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December 10, 2018

12-2018 The Day the Earth Caught Fire (disaster planning & snakes)

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I recommend everyone should watch the movie, “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”. It is a black and white film from 1961 and has always been a favorite of mine. Yet, for some reason, I totally missed the part about the Axis shift.

In this movie, they start having the very same global disasters, increases in record earthquakes around the world, droughts, heat waves, unscheduled eclipses and a huge fog caused by massive evaporation and drying of water in the Thames. Floods worldwide as the polar ice melts. This film is British and takes place in London. It very much matches with the horrific weather and events over the past 18 months.  They mention a change in nutation (a wobbling precession of the pole) along with an 11 degree increase in the axis tilt plus we learn at the end that the earth is also heading toward the sun. They didn’t take any chances and listed all three. But they exaggerated the events for their axis change.

We’ve seen the results of the axis shifting and we saw a wobble between 2014 and 2018 IRL. I also saw a photo of the Rhine River in Germany nearly dry. I lived there for a couple years and remember taking a boat down the Rhine to see the fireworks display of the Heidelberg Castle burning in July. A wonderful trip on a beautiful river. It would be a shame if it dries up. Another reason we need to consider private water sources or captured rain. I don’t have a well here like I did in California because Texas water is usually toxic from chemicals, oil and other bad qualities. They say they have to drill hundreds of feet for water costing $80K-$120K fifteen years ago. That’s more than the house is worth.

However the reason I was disturbed about the sun being farther north last July than it was on the June 21st solstice is because the only way the dates of the solstices change is when our orbit changes. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to scare anyone. It is my intention to help people survive… not to panic. If the Earth had moved closer to the sun, then the solstice would have occurred earlier than June 21st. But since the sun continued to move to about the 12th of July, that implies we moved slightly farther from the sun. That means it will be damn cold this winter. But since the sun was nearly directly over the north pole on July 12th and the arctic circle had temperatures as much as 106 F Degrees and I thought the constellations had rotated but I couldn’t find my old charts in time to confirm and I can’t trust the veracity of what we find on the internet. So I will check again in June… and July. But my impression is that we may be on our side rotating horizontal like Uranus.

The movie got the apparent lightning storm right except it was actually an ion storm. I saw two in Dallas in June 2006 (I think).  Their problem was caused by simultaneous nuke tests by the US and Russia but that was only the movie and our problem is from the antarctic Ice melting.

The newspaper office in the film was real at the time and was the actual newspaper used in the story along with the real life chief editor who played himself under another name. I think the film is worth watching just for the axis info and weather changes alone… although they got the water shortages correct, they totally forgot about the food shortages. If you watched the group of youtube disaster videos for the past year, which I posted back in Oct, you will see or hear them talking about similar disasters on this movie.  They also made things a little worse. The temps in NYC in the film were described as above 140F. Plus multiple hurricanes and cyclones. It was Canada’s minister of their ecology last Aug on CN who said we should expect 130F to become our summer norm in the next 10 years. But always remember, the movies always make disasters worse than they are.

Even NASA has been stealing from my analysis so if what I say is important enough for NASA to steal, then everyone should take this seriously. NASA trashed my efforts until this year. Now it is suddenly their idea. Other scientists have now stolen my work and are publishing it as if it was their own. Youtube has also been having a field day with my work. I don’t mind people sharing my efforts but I don’t like them stealing credit for it as if it was their idea. When I started posting on this site in 2006 and posted on another site since 2004 about this issue there were zero people who supported my findings. It wasn’t until the general public started looking at the sun themselves and seeing the changes that anyone took this seriously. It was a little hard to ignore last summer when it was over the north pole.

The movie may be B&W but they tried to add a touch of orange at the beginning and end to express the heat.  You need to listen to what they say in the movie to learn about the global changes.

This movie was classed as X no children under 16 when it was released in the UK in 1961. It has since been upgraded to age 12. There is no real nudity. Just wrapped in towels. No parts showing. No real violence except a small ruckus for a few minutes. However, I agree with the age 12 considering how kids are raised these days to be sheltered from everything. I watched this film as a toddler and watched Twilight Zone since I was about 2 and would battle to see Outer Limits and every scary and sci fi movie they made. They showed these films every Saturday. Only one movie was disturbing. I think it was called The Brain that wouldn’t die about a doctor who kept his fiance’s head alive on a table after an accident. It was pretty gruesome.  But kids these days would not be able to watch those like I always did. When I was an adult, I bought a copy of all my favorites. The ones with radioactive themes were always a bit creepy during the cold war. But I was never prone to nightmares. I don’t think I ever had a single nightmare. But I really don’t recommend this movie for anyone younger than 12. But it certainly is no X film by any stretch of the imagination. However, this might give everyone a good idea about what we are currently experiencing and why the change in the solstice date and the precession wobble we have detected since 2014 and the sun over the polar regions melting and heating the planet.

