Earth's Axis has changed

August 9, 2007

8-2007 Know the truth

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Look at the data with an open mind. Research the facts so you can be informed. Don’t rely on government assurances or the statements of those experts on the gov’t payrolls or those who are dependent upon gov’t grants or gov’t contractors or licenses controlled by the government. Astronomers and astrophysicists are all dependent upon the gov’t and gov’t contractors to acquire access to satellites, observatories and other technical systems and data in order to remain in their field of expertise. Universities are dependent upon gov’t grant monies. Meteorologists and the media are licensed and governed by gov’t entities.

If the gov’t does not want something known, then they will ensure the public hears the version prepared for the public and the evidentiary  data will be altered to support their official version.

Don’t take assurances from a corrupt gov’t. Check out the facts for yourself.


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  3. According to the holy Quran and hadith, one of the sign of the end time is the axis shift. Once the axis is totally shifted to the equator, the earth will experience great drought. The dajjal or the anti christ will offer to help people to save their countries from severe drought and other economic problems. This is how the secret agenda of the illuminati have been working on to implement the one world government that will worshipping the dajjal. During this time, the first day will be like a year when the earth rotate vertically. so we will not experience the usual 24 hours a day as the earth is not rotating east-west while facing the sun. Then the second day of this period will be like a month, the third day is like a week and the rest of the day is as usual. Then the prophet Isa (your jesus) will turn down to save your faith while the muslims will be led by the Mehdi ( a decendants of the prophet Mohamad). Both will be align to fight the dajjal to save faith to worship the true God Allah. And in a hadith stated that the axis will continuelly shifting until the north pole will take plave of the south pole ( upside down) making the sun rises west and sets east. This time all the people of the world who worship Allah (both christians and muslims) will die of a certain disease and the doomsday will be experienced by the non believers.
    I don’t have any intention to ask everybody to believe but just to share what the holy Quran says about the end times. Stay peace!


    Comment by podehi — October 29, 2015 @ 10:48 am | Reply

    • Normally I don’t post these subjects but I thought the similarities compared to scientifically measurable facts were interesting. As an engineer & scientist I don’t delve into theological issues but found the similarities intriguing. I have always believed the axis will shift us onto our side due to the planetary weight distribution & we will then rotate vertically.

      Since the earth & the sun are both round, it actually wont look any different to us. Even though it is vertical it will still be rotating in the same direction respective to us as it did before. It will still appear as if the sun is rising in the east & setting in the west from our perspective during 2 spring & fall seasons except the sun will be centered above the equator. As for the length of day that will depend on whether the rotational speed is disturbed during the shift.

      During the other two seasons, one pole will face the sun (all summer) and the other pole will swap positions in the opposite season (all winter). This has to do with the way we orbit the sun while having a fixed direction of lean. This is why I recommend the tropics above the 300 ft level with a mountain stream & no active volcanoes with a place to grow food… after the shift. Not before. There will be Tsunamis.

      It is difficult to explain the orientation after the shift. You would have to be able to see the changes pictured in your mind. I struggle with it at times to be sure whether I’m accurate on the end position of our planet. It will depend on which way we shift onto our side. It could vary the latitude position of the sun as we rotate.

      As for the antichrist, wasn’t he in office from 2001 to 2008? There’s no question most world governments & corporations are filled with crooks in charge. I could spend all day writing a list but I’ll not subject anyone to that since our purpose is to keep track of the axis changes.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 30, 2015 @ 3:04 am | Reply

  4. This may seem like old hat….yet please look into the effect of the Atomic Bomb and other tests that put the Earth under severe pressure….Science does not know….because Science did not create Earth….


    Comment by Stefan.... — October 25, 2015 @ 9:19 am | Reply

  5. Very interesting data, from my experience with the weather in Northeast PA, USA I can say it is very abnormal to have a winter here in 2015 go on this bitterly and the wind gusts over the last few months have gone up to around 45 mph. That is not normal, the whole Siberian storm front that went over this region for awhile is also something weird as is the strange pattern of the Jet stream that can be seen on the weather reports on TV. As far as figuring out about the axis shift I think a decent way to check it out is by tracking the sun wherever you are and calculating the angles, you can find more data about here:


    Comment by Adam Danischewski — March 24, 2015 @ 1:54 am | Reply

    • If you note from my other posts I have been taking measurements annually on June 21st since 2006. The first major axis shift was in Dec 2004 the Indonesian Tsunami. We now have 60,000 followers and 1000 per day who help us spot the sun worldwide including south Australia so we are now able to verify position on Dec 21st as well. Even the Canadian Inuit tribe has stated the changes in the sun. Between June 2013 and 2014, I saw a significant increase in the position of the sun even more than it had been between 2005 and 2013. It is now rising and setting about 2000 miles farther north of the tropic of cancer than it should be in June. It should never be further north than Mid Mexico on June 21st but it is now rising and setting near the border between Canada and the US on that date. I had said last June 2014 that we would be in for record cold and blizzards this winter as a result of the recent additional increase in the axis. The axis had already shifted 1200 miles since 2004 and after 2013 was now 2000 miles. An 800 mile increase just in the past year. This also means that the sun would be 2000 miles farther south this winter, hence severe cold and the increase in melting south pole ice would also increase humidity and precipitation in Blizzards and floods. This is exactly what we have seen. Record cold and blizzards. It was a logical prediction based on the changes in the measurements of the position of the sun. This is something that anyone can do. I have a baseline from 10 years of measurements so it is easier for me to see the annual changes but anyone can see that the sun is not where it should be during the month of June. It should never, ever be rising or setting north of the US. But that is what it has been doing since the 2004 shift. Of course the change in global position also affects the flow of the jet stream and the pattern of storms which severely affects the weather throughout the world. Blizzards in the NE and droughts in the SW. Spiral land-based storms over the US in the Spring which will result in alternating hot and cold patterns over the central US which will become more prominent in April. Then we have the gov’t trying to battle the weather using chemtrails. These aren’t theories. I found the actual contractors and the gov’t licensing websites which describe what they have been doing and the names of the gov’t projects which are paying for the projects and which chemicals they use. The info, links and photos are on one of my other posts on this same axischange site with Chemtrails in the title.

