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July 27, 2016

7-2016 Solar & axis tilt Basics

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The sun is currently headed toward the fall equinox on Sept 21st when it will be directly over the equator. It doesn’t matter how far the axis tilt is off. The equator will always be the center point for the fall & spring equinoxes which is why there is no point trying to view the positional change of the axis shift at this time of year.

The sun does have farther to travel between the equinoxes, but the Sept 21st & Mar 23rd equinoxes will always be directly over the equator as the midpoint until the earth shifts onto its side horizontally. Since we seem to have a temporary reprieve, we do not appear to be in any imminent danger for the moment… until the axis begins to shift again. So no need to panic. It may not occur in our lifetimes. We can keep track by measuring the sun each June 21st.

Note: The sun is not actually traveling. It is a figure of speech to describe the position of the sun in our skies as we orbit the sun while our planet leans at a tilted angle. The sun is too far north on June 21st because our planet shifted toward the south. During the winter solstice on Dec 21 st, the opposite occurs for the southern hemisphere who sees the sun equally too far south. An inverse image, equidistant by the same amount too far south as we see too far north.

Since 2004, the planet has shifted several times. Those whom have followed the annual measurements we do each June 21st summer solstice will remember seeing these changes. Anyone who says this is normal for the sun to be north of the US  is either smoking weed or can’t remember their 3rd grade science. The sun is never supposed to be north of the tropic of cancer located in central Mexico. The suns farthest north position occurs on June 21st (with the occasional variance of a day). The normal axis tilt was a 23.5 degree angle tilt. It is no longer. The axis tilt has changed several times since 2004. It would not keep changing every couple years to different positions on June 21st if the sun was normal. We are not talking about a small positional change, we are talking about hundreds of miles.

Therefore, the sun should never be north of the US at any time & should never cast a southerly shadow at any time of day in the US… at any time of year.

The first major axis shift which I noticed was after Dec 2004 when the Indonesian tsunami over 1000 miles long killed over a quarter million people when the planet shifted downward on that side of the planet which caused the ocean to surge northward between Africa, India, Southeast Asia & Indonesia. The quake was a result of the shift. Not the cause. But vibrations travel faster than tidal waves so the quake was detected first even though it occurred after the shift & surging waves. Surges  from a quake would travel outward from a central point. These waves were traveling north over the coast of an entire continent & part of another.

There was an earlier tsunami around April 18, 2003 captured on film by NASA heading toward Hong Kong but petered out before it arrived. The program gave the date as 2003 & later as 2004. I was unable to confirm which year since the documentary gave both,

Another shift occurred around Dec 2006 which was caught on a weather satellite & also misaligned the GPS system. Easily fixed with a software script to correct the location variances. They tried to blame that one on a solar flare which never occurred. Then they tried to delete all the solar data for that date to cover their tracks. I found a few they missed.

There were a few more since 2004. We have measured several changes in the suns position & axis tilt over the past 12 years. So how can they claim the sun position is normal if it keeps changing. This is why I recommend you use a clock face and landmarks at sunrise & sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon on June 21st each year. (if you live in the US). The most significant recent increase was in 2014 when the sunrise & sunset were at 51 degrees. This is past the 45 degree tipping point. I believe it was that May which also had the multitude of large quakes & volcanic eruptions. We also had 41 consecutive days of rain that same month (sans 2).  The following winter was record level blizzards which buried the Northeastern US as I had warned about.

Then, for reasons unknown to me, we reversed to the 2006 angle of 41 degrees in 2015.  The sun travels in an arc across the sky. But even at midday in the US on June 21st, we can clearly see it is casting southerly shadows which means the sun is to the north of us from sunrise to sunset & in between. It could not do this if the sun was over central Mexico where it was supposed to be & has not been in its proper position since before 2004 if not earlier.

We remain stable in 2016. So no imminent danger or reason to be concerned at the moment. I had thought it might have been a death wobble like a spinning top just before it falls over. But the change remained stable for 2 years so it is not a wobble.

The sun is still twice as far north on June 21st than it should be but it is no longer past the tipping point. So we don’t need to be worried until the axis begins to shift again. So it is important to check the position of the sun next June 21st & annually thereafter. Although our friends in Australia & South Africa can help with their measurements on Dec 21st, the winter solstice.

If you use a tall pipe or post (which is level & plumb) at midday on the solstice (with a level ground surface), you can see the southerly shadow it casts.

Those of you in the UK or Europe will not see the sun to the north because you are located too far north. You will need to go to southern Spain to see it.

However, since I don’t have any fancy laser measuring devices, your input on June 21st will help improve my accuracy. I had put the wrong measurement last month. 41 degrees places it in mid Nebraska. But even if I’m off a few hundred miles, the sun is still way too far north on June 21st when it should never be north of central Mexico… Ever! At Any time of year. Nor should the sun be changing position from one year to the next on June 21st summer solstice. Also known as the longest day of the year.