Keep track of the weather and temperatures in south Australia and South Africa and the southern part of South America and the south pole this Dec, Jan and Feb to compare with our summer.

There is an excellent book on food and water storage and rotation and how to buy food your family will eat. It is called, Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton. I think I bought it on Amazon. A truly remarkable book which outdoes all of my efforts. She even includes the greenhouses…. which Walmart online just dropped in price by $300.

It is important to know how to keep food fresh and what to store it in. For instance, I have been saving my gallon water bottles which are plastic but they leech toxins if they get overheated from the car or garage. She suggests others and how to kill bacteria with just a couple drops of clorox or boiling. I think you have to wait 24 hours for chlorine bleach to dissipate if I remember correctly. You local county health dept may have info on water storage and how to treat it. This is a really great book. It also has planning charts and how to cook from scratch for survival.

I also have books on identifying edible plants and another book on natural medicines and how to find and identify the plants and which parts to use and which plants are toxic. One thing is for certain. If you see a plant full of lovely red berries and none of the birds or wildlife are eating them… avoid them. Avoid any plant the animals avoid. Also learn how to identify poison Ivy, poison oak and poison summac as well as how to identify poisonous snakes.

Do not depend on your spouse or neighbor to properly identify a snake (or properly drive a tractor for that matter). Not even someone raised on a farm. They all act like they know which snake is which. I had to train every male in my neighborhood… we all live out in the country surrounded by grain fields and a handful of cattle. The grain fields attract rats (big ones) and the rats attract the snakes. When the farmer tills the soil or harvests his grain, the mice and snakes all head for our houses for food until the grain crops are planted again.

We have a terrible time with Cotton mouth snakes which also go by the name of Water moccasins. They have a white lining in their mouths and are deadly and the most difficult for a hospital to treat. EVERY male in my neighborhood of about 20 houses in a ten square mile area of fields, all identified the snake as a copperhead. This clearly shows not one of them knows the basics on snakes. A copperhead is very distinctive. It is copper colored with a diamond design. A thick snake about 3 ft long…. also deadly.

But a Cottonmouth (water moccasin) as an adult is dark brown and about 6 ft long. It easily can hide in a tree or bush. I nearly put my hand on one when I was looking for a baby bird in a pine tree. They are not always in water. About an inch thick body. Very slender. Two of these got into my house a few years ago. They were after my birds. One actually got into the cage with the birds. It was a miracle the snake did not get them. Their fluttering and squawking awoke me. The wires of the cage are only a 1/4 inch spaced yet this huge snake got into the cage and the minute it saw me, it came out of the cage after me but the minute its head was through the bars, I chopped it off with an ax I had in my hand… because another adult snake had tried to get into the cages 6 hours earlier. I got him the same way. Beware, even with their head chopped off which I always do, both snakes came to life again just a couple hours later on the back deck where I threw them. Do not touch them or get near them. These headless snakes started crawling as if they could see where they were going. Over 200 birds and their fledglings all lined up on the tree branches over the deck above the snakes. Birds of every breed side by side. Even those who were enemies. It appeared they were using the opportunity to teach their young about the dangers of snakes. It looked like a scene out of Hitchcock’s Birds film. The heads on these dead snakes will bite anything that moves including their own bodies. The reaction of the birds was priceless and I wish my camera  batteries had been charged.

Baby cottonmouth snakes look a lot like coral snakes so make sure your children do not play with these brightly colored pink and red small snakes. Be careful of standing water, ponds, children’s pools, bushes & trees (especially those with bird nests,) etc where these snakes like best or under your house.  Also remember these snakes can hurl themselves 2 or 3 times their length. So you would not be safe 10 feet away. They can also climb straight up a tree as fast as lightning. They are deadly. We made long conduit poles with a loop of lawn mower wire… the kind of wire on the handle when you pull it to start. A very strong steel cable loop at the end of the pole which we can pull tight at the other end to catch it by the neck. We also included some sharp wood screws to keep the snake from escaping. I also have a 3 ft long machete for dispatching the snake in the loop.

I have found these snakes at the front door, sitting up like a cobra ready to bite the first person who walks out… and normally you would be looking toward your car not at the frame of your door on the porch. I’ve never seen anything about that in a book or online. Not a word about this breed of snake coiled and sitting up like a cobra. But I have seen 3 different cottonmouth snakes do this. They also killed one of my cats who was in the garage because he didn’t get along with the house cat. He was my mothers cat. Apparently he saw the snake and decided to play with it as cats do and we found him dead. We had seen the snakes the previous day but they had disappeared before we could eliminate them. We may need those old manual rotary mowers to cut grass if we should lose our fuel and electricity to keep the grass short to see the snakes. But never try to take on a snake as I have had to do unless you really know what you are doing and have the proper implements to ensure its safe dispatch without becoming injured yourself. It is very dangerous. My only point is to bring your attention to the dangers these deadly snakes bear and my experience with them. Boots are a great help. Any protection is better than none. Remember their fangs can unsheathe and become very long allowing their small heads to produce huge, sharp deadly fangs which can deeply penetrate your body and clothes. But boots are the best thing and knowledge. You can find pictures of these snakes online. Some people like snakes. I don’t. It is not worth the danger.

