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April 5, 2019

4-2019 Nuclear… did you know?

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I have researched nuclear power for decades. I nearly chose it as a career. My uncle was a Sr Nuclear scientist… but with all of my years of diligent research, I only recently became aware of the fact that ALL nuclear plants perform regular releases of radioactive gasses and products. It is called “Burping the baby: Watch the video documentary below on TMI.

They aren’t even required to monitor strontium from getting into dairy cows nearby or testing contamination levels of nearby residents. If you can see the towers from your home you are too close. Three mile Island residents were having problems from the releases long before the accident.

The NRC is just as crooked as the FDA whose board approval members come from the very pharmaceutical companies they are regulating or your local city planning dept who work for the very developers they should be controlling. The NRC is from the very crooked nuclear industry they should be regulating. Everyone is lying about levels of exposure, safety & releases. It is all about money. Do not wait for the gov’t to tell you to leave a disaster situation. Get out. If you have someone in a nursing home, take them to a hospital out of the area if they can be moved safely.

Commercial nuclear power is only one of the problems. There are also private reactors, Industrial, military, University, Medical and research reactors, etc. You would have no way of knowing if one of these reactors is located near you.

If you think people didn’t die at 3 mile island, you are mistaken. I had 2 friends who died 10 years after TMI. You could see the towers from their house. They were exactly 5 miles away in Middletown, PA. The wife had leukemia and the husband had early onset Alzheimers and died from a hemorrhagic stroke. They canvassed their neighborhood and found 42 cases of leukemia within just 2 blocks from their home. Thousands were court ordered into silence if they agreed to money from TMI settlement deal. The local cancer centers reported over 700 patients.

Youtube has documentaries about the 1961 SL-1 accident which killed 3 men. See how diligent the responders were which the TMI victims never got. The authorities tried to blame their medical problems on stress. Does that apply to their pets, livestock & plant malformations? Were their flowers emotionally stressed? Radiation exposure of this kind will cause cancers, heart & lung and other issues. It is just a matter of when… not if. TMI victims died within 10-15 years after the accident. Most from Leukemia, thyroid cancer, bone cancers, birth defects, lung & heart failures.

What I cannot understand is why people would wait to be told to evacuate. Screw that. Get out of there and don’t wait. Not even a couple hours. Take your pets and family and clothes and get at least 100 miles away. Don’t wait for school or work to end. Go now. Even for a hurricane or wildfire.

Take iodine tablets at the time of the accident. You can buy them on Amazon for under $10. Don’t wait. If you cannot afford to have a  geiger counter which are about $350, you can buy docimeter cards on Amazon for a few dollars and place them around your home, etc and check them daily to ensure you have not been exposed. If you taste iodine or metal in your mouth, get out immediately. Alpha radiation causes sunburns and skin rashes and eye damage. Cover up.

Radiation also causes white hairs in humans and pets exposed. Bathe immediately. Scrub the outer layer of skin off with a rough sponge or cloth. Wash your hair. Don’t delay. Change your clothes. If you see or hear ash or sand from the sky, that is from destroyed nuclear fuel rods. It has all three deadly radiations. Do not drink any water from that area and the soil will be contaminated.

Your pets will need to be brought inside and thoroughly bathed. Rinse out eyes with water. Do not inhale. Buy yourself a gas mask for family and pets. Just one speck of inhaled or ingested radioactive material is too much. Thoroughly cover yourself, family and pets and get them inside. Don’t wait and don’t believe any assurances you hear. Get out. Every minute is exposure. Keep your vehicle filled with gas and emergency cash on hand. Check out my lists for emergency evacuation go bags.

Livestock should be in a cinderblock barn with covered water and covered air pipes with at least 2 weeks of food. There are Demron suits you can buy to protect against radiation and CDC level 4 positive pressure hoods. You will need plastic sheeting, duct tape, gloves, boots, pet carriers & iodine tablets for each person for 10 days. Take your cell phone, your money, clothes, sealed food for trip. Leave Asap.

Read the stories of the TMI victims so you will know what it was like. They will continue to release deadly gasses and materials into the air long after the accident and will do so on a regular basis at all plants even if there is no accident. On pages 30-33 of the witness link below, read about the blinded & dead pets left behind with plenty food & water after just a week in a garage with their eyes burned white and all the dead birds & repeated ventings of TMI.