The sun is still almost twice too far north on June 21st and twice too far south on Dec 21 st which is devastating to our weather. Hotter summers. Record cold winters. Extreme temperatures, violent storms, droughts, changing ocean currents, increased ocean temperatures, abnormal humidity & increased precipitation from melting glaciers, Jet stream positional changes, spinning land storms, melting glaciers, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, increased water & power usage, crop destruction, depleted fish, fowl & meat production, food shortages, wildlife & bird deaths, increased insects, forestry destruction, water supply & water table depletion, wildfires, desertification, rising sea levels, blizzards… And deliberate underreporting of temperatures, precipitation & other weather conditions by gov’t & media officials. This means when it is between 102 and 110 as it has been here for a month, they like to tell you it is only 97 degrees to keep everyone placated. They seem to like 97 degrees when it is triple digit heat here. I have a full professional digital weather station, plus 4 analog & mercury thermometers in the sun & shade to compare & verify the temperatures & conditions. So I know when they are lying & this has been ongoing for at least 10 years. Everyone should check to see if they are underreporting in your area. You can buy weather stations & thermometers at Lowe’s or Amazon.

The NWS & NOAA will take away the meteorology licenses from any meteorologist who doesn’t report the official NWS & NOAA conditions provided. If they report the actual conditions in contradiction to NWS or NOAA, that will be the end of their careers.

Yesterday, we had over 30 trees along a half mile stretch of road, split & knocked down from rapid lightning bolts as if they had been shot from a gatling gun. I saw both the rapid fire lightning strikes in this one location & maneuvered around the huge, fallen trees blocking half the road. It looked like a tree holocaust. This is the 3rd incident of rapid lightning destruction in 5 months. It took out multiple brand new power  poles the last  time.

I also know that heat waves in England are not normal as are tornadoes in Europe. But they have been suffering since 2004. I remember how cool & damp & foggy the weather used to be in England before the axis  began  shifting. I think it was around 2006 or earlier when 600 people died in London from the heat. They had no air conditioning because it was never needed before. The same thing happened in Chicago.

I would be interested in hearing about major  changes in weather or other conditions worldwide.



  1. So what angle is the earth tilting at?
    I recall It should be 23.5 so what have been the variation?


    Comment by nick — July 29, 2016 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

  2. NASA’s findings that the sea level around Greenland is 2 inches lower but higher elsewhere would in itself substantiate a tilt. What say you?


    Comment by gqroll — July 28, 2016 @ 11:32 am | Reply

    • Water is self leveling. The oceans cannot be at varying heights.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 28, 2016 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

    • Water may be self leveling, but read about the equatorial bulge to understand the dramatic differences in sea level. The changes in sea level are more likely due to the collapse of the ocean currents (e.g. Gulf Stream) due to decreased salinity caused by the melting of land-based ice.


      Comment by Robert Graham — July 30, 2016 @ 8:46 am | Reply

      • The equatorial bulge is only 25 extra miles. It really isn’t much of a bulge. I do believe the currents are seriously affected by the temperature & positional changes but not variant sea levels per location.

        These aren’t directed at you. It is NASA. I swear their IQ seems to drop more every year at an alarming rate. Some of the stuff these X, Y’s & millenial’s also come up with are just questionable. You wouldn’t believe some of the things they’ve said or things they should know better such as the difference in Mars gravity. They have crashed more multibillion dollar vehicles because they can’t remember gravity & G force calculation differences. Or even the lift off thrust required on earth. Or their claims that Mars pressure couldn’t support liquid water. I have satellite images of a glacial lake on Mars reflecting clouds.

        NASA has really been slipping. I really would question the validity of much of what they say. Only separately contained water can vary in height such as crater lake. There can be short term storm surges & lunar tidal changes and other short term adjustments but connected water is self leveling. Now if it were different water depths, I would believe that.

        If it were possible, Greenland in particular would be higher from glacial melt.

        Again, it is NASA which has been questionable. We have to use Russian Automated laser docking resupply ships for the ISS because NASA doesn’t know how to design one. You should hear what Russia says about NASA… & I agree with them.

        Bell Labs is the same way. They got rid of their talent & I had to clean up their mess because the younger scientists haven’t got a clue & ignore safety standards over 100 years old because they think it is a waste of time. So their systems are riddled with problems. I see the way these institutions are losing their capabilities from eliminating their more expensive talent to save money. The last time cost them a shuttle which disintegrated over Texas. It could have been saved but they refused to listen to the laid off scientists with 26 years of experience & relied on those with less than 6 months experience. Even their launch platform is rusting away. If you only knew NASA from the inside, you would question their findings as well.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 30, 2016 @ 12:23 pm

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