Earth's Axis has changed

February 22, 2014

2-2014 Earth’s Axis changes tied to gov’t weather modification

If you read my previous post on gov’t weather modification projects, it includes links to one of the actual companies paid by our gov’t to spray the chemicals in our atmosphere. Their website describes the chemicals & gases they’re spraying in our atmosphere.  They also name the gov’t projects like project Spectra & project Heat & project Paprika which pays for these extremely expensive aerial sprayings. They aren’t using crop dusters. They are using high altitude jets which means we are paying about $75,000 per jet per day at the very minimum. I included photos of these Chemtrails over Dallas. They always use 2 jets in a central spoke wheel pattern. They appear to be originating from Tinker AFB near Oklahoma City as their source of fuel. The difference between vapor trails & Chemtrails is vapor trails quickly dissipate not far behind the jet. Chemtrails do not dissipate. They continue to spread until the entire sky is covered with clouds created by these chemical trails. I have many photos from the Chemtrails sprayed by the previous administration. Recently, I have not seen any Chemtrails. It seems our previous President who lives in Dallas, does not care to live under the Chemtrails.

I now believe the gov’t is using the Chemtrails to cool the areas most affected by the southward shift of the Earth’s axis. The gov’t is desperately trying to counteract or slow the heating of the planet & melting of the polar ice which is causing the axis to shift. I have to admit, without the Chemtrails, our new 1200 mile increase in southerly axis tilt has caused Texas summers to soar to 45 straight days above 110 F with zero rain. The chemtrails significantly cool the temperature 20-25 degrees lower & produce rainfall.

Unfortunately, they allowed these quacks to use SF6 which is 3200 times more damaging to the environment than CO2. The quacks the gov’t is relying on to mix these formulas to spray in our upper atmosphere are actually increasing the heating of our planet & the aluminum is poisoning our water, our crops & our animals.

Yes, we need to cool our planet & seed our clouds but we need to find a different formula. Perhaps subzero gases with properties like nitrogen or even CO2 is better than SF6, or something similar which is safer & would interact to form clouds. There are also salts which clouds were seeded with decades ago. But no aluminum or other toxic mineral salts. I’m not a chemist but we can do a lot better than SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) and aluminum to create clouds to cool our planet. They also include aluminum coated fiberglass chaff in these aerial sprayings for tracking. Totally irresponsible.

Yes, the Chemtrails are desperately needed to reduce the triple digit heat caused by the shifting of our axis which has gotten so bad, the sun is rising & setting to the north of Texas in the summer. The sun should never be farther north than central Mexico at any time (tropic of Cancer). The US is now about 1200 miles further south than we are supposed to be in the summer and 1200 miles further north in the winter due to the shifting of the axis. Causing hotter summers & colder winters. We also have increased humidity & precipitation from the melting of the polar ice & evaporation.

We do need to slow the melting & reduce the heat using better, safer chemicals & methods to cool our overheated planet before the axis shifts the planet onto its side. The weight of the ice at the south pole acts like a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the Earth’s balance. Once that melting has reached a certain point & our angle of axis tilt reaches a tipping point, our planet will end up lying on its side (on the equator which is heavier from a larger circumference) with the poles horizontal instead of vertical as they are now. We will not flip upside down as some believe. There isn’t enough weight or land based ice at the north pole to allow a total inversion to occur.  Our planet is top light in weight & bottom heavy. We would have been better off if we flipped upside down which would only reverse our seasons but provide stable weather.  Once the Earth’s axis shifts onto its side, we will only have bizarre extremes of heat, cold, sunlight & darkness as we orbit the sun. Only those populations located at the latitudes between Mexico & Brazil will survive… and of course those elite who have the underground shelters in Colorado & interconnecting tunnels built by our Tax dollars for their benefit while the rest of us who paid for their expensive shelters are left to perish. This is probably why they want to significantly reduce the population as described on the monument in Georgia.

However, we need these Chemtrails to survive the summer heat; to slow our axis shifting & save our crops & food production & reduce water evaporation to preserve supplies. But they need to find safer chemicals to do it.

It is too late to stop the axis Shift. It has already begun. The Dec 2004 Tsunami was caused by one of the largest shifts of earth’s axis. This is clearly evident to anyone who looks outside during sunrise & sunset at the moment when the sun is in contact with the horizon during the months of June & July. Particularly on the longest day, the Summer solstice, June 21st. The sun should never be farther north than central Mexico; the Tropic of Cancer. Certainly, never north of Texas as you will see if you check by looking outside at the sunrise & sunset this summer. It appears the new tropic of cancer latitude is somewhere near the border of California & Oregon. Perhaps some of you could help to pinpoint it this summer. I will post easy instructions in June.

