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September 14, 2018

9-2018 Space Sabotage

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It seems someone is drilling holes in the space station & space capsule as sabotage.

Also, Nasa is sending up a new satellite to measure the ice sheets. (why would they do that if the ice was thickening like the gov’t hireling hoaxes would have you believe).  They said the lasers wont melt the ice. What will it do to people? And why only a 3 year mission? You would think they could build it to last for $1 Billion dollars.

sabotage link:

ice measuring link:




  1. can there be active volcano on mars ? …


    Comment by nara — October 23, 2018 @ 6:32 pm | Reply

    • Of course there is. The low gravity allows the volcanoes to reach massive sizes. They have periods of dormancy just like ours. They have less activity because their moons are actually asteroids from the belt formed by the former 5th planet. Asteroids don’t have cores like a planet or moon so they don’t generate the gravity fields which would interact with the planet of Mars like our moon interacts with our tides and seismic activity as our shifting pulls against it.

      In fact, the red soil also tells us the planet is iron rich. Therefore it must have molten iron at the core which means they are likely lying about the planet not having an EM field to protect from solar & cosmic radiation. They don’t want us clamoring to go there even though our taxes paid for it. The same with their wanting to hide their Denver shelter and massive underground maglev train system from us.

      I’ve spent 25 years working with Mars & Moon satellite images to find what the censors missed. They even hide these things from their own employees. A NASA employee was a whistle blower about the censored images. It was her dept where the CIA was located to censor the images. We had a CIA at my job next to my office where I could hear him dispatching agents to follow our customers. Why do you think your cell phones have GPS? The only other way to locate someone is to triangulate them between 3 towers and hope they aren’t in a crowd or driving. But now it is the Law. Not for our benefit as they claim.

      There are rivers, Oceans, lakes, forests, glaciers, boats, flying craft, dinosaur sized creatures and aliens living underground. The same 8-10 ft species which were once thought of as gods by the Greek, Sumerians, Eqyptians, Romans & Vikings. They appear to have departed after the Nuremberg battle in the 1500’s. Probably after our developing society stopped worshiping them as gods. Their free ride was over when we got sick of their antics.They have become acclimated to the lower gravity of Mars which makes it difficult for them to tolerate ours. It is hard on their cardiovascular system. I suspect it is their descendants which suffer from Marfan’s syndrome. They are about 8 ft tall and suffer from weak hearts when in stronger gravity now that they have acclimated.

      There is a new TV series called Mars which I bought on DVD because I don’t have TV. One of the lies they told was to claim the astronauts in the series could not remain living in the rocket as they planned due to high radiation levels from not having an EM field… which they clearly do. That is what the molten iron does when the planet rotates. Just what did they think they were exposed to for 9 months during their trip to Mars?

      As for our real projects, the military has a very extensive space program and has had settlements and personnel on Mars for decades. I found their bases when I first began to work on the images. The EBE designs are very different from ours. We build in squares where they build in round buildings which blend in with the craters. I also have a friend who was a high ranking officer at their launch site.

      The Navy… mostly ONI were responsible for S-4, EBE’s and craft and the Groom Lake base. I exchanged emails with the base commander around 2003 via a mutual friend in the ONI. I had made a comment about sloppy camouflage in A51 which is underground and my friend sent it to him. A51 is not Groom Lake. It is separate from it so only approved personnel can go there. There is a barricade across the road where you have to leave your vehicle (if you have one) and be taken the rest of the way by 2 armed guards and black out windows with berms on both sides of the road. There are two buildings where you enter under escort and are required to look down. The object which looked like a pond with trees is actually the underground hanger launch ramp. It is similar to the one on the movie Independence day. I knew a Red Flag (top gun) pilot who told me the incline of that ramp was too steep for landing. Any landing surface with a 15 degree slant or more cannot be used for landing. They have to land on the runway and taxi to the elevators off to the side where they can be lowered underground and towed back to the underground hangar. I never ask my friends any details about what they do or see. I have to suggest and they affirm or correct me but it is only about the surface procedures. Not the projects or experiments. If you were to attend a meeting there, you are not allowed to write anything down or record or take pictures or have pencil and paper or phone. At the end of the meeting, they will give you a transcribed copy of the portion of the meeting which applied to you. Nothing else. So it would be beneficial to have a good memory. I’ve known 6 or 7 people who worked there for various projects which I did not ask about. I wouldn’t want to compromise them and they wouldn’t have been allowed to see anything which did not apply to them. One friend was from Operation Paperclip. They are all dead now. They would have been quite elderly if they had survived since they were in their 70’s and 80’s 20 years ago. It is always the little people who over react to everything. They think they have to posture and bully anyone who doesn’t outrank them but they forget not all civilians are powerless. The senseless posturing shows everyone how small they really are when they are so paranoid about a pencil or some ridiculous nitpicking. The officers notice it but they are usually too tired to fill out the paperwork to report it.

