Earth's Axis has changed

July 30, 2018

Start preparing, just in case-July 2018

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I did a fair amount of research this weekend. I am very disturbed at what I’m seeing with the axis & solar issues we’ve seen in the past 2 months. Also the terrible storms in Jan 2018. The videos  posted by others also confirmed similar issues occurred last year as I suspected.

Time to prepare your emergency kits:

I always said I would tell you when to worry. It is  now time to prepare emergency kits in the event of bad weather, calamities, global disasters & evacuation. Just in case.

Don’t panic, but be prepared. Food, water, medicines, batteries, necessities, pet food,  Cellphone & charger, escape route planning, high ground above 300 ft with  shelter, water source & food. Away from coastlines. Keep your tank full of gas, etc.

It is better to prepare & not need it than to not prepare & face disasters without supplies & necessities. The gov’t will not provide shelters & necessities.

Remember Katrina? FEMA will corral you into arenas & convention centers under Martial Law with armed soldiers, no food. No necessities. So in the event of a major disaster, get out of a disaster zone asap before they lock you down. The gov’t will be comfy in their shelters of stolen food & donations in their fancy elite shelters under Denver, Mt Weather, PA, VA & many other underground sites accessed by the mag lev train tunnels to every major AFB & connected metro area while the public is locked down with no assistance.  I’ve been in some of these underground cities & shelters such as Chicago, NYC, LA, Houston, etc. The public will be under armed guard & not invited to use these elite shelters. The AF Bases also have underground shelters for military personnel. Usually under the runways. I know this. I was on the Houston Emergency Management agency with FEMA & Red Cross running the operation. There are no plans to rescue anyone.

Detailed emergency preparation info at:

Youtube videos with important axis shift info:

I’m going to paste some youtube links below to help us learn more about the recent axis change & sun’s behavior for 2017 & 2018. None of these youtube sites are associated with my sites.

The only site associated with our axis change site is

Site origins:

I was the first person to track the changes in the axis & the sun. I began in 2005 tracking the changes of the sun’s position every year to the present. I believe the Dec 2004 tsunami was the first major shift of the Earth. I originally created these websites for my neighbors & anyone else who was interested. I don’t have any facebook, twitter or youtube sites about this issue. While these other unaffiliated sites may have better graphic’s and videos of tsunamis called convergence of oceans, many also swiped images & info from my sites, nor do they have my background in engineering, scientific research, analysis & tracking the axis changes since 2005. Fancy graphics do not make their info accurate.

However,  their videos of damaged beaches & disaster or weather events are the details & info you should see on the videos I pasted below.

The more info you can find, the better I can analyze the cause of the current situation what occurred in July 2018 and possibly as Early as 2017. The Cataclysmic weather, violent sea, volcanic, seismic, tsunami, blackouts of arctic sun, changes in star positions, axis shifting & extreme sun position changes are indications of an extremely serious situation.

Some of the youtube videos have pictures of a rogue planet in the sky but I’m not sure these are genuine images. I believe they may be photoshopped. I would have to see it with my own eyes.

I always said I would never try to panic anyone unnecessarily & would tell you when it was time to worry. It is time. Please prepare emergency kits so you will be prepared. Especially if you live near a coast. Bad weather, calamities, major global changes. Prepare for all of the above.

Go to the website for info on preparing emergency kits for your family in case you need to evacuate. This is just to be prepared in case you need them. No immediate panic. Just to be prepared if needed.

Youtube links to view on recent tsunamis & other bad weather:

However, here are some links about the axis & sun which I found on youtube which might give us some clues about this new situation.

Please submit a comment if you find more info  or sites to help us analyze this troubling problem. Only paste 2 links at time or the spam software will  autoremove your comment. Include a description of the links.

Here are 3 unaffiliated youtube sites with axis & global change info you need to see. These are not my sites although they snagged some of my images.


  1. To anyone for emergency planning ideas:

    If I may add some ideas for supplying your home if utilities & infrastructures fail. Even in simple storms, some people go weeks without power. Don’t stay in a flooded home. Dangerous molds & bacteria. Do not use electrical devices or appliances if they have been flooded or wet. Turn off your heating & air Conditioners & all pilots before flooding occurs. Turn off main electrical breaker before floods occur. Dangers of electrocution in standing water. Do not run car if tailpipe is under water.

