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August 23, 2016

8-2016 Unusual Lightning & Storms

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As I mentioned on previous posts & comments, the lightning is becoming increasingly bizarre. Just a couple weeks ago, we had an incident of concentrated grouped lightning as if it had been shot out of a gatling gun. Over 30 huge trees were simultaneously blasted to pieces on a half mile section of rural country road near Dallas. I saw the tight group of simultaneous bolts strike when I was a short distance away. I then drove past all these shattered trees lying all over the road. These were from separate bolts which struck all those trees at the same time. Not a multiple branched bolt. I saw the strike. A group of individual bolts. I’ve never seen tight grouped lightning before. All 30+ huge shattered trees lying on a half mile section of the rural country road I was headed toward. This storm produced two grouped strikes in 2 different spots within 2 minutes. The second group hit 4 miles away. A couple blocks behind the Walmart. Near where I stopped for salads.

The 30+ trees I mentioned were large windbreak trees planted along the edges of a rural country road. It looked like the Tasmanian devil had destroyed them. The sky was clear above this spot at the leading edge of the storm. No tornadoes. I  had seen the lightning strike before I reached that section of the road on my return trip home.

I had driven down that road less than an hour earlier for a quick errand.  It was a small storm about 10 miles square. If I had not seen all the bolts strike there at the same time, I never would have known what happened to all the trees. There were some startled construction contractors  near  the location at the time of the strike who were trying to clear the trees just minutes later.  They saw the  lightning from about 100 ft away. If anyone had been driving when those 30+ bolts struck, they could have been killed.

That same storm which produced those concentrated groups of clear-sky lightning bolts from the leading edge of the storm, also had this weird shuttle or rhombus shaped cloud about a square block in size (hanging under the main storm cloud) which then impacted the elevated highway. This cloud was also unnatural in appearance. It  is a miracle someone didn’t have an accident just looking a these oddities of lightning & cloud while driving.

We’ve had 4 unusual lightning incidents over the past 6 months. These storms also appear to be artificially supercharged. One hit took out 2 brand new power poles & sheered off the top 1/3rd  of the poles & cross bars & power lines (100 ft away). Another hit my house. No damage.  Another  hit my power pole & damaged my transformer fuse housing (10 ft from the house). Another hit my neighbors yard (50 ft away). This all occurred during 2 weeks of separate storms this past spring; within 100 ft of my house. I’m beginning to feel like a target.

Especially since our gov’t has classified all lightning data as they would only do if they had found a way to weaponize it. Why else classify it? It WAS just an act of nature until Darpa & CIA got their hands on it like they did the U2 & starwars particle beam.

Returning to the weather:

Back in June 2007, I saw 2 ION storms, two days apart. I’ve mentioned this before. Ion storms are very rare. Lightning protection is one of my specialties. These are the only Ion storms I’ve ever seen. They are usually near the north pole & a result of a severe solar flare. That same week which I saw the 2 ION storms near Dallas was the same time the ISS (Int’l space station) just happened to lose ALL of its computers & backups. Coincidentally, a space shuttle had just arrived a few days earlier with a full set of replacement computers & evacuated the ISS crew until the computers were repaired & restored.

4 months later, NASA tried to blame the failure all on Russian technology.


The Ion storms tell us it was a huge solar flare. The fact that the shuttle arrived ahead of time with a full set of replacement computer packs before the ISS computers failed tells us NASA knew about the flare headed toward Earth in advance. The fact that NASA tried to blame it on the Russians 4 months later tells us NASA didn’t have the decency to let the Russians know about the Solar flare they detected with their SOHO satellites. NASA didn’t tell anyone else on Earth either which could have destroyed many other satellites & global electronic systems.

This photo of an aurora borealis over Hudson Bay on June 10, 2007 (below) demonstrates there were abnormally high ion particle levels when I saw the 2 ion storms in June 07. There was also a double sunspot reported at the time. This tells us that NASA deliberately concealed this data & knowingly risked the health & welfare of their astronauts with exterior work divisionary projects when they knew conditions were unsafe without atmospheric protection. The 2 ion storms I witnessed & the catastrophic failures of all the ISS computers & backups during June 2007 clearly show the dangerous levels of CME (solar ejections) around earth at the time which NASA & SOHO concealed & 4 months later falsely blamed on the Russians and the records have all been  doctored to hide it. NASA & CIA are clearly hiding hazardous environmental events & weaponizations from the public.


