Earth's Axis has changed

May 13, 2014

5-2014 Bizarre Weather

I don’t know about anyone else, but Texas usually has temperatures in the upper 90’s or triple digits by this time. Yet, we’ve had quite chilly temperatures this May. As cold as 30 degrees and today in the 50’s. It has been quite chilly. I had to turn on the heat. I have never seen temperatures like this in the past 20 years I’ve been here.

Even more unusual is the way the sky has been obscured every morning with a high fog… about 100 ft above the ground which acts like an overcast and doesn’t clear until noon. I remember this type of weather was the norm for northern California, but I’ve never seen it in Texas. I’m not complaining because it keeps the temperatures cooler. Even on the warm days this month, the temperature stays in the low 80’s or upper 70’s. These are much better conditions than our previous broiler years.

Last year, it was so hot and void of rain as it had been the previous year as well…  more than half of my mature trees died. This year, we have had an unusual plethora of rain and cool weather. A little late for the trees but welcome. The gov’t had been spraying chemtrails above us for the past several years which spread into an overcast covering in an effort to fight the heat. But this year, the sky is already overcast at sunrise, so perhaps they are spraying the chemtrails farther to the west creating a front which reaches us by morning.

The overcast has been so complete and dark, that I have not been able to see the sunrise or sunset for nearly a month. Back in March it was already rising and setting to the north. An abnormal condition which has been occurring since the major global axis shifts since 2004.

However, with these unusual weather patterns, I will be interested to see if there is any change in the solar position on June 21st as compared to the abnormal past 10 years where the sun has been at least 1200 miles farther north than it should be.

I suspect this unusual cool wet weather is the result of chemtrail spraying. If you have doubts about the chemical aerial spraying, you can check out the websites of these aerial spraying contractors who list the names of the gov’t projects on their websites. I listed some of them on an older post. Also there are state gov’t sites which license the aerial spraying activities. These are genuine sites. They even list the aluminum and SF6 compounds they use. So this is not some crazy conspiracy theory. In fact, any time you hear someone use those labels, you should take notice and listen. Nearly all of those are true issues which have been buried in decades of coverups. The public has been brainwashed to turn against anyone or any issue associated with those labels. It is like Pavlov’s dogs. You have been conditioned to react negatively to certain labels & clever wordsmithing. It saves the gov’t a lot of effort now that the public eats its own. Those people who know the truth about these issues also no longer come forward or stick out their necks for an ungrateful public. Basically, people are shooting themselves in the foot by their programmed knee jerk reactions.

The problem on chemtrails is that the costs of jet fuel is astronomical. I know in the 90’s that it cost $55,000 to fill up one commercial passenger plane per trip. So it must be twice that or more by now. I do have an issue with the fact that our tax dollars are also paying for this spraying in places like Saudi Arabia according to the contractors doing the aerial spraying. They certainly have enough money to do their own spraying at their own costs. I have also seen photos of these trails over Belfast Northern Ireland. I realize the gov’t is desperately trying to use this as an effort to counteract the rising temperatures and rapidly melting ice which has allowed the planetary shifts to occur. But these aluminum compounds and SF6 are actually harming the environment. I support the spraying efforts but only if they find a safer chemical to use for these efforts. I also realize it has to be done globally, but those countries should pay for their own efforts.

The UK was one of the countries most affected by weather changes. Their country was normally cool, damp and foggy year round. I’ve been there a number of times. But they have been hit with numerous heat waves in the past 12 years. This is quite devastating for a population not equipped to handle the high temperatures. They never needed air conditioners prior to these changes and hundreds died. The heat was also accompanied by ravaging weather as well. This explains why we see chemtrails over the UK.

I’m interested to see if the unusual weather changes this year are from chemical spraying projects or changes in the sun position. The position of the sun on June 21st will answer that question.

A reminder for everyone to check the sun position on June 21st at sunrise and sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the horizon. (Flat horizon… not mountainous.)




  1. While I am in agreement with the earths axis shifting , where we are now is in debate . I see it as a wobble . I lived recently 6yrs in Austin , Tx , before Phila . last 2yrs in Panama , 9th parallel . The sun here rises much further south than is normal than in previous years according to my Wife , from august to dec21 you will see a shift to the south of easily 20 degrees.
    If the axis were on a constant incline as you have asserted , the earths rotation would have this area passing each day much further north than normal and would cause at least cyclic cold weather snaps here as we pass through more norther lattitudes each day . We live at 4300ft , we would see colder weather . I assert the axis change is a wobble with a large magnetic force pulling at the south pole causing inclination and snap back in an inconsistent cyclic fashion dictated by time of year , location of other planets in our solar system and current location of the perturber of our inclination .