The sunburns, blisters, skin & eye irritations are from alpha radiations as are bruising and sores which wont heal. Corneas burned white. Signs of radiation exposure are weakness, burning of skin, eyes & throat. Nausea, burns or rash with alpha and metallic taste if iodine and possibly intense blue color or a flash of heat. Animals will behave strangely. The polyps, sinus, throat & lung would be beta radiation from radioactive gasses. Leukemia, heart damage, gastrointestinal, tumor masses, organ & bone cancers would be from gamma radiation & fallout from uranium & plutonium fuel rods, caesium, krypton, tritium and other radioactive products. Iodine causes thyroid cancer & polyps & metallic taste. Strontium goes to the bones, I believe. The reactors create many different radioactive products. Do not inhale or ingest even a speck of radioactive contaminants. Anyone or anything with prolonged exposure will be mortally injured. Some of my earlier posts include info on blocking radiation. Most cancers occur within the first 10-15 years. Some exposures will have all 3 radiation forms. I have studied this extensively from reports of other exposure incidents. This is just a quick overview. Some victims will receive heavier exposure than others. It is not uniform. Talk to others in the area after it is safe to do so.

On pages 7 & 8 of the victim statements on the link below, Marie Holowka describes the intense blue colors & the deaths & blinding of her pets. At first, I thought the intense blue was a criticality flash but upon further research, I discovered Iodine 131 gas is intense violet blue & responsible for the sickening metallic taste reported by all the victims. This radioactive product is immediately absorbed by the thyroid causing thyroid cancer. Especially in young children & infants which is why iodine tablets are so important to take when a nuclear accident occurs. The tablets load the thyroid so no radioactive iodine can load the thyroid. These are only 24 hour tablets so each person should have 10 days worth for an emergency. They are very cheap on Amazon. If you live near a nuclear reactor and experience metallic taste, you should consider a tablet which you should have on hand for emergencies.

Victim statements (35 pages):

Click to access tmi-090217_tmi_testament.pdf

There are other radioactive gasses and products routinely released by all nuclear reactors in addition to Iodine 131 which most are colorless & tasteless which is why they get away with the releases. Many are called noble gasses. Beware of noble metals at the dentist office as well.

Krypton, tritium, caesium 137 & 134 (found in all seafood off the coast of California since Fukushima), uranium (yellow scum on water from fallout), strontium 90 (found in milk when dairy cows eat contaminated grass), plutonium (one of Japans reactors was using plutonium fuel rods. Plutonium burns when wet.) A very fine ash like snow is the fallout from a damaged reactor core such as 3 mile island, Fukushima, Chernobyl & nuclear explosions. Polonium (poisoned Alexander Litvenenko), paladium (dental products. Ask for precious metals not semi precious.)

More info from previous posts:

I posted numerous other posts on my sites.

If you live near a nuclear reactor or chemical plant or coastline… move. Make sure the new home is not near a reactor, chemical plant, garbage dump, industrial complex or contaminated zone and make sure you are above the 300 ft elevation level. Some place like Nebraska or Kansas. Thoroughly research the area. Hire a company to investigate. Talk to older residents. You don’t want to end up in Denver near Rocky Flats or New Mexico near LANL or Idaho across from Hanford or Oak Ridge TN… for example. Nor near any cleanup supersites like Idaho, NJ, GA, Radium city, etc.

Choose your location well. When I moved to the Dallas area my employer paid a company to thoroughly research the entire area from contamination to crime rate to schools, etc. It was very thorough. However, Raytheon is about 20 miles away where they test rocket engines. You can bet they have a reactor.

There is also a medical reactor in downtown Dallas which is not on any map. I know this because I had 2 radioactive Indium scans where they take your blood, drive like crazy to downtown Dallas where they remove the white cells and impregnate them with radioactive Indium. Then they run it back to the hospital where they inject it and scan you to see where the white cells are going for an infection they can’t find. It makes you so radioactive the technicians and doctors have to keep 25 feet from you at all times. It takes over a week to settle down. I have geiger counters and I was quite hot.

