Earth's Axis has changed

December 15, 2014

12-2014 December 21st, 2014 measurements

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Remember to do what you can to take measurements of the sun from your location on December 21st, 2014 (next Sunday). I know this will be most difficult for those of us in the northern hemisphere because we have been dealing with chronic overcast and we cannot measure the sun or shadows if we cannot see it. I’m especially interested in any measurements from the southern hemisphere. But we will also try the northern hemisphere as well.

However, if you can remember, next Sunday, Dec 21st, try to do the best you can to estimate and obtain the following measurements. (We will also do the same on June 21st, 2015).

You must use a flat horizon to do these measurements. Hills and mountains will obscure the results.

Using the points on a clock face, you will be standing at the center of the clock facing due south:

  • Due south would be 12 on your clock face.
  • Directly to your right is West and 3 on your clock face.
  • Directly to your left is East and 9 on your clock face.

At sunrise, when the sun is in direct contact with the horizon, tell us where on your clock the sun is located on the horizon. It should be between 9 and 12 on your clock. Tell us your best guess.

At Noon standard time, using a pole as your measuring device, tell us the exact height of your pole above ground level and tell us the exact length of the shadow produced at exactly noon sharp. The ground around your pole should be flat and smooth. Your pole needs to be exactly vertical so use a bubble level on all 4 sides of your pole to ensure it is vertical and not leaning. The pole should be at least 4 ft tall. You can check the levels the day before the measurement. Don’t wait until noon of the 21st to do so, because we need your shadow measurements at NOON sharp.

At sunset, when the sun is in direct contact with the horizon, tell us on where on your clock the sun is located on your horizon. It should be between 12 and 3 on your clock. Tell us your best guess.

If you like, you can also try to measure the angle of the shadows produced by your pole at exactly sunrise and sunset and include those results but this is much more difficult to be accurate as to angle. Your visual estimate of the horizon location of the sun on the clock face as to where you see the sun rising and setting is more important.

We will also need to know your location. Do not give us your personal info or address. We only need to know the name of the local city, state and country where you are located. Latitude and longitude from Google earth or GPS is also ok… but I would prefer that it didn’t pinpoint your exact location since this is a public internet posting. The nearest large city to your location would be best. We are just trying to get a basic idea of the sun. Last year was the first significant increase since the major shift in Dec 2004.

Obtaining accurate measurements is very hard for those of us in the northern hemisphere to estimate in the winter time. Our best measurements will come from those who live in the southern hemisphere. But we will do our best to see what info we can get. The more, the better. Obviously, you cannot measure if the sky is obscured with overcast. So if you cannot get all three, we will be happy to receive even one measurement. We also realize that you may only have flat land on one side, so we will take any measurements you can do from your location. Obviously, our summer measurements will be much easier and efficient. But we will give this winter measurement a try.

If you are unable to obtain the measurements on Dec 21st due to overcast or other problems, we will take measurements up to 10 days after the 21st, but they will be less accurate. If this occurs, please tell us the exact date of your measurements as close to the 21st as possible.



  1. The Earth has definitely shifted. I used to be able to watch the winter sunrise from my back room overlooking the water, as the sun would rise just to the left of a rear house situated southeast of mine. However, this year I can no longer see the winter sunrise as it rises further south and is now directly behind and blocked by this same house. I’ve lived in my house for 30 years. Not being able to see the winter sunrise is a first. I have also noticed that the sun also sets much further south in the winter than it has been in years past.


    Comment by Doreen Miller — January 1, 2015 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

    • We need more people to share the differences they are seeing. The reason the younger generations do not recognize the changes is because they have not lived long enough in one area to realize the change. So they assume it is normal. It is also missed by those who have a long commute from work and do not get home soon enough to notice sunlight behaviors except perhaps through their car windows during commutes. The changes are also more noticeable to those who live out in the open country and are not surrounded by other building structures, forests or mountains. Especially noticeable to those who grow plants in their windows.