      Spring and fall can be deceiving because the sun will appear normal during those two seasons. It is the summer when the axis is shifted by 2000 miles farther south (which makes the sun 2000 miles north of the tropic of cancer) and in the winter when the axis is 2000 miles farther north (which makes the sun 2000 miles farther south of the tropic of Capricorn) where the changes are most noticeable. We are right at the tipping point on the axis. The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the planet balance. As the ice melts, it allows the axis to shift. It won’t take much more for it to tip the rest of the way onto the side. We wont have to wait for all of the ice to melt before this happens. One more significant chunk of ice loss at the south pole should be all we need. The entire West Antarctica ice sheet is in decline. But it wont take much ice loss for that final axis shift to occur. So people should not expect the presence of ice to indicate they still have time to spare. Based on comments and actions of the gov’t, it indicates they are expecting a global catastrophe sometime between 2020 and 2026. 2020 seems to be the date they are targeting. This is a speculation on my part and I doubt they are much more accurate on their guesses even with their high tech measurements versus my low tech measurements. But the shift increase last year is very disconcerting. We are in the final stages as we speak and there is nothing we can do except try to plan to survive with adequate supplies in preparation of complete economic and infrastructure collapse and severe loss of coastal regions worldwide. It is not enough to save food for a few months. You will need at least 3 years worth of food and medicines and water as well as seed crops to grow foods before your supplies run out. So long term planning will be needed. I recommend inflatable rafts as well in those supplies. There are emergency prep instructions on the website.

      We will be measuring again this June to keep an eye on the changes each year. This is how I was able to recognize the severe record breaking weather we would have this winter…. 9 months in advance. I try to present the facts and data based on measurements and data from official sources and my own observations in addition to those of our readers. There is a lot of data regarding tsunamis, seismic activity and volcanic changes and weather patterns on with links to all the sources.

      The gov’t will try to alter their reports to miniscule amounts of shifts to shame and ridicule anyone for having the audacity to ask. They will report the shifts in centimeters and feet rather than the actual shifts of hundreds of miles. They will report timelines in hundreds of years instead of the actual months and years. All of this is intended to ridicule and shame the public from asking questions. To make everyone feel stupid and to keep everyone working and spending and the economy flowing until they retreat to their big shelters and leave everyone to fend for themselves without a single word of advance warning. The gov’t does the same with death rates from catastrophes and only report 1/10th of the deaths and rarely allow the numbers to exceed 2000. I was on a major metro emergency management agency so I know what they do from experience. Katrina was no accident. Those are planned practices by FEMA & Red Cross who run all the major emergency management agency meetings. The gov’t hirelings & college students they use to stalk on blogs and websites and media to shout down, cause dissention, discredit and shame anyone who questions these events… are not tolerated to post on here. This site is to provide what information I can offer and explain how everyone can verify and confirm the data for themselves. I don’t expect anyone to believe me either but I can show them how to check all of this… especially with their own eyes. The one thing the gov’t can’t do is hide the sun. Their only recourse is to try to ridicule and make you feel stupid and twist the information to misdirect you.

      Everything I post is verifiable. So everyone can see the sun for themselves this June. Just remember to do the measuring on June 21st at sunrise and sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the flat horizon. (Mountains will skewer the results). Do not try to measure while the sun is in the air because it travels in a curved arc. On the ground, you can also use landmarks to help you recognize changes from year to year. If you miss the measurements on June 21st, you can still get an idea for 10 days after that date, albeit not as accurate.

      I just found another interesting article from NASA where they describe how the weather patterns have shifted several hundred miles between latitudes. Of course they wont tell you it is due to the axis shift… but it does verify what I’ve been saying… although it is significantly farther now with the latest increases. Nasa is attributing the changes to greenhouse effects. They don’t dare say anything the gov’t wants kept from the public since they receive gov’t funding… so this is their way of telling you what is happening without giving you the actual reason. But anything is better than nothing.

      Keeping in mind that this article was before the last shift of another 800 miles.


      Comment by mmc7 — March 24, 2015 @ 10:08 am | Reply

  6. Most of us with any sense at all already know the government lies,A lot ,they control tv and radio stations and most media,heath care and the global economy.I’ve known about the Fema tunnels for a long time.I have been waiting to see what the government is waiting for,a pandemic,world war ,tsunami or what.What amazes me is that the government thinks they can survive the end of the world.Thats what all this is adding up to but no one wants to say it.Come on,we can’t go on forever.Jesus said he will not destroy the world by flood again,it will be fire and he will find EVERYONE,you can’t hide,ok.I’m not going to preach to anyone or tell you what to do but If I was you I would make my peace with God.I already have.Great site by the way,it really lets people know how deceiving our government really is.