    Just in case there are issues with food & beverages, such as a run on the stores, you may want to increase your ability to store frozen & refrigerated foods as I have done. Rotate them so they don’t go bad. If power is gone, use bags of ice in freezer and cook everything on grill or camping gear and store in chest freezer with ice bags or use dehydrator.

    When my refrigerator failed, the ice bags saved the food until I bought a chest freezer while awaiting repair parts. Right now, Sears, Walmart, Lowes, etc. are selling small chest freezers for about $180. They are only 2ft x 3 ft so they will fit in an uncarpeted hallway with room to walk past. About 3 ft tall. This has been a godsend to me, even on normal shopping. I like to freeze milk gallons which keeps them fresh much longer without extra trips to the store since I can buy more, freeze them & last longer. Thaw in refrigerator 2 or 3 days and shake to mix milk. It will separate frozen. Water in milk thaws last. Tastes normal when thawed & mixed. Chest freezer Not recommended for garage, although there are large chest freezers for that which will hold an entire side of beef.

    I always kept a full size extra refrigerator for beverages when I had a teenager. However, Walmart has half size refrigerators for extra space for produce & such. About $150. They also have those very small bedroom refrigerators. Handy for disabled & elderly or football viewing beer.

    Then there is my favorite item. A portable ice maker at Sears or Walmart. You pour in the water (I like distilled) and it keeps making thimble shaped ice (2 sizes) as long as it has water. Only 7 to 9 minutes per batch. I love clean ice.

    For emergency needs, stock powdered instant milk (must say instant for drinking), powdered juice like Tang, Koolaide, etc. or those flavored water enhancer liquids. I also have a bread maker, water distiller, flour & grain mill, peanut butter maker, dehydrator for fruits & meats, etc.

    Of course, these require electricity so you may need solar, wind or a generator if you can find fuel if the power grids fail. Also paper plates, paper bowls, plastic utensils & cups. Don’t waste water washing. A charcoal or gas grill outside would also be handy. Plenty of paper towels & TP, Crackers, cheese, peanut butter, tea, jelly, snack pack jellos & puddings, juice & kids lunch items are great shelf products which don’t need refrigeration, canned foods (chef Boyardee, Dinty Moore, soup), packaged foods, plenty of ziplock bags & trash bags & markers. Paper products, portapotty & supplies. Hygiene products, etc. Cases of bottled water gallons. Canned fruit. Canned veg. Fruit juices. Minute maid has orange juice which doesn’t need to be refrigerated Also, apple, lemonade, etc. Yoohoo has unrefrigerated milks in kids lunch size cartons & bottles,

    If you plan to stay home after a disaster has struck, in addition to power, you will need water. If you cannot afford a well or cistern, A large above ground pool can capture rain water but would need to be covered to protect from animals, feces, bugs, molds, Snakes, etc., but need to make sure the plastic liner isn’t toxic. Or use several small one piece plastic kids pools to capture water to transfer to another container. Water will need to be boiled or treated with a minute amount of chlorine bleach. You will have to check how much. Maybe a teaspoon per 10 or 20 gallons of water I am not sure how much. They used to have us pour a whole gallon into a contaminated well (dead frog) & after 24 hours, run all indoor & outdoor faucets until the bleach odor was gone. Ask your county water testing lab for better info. I’m just guessing. Most water heaters will drain back into main line unless a special valve is installed. So that water will be lost.

    Don’t forget plenty of batteries, a short wave radio (they have solar), a CB 2 way portable radio, sleeping bags, battery lantern, flashlights, candles, portable potty & disposable bags, outdoor motion sensors, pet supplies, compass, shovels, hammers, ropes, straps, ty wraps, 5 gallon fuel & separate potable water containers, etc. spare water bottles. Camping Gear, fishing & hunting gear. Protection. Highest available sun block (spf 50), sun hats, sunglasses. Aloe vera for burns, Wet wipes. Salt, Gatorade, benadryl. Calamine lotion. Lighter for grill or campfire. First aid kit. Senate bite kit. Burn kit.

