Earth's Axis has changed

March 9, 2014

3-2014 Axis shift Comments

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  1. My replies are in regard to the concepts and directed toward the public not the responder.

    I’m delighted to hear from other people. Especially those who are observant enough to have noticed this global change & smart enough to realize this is a monumental change in our planet which has only recently occurred during the past 10 years. We each have our own theories as to the cause.

    Precession is a cycle occurring over thousands of years. The current change we are now seeing shifted the sun over 2000 miles north of the tropic of Cancer occurred during a sudden change in the earths axis. We also have clear proof of this shift in our planet’s axis. The December 2004 tsunami heralded this huge axis change. The sun was normal just 6 months earlier in the summer of 2004.

    The first symptom of this global shift occurred when the sudden northerly motion of our planet shifting in Dec 2004 caused the water to recede away from the beaches. Remember when the water all drained away from the beaches for miles? That was from the sudden shifting motion of our planet. The inertia caused the water to recede. Then… when the motion of the shifting planet came to a stop, the inertia of the water surged northward in a 6500 mile wide tidal wave which engulfed the coastline from Africa to Southeast Asia & Malaysia. Half the circumference of the planet at that latitude. (or a quarter of the 25,000 mile circumference at the equator).

    Imagine the enormity of the physical motion of a planet required to generate a tidal wave so immense it encompassed the coastlines of 2 continents.

    You can recreate this effect by placing a pan of water on a wagon. As you begin to pull the wagon forward, the inertia will push the water toward the back of the pan at the rear of the wagon. If you stop the wagon, the water will surge forward. This is how the mechanics of the tsunami operated. This was a quick shift of our planet which began at the point where the water started to recede and ended when the tidal wave surged forward. The direction of the tidal wave shows us the direction our planet shifted.

    The faster & longer the duration of the planet’s motion; the larger the tidal wave. This is the simple physics of inertial motion. The very size & width of this tidal wave clearly shows a major shift & movement of our planet occurred in 2004. The change in the position of the sun following that catastrophic shift reflects the results from the severity of that shift. The sheer force of this global shift represents incredible magnitude on a planetary scale.

    This tsunami was not the result of an earthquake by any stretch of the imagination. While the official stance may claim it is from an earthquake, that is simply Bad Science. The motion of the Earth shifting created BOTH the tsunami & the earthquake.

    I find it incredible that anyone with any scientific background whatsoever could believe such a cataclysmic tidal wave could have ever been caused by a mere earthquake of any magnitude. If a tidal wave had been caused from a quake at a single point, the tsunami wave would have generated in concentric rings in all directions and would have inundated Australia and the south pole and easterly toward the Philippines as well. Nor would an earthquake generated wave cause the water to recede from the Coastline. That requires inertial motion of the planet or extreme gravitational pull such as lunar tidal motions (not applicable on the 2004 Tsunami).

    In fact, the actual 2004 Malaysian earthquake was originally recorded at 8.8 but they artificially inflated the magnitude to 9.1 after the fact. The original reading of 8.8 is documented. They had to pump it up to the highest number so they could sell it to the public as the cause of the tsunami. It was NOT. Tsunamis are caused by planetary motion & inertia. Not earthquakes. However, short distance tsunamis have been caused by landslides (Alaska), volcanic eruptions (Italy), and glacial collapse (Iceland). But those only traveled short distances. With these exceptions, most Tsunami’s are generated by the movement of the earth. Not by earthquakes. Earthquakes usually coincide with a tsunami like 2004 Malaysia, 2011 Japan, 2010 New Zealand but those particular quakes were generated by the same planetary shift which created the tsunami. Those particular quakes were symptoms not the cause. Anything that blames earthquakes for these tsunamis is bad science.

    Just remember, anytime the water dramatically recedes from a shoreline, it is the direct result of inertia generated by the abrupt abnormal movement of the planet in the opposite direction (like the pan of water on a wagon). When the planet shift comes to a stop, the water will surge forward in a huge tidal wave traveling in the direction of the planets shift. From the 2004 & 2011 tidal waves we can seethe planet was shifting toward the northwest. The 2004 movement increased the tilt of the axis which changed the position of the sun by 2000 miles father north in the summer & 2000 miles farther south in winter (vice versa for those who live in the southern hemisphere).

    The westerly shift changed our time zone positions. We are all about an hour earlier now in respect to the sun which is why it has been getting dark 30 to 60 minutes later than it did 20 years ago. Basically, we were shifted about 500 miles to the west which moved us into the next time zone position. Almost an hour earlier. In order to ridicule anyone who reveals this to the public, the gov’t had their science minions report planetary shifts of inches & time change in fractional seconds. If you think inches & fractions moved the sunrise & sunset 2000 miles to the north, you would believe in the tooth fairy. Just look outside They can’t hide the sun, so all they can do is try to twist your concept & reasoning. I can clearly remember how it was dark enough for fireworks on July 4th at 9:15 PM in the 70’s & 80’s. But now, it is still light at 10:15 PM. Part is from the sun being so much further to the north in addition to our westerly shift placing us in an earlier time position.