      I also had another friend who was a high ranking officer in the ONI in Washington DC but he died over 10 years ago. The USAF didn’t have anything to do with space until after 2005 when W transferred control to the USAF at Peterson AFB. I have a number of their catalogs of their space systems, space command center, satellites, lasers, SMV’s space maneuvering vehicles, etc. These were released for DoD contractors to bid and are declassified along with the congressional budget for these items after one year. Most members of the public are not aware of them so they don’t worry about it. What would we do with a satellite technical overview? I’m a big picture person. I like to put the pieces together.

      You can bet that Space X has had to agree not to inform the public about anything they discover due to National security under penalty of losing their license to do business. I’ve been in one of those fights with the Feds when they threatened us with our license unless we connected their illegal wiretapping equipment to the system. The Patriot Act absolved the gov’t of any past or future penalties for these activities which had required a warrant. Now all the systems have this equipment integrated which you cannot see the wiretapping. It is just built into the circuit packs based on the NEBS requirements (National Equipment Building System). National has been erroneously replaced with Network because they don’t realize there are NEBS for other products. I’ve seen them. They dictate the requirements the products have to contain.

      We are already on Mars via our military space program. I had a friend who worked at their launch site. There are already long term habitations for humans on Mars. Even though we paid for it, they will never tell us they are lying because we are not invited. If Earth becomes uninhabitable only the chosen few will go and they will try to eliminate us rather than leave us alone because we might follow or they might want to come back and we might further spoil or deplete the resources.

      They used to claim the ice caps were frozen CO2 which is Dry Ice. Dry ice does not turn into liquid when it melts. It turns into gas unless compressed with high pressure. So when I found glacier lakes months before the other scientists, it proved there was water where the ice caps shrink during warm season.

      And no one ever challenges them on the color change of the planet surface between seasons where there are forests. There was a satellite they were allowing scientists to pick sites to photograph but in Oct or Nov 2006 a few months after I found water, another scientist announced he found signs of water. Within 3 weeks, the satellite suddenly stopped functioning.

      I know better than to tell NASA about these things because they don’t appreciate it. They hide it and fix it so you can’t do that again. Same with the censored images. If you mention them, that is the last you will ever see them. In my case, I post the images to the public so they can’t hide them. Never go to NASA or the gov’t or their lapdog scientists who depend on the gov’t for their jobs and clearances. Even a TV weatherman (meteorologist) has to have a license. Even librarians need to have PHD’s. I know someone who was studying to be a librarian.

      The clouds reflected in the lakes tell us they have rain storms. The so called sand storms are to cover up the oceans during the warm season when they thaw and the green of the forests.

      You can see some of the images of Mars and the moon on my other sites. I have thousands of satellite images which I have not had time to load. Here are the links to those images.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 23, 2018 @ 10:49 pm | Reply


    By and large they have only measured ice packs from space since 1992, West Antarctica lost most of its ice, East Antarctica gained nearly an equal amount, overall there has been a slight gain. It is just that the center of mass has moved half a continent in 40 years, the ‘average’ is disguising an increased albedo effect due to this ice encasing the antarctic ocean and that the supervolcano in West Antarctica has evaporated what glaciers did not slough into the ocean which has been deposited as snow in the East – the oceans have not rapidly risen so the water went somewhere on land.


    Comment by David Kendrick — September 15, 2018 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

    • If that was the case, Nasa wouldn’t have launched the ice measuring laser satellite this past week to measure the massive losses of glacier ice at the poles. Their words. The sites about ice gains are more gov’t hoaxes posted by their hirelings. I won’t post their hoaxes on phony pole reversals or phony ice sheet gains. This is an honest site & I won’t post their hoaxes & lies They also use threats of grant money to control University statements. I’ve spoken to many of them & they all said their jobs were threatened if they made any statements which contradicted the gov’t. So I won’t post any gov’t hoaxes on here.

