Earth's Axis has changed

September 20, 2017

9-2017 Emergency Evacuation Needs

Since there are so many recent instances of floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, fires & other catastrophes which may force your urgent evacuation from your homes, there are critical items we often forget to take with us.

You need to post a list of emergency items by each door as reminders.  With all the recent disasters, it would be a good idea to review all the lists & emergency kit contents now so you can prepare in advance to grab & go when a disaster strikes.  Tetanus shots, vaccines & pet shots must be up to date.

Vehicle fuel tanks should be kept full. Small fishing  boats would be handy with  paddles & fuel if possible. Buy several inflatable boats & manual air pump & patch kits plus paddles, ropes, knife & tow hooks. Multi air chambers to avoid sinking  if punctured.  Enough rafts for family, pets & possessions to escape high water.

See additional links at bottom for more emergency planning suggestions.

Primary items to Remember  (only if safe. Don’t risk lives).

  • Every member of your family must escape first
  • All your pets must be rescued in carriers
  • Place All medicines, med supplies, Dentures, partials in Zip locks.
  • Diabetics glucose test kit, meds, insulin.
  • Wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches, oxygen, asthma meds
  • Wallets, purses, checkbook, money, cards  (med ins, DL, CC), keys, ID
  • Cell phones & charger cords, eyeglasses
  • Laptop/Slate & charger cord & mouse
  • Grab Photos and negatives  & school yearbooks in plastic ziplock bags
  • Take all Jewelry in zip locks.  Do not  tell anyone!
  • Important papers in zip locks.  (Deeds, certificates, licenses,  shot & vaccine records (human & pet), permits, degrees, prenup, div, address books)
  • hearing aids, disability needs
  • sharpie marker to write ID on pet carriers, bags, property
  • Put pets in carriers on leash with ID
  • Pets should all have tags & collars with ID & contact info

Secondary Items to pack if enough time to be safe

  • Small weapon & ammo,  gun permit & knife.
  • tooth brush, paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, hairbrush
  • Babyfood, bottles, formula, diapers, clothes, shoes
  • Shaving needs,  toilet paper
  • Underwear, clothes,  socks, shoes, towels, coats in plastic
  • snacks, water, juice for family in plastic
  • pet food, water & bowls, can opener, litter, seeds
  • Hand cleaner
  • First aid kit, benadryl, snake bite med, poison ivy cream, antiseptic, Neosporin, bandages
  • Blankets
  • Flashlight & batteries
  • Extra plastic bags for trash & laundry & stools.
  • Extra ziplocks

If you have extra time or advance notice to be safe before a flood:

  • take all  remaining valuables possible into attic in plastic
  • Guns, paintings, cameras, anything that would be damaged by water & to protect from thieves
  • place items in plastic, in attic & hide under insulation
  • Move electronics, desk computers & other portable items as high  in house or attic as possible  or to relatives out of area.
  • Hide fur coats & gowns, suits, silks in giant ziplocks or vacuum, waterproof storage bags & hide safe from water & looters.
  • Move collectibles & items prone to water damage  or  looters to safe place  (attic or at relatives out of flood zone) away from danger
  • Leave large furniture, beds & appliances. Hernias are more expensive than new furniture.
  • large Appliances & cars can often be repaired
  • Portable Power tools & expensive tools, hide in attic
  • Move dry goods to highest shelves. 
  • Paperwork to highest location. Toys to highest location. Pesticides & chemicals in garage to highest shelf stated in giant ziplocks.
  • Turn off main breaker if flooding.
  • Use DRY board to gently shut down main breaker if standing in water instead of hand.

Advanced preparations for emergencies:

  • Mark names & phone on everything with Sharpie marker.
  • Keep carriers & cages in your garage for ALL of your pets with extra food, towels & leashes. 
  • Walmart & pet stores have standard Nylon carriers for cat sizes were $20-35.
  • Cardboard carriers will fall apart when wet
  • Buy inflatable rafts to fit your family, pets & belongings & store in garage. Academy stores.
  • Buy an inflatable mattress or two & store in  box in garage.  Handy as raft to tow supplies & as beds in shelter.
  • Use foot or battery pump to inflate.
  • Extra Batteries, rotate every6 months
  • Have rope in garage and basic tool kit.
  • Keep your car gas tank full. 
  • Buy several boxes large & giant zip lock bags.
  • Use sharpie to mark name & contact info on pet carriers & other property for evacuation such as inflatable beds, rafts, paddles, camping gear, plastic bags, computers, etc.
  • Portable CB radios & fresh batteries.
  • Your phones will not work in disaster zones. FEMA may scramble all radio frequencies  (except their own) & shut off all landline & wireless phones in area. This is their authority under the executive order mandates by the presidents.
  • Leaving 911 access only which will overload after 30k callers. I know this from working with FEMA. They also did this during Katrina to keep bad info isolated from press & public. 
  • Remember FEMA pulled down antenna in St Bernard Parish emergency management to prevent Communications about deaths & no supplies.
  • Satellite phones may work better for disaster zones but require clear skies. More Below.
  • All pets should wear ID tags & microchips. 
  • Keep ax in attic for escape. 
  • Beware of fallen electric lines (esp in flood)
  • Beware trees falling over in soft soil
  • Beware of local industry hazards from storm damage or power loss
  • Beware wild  animals, snakes, large reptiles, sharp debris, leaking natural gas lines, phony officials, looters, hypothermia, sewage, bacteria in flood water and any busybody pressuring you out of your house if you are still safe there.  Just say no.
  • Save the car if possible or leave before water rises. 
  • Keep hammer in car to break window if submerged.
  • Do not drive at night or through water.
  • Tetanus shots if cut or injured.
  • Every room in house, garage should have a large fire extinguisher,  fire alarms & CO2 detectors.
  • & large extinguisher inside car behind driver’s seat.


  • Get out before the water is too deep to drive. 
  • At least get your car to high ground before it floods if you plan to stay. (High Parking garage & ride taxi or friend home before storm). 
  • Brakes may not work if wet.
  • Water above tailpipe will stall vehicle.
  • Do not abandon your family or pets unless fire and no other choice.


  • Break house windows to vent smoke to access trapped family & pets from outside if safe to do so.
  • Use Wet sheets, wet blankets for protection, wet bandana for breathing.
  • Have extinguishers in every room and ladder stored outside for access.
  • Rope ladders in each room for 2nd floor escapes. No bars on windows.
  • Have tools handy.
  • Crawl low & protect lungs.
  • If you pass out from heat, smoke or no oxygen, you will die.
  • Do not risk your life.

Do not stay in a burning house.

  • Every room in house, garage & inside car should have a large fire extinguisher & alarm fire & CO2 detectors.

Detailed disaster kits & planning info link for any catastrophe

AFTER a flood: Not everything is lost

  • Low cost Gov’t loans are available for disaster victims thru FEMA.  It is their only virtue. Loan application processing.
  • Cars, mowers, dish washer, washer & dryer, refrigerators can often be restored. I have seen it done.
  • Make sure your current home owners insurance policy includes “like” replacements. Otherwise, they will replace your $600 brass Hunter wireless fans with a cheap $35 fan from Walmart.
  • Make sure roofers remove clear plastic on back of each tile or it will not stick down & will flap up & break off in high winds. A roofers trick to get return business.
  • DVD’s & VHS can be rinsed with water & special cleaner.  The DVD  wet Case paper removed & washed in bucket  & DVD  polished dry with smooth Nylon cloth to prevent scratches. These clothes are often found for polishing eye glasses.  Such as lenscrafters. Only the DVD Case paper insert would be lost. Perhaps a new paper image could be printed later.  A temporary cover could be cut to fit the case meanwhile, If My collection were involved, it would affect 6000 movies & series.  At $7-20 each or $55-100+ per season, they are too valuable to discard. Blue ray is far worse at $35+ each. I refuse to subsidize Disney’s greed.
  • The DVD players would need to be replaced if flooded. 
  • Jewelry, clothes, curtains & lamps can be cleaned
  • There are specialty cleaners for flooded items but over charge & crooked.
  • Wall to wall Carpets & pads must be discarded & replaced. 
  • Separate floor rugs can be cleaned.
  • flooring needs to be replaced; underlayment bleached, demolded & dried. Then replaced with solvent-free adhesive & new flooring. California approved MSDS.
  • Insurance should pay for cleaning costs.
  • Be sure to turn off breakers before spraying or working around electrical devices.
  • Sheetrock must be removed & replaced below water level
  • Use dilute bleach in walls behind sheet rock & floor underlayment to kill mold & mold spray to kill spores.
  • Air conditioner compressor can be cleaned with  water hose outside & sprayed with antimold inside the A frame but may need new  upper A frame unit inside. The air ducts should also be replaced and vents & filters cleaned.
  • paper window shades replaced, blinds cleaned & compromised double pane windows & doors replaced.
  • Fireplace cleaned.
  • Kitchen cabinets are mostly wood & need replacing. Anything wood in floodwater is ruined
  • Tools should be ok after cleaning & coating with lubricant.  Saltwater will corrode or must & must be rinsed clean.
  • All wood doors in house which were wet need replacing.
  • Replace wooden knife blocks & cutting boards in kitchen.
  • Discard any boxes of damaged products in water.
  • Use diluted bleach to clean every surface in house contaminated by floodwater or potential mold.
  • New furniture. Solid oak may be cleanable depending how long it was wet.  Masonite drawers bottoms may need replacing. May need extensive repairs or replacement  of solid oak furniture. A clear polyurethane coat may help restore solid oak, mahogany or Cherry wood after cleaning. Do not use bleach. Detergent is better for wood.
  • You are battling ecoli bacteria, parasites, insects, mold spores & water damage throughout the house.
  • Wear filter masks when cleaning & working or observing restoration. It would almost be easier to tear it down & start from scratch.
  • Pillows, quilts & comforters replaced.  The filler cannot be cleaned. A special hand made case could be emptied, cleaned & refilled.
  • If the flood was above the 1st floor in a 2 story home, the mold & bacteria is between levels & you are breathing it. Extensive costs. They will try to cut corners & leave ceiling without replacing where a deadly stachybotrus could be hiding. Most insurers wont cover mold removal. Special mold traps could reveal mold.  Also bacteria traps.
  • Everything in the kitchen must also be disinfected. Every utensil, pot, pans, walls, etc.
  • Stuffed toys discarded & children rooms sanitized.
  • Pools drained & sanitized. Windows cleaned. 
  • Maybe repair & rent out old house while building or buying a second new home free of mold & bacteria.
  • Perhaps group cleaning parties like barn raising would help ease the task as a group of 6 neighbor families tackled each home in groups, one room at a time.