    Comment by Dale Hockenberry — March 2, 2015 @ 1:54 pm | Reply

  7. The world is a drop of water falling between the three forces gravity, magnetic pull and balance. Did the Earth stop changing? No, we are a just one more thing to evolve or to be extinct. I picture a well balanced wheel. Partly made up of dirt and water held together be gravity, magnetic pull and balance. We harvest and purify these minerals, then transport these minerals to other land masses without thinking about balance. Man’s greed for money will be the true future of our nonexistence.
    BTW, aliens do exist, but Bigfoot doesn’t.


    Comment by Spinach Chin — February 22, 2015 @ 10:19 am | Reply

    • I totally agree with everything you said. The southpole also acts like the gyroscopic anchor point maintaining global balance. As it melts, the anchor weight is disbursed into the oceans & the planet started shifting toward the heavier equator. Yet, we still pursue our negative effect on the climate without hesitation. We have already shifted about 2000 miles on our axis since 2004. The shift has increased the polar melting during the summer months which has also caused increased humidity & precipitation in massive flooding & blizzards.

      As our land based ice melts in the south pole, we lose our gyroscopic anchor point weight which maintains the axis balance and allows our planetary axis to shift. We now have the sun rising & setting to the north of the US in the summer and to the south of Australia in their summer months (our winter).

      We are very close to reaching the final tipping point when our planet will roll onto its side. There is another planet in our system currently rotating on a sideways horizontal axis. Uranus. That will be us very soon. I don’t know the date but based on comments & actions of our US gov’t & their frantic building of underground refuge facilities & nationwide tunnel systems, it seems their target date is around 2020. This is just a SWAG on my part. We can only measure the approximate changes in the shift of our axis each year to monitor the situation.

      One scientist back in 2008 said our planet has shifted 11 times in the past based on his findings of tropical regions at the poles & glaciers at the equator. It seems we have reached that tipping point again in our lifetimes with the help of our polluting industrial complex & Corporate greed mongers. Maybe the premise for the floods & tidal waves depicted in the movie 2012 were chosen for a reason. When I saw they had found fossils of sea creatures above 13,000 ft at Puma Punku, there had to be one heck of a tidal wave to reach that elevation. The sea life was found near the Puma Punku ebe built structure, which was destroyed by flood at that elevation which they chose for the low oxygen levels. So, it was not deposited from before the plate pressure elevated the mountain range. These sea fossils were deposited after the mountains were formed. We have already seen giant tsunamis from our planetary shifts kill over a quarter million people in one movement and over 30,000 in another, just in the past 10 years. So that final shift may produce the largest tidal displacement imaginable, similar to that movie.

      Notice our gov’t chose the highest city in the US to build their shelter for the elite. Denver. Even though the waters will recede, it will depend upon how much water has been deposited. I’ve seen water puddles from heavy rains take 3-4 weeks to dry out in hot weather. So imagine how long it would take for the entire midwest & Nevada-Utah areas to dry out if they are filled with 200 ft deep of tidal waters. When they finally dry out, it leaves salt deposits like in Salt Lake city & Groom Lake. Perhaps those salt deposits were formed the very same way on one of those previous 11 shifts… while those guilty of causing this premature tipping by their environmental holocaust are sitting high and dry in their underground city & tunnel systems built on our taxpayer dollars without any consideration or notification to those they purposely left to die so they can restart their new world order as Lords over the serfs perhaps under the Georgia Guidestone population projections of a half million people worldwide. The worst of the worst as the survivors. These politicians, CEOs & wealthy elite are people who are so consumed with power, wealth & control that they are willing to allow the deaths of billions without a single word of warning or preparation, but had no trouble robbing the population blind to build their own elite oasis. The Morlocks & Eloi for real. Let us hope the ebe’s remove them & replace the entire population with an improved breed.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 23, 2015 @ 5:16 am | Reply

  8. I am 45 by age, I notice the sun setting towards slightest northwest directions in India. I would like you to confirm the changes even now from the “jantar Mantar” built in India I think 4 such are there all over India. These are built to calculate the time of the day basing the earth;s movement towards Sun. These time machines are built much before the watches are invented, so It can be helpful to have data from these time machines to know the real changes in earths movements in past 500 years.


    Comment by Imran Hasham — September 21, 2014 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

    • It would depend upon which area you reside in India & the time of year. The tropic of Cancer runs through the northern portion of India about 30 miles north of Ahmedabad. If you were to measure the sun during the months of Sept-Nov or the months of Mar-May, you would not see any abnormality in the Sun during these months. This is due to the position of the earth as it orbits the sun during the Spring & Autumn months.

      It would be the sun’s location during the Summer (especially June 21st) or Winter (December 21st) which would be the most important for comparison to show the distinct abnormality in our axis & the position of the sun during those months.

      I’m not familiar with the Jantar Mantar or the locations but I would be interested to know what information they could provide about the sun position on June 21st and on December 21st. Perhaps they can help pinpoint the degree of change in the axis. I have heard some reports of sun dials which no longer provide accurate readings during the Summer & Winter months which would coincide with the changes we are seeing globally.

