Earth's Axis has changed

February 2, 2016

2-2016 Crust Misconceptions

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We already know from previous reports from Southern Australia that they are seeing the sun to the south of them in December which is their Summer.

Inverse to our situation in the northern hemisphere where we should never see the sun north of the tropic of Cancer (mid mexico) which is the farthest north point the sun should appear on the longest day, summer solstice June 21st… In the southern hemisphere, the  sun should never be any father south than the Tropic of Capricorn (Uruguay) on December 21st. So our friends in South Africa & Australia should never see the sun to the south of their homes at any time. Nor should those of us in the US, Europe, Russia, etc be seeing the sun to the north at any time.

This is proof of an axis shift. NOT the shift of the Earth’s crust. Anyone who tells you it is a crust shift is wrong (regardless of who it is).  The very fact of the identical inverse positions of the sun between the northern & southern hemispheres proves this. During the most recent solstices, the sun was approximately 850 miles too far north in June and 850 miles too far south in December.

If it was a crust shift, then the sun would be 850 miles too far NORTH in the Southern Hemisphere on Dec 21st. Rather than 850 miles too far SOUTH which is inverse as it should be when it is the axis which has shifted. NOT the crust.

Anyone who tells you the axis is pointing at Polaris is clearly not standing directly at the north pole using a laser measuring device. Just because it “appears” to be lined up with the axis does NOT mean it is. Just ignore people or websites which make grandiose claims. The difference between the stars in Central America & 1200 miles north is so miniscule, it is barely discernible when the stars are millions of light years away. You cannot judge distance like this with the bare eye or an amateur telescope. I have a post on this site & star charts showing this. Plus, I have also been in both locations to personally validate this. But just because I or anyone else has a telescope does not mean we have the laser devices to provide any precision measurements. Only major observatories have these capabilities but since they are funded by gov’t grants, you cannot depend on any veracity from their statements. The scientific community whom are all paid or work for an institution under gov’t grants, controls or contracts are forbidden to disclose information on a large variety of issues… which include axis shifts & tsunamis.

Did you know that lightning data is classified? I tried to obtain some lightning info from a variety of sources and was told by each it was classified. That is just one small example of how tightly the gov’t controls every miniscule detail. Even if you live outside the US, it still controls your gov’t thru loans, trades, treaties & many other pressures. So any scientist you see on a documentary or other media is only providing the official gov’t approved version if they wish to continue in their profession.

Even I do not make claims about the southern hemisphere solar measurements until I obtain that info from someone who actually lives there. This is why I do not post the December measurements. We cannot be precise about measurements or conditions in the southern hemisphere when we are not there. I do not make grandiose claims about the measurements or conditions unless I obtain them from someone who is in that location.   So by the same reasoning, do not take the word of someone about the axis pointing at Polaris unless that person is standing on the axis while measuring it with certified laser instruments designed for that purpose. The next time someone tells you something, take a moment to consider that persons education, scientific expertise, IQ, veracity, technical training, job experience and access to precision scientific devices to support the accuracy of their statements. Or is this some redneck claiming to know all the answers while finishing his third beer. Do not let people intimidate you or make claims they cannot support.  I have always promised the info on this site would be accurate and non confrontational, so I will not approve comments regarding erroneous claims like this.

In 2014, I had my friends in Canada, Alaska, Nova Scotia & Detroit who each saw the sun north of their homes in June. Even the Inuit tribe noticed the sun being incorrect. This should give you an idea as to how severe the axis shift had become in 2014. Then it reversed itself in 2015. I will be interested to see if it wobbles back in June 2016 or continues to improve.











  1. Good video on Youtube posted yesterday by BPEarthWatch called Climate Chaos/The Tilting of the Planet 10:44. Thought some of you might be interested.


