Earth's Axis has changed

August 3, 2018

8-2018 World wide Heat

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I apologize for making so many posts & comments but our situation has been deteriorating. 2017 & 2018 have brought all our worst fears to a head. I have long since warned what will occur if we shift onto our planet’s side. Horrible hot summers from the arctic down and freezing cold winters from the arctic down.

However, the sun continued north into July and winters have been mild in some places like Texas, yet cold in others like Massachussetts. The constellations are off as is our orbit. Perhaps we fell over and began to roll as well as rotate within our orbit. Nor should Mars orbit have become closer. Something is wrong with our orbit & our axis.

Take a look at these world temperatures this week and last years comparisons.

106 F in San Francisco? When I moved to California in 81, I went to SFO for a tour. I dressed in shorts for hot Sonoma valley 85 F weather in July. Upon reaching SFO, I nearly froze to death with no jacket. It was 60F in San Francisco and foggy in July. SFO has never been warmer than 65F. It is always foggy weather like London. One time a few snow flakes fell and hundreds called the police worried about the paint on their cars.

Perhaps someone can find the coastal water temperatures?

Here is a global weather report for July 2018. Notice how it is hotter on the coasts than the interior. Just the opposite of what we would expect.

Hopefully, the autumn will bring calm & I will have less to say except for hurricanes.



  1. Check out CTV National News evening news for Sunday, August 5th. I’d be interested in your take. It definitely seems like hot and hotter are the deal of the future. Heat warnings across most of Canada.


    Comment by Jake Klippenstein — August 6, 2018 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

    • Is this TV, internet or Youtube? I don’t have TV anymore. But yes, the heat will be the death of us. It likely wont get better during our yearly 3 digit summers. They are trying to fight it with chemtrails. Perhaps solar canvas will help?

      When we did heat tests on technology, employees weren’t allowed to be exposed to 120F longer than 10-15 minutes & they were required to drink a lot of Gatorade. Until I finally got the industry to stop those ridiculous 24 hour heat tests. It was dangerous for people & equipment. One of Bell labs doings.

      However, a few days ago it was 123F and 124F in Africa & other world locations. We start dying at 120F. Some at lower temperatures.

      As the heat increases each year, we start dying & power grids failing. No filtering of UV without Ozone above us. So people, plants, crops & animals are being baked alive. Water supplies evaporate. Paint & plastic damaged.

      I think it is a death sentence on the planet. I also saw where outdoor workers are being roasted alive right thru their clothes. People dying from sun exposure, sun poisoning & dehydration. I can’t tolerate any sun or heat whatsoever. I have to shop at midnight. We need to live underground & work at night to survive.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 6, 2018 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

    • I found it. Had a heck of a time getting sound until I discovered they had muted the entire page.

      I agree entirely. I’ve been saying the same since I saw the arctic temperatures in July. It will continue to get hotter & will likely be the death of this planet. It is hotter in the arctic than it is in Texas. We are actually cooler some days.

      I never expected it would be temperature related until the planet shifted onto the side. I had forgotten about the ozone holes & atmosphere sheering until this summer. When we shifted last year, it placed us under these holes with no filters of the UV.

      Our sun was north of Canada & the UK in July. It should have headed south after June 22nd. But it continued further north in July. If we have shifted onto our side, it would explain the sun so far north, being under the ozone holes & the baking of the planet & people & plants & animals. We are baking alive along with the entire planet. I rarely incite panic, but people will die.

      It will get hotter every summer. Notice how the weather specialist being interviewed avoided her questions about the cause of the heat wave. Nor will they discuss the suns position. They want to ridicule the truth but can’t hide the sun. The cause is a forbidden subject. Next June it will start all over again. The beginning of Sept will probably bring a sudden, massive drop in temps. If the axis is the only issue, we will have massive cold winters. If the winter is not cold, then we may be closer to the sun. I keep thinking of that movie & Twilight zone episode.

      Death valley was 127.5 F. Food & water shortages for certain in the next 2 years. The gov’t doesn’t care. They will be underground in Denver using all the donations from Katrina & Harvey. They will use props to make it look like our gov’t is still in DC.

      When the riots begin for food, water & electricity it will give them an excuse to impose Martial Law & confine citizens. I would recommend all activities & work be done after dark. Jobs, sports, shopping, schools, etc at night. Sleep in daytime. Underground homes. Solar limiting nursery canvases & screens over our yards, crops, homes & water sources. I need to add this to the post.

      The CTV assessment of getting hotter as a norm is accurate, butt hey will never say why.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 6, 2018 @ 6:30 pm | Reply

  2. I follow this site as, though I’m not a geologist, astronomer or any like “expert”, I can tell you as a “casual” observer, as I and my husband sit on our South-facing deck in the late afternoon into the evening, we have observed the sun setting further and further north. Then the recent blood moons and the lining up of the planets – just say, I’m totally concerned to say the least. Thank you all for your valued explanations.


    Comment by doragone7 — August 3, 2018 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

    • I created this site for the average person to share what they were seeing. I wouldn’t trust the professionals, universities or anyone affiliated with gov’t monies to tell us the truth. Nearly all of them are beholden to their gov’t for their jobs & would spew their dogma to keep the citizens in the dark. Those seeming experts earn a spot in the gov’t shelters while the public will be left to fend under martial Law without assistance. I know. I worked with FEMA & Red Cross with the Houston Emergency Management Agency years ago. They nearly tore my head off for asking about rescues & supplies. The meetings were a sham. We were to isolate & corral victims in arenas under armed troops to die without supplies & no phone service. Katrina was not an accident. It was a dry run. You should see the powers FEMA & Red Cross have under Presidential executive orders. It may be time for me to post those to give everyone a running chance.

