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September 22, 2018

9-2018 US diplomats brain injury in Cuba

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This is another example of gov’t lies & CIA dirty tricks.

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There are over two dozen incidents of Brain injury to US diplomats in Cuba and a couple more in other locations. The victims from our Embassy claim to have heard high pitched sounds before the damage occurred. It is believed to be from sonic or microwave weapons. These weapons & particle beam weapons do exist despite the Cuban’s claims but their doctors have been isolated by politics. Cuba denies involvement.

These attacks are from our own CIA trying to create an excuse to drive a wedge or start a war with Cuba. The Brain injury attack on diplomats in Cuba & elsewhere were CIA false flag attacks on our own embassy as an excuse to start a war. Just like Bay of pigs & Operation Mongoose. All false attacks in Cuba were to satisfy CIAs war agenda & place the blame on Cuba. Neither Cuba or Russia or China were involved in these attacks on US diplomats.

Our gov’t & CIA are hoping it will incite the gullible public into supporting their phony war as they did on 911. These sonic & RF (microwave) weapons are also commonly used by CIA to injure & target US dissidents & various troublemakers which they began using after their assassinations were quelled by Presidential authority requirements. Alternative uses of these weapons are for false flag purposes to appear as attacks by enemy countries as excuses for retaliation. Similar to 911, WTC, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Lebanon, WMD Iraq, Iran Contra, Pentagon, Oswald, Operation Mongoose, Bay of Pigs, etc. False flags & phony terrorists posed by our CIA black ops. ONI (Navy Intelligence), also participates in posing as terrorist groups as they did in Lebanon during the 70s, fake Al qaeda websites, fake ISIS recruiting, etc. You wont find these staged incidents in any documents or records. This CIA black ops group is not among the official infrastructure & have separate black ops funding handled by 2 senators with the highest classified clearances..

This wouldn’t be the first time the CIA tried to start a war with Cuba. Their Bay of Pigs fiasco & Operation Mongoose are two reasons behind the assassination of JFK.

Neither Cuba, the Russians or China are dumb enough to do something so stupid & obvious. This is a clear CIA attack on our own diplomats to further their agenda by creating a seemingly valid reason for attacking Cuba.  This has been a CIA obsession for 60 years.

The CIA needs to be shut down & spread to the winds.  They would destroy their own families to further an agenda; without a drop of remorse.

Just another example of gov’t & CIA crimes. Cuba needs to stop their denials. It sounds like guilt. And start investigating CIA involvement as the cause of these injuries & give their doctors the boot. The mere fact that they claim 26 victims could be attributed to preexisting conditions is absurd beyond belief. One or two, maybe… but not 26. Their statements are offensive. The Cuban doctors clearly are not qualified & their incompetence & efforts to cover up are thrusting the blame back at Cuba by absurd denials & total lack of consideration toward the victims. The victims didn’t know their fellow CIA undercover operatives at the Embassy & among the journalists were responsible for their injuries. Nor did the Cubans know this. The Cuban gov’t needs to silence those buffoon Cuban doctors before they turn this into a worse situation.

Again, they need to investigate the CIA’s involvement. Some may be undercover as Cubans or Embassy personnel (the ones without genuine brain injuries). Or photojournalists for the US media.  Install hidden Cameras & monitoring equipment to detect sonic, microwave, particle beams & other potential weapons used at the embassy or their living quarters. Track the activities of suspected CIA including the spouses & adult family members of the Embassy staff. Remember Valerie Plame? Especially those who make frequent trips to the US. And those who didn’t bring their families.

They need to have sweep teams checking the offices & residents of our embassy staff checking several times, 24 hours per day. They may even want to try metal helmets on diplomats until they learn the cause. Or Copper foil or copper screen lining the offices & residences; grounded like a faraday cage. It must be screen sized copper mesh to block pinpoint signals. I would also recommend checking their cellphones.




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