      However, it would be less noticeable in the equatorial regions such as India or central America. Unfortunately, any info at this time of year would not show the variance. We will have to wait until December & June for the info to provide any answers. I would be most interested in any info those devices show during those months. However, keep in mind that the various global governments would do whatever they could to ensure the public remains unaware of such monumental changes to avoid panic & accountability.

      So it would be important to obtain the results independently rather than from an official source. Perhaps someone you know could check the results in December & June.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 21, 2014 @ 10:32 pm | Reply

      • This is a nice post. I too am aware of earth's rapid alterations in jet stream, evaporation of water in the garden, late bloom, secondary bloom of Spring bulbs in fall, geese already flying South for Winter and much more. I am in an area that gets sunset earlier than immediately South of here on the same Longitude. The shadow can be seen on Google Earth if you toggle the "show night" radio button. There are also other sites which illustrate the trajectory and angle of earth at any given time. You can interact to change the date and see what planets were aligned on the date you were born and much more fun things. I have found many interesting things with these UI apps. I am much more interested in the Mayan Calendar now than ever before. Whomever the people were that built the pyramids (wasn't the egyptians) and other monumental sites on earth, they knew more than we have ever been informed of. I research as much as possible out of curiosity if nothing more. Great post, very informative.

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        mmc7 commented: "It would depend upon which area you reside in India & the time of year. The tropic of Cancer runs through the northern portion of India about 30 miles north of Ahmedabad. If you were to measure the sun during the months of Sept-Nov or the months of Ma"


        Comment by VMD — September 24, 2014 @ 2:26 am

  9. Recently I came across the Mayan Calendar and took time to watch a presentation which explained how the calendar was used in comparison to the Gregorian calendar which outlines for us holidays and infuses the economy with holidays. I prefer the Mayan version as I now understand the frequencies with which our immediate solar system provides for our health and welfare. I would encourage anyone to check on the liberating values of the Mayan Calendar. Curiously and mentioned in this blog by MMC7 is that of “time seeming to speed up” which is outlined in the Mayan Calendar presentation. It was on YouTube and the fellow who provided the 3 hour presentation eventually capitalized on his years of study but interesting also I have been studying other things and found a website which also had the Mayan theme and reference to the Mayan Calendar and not only free but stable, well thought out and for me, much easier to follow. What is happening is this. The “time” it used to take for the various “seasons” (not an accurate word), is indeed speeding up. What used to take 20 years for a cycle, now takes 20 days. Or today most likely 18 days is what I figured. Here is the link, look for yourself:

    Hi MMC7, hope you are feeling better!! Smiles 4 Miles, VMD


    Comment by VMD — February 6, 2014 @ 9:56 pm | Reply

  10. Amazing site, I’m a little behind, just noticed for myself that the sun is rising in the south, the scripture says Isaiah 24:20 King James Version (KJV) 20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again”. Scary huh? Don’t be fearful but believing


    Comment by Alison Montana — January 19, 2014 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

  11. I’ve been telling people about the earth wobble for years. I used to be able to tell time on a rock (sundial) but not any longer. I’ve noticed the weather too; ten days hot – ten days cold, or this past few weeks in Northern Nevada, heat wave and thunderstorms. Not new to Nevada, never noticed such changes so quickly and not seasonal. We laughed in Colorado saying “if you don’t care for the weather, wait a few hours” and then began to watch the jet stream(s) closer. Nova recently presented a program which identified the various satellites and the information they transmitted. Frankly I’m at a loss as to what is “truth” and what is “propaganda” these days. I so enjoyed your blog I wanted to mention that while I was looking for “earth wobble” in my search and found your blog, I was also worried about my dog and she exhibiting abnormal behavior such as “off feed, whining, carrying a toy around as if not sure where she should go”. So disturbed found that you, also, included a blog about “tainted” feed products. In 1999 I almost opened a feed store but went to work for the DOI/BLM instead (insurance, etc.). I researched feed(s) and learned of euthanized animals (dogs, cats, et al) being processed into dog food. Shocked that we have come to the age of “solyent green” for our pets and the administering of antibiotics as a “preventative” yet tragic modification for bacterial processes and that we absorb and many additives are cumulative, feel horrible. I had a reaction to generic medication which permanently disabled me and caused a blind spot and hearing damage. Being old as dirt and dum as a rock, ate foods processed with DDT (until the 70’s) and more. Heard about “chemtrails”, read some of J. Ventura’s concerns, watched Ancient Aliens and hoped they would come get me and take me home to paradise on December 21, 2012. Ha! Well thanks for everything. I subscribed and look forward to hear more from the mind of yours.


    Comment by vivispix — July 4, 2013 @ 10:55 pm | Reply

    • I loved your comment but was too ill to read it until now. I just added one of my typical long drawn out commentaries you can access under recent comments on the right sidebar above. That comment is under the Post heading for axis changes & other things. Mostly about the shifting axis.

      When I was a teen, I lived on military basis in the Panama CZ for 2 years. Every evening, just before dark, the military sent DDT trucks up & down every road between the houses spraying huge clouds of DDT. We were all sprayed with it many times. Some of the young boys used to follow behind the trucks on their bicycles, riding in those clouds of DDT. The only saving grace was those clouds remained heavy & low with the diesel they used to create a film on waters where mosquitoes propagated. Our houses were on stilts & above the DDT clouds.

