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August 4, 2018

8-2018 Lessons from Katrina

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Be sure to watch the videos at the bottom.

As conditions diminish, you should be prepared for bad storms, flooding, Quakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, heat waves, Blizzards, wildfires and those who would take what you have. Don’t tell anyone what you have & make sure your family doesn’t tell anyone either. Including relatives, friends & coworkers. Otherwise, you could be killed for it.

You also need to know what obstacles you may face in an evacuation.  Especially those with Martial Law, FEMA & Red Cross. Fema is only answerable to the president & above the VP, cabinet & congress during national martial law. They can forcibly conscript you into work gangs or military. They control the troops. They will scramble all radio, communications & TV frequencies to control all info in & out of the disaster area.  Red Cross is their partner. This is all spelled out in the presidential executive orders (unless someone has changed it).

The past will give you clues. I was on the multiple agency Houston area emergency management many years ago , as was FEMA & Red Cross who controlled everything. In two years, they never spoke of rescues, food, supplies, medical, etc. They spoke of cutting off all land line & wireless phones. A simple act which takes about 5 minutes with a computer Command.  Only 911 would work and they had a limitation of 30,000 lines in a metro area with over 10 million people  and way understaffed.  Don’t expect help even if you can get thru the 911 lines.

They spoke of having police & fire officers preassigned  to roads to block off all access & exits from the city until the national guard troops were in place.

They spoke of special ID’s & dedicated cellphones which only the team members would have. The people were to be blocked in, hunted down & corralled in large arenas under armed guard without food, water, medicines, supplies, etc.  See the 2 Katrina videos below.

They even had an Agreement with Mexico for them to provide troops in the event ours balked at imprisoning our own citizens.

I asked about food, supplies & rescues. FEMA & Red Cross nearly tore off my head. Only the 911 center manager supported my concerns. They had no intention to rescue or feed anyone. Our Houston leader only wanted to talk about Warner Bros. Cartoons & collectibles.

I told my friends & family. No one believed me. Even I wondered how they could do this except perhaps during some terrorist attack.

Much to my own shock, Katrina occurred & I watched FEMA & Red Cross perform everything I heard them say years earlier.  Most of this has been whitewashed, revised or removed from the internet. Fortunately, I have a photographic memory.

So to get Federal assistance, the governor has to sign over their powers to FEMA. FEMA then runs the state & the National Guard troops & the governor has no say on anything. The governor balked at signing away her powers & they made her look like a bad person who wasn’t  competent to handle an emergency.

Those who didn’t evacuate quickly enough were trapped in the city. They were locked down by National Guard troops. People were corralled into large Convention centers under armed guard without food, water, medicines, clothes, a place to sleep, supplies or working toilets.  FEMA & Red Cross settled in Baton Rouge many miles away & said if anyone wanted food, supplies or assistance they would have to go to Baton Rouge to get it. I heard & saw the head of Red Cross in Baton Rouge make this statement on TV.

New Orleans was like a bowl. Most cars were flooded as were homes & they had no transportation, clothes, shoes, etc. & were threatened to be shot if they tried to leave.

Disabled victims & elderly drown in their homes or died for lack of food, water & medicine.  Including nursing homes & hospitals.

9 hover boats were donated which FEMA locked up & didn’t use. Satellite phones were donated & FEMA locked those up. Hundreds of trucks of ice were sent away by FEMA driving in circles. Walmart sent truckloads of donations & FEMA refused them & turned them back. Truckloads of water & fuel were blocked by FEMA from reaching St Bernard Parish. Nursing home patients drown. Hospitals were manually operating life support systems with no power. FEMA refused to send in helicopters or transport to evacuate patients whom were dying.

People needing medicines & baby food, etc, had no alternative except to take them from flooded stores which would have to discard them anyway. Not just addicts, but people like diabetics & other patients or babies with a genuine need.  People were dying of dehydration. They took flipflops, clothes, sneakers, diapers, etc from a flooded Walmart because they had none. Walmart didn’t care because they couldn’t sell the damaged merchandise but police shot them as looters.

What would you do without food, medicine, water, clothes, shoes & needs for your children & babies?

There was one helicopter & 2 pilots making rooftop rescues. These men were charged with being AWOL in Florida for helping those victims. Only after most victims were dead in their homes did the National Guard start checking the homes about 3 weeks later.

Fema even ripped down the antenna of the St Bernard Parish office of emergency management about 2AM one morning to isolate them. They replaced the antenna & placed an armed guard to protect it. The Parrish had begged for days to help the drowning patients in a nursing home. About 34 died  including the Emergency Managers mother.

Ill & injured victims were taken to the airport & laid on the floor without covers, medicine, food or assistance. When doctors from other states arrived & volunteered to help, they were only allowed to sweep the floor & could not assist patients. They were dying all around them & had no medicines.

