Earth's Axis has changed

March 5, 2015

3-2015 Axis Changes versus star positions

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When someone tells you the stars are the same so the axis cannot have changed, they are clearly either incapable of complex thinking or they are one of the gov’t paid hirelings to spread disinformation to make you doubt yourself. As I have repeatedly said, you only have to look at the locations of the sunrise and sunset in the month of June to see that the sun is rising and setting far to the north of the US when it should never be any farther north than the Tropic of Cancer located in mid Mexico on the longest day, summer solstice, June 21st. Never north of the US.  They cannot hide the sun.

Stars are tiny pinpoints of light millions of light years away.  So the visual perspective is quite different than a large object within our own solar system such as the sun. You would be amazed at how little the change is in the stars with a 2000 mile shift. The change in stars is actually very miniscule. When looking through a telescope, it is just a hair difference. Close enough to where the human eye cannot see the variance from our perspective without laser targeting. So I downloaded the star chart for mid Mexico and the star chart for nearly 2000 miles away in North Dakota for the exact identical dates and times so you can compare for yourself just how close those star formations appear despite a planetary shift of 2000 miles. This is factual verification you can check with your own eyes… just as you can also check the sun position with your own eyes rather than listening to some loudmouth moron lording over you on some blog for their 15 minutes of attention or some gov’t paid hireling hyping disinformation at you to create chaos and doubt.

Don’t take my word for it. Check the images for yourself. The first image is the star chart from  North Dakota. The second star chart is for Mid Mexico (Tropic of Cancer).  These locations are 2000 miles apart. You can clearly see how nearly identical the star locations are with just a hair of difference between the two. This is the same distance our planet has shifted. You can see how miniscule the changes are in the stars at this distance despite the severity of our axis shift which you can clearly see in June when you find the sun shining in your “NORTH” windows at sunrise and sunset.

Also remember the stars are constantly in motion due to our rotation and orbit… so when someone tells you they see the stars are always in the same place… that should tell you something about the veracity of their statement. These star charts compare exact dates and exact times between the two locations.

It makes no difference to me whether you believe it or not. I already know the truth. This is for your benefit. Not mine. I have nothing to gain either way.

Every piece of data provided is verifiable from a reliable source. You can access the data and the links to the original sources of data from authentic gov’t agencies on this site

Here are the star charts for identical dates and times for North Dakota & Mexico so you can compare how miniscule the difference  is  2000 miles apart.

North Dakota star chart



Mid Mexico Star chart



Here the same 2 images side by side (smaller to fit the page)

North Dakota                                                                        Mid Mexico

polaris_detail_ND   polaris_detail_Mexico_445













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