      However, to my surprise, when I lived in Houston for a few years in the mid 1990’s, I was unloading groceries from my car around midnight and was astonished to see pickup trucks with a device spewing huge clouds of pesticide in giant upward columns as they drove down each road. I don’t know which pesticide but the clouds were mixed with a diesel residue & had the odor of organophosphates such as diazanon. I was unable to escape it & it was still descending from above for more than 20 minutes due to the way the clouds were propelled into the air; almost becoming a mushroom cloud of oily residue like fallout. I had not thought about it until now, but my health went into sudden severe decline that same month & I’ve been unwell ever since with a Plethora of immune system disorders, fibromyalgia, fatigue, etc. I never knew what caused it but I do remember it all hit me at once after the first week of July in 1997. The same week I was doused in that pesticide cloud for 20 minutes while I was unloading the car. I was not aware they were spraying our homes at night so I was caught by surprise. I didn’t realize what it was until I was covered in it. I had never seen pesticide clouds jet propelled vertically as this device in the bed of that pickup truck. The old DDT trucks were quite different and spayed the clouds behind but they did not have the effect of this pesticide. 17 years later, I’m still severely affected but had not made the connection. I remember the date because I had just turned 40 and a week later, my health suddenly crashed without warning. Almost overnight. I had made a remark that while I expected health issues would begin to occur after the age of 40, I certainly wasn’t anticipating everything would go wrong at once, just a week after. That was also the week I sent my spouse packing which was why I was unloading the groceries. I often did not leave work until 11 pm & had stopped at the store on the way home. I struggled to continue working for 6 more years as my health declined but by the end of 2003 I was too ill. I always wondered what caused my health to suddenly crash without warning.

      I realize they are trying to kill the mosquitoes which carry malaria, yellow fever & plague but I would have liked to have had some warning. I think the authorities should post signs, send postcard notices & flyers to every resident to warn them of the times & dates & types of chemicals & hazards involved with instructions on exposure. A military base in Panama is one thing, but I never expected to be sprayed in a US city without warning. Even in California when they were spaying fruit flies, it was on all the news & everyone knew exactly when & where those planes were spraying & what chemicals were being used.

      On the Pet food issue, I spoke directly with the Director of Veterinary research at Cornell whose dept first discovered the contaminants in pet food when their own pets began to die. She said there was a lot more than cancer drugs & melamine in that pet food. They also found lesions on the organs of the pets which were caused by something other than Melamine or cancer drugs but they were silenced from further statements by gov’t pressure on Cornell & their jobs. Melamine creates sediment in arteries so organ failures depend on which arteries it settled in & this makes it appear as many different organ problems & fools the vets & owners. Menu foods in Canada who process nearly Every brand of US pet food tried to blame it on melamine (powdered plastic) & claims it was mixed with the gluten from China. But China said Menu foods ordered the Melamine which was shipped in a separate pink bag. It was not mixed when shipped from China. The gluten was separate in white bags. China says Menu foods had deliberately ordered melamine & mixed it with the gluten in pet food at their plant in Canada. Not China. They showed the pink Melamine bags. You could not mistake the bright pink & the large clear lettering.

      The ONLY pet food I consider to be safe is “Solid Gold” hundenfloken & Katzenflocken (sp?) available at Petco. When everyone went to Dick Van Pattens pet food in response to the menu foods fiasco, somehow his pork was deliberately fed melamine and ended up on the news just a few months after the menu foods scandal. An obvious dirty trick by the competitor who had tainted the pet food in the first place. Most of Van Pattens petfood (natures own?) now contains deer, duck, fish & other ingredients not in the normal chain so I would feel fairly safe in recommending his petfood as well.

      But every other brand of Pet food still goes through Menu foods. They claimed only 9 cats died but the FDA office just for the Texas Region said they had over 5000 reports in just one day. I lost 7 cats and a dog. The FDA also told me the other 3 cats I lost years earlier all in 2 weeks back about 2001 likely died from a toxic fungus on Corn in the Aims food. The fungus was something like agrofloxen but that’s not the exact term. This toxic corn apparently occurred over 3 years. Never buy petfood with corn or soy. That goes for human food as well. No exceptions. Especially, Monsanto’s roundup ready GMO Corn & soy products. You are eating food with round up weed killer on it. Over 85% of US corn & soy is Monsanto’s roundup ready GMO. They spray it just a day or two before harvest & it is in your food. Read about Roundup ready products. They are actually trying to tell you its harmless. If people would refuse to eat these products, they would have no choice but to stop using them. Europe & Mexico banned them. Corn is also a primary cause of diabetes. What’s why there is such a high incidence of diabetes among Hispanic & native Americans due to their high corn consumption. It affects the pancreas.

      Also, do not drink milk with bovine hormones. It is not lactose intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome causing problems. It is the cow hormones by Monsanto. There is a DVD on Monsanto which will horrify you.

      Horizon is one of the safe milk brands sold at most stores. My brother was lactose intolerant for 30 years (so he thought). He can now drink Horizon milk without hormones, fat free with zero problems to his surprise. It also cured IBS in everyone I know so far. It was those Monsanto Bovine hormones causing all those problems.

      There are some excellent DVD’s about these issues. One is on Monsanto, another is Food inc. and then Endgame is one about govt. coverups.

