Earth's Axis has changed

April 1, 2015

4-2015 ITYS Droughts, Blizzards, Flooding, Water shortages, record temps…

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I have repeatedly warned that the change in the axis is affecting our weather and conditions across the world. We are shifted about 2000 miles farther south in the summer (which is why we see the sun rising and setting to the north of the US in June) and 2000 miles farther north in the winter (which is why south Australia sees the sun setting to the south in December and why the south pole is melting so rapidly). As we lose the south pole ice, we are losing the gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of Earth’s axis tilt.

The jet stream has now been dipping deep into central America because the planet had shifted. A pressure system bubble has formed over the central US forcing arctic air patterns to target & besiege the NE US and Nova Scotia with record storms and precipitation while blocking the storm systems in the Pacific from coming inland into California. So the weather is parked off shore. Also, the warming currents are producing less storms which require a combination of cold and hot to form a storm system.

Enjoying 80 degree weather? Just wait. The severe storms are not over yet. We can expect drastic alternating patterns for the next 3 weeks. Since the initial shift in Dec 2004, spiral coriolis effect weather patterns which look like hurricanes have been forming over the central US in April & May scooping arctic air from Canada and hot air from the Gulf which results in alternating hot and cold weather every few days in April and May.  See my extensive collection of these annual spiral weather pattern images over the US and comparison images for the years prior to the Dec 2004 axis shift… when these weather patterns did not exist… until after the shift… which are continuing to occur. Here is a link to those satellite images of these central US spiral weather patterns.

In June 2014, I measured a new significant increase in the axis from the previous year and I warned everyone to expect record cold temps and blizzards this winter. The added glacier melting has increased the humidity, moisture and precipitation which equates to high snowfall, blizzards and floods. Unfortunately, the changes in axis position has altered the sun position and weather patterns.

Back in 2006 and 2009, I warned that this change in planet axis would affect weather patterns and cause desertification of some regions while turning others into swampland. It would also produce violent changes. The earth has reportedly shifted onto its side at least 11 times in the past. We cannot invert upside down because there is not enough land weight at the north pole to flip the planet upside down. The next heaviest area on our planet is the equator… with Central Asia being the heaviest area pulling the planet over onto the side… which is why the Dec 2004 tsunami hit the southern coast from Africa to SE Asia since that was the focal region of the axis shift.

This is what happened to Ancient Egypt. It used to be lush and green at one time with canals dug right up to the base of the pyramids so the stone barges from the quarries could be unloaded at the pyramid rather than dragging it from the river. (This is something you can see by satellite despite what archaeologists say. They cannot understand these are not roads. They were canals.) We had glaciers in Africa and the Sahara was once green. Now it is desert. We also have many areas of coastlines now underwater which used to be above sea levels when the glaciers covered most of the US and Russia and Europe. (Stonehenge were moved to the site over frozen ice. Like gliders.) After the glaciers melted and retreated, these coastal areas as recently as after Cleopatra’s life, have been submerged… like the Bimini roads.

As we shift and the weather patterns stabilize, we will see the desertification of the entire southern US. Just in the last year, I lost over 10 mature trees. Dead in a single year. It doesn’t help that we are stripping the jungles and forests of trees and polluting the air and water. We reap what we sow… unfortunately, those who are most responsible are going to be the ones surviving in their fancy shelters bought by our money… either through taxes or money we spend on corporate products.

This shifting process also alters the temperatures of ocean currents and has affected the way storms form off the west coast over the pacific. There is nothing we can do to stop it… unless we stopped all pollution immediately and hoped we could avoid that final shift onto our side. But we are already shifted to the halfway point on the tilt… we are right at the tipping point on the edge of a precipice.

California is now 2000 miles farther south in the summer with the rest of us, so it is now experiencing the weather conditions of central America in the summer. The extreme dips of the jet stream into central america, spiral weather patterns and pressure bubbles over the central US have blocked the onshore flow of rain into California. They could use Chemtrails to increase storms and precipitation like they do in Dallas but the aluminum compounds would contaminate the California produce and water. However, they might want to consider chemtrails at least for the northern and eastern areas of the state over the Cascade and Sierras to produce snowfall in the mountain ranges.  Also, if we can pipe natural gas and oil across the country… we could certainly pipe fresh water from the Great Lakes to California. There is also Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Crater Lake, Mono Lake, etc. to enhance water sources for short term relief. However, they must also place a total moratorium on building houses and new businesses. If they cannot supply the population they have, then they cannot support new ones. This should go for any drought region.