Vehicles. After the flood.

  • Cars are also restorable but need new Carpet, new seats, new trunk liner, new roof fabric, air conditioning disinfected & demolded. Ducts replaced. New radio, filters, oil, gas, seatbelts, fluids replaced, dashboard, interior liners & covers removed & disinfected. engine overhauled. Brakes cleaned. Trunk cleaned. Battery & headlights replaced. All lights replaced. Quite, a task & who knows how many electronic circuits are bad.

For future evacuation planning, here are posted emergency kit preparation for various needs.




  1. California supposed to be hit bad this year near Christmas. With earthquake 2018..why are they not evacuating people?
    Another excuse to depopulate earth?
    Why not just sterilise people..instead killing us off


    Comment by Sylvia Sinclair — July 15, 2018 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

    • I agree that they want to depopulate. Read the wording about population on the Georgia guidestone.

      We have to have licenses to fish, drive, carry guns, own a business, hunt, register a car, marry, protest, etc., but not to have children. The people with the most children are usually the least capable of raising them. They don’t even require classes or limits to have children. No doubt the businesses & religions don’t want any limitation on shoppers, purchases & donations by a smaller population. Nor do governments want limits on Taxes & votes & economy & banking by limiting population growth.

      So they let disasters reduce the populations & lie about the number of deaths. That relieves them of any responsibility.

      China does or did in the past. You had to have permission & qualification to have a child… and they only allowed one per approved couple. I don’t know about now but they did sterilize if you had an unauthorized child or other issues in the past. Their employers reported anyone who appeared to be pregnant without permission. I saw a documentary about this issue 30 years ago. They interviewed & followed the process with a couple who received permission to have a child. China used to have serious problems in decades past, with people having many boys to work in fields & fathers killed the female children. They only wanted boys.

      I remember Jim Berkland who was with USGS & a geologist for Santa Clara county who accurately predicted more than one quake. He was very accurate. The gov’t & university hirelings attacked him like Bob Lazar. They jumped all over Berkland for predicting a California quake in March 2011 but they fail to mention the horrible quake & tsunami in Japan March 11, 2011. He may have been off on the location but he certainly nailed the event within 2 weeks. The attackers hope you won’t remember the Japan Quake & tsunami in March 2011. It was also on the ring of fire & connected to California’s fault lines across the Bearing strait. That tsunami destroyed 3 nuclear reactors and killed tens of thousands in Japan.

      It is too bad Jim Berkland died 2 years ago. Berkland was the only true predictor of Quakes who used science of lunar position, & earth conditions, orbits & other clues to predict quakes. No one else would bother to go to that much trouble to analyze the stress on fault lines & plate tectonics.