Donations disappeared to the private FEMA stockpile for their gov’t shelter in Denver. FEMA had thousands of mobile homes for victims and abandoned military bases but would not allow victims to use them.

The estimate was 10,000 dead but the military created a mass grave near the airport, I think, & whittled down that death toll to under 2000 as those bodies disappeared. The gov’t always uses fake low death counts & data to reduce public anger.  The WTC death toll went from 50,000 to below 3000. An 800 mile axis shift was reduced to 8 inches.

With patients dying in hospitals & homes & rooftops & nursing homes & convention centers without food, water or medicine for at least 3 weeks, the American people were ready to storm New Orleans & rescue them.

Of all places, Gov Perry of Texas sent buses & took the victims to the Houston astrodome. But a week or 2 later, the victims were flown all over the country to split them up so they could not guess the true number of dead & whereabouts of missing family & friends the gov’t claimed were sent elsewhere. Yes, a huge mass grave. Most of the critical hospital patients died without electricity & supplies for weeks.  Pres W did fly over New Orleans on his way back to the Capital.

Mississippi Red Cross put the water station 15-20 miles away from the disaster zone where no one could reach since their cars were all damaged. I saw comments  on Youtube where Red Cross & Salvation army were charging Mississippi victims for water & supplies. See videos.

Aaron Broussard, the president of St Bernard Parish took on FEMA & the gov’t & outed their dirty scheme. He broke down from desperation. See the video below. The gov’t hirelings ridiculed him. The gov’t set him up & forced him to plead guilty for 4 years in prison or they would have done far worse  to him. They destroyed the man. He lost everything because  he told the public what FEMA was doing.  Be sure to watch the youtube video below where he told on FEMA. I will add some other videos below that so you will remember just how bad it was.

Just a few weeks after Katrina, another hurricane hit Florida. Jeb Bush, the Presidents own brother refused FEMA, Red Cross (who is FEMA’s partner) & all Federal Help. Florida handled their disaster without any help.

WTC, all the remains & debris were taken out of country & sold. No evidence left behind.

Red Cross Donations ended up in trash dumps after most disaster donations.  They throw it away & hide the money so they can beg for more which no one receives. They keep demanding from locals to provide. During the last Hurricane  in Galveston (Rita?) they brought in troops from the 5 military bases in San Antonio, then Red cross demanded Houston residents to feed them even though they had tons of food  & rations on the bases an hour away by plane. 3 hours by vehicle.

Even Houston Hurricane Harvey shows FEMA & Red Cross are still crooked. Millions of dollars in cash & truckloads of donations given to FEMA & Red Cross. Yet, they were using local shelters, local volunteers, demanding food & cots from local businesses. Boat rescues by civilian volunteers with their own boats, local doctors & nurses. Local shelter volunteers, volunteer local pet rescues. FEMA & Red Cross were taking the money & credit but not giving any back to feed, clothe & provide for flood victims. What the heck were they doing with the money? What did they do besides the forms for loans? This info I heard from local politicians & authorities on TV  and directly from the mouths of FEMA & Red Cross.

Just like United way. Our employers used to threaten us to donate. I said any charity who needs threats should  be avoided. They also gave to other organizations like Boy Scouts, heart fund, etc. Laundering money. I was right. The CEO ended up in prison. I dared to speak out. Do not give money or donations to FEMA or Red cross. Find a reputable local fund. Ask the city. Those aren’t red cross workers or shelters. Those are local volunteers & local centers volunteered as shelters by their owners.

This is what you have to look forward to. Here is what to expect. Be sure to watch the videos.

In a disaster, make sure you have your emergency kits & supplies. Don’t rely on cell or land line phones. They will be disabled. Have family plans for meeting places. Try to leave city or metro area within 30 minutes. The roads will be blocked within 45 min to 1 hour. Use back roads if main roads are blocked. You will need gas & drinking water & food. Remember cell phone chargers. The phones will work outside the disaster zone. Choose a destination away from Coastlines and above 300 ft with water & food source.  Take back roads. Do not stop for strangers. No exceptions. They will kill you & steal your car & supplies. Be prepared to defend against hijacks & blocked roads. Have shovel & saws for downed trees, etc. Check for hidden criminals.

Go thru my emergency kit lists on this site & whether you stay at home or evacuate. Each kit is different. Put large hammers in attic in case of trapped by rising floods so you can break out.

2 Katrina & 2 Harvey videos. Must watch all 4. Also 2 hurricane Ike & a Haiti Red cross half billion dollar disappearance of donations.


Harvey Red Cross behavior

Haiti Red cross corruption (half billion missing donated dollars)

Hurricane Ike Galveston cover up



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  1. here’s something interesting about FEMA … […..At an agency meeting last Tuesday, FEMA Director Brock Long told regional subordinates that citizens who question the agency’s mission are “nothing more than cattle” and must be treated as hostile combatants.] i bet they will try everything they can to bury this infos….


    Comment by Nara — January 29, 2019 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

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