NASA has also been backfilling job openings with former CIA, blackops & military. NASA stated this on an announcement several years ago.  So they are no longer the public space agency. It is all about cover up of anything they find. Russia has also been backfilling their space agency with former KGB generals. At one time (2003), maybe still, they had the photos & resumes of the RSA execs. All KGB generals. Makes you wonder what everyone is hiding. Some of us already know. You wouldn’t believe it, so I won’t bother to try. The CIA has already been infiltrating MSSS, JPL, Northrop Grumman & other aerospace contractors for decades. They  are  also sabotaging the efforts of the commercial space corporations to impede their efforts. (Read about their spectacular launch failures). The black ops have also long since infiltrated the ranks at MSSS to censor the imagery before NASA ever sees it. I  had relatives & friends who worked for several intelligence agencies and DOD.

I contacted NWS/NOAA; NASA & meteorological universities years ago to obtain images of the Ion storms. I called them lightning storms to keep it simple. Every one of them told me that All lightning data & imagery are classified. I could not believe my ears. The only reason to classify lightning would be if they have weaponized it. After seeing the gatling gun lightning here a couple weeks ago, it would certainly qualify as weaponized & unnatural. There certainly was nothing in any of these strike locations which would have caused or instigated such lightning behavior. I’m a national expert on lightning protection (among other things). So I don’t speculate on these issues lightly.

All I wanted on the Ion storms was video so I could share it with you. Now we have been getting clear sky leading edge storm lightning bolts like fired weapons near Dallas. Near me, for that matter. I’m not so sure this is random.  I can say for certain this was not natural. Since my house was hit, I had everything upgraded to protect it from these strikes. They can try but it is well grounded.

I noticed yesterday, the power company is changing out all the transformers in the area. I don’t know if it was the power companies idea or the neighbors after they saw me having all my lines, poles, grounds & transformers replaced. The power company is real nice about changing everything out for free or trimming trees. Oddly enough, the lightning strikes began after the power company replaced the main line & poles in this area but had not changed our drops or transformers.

The hits shattering the 30+ trees 3 weeks ago were not associated with any power equipment. There was none there. In fact, there was nothing to attract the lightning where it hit all those trees. There were more trees of equal size & numbers plus power poles on the opposite side of the road where the lightning did not hit, which would have been a more appealing target for lightning. So it made no sense.

I find it interesting that I’ve only seen one lightning strike in my entire life until this year. That one strike was a substation transformer when I was a teenager which shot a fountain of sparks 50 ft into the air like a giant Roman candle firework. The only lightning strike I ever saw until the last 6 months …and now it is like being targeted all within 100 ft of my house except for the 30+ trees and those were within 5 miles and on the very road where I was driving. I would have been at that very spot during the strike if I had not diverted a quick stop for food. The timing would have been impeccable if I had not diverted. Makes you wonder why the timing was so precise as to my perceived route location…

I did see a row of about 50 bolts hit the edge of the everglades at the same time near the airport in Broward County, FL about 13 years ago when I was there to install a better grounding system. But these were well spaced bolts hitting a swamp. The water table in Ft Lauderdale was only a foot below the soil when you dig a hole. It is brackish water. A mix of salt & fresh water. Makes a great battery. I’m  not counting these bolts as strikes. Only where I’ve seen actual bolt strike & impact damage on an object.

There was a company in South San Francisco in the 80’s who unintentionally turned their soil into a battery with sand & seawater & acid. It take special skills & knowledge to create a ground bed under such conditions.

The difference between an Ion storm & lightning storm is the sound & discharge. An Ion storm flashes & flickers rapidly like a strobe light. There is no thunder. Instead, you hear loud electrical arching, buzzing & clicking. Similar to the sound & flashing of a downed mainline electrical cable or an electrical panel shorting out. Imagine giant rapidly flickering, flashing strobe lights in the clouds with only the loud sound of arching, buzzing & clicking. No thunder. No bolts. No crashes. Like being in a scary carnival attraction.

So if anyone sees any strange lightning or storms or the aurora borealis south of Canada, let us know. We need to track these and other unusual phenomena.

I believe it was 1998 when a solar storm sheared the top of earths magnetic field & atmosphere creating a hole spewing a fountain of atmosphere & Ions into space. I wonder if that also thins our oxygen levels as well? Not to mention depleting our protection from solar flares & cosmic radiation & UV.