There is also a product called “Snake Away” which places like Lowes or tractor stores carry. But I hear it is not as effective on cotton mouth snakes. Only 50%. But it should work better on the others. I understand they won’t crawl over it. In my opinion, treat any snake as potentially deadly and safely eliminate it if possible to protect your family. It is the one creature I have the most disdain for. If I find it on my property, it is gone. Animal control just drives around the corner and turns them loose again. This is what they told me. The animal control group thinks it is ok to kill cats and dogs but treat snakes as entitled.

I am also a strong proponent of being armed to protect yourself from roving gangs during an apocalypse.  & snakes. There will also be roving packs of unfed dogs looking for food. They may have been pets which were abandoned but they get wild and vicious when 3 or more dogs pack together.

The crooks are guaranteed to have weapons and they prey upon anyone who has something they want and they know only half the people are armed. They tread lightly in country farms like ours because they know we are usually prepared to dispatch roving gangs. If your group of neighbors can set up a watch group or motion detectors, and shared resources survival is better after a crisis. I’m talking about a severe global apocalypse. Not a bad storm. How to survive when the entire infrastructure has collapsed. You will need to survive with no food, no water, no fuel, no medicine, etc.  However, the obvious roving gangs are one thing but you may find your very best friends, good neighbors and even your own relatives may turn on you if they know you have food, water, medicine, etc. Parents will go crazy and kill their closest friends if they didn’t prepare and their children and wife are starving. They will do whatever is needed to take it from someone else. There is an episode of Twilight Zone called “the Shelter” which shows how the neighborhood laughed and bullied a neighbor who was building a shelter in his basement. When a nuclear war siren sounded, those very neighbors started begging to get into his shelter which only had room and supplies for his own family and no more. The neighbors turned into a violent mob and began banging down the door of his shelter wanting to save themselves and their children. They eventually smashed the door down just as the alert was rescinded as false. People will turn into animals to get the food and water and medicines needed for their families.

Sometimes a hurricane, flooding and loss of home or electricity can last for weeks. Remember Houston. Or remember the Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people in 2004. Or the ice storms which left the east coast without electricity, heat or any way to leave their homes. Or the wildfires which left tens of thousands homeless during the past year. So these stored emergency preparations would be handy for situations like that… if you have them where you can get to them in a hurry. The people who were burned out next to my former home were awakened in the middle of the night with massive flames burning around them. They were lucky to get out with their kids in their pajamas in the middle of the night if their car had not burned. Many died trying to get to their cars or save their pets. Those fires were started by poorly maintained electrical and gas infrastructure of PG&E. The fire stopped at my former property line. I’m willing to bet a few were started by the wood stoves they all liked to burn. The smoke was so thick you couldn’t breathe. Those wood shake roofs and HOA rules against trees and other greenery were probably other factors.  So these are things to plan for. If you have a closet near the front door it is a good place to put some emergency bags in case you need to run out in the middle of the night like they did.

Or we could have some more 3 mile islands, Chernobyl or Fukushima where a flood or a storm could cause massive radiation releases. It would happen very quickly as it did in Japan. Your locations and where you are downwind could make all the difference. Could be power plants, industrial explosions like Houston when a chemical plant had dangerous reactions out of control, or fires burning caustic materials. There are many accidents we have yet to consider. If you think you live near a nuke plant, iodine tablets can be found at Amazon for about $10. They only work when an accident or attack occurs. They only last 24 hours to prevent the thyroid from absorbing radioactive Iodides and usually are recommended for 10 days for each person. But there could be future Fukushimas which spew radioactive particles for months or years if no one can stop it.

In a true global emergency (and Katrina) the elderly and disabled are abandoned and considered a drain on resources and in the way. Avoid being seen by local authorities, National guard or other troops, FEMA or Red Cross. Under Martial Law, they can and will put you into a convention center with no food, no water, no facilities, no medicine, etc. You will either be conscripted into a labor force or military or end up in a giant grave near the airport. Remember, I was in an emergency management Agency for one of the largest metro areas in the US. I know what they are about and their intentions. To my horror, I saw them do these very things during Katrina as if it was a practice run to see if they could get away with it. It is all spelled out in the executive orders about the powers of FEMA and Red Cross. They are above everyone except the President during Martial Law. They will shut down all cell phones and landlines (that was my job at the time). It can be done in 5 minutes remotely. They have no intention of letting anyone have phone service except themselves. They have executive authority to scramble all frequencies, TV, etc except their own and can forcibly conscript you into military or labor gangs against your will. They control the troops and the law. They outrank the VP and the entire Congress and Senate. The only authority above FEMA & Red Cross if Martial Law is declared would be the President. I have read the executive orders and recommend reading them if you get a chance.

