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July 24, 2018

7-2018 Diversion Theories

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It is much hotter. Triple digits nearly every day since the beginning of June & getting hotter.  Not just Texas. Most states are having a heat wave,

One thing is certain. Having the sun go further north in July means our orbit around the sun has changed. We need to check it every month on the 15th and 21st.

Has anyone checked the positions of the constellations with a star chart? I have one somewhere but don’t know where. This is important because it could tell us if Earth has had a drastic change in its axis, orbit, etc. However, you can see what big lies they are telling, such as blaming the axis or solar position on an alignment of planets. You can see that with your bare eyes if such an alignment had occurred. Not all of the planets, but enough to see some of the alignment.

These gov’t hirelings are spreading fodder to confuse everyone from what is really going on. They have as many as 10 false scenarios on the internet to lead everyone astray.

With these new changes in July, we’ll have to reevaluate what is causing the new changes. Only the constellations & star charts can tell us if we’ve tipped onto our side or some other change.

I’ve already explained about pole reversals & magnetic fields. Those are 2 of the current fairy tales which you can verify once I show you how. Here is a list of their tall tales to explain the solar changes, etc., how to verify the truth & why these are wrong.  They are just trying confuse everyone because they know most people don’t have enough knowledge of science, etc., to sort out the lies. I will help you.

#1 Magnetic reversal of the poles.

This is easy to verify. Look at a compass. If the needle is pointing toward the north, it has not reversed. I checked my compass. It is pointing toward the north where it should be.

#2 Changes to Earth’s magnetic field.

If this were to occur, it would affect the power grids & cause rolling blackouts. It would affect electronic devices, Computers, cars, phones, etc. You would know if the magnetic field changed or reversed. It would cause global disturbances & outages.

#3 Alignment of planets causing gravitational stresses.

You could see some of this with your bare eyes at night. Spot the planets & see if there is any types of alignment. Ask a high school science teacher who likes to view the stars if they see anything unusual. They are the least likely to lie or be gov’t hirelings. Universities or professional Astronomers or astronomy clubs are the least likely to be dependable  & most likely to be under gov’t pressure, or hirelings, etc.

#4 Earth flipping upside down

The earth is bottom heavy due to the weight of Antarctica & the miles of glaciers & ice covering the Continent. There is no land weight at the north pole. Floating ice does not add to the balance weight. Only land based ice counts. The south pole has a massive amount of land covered with miles deep of glacial ice which acts as a gyroscopic balance weight for the planet. Specifically the tilt angle of the axis. Due to the significant weight of the south pole versus none at the north pole, it is impossible for Earth to flip upside down without any weight at the north pole. Floating ice has no weight. However, Earth can tip onto its side due to the significant weight at the equator. You wouldn’t notice the difference because the rotation & orbit would be the same & the sun & Earth are round. A small globe might help visualize this, keeping in mind the tilt is fixed in one direction which causes seasons. But that would depend on the direction of the tilt. In fact, it is the melting of the south pole ice which affects our tilt because Antarctica is Earth’s gyroscopic anchor which controls the balance & tilt of the axis. You can do this with a rubber ball in a bathtub full of water, using metal washers as weight to see how it affects tilt and balance. But the galaxy also has a fixed orientation of up, down & ecliptic plane & gravitational fields.  However, one of the planets, (Uranus, I think), is rotating sideways as we could become if Earth tipped onto its side. It is not rotating backwards as most people say. It depends on which direction you are viewing it from. For example, if it were possible for Earth to flip upside down and continued to rotate as it does now, it would appear to be rotating backward because of the reversed aspect we would be viewing Earth from. But the rotation would still be the same even though it was upside down.

#5 Planet X, Nemesis & Rogue objects

I’ve said this before. If some rogue planet, asteroid, system, etc. was affecting the earth, it would also affect every other planet & moon between Earth and the rogue element. So, as long as the other planets & moons are normal, there is no rogue affecting our planet. There may be a rogue. I’m not saying these don’t exist nor confirm that they do exist. I’m only stating it is not affecting our planet as long as all the other planets & moons in between are normal.