It occurs to me that a super severe solar flare could strip away earths entire atmosphere, destroying all life on our planet. Not to say it will ever do this, but the potential is there.  Especially since it already sheared off the top of the atmosphere in 1998.  But  has not done so in billions of years, so I guess we are safe. I noticed how NASA lost all interest in the subject after they spent all their project grant money after launching Caper. They didn’t even bother to evaluate the data they gathered. I tried to find it on their site dedicated to this project & their main site as well. They left the entire project in limbo, unfinished.

Here is some info on it.



Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.



Same cloud slowly drifting away.

3 hours later






  1. I made a comment the other day asking your thoughts and it may be in your spam, if you could have a look please. Cheers, Dean


    Comment by Dean — January 18, 2019 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

  2. Hi mmc7, I just wondered what your thoughts might be on the Paradise, CA. fires as I have recently started to really look into them and others such as Fort McMurray, Alberta and Greece and there are some very obvious anomolies in the way they have burned. I was a firefighter for 3.5 years and attended many total loss house fires and there was aways a toilet and sink still visible after even the most intense fires: these are not present in the above mentioned fires. As well, I have been on forest and grass fires and buildings can get consumed in the approaching fire especially when pushed by wind and also have seen house fires start bush and grass fires but there is always clear evidence of vegetation being severely burned immediately adjacent to the structure downwind. These fires do not have that characteristic and I believe as well as many others that these fires are created by Direct Energy Weapons or DEW for short or PG&E were complicit in starting smart meter fires in specific neighbourhoods and streets as a trial run at mass population removal. In northern CA many people were found dead in their cars trying to flee the structure fires or were found around their homes burned to almost nothing. No porcelin sinks or toilets are to be seen, aluminum rims on vehicles were molten and puddled on the ground beside plastic garbage cans that did not melt and were fine, homes that did not burn down had fire damage immediately around the smart meters, hydro poles were burned off at ground level even though the vegetation was not burned, most trees and vegetation immediately around the homes were still miraculously ok with the exception of many having been burned from inside to outside from the base only, the streets were remarkably clean during the fires with debris not falling into the roadway.etc. The numbers of dead and missing I believe have been greatly reduced just like many other gov’t FF/black ops. It’s also very coincidental that the burned out area is right where a high speed rail line is supposed to go and there just happens to be a lot of gold in the ground there too; as well as a lot of native artifacts that have to be protected before the residents can go back to their burned out homes if they are ever allowed to do that. If you look at pictures and listen to eyewitness testimony in the 3 above mentioned locations one will find striking similarities in all 3. Just wondered what your thoughts were on the subject as you have considerable insight into these matters. Cheers, Dean


    Comment by Dean — January 16, 2019 @ 9:10 am | Reply

  3. 7. I live in the northern Canada in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. One day, earlier in June, I think it was, I arrived home from an errand. It was very hot that day and no clouds in the sky, except one small dark cloud that seemed to sit right in the middle of the housing community, where I live. As I got our of the car and stepped about 3 feet from the edge of the sidewalk, a sudden burst of intense yellow ( not white), lightening hit right in front of me. I freaked out and ran back to the car. I know this was a stupid move, but what do I know about that kind of safety? Anyway, as I walked toward where I had leapt back, there was no evidence of a lightening strike, because it had not hit the ground at all. What’s more, is that there was only the one little dark cloud in the bright, blue, sky. It still puzzles me to this day


    Comment by M. Mc Graw — August 28, 2016 @ 12:26 pm | Reply

    • I ‘m rewriting my reply.

      Sounds just like what I saw except the single cloud was white & it destroyed most of the trees along a country road for a half mile. The smashed trees were all laying on the road & some startled contractors were moving them: I was only a mile or two away when I saw the lightning hit. The lightning was multiple rapid bolts as if it had been fired from a gatling gun. Take a look at my chemtrails post to see the small, lone cloud photos at the bottom.

      What was I thinking with my original answer? I must have been half asleep. My apologies. Did I even write that response? I clearly wasn’t thinking. Ice crystals? I should be slapped for an answer like that. I don’t usually say something that absurd. I was shocked when I saw this response.

      Back to original.
      Actually, the car was the smartest place to go if your door was open & as long as you didn’t touch the metal or handles with bare hands. The tires insulate the car and would protect you. You can survive a direct lightning hit in the car as long as you don’t touch anything metal & become part of the circuit. Also, close your eyes to prevent flash blinding.