I posted one of those Katrina news videos on a post last summer. If you haven’t seen it, please do. There were people dying in wheel chairs on the sidewalk and babies dying without food on camera. Not everyone will have a vehicle for transportation because in Katrina, Houston & Galveston, many cars were damaged by the flood waters before they had a chance to wake up. The video will help you understand just what to expect and how awful it can become. Anyone who goes into a store to get food, clothes or medicine or baby requirements would be shot as a looter even though the items are flood damaged and cannot be sold and will end up in a landfill. Yes there are real looters in these conditions but there are also people starving and dying and many will have no choice except to try to help them but the police and troops will kill them without asking questions even though they might be carrying diapers and baby food. Or trying to get insulin and other medicines  from a flooded pharmacy. They won’t be able to access narcotics because pharmacies keep those in the safe. However, lack of access to foods may very likely reduce glucose levels and swelling feet or high blood pressure and reduce weight. Reduced pollutants may also help with asthma and no more cigarettes, beer, liquor fried foods, candy, fast foods, etc. You might want to include some nicotine patches or gum in the kit if anyone is a smoker.

Your number one need is water and it should be boiled before drinking or using it no matter where it came from. You can survive on crackers and peanut butter for a few days until the flood waters recede. So my point is the emergency kits can have other uses besides a global calamity and can be used by your heirs. How do you keep warm if you lose your electricity or heat. My furnace broke the week before Thanksgiving and I’m surviving on portables and blankets for the moment. But without fuel or electricity you will need warm clothes like jogging suits, sleeping bags, blankets, saws, shovels, pruning shears, plastic sheeting and tape to keep the cold out of your windows and doors, etc. Also, a battery charger might be nice and a transformer which can charge your phone and your kindle, etc. I have several backup power systems but I also have a converter for the car cigarette lighter to charge those same items. It is just a matter of how much you wish to do. I’m just tossing out some ideas. The book written by Peggy Layton is the best I have ever seen. She goes into ideas for washing clothes, cooking a large kettle on a tripod over a fire outside. Her book is truly a lifesaver for surviving disasters. I rarely mention books which impress me. But this is the most thorough I have read.

Anyway, I have several books handy for survival skills, medicines, food, edible and poison plants, snakes, gardening, rotating and storing food and water, etc. I have a library crammed with every book imaginable. Long before we had Kindles and downloadable books online. I have those as well but I remembered an episode from the new Outer Limits called “Stream of Consciousness” where everyone except one person with brain damage was linked into a wireless network using a chip connected to their brains. When their computer network went wild with a virus it had to be shut down. Everyone on the planet had to learn how to read and write and that boy who had brain damage was the only one who knew how. There was another recent film called Transvergence where paranoid computer terrorists shut down the entire world from their internet and everything with a computer stopped working such as their power plants. So they were all back to square one. They did the same on the new remake of The day the Earth stood still.



  1. I noticed something unusual today for the first time, the sun is tracking very low in the south, from south-east to south-west. Probably no more than 30 degrees at its highest point, not to mention the sun came up later than normal. I live in Arizona, Phoenix to be exact, in order for what I am observing to be true, Earth has shifted at least 15 degrees to the South. Am I crazy, or am I really seeing this??????


    Comment by Robert Arnold — December 28, 2018 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

    • I’ve been following this shifting since 2005. In the past 18 months the planet has been tearing itself apart. Nearly a tsunami every month. Anytime a tsunami is preceded by oceans receding from the beaches, those are always caused by the inertia of planetary shifting… regardless of what others say. The quakes are secondary and caused by the shifting but the vibrations travel faster than water and reach the sensors first… so they wrongly assume quakes were the source.

      I found a group of videos on youtube which show these bizarre weather and global events. I have no association with the videos but they are excellent and verifiable.

      If you really want to see something unusual, check the sun position in June and July. June the 21st is the summer solstice, the longest day. But last year for the first time ever, we all saw the sun position even father north in mid July than it was in June. This was verified by several people participating world wide.

      Spring and fall will appear normal because the midpoint is always the equator regardless of the shifting. So you wont see the extreme changes of the sun until mid June to mid July. Last year the sun was nearly over the north pole and the arctic circle had temperatures of 106F as did Japan and LA and other locations which suffered from heat waves. Two of our Australian participants and one from the UK saw the sun over the south pole this past week… which is the mirror image of what we saw. I pasted the link to those videos below which I posted a couple months ago.


      Comment by mmc7 — December 28, 2018 @ 3:31 pm | Reply

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