UV rays. So it will bake us like a microwave oven. Thus causing the heat waves. The environmental director of Canada said we can expect these heat waves near the Arctic circle and Canada, the UK, etc. to become the norm. By 2030, heat waves above 125 to 130 F degrees will be the normal summer temperatures which basically confirms my estimate about the earths axis shifting onto its side. Only I predict it will be 2020.

      With the ozone holes over the US and Canada, we will not be able to go outside without severe burns and heat stroke and dehydration deaths. People are already dying from the direct UV when the ozone holes were over the US and Canada this past summer. Plants and animals are also dying. That includes animals used for food. We will have to work at night and sleep during the day because of the deadly UV rays and heat waves. And many other problems we will encounter.

      Even though you are at the worst location for unstable geological cataclysms, you will be at the best location for survival once the axis shifting has stopped.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 2, 2018 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

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