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August 23, 2017

8-2017 Fifth planet, great flood & instafreeze

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Keep in mind, this is a personal speculation based on my personal big picture analysis, facts & strong  analytical convictions. I did not hear or read about this elsewhere. (I’m adding some photos  of  our moon & other planetary bodies at the bottom)

I believe there was a 5th planet between Mars & Jupiter which was destroyed and became an asteroid belt which now orbits  the sun where this planet was once located. That name of this 5th planet is referred to as Phaeton.  Phaeton also likely had 4 to 6 moons orbiting it before it was destroyed. Some of these moons continue to orbit within the asteroid belt.

Here is an image of the asteroid belt position so you can see where this former 5th planet was once located.

2 asteroid Belt

2 asteroids entered the orbit of Mars & became the moons of Mars. The irregular shapes of these Mars moons shows they were asteroids  which came from elsewhere & not perfect spherical moons. These asteroid moons of Mars were once part of the original 5th planet before it was destroyed. Chunks of Phaeton.

I had always  believed Earth’s moon was formed from the Pacific Ocean side of Earth while our planet was still molten & separated from our planet. The spherical shape of our moon shows it was molten when formed in space. However, many still claim it was formed elsewhere due to age & content. If that is correct, then perhaps our moon once orbited the 5th planet & entered orbit around Earth after the 5th planet was destroyed.

Our moon was not formed from accretion or Conglomeration. It would be lumpy & irregular if that was so. It would also have a huge debris field & possibly rings around the earth if those theories were accurate. Not perfectly spherical with no evident debris, which shows it was formed while molten.

The destruction of the 5th planet caused the orbits of Mars & Earth to shift. Even a minor shift would have caused our oceans & Mars to  produce huge tsunami’s and flood the continents such as the  central & West US, the coasts of Africa,  Sahara, Egypt, the Arabic countries, Australia, India, the middle East, Antarctica, etc.  It looked much like the  movie “2012” and the tsunami of Dec 2004. The saltwater & floods would have created sand filled deserts, salt lakes & poisoned the soil with salt, sand and toxins.  Many salt lakes & inland seas were formed in depressions & Canyons where these massive floods & tsunamis washed inland. It required hundreds of years to evaporate before leaving salt resins of Salt Lake, Groom Lake, cutting the Grand Canyon & toxifying the soil of mid US, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Sahara desert, Australia, India, Africa near the coasts, Egypt, middle east & Arabic countries, Antarctica, etc. Everywhere you see deserts, salt lakes, sand & toxic soil is where the ocean tsunamis flooded the continents.

Tsunamis over 3 miles high left marine fossils above 13,000 ft along the South American west coast of Bolivia near Puma Punku, Lake Titicaca & the Nazca line region. It was these giant tsunamis which destroyed Puma Punku & left the marine fossils behind. The tsunamis also covered Egypt & the Sahara region; burying them under tons of sands & toxifying the soil. The ocean floods also ravaged the Sphinx & the Egyptian cities & monuments. Some of which remain to be found until the tons of sands have been removed. There were also inland seas left behind in depressions filled by the global tsunami floods. The Caspian sea east of the Mediterranean is one which comes to mind as do the salt lakes of Utah & Nevada.

These global tsunamis would have been the great flood across our globe as our planet moved from its normal orbit. The movement of Mars & earth toward the destroyed 5th planet would have also caused instant freezing of animals & floodwaters as they moved away from the sun; instantaneously freezing food in the mouths of Mammoths & other mammals & creatures. Causing the deaths of millions of dinosaurs who could not tolerate the sudden frigid cold as we moved away from the sun and our normal orbit.  There is proof in Bexar county Texas near the caverns where fossil footprints show humans and dinosaur prints side by side. So the dinosaurs did not all die out before our caveman ancestors existed. For some reason, our gov’t & scientific institutions feel necessary to lie to us about everything in our history.  They don’t want us to know about involvement of races from other worlds  such as the two races of 8-10 foot giants whom were worshipped as gods in Egypt, Rome & Greece. When you see the artwork depicting them as larger than life, it was because they truly were large with amazing technologies.  You can see a depiction of the two races on a polish church fresco in the 1300’s. One race was blond. The other curly dark hair. Both are shown in flying vehicles on the fresco.  There were also other races which were smaller in stature & varied appearance. Genetic engineering created a variety of workers.  We were one of their achievements. Races which once lived here created huge slave labor colonies to mine their ores & precious metals.  When Earth flooded & the settlements destroyed, the surviving slaves were abandoned to fend for themselves. The pyramids & libraries were buried & lost. The soil was poisoned by the salt & sand. Very little land was viable for farming to feed the survivors so they had to rely on fish & seafood for sustenance.

The planetary orbital shifts also killed much of the plant life on Mars and the source of oxygen. Many of the animals instantly froze, as did their rivers, lakes & oceans. Those animals & people who survived on both Mars & Earth had sought shelter underground or near volcanic regions away from the floods.  With much of their civilizations & achievements washed away by floods, the survivors reverted to primitive lifestyles in caves, huts & animal skins after all their accomplishments & records were lost. Civilization had to start over with farming, hunting & fishing as their mainstay for the next few centuries.  Then wars to expand their lands & enslave captives to work the land.  If our technology, power & infrastructures were destroyed today, we would soon be living like our pioneer ancestors within a generation; once all the existing supplies, food & medicines were exhausted.  Those with medical problems would die off and only the hardy would survive. This occurs any time there is a global catastrophe which destroys all technology & infrastructure. The survivors offspring start over from scratch as  uneducated primitives who farm, hunt & fish to survive. Then resort to trade & wars to expand their needs.  Ancient Rome is a good example to study.

