Earth's Axis has changed

January 11, 2015

1-2015 Migrations & wildlife disturbances

I was watching a documentary about Elephant seals appearing in Brazil and New Zealand. Bull Sharks swimming up rivers (including the Mississippi) and living in land locked freshwater lakes. Tropical Lion fish leaving the south pacific coral reefs and taking over the entire Caribbean. Giant crabs have taken over the entire coastline of Europe.

While biologists appear to be completely confused as to the behavior of these animals… I strongly suspect we are seeing these changes in animal and marine life behavior due to the abnormal shifting of the Earth’s axis. Everything is normal for wildlife during Spring and Fall when the earth is at the original positions to the sun, but the extreme shifts during the summer and winter months when the tilt is 2000 miles shifted too far or too south, (depending on the season and hemisphere) is really throwing the animal life into confusion during those months. Even in the Spring and Fall, the changes between summer and winter are much more severe because of the additional 2000 miles it has to change on each end from summer to winter.

If you check the dates, you’ll find most of these lovely nature programs are dated prior to 2005. Before the shift disrupted everything.

We are also seeing a difference in plant growth. I’ve lost over 6 large full grown trees which have just died and fallen over in the past 12 months. Giant, healthy trees. I have other living trees which are pulling out of the ground and falling over. The roots are not holding the tree in the soil. This is adobe clay soil… so it really doesn’t make sense. Most of these trees are close to 30 years old.

This winter we haven’t seen the sun more than 4 or 5 days at most since October. It is either constantly overcast or covered in high fog. Not normal weather for this dry region for certain. I’m expecting a severe ice storm or blizzard some time between Jan 15 and Mar 15 due to the additional shift we measured last summer. Best chance is around the beginning of Feb… and perhaps a last hurrah storm in April. None of these types of weather issues occurred prior to 2005 except those once every 50 year exceptions. If this was a normal winter… we would start warming up at the tail end of January and trees blooming in February. But not since the Dec 2004 axis shift. They try and they die because of the changes. If you want to see just how much the weather has changed, check out the FEMA Website annual declarations of emergencies.

I also have friends that live near glaciers which are rapidly melting and racing across the landscape toward the oceans. What used to take millions of years, now occurs in just a few years. They used to have 20 ft of snow on top of their roof every winter after each weekly blizzard which they had to use a snow blower to remove and now, they barely see any snow at all and their winters are averaging 45 degrees. No need for snow blowers since. Is there any wonder the glaciers are melting? This is Canada and Alaska.

The permafrost in Russia is nearly gone. Just take a look at Google Earth. Greenland and Iceland and the South Pole are severely melting from underneath the glaciers… undermining them to quickly slide away.

We will soon see nothing but weeds, ants, cockroaches and the worst life forms which will outlive us all.

I was glad to see that the TV finally showed the underground cities and maglev trains between all the air force bases coast to coast which the US gov’t has built at extreme taxpayer cost to save their sorry hides when the planet becomes unlivable for the rest of us. No one would believe it. The gov’t kept paying these skeptics and pit bulls to attack & discredit anyone who dared to mention their dark secret black projects. Now everyone can see for themselves these underground cities they have built for all the elite at our expense… which those of us in the know have known about for years. Elective ignorance is the most difficult problem the public has to overcome. All the information they want to know is out there… but they were too pigheaded to realize it and allowed the hired pit bulls to convince them it was false.

Not far from the fancy underground city in Denver, they also have enormous vaults of seeds stored to replant the planet after the disaster occurs. Ever wonder where all of those FEMA and Red Cross supplies went? Very little of it went to US residents. Most of the time, the states & business donations from places like Walmart took care of most their needs while the majority of donated and gov’t supplies were squirreled away underground in Colorado.

I saw where they are using the sonic rad system to keep people out of the access tunnels. I have friends who worked on some of these underground facilities and tunnel systems and I have personally been in the underground cities beneath Houston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc., when I was working on various projects which required me to be in those areas. They also dug a tunnel in Dallas in Dec 2008 after Bush bought his home and extended a tunnel which they bored up through Oklahoma and into Colorado to the facility there. If you go up on Google earth and turn on the earthquake features, you can follow the progress of the tunnels they drill with the large boring machines. They tend to create small earthquakes in the 3.1 to 4.1 range. When Dallas had a quake in Dec 08, it was clear what they were doing. Texas is a zone zero earthquake zone. You can’t get any lower than that on the earthquake scale. I used to design earthquake bracing so I notice things like this. You could follow the route of the tunnel boring by the dates & strengths on the earthquake symbols heading northward. You can actually use these to map out the tunnels.

As a result of the incredible amount of tunnels they have crisscrossing the US, the country was besieged with sink holes in 2013. Now that they’ve finally revealed the underground tunnels and facilities on TV, you don’t have to wonder about it anymore. It isn’t a theory. It is a fact. Only the deluded will refuse to believe their own eyes and bury their heads in the sand.