The gov’t can’t hide the sun so their only recourse is to try to discredit anyone who publicizes this info in order to keep you in ignorance while they save themselves at your expense. It is clear the gov’t knew about this in the 1990’s when they stopped worrying about oil supply shortages & began creating gas guzzling SUV’s & no longer cared about the Air, environment or public welfare  is when they knew the planet’s axis was beginning to shift & the shortages of necessities no longer mattered to a doomed population.  The same with the elimination of safety regulations to protect the population & planet from toxins. It no longer mattered because our gov’ts believe we only have a limited time before the shifting axis causes an extinction level event. They seem to expect this final axis shifting event to occur fairly soon. Maybe this is why they are building so many unnecessary power plants in Panama? But I believe they are short sighted. A lot of people can survive in the tropic latitudes as long as they stay at least 300 Ft above sea level & have adequate fresh water. It almost sounds like the beginning of the Eloi & Morlocks. Those above ground & those underground.

We can only hope to slow the shifting axis down at this point. Be sure to read the Gov’t weather modification project posted on this same blog site menu to learn more about the gov’t Chemtrail projects. There are links to the actual gov’t contractors who spray the Chemtrails. They describe the chemicals, the locations & the names of the gov’t projects on their websites. There are also links to gov’t oversight agencies & photos of Chemtrails being made & the resulting cloud formations. It was written before I understood the connection with the axis shift. But you can verify the validity of these chemtrails.

The only difference is the terminology. They call it weather modification.

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  1. I did hear that the US gov’t has finally admitted to their chemical aerial spraying to cool down the temperatures. They even have documentaries of their activities now. Although I’m sure they were carefully edited to leave out the critical nature & any negatives. But, it is a start.

    I had posted the websites of the contractors who were spraying the chemtrails for the US Gov’t & the posted names of the gov’t projects which are using chemtrails to modify the weather and some photos I took to prove these chemtrails were genuine. They had been blaming the old “conspiracy theorist” coverup story. This should make some of these naysayer reactionists think twice about buying into these conspiracy theory label bandwagons the gov’t uses to ridicule & discredit anyone who tries to reveal the truth on gov’t involvement with a variety of black projects & other monumental events. Any anti theory or skeptic sites or supposed experts casting disparagement are nearly all paid or sourced by the gov’t or political group to contradict anyone revealing anything they want kept from the public. Basically, damage control & paid attack dogs. The previous president publicly admitted the gov’t & presidents all do this as well as their creation of film & documentary productions & slanted news articles to use for targeted propaganda & modification of public opinions as well. Many of us have long known about this but it is nice to hear some public admissions from our gov’t on these issues.

    I’m also glad to see the gov’t finally admitted to their chemtrail projects… After I published the links to their aerial spraying contractor & weather modification licensing websites. It was difficult for them to deny something on official gov’t & gov’t contractor websites. We have at least made 50% progress by proving it was genuine & obtaining the governments admission it was true.

    Now, if they will only confess to the real reason why they are spraying & why the sun is at least 1200 miles farther north than it should be, we will have made some progress. We can’t fix the sun or earth’s axis but we might be able to slow it down or stop it. It would also be nice to know when we can expect the icemelt floods & axis slippages. They first said the meltdown would take 10,000 years. Then they said 100 years. Then it was 2050. Then 2037. Then 2020. Now they say they’ve found a sudden change in Greenland’s ice reflectivity occurring in just hours. They say the melt rate is outpacing all of the models created to project timing. I think they don’t know & are in a panic to stop it with the chemtrails but are not willing to stop the corporations, factories, utilities & fossil fuel usages from making it worse. Which means their efforts wont slow it down because they are unwilling to stop the cause of the problem. Like peeing into the wind.

    Here are some excellent links on melting polar ice if anyone is interested. It affects our weather, temperatures, humidity, precipitation & the rate which our axis slips. However, ignore the melt dates. They constantly are changed for shorter & sooner dates. But regardless of the predictions, you can expect significant coastal flooding & massive displacement of populated areas within the next 20 years. Quite probably beginning in 2020.

    This first site really has a plethora of polar ice news.


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