The south pole was once warmer & populated with settlements. There are ancient maps which show the south pole without ice. Antarctica was apparently flooded & frozen with glaciers of ice from the 3 mile high tsunamis & instant freezing. This has been hidden from us as well. Some of our military pilots have reported colonies under the ice & powerful EM fields  & openings in the ice where they are prohibited to fly. Google Earth has censored all the images of Antarctica to prevent anyone from seeing these details. What kind of sick control freaks are running our gov’t & this planet?  They lie to us about everything.  The proof is there but most people are too close minded to understand the meanings of what they see.  The ancient gods were depicted larger than the population because they literally were physically larger.

The freezing ice age lasted for hundreds of years. The bright star of 2000 years ago, may have originated from destruction & collisions in the Phaeton asteroid belt. NASA’s pitiful excuses for scientists actually claim the asteroid belt is just left over rocks which didn’t accumulate into a planet.  Even though they are all orbiting the sun in a perfectly spaced solar orbit like the planets. These are not random, free floating rocks seeded across our solar system. These are grouped together in a specific orbit from a destroyed planet. Even someone with the IQ of a turnip could see this. NASA really scraped the bottom of the barrel for cheap, submissive scientific employees.

These were the same scientists who let the shuttle blow apart over Texas. I saw it happen.  It exploded above my house & everyone ran outside & saw the smoke & vapor trails & debris raining down from the sky. I’ve been angry with NASA’s scientists ever since. They did not lift a finger to help & declined all offers. These low cost, newbie, inexperienced excuses for scientists had replaced the team of scientific experts with 20+ years of experience under their belts who said the shuttle could have been saved  by tilting its angle so the reentry heat would transfer to the undamaged wing.  NASA refused  help from Norad, Russia, the military, advice from the experienced team they had replaced 6 months earlier & made no effort to examine the damage.  There were in-depth newspaper articles about these issues at the time. So I would not believe these jokers at NASA if they said rain was wet. They have come up with the most ridiculous explanations of the  origins of our moon, asteroid belt & other issues. A grade schooler would know better.  Any moron can see the moon is not a conglomeration of accrued rocks. The spherical shape shows us it was molten when formed. There are also no debris fields or rings which would be present for a conglomerative accrual.

Many companies traded out their experienced scientists & experts for cheaper newbies straight out of college with no experience whatsoever & poor quality education  from every institution which also allowed their quality of education to falter as well. Most of those companies who replaced their skilled experts for cheap replacements failed.  Part of the dot com crashes.

Did you know that NASA stores their supposed moon rocks wrapped in aluminum foil. Aluminum is a self oxidizing metal which transfers onto things it comes in contact with. So the aluminum foil is contaminating those supposed moon rocks. I tried to tell them to no avail.  If they were genuine moon rocks, you would think they would protect precious moon rocks from contamination. This is just one example of how dumb they have become. So you might want to think twice before taking their word for any issue. I was under high demand fixing everything the newbies broke. They replaced CEO’s with 35 year old halfwits. Even at Bell Labs they had laid off their experts & I had to instruct the newbie scientists who were clueless on their own procedures the Labs developed. The entire generation of skilled experts have long since retired.  Every technology still suffers with incompetent scientists & Engineers who still lack proper training & skills.  The medical profession is just as bad.  I still remember how it was when high skilled experts were the norm in every field. And I witnessed the downfall when skills & expertise were traded for low cost newbies with zero experience.  So I wouldn’t recommend NASA’s opinions on any subject.

Although I can’t be sure of the dates these epic events of the destroyed 5th planet, floods & instafreeze occurred, but it was clearly after Egypt & Puma Punku were built  based on the sand, destruction & marine fossils. The tsunamis knocked over the huge stone blocks & structures like they were tinker toys.  The records of these events are probably hidden away in the Vatican vaults.

As our planets  gradually returned to their former orbits, the ice melted & water evaporated leaving dry salt lakes or deserts behind from the toxic salt waters which covered large portions of our continents and had buried many Egyptian structures &  the sphinx under the sand.

When the pyramids were built, they had created canals to deliver the heavy stones  directly beside the pyramids so they could be unloaded from the barges next to the pyramids. These canals were mistaken for roads by our archaeologists when they were detected by our satellite  imagery.  The Egyptians did not drag the stones  from the Nile river to the pyramids. They floated them on barges from the river & up the canals they had dug between the Nile & the pyramids. These were actually canals for the barges  carrying stones from the river to the pyramid  under construction  where the stones were offloaded at the pyramid construction site. From our findings from boats used by Roman Emperors, we know they had the technology for manual bilge water pumps. Thus, manual pump systems could have been used to manipulate the huge pyramid stone blocks.  Water wheels were also in use to produce laborsaving services. Buried beside one pyramid, they found a large boat. It could have been docked at the pyramid in the canal offloading stone blocks when the tsunamis & great floods occurred.