      However, I wasn’t too sure about surviving a direct hit from those simultaneous 30 + bolts of lightning I saw 3 weeks ago. Cars are insulated from the ground on their tires but the frame is connected to the negative side of the battery & used as a poor mans ground. 30 + bolts of lightning would melt quite a bit & set fire to the upholstery, etc.

      If you had been standing on the ground holding the car door handle while the lightning hit, it would have traveled thru the car, thru your hand and through the bottoms of your shoes into the ground. You would have been burned by everything metal on your clothes or in your pockets.

      While dry sneakers with rubber soles can offer some insulation protection from small electric shock, lightning is so much more powerful, it will burn right through the soles of your shoes because it is so much stronger. Anything wet would also act as an electrical circuit path.

      I have seen another single small cloud like this over my house except it was a white cloud not dark. Just like the gatling gun cloud. I have a photo of it on the link below. It was silting some kind of white powder from it. I think it was some aluminum powder the chemtrail jets dropped enroute to their destination. They were doing chemtrails overheard daily at the time but not yet on that day.

      The cloud remained over my backyard at about 100 ft high or lower for 2 or 3 hours without moving. This is both bizarre & impossible. The planet is rotating & the wind currents should have moved the cloud. But the small cloud was about the size of a house, remained over my yard & defied physics. It didn’t move from over my yard & continued to silt white powder for 3 hours. However, no lightning or rain. This was several years ago.

      I just added the photo to my old chemtrail post. Click the post link below. The two photos are at the bottom of that post. The wider shot is to show how low & how small it was when it finally drifted away. Most of the white powder had already silted out but can still be seen in the closer view. The cloud is in photos 6 & 7 on the chemtrails post link below.

      When I mentioned a shuttle shaped cloud from 3 weeks ago, this singular cloud in the picture on the link below is exactly the shape & size I was describing on that storm with the 30+ simultaneous lightning bolts shattering all those trees at once.

      So how the heck are these identical shaped & sized clouds being formed? Did yours look like this? Have we found a way to generate an artificial cloud around a small remote controlled done?? Our military does this all the time with drones. It wouldn’t take much to use frozen CO2 (dry ice) & crush it to generate fog or clouds in hot weather to hide the drone. Or place the fogging compound under pressure like an insect fogger. Or simple cotton glued to the drone. Not only do we use these small drones in Iran & Iraq; we even have radio controlled drones for our kids.

      I also told this post about the 3 black unmarked black ops helicopters flying low (below 50′) which also cannot clear the nearby big lattice power lines. Flying at dusk without any lights or markings (except the lead copter which had minimal lights only). Then returning a week later. I wouldn’t have known they were there if it had not been for the low vibrations you can feel in your chest bones but not hear. Then going outside & spotting them flying barely above the trees. This was August & occurred 3 years in a row. I think we have a Darpa or black ops lab nearby which goes to an annual meeting in Ft worth. This would explain what we are seeing. Artificial clouds around small drones with lightning weapons. Sounds crazy but it fits. I do know we have particle beams. They were on the USAF satellite weapons specs.

      Especially the rapid fire lightning taking out those 30+ trees under clear sky at the leading edge of a small storm with a shuttle shaped cloud hanging below it. I may not have gotten a photo of that cloud but I did get the photo of one just like it over my yard silting white powder. Perhaps the powder or crushed CO2 which creates a cloud shroud?. Maybe there is a way to generate those rapid bolts from the drone. I find it odd the clouds were identical here. Take a look at the singular cloud on the link. I think this is weaponized lightning & I was informed all lightning data is classified. Why? I only asked for a video of a lightning storm.

      Here is the link to the post with the cloud photos #6 & #7 I added.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2016 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

    • I was right. I went online and they are building drones camouflaged to look like clouds. For commercial, sports & environmentd use & weather modification such as cloud seeding. They’ll need to create the clouds for Texas. You can’t seed clouds which are not there. But Cloud drones had to make sense since no cloud could hover for 3 hours. We’ve also had a Texas state gov’t Weather modification Dept for over 10 years & gov’t airplane contractors doing weather modification project flights overhead & overseas.

      That could be what the cloud was which you saw as well. Except they tried to shoot at you.

      Take a look online at drone clouds. Or cloud drones.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2016 @ 9:42 pm | Reply

  4. Two weeks ago while on Emerald Isle, North Carolina, my sister watched peculiar lightning that never touched the ocean, but appeared to be in immense 3-d balls with arms shooting out every which way. I asked if they had taken pictures, sadly no.