#6 Changes in the Sun

Our atmosphere & contaminants causes the color variations of the sun & the moon. Solar storms & the Solar magnetic field variations cause matter & flares to eject from the sun hurling ions, radiation, Xrays, etc into space. Earth’s magnetic field & atmosphere provide some protection from the CME’s, radiation, etc., but we have damaged both the atmosphere & magnetic field. Freon has created holes above the poles where our atmosphere is spewing into space and solar matter is leaking into the holes. Don’t believe their tales of how freon is not really damaging the atmosphere. They are also permitting the use of thalidomide after it deformed hundreds of babies and asbestos, organophosphates & many other dangerous products they are now claiming as safe, just to make profit at your expense because  most don’t remember the terrible histories of these products. They are spraying your food with Roundup weed killer & calling it “Roundup ready” GMO soy & corn from Monsanto. And are trying to tell you it’s harmless.  The thinning Ozone cannot block UV as it once did, so skin cancers have become epidemic. It was almost unheard of in the 60’s.

#7 Wandering Solar System

This is the theory where they claimed our solar system was wandering like a frisbee toward the center of our galaxy. Not the correction of our position version. As far as I know, our solar system is not wandering our milky way galaxy. If it was, there would be major changes to the constellations & stars & gravitational fields. Not to mention collision hazards. We have not meandered to the center of the galaxy,  as some have said to get their 15 minutes of fame. The galaxy center is where stars are born & deadly to other lifeforms.

#8 Claiming 91 volcanoes found under Antarctica 

Antarctica originally had 3 active volcanoes. Two were on islands, the other on the coastline. They are basing the 91 on H3 (Helium 3) they found saying H3 was only produced by Volcanoes. But the moon is covered with H3 so that is BS.  They also did satellite scans beneath the ice but never saw any Volcanoes. These 91 were all on the  coastline of the ring of fire. 90 are dormant or extinct but not confirmed. The 91st is a heat source under Pine island glacier melting it. That would be the 4th active volcano if confirmed but it could also be  a flood basalt fault fracture. However, it is a heat source.  As for ice refreezing, all ice refreezes below freezing temperatures but that doesn’t mean it is rebuilding glaciers. All evidence in satellite images shows massive glacier meltdowns & standing water on ice surfaces. This is just a diversion to fool the public into thinking things are improving. But if you actually check it for yourself you will see it is much worse. This is mirrored by the recent significant changes in our axis tilt.

#9 Solar system realignment

I’ve been told this is just a realignment of our solar systems position in our galaxy using updated lasers & measuring equipment to be more precise.  It does not entail movement of our solar system It is where it was. This is just a data update to pinpoint our location… like GPS has done for us on Earth. This sounds like a valid process. It will come in handy for navigating while in FTL.

#10 Galactic Central Sun energy frequencies

This is easy to disprove. They claim we are at a Galactic central point of frequencies. First, whether this is a Universal point or Galactic point of frequencies, any field of energy frequencies this strong would show up on a field strength meter. I have one & there is no indication we are being affected by any type of fields. If we were, we could see them on the meter. I can pick up the field generated by my microwave oven over 15 ft away. Don’t stand near it while it is cooking. I can pick up motors, electrical wiring, transformers, Electrical trunk lines on lattice towers, EM fields, etc. I don’t know where they came up with this theory of Earth being in the central frequency Galactic Sun but it has no validity as far as I can see & test for. However, the center of the milky way certainly has a solar nursery & powerful gravitational & EM fields & Vortices (vortexes) creating new suns; which would crush & destroy us. But our solar system is nowhere near the center of the milky way galaxy or the Universe.

#11 Conglomerated Moon Theories

They even claim the moon was formed by conglomerating rocks impacting. How absurd. The moon is a perfect sphere which tells us it was liquid or molten when formed. Liquids become spheres in weightless space. Conglomerated rocks would create an irregular shaped moon. Like the moons of Mars except those are broken asteroids from the asteroid belt. Or a lumpy chocolate chip cookie. Also, a moon formed from conglomerated rocks would have left a debris field or ring around earth. They are teaching our kids this ridiculous hypothesis as absolute fact. Simply unbelievable.