    Comment by Jim Daggett — November 17, 2014 @ 7:59 pm | Reply

    • Fair enough. I don’t necessarily disagree. We could have both issues. Believe it or not, I have lived at or near all of those locations including Panama and Austin and Pennsylvania just a short distance away from Philly. Actually at this time of year we are at normal solar positions in Sept and Mar. Our significant changes are being much farther north in the winter and farther south in the Summer where spring and fall remain mostly the same except for the rapid rate of change. The weather now changes quite rapidly between Sept and Dec because our position has farther to travel in a shorter period of time. So it is getting colder sooner in the fall.

      Actually the shift in winter and summer would still have Panama in the tropic zones in Panama because you would have shifted to where Florida or Mexico sits in the Winter, so you would still be in the tropical zone which does not have cold weather. The increase in humidity from melting ice now keeps that zone as tropical instead of sub-tropical. The coastal zones will also help temper the weather as it does on the coast of California which kept us from having freezing weather even in the dead of winter. I lived there as well for many years. But just 100 miles inland and the Sierras really made all the difference between the coastal weather and the interior weather.

      In the summer Panama would be where the Amazon river is located. Thus still tropical and still quite humid. Which is fortunate for central America. So Panama is basically shifting between Florida and the Amazon between solstices. Always tropical. Elevation is elevation. Since you are not getting any higher or lower, I would not expect to see much change at all in that region except perhaps 3-5 degrees in temperature at best since you are still in the tropical zone even at your farthest northern and southern points of shift during the solstices. Where the climate changes are the most noticeable are those of us north of the tropic of cancer or south of the tropic of Capricorn.

      Northern Mexico interior should be experiencing colder winters now since it is shifting north into the cold zones. I wonder how that will affect the migrations of butterflies, swallows and hummingbirds. They may start going farther south in the winter.

      Sure enough, I just looked at the temperatures for northern Mexico and I’m seeing temperatures right now between 38F and 54F. Monterrey Mexico where the butterflies go is only 45F. They expect it to drop to 38F there tonight. Pretty cold for butterflies. This is going to be a very bad winter. These are pretty cold temperatures for northern Mexico as well as Texas.

      We’ve already been in the teens and 20’s in Texas. Prior to the 2004 shift, we only had about 3 weeks of cold weather in late Dec to early Jan where it went to freezing. The rest of our winters were in the 70’s. Rarely any snow with perhaps a freak ice storm every 7 years. We have already had hard freezes and snow in Texas in early Nov.

      We had such hard ice storms last year, all of my fully grown trees have died and even the few live ones are falling over, roots pulling out of the ground. It is quite bizarre. We had a severe drought in 2013 and many times in prior years but summer of 2014 rained every week where we usually get no summer rain at all, so the trees falling over are not from lack of rain this year. They are mostly suffering from the severe ice storm last year which had an inch of ice covering everything for several days.

      If you had been in TX before 2004, you would know how bizarre this weather is for us. This is more like the weather we had in Pennsylvania before the shift. Back when the first big shift occurred in 2004, we had a blizzard of nearly 2 feet in April. It is a real eye opener just to go up on the FEMA website disaster declarations for each year and look at the types of unusual weather problems which have occurred each year and compare it to before 2004. Before the Indonesian Tsunami when the entire planet shifted and wiped out a quarter million people from Africa to SE Asia.

      However, this does not mean we do not have a wobble, but it would have to be a perfect wobble because the sunrise and sunsets are exactly the same relative angles respectively. But we can clearly see the sun is far too north in summer which tells us this is not correct, but it does arc quite a bit at midday. Except it is arcing backward. should be arcing on the south side of the US in summer, not the north side. So if it is a wobble, it is perfectly aligned. Not impossible but quite an achievement.

      It is difficult to discern the exact situation without the advanced test equipment and lasers. But those with the necessary equipment all work for the gov’t and cannot defy the official stance on these subjects if they want to remain employed. We do know that the sun has never shown in the north windows until after 2004. Now we have summer sun glaring through our due north windows most of the morning and most of the afternoon.