This  salt water also deteriorated the sphinx & deposited a large ship or ark on Ararat. Check areas for salt water & marine fossils to confirm the presence of marine fossils. There are marine fossils  found at Puma Punku, 13,000 feet above sea level, carried there by a massive tsunami caused by the earth shifting from its orbit when the 5th planet was destroyed.  Or the destroyed 5th planet could have caused our axis to suddenly shift.

The asteroid belt contains the remains of the 5th planet as asteroids and  its moons which once orbited the planet.  The salt water & sand killed the soil in many areas where the tsunamis flooded, leaving deserts & dead soil behind.

This massive shift & the  instafreeze cold also killed the soil & plants on Mars. There are still rivers & lakes & oceans on Mars but they are mostly frozen & hidden by gov’t censors.  These are featured on my Mars Images website. Even Earth’s ocean floor is censored by google Earth.  The ocean floor has been blurred to prevent the public from seeing what is there. Take a look at the ocean floor south of Australia. You can see glimpses of structures & unrecorded shipwrecks in the few areas where you can clearly see the ocean floor.

The earth has similar problems  as Mars after the shift but not as much cold.  Even a small orbital shift would be enough to cause major changes in our climates on Earth & Mars. Not to mention creating tsunamis as the planets shifted position. Just look at the temperature differences between the Equator & polar regions. Even a shift of a few hundred miles would cause devastating changes in climate & giant tsunamis.  It took a major shift of the Earth to produce a tsunami which could reach Puma Punku above 13,000 feet, destroy the structure & deposit marine fossils.

This is also why there are glaciers at the south pole which are 2 miles deep.  The floods instantly froze as we moved away from our orbit & why the south pole was once tropical until it flooded & instantly froze.

This was the great flood, the instant freezing of the dinosaurs & the great Ice age. The salt waters  flooded the continents inland which took eons to evaporate  and caused the poisoning of lands into toxic deserts, the Egyptian monuments & ancient cities buried in sand and the destruction of so much on Mars.

On another subject of gov’t lies, food additives & harmful products:

I realize this is not an axis issue but something everyone should know. It took decades of research to uncover & can be verified online. A big picture analysis was enough for my generation.  As we die off, the cynical, uneducated skeptics, self interested in personal gratification & attacking everything we know are the jackals who are in power for the past couple decades who constantly attack to bully everyone into submission.

Your food is laden with massive amounts of GMO  (genetically modified), roundup ready soy (aka lecithin) which contains massive levels of estrogen which causes extreme  fatigue, listlessness, submissiveness, overweight & feminization of men. This GMO soy is in 95% of all soy used in the US & Canada. Europe, Japan, etc. have banned GMO soy from Monsanto for these reasons.  The roundup weed killer in this GMO soy has been found in breast tumors according to medical professionals I have spoken to.  Mexico has banned GMO corn from Monsanto. I am fortunately severely allergic to GMO soy & corn. I can only eat the original, untainted products as nature intended.

For what reason is this soy being added to  products such as ice cream, Nestle’s quick, water packed tuna, all salad dressings,  nearly all packaged foods. Magnesium stearate  is in all your medicines  (to prevent clumping in the machinery) as well as vinyl plastics, IV tubing, sex toys, you name it. GMO soy is in everything you buy.

We are also being poisoned by massive amounts of vitamin additives to all our food & beverages. Even bottled water. Causing toxic vitamin & additive levels. You can OD on milk because each glass contains 400 mg potassium; 1/2 gallon equals 3200 mg potassium. 1 gallon = 6400 mg. I was nearly placed on Dialysis due to the critically high levels of potassium from milk.  Just add up how much vitamins & additives you consume each day & how the overdoses are affecting your health.  Excess vitamin A can be deadly. Buying pesticide free food products & cooking from scratch might avoid some of these toxic levels.  Just remember, a product only has to be 20% organic to  legally use that claim of organic.  Or by altering the spelling such as Organix.  An organic product can contain 80% toxins & non organic contents while using the organic claim.

Foods marked with kosher symbols are usually prohibited from using toxic preservatives. Look for these tiny kosher symbols on packaged & canned foods, etc. One is a triangle with a K inside. The other is a U within a circle as shown in this image below. Kosher foods have to comply with higher standards & are found in  every food product. Not just the specialty foods.  Kosher symbols are even found on milk cartons & Delmonte canned vegetables.  These foods can help avoid toxic preservatives unless their standards have dropped as well.

The amount of Estrogen & Roundup weed killer in your diet is massive. Just read the labels for soy & lecithin  ingredients. Monsanto also makes GMO corn & rice.  Read about roundup ready foods online containing the weed killer Roundup found in all Monsanto GMO products (soy, corn, rice).  The farmers spray the GMO crops with roundup weed killer just 1 or 2 days prior to harvest to reduce weeds. The roundup is not washed off. They are trying to claim the roundup weed killer is not hazardous to your health. Guess who owns Ortho who makes Roundup… Monsanto.

Monsanto also makes the bovine (dairy cow) hormones which cause IBS in humans. Make sure your milk is hormone & antibiotic free. You probably don’t have lactose intolerance. Everyone who had lactose intolerance whom I urged to try hormone free milk was able to drink it without  a problem. It also eliminated IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome.) Both lactose intolerance & IBS are caused by these bovine hormones given to dairy Cows. Look for Milk without these  such as Horizon.