I think these people get a kick out of scaring people. I try to keep things calm & logical. I’ll tell you when it is time to panic. This reminds me of one of those new outer limits episodes where these astronomers see a bright glow in the night sky & assume the other side of the planet was incinerated  by a Nova & they were expecting doomsday in the morning for their side of the planet. They didn’t make any phone calls or check the radios & shortwave, etc. They just made this huge assumption without any facts or verification. They immediately assumed worse case scenario with zero facts. That’s what these nutty internet theories are like. The scary part is these theories are coming from well known astrophysicists, scientists, universities, astronomers, major science publications, NASA, SOHO, etc. It is hard to believe quality has depleted so low. These are things I would expect from a 10 year old 5th grader. The only other explanation is the gov’t holding their grant monies hostage unless they flood the internet with confusing BS to distract & divert the public from noticing that the sun was farther north a month after the summer solstice which should have been the farthest north before heading south again on June 22nd. But it continued north until approx July 18-20. The sun’s behavior (actually the earth) is what they don’t want people to notice so they toss out a dozen BS scenarios to divert them. I don’t have much respect for those who are flooding these crazy ideas. I’m really disappointed with some of them.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten to list some other divisive tactics & tall tales they are using to explain the axis tilt changes.

Here are the photos of the drone cloud which hung over my yard more than 3 hours. The only cloud in the sky. Same cloud as fired gatling gun lightning.

Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.


Same cloud slowly drifting away.








  1. Found it! Here’s a great explanation, starting @ 16:20. Background on guest beforehand. May save you some time. He has navigated by stars, says the Southern Cross is appearing early am right above the horizon (at time of vid). Sorry, I don’t do facebook or I would’ve posted there.


    Comment by lavender — July 29, 2018 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

    • I just tried to look for my star chart but I have thousands of books, telescopes, microscopes, collections, etc., in my library. Even if my ribs weren’t injured it would take weeks to go through all the shelves & drawers. I will try again. I don’t trust the online charts which could easily be altered.

      I think you should tell me what country you are speaking about. We would be upside down to see the Southern Cross in the US, as memory serves. We have a northern cross. Cygnus.

      Is this Australia? Your earlier video was about the superheated ground in Australia caused by Maars (Volcanoes infiltrating the ground water).

      I just looked at an online chart & cannot find Orion. I was always able to see it year round as memory serves. I did some star chart comparisons a few years ago to show how very minute the differences are between the tropic of Cancer in mid mexico & North Dakota where the sun was at the time.

      So close you couldn’t spot the differences without a laser measuring device. However, I may have been wrong about the planetary alignment. I couldn’t see it when I looked the other night, but this online star chart sure shows it.

      One good thing, all those astronomers who actually put a death hit on me years ago & posted what they thought was my address, will be eating crow. Their members quit in protest of that death hit & contacted me to show me the hit which had been posted. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? I couldn’t believe anyone would do such a thing. But they were serious. If they didn’t agree with me is one thing. But ordering my death over it was going too far. That was back between 2006 and 2010.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 29, 2018 @ 11:02 pm | Reply

  2. Now we are covered with very dark storm clouds. It has rained several times this week. We never get rain in July or August. Extremely rare.

    Anyone else with strange weather patterns?


    Comment by mmc7 — July 29, 2018 @ 10:36 am | Reply

    • The drone cloud in the 2 bottom photos could be duplicated with a 4 point remote controlled vertical ascent radio helicopter with cameras. Cover the RC copter with glue & cotton rolls, Christmas flocking, white gauze, wedding veil netting, chiffon material, lace, etc., or other materials from a hobby store to create a cloud appearance. This would allow it to hover for 3 hours & equipped with nanochip weapons.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 29, 2018 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

    • It’s been pretty dry here in southeast Michigan. We need rain…. every storm that comes near us gets pushed south and won’t cross the border…. Well, this morning just before 1am the tornado sirens were going off for almost a half hour. There was some serious rotation through the whole metro Detroit area all the way to Ann Arbor and south to the border. Tornados are not totally unheard of in Michigan. But the only other times I remember his kind of weather was In the SPRING not mid/late Summer. Yesterday we were a couple inches behind on July rain, but August is characteristically dry here most of the time. Interesting way to bring in the first of the month.
      Most of this summer has been typical humid generally hot Michigan with coolish nights, but the random heavy storm was odd.
      Also odd was that it came from Toledo and went almost straight north. Normally storms travel from the southwest to northeast across the state but it just seems to go super north now in general.
      I was recording the radar on the news since they were in the station telling us to take cover at 1am.

