Earth's Axis has changed

February 22, 2016

2-2016 Weather pattern changes & updates

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This is a response I posted as a comment which I thought would be interesting for everyone. It might help some of you to recognize the differences in the weather patterns we see now… versus the weather patterns seen before the shift.

Also, check the south Africa comments. Johan has given us an update about the conditions there. I find his descriptions of South Africa quite interesting & thought others would enjoy them as well.

Here is my comment about weather patterns affected by the axis shift. Some you have heard before. Other details may be new.   Remember, when it comes to weather there are a lot of variables which affect it.

One is the falsification of the temperatures, snow & rain amounts, etc. by the NWS & NOAA. They in turn control the meteorologists with their licenses by prohibiting them from reporting any weather conditions which are not first reported by the NWS. In other words, if the local weathercaster declares a tornado, they will lose their license if the NWS did not report it first. One of these was a Little Rock, AR meteorologist who saved the town by setting off the tornado siren when the NWS refused to declare a tornado. I believe this was in the 1990’s.

There was a female meteorologist on the weather channel one Sunday a few years ago who mentioned how the storm pattern sitting over the central US looked like a giant hurricane. They immediately cut to commercial while she was in mid sentence. When they returned, she was gone & was never seen again. Nor did anyone else ever make such a statement about the spiral storms again.

MSNBC did the same to one of their doctor spokespersons who was over a large hospital in NY who stated that every DR & nurse staff member at his hospital who had received a flu shot had come down with the flu while everyone who had not received a flu shot did not get the flu. They also cut him off in mid sentence & he was gone when they returned from commercials & never returned. This was around Feb 2009, I think.

Our news & weather were not controlled for public consumption prior to the 1980’s. If you notice, local news has become commercial segments for local businesses, medical, schools, & sports. When business is down at the local hospitals, they run news segments on scanning machines & old technology checkups to boost business. They only devote one sentence to any real news item. Nothing negative which might chase away Consumer business or tourism or pique anyone’s concerns about weather changes or global problems.

Hence, I have a professional weather station at my home which measures everything except snow with extreme precision. I have had a top level weather station for 10 years.  On a regular basis, the meteorologists & weather services are significantly underreporting the temperatures, rainfall amount & tornadoes. Even when we are 103 to 106 degrees, they report 97 or 98, etc. Or 10 inches of rain as 2.5. If they get caught, they claim microclimates as the reason. They frequently declare tornadoes to be straight-line winds even with a thousand witnesses unless you can capture & prove it was a tornado on multiple films from multiple sources. Here  is one of their straight-line Winds on a photo I took near Greenville, TX. Does this look like straight-line winds?

2 Hunt co Storm 0034


The gov’t does the same type of false underreporting with disasters such as Katrina 10,000+ dead, reduced to under 2000. Or the WTC from 50,000 dead, reduced to under 3000. They sugar coat the results to stop angry mobs from forming or to disguise their complicity in false flag attacks or corrupt gov’t mishandling of disaster management. As a former major metro Emergency management agency member, this is just a drop in the bucket to the corrupt tricks the gov’t has already done & will do. And to think we used to complain about Soviet propaganda. They don’t begin to compare to what our own US gov’t has done.

It is easier for those of us who grew up in the 1900’s to notice the weather changes than it is for the younger generations. For instance, the shape of the US jet stream which affects our climate & storm formations which never used to dip further south than the Dallas area has been dipping down into central Mexico during the warmer months since the axis shifts began in 2003 & 2004. Prior to the axis shift the jet stream never dipped into Mexico. This shift in the jet stream is exactly what we would expect with an axis shift. The change in southerly dip of the jet stream corresponds with the shift of the axis during the summer months.

Where the axis change has shifted the southernmost dip of our Jet stream farther south in Summer…  it has also shifted the jet stream further north in winter.

During the winter months it barely dips below Canada causing horrific storms & blizzards in the New England states, Nova Scotia and the states north of the Mason Dixon line. However, since the winter jet stream dip no longer comes down to Texas & no longer brings down the Canadian cold air, the southern states now experience warmer winters. Just follow the jet stream.