This GMO corn accounts for the massive diabetes epidemic as well as the destruction of the pancreas by the toxic cresol & phenol additives to insulin. Also, every injection & vaccine you receive have toxins such as mercury, nickel, phenol (lysol), etc, as preservatives. Just ask to read the vial. Flu shots should be avoided like the plague. They are designed to break down your immune system. This info comes from doctors who have risked their necks to come forward. Read about Monsanto’s sue happy attacks on farmers & dirty tricks like seeding their fields with GMO contaminants in order to sue them into oblivion.

I always believed the world would improve into a Utopian society like Star Trek  depicted. I never imagined we would go backward.

Just remember, the intelligence & beliefs of each person are developed between birth & adulthood. Without learning rules, respect & consequences, your children will become self centered, heartless animals without compassion for others.  Don’t overindulge, patronize or allow them to run wild without discipline & limitations.  Teach your children to respect others & to be peace loving,  law abiding, non violent, family devoted, freedom loving Citizens of truth, honesty, science & achievement  who honor the lessons of the past & treat the planet, other nations  and other people with respect & equality.  Only then can we hope to build a peaceful society & improve our lives & planet.

Here are some interesting photos of  our moon & Callisto:

This is a NASA photo I downloaded from their site. I cropped & added a slight tint & arrows  pointing to giant air vents at the moon south pole & steam.  The  upper left arrow is next to a  tiny craft flying upwards leaving a vapor trail beneath it  and a large building. The Navy  website legend says the  lower right vent  at the red arrow is 8 miles in height  and water is found around these vents. You can see the steam & vapor & frost everywhere so it is not surprising they detected water.  Look closely to see more detail.

E Vents









I downloaded the next picture from the Navy Clementine website. It is  one of the  vent buildings at the south pole of our moon.  Not as clear as the NASA photo above but shows more buildings and stairs left of the upper  main building.

E Moon southpole facility S


This is a closer untinted view of the lst photo from NASA. The lower right vent on the first photo.  You can see the round grated vent.  The white lines are graphic lines for mapping.  All three photos are of the south pole vent buildings on the moon. The 2nd center photo is from the Navy website. I downloaded all of the photos  from the original official sites.

large vent


This is a photo of Callisto  below with interesting features on the surface. I had mistaken it for Ceres. It appears to have construction on the surface. I will look for more photos.  I have quite a few on my Mars site. I personally download all photos from the original source to ensure it has not been altered (although the gov’t & CIA censors try to conceal everything they can). Never use 3rd party  photos.







  1. Hi mmc7 et al, I thought you might like to look at a very interesting website called “projectavalon”. It is a forum where open minded people report on and discuss some of the very same things you do here.


    Comment by Dean — February 5, 2018 @ 9:53 am | Reply

  2. I have seen FEMA trailers, meant for Orleans survivors [about 40 minutes north of Atlanta] piles, strewn on top of one another, without a care. I’ll never forget it. As a victim of this post 911 mob, I can relate with everything all of you say. I think the rats abandoned a troubled ship and looted every corner of our finances, as well. How did this happen?


    Comment by lissakrhumanelife — January 27, 2018 @ 1:48 am | Reply

  3. Dear MMC7, I appreciate the research you’re doing and am interested in speaking.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Olivia — December 19, 2017 @ 3:51 pm | Reply

    • I had 2 death threats where a corporate CEO (who’s now in federal Prison) sent a hit squad after me in 2003 but couldn’t find me. He had contacted Bell labs to find my home address for his hit squad, among several other Companies he contacted. They all contacted me to let me know he was after me. I had discovered a dangerous wiring fault in his power plants but he would rather get rid of me & cover up the deadly hazard rather than spend the $20 to fix each cabinet.

      Also, a lead gov’t astronomer posted my personal info & instructed his group to eliminate me. Fortunately, his group members mutinied & quit his club. They contacted, me & showed me what he had done; then they turned him into authorities. His group didn’t believe someone should die just because they don’t agree on an issue. He didn’t need to be on my sites if he didn’t like my opinion. I read what he had posted & he was clearly rowing without paddles. It’s a good thing I never use my real address, name, phone or email. It saved my life at least twice. I never imagined I would get death threats & attempts for merely posting observations about global axis positions & tsunamis or finding a deadly power plant design fault.

      So I don’t identify my email address or name anymore. But I will be glad to chat on the comments as I’m able. My health isn’t very good. But I was just thinking about this issue of the 5th planet destruction causing our great flood and how it buried the Egyptian pyramids under tons of sand & a 3 mile high tidal wave which knocked down Puma Punku into ruins. There are sea fossils from the ocean up by the ruins which are 13,000 ft above sea level. Requires a 3 mile high tsunami. I don’t know why I didn’t notice this sooner; or how all the sand ended up in the Sahara & Egypt or even the Puma Punku ruins which were clearly buried in rushing waters as was the Sphinx in Egypt & all of their temples. Not to mention the black sea & many other lakes & seas created by a vast tsunami when our planet was hurled from orbit causing a global flood which created new lakes & seas. I suspect it flooded Utah & Nevada & the central US as well, creating the Grand canyon & Salt lakes. Some which buried entire cities. Most notably when the flood filled the Black sea & a city in the basin. Probably around 4000 BC. Also froze mammoths with food in their mouths & probably killed the remaining dinosaurs. This is a catastrophe we can still see in the asteroid field yet no one ever looks at it as a cause. They’d rather guess & make up fake catastrophes rather than look at the remains of a real event which is still orbiting there in massive asteroids where planet 5 used to be. I think it was named Phaeton.