      Just some observations.


      Comment by Kara — August 1, 2018 @ 6:02 am | Reply

      • I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been everywhere. I worked in the thumb area of Michigan in Autumn of the early 90’s. I remember it snowed on Oct 5th. It was definitely cool weather there between Oct & Jan. I nearly moved there. Even put a down payment but not enough guaranteed work. Definitely not tornado country. A late friend of mine was harbor master north of Detroit.

        One of the youtube videos (not affiliated) I posted the other day had Some info about the weather changes in Michigan showing the jet stream too far north & causing your unusual weather.

        I think it was this video. Either way, it is worth watching. Serious, well researched info.

        Some comments on his video statements of scientists claims. They are gov’t hirelings speaking gov’t dogma under monetary & job pressure. Their false theories are to divert people away from actual causes & blaming gov’t.

        People aren’t to blame. Gov’ts, industry & big business are destroying the planet by damaging the atmosphere, water, plant life, etc. This has contributed to the meltdown of Antarctica which is the gyroscopic anchor for our axis tilt. Most of the images of Antarctica on GE are from 2009. You aren’t seeing current photos of either pole. Most of the tsunamis are caused by axis slippage motion, not quakes. Quakes are a result, not a cause.

        Just FYI because they are trying to put people on the defensive.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 1, 2018 @ 10:31 am

      • Our local meteorologists have pointed out the unusual positioning of the jet stream quite often the past couple of years. I’ve had the opportunity to wear shorts several October days at least since 2015, which I don’t recall 20 years ago as a kid.
        Also last February (2017) was so gorgeous and warm the flowers started blooming.
        February is one of the worst months here, usually. (I guess that’s my opinion, though)
        But this past winter actually felt ‘normal’ to many people around here.


        Comment by Kara — August 1, 2018 @ 8:15 pm

  3. Watched a vid yesterday, maker was in Australia. She just happened to mention that a local farmer said the dirt just under the surface is almost blistering to the touch when digging out potatoes, and the deeper he dug the hotter it got to where he was seriouly considering gloves; others are saying the water from pipes just 2 ft underground is hot, not warm, hot (Queensland side at least). Dirt should be a bit cooler as you go deeper. I am wondering if entire plates are moving OR if the entire outter crust is doing a slide as the inner shifts instead, avoiding a flop for us on the outside.

    It would explain the volcanic and quake issues being so prevalent and widespread. I admit I have no idea of what’s really going on, only that nothing is very normal lately. I am interested in what hypothesis you will arrive at based on all these sun reports as to how the earth is really positioned now in relation to the sun. Also, thinking that with all the planets hanging out on one side of the solar system together, it that might just pull our orbit out of whack just a hair until the planets all get spread back out evenly again around the sun. Reports of fantastical lightning bolts are increasing. Things are starting to feel like Velikovsky.


    Comment by lavender — July 29, 2018 @ 3:32 am | Reply

    • They need to move immediately. The Australia plate has moved northward & thinned. This is the direction of the Dec 2004 tsunami which killed over a quarter million victims. Volcanic activity has gotten into the ground water… Maar. A southern island volcano has become active. Australia is on the ring of fire & was once connected to Antarctica. All the volcanoes had been extinct or dormant for thousands to millions of years. But now they have this recent activity in 2016 in a southern island cluster. Here is a link about this issue.

      The planets aren’t aligning as far as I can tell. You could see that with your bare eyes at night. I couldn’t see any evidence of this. It is another diversion to distract people.