      We noticed the changes a similar way. The sun never shown in our northern windows and was never on the north side of the house. Suddenly, in the summer of 2005, the sunrise and sunsets caused blinding sunlight through the northern windows, forcing me to move the furniture and install window shades. When I had bought new windows in 2004, prior to the shift, I nearly omitted the extra cost of polarization on the northern windows since they never had direct sunlight but decided to include it so the northern windows would look the same as the others. I never dreamed the polarization would actually be needed.

      There was no northern sun for 50+ years including the summer of 2004 which was when I was replacing windows on the north side. Then, in the summer of 2005 we had the sun on the north side for the very first time. My neighbors actually noticed the abnormal behavior of the change before I did. I first saw the sunlight filling my northern windows in 2005 but didn’t register the crucial nature of the change until I began taking a hard look at measuring the position of the sun in 2006.

      The change had occurred between the summer of 2004 and the summer of 2005. That was the timing of the huge Tsunami in Dec 2004 which killed over a quarter million people between Africa and Indonesia. The shift of the earth had caused gigantic tidal waves in a northerly direction as the earth shifted to the south, placing our sun farther north. The earthquake was a result of the shift, not a cause of the tsunami. It requires planetary movement to cause tsunami’s (excepting large landslides and glacier slides which only cause short distance tidal waves). Even though the quakes happen subsequent to the shift, the vibrations travel through the ground faster than the tidal waves move through the ocean waters so people feel the quake before the tsunami. However, the tidal water traveled in the opposite direction of the shift. Not radiating from a single point.

      Hopefully, more people will start realizing the implications of the changes we are seeing.
      When I went to school, we had studied the various architectures of building environmental homes based on the positions of the sun and building partially underground. So the normal patterns of the sun were a major issue on how to place windows, etc. for optimum energy savings. There was no northern sun at that time since the farthest north point of the sun was the tropic of cancer in central Mexico. I never dreamed the sun position would change.

      The gov’t certainly has their underground refuge at the highest elevation possible under the Denver airport… leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. Can’t have the population upsetting the economy.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 1, 2015 @ 11:17 pm | Reply

  2. I will remember to do this on Sunday, from my location in Salt Lake City, Utah. The only thing is… the sunrise view will be obscured by huge 9,000 ft mountains. The noon view with the stick measurement will be okay, as well as the sunset view. I think for the sunset there MAY be a small hill that I won’t be able to get over, but I will still try my best for a good 12:00 noon measurement and a half-decent sunset measurement. A sunrise measurement is impossible for me during this time. I’m sorry, Friend!

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this. I hope we get more people from around the world helping out with this task!!! Should we spread the word on internet forums, YouTube, etc? I have a YouTube channel ( where I discuss dreams and visions I’ve received from God and I’ve had 2 of them where there were pole shifts that occurred. (I’m sorry if that sounds kooky or discredits me in any way, but I DO have a relationship with God, and He reveals things like this to me. That’s how I found your site… the Lord prompted me to research the whole “pole shift” thing.) Anyway… I could direct any of my subscribers to your site! Please let me know. 🙂

    God bless you…



    Comment by Meaghan Bosley — December 16, 2014 @ 4:53 pm | Reply

    • Since the winter solstice measurements are a woolly endeavor, let us wait until the June solstice to broadcast the request for measurements when the details and info will be much more effective and easier to gauge. If we do it now, most info will be weak because of our northern hemisphere position which is why I haven’t gone to a lot of effort to request winter measurements. If we can get southern hemisphere measurements, we can compare with ours. This will be our first major effort to see what winter info we can obtain to work with.

      I’d rather the most attention be during the summer solstice as far as spreading the word for participation. So I can provide better analysis of the results.

      However, I still need everyone’s measurements and those of anyone else we can persuade to check out the position on Dec 21st next Sunday. I hope we can get more of our followers to help. We have an amazing amount of people following us. But we need their measurements to help us obtain a better handle on the problems we are seeing.