      It also seems to me the giant 8-10 foot tall “visitors” of Sumeria, Greece, Rome, Vikings, Germany, etc. were from off world and the humans named them as gods. Those pyramids would have been handy to help their human laborers to climb to safety during floods.

      Based on the step depth on Puma Punku, it looks like it was built for the greys. Since there was no oxygen, food or water at those locations, it is clear why the stone temples were abandoned. I think our oxygen & gravity are too strong for the ebe’s. The last evidence of Ebes on the planet was the wood print of the battle over Nuremberg in the 1500’s. The other image was a mural in Poland in the 1300’s with 2 ebes in shuttles. The Greys are clearly used to low oxygen & low gravity. I have tons of photos on the moon. The Greys were apparently designed by the tall ones as a scientific work force. A long story. I have tons of images & info. I usually don’t share the info because no one believes it. I think the tall ebes lived here before the orbital shift. After the floods killed everyone only a few remained to start over from scratch. This is why there are massively older ruins in India & China and Gobekli while all other ruins are only half as old.

      I think Göbekli Tepe was like a zoo to protect species where their images were carved for preserving them during the flood. They knew the flood was coming after the 5th planet was destroyed. The flood was from the motion of the planet; not the quakes. However, the planetary motion also caused quakes in addition to Tsunamis. There was clearly a long catastrophe for both Earth & Mars when planet 5 was smashed into a huge asteroid field which still orbits the sun between Mars & Jupiter.

      I think these shows blaming the ebes for the floods & devastation are wrong. They may have disliked us but the 5th planet devastation is clear & may have been a home for them. The grays are on the moon & make weekly trips to earth to gather water, food & oxygen from Earth because they can’t tolerate Earth gravity & oxygen for very long. The tall ones are on Mars. They probably eliminated quite a few of us with plague but not with floods, earthquakes & volcanoes. Those are natural conditions. I guess that’s enough for now because no one would believe it even though I have images.

      The best are the matching logos. I have these on my other sites.

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      Comment by mmc7 — December 21, 2017 @ 10:52 am | Reply

  4. This interesting article, your personal speculation makes me wonder:

    1. Why do you bring this subject, and why now ?
    2. What or who did destroy Phaeton ?

    I must say that you have several good approaches here. There’s something that I differ: the Moon. I can hardly see as allegedly “natural” a satellite that for “coincidence” has the very same translation and rotation times, and not only that but also it’s curious how wonder is that is “placed” in a distance between Earth and Sun just to give perfect solar eclipses ( just to cover exactly the Sun, no more no less )

    Thanks for your informative opinions and work.


    Comment by pier — August 23, 2017 @ 1:04 pm | Reply

    • I don’t know what destroyed Phaeton. I only learned the planets name today. I’m not very impressed with the planets name our people chose. But I’ve been analyzing the 5th planets destruction effects on Earth for several months. I just didn’t feel well enough to write it down.

      I also have 120,000 people who follow this axis site who may not take Mars & the moon as seriously even though those images I posted on the other sites are also absolutely true. I research everything. I never say something unless I’ve confirmed it to be accurate to the best of my ability.
      Some people can’t cope with these issues. I prefer to allow people to choose their interests than spring it upon them. But I thought they might find the floods, tsunamis & freezing dinosaurs interesting on a limited basis. There is a connection between these events.

      How a Woolly mammoth (among others) froze to death with food in its mouth.
      Why multiple different theologies mention the great flood.
      Why multiple early civilizations all speak of giant visitors from the stars.
      Why a space craft logo in Rendleshem England matches a Darpa logo.

      By realizing that an axis shift planetary movement causes a Tsunami…
      then a planetary destruction could have flooded the earth like the movie 2012,
      then froze the mammoths & killed the dinosaurs and started an ice age.

      All due to one major event. Phaeton’s destruction.

      It made more sense than an iridium asteroid which was not big enough to kill every dinosaur on the opposite side of the planet. Suddenly, now everything fits together much better than the standard version.

      What I can’t understand is why some scientists are so dead set against this being the remnants of a planet & its moons, when it so clearly is. This accretion kick they are on is absurd. Firstly that would require an abnormal gravity field like a dead sun. Gravity fields don’t naturally appear in open space unless it is a wormhole. Those are typically generated by a craft or gate when traveling FTL.

      Second if our moon were accretion, it would be abnormally shaped, not spherical. More like a Conglomerate & certainly not hollow and it would have left a debris field or ring around the earth and itself.
      This is a case of someone inventing a new theory & everyone getting hung up on the word like a new fad.

      If our moon didn’t come from our earth as I originally had believed then it surely came from their 5th planet after the destruction.

      I’m not trying to destroy your belief but to point out how unlikely an advanced species would go to such immense effort & expense just to create a massive version of a hand puppet light show on the wall version of eclipses. What would they gain by that? You can create that effect with any kitchen plate. I cannot imagine why anyone would go to the trouble of placing a moon just to create random eclipse’s.