    Fyi, my dogs do not like going outside this summer. One becomes fearful. Lightning bugs were only about one night. Haven’t seen any since.


    Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — August 28, 2016 @ 8:41 am | Reply

  5. On Thursday, August 25, 2016 near sunset with thick cloudcover the sky was a brilliant yellow. I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania. I keep my drapes closed in late afternoon because of the sun and heat. This day the light shining through by the edge of the drape was nearly blinding. I went outside. It had rained enough to wet the pavement and sprinkles were on my patio. There was no rainbow. On Friday our drains were counterclockwise. I had the drains checked in several places, all counterclockwise. On Saturday the drains are back to normal. I should also mention that the drains flushed with greater force on Friday. Last week when I mowed my lawn I noticed what looked like ash all over the tips of the green grass. Upon closer inspection the tips had all burnt. This summer we aree seeing steam from the ground in early morning hours, not fog. I do not recall a foggy evening or night this summer. Are we in a wobble or has a sun storm messed with our magnetism. What repercussion could happen from the idiotic black hole created in Israel?


    Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — August 28, 2016 @ 8:33 am | Reply

    • Could be underground coal fires causing steam or smoke. You might want to buy a CO2 detector just in case. It could build up in your home. I’ve seen a lot of these in PA.
      Watering or rain at midday could cause grass & plant tips to burn. Especially if the sun is hotter.
      No wobbling I can detect so far.
      Those artificial black holes are nothing like real black holes. The artificial black holes use sound or light waves.

      Real Black holes are gravity holes.
      Keeping in mind this is my opinion. Not the official gov’t dogma.
      Even though something may be true, that doesn’t mean a grant dependent Professor would grade you as such if your answer doesn’t match propaganda dogma. Thus, a difference between truth and dogma could fail your grade. You also can’t persuade someone with a closed mind to realize the truth.

      Their artificial holes of sound & light are nothing more than whirlpools and bear no similarity to a real black hole.

      So the artificial holes would not affect the planet as a real black hole would do. Only gravity which spins in concert with the coriolis effect could create a black hole & could also allow a craft to generate faster than light speeds by using the gravity well for your craft like you would a spinning water slide tube. Think what it would be like to ride down a giant drain pipe with the water spinning in reaction to the spinning gravity. Gravity spins just like the drain. Not in straight lines. The gravity spin is always faster at the center… like a tornado.

      The most powerful gravity well black hole would be the core of a dying sun.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2016 @ 10:03 am | Reply

  6. A friend of mine was over the other day and asked if I had cleaned my windshield from hitting bugs much this summer, to which I replied no, not even once. We usually have plenty here in Northern Ontario, but this observation is true and I had not noticed it. Anyone else noticing the bug free windshields?


    Comment by Dean — August 28, 2016 @ 8:07 am | Reply

    • Weather controls bugs.
      Types of insects are tied to standing water or droughts.
      In this kind of heat, we mostly see hordes of crickets or grasshoppers rather than flying insects. Mostly due to less standing water.

      A lot of rain, standing water and temps in the 70’s 80’s & low 90’s produces flying insects.
      But upper 90’s & triple digit heat waves with occasional rain bring a lot of grasshoppers.
      Crickets swarm when it is arid dry & super hot with no rain. They swarm during droughts.

      But we have more grasshoppers in TX this year.

      Dump out any containers of standing water. Even small cans, bowls, etc. Anything holding water. Those incubate mosquitoes.
      Replace bird bath & pet water every 2 days to avoid this.
      Pools should be treated with chlorine or bromine to prevent algae & mosquito larvae.
      Small children’s pools should be dumped & refilled every 2 days to prevent mosquito larvae incubation.

      For windshield bugs, I use regular Windex for windows in my car windshield washer. Works great. No streaks or smears. Cleans off bugs. Doesn’t damage car paint.
      However, it will freeze in winter, so use 50% washer mix during winter.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2016 @ 10:49 am | Reply