      Keeping better track of the changes in the sun is our best chance for being forewarned. We certainly aren’t going to get any warnings from the gov’t. They will be laughing all the way to their underground city under Denver built at taxpayer expense, while they leave all of us to fend for ourselves. Incidentally, the first man who worked on those underground projects who came forward to inform the public was strangled to death and they claimed he strangled himself from behind… sure he did.

      Last year (June 2014) was the first significant increase in the tilt I have measured since the big shift in Dec 2004 which killed a quarter million people… Ohhh, that’s right. It was just an earthquake…. Sure. Just an earthquake which created a deadly tsunami from Africa to southeast asia and Indonesia… and it only surged in one direction. Just wait until everyone sees the final shift.

      We may not have expensive laser measuring systems to track the sun… but we can keep a close enough watch on the changes of our angle to the sun with our measurements to at least monitor our situation.

      For general info for everyone who may not yet know, we can obtain emergency preparedness info on the website and we know the best place to go after the shift. Central America between Columbia and Mexico; well above the 300ft elevation and away from coastlines and volcanoes, near a mountain fed stream. I’m not sure I would recommend going before the shift due to flooding, tsunamis, quakes and volcanoes. If you live in an interior location above those levels after the fact, we will have to go to central America at that time, in order to grow food and survive the temperatures. The only question is whether this will occur in our lifetimes. The gov’t forecasts seem to think we will be facing major calamities in 2020 but they don’t specify why. Like the Denver airport murals, they seem to be trickling information of our forthcoming fates by innuendoes for those few who can understand the inferences.

      But, like I always say on every post… they cannot hide the sun. The info is there for everyone to see and we will do our best to keep track of the changes… primitive as those efforts may be. 2014 was the first major shift since 2004. So we need to all do what we can to obtain these measurements so we can keep better records on these changes. The better we keep track of these changes, the more forewarned we will be. So the more people who take measurements from diverse locations, the better chance we will have to be prepared and to know if this is going to occur in our lifetimes.

      A lot of people wonder why our quality and consumer protection standards are falling. Why our bridges and roads are falling apart. Why so many things are being allowed to deteriorate. Why they are not protecting us from bad foods, bad meats, bad medicines, toxins and other things which are bad for our health is because they don’t see any reason to protect the population if we are facing an ultimate calamity. In that case, our gov’t only plans to save the worst of the worst of our population in their private refuge. They recently erected a statue of Anubis (Egyptian god of death) at the airport. Just remember where their air intake is located if anyone happens to be in Denver after the calamity and are left above to fend on their own after some devastating calamity occurs. Some deep seismic producing devices, high rise pile drivers and bunker busters wouldn’t hurt their access efforts either. They just might find all of those missing FEMA supplies and donations down there. Enough to feed the entire City of Denver for a decade. The underground security uses the low frequency crowd control so be sure to wear hearing protection, helmets, eye protection and bring high reflective shielding to reflect the sonic frequencies back at the source. Remember, you can’t hear sonic weapons due to below human frequencies… but it will make you nauseous and dizzy. Some levels can cause death. So be prepared accordingly. The devices look like large speaker cabinets.

      I would caution you on the source of your contact. You never know where it might be coming from and if it is something misrepresenting its identity. Many people have special skills which they don’t mention due to negative public response. But I used to be able to pick up dreams from other people in close proximity. I could describe every detail of a dream they had… so it was easy to confirm what I said to be true. This was quite irritating because I used to travel every week as an engineering exec and stayed in a lot of hotels. It was very disconcerting to pick up a lot of dreams from strangers with people and places I didn’t recognize. I found out I could shut it out by taking something which made me sleepy like flexeril. That stopped the reception. It is a simple concept. Our brain patterns operate on frequencies which can be measured outside of your head by various EEG and other devices like biorhythms. Some people share similar frequencies. So just like a radio, some people can pick up the frequencies of other people nearby in adjacent rooms. But only when sleeping. During the day, the sun produces a lot of RF and EM interference and radiation. But at night, RF travels much farther without the solar interference in the same way that radio stations can be picked up at vast distances at night. So, if someone can receive or transmit at similar frequencies, it is also possible that the transmitter could be misrepresenting themselves to someone who is receptive to those frequencies. So be very careful about trusting the source. Also, be aware that the oxygen levels are very thin at the 10,000 ft level & above which is why pilots are required to go on oxygen supplement at those altitudes. This can affect brainwaves as well.