I wasn’t the only one who warned about these water shortages and other shortages all slated for 2020.  Check the shortage news links on this page:

Here are a collection of articles about drought predictions & climate changes for California dating back as far as 1994, 2005, etc. This is a very sobering set of articles which warned about this situation and was laughed off by the gov’t scientists and public. Look who is laughing now…

You cannot expect the planet to undergo such a dramatic shift in axis tilt without affecting the weather. It is imperative that we keep a close eye on this and help provide measurements of the sun position every June 21st. I will post a note about this in June to remind you. We are already at the halfway tipping point now. It wont take much more ice melt at the south pole for the axis to shift the entire planet the rest of the way onto its side where our poles will be horizontal. Don’t let the presence of ice in Antarctica give you a false sense of security. It will only take another large chunk of ice lost from the south pole continent to tip us the rest of the way. Don’t expect any help from the gov’t. They don’t even plan to tell you. They will simply retreat to their fancy Denver underground shelter cities powered by pipelines of unlimited natural gas and all of those missing warehouses of FEMA supplies and underground farms and nationwide underground maglev trains and leave us to fend for ourselves under FEMA, Red Cross and National guard troops to corral, control and contain us. As the Georgia guidestone says… maintain humanity at 500,000,000. We may not believe this but the elite and politicians in their underground  shelters believe in the NWO and they are quite prepared to survive at our expense. We are nothing but vermin to them. They have taken efforts to save everyone they believe is worth saving… all the rotten ones who created these problems with their destruction of our environment.

We can only hope some super tsunami floods the continent during the final shift and drowns them in their tunnels…. why do you think they chose the highest elevation for their fancy shelter?

More info can be found on








  1. I agree and I hold the Shaman’s from Northern Canada Inuit as valid observers of the change in Earths axis. We use instruments but they observe and as we know old methods are very accurate. Just look to Stonehenge. I admit I have had a sense of change and uneasy feeling which will not go. So yes I feel the axis has changed!
    As for Chem trails trying to achieve a relief from climate change and rising temps, it is totally wrong. It is making people ill and I have seen them spray over Detroit alas this drifts over Windsor and area and makes us all feel ill. I think it is so stupid, Why? Chem trails try to reflect light but apart from the toxins the reflection also hold heat in thus by mid summer it gets worse.
    Are we lost mmm?
    There is a huge change coming whether you look at it purely from a scientific aproach or as I do both research, observation and intuition. Before you scientists go intuition remember animals know when disasters are going to strike well before we can scientifically monitor, so if we tune ourselves into this vibration we can do the same.

    I detest the fact that money grabbing Elite have prepared but I think when the crust shifts they will be destroyed and their shelters useless, underground will not be a place to be. Another thought as the process occurs it is likely volcanic eruptions will occur thus creating a cooling effect on the planet. So in a way I think we will be very cold, not too hot a bit like a pressure cooker. The main problem is there are no places left on the planet which are not occupied by people, so people will suffer.

    I agree about the FEMA camps etc.. the government and Elite don’t care especially in the USA the land of the forever slave. I was just reading about America the land of the free. What a Joke!
    Founded by genocide
    Then enslaved the Blacks
    Then the rest of the population
    Toxic waste
    Toxic Water
    No safety net worth mentioning for this people who find themselves no longer a useful commodity
    Health care system which is criminal for the Rich
    No legal rights to have annual leave (slave work life)
    Education substandard except for the elite
    The American dream a lottery full of ordinary people who fail and told it is their fault
    So much lack of empathy generated by a haves and have not culture
    Brain washed consumer crap made by slaves of America or other poor countries forced to work ever increasing hours and annual increases of production are demanded by the Elite like the whip. Now the whip is a threat of being layed off or fired for not keeping up.
    The environment not valued at all, food is poisoned and Monsanto rules the food industry. GMOs with spliced genetic toxins from other plants even animals which are consumed because one cannot wash out a genetic structure. farm factories so bad that animals are kept alive by drugs.
    Irradiated food which destroys the the valuable nutrients.
    Hydroponics which lacks the micro nutrients for healthy living.