      The shifting of the axis tilt is causing increased seismic & volcanic activity & tsunamis. The more we shift, the worse it gets. The sudden abnormal darkness in the Russian arctic 24 hour day this month, is also another result of the shifts. This July sun darkened above the arctic is very disturbing evidence. If we haven’t slipped onto our side, we came very close. We need to watch everything on a monthly basis & be prepared. I never expected the changes we’ve seen this month. I think we came very close to shifting onto our side but our orbit appears affected as well. I need to dig out my star chart which can be aligned by date. It was from the 80’s so it will show what the normal positions were before the axis shifted.

      Those gatling gun lightning bolts I saw were man made & due to the sheer number of attempts on my house & car & cloud drones I photographed over my yard for hours makes me feel like the target. Normal clouds don’t hang over your yard in one spot for 3 hours. A single small cloud by itself on a clear blue sky: Not moving. Same shape & size as the one which fired at the road a few years after I took the photo but just months after several hits on the house & nearby. I rarely go outside so I think they gave up. I still want those classified ion storm images from June 2007.

      I think the sun is moving south again & hopefully will be over the equator on Sept. 23rd. I haven’t checked the star constellations yet. Just the planets. I will have to check the constellations before I can analyze the problem.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 29, 2018 @ 9:59 am | Reply

    • I uploaded the drone cloud photo to the diversion theories post at the very bottom.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 29, 2018 @ 10:27 am | Reply

  4. This is a nice breakdown! Three things. One, they claim to have verified there are quite a few volcanoes under the ice causing said melting and some say at other locations the ice is refreezing just as fast as it’s melting. That would seem logical considering all the other volcanoes going off right now. Two, the location of our solar system is said (now) to be more ‘inside’ our galaxy than ‘on the outter edge’ like they always said before (not in the center, but about halfway between center and edge). That claim is based on a re-calculation off ‘more accurate’ and newly re-put-together star maps from better telescopes the last 15 years. So (based on that) our constellations would not have changed, only our understanding of how things interrelate space-wise. A third item is this ‘galactic center’ deal. I hear it is not our solar system, but when our galaxy (in a giant system of zillions of galaxies that all move inside a giant 3-D figure 8) crosses the X spot is when we ‘get exposed’ to the energy frequencies of the galactic Central Sun. Supposedly we are now in this “crossing” thus affecting the earth. I am sure the stars still rotate around the North Star.

    What I have wondered about is the planet-wide sandstorm on Mars; and recently Earth is having a rather large one also all the way from the Sahara it has come across the Atlantic and has floated into the southern states and even California. Not the traditional barreling in storm, but more of a sand haze. And of course all the volcanic action, something is causing it, have any ideas on that?


    Comment by lavender — July 24, 2018 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

    • These are excellent examples. I had to research before I could provide a proper answer. I always promised to give honest answers in plain English. I recommend reading some of the US news reports & articles about this issue to compare stories because the British news like the Guardian, tend to add filler to the stories. Here is the university’s article. Keeping in mind they are blowing their own horn. They don’t mention the University scientists from the UK until the bottom as an afterthought.

      I’m ready to answer the question about the volcanoes in Antarctica. My response is toward the University’s claim about their findings. Not directed at you. I also tend to use terms like we and you. I’m only speaking in general. Not at any specific person. These are just old habits I have.

      As usual they fail to provide the full truth and make more out of it than it really is. They claim the presence of Helium 3 always indicates volcanoes. This is BS because the moon is covered with H3 & there are no active volcanoes there. In fact, only recently was the first volcano discovered on the moon & I cannot see any evidence it is active. And it was certainly not responsible for all the H3 found across the entire moon. I will research that when I have a chance. At the moment I’m suffering horrific pain of the rib cage. Nothing helps. That makes it difficult to concentrate on research.

      As for Antarctica, these university researchers were not looking for volcanoes so their assumptions are questionable. They are basing their entire theory on the presence of H3 & some satellite scans showing a heat source. They have not seen any of the volcanoes. Just a heat source under Pine Island glacier.