      I find it interesting that the US often choses Canada & China for nefarious activities & questionable products Such as lead paint on toys. Our manufacturers provide the Specifications but when they get caught, they blame China as the scapegoat. Any products or deeds our companies & gov’t wish to conduct to avoid the scope of watchdogs in the US are usually in Canada, China or India.

      When the govt forced us to install their wiretapping equipment on our cell phone office by blackmailing us with our license to sell cell phone services, I was forced against my will to order their equipment from a company called Walker something in Canada. It had to be overnight expressed to be installed by our grand opening that week or they would shut was down. I still have that PO with the address & name. After that, the wiretapping was incorporated by regulations into the system rather than a separate device under NEBS (national equipment building Specifications). This applies to every phone system sold or built in the US. So if a foreign country buys a phone system from the US, our gov’t has a back door into eavesdropping on any call they desire, in any country. You should see some of the eavesdropping Setups our govt has in every long distance phone office in the Country. Especially the ones linked to overseas circuits. My recommendations for foreign countries is to disable the 0MP dial up connection & to remove any circuit’s into the Misc bay which allow the manufacturer support access. Our intelligence agencies often place their people (using blackmail & coercion) into staff positions at various phone companies. The same goes for photojournalists at news agencies. In my employer’s behalf, the execs stood behind me all the way when I refused to install the wiretapping equipment but when they threatened to shut down our company from selling services to the public, they had no choice but to concede. But I give my execs the highest commendations for at least trying to stand up to our gov’t and supported me in this effort.

      Speaking of Soylent Green, the practice of using cattle remains in Cattle feed is what caused the spread of mad cow disease BCE in the first place. I read where Purina has been repeatedly cited for doing this despite regulations & severe penalties. This is significant because if you have ever been to a farm feed supplier you will see Purina’s name on nearly every type of feed. Nearly the entire US food chain is fed Purina feed. So if they cannot be trusted, that could impact the entire nation of meat & poultry eaters. The vegetarians have to worry about roundup, GMO foods & other toxins from Monsanto who owns Ortho & a pharmaceutical company as I remember. A scary combination. Makes me think of ZyclonB.

      I also spoke with an FDA meat inspector in Texas who is now a vegetarian & so is his cat. He told me things about pet & human meat which would make your skin crawl. The US had zero positive findings for BCE Mad Cow disease because they were doing zero testing for over a decade. When a beef processing plant in Kansas wanted to test all the cattle for BCE at their own expense so they could sell to Japan. The USDA which was run by the owner of the largest meat packing plant in Texas told that KS plant owner that the USDA had total control over who could test for BCE & prohibited him (and everyone else) from testing. They went to court & the USDA lost (around April 2008) but I don’t know if they appealed.

      Our so called safe meat had no bad BCE tests because the USDA prohibited all of the tests. 3 FDA inspectors were fired for blowing the whistle about downer cows (BCE symptoms) were being processed for human consumption & the worse diseased animals for pet consumption which were completely incapacitated with disease. The inspector told me the problems were even worse. The TX plants owned by the head of the USDA not only permitted clearly downer cows with obvious visible signs of Mad Cow to be processed for humans but the TX plant had poultry processing on the other side, allowing cross contamination into the poultry. You can also find some of these reports on the internet news sites. I think CNN had the KS meat packing court case report. Others had the whistleblowers stories. I also recommend Reuters & other non US, non UK, non Australian news sources if you want to see the news stories which have been censored from the US public. Our news is even more censored than the UK.

      Try reading about the nuke reactor damage in Japan & see how many US news sources carry it. I also learned about Videos which had not allowed to be sold in the US. “Threads” was one. It was a UK story about the effects of a Nuke attack on a community. The US felt the realistic theme of post nuke survival would create negative US public opinions against nukes. I had to get a copy from Canada about 15 years ago to see it. I always believed we were free & uncensored. I was wrong & it is really getting bad. I stopped watching TV 2 years ago. I couldn’t tolerate the news which sounded more like ads & attacks on anyone who reports negative stories. No real news reports. I remember how we used to claim the USSR fed propaganda to their citizens & censored their news. I was profoundly disturbed by the amount of censoring on our news. No negative stories on corporations & nothing but slanted politics. Nothing negative to scare away the US nuke plant construction projects. Claiming all that radioactive waste in the air & ocean heading for the US from Japan was perfectly safe. It only takes 1 microscopic spec of plutonium inhaled or ingested to do its damage. One of those reactors, the one which was spewing the columns of radioactive steam into the upper atmosphere was using plutonium fuel rods. Not just inside the reactor but there were fuel rods in cooling ponds in every reactor building. These hazards are in every plant worldwide. I understand plutonium catches fire when exposed to water. That also gives you contaminated smoke. What fool would ever use plutonium rods in a nuke reactor? Uranium is bad enough. Plutonium should be banned worldwide from all use. The US TV anchors were making jokes about anyone who might be concerned. Mostly, our news outlets don’t cover anything that might affect business or gov’t interests. Make an effort to check international news once a week & see what we aren’t being told. It will shock & surprise you.

      When a Conoco gasoline plant caught fire in Oklahoma about 10 years ago, it appeared on MSNBC once & never again. When I called relatives in that town, their news had been censored on radio & TV. They had no idea the gas tanks were burning toxins from huge black clouds over the town and across the street from residents but no residents were notified. Not even the ones 3 blocks away. My call was the only warning. They had blacked out the news to prevent bad publicity for the oil company at the expense of public health & welfare. This was a huge fire with multiple burning gas tanks & chemical ponds. The citizens were breathing these toxins in the air but their Mayor was a shill of the oil company. The main employer for the town.

