Earth's Axis has changed

May 5, 2016

5-2016 Central America & Caribbean Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Central America & Caribbean Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.


  1. This is all very interesting and I’ll be reading to catch up.
    Please take a moment to read over this article I have found. It seems they are giving us “a brief overview” of the current axis situation.


    Comment by copperbounty — June 11, 2016 @ 11:57 pm | Reply

  2. Hey, how do you survive such events? How affected would a country like Lebanon be?


    Comment by Antony — June 6, 2016 @ 5:11 am | Reply

    • We are not in any immediate danger. However, if such an event does occur in our lifetimes, Lebanon would be subjected to extreme weather conditions in Summer & Winter. Extreme heat in Summer & extreme cold in winter; far beyond any known temperatures. More stable temperature conditions would prevail closer to the equator such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, etc. Preferably above 300 ft where fresh water can be obtained & food grown, etc.

      There are emergency preparation suggestions on on what you can do to plan ahead. There may be other catastrophes to deal with such as asteroids or floods or pandemics. I don’t know if anything bad will occur in our lifetimes. I can only take the measurements each June and judge if the changes warrant any need for concern. Our measurements actually improved last year. But I doubt that will be the Case this year. I believe that was a wobble. But I cannot predict the exact year such a global catastrophic event could occur. It could occur between 2020 and 2026 or 100 years from now. I don’t know. I can only judge the situation by the annual measurements. But I will continue to check every year to find out if we are in immediate danger. So far, we are still safe. I will check the measurements on June 21st to determine our current situation.

      I have also created posts for regional observations so Everyone can post comments about unusual weather or situations they observe in their regions. Your region would be the Israel, Egypt, middle east & Arabia region on the right side menu. Post any helpful comments there for your regions.

      Some countries may be making emergency preparations for their populations. However, they would not inform their employees of any upcoming catastrophes. Only those few elite will know about it or benefit from the preparations. You can ask general questions about emergency preparation for disaster readiness but do not ask them about axis shifts or Asteroids, etc. They wont know & they will treat you badly for mentioning it. There could be grave consequences for asking about global catastrophes in some countries. So be very careful what you say.

      I will try to keep everyone informed of our situation each June. It would also be helpful if everyone kept us updated on changes in their regions which could give us earlier clues. Hopefully, it will not occur in our lifetimes but we’ll try to be prepared. If such a global catastrophe occurs… your area would not be in danger of a tsunami based on the 2004 tsunami. Only those with southern coastlines on those continents would likely be at risk for tsunamis. You should not change locations until after the event. Wait long enough for flood waters to recede from areas you may be traveling.

      The summers & winters will be extreme where spring & fall will have normal weather conditions. If you decide to relocate at that time, mountainous areas near the equator with freshwater sources & greenery for growing crops would be best. Also areas should be safe from violence as well.

      I will post the measurements in June & any concerns I have. But there is no immediate cause for alarm.


      Comment by mmc7 — June 6, 2016 @ 11:05 am | Reply

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