Earth's Axis has changed

May 25, 2016

5-2016 It’s NOT Hollow! What about the magma?

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I think the gov’t is up it its old tricks of diversion again. To distract your attention toward the ridiculous because something worse is nipping at our heels.

So they’ve accidentally “on purpose” had NASA release north pole photos. A hole in the Earth?! Has anyone looked down a volcano lately? Where do they think all that magma comes from? It comes from a “molten planetary core”.

The depths of our Earth becomes hotter the deeper you go. In fact, below 850 ft the heat goes above 120F & becomes unbearably hot in the salt mines and other underground excavations. This is the radiant heat of our molten Earths core. Our rotation keeps it molten. If our Earth should stop rotating, the magma would begin to cool & solidify like our moon. This rotation keeps our magma “stirred” & heated.

Are there intelligent people who actually think we have some giant hole on top of our planet? Perhaps a drain for the oceans to disappear? How silly can we get?

However, that does not mean there isn’t a hole in the glacier where it is melted exposing the ocean. Or an island we are not aware of.

If you look closely at the moon on the US Navy’s Clementine website you will see buildings, crafts, mines, antennas, power poles & eons worth of civilization & construction which is still occupied. (Check the moons south pole in particular & the right side as well).

Colonel Philip Corso first told us this in his book. He was over the National Security Council (NSA) at the white house under Eisenhower for 5 years. He was at the Pentagon over disbursing alien technology. Everyone at Bell Labs & Corning knew this. This is no joke. He  was also a Senate Security advisor on Black Budget Projects. This man knew what he was talking about. The public blew their chance & allowed gov’t hirelings to ridicule him like they did to Lazar. Shame on you for not listening when you had the opportunity to know the true details from those with firsthand knowledge.

You should have rallied behind them. Public support would have empowered them & more insiders would have come forward. But you blew it.  The public doesn’t deserve to know what we insiders know.

However, if there are buildings & intelligent life on the moon & Mars which we can clearly see; it is also possible for there to be such colonies at the Earth’s poles or other locations. Maybe that is why Earth’s poles are international shared access. So I don’t dispute that possibility.

But there is no hole or hollow Earth. Maybe subterranean structures if there is a landmass. But the center of our planet is molten magma. Too hot for life below 850 ft.

The only holes are below Dulce, Cern, S-4, A51, Northup Grumman skunkworks, NTS, Florida launch sites, UTAH, Denver airport, Norad, Peterson,  & the salt mines. (Not counting Russia’s facilities and our nationwide subterranean maglev tunnel system. Global now.)

The gov’t is deliberately distracting the public with this north pole hole farce. Less than a month from now we will see how far the axis has shifted the sun farther to the north of the US.  Perhaps this is the reason for their distraction at this time or maybe something worse is going on.

Keep your eyes open for anything they don’t want us to see. List any unusual observations or news reports under your regions. I will post the best comments. We will compare what we see. Something is going on. We need to know what this is.






  1. Earth is a Hollow Planet (Truncated Icosohedron-like Soccer ball), it’s Lithosphere and Mantle are thin at poles, and up to two thousand miles of thickness (plenty of room for “magma”) at Equator. There is about 5000 miles of empty space in between where the glowing Iron core exists (probably in center). This is why the Axis shifted without any friction on 12 06 2006. Mars is also hollow as well as our Moon, and the effect of “Gravity” is far less walking on the inside surface as there is far less Mass below you at any time. The truth hurts, but people should know these things; I recommend reading The Smokey God – Willis George Emerson, online free.


    Comment by RAJ — January 11, 2017 @ 1:10 am | Reply

    • The hollow ball is filled with liquid magma at the core. In fact, it is so hot, it is blue hot like a reactor. An odd concept for most people to comprehend since blue is perceived as a cool color. But it is actually hotter than white hot. This liquid magma core also generates our magnetic field due to the high iron content.

      The orbit & size of each planet generates the gravity. For instance, the moon does not rotate & has a cold or much cooler core. The moon is 1/6th the size of earth and has 1/6 the earths gravity. Mars is about half the size of earth and has about half earths gravity.