      I could also tell you about a major phone outage which completely isolated Houston metro area for over 16 hours around Aug 1997 which was covered up & reported as a minor cable cut. They had cut all of the fiber cables to their only Hi Cap Hub office which linked every phone company, every cell company, every long distance carrier & every neighborhood phone office from every company & every town in the entire Houston metro area. The only calls which worked were if you called someone with your same prefix at your same local phone office but could not call between any offices or long distance. They were down for over 16 hours & some customers were down for 3 weeks. But it was all covered up as a minor outage. We had warned them about this single point, central Hi Cap Hub office design like spokes in a bicycle wheel with the single office as the sole central link for every phone office & phone company service provider, cell phones, cell towers for every company. No exceptions except ours. We were forcing them to build another Hicap Hub for redundancy but it was not complete. I was with the only company which had half our facilities working because we were the first to refuse to have everything hinging on one location.

      The real joke was the damage was caused by the city of Houston whose water crew pulled up the sign in front of the Hi Cap Hub office which said “danger fiber optic do not dig” then promptly took a backhoe & dug up every cable where the sign had been pulled up. This was the most catastrophic loss of phone service since the Hinsdale fire in Chicago.

      Speaking of medical injections, did you know that nearly all injections contain mercury or aluminum as preservatives? Neither should be in your body. Ask to read the vial before you get an injection & check the ingredients. Also, if you want the flu, get a flu shot. My mother became sick with the flu for 3 to 6 weeks every time she got a shot but refused to stop. She did this for over 40 years. My brother & I have never had a flu shot & have never had the flu. I also have a friend in Canada who gets a severe case of the flu every time he gets a shot. But he won’t stop either. I pleaded but he wont listen & has nearly died several times. When a doctor on MSNBC tried to warn the public about the flu shots & how everyone on his hospital staff who got the shots, got the flu & those who did not get the shot did not get the flu. They pulled him from the air & he never appeared again as their advisor. This was around 2008. What was scary were the TV ads the govt was running every 10 minutes pushing flu shots & every grocery & pharmacy were pushing them on signs in front of their stores. The signs were everywhere & they were talking about making these shots mandatory too. Did you ever get the feeling someone is trying to thin out the population?

      Doesn’t anyone think it is a bit strange that every strain of flu, SARS, bird flu pandemic etc. every year for decades is always blamed on China as the source but we always seem to know in advance, which strain it will be & have those shots ready before it hits? These flu viruses always occur at the same time & location each year just like clockwork. Always a new strain but we always seem to know which one to expect & the correct vaccine is always prepared on time.

      Seems a bit premeditated to me. Too regular patterns. Too much advanced warning & the pharmaceutical company with exclusive flu shot patents & Nutrasweet patent was the company Donald Rumsfeld was CEO for over a decade. He used his influence to get Nutrasweet approved after FDA repeatedly turned it down. I think people should take a closer look at this flu source & flu shot business. It wouldn’t be the first time. The CIA was caught red handed & documents made public about their spaying NY subways, Malls, San Francisco, schools in MN or Chicago with viruses, injecting Ohio patients with plutonium, Canada Mental hospital patients subjected to horrendous experiments, exposing GI’s to Sarin, Chlorine Gas, chemicals, nuke tests & even their own coworkers with LSD, shoving one out a hotel window to his death. So they aren’t above spraying some street market in China with an annual flu strain.

      People seem to think conspiracies are a joke. They try to bully people into silence by pinning a conspiracy theory label on them. People are really afraid of the label which is why it is so effective. It implies a lack of sanity or credibility. We must overcome the fear of labels to stop the cycle. Younger people need to realize these terrible things really happened. The details are from the CIA’s own records. So if people are not educated on things like the CIA experiments, GI exposure to atomic tests & chemicals, deliberately exposing the public to bacteria, Scams with false reports & false incident’s to start wars or the dirty politics of the Nixon era really happened then how can they make jokes & live in such ignorance about the lengths the gov’t powers at be are willing to go?

      I don’t invent these details. I go to the source experts & read reports from reliable official sources. Even on the global issues, I provide links to the sources such us USGS, NWS, NOAH, NASA, SOHO, ESA, Smithsonian, FDA, USDA, etc. I also do my own research & pattern analysis, personal experience, etc. I try to relay details as best I can remember. I may occasionally make an error but I never exaggerate or invent any details. These are all true incidents. Our biggest concerns should be to protect ourselves as best we can by educating ourselves on these issues. If we stop using this products, the supplier will either have to change or shut down. I would recommend thinking twice about using them & read what you can from reliable sources. While you may hear it on a blog, it is best to confirm by checking the facts on food items & share the details with others. I highly recommend those DVD’s on food & Monsanto.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 9, 2014 @ 12:25 pm | Reply

  12. Can’t say I’m too sad about this… I HATE the cold. Give me 125 Fahrenheit in the shade and I’m a happy man.


    Comment by Warmdaddy — July 18, 2008 @ 8:49 am | Reply

  13. I noticed the shift in the early Spring of 2007. The sun was rising in the wrong place — I have a window facing east and immediately realized the new sun orientation. For two years now I’ve observed and measured where the sun was setting at summer solstice by using markers on my property which were is place before the shift. The sun is indeed setting about 26 degrees further north than before the December 2006 axis shift. The daylight is longer in the spring and fall too. That’s why the government changed the dates to move the clocks forward. It’s all true — Earth has shifted on its axis. It wil shift again — they announced today that the North Pole will be ice-free this summer. I’m not panicking either. I’ve lived the best life I can and will face what is to come with peace.