      However, I would hope that anyone who is interested in learning the truth about the information being restricted by the gov’t such as the shifting axis, would also be open minded enough to learn there are many things we are in the dark about. Even our CIA documents and director William Colby admitted to Congress that they were performing mind experiments and other horrific experiments under the MK ultra program. Their experiments also included injecting unsuspecting patients with Plutonium, exposing military soldiers to radiation and deadly Sarin. Spiking fellow agents with LSD. This is all fact. It is not theory or supposition or conspiracy theory. Over 20,000 documents were released in 1977 under the FOIA. So, if the CIA & USSR were doing experiments with the psychic ability of some individuals to mentally connect with others or to perform amazing feats with their minds… there must be something valid to this.

      This is why it is important for younger people to be well informed on the dark history of their government. If they are not informed on the misdeeds of the past, they could find themselves subjected to similar or worse corruption. Most of us who are older, can definitely see the corruption is hundreds of times worse than it was during MKUltra. Our younger population needs to get past the gov’t paid media attempts to effect pavlovian style programming through the media to embed the tendencies for everyone to dismiss these black projects and restricted info as some conspiracy theory.

      In the case of MKUltra, it was a matter of a congressional investigation and the CIA director William Colby was fired by the President (Ford) for revealing the information of the CIA’s nefarious activities to Congress. The people running our executive branch and presidential cabinet did not want Congress to know about their heinous human experimentation projects and criminal acts. I had more than one relative who worked for the CIA as well as other intelligence agencies. By the way, Colby was assassinated in a suspicious canoe drowning incident while alone in his 70’s just when he was getting ready to go public and tell about other things the CIA and gov’t were involved in which he had not included in his original revelation to the Congressional investigation. His own son sold him out.

      The better we educate ourselves on history, science, gov’t, budgets and dark projects (listed in the annual congressional budget) and what is really going on behind the scenes, the better off we are. As a scientist, I always confirm details with documented facts and irrefutable proof before I will accept it as factual. I don’t subscribe to 3rd party rumors and questionable sources. In the case of the axis, we can clearly see the sun is not where it is supposed to be. Don’t let those gov’t hirelings lead you astray with minutia. Every effort is made to keep everyone calm, in the dark and the economy functioning no matter what lies they have to tell you about ebola, EBE’s, CIA, engineered Flu epidemics and Darpa black projects, human experimentation, MKUltra, radiation leaks & contamination, food contamination, mad cow, bad medicine, etc. If anyone wants to believe it, that is their right. But I strongly recommend everyone to read and research info about these subjects from respectable sources. (Be aware of CIA front companies like MUFON, Skeptic magazine and a long list of organizations and cover jobs to ensure disinfo and discredit of anyone or anything that could rock the boat. We no longer have Woodwards and Bernsteins to uncover these things for us. Who would have believed a president could be involved in a CIA break in of the Democratic national HQ because he was paranoid about his opponent winning… but it did happen. Even our presidents aren’t safe from the corruption infesting our gov’t… Kennedy, Reagan, etc. How about General Patton, Paul Wellstone, Carnahan, Colby, Ron Brown… and the list goes on). Just some food for thought for those of you who were ready to make a judgment without doing informative research. Don’t go by those documentaries on your favorite channels. Those are all angled to invoke conspiracy theory mentality responses.

      Anyone who would like to read about MKUltra can see it on Wikipedia among other locations.

      So, everyone… don’t forget to get the measurements on Dec 21st. We are endeavoring to use factual, untainted info to monitor our axis tilt situation since we can’t depend on the gov’t for the truth. Nor do we want to make inaccurate guesses. So the more info we receive, the better we can track and evaluate the situation. The additional noon measurement will help evaluate for a possible wobble in addition to the increased axis tilt.


      Comment by mmc7 — December 16, 2014 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

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