The amount of luxury items in these underground shelter areas is obscene. This is also why you see our top levels of gov’t stopping at the main air force bases or Colorado whenever a major disaster is imminent. 2001. The huge asteroid which got too close, Etc. Did you know that the communications companies which handle the gov’t circuits are not allowed to touch any of the equipment or systems or make repairs whenever airforce one is in the air? It is hands-off.

Most of the time, you won’t even know something bad is about to happen. Those with reserved shelter invitations will run to the closest USAF bases or DC or Colorado to access tunnel locations and will just let the worst happen without saying a word. Can’t have the economy suffering by evacuating anyone or forewarning anyone. They might not show up at their jobs… and that would cut down on the money for them to waste on their private black projects we pay for. They won’t even do anything about all the major cities on the coastlines which will succumb to the continually rising sea levels. No preplanning, etc. It might disrupt spending.

So, if you see all the top dogs of the gov’t, elite and corporate CEO’s all heading to Denver or their closest airforce base… that should give you a clue something very bad is about to occur. Unfortunately, even the journalists who travel with the President would go on lockdown and not be allowed to contact their network during such an emergency. Don’t expect any help when everything goes to hell. Much less any notice. All I can say, is I hope you live away from the coastlines and above the 300ft elevation where there is some mountain fed stream water and a nearby valley for growing food. Why do you think they chose the highest City in the US to place their main underground city shelter for the topdogs?

This weather and wildlife migration alterations are just the beginning. It is going to get a lot worse. But go ahead and continue on as normal… its only some conspiracy theory… if you put your trust in those who have a first class lodging in the Denver shelter.


  1. Smart guy,I agree with everything you have said,ive been trying to find out WTF is going on right now and the only reason i found your page is because i kind of knew what was happening , my next search was going to be chem trails but i already had an idea what i would find ,besides you answered it here anyways,i know about all else,except for a couple of things still dont make sense,or is it to distract whats really going on, the recent martial law and border lock down ? is that to keep control or ? and the depopulation by illuminati is that them just being paranoid or is it another deception for real problem ,and why would they even care about planting chips in people ,is that to track them in case they want in theyre under ground city.? FEMA red listed and blue listed .? The wars going on funded by USA ? im not sure where the connection is?


    Comment by cobrakell — February 14, 2015 @ 10:48 pm | Reply

    • Actually, they started using the rice sized ID chip implants back in the early 2000’s. I remember when the President of Mexico received one at that time. There was a documentary about it and about our President having one. It is basically used as a scan card type of ID system. There are also many other types of security systems such as full handprint scanners. I’ve used those myself and many other types of systems. Secure ID is another one we use which constantly changes passwords on a minute to minute basis. When they use the sonic deterrents to prevent access into protected facilities, you need to be recognized in order to pass through the security systems. So not to worry about getting a chip. You need to worry about not getting one.

      Having been on the Emergency Management Agency of one of the largest metro areas in the US, I can tell you that there are no plans to feed, clothe, shelter or provide medicines or necessities to victims of a calamity. The orders are to secure, control and confine anyone who does not get out of the metro area. All Law enforcement have their designated roads to blockade. You will only have about 30-45 minutes to get out before they are in place. Take the back roads if you are running late. Those will be blocked last. FEMA and Red Cross are the true controllers of these Agencies and they have full Presidential authority above Congress in an emergency by Executive Order. They will control the military, the government, the communications, etc. They will block all frequencies except their own. They have the full authority by existing Presidential Executive Orders to conscript citizens into servitude or work gangs or military service. The Law enforcement will blockade all the exits and when the national guard gets into place, the soldiers will perform a systematic clearing of all remaining residents from all buildings and will corral them into large centers where they will be kept without food, water, necessities, etc. They have scanning tools which can detect your body heat and lifeforms through thick concrete. You cannot escape these scanners unless you plan to place an inch thick lead shield over your completely concealed underground shelter. If they find it, they have the weapons to get in. All the phones will be cut off and only capable of dialing 911. Anyone who puts up a fight will be placed in the lockdown facilities. Remember Katrina? That was no accident. It happened exactly in the order I had told my family and friends from my time with the Emergency Management Agency. They did not believe me until they actually saw it happen step by step in the order I had described years earlier. However, it even shocked me despite my foreknowledge. I never thought they would do such a thing to victims of a hurricane. Once FEMA takes control, the state government no longer has authority or control. They even have contingencies in case the national guard soldiers start questioning their roles of confining families and babies without food & necessities. There is an Agreement with Mexico to send in their troops to take over if ours fail to follow their directives. These are not suppositions. These are the facts. When I dared to ask the Agency about food, medicines, shelter, etc… they nearly tore my head off. You aren’t allowed to talk about those things. The meetings are a joke. FEMA and Red Cross sit over them like vultures. The only two people who actually cared were myself and the manager over the 911 center… and you should know their system can only handle 30,000 calls in a city of millions. So when your phones are cut off (that was my job and only takes 5 minutes to type in the command)… 911 is the only number you can call. The only phones which will work are those designated by FEMA.