Cold air from Canada or the Rockies impacting the warm, moist gulf air is what creates those huge thunderstorms with pouring rain, tornadoes & floods. So the change in axis tilt has had a major impact on the position of the jet stream.

However, it is mostly those of us who are over 45 who remember the weather patterns. The Canadian Inuit tribes have also noticed a difference in the sun position as well, which you can read on my old posts. So when you are reading the opinions of others, keep in mind the age group of the person providing them. Age group affects knowledge, quality of education, attitude & personal experience. How can they relate to changes they have never seen before the shift. It also depends on how much attention they have paid to the sun position & weather conditions. It sometimes takes years of experience to notice changes. Even those at 45 now would have only been 30 in 2000. So the best observers before & after the axis shift would now be over 55 and aware of their environment.

Other impacts on the weather is the Coriolis effect. These are the spiraling gravity fields which control the spinning of water in drains, or the spinning of hurricanes & tornadoes. The spinning direction is reversed in the southern hemisphere.

Since the first axis shift, we have seen land based hurricane like storm systems which sit over the central US spinning like a giant fan or hurricane between Canada & the gulf coast; pulling down cold air from Canada & Warm air from the Gulf like huge scooping fan blades creating a spinning deluge of continual rain as it rotates over one region for days and even weeks. Especially, in late spring.

I have several years of weather satellite images to show the changes in weather patterns from before the first axis shift & the formation of these land hurricanes after the first axis shift when these spinning land hurricanes appeared over the central US between mid April & mid June. We had over 30 inches of rain last May 2015. Then, 10 inches this past January in less than one week. At the time of my January post only 6 inches had rained. It was over 10 inches when it had finished.

You can see these spinning land hurricane formation weather satellite images on the link below. Remember, you will only see the axis change weather effects from 2005 and later.

I included pre-2004 weather images for comparison before the axis shifts.

These are special weather loops designed just for comparing these hurricane like storms over the US at the same time each day. For instance, each frame of the monthly images equals one day of the month at exactly 4PM. So for May 2007, the weather animation will show you the weather cloud patterns as it steps through each day of the month at 4PM. Keep an eye on Oklahoma for the spinning storms I described which occurred every spring, day after day from the last week of April thru the first week of June. But only after 2005.  Not before.

I also included daily satellite weather loops for certain days during those months if you wanted to view the entire day of cloud formations.

Another effect of the axis shift is on the temperatures of the oceans & oceanic water flow patterns. The pacific coast used to have frigid arctic waters along the California coast. Quite a difference from our warm Atlantic coast or gulf coast.  I have lived on both coasts & the gulf area as well. There is a huge temperature difference. The icy cold Pacific coast waters before the axis began shifting in 2003 & 2004 caused rain storms to develop over California every winter when the warm air contacted the frigid coastal waters which flowed down the California coast from Alaska. Creating weekly winter rain in California and snow in the mountains.

Since the axis shift, the Pacific coast waters are warmer causing a drought in California. The shortage of water is also impacted by rice farmers who use an entire lake full of water per crop each year to fill their rice fields. Then dump the water at the end of the season. Massive amounts of wasted water on unneeded rice crops while warehouses in Thailand have tons of rice rotting in storage while California’s precious water resources are wasted. Are these California rice farmers paying for the billions of gallons of water they are wasting?

Other things which occurred since the initial 2003 & 2004 axis shifts include heat waves in the UK and tornadoes in Europe.

Johan, our  South Africa correspondent has told us about the effects on Whale nurseries from the South pole, etc. We’ve also seen the deaths of penguins who may become extinct due to iceberg barriers… along with the loss of whales. The only good thing will be the loss of sharks from lack of favored food sources but not until sharks have shifted to humans and dolphins as an alternate food source.

These are just some of the many effects the axis shifts have had on our weather, water resources & animal life we should watch for.