      Antarctica only had 3 active volcanoes. Pine island would make 4. Of the original 3, two are on islands and the third is on the coastline. Pine Island glacier is on the coastline. Not so surprisingly because the west coastline is on the ring of fire which has become very active since our axis tilt began shifting. The other 90 new volcanoes they claimed are supposedly on the West coast and are dormant. Last known activity 2,200 years ago and have not been verified nor even seen. They are just guessing based on satellite scans. But the 98% of Antarctica’s surface has no active volcanoes, yet the glaciers are melting at fantastic rates. They are all extinct. Even those 90 of the 91 they claimed to find have been dormant for 2,200 years & none have been seen or confirmed. I question how they even came up with a date. All on the west coast & supposedly under the ice. However, the volcano they suspect under Pine island glacier is certainly melting the ice. It is the only active volcano found of the 91.

      I saw no reference to ice refreezing. However, melted ice often refreezes in winter just like it does at night after you shovel your sidewalk. The term refreeze does not indicate the glaciers are rebuilding. It only means the surface has refrozen in cold temperatures. Not restoring the melted glacier. Go up on google earth and look at Mount Gaussberg, an extinct volcano. The amount of melting glaciers & standing water is significant. You can see standing water for miles even though this is a dead, extinct volcano, producing no heat.

      Anyway, it is clear the south pole is losing ice at rapid rates & this is affecting the planetary balance & tilt of our axis. The ice may refreeze on the surface in winter but remelts in the summer. From what I can tell, the glaciers are not being restored and are disappearing at alarming rates. These 4 active volcanoes will certainly add to the rate of melting.

      What should have occurred in hundreds of years may occur in our lifetimes. If not mine, then perhaps yours. If we also consider the heat waves globally & blackouts in Russia’s arctic settlements & the changes we are seeing in the sun just this past month are clear indications of serious problems.

      Anyone remember the twilight zone episode where they were burning up in the heat wave or the film the day the earth caught fire?

      We have to remember that the scientist was not there to find volcanoes. He was sampling gases. So his assumptions may not be valid. This is why I caution everyone about any theories they post. You would be appalled at the lack of competence among engineers & scientists. I found very few to be genuinely competent. Less than a hand full & we knew each other for sharing advice & ideas since a good scientist or engineer is so hard to come by. The bad ones become gov’t puppets spewing their dogma. Condon was one. He shut down project Bluebook which was the target the gov’t wanted him to achieve. The medical profession is also lacking competence. You would not believe it. It is quite scary. Just the numbers of these professionals who bought their test answers or cheated in school is beyond measure.

      I will respond to the other two separately.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 25, 2018 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

    • On the second item, I would agree that better technology leads to more accurate info about our solar system & its position within the galaxy. This would appear to be dependable information.

      However, there was one who was claiming our solar system was actually moving across our galaxy like some frisbee. That was one of those totally false theories, easily disputed by the locations of the constellations & stars.

      On the third item, while there would be a center of the universe (if it has definable parameters), however, not a galactic sun. If there is a central energy field in the universe, we are nowhere near it. We would be experiencing power outages & failures with our computers, phones & electronic devices. I have a field strength meter & nothing like that has shown up. Anything that strong would certainly be detected.

      Humans have a bad habit & oversized ego of thinking we are the center of the universe & all aliens are seeking to help us as if we were some divine lifeform instead of descendants of their slave labor force created because our gravity & oxygen were too much for the aliens. We even believe we are the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe. Clearly, they haven’t been to Oklahoma, Tennessee or Arkansas. IMO, the aliens from the lunar colonies come there to get water, food, plants & oxygen for their underground lunar facility. Not to watch us & our silly lives & activities. They should also realize just how corrupt our leaders are & how we would appropriate their technology & shoot them down to do so. We are nothing to them, but I suspect our gov’t has deals with our major corporations to provide whatever they need, such as gold, in exchange for technology. We were riding in covered wagons 100 years ago. Now look at our technology advances.

      The center of the milky way is actually a birth place for new suns due to the conditions there. A solar nursery, I believe it is called. IMO, gravitational fields generated by spinning vortices pull in stray atomic matter which generates extreme heat, liquefies & forms large, molten bodies which are hurled outward with explosive forces to become new stars & solar systems. No central sun. Gravity is actually a spinning field like a hurricane & the coriolis effect. So this can create wormholes & vortices where the fields are strongest at the center of the galaxy. Any similar central field in the Universe probably creates new galaxies in the same manner. Just like a Solar nursery. Certainly not a central sun or universal field from where we are located.