      That would be like saying the only reason you live in a lake home is to see fireworks once a year. There are other, better reasons to apply to the species inhabiting the moon even if they did not place it there. I have many friends who worked at S-4, A51, Northup Grumman skunkworks, Lockheed, etc. and the Freemasons who are holding their secret. I understand from those who know, the moon has been colonized for over 50,000 years. It is a prime source of ores & minerals & to oversee the Earth, a place filled with generations of their slaves which they can monitor from our moon which has more agreeable gravity & oxygen levels for them. I’ve heard we have been long since sold out by our gov’t leaders over the centuries & recent decades who would give the rest of us all up in a heartbeat as long as they get to be in charge & rich.

      Think about it. What have we given up for our continuing freedom? Humans for their experiments? Abductees? Processed precious & heavy metals? Weapons? Slaves for their other mines? We aren’t allowed to roam around free without paying some price. Only our govt leaders know what they traded for our liberties & for their power & greed. Think about these issues on a planetary species level. What do they need? What did we give them? Certainly not a show of shadows & lights. This came from two of our high ranking officers in the Pentagon. Both have since died. Probably not of their own accords. Remember Forestal’s death in the 40’s? These officers died in the 90’s within a year of sharing this info.

      Certainly our moon has underground facilities since it has a huge air vent on the photos I found from NASA & the Navy.

      The inhabitants also obtain fresh water from the largest lakes on earth which is why they are frequently seen going underwater to fill water tanks 2 or 3 times per week for their colony. Not to an underwater base. Our Navy has already done hydrographic surveys of every water source they could access. Including the great lakes. My ex was on one of the ships doing the surveys. We have a map of every water bottom. Plus, we now have satellite X rays & microwave deep radar & laser from USAF satellites such as used on Google earth to provide ocean floors. He also worked at Cheyenne mountain.

      The lunar inhabitants also obtain plants, oxygen & ores as needed from earth. But their poor muscle development & coloring shows our gravity & oxygen levels are too much so they prefer a lower level of both. I suspect this was why Puma Punku is at 13,000 feet where oxygen is thin. But it doesn’t fix the gravity. Those are the crafts we see frequently visiting to obtain water, foods, plants, ores, etc. while our govt (CIA) engages in a huge cover up because they think the earths inhabitants would come apart with such knowledge. Here it is. Most wont believe it as a coping mechanism, so it doesn’t matter if we tell them because they’ll never believe the real truth. Bushman tried to tell them. They wouldn’t believe him either. Or Corso or Lazar. So the paid hirelings tried to destroy them.

      Mars would be another option for low gravity & low oxygen. Except it is occupied by others. I hear the tall ones went there after the Nuremberg war in the 1500’s. Our moon is simply handy as a base next to a huge grocery store on Earth. If they are helping as Boyd Bushman stated, then perhaps we produce items they need in return. He also mentioned a killer asteroid in his video. Apparently, they don’t have the ability to move moons.

      So, to park a moon to create eclipses is no better reason than a hand puppet light show. Nor did they come here to save us. We need a linguist to find out what they want for our own sakes. Not our centuries of greedy leaders.

      The moon is simply a base with access to necessary elements & overlooks a slave force base as their logo shows. I pasted a photo of the logo on the lunar site. They are the all seeing eye watching from the moon base. As long as we give them what they want, they will leave us alone. But our space happy military & CIA need to stop shooting them down for technology. Especially when they are in Canadian, Mexican, Brazilian, Belgian or other countries air space. The former Canadian defense minister confirmed these details. Otherwise, we will end up breaking rocks on the far side of the moon as slave labor.

      What I don’t get is why we felt ancient man could tolerate the knowledge of their presence but we think modern man cannot.

      They can’t use the excuse of that old radio show because they told people they were being invaded & murdered just down the street like a news broadcast. The public would have responded the same if they said the invaders were Russians or Cubans. It was the news reports of the attacks, NOT the attackers origins to which the public reacted in panic. The fault was taking advantage of the trust people had in the veracity of their news reports. They had already lived with the knowledge of Martian neighbors for decades.

      This was a paid setup so they could throw it back in the publics face for decades.

      On another ancient alien subject:
      I used to wonder how the 8-10 ft giants could produce a halfbreed demigod with a human. Then I saw the statues carved in Europe. It showed the differences were only limited to body size in those huge statues. Not every peripheral feature & attribute was giant. I wonder if Marfans syndrome is related to this genetic strain?

      On an Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton:
      I had a friend whose entire family looked just like Akhenaton. I still have his photos. But everyone always talks about a one of a kind face & body but theirs is identical. The son in particular was a twin to this Egyptian pharaoh. My friends family were supposedly some Kind of tall native American but only the children looked like this. Neither parent matched at all. Every sibling was over 6 ft at age 14. Even the girls. His sister could have passed for an identical twin. Yes even though she was female & a year different. It was amazing. I heard George Washington’s sister could also pass for his twin.

      My friend died at 24. But his siblings survived.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 24, 2017 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

    • I like your professionalism and seriousness analyzing difficult subjects like this, space and our non-told real humankind history plenty of full weird events like you state here: the floods, tsunamis & freezing dinosaurs. I’m still amazed how are govts plenty of good people and scientist are enabled to give satisfactory answers, for some unknown reason. Since history always repeat itself, I feel that all active and present events on Earth will continue even more often and intense until someday we find the cause too late. That’s why I try to find answers and your site makes great contribution.