There was a man in San Francisco who had the same test. As he was headed home on a bus across the Golden gate bridge, when he entered the tunnel, his radiation levels were so high they set off a radiation monitor in the tunnel and he was apprehended until they could determine why. So the levels were quite high for someone riding on a bus to set off a monitor inside a tunnel.

The billions in nuclear subsidies have turned utilities into mafia syndicates who will quite literally kill anyone who gets in their way. They have politicians in their pockets with kickbacks & hired assassins. This is no joke. You might want to watch The China Syndrome on Amazon. Or Silkwood {a true story). TMI was much worse than the movies. They did uncover the reactor core IRL & it was half melted down. The damaged uranium was raining down on the victims like snow. No one ever cleaned it up or even acknowledged the contamination or their true levels of exposure which continued from releases after the accident.

They aren’t capable of knowing if a core is uncovered or damaged until months or years later & cannot operate a reactor without releasing radioactive products, both intentional or accidental. They have no business building these plants. Go on youtube and watch documentaries about 3 mile island, Simi valley, Rocky flats, Los Alamos, Hanford, SL1, downwinders, etc.

This TMI documentary will tell you how ALL nuke plants release radioactive gasses & other products. You need to know. Also, see my other nuke posts from last summer.







  1. although unrelated , but a need to be aware of ; it’s probably already in the water

    { US government shuts down military lab studying Ebola and plague over fears deadly bugs are escaping via wastewater }


    Comment by nara — August 6, 2019 @ 9:21 pm | Reply

    • Not a problem. It is an issue everyone should be cautious about. I’ve been there years ago when I pulled off the highway at the wrong exit. It is about 30 miles north of Washington DC. I also know someone whose ex-wife was dating one of the scientists there. He was describing how they accidentally discovered how to make weaponized anthrax. They mixed it with water for the slide and when it dried it became a very fine powder. In that form, it became airborne when it was run through the postal conveyor belt system which squished the envelopes and expressed the contents into the air. That fine powder contaminated everything in the post office after it became airborne. He showed how it became weaponized on TV during his interview.
      I contacted Senator Leahy whom had been targeted and asked him if he thought it was strange how only the 3 top Democrats in the Senate were targeted. They were the main thorns in W’s side. Also, targeted the media members who had broken the stories about his Cocaine use and AWOL. If it were some terrorist, they would target the party who were in charge. Plus, the letters were addressed using abbreviations & slang & writing styles of someone born in the US. They also write from right to left so it would be difficult for them to reverse their direction to ours. The next day, Leahy immediately called for an investigation. They checked the DNA of the anthrax and 10 days later, Leahy learned it came from the Very same Army Biolab at Ft Detrick.
      Then the govt tried to hang it on the director of the lab. They went out of their way to make his life miserable. His only crime being he knew whom had entered the lab after hours for Cheney & Rumsfeld. At least we stopped any further attacks. Sometimes you have to nudge them. Prior to that they were all stupefied.
      On another event, in England, the cows were spreading a horribly contagious disease and they were killing thousands of cattle with it. There was a bio lab in the middle of this mess. Overseas sales were blocked. Japan also isolated their cattle and banned sales. They found out that the disease was being spread from the waste water drain of a lab in the middle of the outbreaks. A similar situation as your article shows. You would think they would have learned their lessons by now from the fate of other labs. Just the same as the problem you mentioned.
      However, anyone near Baltimore and DC should thoroughly BOIL the water before drinking it or brushing teeth, etc. That’s the only way to defend from it. Be very afraid of any bio warfare lab. There is no excuse for them not being careful. I used to think that I was fairly well informed about nuclear but I had no idea they were frequently “Burping the baby” into the air. Iodine 131, Krypton, strontium, etc. The dairy cows eat the grass and the strontium gets into the milk. The iodine destroys a childs thyroid. That came from Michio Kkaku who was doing an interview about 3 mile island. But every plant frequently releases these gases. I had no idea. Then there was the Simi Valley plant which was court ordered to clean up and it still has not been done. Take a look at that on youtube. If the public knew that, there might be an uproar against building any more.
      Also read about the experience which the 3 mile island victims describe. They all commented on how deeply blue the sky was that morning. That was the iodine 131. It it intense blue. Almost purple.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 7, 2019 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

  2. Thank you for all the information!🌷


    Comment by Valerie — April 5, 2019 @ 10:52 pm | Reply

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