  7. You haven’t mentioned anything about the intensity of the sun which has changed substantially in the last few years. I noticed especially last year and this year because I have been gardening. I live in NC a couple of hours from the coast and have noticed that plants that like full sun are now struggling from the heat and need more afternoon shade. I have moved several plants in my yard because of this intense heat. Kids don’t get out as much as they used to in the neighborhood. When I am gardening I wear a large hat to cover my face and neck and put sunscreen on my hands and arms. A few years ago I spent many more hours out in the sun without a hat and did not even get a tan. This year I am tan and I spend most of my time in the shade. This is insane. Also we haven’t had many mosquitoes this year even after dusk. I have seen one very tiny baby mosquito land on my leg. That is it–no spraying what so ever in my area and I do not put any harmful chemicals in my yard. I do have dragonflies everyday sometimes as many as five but most days I seen two. Maybe it is the year of the dragonfly, who knows. My father who lives two hours away from me also noticed he has not had any mosquitoes and lot of dragonflies. Changing the subject to earthquakes, when I lived at Indian beach a couple of hours from where i live now we had two mild earthquakes ones while I was there even though they didn’t feel mild too me I was shocked didn’t know we could get Earthquakes in our areas. Everything shook and people when outside when over, I guess to see if anyone else felt it. Several people came out of their condos. Nothing ever reported on these earthquakes. I do remember someone telling me that the machine that would record earthquakes in our area was out of paper and it wasn’t recorded. Don’t know if that was the truth or not. NC is not listed as having a fault on the map. How can you have an earthquake without a fault.


    Comment by Pat — August 27, 2016 @ 10:08 pm | Reply

    • On the earthquake you mentioned the gov’t has been using the giant tunneling machines to create tunnels all over the country between their underground shelters, labs & military bases for their maglev trains. They either don’t record them or they blame it on fracting. These quakes are usually under 4. We used to be able to track the tunnels progress & locations on Google earth by tracking the series of small quakes. But they must have read my posts because Google earth removed most of those tunnel quakes from their maps. However, South Carolina has a plethora of quakes leading to Charleston but are only showing the older quakes. But very few showing for North Carolina. Over 100 TBM’s running below ground in America. This is also the cause of ground subsidence allover the country. I suspect Europe & other G20 countries are doing the same. Maglev tunnels & shelters for their elite.

      But most of the tunnel quakes across the us are missing from Google Earth’s maps. Although most of the Dallas tunnels are still showing on Google Earth. I know where many were located before Google Earth removed them.

      Here is a link to quakes for the last 30 days:

      here is a map to all quakes:

      As for the sun, there are a lot of factors which could be causing the sun to be more intense. Thinning of the atmosphere & loss of protective layers such as ozone. Also, enlargement of the sun or intensification of the sun’s heat generation. Or orbiting closer to the sun. Any of these can cause intensification of heat or rays but I don’t know which & it could be a combination of issues. Could also be a strong cycle of solar activity. But there is no doubt the sun is stronger & hotter. This could also have serious detriments on the food chain & water supply.

      In order to generate really good rain storms, hot air needs to encounter cold air fronts to generate those huge thunderheads. They’ve also cut down on the chemtrails as well. Those used to help reduce the heat & drought. But now they are only cooling toward Dallas metro where W lives. So only those at the top of the elite get them now. However, the aluminum & SF6 they used were really damaging to the atmosphere & environment. Not to mention expensive in the jet fuel costs to spray the chemtrails. About $55,000 per tank of fuel per jet at one time and with costs for pilots & ground crews & chemicals & jet rental, probably more than $100,000 to $150,000 per flight. They were doing 2 planes over my house for 365 days per year (even christmas day). Which they have now moved 40 miles south but they are doing this in 200 US locations as well as Saudi Arabia (at our cost) and I don’t know who pays for N. Ireland, UK & other places across the world where I’ve seen chemtrail photos and lists of places mentioned by US chemtrail contractors under gov’t projects such as project Heat, project spectra, etc. Just to give you an idea of the money they are wasting.

      The gov’t claims they don’t have enough money for social security or medicare but spend 10’s of billions on Darpa Black projects, chemtrails, fake false flag wars, fake terrorists, NASA, Groom Lake, CIA black projects, tunneling, underground shelters, Arms industry dealers, foreign aid, you name it.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2016 @ 8:53 am | Reply

  8. On holiday in Southern Spain last September/October (2015) my wife,daughter and i witnessed a ‘weird’ storm like you described, it was far out to sea between Malaga and the coast Africa, it possibly could have been over Africa. We all commented how unusual it looked and HAARP came to mind.
    On a different topic, i watch the sunrise regularly and commented to my wife that i was pretty sure the sun had changed position from last year. I have taken photos and await June for comparison.


    Comment by Jack — August 27, 2016 @ 2:42 pm | Reply

  9. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for your reports. I love your detailed scientific analyses of these phenomena.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 24, 2016 @ 12:07 am | Reply

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