    So what to do I try to educate and tell people spread the knowledge and make them aware. How ever it is now time to act time for environmental and ethical groups to join together as together there is a powerful voice.
    I am a former Aeronautical Engineer and worked on Space and Military micro chips (semi-conductors) for projects including the Cassini Space Probe.
    We have moved forward now we need to shift with the axis to a new way of living a cleaner way with emphasis on the environment not on commodities.


    Comment by Julie Phelps — April 13, 2015 @ 7:08 pm | Reply

    • I absolutely agree on everything. As far as the Chemtrails go, I previously explained the chemicals are toxic… but I was endeavoring to also explain why they are doing it. I did suggest they should use something less toxic. They may have to use this method in California to replenish mountain snowpack but they cannot use it over the crops.

      As far as the effects on the temperature, I can tell you it does drop our temperature by at least 20 degrees because it shields us from the sun by creating a cloudy overcast. Just like using a beach umbrella. It is cooler in the shade and it doesn’t hold in the heat because it is open on the sides just like an umbrella. The air flows under it. Heat is not trapped like a dome. The chemtrail storm clouds also create rain where we usually have zero in July & Aug. I am not in favor of poisoning us, the animals, our water, food and landscape in the process. These are simply how the chemtrails improve the conditions but it doesn’t mean I approve of the use of toxins. I do understand the motives of what they are trying to do and was attempting to explain the full picture so everyone is fully informed on both sides of the issue. Not just one.

      Whereas before, those who complained about the chemtrails were being treated like crazies by the gov’t puppet scientists and authorities… as if they didn’t know the difference between chemtrails and vapor trails. It is the hired skeptics who do not know the difference. Now the public has names of contractors, names of the gov’t projects, links to the sites, regulatory licensing entities, the names of the locations where the chemicals are being deployed, an idea of the enormous expense as well as why and where the gov’t is doing this plus photos, etc. This is the information I provided so the public has some educated knowledge about this process, solid proof and enough information to assist their endeavors to make changes. Being educated and having proof and details about who and what is being done is a lot better than leaving people to fend on their own in the dark without knowing what they are dealing with. So I went to great effort to provide this information, details, links and photos to help the public on this issue and they can no longer be slapped down with theorist labels by gov’t hirelings trying to shut them up.

      However, the chemtrails are only providing weather relief for the entitled few. In our case we have GWB living here. He didn’t like being directly under the chemtrail fallout either… so they moved the spraying to the west of us so we now get the benefit of the lower temps and the rain without as much fallout because most of it falls to the west where there is very little population. And they now do it just 2 or 3 times a week where it was 365 days per year with no off time before. Even on Christmas day. (no we are not fans of GWB. Actually, at least 50% of the residents of DFW moved here from California’s technology sector. Another 25% are from other technology sectors around the US. Only 1/4th of the residents are Texans… and if people in the US were really smart, they would never vote for any politician associated with Texas. All the politicians from here are crooks owned by the Energy & Oil corps, Brown & Root (LBJ), & Haliburton (Cheney). The energy companies also run the entire country and both political Parties. Remember how GHWB as VP sat in Dallas like a spider waiting for his phone call on the day his son’s college roommate; also son of his biggest campaign contributors… Hinkley, shot Reagan?) Of course they’ve probably revised and rewritten all the online history details on that by now. That’s how they get away with everything. Rewrite all the historical details and send out hirelings across the internet to shout down people on blogs, etc. There is no excuse for blog owners to allow those attacks. It is quite easy to block them.

      Again… I am not in favor of spraying toxins… but it was important for people to know the details of what is going on, who is doing it and why. The gov’t could certainly do a better job than using SF6 and aluminum compounds. In my case, I’m allergic to aluminum so I don’t go outside. But it is killing all of my trees. I have over 10 fully grown trees dying and falling over. It is poisoning them at the root base.

      I also provide information on the changes of the earth, weather, seismic, volcanic, tsunami and other issues associated with the global changes we are experiencing to give them a fighting chance because the gov’t has no intention of telling anyone. They will steal our last dollar and hide in their tunnels without offering one word of warning and leaving us to fend on our own or shot down by troops when catastrophe strikes.