      Think of an orange in space without gravity. Then place the orange in a net or sock or at the end of a string & spin round & round with the orange at the end of the string or net which will create gravity on that orange as you spin around with it. This is the way our orbit creates gravity. The size of the planet which orbits the sun determines the strength of the gravity as the planet orbits the sun on an orbital tether. Or a moon orbiting a planet.

      The rotation is what keeps the core molten & hot. The slower the rotation or lack altogether, allows the molten core to cool like the moon. Our moon does not rotate & has no sign of a hot magma core venting the heat. Without venting, the tectonic plates would crack to release heat as they have done in our pacific ring of fire.

      Without a molten core, a planet or moon is not protected by a magnetic field. This allows the solar ejections (CME’s) to damage a planet or moon & destroy the atmosphere & life with solar storm ejections, ions & radiation. Like sunbathing without protection.

      The weight of the planets geological structure affects the balance and orientation. There is very little weight at the north pole due to lack of land mass & the ice floats. The south pole & continental ice cap is the gyroscopic anchor point which controls the axis tilt for our planet. The more the land based ice melts at the south pole, the more the planets tilt shifts. You can test this out with a weighted ball in water or altering the weight balance of a spinning gyroscope.

      We can shift onto our side like Uranus but not upside down because we lack enough weight at the north pole to flip upside down. If you also notice, the entire galaxy of suns & their solar systems have a north & south orientation for all the suns (stars) & planets which orbit them. The liquid cores allow them to maintain magnetic uniformity.

      Stars are generated by a spinning wormhole, usually at the galaxy’s center which pulls in atomic matter at superfast rates of speed & causes them to heat & combine the atomic matter into stars & planetary matter which are hurled out into space at the other end of the wormhole tornado. The different atomic weights & characteristics separate the materials between star or planetary matter. The way cream separates from raw milk. This spinning wormhole or black hole also generates an electromagnetic field which keeps the galaxy stars grouped & oriented.

      Liquid is spherical shaped in weightless space. So when you see round planets, moons & suns, they were liquid or molten magma when they formed. Not that ridiculous assertion that the moon was created by impacting conglomerates of rocks & meteors. If that was the case, the Earth & the moon would be surrounded by a huge debris field & it pertinently wouldn’t be spherical. It would be lumpy, lopsided & abnormally shaped. Even a child knows liquid is spherical in space. So our moon was liquid magma when it formed. It is likely our moon separated from the earth in our magma formation stage as we were hurled spinning away from the galaxy center. Most likely separated from our Pacific side & ring of fire. Since it came from earth, it was not a spinning mass ejected from the stellar nursery wormhole at the galaxy’s center. Thus, it went into orbit around earth but doesn’t rotate. If it were a captured moon which become trapped, it would be rotating. If it were an asteroid caught in a planets gravity it would orbit the planet but not rotate him the moons of Mars. Those came from the asteroid belt which was once a planet beyond Mars.

      Similarly, Saturn’s rings are the debris from one or more moons which were destroyed.

      These are the basic formations. Not the ridiculous junk science these poor excuses for scientists are passing off these days. Education has clearly taken a huge nose dive.

      There are only a few of us left who know the real science.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 11, 2017 @ 12:59 pm | Reply

    • At a depth of about 850 ft below sea level the temperature exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Any deeper than 900 ft it is too hot for anyone to survive. Also the pressures become deadly as well. Anything living underground would need to be much shallower than 850 ft for tolerable temperatures. We know this from Salt mines. We can only tolerate 120 degrees for 15-20 minutes & require a lot of Gatorade.

      We used to heat test equipment at 120 degrees for 24 hours. Even equipment is unable to function in that heat (or certain humidity levels too high or too low). We had to stop running the tests because they were damaging equipment worth millions. These are some of the many reasons there is no one living below those depths. Neither humanoids or technology can survive the heat or pressure or humidity.

      Watch the documentary about the giant crystal cave in Mexico. These crystals were the size of columns but it was too hot for humans & they had to wear cooling suits which could only survive a short time.

      They nearly died trying to explore the crystal caves, even protected by suits. Our true technological capabilities are far less than those from comic books or movies.

      However, the moon & Mars are quite different issues.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 11, 2017 @ 1:56 pm | Reply

  2. Hello; I like what you’re saying here though scientists are now saying that the earths molten core is kept hot by atomic fusion like the sun.


    Comment by Duncan White — June 15, 2016 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

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