    Comment by Dean — May 12, 2017 @ 7:45 am | Reply

  2. I just read a lot of your posted data,as i have worked outside most of my life time in northern Canada,I’m adding some my personal view on some of the changes here. I need to explain that i have worked both in the summer and winter ,this being said its unnerving to see that the weather patterns have in the last 5 years been so crazy ,that to say your going to the enjoy the calm lake is in fact a journey of what am i to expect to have (rain ,sunny ,snow,high winds ,ect ect )we just don’t know .i have worked in the forest on downed trees from what the people of knowledge call plow wind ,this some weird wind ,hit Grimshaw, Alberta,back in the 70’s I believe.As I’m a retired roofer, in the summer it was always weather related work ,i based my days work on what i heard ,seen for myself & observation of animal behavior .This gave me the info to make my choice of work action for any given day ,this being said ,the sky is wrong,the sun is wrong ,the animals are confused,which makes it hard to understand what to expect to do in any daily task .As it seems to be coming at a more frequent rate lately ,with no mention from weathermen ,government agency ,or scientific weather site as to the cause of changes or a more proactive approach to inform people to the potential risk of an axis tilt .Also ,note have not seen or heard of plow winds since the 80’s ,makes a person wonder if there really is such a thing ,or if it was all just a test of some sort ?
    I got to laugh at the weather guys ,when they say rain ,& it stays sunny ,or vise-versa, we have a saying here from us over 55,its the only job that when your wrong they’ll not get fired for lying ,its as if its common place to never get it right .I have seen a clear sky day with temps in the 80’s,have a localized storm hit with a 20 degree temp drop ,heavy rain, severe wind & it all happen in 5-10 minute span ,this all with flat country, on a lake in mid July,this is now going on more and more every year .Mention this to anyone and its like so it don’t mean a thing to me,or its global warming ,or i live, i work ,i die ,so whats the point !,we are all immortal on earth by our children ,grandchildren & so on,if their life ends our immortality is ended ,they are the ones that have to deal with the changes that our planet is going through ,i just pray they are smart enough to understand the lie ,and expose it for a lie,in order to make a sound judgement on what they need to do .


    Comment by Larry — April 6, 2017 @ 9:44 am | Reply

    • The most shocking weather I saw was what I describe as gatling gun lightning. Where a dozen or so bolts hit a small area at the same time. From a small low cloud, several bolts hit over a dozen trees on the same side of the road as if they had been simultaneously rapid fired from a gatling gun. I saw it do this in 2 spots from 3 miles away. Within 5 minutes, I drove past the site. At least a dozen trees had been split & were lying in the road. Some nearby contractors were trying to move them out of the road, which was just a country lane with windbreak trees growing on both sides. Oddly, none of the trees or power poles on the opposite side had been touched. But a half mile section of trees on the same side (no poles) had been decimated. I had trouble getting past the fallen trees. If I hadn’t seen it occur, I wouldn’t have believed it. If I hadn’t stopped for food, I would have been driving past the trees when they were simultaneously hit. Since the contractors were moving the trees & it was rush hour & the gov’t offices were closed, it likely was never reported. The country lane is only used by the few of us who live nearby. The contractors likely saw it occur but most don’t speak English & many work illegally.

      We’ve had some very strange lightning behavior which has hit around my house about 4 times in a couple months. Who says lightning never strikes twice? It destroyed a brand new power pole across the street & hit my house & my neighbors yard in one strike.

      I learned a few years ago that all lightning data is classified. I was told this by NOAA & a meteorology college & NASA. The only reason lightning data would be classified by the US gov’t, would be if we are weaponizing it. I can say for sure that those dozen gatling gun bolts were not natural & it occurred twice in 2 places about 5 miles apart. Simultaneously. It came from a weird, small low cloud shaped like a shuttlecraft or rhombus. I wrote a post about it. This is my best recollection, but the post was shortly after the incident so those details would be more accurate. There were too many bizarre lightning strikes occurring in just 4 months last year. They do a lot of weather modification here. The state has a website regulating weather modification. There is also a website from a company named Just clouds which also sprays chemtrails.

      Too many people laugh these things off without bothering to check. With a little research, they can be easily verified. I can still see the massive damage to all those trees those bolts hit last summer. The tight precision of the destruction was disturbing. I still don’t understand how it hit such a tight area on one side only without disturbing the trees or poles across the road just 10 ft away.


      Comment by mmc7 — April 7, 2017 @ 5:02 pm | Reply

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