You should start seeing the weather pattern changes in May & June when the sun progresses to the north of us. I wont know how far our axis has shifted this year until June 20 & 21. It might be interesting to watch for these spinning hurricane like storm systems over the central US between the last week of April & first week of June. Also keep an eye on the Jet stream behavior as well.


  1. Hi my friend, I have just discovered your website here about 6 months ago. I have been tracking the axis tilt as well, for just over 3 years. I have been watching the changing patterns of sun and moon placement and the stars from North Africa- on the north coast of Morocco. and our family has just moved to Australia, and again, I’m tracking changes here now. In the past 3 weeks I’ve noted several radical shifts, or “wobbles”- unlike anything I’ve seen before. Australia is heading into winter right now, with the sun lower on the horizon….. yet the friend we’re living with have never seen the sun this low before. I wish I had started measurements of the sun across the patio we sit on every morning. In the past 4 days the sun has appeared (on the patio covered deck) a minimum of 3 minutes earlier each day, but more telling is that the sun has moved across the deck by over 12 inches each day in last 3 days. In the preceding 2 weeks, the suns morning movement across the deck increased by approx. an inch each day. This is seriously a radical shift, as the sun is now hitting areas of the patio deck that has NEVER had sunlight on it before. Ever.

    I was hoping that you would have posted some recent updates. Are you seeing any specific shifts from your location in the US?



    Comment by Dani Arnold-McKenny — May 4, 2016 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

    • The reason the changes are occurring faster is because the sun now has much farther to travel from one tropic to the other in the same timespan during spring & autumn. Each tropic is now over 1000 miles or more closer to each polar region.

      I wont know how much change this year until June 20-21, 2016. Clearly, something new is amiss.

      I have been looking at our unusual weather & recent unusual seismic activity around the globe. Most notably South America but other locales as well.

      About every 2 or 3 days now, we have been hit with the most violent lightning storms I have ever seen in my life, on a repeated basis during the past 2 or 3 weeks. Lightning has stuck our homes & shattered new power poles twice in 2 weeks. Clearly, something new is occurring.

      Please continue to track your observations & share it as comments under the new post I created. My other two Australian contributors will probably appreciate your info as well.


      Comment by mmc7 — May 5, 2016 @ 12:47 am | Reply

  2. Dr. Neil Frank in Houston Texas mentioned land hurricanes in 1995. He was the Chief Meteorlogist at KHOU till he retired around 2010.


    Comment by al — May 3, 2016 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

    • Was he talking about real hurricanes crossing overland from the Ocean or these spinning storm vortexes which never touched the water? I used to live in Houston at the time. I remember a few hurricanes that came over the land but I never noticed any which developed over land in the central US until after 2004. I’ll have to check my pre 2004 radar images. Maybe I should call this a land vortex if he was referring to an ocean hurricane crossing land.

      Feb 1996 was when Houston & San Antonio were frozen in solid sheets of Ice. In one day: Over 900 accidents in San Antonio, Over 700 accidents in Houston & over 500 in Austin. The Governor made it illegal to drive except for dire emergencies. Or be arrested.
      I was trapped at work alone for 3 days. Nobody could drive. They had no sand trucks that far south. It was the worst ice storm ever.


      Comment by mmc7 — May 3, 2016 @ 5:56 pm | Reply

  3. Here is a BBC news article that may interest you. Scientists are admitting that the moon’s axis has shifted.


    Comment by Edgar Z — March 24, 2016 @ 7:14 am | Reply

  4. I have a few questions.

    Do you think this axis change has happened before?
    How bad do you think it will be?
    Would it cause super vulcano eruptions?
    Are governments all preparing for this?

    Thank you in advance.


    Comment by 637ghv68 — March 14, 2016 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

    • I have answered most of these before. Back in April 2008 there was a scientist on one of those Planet Earth documentaries who provided his evidence through polar ice core results & Equatorial glacier discoveries where he stated the earth has tipped onto its side 11 times in the vast history of earths past. The equator had become polar cold & the polar regions had become tropical according to his research evidence he discovered in these locations.