      Thanks for sharing your insightful work here


      Comment by pier — August 25, 2017 @ 7:25 am | Reply

      • I tried to update my previous response when I wasn’t as tired.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 25, 2017 @ 8:25 am

      • We continue to see unprecedented facts such as Houston floods and Yellowstone’s eq swarm ( more than 15.000 eq reported from June ). Seeing Housten disaster I remember your words watching gov procedures to rescue, let’s watch


        Comment by pier — August 27, 2017 @ 1:51 pm

      • This was the Emergency management agency to which I belonged for 2 years. FEMA & red cross took over & all the supplies & rescue planning disappeared. It was all about corral & contain & shut off the phones except for 911 which they only had 30,000 lines.

        They have had decades to plan. The areas should be assigned by grids for search & rescue.

        Elderly & disabled cannot climb on the roof or even go in the attic. Who is checking on them? Those hospitals should have evacuated the critical before today. What about diabetics & their insulin & test kits. I’ll bet we never hear about those deaths. They are thinning out the dead weight like Germany in the 30’s. Another Katrina. Why didn’t they buy inflatable boats?

        They are already requesting the local restaurants to supply food to the shelters. Where is all the food & water, medicine & supplies? They said they will be begging corporations & the public for donations & supplies.

        Where are theirs? They used to have supplies. Remember how organized Florida is without FEMA? They have water, ice, food & supplies on day one at pertinent locations. Very professional. They weren’t begging.

        You have to listen carefully for these key phrases where they have no supplies & expect them from everyone else. Where are the other shelters? Just one? What about the astrodome & the fancy stadiums & convention centers? Hotels with vouchers like Texas did for Katrina. The public isn’t hearing the words so they are missing it. Listen for it.

        Did you know signing a request for federal help removes all power from the governor & turns it over to FEMA & their Red cross henchmen. I knew these people (crooks) in person. I was at the Houston meetings. They are now running the state & the gov is powerless. They aren’t feeding, sheltering, watering, medicating or providing supplies. They are asking everyone else to do it. Houston’s supplies are probably in Denvers underground elite politicians shelter.

        What about the thousands of empty mobile homes & unused military bases for the homeless? They used hundreds of them when Wilkes-Barre & Kingston, PA were flooded. Paid by tax dollars. I’ve seen them sitting unused by the thousands during Katrina.

        That was someone elses job like the lack of medical or waiting until its too late to find the elderly & disabled drown in their homes. They wont even start looking until tomorrow. They are also saying the public should do it. I heard every word from this last press conference. Defer the needs to everyone else. What is HEMA doing? What were the monies spent on? Pointless meetings? I can vouch for that.

        Now that you know, listen again to their words at the press Conferences. Why are all the other states & corporations paying for it & not Houston or Texas. We even have 3 shelters open in Dallas. But Houston has one? Not all of Houston is flooded. I imagine the military rushed to protect the private nuclear reactors like they did the last Galveston hurricane. They even asked the people to feed the troops when their bases & tons of Army food is a 3 hour drive in San Antonio where they are fed every day. Stick it on a plane & fly it over. Why are victims supposed to provide their food?

        Hema is over all the suburbs of Houston. But Corpus Christi, Galveston & other areas have their own agencies. FEMA isn’t doing it nor are they rebuilding homes. FEMA gives low cost Tax dollar loans to the uninsured. They approve the loans. The construction contractors do the work. So other than the police & TXdot doing rescues, what exactly are Hema & FEMA doing?

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by mmc7 — August 27, 2017 @ 3:38 pm

      • I’ve just read this in regards to the subject:


        Comment by pier — August 27, 2017 @ 4:09 pm

      • I heard them say that this morning. If FEMA were my employees they would all be on the unemployment line. They only do the Federal loan paperwork for homeowners & business owners. They don’t do any real work except steal supplies, tear down antennas, take over control, block & reroute donations, LIE and have the troops hold victims hostage under guard at the arenas without feeding or provide water or necessities, hide bodies in mass graves, falsify death reports & records and run survivors all over the country in a shell game… but they do try to take credit if anything ever gets done.

        In Wilkes-Barre & Kingston PA they still had survivors in the mobile homes 5 years after the 1974 Agnes flood, but at least they had homes. FEMA hasn’t provided any of these trailers to survivors since then even though we paid for thousands which still sit parked & unused.

        Red Cross never uses US donations for US disasters. Clothes & used items are placed in Garbage dumps (they were caught red handed); New items are in a gov’t shelter or sold; money goes overseas to be laundered & pocketed by our crooks at Red cross & Fema. They used to be genuine before the 70’s. My mother worked for them. I still have her uniform. Their Blood drives also supply the world but the organ donations turned into a multibillion dollar scam. I forget who runs that. The hospitals lie about donor recovery chances because they need the body alive to sell the parts.

        The Builderberg group uses charities & the Prince’s wildlife funds to live rich. Most of our Presidents & the Royal family belong to this money laundering. Both political Parties. Much like the Billions of stock market bailouts which disappeared into Swiss, Japanese & Caribbean accounts in 2008.

        Fema has never explained why they refuse to provide those mobile homes & unused military bases. We believe they are planning to thin us out per the Georgia guidestone. Using disasters as a cover.

        What do I know. I only worked there.

        Decades ago, my employer demanded we donate our fair share to the United way. My ex spouse’s employer said his raises & bonuses depended on his $4200 annual donation. As did mine.