      I’ve said it before, any time you see someone under vicious attack like Berkland, Lazar, Corso, Patton, etc., better listen to what they say & wonder why they are being viciously attacked to silence them. I’ve had these gov’t hirelings come after me with Death threats. If what I say is wrong, then why such vicious threats. You wouldn’t believe how far the gov’t will go. They leave me alone now because it would be far worse if I make their their threats public. I don’t scare easy & I would be sure to use it as evidence. So they leave me alone because I don’t create panic or fear on this site like others might do to scare people. I keep everything calm & logical to keep the public informed. They now leave me alone & I leave them alone. But I still keep any comments requiring approval just in case they start up again. This is why the comments don’t instantly appear.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 15, 2018 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

  2. What if you are right

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Haskell Varney — December 21, 2017 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

  3. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷thank you, once again…


    Comment by Valerie — September 20, 2017 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

  4. Wow! This is really comprehensive! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by coneyislandbooks — September 20, 2017 @ 11:48 am | Reply

    • You’re welcome. I would have posted it sooner but I was ill.

      Here are some general issues to consider.
      The evac lists are broken down by how much time you have to collect your belongings, what you will need & what you can’t replace. It is probably a good idea to always keep an ax in the attic at all times… just in case you wake up with water up to the second floor from a burst dam.

      I have had Emergency kit lists & survival preparation suggestions on the website for at least 11 years but not the last minute grab bags we need to remember if we only have minutes to spare when someone opens the flood gates on a reservoir without warning. Until now.

      I lived in Katy, TX for 2 years in a rented house & was also on the Houston area emergency management group along with FEMA & Red Cross & I never knew I was living in a reservoir flood zone. There was a huge 20-30 ft deep water channel and 100 ft wide behind my fence but that house was under water when they opened the reservoir. So you never know these things. Especially if you rent. This is also how I learned about the real FEMA & Red Cross crooks & what to expect. It also depends on who is in charge such as the Houston Mayor (who is better than the one we had) but they don’t control the suburbs or reservoirs or national Guard, etc. Only the city of Houston. I never heard them mention the Emergency group for coordinating the greater Houston area & suburbs. Maybe they got rid of them.

      In my many sudden trips to the hospital, I nearly always forgot the charge cord for my cellphone. Or certain hygiene items like deodorant are very difficult to get. The pets always need 8 days of food & water if you’re going to a hospital where you can’t take them. I should probably include a hospital list for those of us whom have no one else to help at home. My birds seem to know not to waste their water when I’m away. When I’m home they take 20 baths a day & waste it. I finally had to get a water tower they couldn’t bathe in which stays clean for a week or two.

      At the bottom of the post, I included several links to for comprehensive survival planning for every situation except hospital which I will add. Those include long term survival planning for global catastrophes. Kits for cars, camping, small planes, employees, preparing your home, etc.

      However, with one hurricane & flood event after the other; each a week apart, I felt the last minute emergency evac lists would be more important right now.

      I noticed they are finally acknowledging the planet has shifted & affected the temperatures & storms like we’ve been saying for 14 years while they (the powers that be) attacked us. But they still left everyone to fend for themselves. In Houston, even with tens of millions in donations, Red Cross & FEMA were still demanding local residents & businesses to provide food, water, cots, rescues, volunteers & nurses. So exactly what was Red Cross doing with all that money? They had not provided anything. They were only taking credit for it. All of the supplies were coming from locals, celebrities, other towns, other states & corporations. The local Judge also pointed this out. It is important to realize your donations may not be going to victims.

      Fortunately, good Samaritans were able & welcomed by local Authorities to rescue the victims in Houston. Unlike Katrina. But be prepared to save yourselves. Fema will try to block off anyone from entering the area to help victims, if they can. Houston was too large to control & the local responders were so overwhelmed they welcomed any help they could get. Katrina had armed troops blocking victims escape & outside help from entering while the troops held the victims hostage in the arenas & convention centers without food, water, meds, beds or necessities. Until Texas finally rescued the Katrina victims with buses to the Houston Astrodome. I think is is important for everyone to remember these issues.

      After you get your family & pets to safety, you can ago & help other family members in nursing homes or those in other homes while your immediate family is safe. Don’t take your family back into the frying pan.

      Clearly, we can see the benefit of owning small fishing boats, inflatable rafts & inflatable mattresses to sleep on if you live within 50 miles of a coast.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 20, 2017 @ 4:03 pm | Reply

  5. Excellent! Thank you!


    Comment by Valerie — September 20, 2017 @ 6:08 am | Reply

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