    Anyone who is familiar with the earthquakes in this region of Malaysia would know that this exact area has had multiple quakes between 8 and 9 without generating tsunami’s. Yes, an earthquake did coincide with the 2004 global shift but it did NOT cause the tsunami.

    The shifting of the earth caused both the tsunami & earthquake. The tidal wave was caused by inertial motion just like walking across the room with a bowl of water slopping water over the edges from inertial motion as you walk. The sudden shift in the planet caused a huge tsunami. Not from the earthquake, but from the movement which is why it inundated 6500 miles of coastline. The impact of the wave varied in strength based on the depth of water and coastal elevations in those regions… and of course, the deaths were related to the numbers of people within the zones of destruction at the time the tsunami hit.

    The point being that 2004 tsunami was the big planetary shift which caused the changes in our orientation to the sun which we are now seeing. Our governments like to keep the masses oblivious to all of this, so they ensure no one begins to panic and start asking questions as to what the future holds for them and why this occurred.

    If this was a simple precession, it would not have made such a massive change in the solar position virtually overnight in the overall scheme of things. I firmly believe the melting of the south pole ice which acts as a gyroscopic balance anchor point for our planets axis has allowed the planet to shift. The more it melts, the more it will shift until we reach the tipping point… which is where we are right now. One good melt and loss of land based ice weight in Antarctica and we will suddenly shift the rest of the way onto our side. Likely during the winter when it will be summer for the south pole; which is when most of the melting and major shifts occur. We can determine the timing of the shifts by the tsunami’s.

    I urge everyone to remember the sun didn’t get that far north of its position by mere shifts of inches or feet as the gov’t and seismologists have used to lull the public into complacency. The crust movements reported by the gov’t and their minions are a pittance of the actual shift in order to make a joke out of the real shifts. They have seeded manufactured data explanations to disguise & confuse anyone who starts to ask questions. False info to make the situation appear normal. To discredit and trivialize the seriousness of the situation. Everyone has to remember that the sun’s current solstice position is over 2000 miles north of its position. The public can see this by simply looking outside at sunrise and sunset during the summer. It is the inverse for the southern hemisphere. As I said to everyone reading our notes, just look out your window during the summer and remember the sun is never supposed to be farther north than the tropic of cancer which runs through mid Mexico. It is the farthest north on June 21st, the longest day and summer solstice.

    We have people observing from Utah, Washington state. Nova Scotia and the UK who are all seeing the sun setting to the north of them. That was one heck of a shift in the planet for the sun to be that far north. So when anyone hears the officials state the crust shifted a few inches or feet during these tsunami’s, know that this is a lie of monstrous proportions… just like the official death count from Katrina which was at least 8000 higher than they reported. Another example of the veracity of our government. It makes no difference who is in charge.

    There’s nothing we can do about the damage. We can only hope to prevent or delay it from becoming worse. Just remember, the powers that be, already have their luxurious underground shelters stocked with decades of stolen Fema & Red Cross supplies at our expense. They will scurry into their fancy refuge under Denver which is connected with hundreds of miles of tunnels & magnetic trains while leaving the rest of us to perish from either the severe temperature conditions from global changes or some war of their making. Just remember those underground refuges our tax dollars built have air vents. Some of the Air vents are around the runway perimeter at various major air force bases. Others, are obscured in the Rockies just bordering west of Denver & Colorado Springs. There are other sites in PA, NM, NV, TX, UT, etc. Just something to remember for future reference if the rats scurry into hiding & leave the populace behind to die. Some of the construction contractors might be willing to share what they know at that point. Just something to consider should the worst occur.

    Hopefully, the worst wont occur in our lifetimes but 2014 has shown the first increase in sun position since I began measuring in 2006.


    Comment by mmc7 — July 22, 2014 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

  2. I’m a 50 year resident (minus military etc) of Washington State; and I noticed the Axis of Earth has shifted since 2007. I’m sure there have been a good number of people world wide who never saw light entering from the Northern windows at Summer Solstice, as has been the case for about 8 years. I recently posted a Youtube video on this fact, here The nature of the 2012 Era is The Shar of 3600 yrs, and Precession movement which causes Celestial phenomena. The major sungrazing Comets and the Biospheric Heliospheric changes caused by them. include Earth’s obliquity Increase as a good example. So visit mulder2400 and watch my Elenin and ISON and Axis Shift videos. RAJ


    Comment by Richard Alan Johnson — July 20, 2014 @ 12:06 am | Reply

  3. Im a gardener and my area in fla has changed from 9A to 10b growing zone, I have not seen it go under 38 degrees in the last three years Ive lived here,, when I grew up we had ice several times a winter,< I was not able to grow a banana tree to fruit as it takes two years of NO frost or freezing to do to. this year I have my first crop of bananas.. it is defiantly warmer here,, and the solar angle has changed,, the sun sets to the north now on the two solstices which it never did before, IF that 26 degree change is correct then im only five degrees or less off the equator instead of 27. A friend in Alaska who lives on the artic circle tells me that they don't have those long nights any mre, the sun is now above the horizon and the inuits are saying the stars have changed.. something is up..


    Comment by Elward Matthews — March 14, 2014 @ 7:43 am | Reply

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