      It is evidently survivable, mostly in the tropical zones which is why we see the most ancient archaeological findings of civilizations in those regions. However, there are also a few who managed to survive the harshest conditions with ingenuity & fortitude. (Inuit Eskimoes, Vikings, Scottish Pics, etc)

      The conditions of becoming tilted onto our side would be no worse than previous axis shifts except that we are foolish enough to build settlements on coastal areas; near volcanoes & on tectonic plate shift regions. All of these being the worst regions subjected to catastrophic tsunamis, eruptions or seismic events. Due to our stupidity by globally placing large cities in these coastal tsunami prone areas (NYC, Boston, Miami, LA, San diego, Hong Kong, & hundreds more); near volcanic & Caldera prone regions (yellow stone, mammoth lakes, Italy, Japan, Chili, Peru, etc); and tectonic risk regions (San Francisco, LA, St Louis, Japan, China, Italy, etc)… a sudden major axis shift could kill hundreds of millions of people in one day from these catastrophes just from these disaster prone locations.

      Abnormal planetary motions or axis shifts are what cause nearly all tsunamis. Quakes do not cause most tsunamis. The associated quakes occurring in conjunction with tsunamis are a result of the shifting earth. The quakes actually occur after the tsunami but the water surge travels slower than the seismic tremors. If a quake caused a Tsunami, the resulting waves would be much smaller & formed in concentric rings spreading outward in every direction. The waves would be small by comparison & would peter out after a short distance.

      The huge tsunamis which travel in one direction producing monstrous waves which can travel thousands of miles can only be caused by an abnormal shift or motion of our planet. You can create this effect by placing a couple inches of water in a roasting pan & sliding the pan across the table so yow can see how the water will surge in one direction. The faster you slide the pan, the more water will surge to the opposite end. This is how a tsunami works when the earth shifts its axis. With each shift, our position changes & that also affects our weather. Thus, increasing the melting of our polar glaciers. The South pole acts as a geosynchronous anchor weight to maintain our global balance & tilt. The more the south pole glaciers melt, the more our axis shifts. It does not require all of the ice to melt for us to shift onto our side. In fact, it would not take much more melting to allow the final shift to occur. However, we had a reversion of our axis shift in Jun 2015, so I wont be able to ascertain the situation until June 20-21st, 2016.

      There are many other causes of seismic events not associated with the shifting axis such as gravitational effects of the moons position but I do not address these issues since they are not the focus of our topic. Only the quakes which are created by axis shifts such as the Dec 2004 tsunami which killed a quarter million people from Indonesia to South Africa; the April 2003 tsunami of the first known axis shift likely instigated by asteroid 2002 AA29; and the March 2011 tsunami which killed 10’s of thousands in Japan… among many other such axis shift tsunami events.

      Oddly, NASA suddenly stopped providing info on asteroid 2002 AA29 in 2005 after stating it is orbiting us then claiming it made a 180 reversal in direction upon approaching earth & went the other way. Totally against the Laws of physics & totally contradicting everything else they reported about it. But people are clearly gullible & believe everything they say no matter how absurd. I guess if someone at NASA said their mother had horns growing from her head, everyone would believe it without question. The competency of the engineers at NASA has become so bad we have to rely on Russian unmanned resupply vehicles for the ISS because NASA & their contractors engineers cannot come close to Russia’s automated laser docking system & unmanned supply rockets. NASA’s more interested in keeping a watch on the covert details on Mars & the moon (which they keep classified from the public) than to deal with the space program or Earths welfare. Yet we continue to pour Billions into their personal toys & private discoveries each year while we get nothing in return.