      So when a catastrophe occurs, whether it is the axis shifting or an asteroid or some plague… I guarantee the leaders and elite will all be in their cozy underground facilities under Denver with all their hijacked FEMA supplies and our tax dollars and connected by cross country underground maglev trains to all the airforce bases and major metro areas and a few others… Such as Bush has his own private tunnel. The economy will collapse. There wont be any food, medicine or utilities running for long. Those people who thought it was a joke and laughed about “conspiracy theories” will turn into mobs of wild animals and will kill anyone who has food and shelter. They won’t think. They will become panicky and violent and turn into a swarming mob. Survivors will have to group together to defend themselves. Meanwhile, FEMA and Red Cross will be in control and they will have the national guard locking down everyone and eliminating any problems which will make the holocaust look like a kindergarden.

      There wont be any constitution or Bill of Rights. It will be Martial Law. There is not enough room in the FEMA prisons for everyone… but that’s why they will also use convention centers, gymnasiums, any large center they can find to corral people who will not receive any sustenance to survive. They don’t want survivors. We also know someone in the Seattle area who was building and outfitting those rail cars to handle 15,000 prisoners at a time. Our country is not the only country set up to do this. There are underground facilities for the leaders and elite of every G20 country. Only the worst of the worst are selected to survive. If anyone stranded gets angry and finds themselves left to die… remember these underground facilities have air supplies. Access points are Denver and the air bases… among others. Oil & water drilling rigs may also come in handy at that point. You can trace the tunnels by tracking the small earthquakes between 3.0 and 4.1 on Google Earth. Those will give you the locations and dates of the tunnel construction. However, I have noticed that Google earth been removing the earlier earthquake symbols such as the Dallas tunnel built for Bush in Dec 2008 and could be traced northward through Mar 2009. They use the large TBMs to bore the tunnels which can handle 2 maglev trains each when complete. You can see these TBMs online.

      These are not theories. These are facts. I attended the meetings for 2 years. I had members of my family in USAF intelligence, Army Intelligence, Navy Intelligence and the CIA. I had a spouse who was at NORAD and other hardened underground sites and I’ve worked on a few projects myself. (by the way, I’m not a male). I have connections and friends who have worked on some of the most unbelievable projects you can imagine. None of these are theories. They are all true. Anyone can read the presidential executive orders online regarding the powers of FEMA and the Red Cross and what they can do… if they have any doubts. Like I said… remember Katrina. That was a trial run of what is going to happen. They only screwed up by allowing the media in and the public to see what was going on and you can be assured that mistake will never happen again. It was not a case of incompetence. Katrina was the way it has been designed to be handled.

      They seem to be targeting 2020 as the date for something to happen. But that is just a wild guess based on gov’t comments and statements, etc. I don’t have any specific dates. I hope nothing happens. Unfortunately, things are not looking good. I’ve seen the continuing changes in the solar position and our planet cannot continue to shift much further without taking a sudden shift onto its side. However, I could be wrong. There may be another bigger ELE extinction level event heading our way and it could be at any time. I only know about what I can see and those things which I have personal knowledge. They just want to ensure that everyone is kept clueless until the last moment when they make their escape to safety. Can’t have the economy suffering. They want every ounce of money and power until the very last moment. There wont be any warning whatsoever. We will be stuck with whatever supplies we have on hand at the time because once the catastrophe occurs, there wont be anyway to shop for food, medicines, water, necessities, protection, etc. And unless they have made a major change since I was at the Agency… don’t expect any from those left in charge. They will tell you to go to the shelters for food and supplies but once you are there, you will be trapped under armed guard and there wont be any supplies… Just like the convention centers at Katrina. Remember? They were held there were days and days with nothing to eat or drink or medicine or diapers or beds. It was only when the public was getting ready to go down there in an angry mob that the State of Texas decided to send buses and set up shelters to get them out of there. Remember how FEMA and Red Cross set up in Baton Rouge… many miles away and said the victims would have to come to them? But they had no way to leave and were kept there under armed guard. Remember the hospitals? The dying at the airports? All of those numbers of dead were only about 10% or less of the actual numbers. Remember how FEMA tore down the antennas of St Bernard’s parish in the middle of the night to prevent them from communicating by radio? And how they had to rebuild their antenna and put it under armed guard? Or the nursing home patients? How about the donated hover boats being locked up and unused or how the pilots of that one helicopter from Florida rescuing people were court martialed? Or how FEMA refused the supplies from Walmart and sent the ice & supply trucks on wild goose chases and how they refused to use the FEMA trailers for the victims or the abandoned military bases for their housing? Remember all of this now????

      The catastrophe may not happen in our lifetimes, but from the way the gov’t has been racing to complete these projects… it will be soon. They are already done with their tunnels and facilities. They are simply adding extra perks and extra tunnels to bide their time since they will have to live under there for a long time. There is a lot more but most people would not believe it.

      It will be the Eloi and Morlocks for sure.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 15, 2015 @ 12:50 am | Reply

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