      This past year, the angle got a little worse for the first time since I began measuring it. So the sun is much farther north in the summer and farther south in the winter now. Which is why I’m expecting severely cold weather this winter which the temperatures and snow this past week has demonstrated it is coming true. It is nearly down to 20 degrees now and not yet near the coldest time of night. So it may drop into the teens before the night is over. It didn’t get this cold even on our coldest day of winter before 2004. However, it seems our weather service is under reporting the conditions. I have a very expensive wireless weather system which measures everything including wind and rain, etc. Right now I have 21 degrees and zero wind. The bird water outside is a solid frozen block of ice to prove it. But the weather online and on google earth is claiming to be only 32 degrees. That is 11 degrees warmer than it actually is. 32F degrees does not freeze 6 inch deep water solid. So I guess if they think they can lie to us about the temperatures, we wont know any better. People will think their thermometers are off and few will have an expensive weather monitoring station like I do. I also have the old manual temperature gauges to compare with the weather system as a failsafe way to verify. So I guess if the weather reports lie, the public won’t know the difference. I have been noticing that the weather reports over the past few years were not jibing with the real temperatures and conditions. They did the same the last couple summers by under reporting the heat levels. (And we used to complain about soviet propaganda lying to their citizens. They have nothing on the US propaganda, cover ups & dirty tricks).

      Perhaps the butterflies and birds will come down your way with the temperatures I’m seeing in northern Mexico. If their temperature reports are off by 11 degrees like the ones for TX, then it may be a lot colder than we are seeing. But 38 to 45 is darn cold for Mexico. I guess the world gov’ts will go to any lengths to keep us all in the dark. Can’t have the economy or corporate profits suffer by having upset people.

      If not for medical constraints, the rest of us would be down there where you are as well instead of freezing up here. Medicare & most medical insurers will not pay for medical care & medicines outside of the US except for emergencies while temporarily traveling. Usually as a one time only instance. But not as a resident out of country. It would have only provided coverage if the CZ still existed or if on a US base or embassy staff or US territory.

      I will say you are in the perfect region to survive the full axis shift. It will remain the most temperate zone & the best chance. You are also above the rising seas threats, so that is good as well. (as long as it isn’t an active volcano (El Volcan) & you are where you can survive earthquakes without being in the path of mud or rock slides).

      When a major shift occurs, we can expect to see massive tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mud & rockslides, rising seas, floods & severe weather changes. The survival zone will be between the Tropic of cancer & Tropic of Capricorn. Central America at elevations above 300 ft. Water tables will be contaminated, so a higher mountain fed water supply or supplies above 300 ft elevation will be needed.

      You have the best chance of surviving where you are in Panama. It is where I would select as an evacuation point if such a shift occurs in our lifetimes. At this point, I’d say the odds are pretty high it could occur within the next 15 years. Especially after this new increase I’ve seen this year. It is the first major increase in solar position since the big one in 2004. If not for medical coverage, I’d be there right now, myself.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 17, 2014 @ 11:18 pm | Reply

  2. An update on the sun. For the first time since the initial axis shift in 2004 which we’ve been tracking since 2006, the 2014 summer solstice measurements on June 21, 2014 have shown another slight increase of the sun position to the north. Where it was setting about 10:00 to the north on a clock face. It is now about 10:15 to 10:30 toward the north from where I measured it in TX & 10:00 from Salt Lake’s viewpoint. I had expected the salt lake latitude to be closer to 9:00 so that means the sun is much farther north of the Tropic of cancer than the 1200 miles I estimated. Perhaps north of Washington State. I wish we had heard from someone in Seattle.

    This explains the changes in the weather. Increased solar position toward the north is increasing melt & evaporation of the glacial ice. Thus, increasing humidity levels. This explains the high fog we are seeing over TX each morning this year. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of weather in Texas during 20 years of residence. Daily high fog is normal in northern California but not Texas.

    Texas always had a dry heat but I’ve been seeing humidity levels consistently above 89% every day in June. It is 90% as I speak at 5 AM July 2nd. I have a digital wireless weather station to track conditions, temp, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rain levels, etc. I will open a new post so I can show an image of the measurements.


    Comment by mmc7 — July 2, 2014 @ 4:07 am | Reply

  3. Please contact me at thetruthtraveler@startmail dot com if you would be interested in coming on the radio for an interview. Thank you!


    Comment by Erin Dakins — June 4, 2014 @ 10:12 pm | Reply

  4. Hello. Thank you for your excellent work presented in this blog. Here is a letter I sent to John Moore,
    He broadcasts a weekly radio program with Genesis Communications.

    “Hello, John.

    I sometimes see links to your radio show at You used to talk much about Nibiru, the impending pole shift, the stopped gulf stream, etc. Now it seems you have put all that on a back burner, and I am wondering if TPTB have intervened and forced you to cease and desist warning people about what’s coming.