      Any shift of our planet is going to affect Volcanoes & seismic events in addition to Tsunamis & weather. Also ocean temperatures & animal behavior changes. I did some of these correlations several years ago. Especially when I saw 2 volcanoes eruptions on the same day between Russia & Indonesia. Russia, Indonesia & Italy were all in highly active regions. You can see some of those details on

      Certainly the gov’t knows. There were 9 countries involved with the increasing heat temperature levels & continuous bulldozing beaches & dredging river mouths to deal with rising sea levels. The bulldozing of beaches was to camouflage the rising sea levels so we would not notice the differences. The UK made the best effort to help their citizens. The US refused to join in the effort to inform the public. They preferred to cover it up instead. That same website above also has some of the details from the UK program before they dropped their efforts.

      Our crooked gov’t decided to place their efforts into their own survival with their fancy shelter in Denver & underground maglev system… leaving the public to fend for themselves under Martial Law by FEMA & corralled by armed troops without any rescues or provisions. I was on those committees with FEMA & their shadow accomplice Red cross, so this isn’t speculation.

      We will survive from the axis shift if we avoid FEMA & the troops. The gov’t wants to thin us out. Just read the Georgia Guide stone statement about their preferred population levels. I think it was about 500 million. We will all disappear into mass graves like Katrina while they report only 1/10th the actual numbers. The population will die unfed without basic needs while held inside arenas & convention centers by troops… just like Katrina. It will be blamed on floods & disease. Survivors will believe their claims & end up conscripted into work gangs. This is all spelled out in the Presidential executive orders concerning FEMA. Under Martial Law, FEMA is empowered above the Congress, the VP, the Cabinet & Military. They are only superceded by the President. I recommend reading the executive orders.

      As for how bad, it depends on how fast the axis shifts. The more gradual the shifts, the less damage. Sudden shifts could create tsunamis large enough to cover entire continents like seen in the film 2012. I think it was last May 2015 when we had so many severe volcanic & seismic events in Central & South America. It also rained for 40 days.

      It is a good idea to have emergency preparations for any catastrophe. Not just axis shift. We were very close to the edge in June 2014 but we had a major unexpected reversal of the axis shift in June 2015. That gave us a temporary reprieve but it could have been just a death wobble like a spinning top when it begins to slow down. I don’t know when the final shift onto our side will occur. According to that documentary scientist, we are overdue. The sun is clearly not where it is supposed to be. all I can do is keep track of the changes so we will know when time is running out. When I check in June 2016, I will have a better idea of our current situation. I don’t think it will be very good from what other sources are seeing. Even now it is not what it should be & that is even more disturbing. But, I can only measure the progress & changes to get an idea how close we are to a final tip of the axis. Everyone can watch with me just by looking outside. It may not occur in our lifetime. Or it could occur within the next 10 years or sooner. We can only watch the changes each year to keep track. Hopefully, it will occur gradually with less damage.

      If you have not seen the original murals at the new Denver airport which is the entrance to the Gov’ts fancy underground shelter for the elite built at our expense overseen by the New World Airport authority & the freemasons, you should take a look. That will show you just what the gov’t thinks about our citizens as will the Georgia Guidestone. You don’t need to take my word for it.

      Georgia Guidestone link on Wikipedia

      Denver airport Murals of coffins, gasmasks, warriors, weapons, dead bodies, fires, global extinctions (lovely depictions for airport passengers to see). They have since tried to alter or change some of these horrible murals & even delete them from the internet but some of us still have copies. The fire picture used to have a reverse image of Chicago but was removed. Most websites disappeared. These are links to the mural photos.;_ylt=A0LEVzoKn.dWCGsARPdXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNmJjZWttBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE3OTJfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Denver+Airport+Murals&fr=yfp-t-201



      Comment by mmc7 — March 15, 2016 @ 1:39 am | Reply

  5. Thanks for the interesting post. It also seems that tornado alley has moved to the east. The south has always had its share of severe storms, but over the last few years I’ve noticed that a pattern seems to be emerging of the most severe weather occurring mostly to the east of the Oklahoma/Arkansas border (I’m in northeastern OK). You have written that magnetic north is moving eastward towards Siberia. Would that explain this?


    Comment by Rob — February 24, 2016 @ 9:15 am | Reply

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