        I refused. It was like being threatened by the mafia. All the managers wanted perfect 100% compliance. Any charity which requires coercion & threats for donations is crooked. One of my bosses even tried to donate money in my name or plead for a minimum 40 cents per hour. I refused. I did this in front of everyone. Which got the other employees & managers thinking. 2 of them thanked me privately. But not openly. My ex spouse & I were both punished because no one got 100% participation from us (although my ex did pay a small sum.)

        But I wasn’t wrong.The CEO of United way went to prison for living like a king on those donations he embezzled. I also thought it suspicions that their donations went to groups like heart fund, scouts, abused shelters, etc. I seriously don’t think any of them ever saw it. It proved to be money laundering but only the one crook got caught. I’m sure the threats on his families lives kept his mouth shut.

        They were exactly what I said they were. So is the Red Cross & FEMA. They didn’t used to be crooks but they sure are now.

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by mmc7 — August 27, 2017 @ 8:14 pm

      • FEMA is still begging for food & money & taking credit for everything everyone else did. Where is the food & supplies? They are begging restaurants & locals for food. I noticed red cross is running the FEMA center in Washington DC.

        I still remember how FEMA & Red cross refused to go to New Orleans. Telling victims they would have to come to them for food, shelter & supplies in Baton Rouge 20-30 miles away. But the Katrina victims had no transport & the National guard held them hostage within the arena with no food, water, meds, supplies or working toilets. The armed soldiers barricaded the bridges & would not let them leave. While FEMA & red cross insisted the victims must come to them. No rescues, FEMA confiscated 9 hydro boats loaned to them & locked them up: The same with satellite phones provided to FEMA. FEMA tore down the St Bernard parish emergency management antenna in the middle of the night to cut off their communications. FEMA rerouted trucks of ice & refused Walmart donations. Never forget these things. Texas finally sent buses to rescue people held hostage & starving in the arena & brought them to Texas just before the public was ready to charge Enmasse to rescue them. Many died from lack of food, water & meds. Those who broke into stores were desperate for food, clothes, meds, diapers, baby food, shoes, supplies but were painted as addicts & criminals as an excuse not to rescue hospitals & nursing homes. Roof top helicopters could have been sent.

        I haven’t heard about Houston nursing homes. They also said the corps of engineers owns the reservoirs & the local authorities have no control on draining the dams.

        I don’t see the Houston area emergency management group which I was a member. FEMA & Red Cross controlled the group & all the supplies & foods were stolen by FEMA. There were no plans to save anyone. Our group was over the 9 or so suburbs & entities of the greater Houston area. I have not seen them. It seems all these towns are on their own as is the City of Houston who now has just their own OEM. Perhaps the Homeland security broke up the combo groups. They weren’t helping. They only would have held hostages, cut off all the phones for the public except their own. I think l would have reversed the situation & cut off theirs instead since there were only 2 of us who knew how.

        So it seems all the small towns are on their own. FEMA & Red Cross are demanding food from Restaurants & donations from everyone else. Where is all the money they should have had? Where are the shelters for the surrounding suburbs which are not part of downtown Houston? Once again, the public is doing the rescues of their neighbors, providing food, supplies & shelter& transportation. Where are the FEMA & Red cross centers & the money & supplies they stole? Once again, they are only begging for the public, corporations, local businesses & other states to provide these things.

        The city of Houston seems to be doing well without FEMA help but they don’t include the greater Houston Communities & they are asking for food & help from the public as well.

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2017 @ 12:04 pm

  5. Ceres is the only asteroid in the main belt that has a molten core.


    Comment by Yakshi — August 23, 2017 @ 9:07 am | Reply

    • Ceres is presumed to be a 900 mile diameter accretion with an ice layer covered with a dust sheaf. The Gravity of Ceres gives an acceleration of 0.2 m/s therefore possibly has a liquid core of water over methane if the ice goes deep enough. Nuclear fission possibly never even started. Mars is a lot bigger and went cold billions of years ago. Only tidal heating could generate hot core with such a small moon.


      Comment by Anonymous — August 23, 2017 @ 10:52 am | Reply

      • Difficult to tell unless we see evidence of volcanic activity or heated areas.

        They say our moon is hollow, but I suspect the ringing tone was from the extensive network of underground tunnels. Much like dropping a craft on top of our large network of underground tunnels crisscrossing between our many underground labs on earth. There is a giant ventilation shaft at the south pole of our moon. This was an original image I personally downloaded from NASA. Around the ventilation shaft, the Navy declared they found moisture & water on our moon. I can see frost around the vent so I believe them. That fits with warm, humid air venting from underground facilities which would create steam & moisture & frost when exposed to cold conditions.

        I had always believed that our moon had no atmosphere. But I read on a NASA site a couple years ago that our moon has a 2% atmosphere. This wouldn’t surprise me with this giant south pole vent exhausting used atmosphere from underground facilities. There is another picture of the vent on the Navy website which is not as good but the legend shows it is 8 miles in size. A large vent for a large underground facility. I believe there are at least 2 of the vents. Definitely large enough to produce 2% atmosphere.

        I mistook Callisto for Ceres. Callisto also appears to have underground facilities.

        I have added these photos to my main post.


        Comment by mmc7 — August 23, 2017 @ 1:48 pm

    • It was probably a moon from the 5th planet before it was destroyed. Other molten cores could have since cooled if destroyed, such as Phaeton. There are some interesting images of ceres online showing signs of habitation.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 23, 2017 @ 10:59 am | Reply

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