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August 27, 2018

8-2018 Nuclear Accidents pt 1 LA Simi Valley Meltdown 1959

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Nuclear contamination part 1 LA Simi Valley meltdown 1959

A 30 min youtube video link about the LA Simi Valley nuclear  meltdown accident in 1959 & ongoing radiation issues is located at the bottom of this page.

This info is about a nuclear meltdown accident in Los Angeles & Simi valley in 1959 releasing radioactive material into the air & ongoing exposing the residents with horrific cancers such as clusters of infant children with rare eye retina cancers where their eyes had to be removed & the entire area of residents with cancers in every home.

Adults, children, employees, families, etc., exposed.  No safely measures. Boeing’s refusal to clean up. (That’s easy. Cut off their gov’t contracts & money.)

Please see the video I found about this nuclear  meltdown accident & continuing contamination which is spreading.

I realize this is off topic but this site’s prime focus is on the  survival of people in  disasters such as our latest axis shift Aug 2017 & heatwaves Aug 2018, Wildfires, Blizzards, coldwaves, storms, Ozone hole shift increasing UV, tsunamis, nuclear reactor meltdowns, increasing seismic, volcanic & tsunami events, etc. Surviving gov’t nuclear contamination coverups is just as important an issue.

Usually, we only hear about nuclear power plants but we never hear about the private industrial reactors, university reactors, medical reactors, military reactors, energy company reactors,  gov’t reactors like Lanl, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, Rocky Flats, Columbia River, Air force bases, Aircraft carrier reactors, nuclear submarines, nuclear reactor power plants on floating barges, nuclear satellites, both air force, ONI & NASA. etc.  They even use depleted uranium as Ammunition for the Navy’s big battleship guns. The radiation damages the crews and the target personnel & ends up dumped in the ocean & in our food.

These private reactors could be in your backyard & you would never know it.  Every major AFB has reactors as do the major universities, MIT, UCLA, Berkeley, etc. Chicago has a super collider running under homes, campus, etc. and a reactor was built under the stadium.

When a recent hurricane destroyed Galveston again, they sent in the Army troops from San Antonio to supposedly help with rescues. This was not what they were doing. There were 3 private reactors near Texas city which were flooding… just like the reactors in Fukushima Japan. They kept the media away from these areas so they could not see the reactors or victims of the storm lying on the beaches with no rescue efforts in  effect because the troops were guarding reactors & blocking roads instead. People were their last priority. A big secret that reactors were in danger of melting down  or building up hydrogen & blowing off the roof, if the flooding damaged the cooling system or power, or generators, sump pumps, etc. , which kept the reactors & spent rod pools cool. Why don’t they mount these backup systems on the roof of an adjacent building. Not the containment building?

Why don’t they create an underground chamber where hydrogen buildup can be safely released? Why cant they mix that hydrogen with oxygen, water or some other elements or treatment to return it to a safe state inside the underground hydrogen vent chamber? Hydrogen & oxygen = water.

The situation was quickly becoming just like Japan  as the hurricane & floods moved in, except Japan had not happened yet. However, this was after Katrina & the Army & Nat’l guard pretended to cooperate & fly around media journalists but only to certain precleared areas for gov’t media propaganda, to put on a fake show of how well they were doing.

Only once did I hear a news reporter slip & mention these private reactors we never hear about.  Never mentioned again.

I have researched nuclear accidents for 35 years as I endeavored to learn about my uncles death. He was a senior scientist on atomic bomb tests for over 8 years until he was killed working on a bomb test site.  I found a lot of horrible incidents involving innocent workers who were exposed & unknowing citizens who were injected with plutonium by the CIA without their knowledge while in the hospital.  But I never heard about the LA Nuclear meltdown until now.

LANL & the CIA even performed experiments with nuclear radiation on the scientists own families at Los Alamos without their knowledge when getting medical care or school lunches. It’s all laid out in a booklet about the LANL families.  You can only see the booklet at LANL if you lived there. You cannot get a copy & you must come in person. However, Moscow is more than happy to give us a copy. What does that tell you about your gov’t & their veracity. Just wait until you see some of these official documents they hit from us & the terrible things they did to innocent citizens & even now have no compassion to help them & prevent more exposure.

My uncles family also lived at Los Alamos. After my uncle died they hired his wife but she moved her family out of the Lanl housing & into Santa Fe. She probably didn’t qualify for LANL housing since the LANL housing was for scientists & her spouse was dead.  It was already too late. They had lived there over 8 years prior to his death. The school was built over an open pool of discarded radioactive liquids. Children floated toy boats in the open radioactive liquid. Both her kids have cancer & are the only members of our family to ever have cancer.  These are classic radiation exposure cancers.

I will share the info I found on nuclear accidents, exposures, incidents, deaths, CIA experiments on innocent public without their knowledge, etc. The Army (Eisenhower, Bedell Smith &  the hand picked doctors by Ike; Spurling & Kenner) deliberately murdered General Patton with Mercuperia (radioactive mercury) & digitalis under Ike’s orders as Joint Chief. I have Patton’s hospital records.  Here are the details about Patton on my other site:

I have documents for all of these incidents & will post them in stages since we are between solstices for now. Wait until you see what they said about leaving the exposed natives on the islands to collect data on exposure effects & symptoms. Or the 9 unsuspecting people injected with plutonium so they could track them over the years. One was a child.

The CIA are mad dogs. They hire people with no remorse or compassion who like to torture. My family member who was a CIA interrogator was like this. I know exactly what they are.

Here is the 30 min link to the LA Simi Valley nuclear reactor meltdown & ongoing issues.  The first 5 minutes are flaky but the rest is very important. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist is on this video very young. I like him but he is another gov’t mouthpiece hireling who spouts the official gov’t line from what I have seen of his comments over the years. He wont tell the truth if it conflicts with the official gov’t position. This is how you become the top of your profession.





  1. The CIA was created as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE! Their function was to control the governments of the world to work toward a US Control of all! They have destroyed more governments that anything else in history. These were hired as KILLERS and spies to find the information to allow the killers to do their thing. Their charter prohibits their operating in the US but now there is a TV Series showing them active in the US. Their job is the same but the TARGETS are now the PEOPLE of the US! ANyone who is a ‘dissident’ or ‘CHristian’ or patriot, etc. is a valid target for the CIA.


    Comment by Bill Keen — September 4, 2018 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  2. I lived in Los Alamos as a toddler a very short time. Dad worked on the Mahattan project. I asked why he switched to rocket science . He told me how poorly everything was stored and he didnt like radioactive waste lying around. My mom was always sick she said it was arsnic poisoning that was natural in the desert. Pretty sure it was the waste. It saved the family. Only Dad wound up with cancer late into his 80’s.

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    Comment by Kathy — August 27, 2018 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

    • Here is the post with a link for the document about the History of the LANL homes, schools, etc. About mid-page is the 300 page pdf document you can click on which will open a document reader & load the pages. The document is named “Inventing LANL”.

      The contamination is on pages 140-143. You can save the file to your computer if you wish. This is a rare book & has photos. No copies in the US when I was looking for it. There was only one copy online.

      Here is my post link with the Lanl document.

      There is also a movie about 8 years ago which has scenes about present day Hiroshima and the contamination in Los Alamos parks, etc. It’s called the Forgotten Bomb.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2018 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

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