      Not only do I agree with nearly all what you have said.. and you can read my other posts and comments to verify that. Things are actually a lot worse that what we both have mentioned so far. It would take hundreds of pages to describe all of the corruption and decay and toxins. Frankly, I think the NWO elite who control the world gov’ts are trying to eliminate 85% of the population… which is why I keep referring to the Georgia Guidestone. We may think it is a joke… they do not. They are deadly serious and have trillions of our tax dollars to use against us and to set up their cushy shelters and maglevs. I was actually hoping the floods would fill up the tunnels… but just in case, I did mention to anyone who survives… where the main shelter is located, how to find the air vents, and how the drilling rigs and steel beam pile drivers might come in handy after the catastrophe if they should want to access those shelters to address our leaders and their stockpiles of stolen supplies obtained from our tax dollars and FEMA warehouses. Our world leaders also know we are running out of food, water and everything else. On the website below, you can also see lists of Shortage predictions by the gov’t & scientists on various news links. They know we are running out and are not doing a thing about it. They’ve known about California since at least 1994. Read my post on Droughts for those details. So the gov’t waits until one year before critical to finally do something? They have no intention of saving anyone or lifting a finger. Any scientist who uses the words “Climate change” is automatically removed from their jobs. Meteorologists are gagged and cannot even tell you a tornado is headed your way unless the NWS makes an official announcement first. No weather anchor can say one word about the weather unless it is preapproved by NWS or they lose their license and face retribution.

      Our gov’t lack of response is like watching someone sitting in a room, as the lights burn out one by one until the lights are all gone and left sitting in the dark. Total apathy. They don’t care. They all have their shelters arranged. They don’t want to save us. They want to get rid of us.

      It is only now that people are starting to notice something is wrong and are finally seeking info… which is what I’m endeavoring to provide so at least they know what is going on and what the options are along with as much reference links to data from reliable sources. Hence, the motives to thin us out. Much easier for the gov’t than enacting family planning or changing rules to apply sensible population growth controls or seal borders, etc. So they opened the doors and got rid of all the protections against carcinogens, toxins, pollutions, safety, quality, medical, etc.. ply everyone with techno toys and access to all the drugs they want… and then they just sit back and watch us thin ourselves out.

      I think we have to do everything we can to survive because we are not getting any help and we have to protect ourselves and prepare for our own survival. As far as the shifting planet cleaning out the dregs… I think that is exactly what the NWO has planned for the rest of us. The only question is who will survive. The Morloks or elois. The more of us who know what is going on and prepare… the more of us will survive. But even if we prepare and know ahead of time what to expect from an axis shift or how to avoid the toxins in normal day to day survival… we also have to be prepared to defend ourselves against the roving swarms of survivors who did not prepare and will destroy anyone and take anything they can away from those who have prepared. I can’t caution people enough to remember the Twilight Zone episode about “the Shelter” or “the old man in the mountain” to get an idea of what will happen following a global catastrophe. People will become rioting animals… and the gov’t is prepared to contain us and eliminate the problem.

      The other problem is the public element which has the attitude that this is all conjecture. They don’t bother to look anything up or do research. They just sit around rolling their eyes when someone tries to explain the situation. They don’t believe the truth even when the official gov’t documents are released and they admit to these things… and they don’t think it applies to them. They are completely self consumed, mostly uneducated but have a lot of loud opinions about things they have no knowledge. We can’t help those who wont help themselves. These are the very people which will become the rioting roving gangs after a catastrophe… seeking to take from those who prepared. So your preparations must include defense and camouflaging your shelters and your resources. The shifting of the earth is only one calamity we face. There are also wars, nuclear-bio-chemical attacks, bacteria, epidemics, hurricanes, tsunamis, asteroids, meteors, loss of power grids, etc. There are many things which could reduce us to starvation overnight.

      I try to educate the public and provide the links to the info to minimize their efforts in the hope that they will understand the situation. The info you mentioned on volcanic activities, etc. and animal, weather, shortages and other associated issues can be found on my other posts you can access on the side menu bar or this website.

      It also has info on preparing to survive and how to track seismic and volcanic activity and links to all the info sources. It is in the process of being updated but has a lot of info you spoke about. We are clearly on the same page. I have mentioned everything you have.

      Take a look at my other posts, comments and the website and I think you will see we agree on at least 98% of those issues.


      Comment by mmc7 — April 14, 2015 @ 4:49 am | Reply

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