      This is one of those bad theories I’m always warning about. It’s like the conglomerated moon theory. I completely discount the validity of this third scenario. That doesn’t mean my theory of how stars & planets are made is of any more value & accuracy, but I’m not posting it to the public as an absolute fact. I only share it as a possible idea which may or may not be accurate.

      On your last item, I have seen a documentary many years ago, about sands from the Sahara being found in America, transported by winds of forming hurricanes. I also saw a documentary about the huge storms on Mars; keeping in mind, Mars is half the size of earth with half the gravity. This half gravity allows storms to become much larger & the grinding action of the winds incorporates the much lighter weight sand into one heck of a giant sandstorm. Many of Hollywood’s Mars films include these sandstorms in their films like, The Martian, The Last Days on Mars, Mission to Mars, etc.

      The increased seismic & volcanic activity has been associated with the changes in our axis tilt & abnormal movement of our planet such as the Indonesian & Japanese tsunamis. I used to track the volcanic activity since 2005, unusual storms & weather conditions & seismic activity because these happen in conjunction with changes in our axis. These abnormal planet movements, affect the tectonic plates & pressures within our molten core.

      Jim Berkland used to incorporate the moon’s proximity & position with the Earth to accurately pinpoint major earth quakes. I have not checked the volcanic & seismic activity lately due to health issues but I will try to do so soon because it is significant in conjunction with axis changes & global movement.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 25, 2018 @ 5:19 pm | Reply


    On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 8:03 AM, Earth’s Axis has changed wrote:

    > mmc7 posted: “Is the sun returning south again? It is hard for me to tell > with the bushes in the way. It looks like it’s returning south. What do you > think? It is much hotter. Triple digits nearly every day since the > beginning of June & getting hotter. Not jus” >


    Comment by phillypam — July 24, 2018 @ 11:54 am | Reply

    • Please include description when inserting a link.

      I checked this link. I try to precheck all links before letting them thru. This is an excellent link everyone needs to see about a bizarre 3 hours of total darkness in Russia during what should be a 24 hour arctic day… 4 days ago. The only one who blamed smoke, had no nearby wildfires. One claimed dust but was refuted & withdrew the statement. When they claimed there was an odd yellow undertone to the skies, that tells me there were clouds reflecting sunlight from an angle they are not used to seeing. The inuits of Canada said several years ago that their sky was not right. That article is on a post on this website.

      I worked in Austin years ago when there were terrible wildfires in Mexico. The sky over Austin was dark but nowhere near a blackout like this even with the massive smoke covering Austin. Wildfire smoke also sinks to the ground causing everyone to choke & similar to driving in thick fog. This is not what the Russians are describing nor in their photos, so we can rule out smoke. We can also rule out dust for the same reasons.

      Then they tried to blame it on the military but the photo shows car lights, so it’s not EMP & they would know nuclear but it could cause yellow undertones & increased radiation but they don’t do tests under heavy cloud cover because they want to measure the mushroom & winds. So a planned nuclear test is ruled out. However, a nuclear accident is still a possibility. A volcano would have ash fallout, quakes & the smoke plume usually collapses from weight into a pyroclastic flow. Rule out volcanoes.

      The earths axis tilt would change their 24 hour day into partial night. So if they were tilted to Alaska’s former solar position, their nights were 3 or 4 hours long, as memory serves. Russia is a G8 country so they would agree to be evasive about telling their citizens about suppressed subjects. However, they have been more honest since 1992 than our gov’t has ever been. Their KGB Generals talked about their UFO encounters & provided films of incidents to British & Italian researchers.

      So our 2 possibilities would be a nuclear accident or axis tilt effect. Perhaps a bomber plane accident (too short a period for a power plant). Everything else for Nuclear is ruled out due to cloud cover which was required to produce yellow undertone and military does not conduct tests during a cloud cover. But they may use it as an excuse to divert people from the sun position & axis change. Is not smoke because it would have sunk to the ground and there would be no doubt if they saw smoke.

      Also on that link it has a story about the many deaths from Japan’s heat wave. That is also an axis tilt issue.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 24, 2018 @ 6:12 pm | Reply

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