    Avoid attracting attention. Especially at night. Keep everything dark, locked & secured. Window shades or curtains & locked windows on Street side at night. Especially if it is hot without power. You may have to add deer wire over inside windows to stop intruders. Need staple gun & staples. Beware of strangers & disguised beggars who will kill for your supplies. They will send wives with babies to your door pretending to be needy while their armed partners hide out of sight & rush the door. Home invasions. Motion sensors save lives.

    Keep pets leashed or in carriers. If you let them run loose, they will be killed or eaten or may hurt someone. Form neighborhood communities if you are rural. Plant fruit trees & berries. A couple chickens would be handy for eggs. Not too many & no roosters. Eggs mount up quickly. One egg per chicken per day. I found out the hard way when I had 23 chickens & 1 rooster. Waay too many. In 4 days I had nearly 100 eggs.

    We may all end up digging underground living space if it gets above 120 F and no electricity.


    Comment by mmc7 — August 3, 2018 @ 9:46 am | Reply

  2. Thank you for this info. I do believe that we are in for some major changes.


    Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 3, 2018 @ 12:34 am | Reply

  3. Sounds like a kinder’d spirit?
    Born: July 19, 1937 (age 81 years), Germany, a citizen of Canada
    February 11, 2018
    The concept of “The Grand Solar Minimum” is a deception because the next Grand Solar Minimum will be the full Ice Age, scientist and author Rolf Witzsche argues in this presentation.

    The underlying support for the Sun no longer exists for a reversal back to ‘normal’ to be possible from any Grand Minimum, Witzsche claims.

    The rapid collapse of the interstellar plasma density for the Solar System has diminished the background for the for the powering of the Sun past the point for a possible reversal back to normal. We see the collapse of the solar system evident in the weakening Sun, the diminishing sunspot numbers, and solar-wing pressure, and in ever-greater cosmic-ray flux and larger coronal holes (measured by NASA’s spacecraft).

    The end result promises to be worse than nuclear war, and more certain, if humanity fails to meet the Ice Age challenge by building itself a New World with such great economic power as will enable humanity to live securely in an otherwise largely uninhabitable world, and prosper therein.

    Published on Jul 7, 2018
    Climate Change is measured reality, but it isn’t manmade. It is caused by changing solar activity, which is now increasingly collapsing, and the climate is collapsing with it. We are now in the boundary zone of the process, of the weakening Sun, ‘dying’ towards the next Ice Age. The zone of roughly 50 years began when the last solar global warming ended in the 1990s, and solar activity sharply reversed. We are currently half-way through Phase 1 of the reversal, which is unfolding like a free-fall collapse.
    We know with great certainty that all climate changes, with a few minor exceptions, were and still are caused by the Sun – almost exclusively by changing solar cosmic-ray flux affecting cloud forming on Earth – because we have measured the cause for the process in numerous ways. We have ‘measured’ the Sun’s activity in sunspot numbers, and in historic ratios of radio-isotopes that are exclusively generated by solar cosmic-ray flux in the Earth’s atmosphere. We have also ‘measured’ the Sun in real-time with satellites in space, with radio-telescopes on the ground, and as of late by measuring the neutron-density in the atmosphere as a real-time proxy for changing solar cosmic-ray flux that releases neutrons in the atmosphere by interaction. And what do all of these measurements tell us? They tell us that the Sun is diminishing fast, and that the climate on Earth is correspondingly getting colder, year after year, and more so from 2018 onward, for potentially another 30 years till the Ice Age begins, and things get really bad.

    All this means that our agriculture is in danger, and that when food production grinds to a halt, especially in the climate vulnerable regions, entire nations potentially cease to exist with no place for the populations to migrate to, unless a large-scale Plan-B creates a New World for them, with new technological infrastructures for new agricultures that the changing climate cannot affect; and with new cities, and so forth, for continued human living.

    Plan-B is critical, because the current Plan-A is to do nothing, with the song, “let the people die.”


    Comment by Mai Zimbleman — August 2, 2018 @ 8:35 pm | Reply

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