    I also have been monitoring the solar azimuth for my location, per this online calculator.

    Using a lensatic compass, I am consistently observing that in the morning around 8:30, the sun is right where it should be in the sky, per the solar azimuth calculation for my location and compensating for daylight savings time. Then in evening just before sunset at 7:30, it is consistently 15 degrees SOUTH of where it should be. In other words, the azimuth should be at, say, 288 degrees, and I see it by my compass at close to due west, at 273 degrees.

    I know that in order to precisely calculate solar azimuth it is necessary to use spherical geometry, something I do not know. However, I find it remarkable that in the morning, a simple compass reading shows the sun right where it should be, and in the evening it is 15 degrees off.

    To me, this suggests that the earth may be wobbling on its axis by 15 degrees in its daily rotation. I would like to know your opinion on this, and if possible, for you to use a lensatic compass to confirm my findings. If you don’t have one, Walmart sells one for about $10 that works fine.

    Hope you are well and to hear from you soon.

    AL (Alpha Lex)”

    John’s response was:


    No censorship, just changing priorities. Quite frankly, not very many want to know about Nibiru, etc.

    I have quite a few compasses and teach map reading and cross-country navigation. 15 degrees is a massive difference in tilt of our planet. You should call in next Wednesday and share your observations with Professor McCanney.



    I look forward to your response to this comment.

    Alpha Lex


    Comment by alphalex9 — May 22, 2014 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

    • —————————————————————

      While I have no knowledge of these issues other than what I just now read on Wikipedia at where even their commentary is fraught with errors, particularly their erroneous statements that objects in space cannot affect or cause earthquakes which has long since been proven wrong so Wikipedia’s opposing stance is questionable as well. The moon & solar positions have been proven to instigate the occurrence of major quakes.

      As an engineer & scientist I analyze facts & corroborating issues & keep an open mind. But I also don’t follow the crowd when the gov’t seeds false data & plant ringers to discredit or distract from the facts.

      I must caution everyone about methods used by the gov’t to cast questionable doubt on groups who questioned certain uncomfortable events or issues the gov’t wishes to keep from the public. Here are a few examples where the gov’t inserted ringer agents into their groups or invented wild theories to discredit them. For instance, ufo groups in the 50’s were made ridicule when they deposited a member who claimed to talk to Venusians while the gov’t ensured there was adequate media coverage of these wild statements to ridicule all of the UFO groups. They also inserted Federal agents into the groups to foment internal discord & report activities of these groups. This was an effective method of casting disparagement upon groups or persons. The CIA does the same thing to foment discord in foreign governments. Their agents are called Jackals. This is particularly common in south & central America.

      Another such example is taking a known researcher like Stanton & bribing them with the insider info they crave or money to act as their agent of destruction to ruthlessly destroy the reputations of those leaking gov’t secrets like he did to Lazar. Or creating false front groups like Mufon to intercept & discredit viable information & witnesses while pretending to be on the same side as the ufo enthusiasts.

      So be careful. The gov’t likes to seed false info to discredit & distract & cast disparagement on genuine issues which they don’t want the public to take serious notice of. By creating some false threat proposed by a ringer claiming to have implanted alien communications & sufficient media coverage, they endeavor to discredit & divert the public from valid issues.

      Just remember, you can clearly see the sun rising & setting to the north when you know it should always be to the south of the US. That is the one thing they cannot hide no matter how many wild scenarios they try to seed in order to create distractions. I believe our planetary balance is shifting due to the melting of the southpole ice which acts as a gyroscopic balance for the tilt of the axis. Since most shifts occur during the US winter which is the summer for the south pole, this seems to substantiate the effects of melting ice in conjunction with shifts & subsequent tsunamis cause by the shifts.

      This does not negate the validity of other issues, but I believe these are 2 different scenarios. I do agree with other scientists regarding an outside planetary body to gravimetrically affect the Earth, such a scenario would have already disrupted the orbits of other planets in our system before reaching Earth. It may do so in the future but not until profoundly closer.

      My immediate concerns are to keep track of the positional changes of the sun to see if it is getting any worse. I recommend checking the positions of sunrise & sunset at the moment where the sun is in contact with the flat horizon on June 21st. (or as close as possible to that date.) I will be interested in the angles from anyone who checks the sun that week. Google earth will help you determine true north from your location and the angles of the sunrise & sunset. (Do not use compass magnetic north).


      Comment by mmc7 — May 22, 2014 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

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