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April 5, 2015

4-2015 Reliable Scientists

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I am going to start a list of reliable Scientists… those who have been punished or dared to risk their necks to tell the truth despite efforts by the gov’t and Energy companies to silence them. This will be a continuing list which I will update as I receive more info. Please use the comment feature to send me the names, websites and info about Scientists who should be added to this list. If you do not wish to have your comment published, please note this on your comments. I personally moderate all messages to keep the gov’t attack hirelings off of here, so I will see your request to not post your comment. I will update the names and info for any scientist who has earned our trust in being truthful about the climate and other planetary issues. I am going to start with the few names I know who deserve our respect and have sacrificed to tell us the truth in their respective fields of expertise.  This doesn’t mean they are the only ones and this does not mean they agree with me about the axis shift. But they have valuable information to share and have been punished by our gov’t for refusing to lie or to destroy their research such as free energy from seawater.

It is time we start standing together and supporting those who are risking their necks for our benefit.

Jim Berkland

Berkland devised the only reliable method of predicting earthquakes despite criticism from envious  wannabes.  His methods include a combination of Lunar orbit positions, tidal patterns & animal behaviors resulting  in highly accurate results. He successfully predicted numerous major earthquakes within a week of their occurrence; including the 1989 Oakland Quake and  the March 2011 Japan Quake.  His refusal to withhold his predictions from the public cost him his job as Santa Clara County Geologist he held for 21 years.  He placed the public welfare above his own and refused to withhold his predictions from the public.

His website:

Wikipedia article: (keep in mind that the gov’t hirelings like to trash renegade scientists whom we should herald for their bravery and sacrifice to bring you the truth.)

Bart Bibler

Florida EPA scientist who was suspended for speaking out against the Exxon pipeline and using the banned phrase “Climate Change”.  He is still fighting for his job.

Stanley Pons & Martin Fleischmann

These two scientists who discovered “Cold Fusion” were mercilessly attacked & destroyed by the leeches who present themselves as our scientific community. They were unceremoniously ridiculed & attacked by their peers who sold out to the US gov’t stance & their funds were frozen & denied.

The motive behind these attacks were generated from our oil & energy companies who “OWN” our US politicians. The energy companies do not want development of any cheap or free sources of energy production which would certainly bite into their profit margin. So they sicced their political minions on shutting these brilliant scientists down & had the gov’ts puppet scientist community ridicule these men using gov’t grant money to pressure compliance & other federal funding sources to gain the participation of puppet scientists to attack every aspect of Pons & Fleischmann’s experiment & the entire subject of Cold Fusion.

Our gov’t sent out their piranha  hirelings to destroy Cold Fusion for the benefit of the Energy Corporations and to make Cold Fusion such a stigma label like “Conspiracy Theory” in order to destroy the credibility & reputation of any scientist who dares to research this field. Every supporter was forced to back down to save themselves.

This is the heinous power of our Energy corporations who utterly control our Executive branch, Presidents & Congress. Both scientists left the US for Europe but did not realize that our US Gov’t & Corporations also extend their control over most international gov’ts who also have to play ball because they are subject to crushing debts of loans from our gov’t & our corporations who would destroy their economies. Our gov’t also controls the foreign leaders who are elected as well. Our CIA used to assassinate any foreign leader they didn’t like & sent out their Jackals to create political unrest. If you have any doubts just check out our post WWII controls of Europe & Asia. Our CIA interference with the governments of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, central America, Korea, Japan, Phillipines, France, Cuba, etc. Not to mention the false flag attacks where our intelligent operations pretend to be terrorists. I personally know some of these intelligence operatives involved in these false flag incidents; Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, central America, Panama, Cuba, 911, WTC, Pentagon, Viet Nam, Cambodia,  Thailand, Myanmar, China, South Korea, etc. Only Venezuela & north Korea managed to defend their ground.

Did you know that Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State had negotiated an Agreement with North Korea that the US would supply fossil fuels to them in exchange for their not using Nuclear power, etc? It was George W Bush who defaulted on the Agreement; cutting off their supply of  fossil fuels. Thus, forcing North Korea (who does not have fossil fuels) to seek nuclear fuel sources. Making it look like their fault. He forced them to go with Nuclear. If not for this deliberate act by GW Bush, we would not be dealing with a North Korea nuclear issue today. Bush also deliberately incited the Iraq false wars for his Haliburton buddies to profit & to grab Arab oil fields. In Nov 2001, Bush also defaulted on the Global Chemical & Biological ban treaty as well; & refused to allow a US representative to attend the conference. Bush also squashed the Kyoto pollution treaty for his corporate buddies. If you do not know these things, you should take the time to learn. The crooks are in control & you have a world of information at your fingertips on the internet. Knowledge is Power.

Do not underestimate the corrupt power of our Energy Corporations who literally control our gov’t. They make JR Ewing look like a preschooler when it comes to their crooked international scams & political control. Like they said at Watergate, “Follow the money” and the false corporate shell games where they launder their money & donations. Especially in Caribbean Island bank accounts.

Most scientists are rotten to the core. Gov’t puppets willing to sell out & destroy fellow targeted scientists at the behest of keeping those cheap energy & fuel substitutes off the market. These puppet scientists fill their pockets & accolades doing the gov’ts bidding. The gov’t does the Energy Companies biddings. There is no low too low for them to stoop. We must support these few respectable scientists willing to risk their reputations & careers for the public good. Without our support the gov’t & Energy companies will crush & break them. We will be the losers in these battles.



If you know another scientist who should be added to this list… please submit  their name and info using the comment feature for this post. If I feel the person merits our trust, I will add them. If they are disingenuous gov’t puppets, they will not be added. You may request to keep your comment from being posted and I will only post the info you wish to provide.






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