      There are very few of us willing to speak out. Fortunately, the gov’t cant hide the sun. They can only try to divert the cause with false info or discredit with attacks. The gov’ts hire college students to lurk on blogs & shout down everyone or anything which threatens to expose the situation. I call them hirelings. The same type they hire for counter protests. They’ve been doing this for decades such as countering the old war protests. You won’t see them on here. I don’t allow them to abuse anyone which is why the comments are delayed until I get a chance to approve them.

      I was shocked at the crazies on the Washington post commentaries who were claiming the temperatures were lies. The temperatures are valid. I checked them with dozens of International reporting sites. Even Google Earth which has a global temperature feature
      validates these temperatures. It is important to remember it is night in other regions when we are day, so that affects temperatures.

      I keep a clean, honest site and everything in plain English. They stopped bothering us over 10 years ago when I denied access to the hatemongers. I don’t know why the others don’t moderate their sites. There’s no reason to allow their readers to be abused.

      You wont see that here & are welcomed & encouraged to participate with what you see & any info you can share. It helps everyone to compare what they know & helps me to analyze the cause.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 3, 2018 @ 5:59 pm | Reply

      • I am truly grateful that you share this site with all of us and are willing to point out what you know to be purposeful disinformation. I believe the powers that be have no concern for the general populous and it will be underground networking that will give true guidance for survival. Thank you so much for keeping it clean.


        Comment by doragone7 — August 5, 2018 @ 12:20 am

      • I try to make sure everyone has a running chance but they aren’t aware of the political underside & scams. They probably think I’m harsh which is why I included the news reports we saw at the time. At least so they can see what to expect.

        Even if it is just a hurricane, flood, tornado, wildfire, etc., it is a good idea to be prepared even if the worst doesn’t occur. But the conditions are degrading to a very disconcerting level.

        I’m endeavoring to analyze the patterns of volcanic, seismic, tsunami & bizarre weather patterns. It’s looking like a death wobble similar to a child’s spinning top when it is ready to fall. It appears to have been occurring for the past 3 or 4 years & explains the reversion when the situation improved & restored somewhat but now has now become the worst yet. Check out “Oceans in opposition”. It is the new name for tsunamis, caused by abnormal planetary motion.

        That is my best estimate until I can confirm for certain.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 5, 2018 @ 1:47 am

  3. We have been suffering extreme heat every day since the beginning of July… up to 117 degrees one day, and fluctuating around 100-106 degrees on average. We are in Los Angeles. It has never been this hot for so long. Plants in the yard are getting fried. Apparently now, some gasses are coming from the ocean, and we can smell them inland 40 miles away. I just saw a video from Evolutionary Energy Arts this morning about it. He has many interesting reports about the changing earth climate, with the same messages that you are giving. I think you will resonate well with his research. Here’s his latest video report:

    The world situation is becoming dire. We are in a vibrational shift, and it affects everything… nature, animals, oceans, skies, sun, earth, humans. The Schumann Resonance has spiked. UV rays are elevated.
    I always look forward to your posts. You cannot post too many. They are always very informative and well researched. Thank you!


    Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 3, 2018 @ 10:05 am | Reply

    • I’ve been to LA many times. Can’t imagine 106 F degrees but that’s what the world temperatures showed last month. There are crazies on blogs claiming the temperatures are lies. There are hundreds of sources for that data. The gov’t has people in serious denials using CIA hirelings on blogs. They do the same hiring of college students to do counter protests in their favor.

      That’s why I was abrupt with Mark. He was super nice to me but creating joking videos is going to get people killed. They wont take the current danger seriously. The gov’t broke the planet.

      Even I can’t believe my own predictions came true so fast. Yet, I estimated 2020, over Ten years ago. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. I thought we might be ok when the axis reverted a couple years ago. It appears that was a final last gasp wobble before falling over. I mentioned that possibility as well at the time. Last night, I added the dates to all my posts so we could see it on the post menu.

      The gases you mention are very disconcerting. Those sound like ring of fire volcanic gases. Perhaps a flood basalt volcano fissure. Dormant & extinct volcanoes have been becoming active across the planet. Southern Australia is in imminent danger. It’s in the soil & water table. Even the Italian volcanoes are recently active.

      Not only do we have St Helens & Yellowstone, Old faithful, etc., in the US, there is crater lake, the Cascades (St Helena) and a massive mammoth lakes dormant volcano. Even death valley has lava from old volcanic activity & the Geysers at Geyserville, CA. I used to research volcanoes so these are off the top of my head. I wrote a book years ago & it was stolen by someone I let read it & made into a movie called, Volcano. Yes it was copyrighted & in the library of Congress.

      Since we’ve clearly shifted there may be dangerous magma pressures releasing toxic gases & volcanic activity. You would know better. Are they sulfurous gases? Rotten eggs or brimstone?

      If the ring of fire pops out, we could get another moon & lose most of our oceans. That would be a worst case scenario. There was a movie called, crack in the world, which showed that very scenario.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 3, 2018 @ 11:00 am | Reply

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