    Comment by hemlock — June 27, 2008 @ 9:21 pm | Reply

    • Keeping in mind, when they announce the artic will be ice-free, it doesn’t mean it will not refreeze again in the winter… however, it will be much thinner and cover a much smaller area.

      Google earth and other satellite sites won’t show any detailed photos of the polar regions newer than 1999. They don’t want us to see any of the current photos. So, check the dates anytime you are looking at images of the polar regions. They have removed most of the current images from the public except those hand selected to present the appearance they want the public to see.

      If you try to look at the southpole, you will find you can’t see the center at all. It has been obscured from view… as has the artic region.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 6, 2010 @ 12:09 pm | Reply

  14. I am very interested in the data being presented, but I can’t find any documented correlation between climate change and an actual Axis shift.
    The climate change data is indisputable, but where’s the evidence of Axis shift. I’d really like to know.


    Comment by Doug Vasey — June 14, 2008 @ 6:03 pm | Reply

    • Most of the information on the axis shift, global weather changes, seismic & volcanic increases has been gathered together from official government sources and can be reviewed at

      All of the info provided has links to the original official gov’t sites it was obtained from so the info can be easily validated.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 6, 2010 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

  15. I reached this site after also thinking about this theory. I think that humanity might have today less impact on the weather change than the “kick” that has been given to the earth – the axis change, although the axis change might have been caused by humanity. But now we can’t probably do much agains the axis change except slow it down, if this is indeed true.

    So we assume that the axis change causes this extreme weather, since during summer we’re closer to the sun and during winter we are further.
    I still have one problem I can’t explain with this theory. The winter, at least in the middle east (where I am from), is starting later and later as years go by (in average ofcourse). and ends later. I would expect that the axis change will cause the winter to start earlier and finish earlier (or at least not change at all).
    Any suggestion?


    Comment by Itai — January 14, 2008 @ 1:37 am | Reply

    • The weather timelines & patterns could most certainly be affected depending on which direction the slippage occurred. We live on a sphere so the slippage does not have to occur in a defined direction or straight line. Even a minor variation of angle could affect the timelines of weather patterns. There are many factors involved. The moons orbit, the earths orbit, magnetic fields, ocean currents, jet stream position, rotational wobble. It is a very delicate interaction of many planetary & astronomical forces. Just a slight variation in the angle of slippage could affect weather patterns in many different ways depending on the location.

      But the more we learn about the global changes, the better we can analyze the patterns & keep track of the changes. Especially information on variations we would not normally see in standard reports. It is very helpful to hear observations from people around the globe.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 9, 2014 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

  16. We knew about the shift in the earth’s axis last year when it occured without the knowlege of any scientific evidence. For more information go to Whether or not you will believe and understand is up to you. Prayer would help in the discernment of what has been revealed here about these events in earth’s history. God bless. Fiat Voluntas Tua, Sicut in Coelo et in Terra.


    Comment by anonymous — September 7, 2007 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

  17. sorry, meant to post the above on ‘earth’s axis has changed’


    Comment by mothandrust — August 24, 2007 @ 5:44 pm | Reply

  18. I put together some ideas on how to survive the global climate changes. I have done quite a bit of research on it.

    It encompasses a wide range of ideas from simple insulation, energy saving and low cost suggestions to larger projects such as roofing, solar, etc. I endeavored to add a full scale of suggestions in the event the climate changes become increasingly severe. It’s better to plan ahead so we dont get caught offguard.

    I had originally placed this info on the axis change blog but it moved the more important article down to the bottom so I created another blog for the weather survival projects. I will endeavor to clean it up a bit when I get a chance. Here is the link for that info:



    Comment by mmc7 — August 20, 2007 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

  19. After thinking about this….I can’t handle living like mole in a hole , then dieing underground because an earth quake, nuclear leaking in the ground, radon, or whatever….Or above ground…same problems.Gez it’s gonna suck, for everyone, regardless of an wealth. Mother nature wins. So….I’m not in panic…I’m at peace…Either scenario is live underground and prolong the suffering or live above and go quickly. It’s like having cancer….you can do Kemo and live longer in pain, fear, panic, sickness, and then die ( or maybe survive if lucky )…Or just go naturally….So it doesn’t matter….Ingornace is bliss…May your God be with you and your loved ones…..Unless….you have a room at the space station…Can i go withyou ? Check please….


    Comment by Bob — August 19, 2007 @ 8:37 am | Reply

  20. Peolple think I’m a nut case too, when I mention pole shift. Okay, so where are safe locations to live for us “crazy” people? What are your suggestions to go to have a chance for survival. I think my family and i are toast, since our basement is the closest thing to underground safety.

    Please advise.




    Comment by Bob — August 19, 2007 @ 7:50 am | Reply

  21. Good info…. Hope to see more



    Comment by Brain — August 16, 2007 @ 5:55 am | Reply

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