      Nasa just launched this satellite to measure the massive ice sheet LOSS not gains.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 15, 2018 @ 3:03 pm | Reply

      • The civilian instrument used since 2010 is from ESA and is the cryosat2 (Estimating Arctic sea ice thickness and volume using CryoSat-2 radar altimeter data
        Author: Rachel L.TillingaAndyRidoutbAndrewShepherd), the US navy used Geosat since 1975 and the data originated with them(EVOLUTION OF THE SATELLITE RADAR ALTIMETER JOHN L. MacARTHUR, CHARLES C. KILGUS, CHARLES A. TWIGG, and PETER V. K. BROWN ). I am not really aware of NASA having its own satellite, However if it did it would have leaked anything sensitive since only its studio sets have good secrecy, NASA has published the GEOSAT data for north of 71 degrees south but not south of 71 (GEOSAT Radar Altimeter DEM Atlas of Antarctica North of 72.1 degrees South, Version 1) looking at NASA data sets they all seem to not to map antarctica, just the coast the absence of the data which was gathered by the US navy and ESA is more telling as it should have been by it’s absence.

        Ok going on to what I am replying for, there was an unscheduled Lunar eclipse last year, at least long term, there were some claims it was retrograde ( go to the 8 minute mark, this is about the observatories being evacuated. What is not being noticed here is two ‘lunar’ transits across the sun on that day, now putting a mirror or a series of mirrors in orbit is neither hard nor difficult. Consider a postulate, you want to weaponize weather secretly with as little effort and cost as possible, but the only real benefit to doing so in the face of 2 other space powers is if you can never use it against them, the end result being your space weapons get used for economic gain at home. The best use therefore is to promote your faction in areas you control.

        A generous kind government would therefore use space mirrors to increase crops in the poles with more light or heat up the ocean during drought to create clouds. Evil incorporated would render their mirrors invisible with meta material coatings and shine a lot more IR or Microwave radiation since it is invisible and the atmosphere is transparent to the frequencies to turn 800 C fires to over 1500 C plasma infernos to continue the great western American land grab.


        Comment by David Kendrick — September 18, 2018 @ 10:46 am

      • One of the other followers in our group sent me the lunar transitions link. I felt this was part of the solar transitions as well… in the form of ebe craft moving around the Earth & crossing the face of the moon & sun. They were apparently smart enough not to mess with a planet of paranoid neophytes & place their crafts & occupants at risk. Especially if we are armed with Ebe technology from the ones we already know.

        The transitions are indicative that these crafts or objects were close to the earth between us & the moon. Most people automatically believe such objects are near the sun because they don’t realize just how small an object would be dwarfed by the sun’s immense size. They may be in front of the sun but that doesn’t mean they are near the sun. They are actually near us. Earth would be a tiny pin prick next to the sun. Nor are these crafts feeding off the sun as some of these silly sites claim.

        The disk they saw on the sun was a filter disk they use to mask out the sun to view the flares & storms on the outer edges of the perimeter without being blinded. This is a solar observatory for studying the sun, & donated to the university for research. So this telescope has special filters for this task. But it is also manned by students who may not follow the gov’t propaganda line. So now the Feds installed cameras & microphones throughout the facility to keep them under their thumbs. They were seen up on all the towers. They probably changed out the communication antennas while they were up on the towers. Like was done to St Bernard Parish, Louisiana during Katrina so they could only contact the Fed frequency & no one else. They also stated they hired a security team. It sounds like those students are prisoners. If you look on google earth, there isn’t much town. 80 people, 35 houses & research facilities.

        In this case, they were trying to cover an object crossing in front of the sun. The large filter disc was not the object as the knee jerk reactions indicate. It was only a filter covering the object. The filter was large because it is designed to cover the entire face of the sun. It was not indicative of the objects size.

        I knew the Feds would come up with some ridiculous excuse for what they did at Sunspot, NM. But it doesn’t explain the other Observatory closings in PA, Hawaii, etc. Or the dozens of space web cameras being shut down all at once. Even 3 of my sites including this one but none of the non space related sites.

        As for the internet articles, they have also changed the articles wording about the 72 radio bursts. First it was Nasa who found these in space. Now they claim it was seti picking these up from a neighboring Galaxy.

        Not to mention the local police & head of the research facility were not informed of any details about the incident. Especially suspicious since they claimed it was a criminal action. They would have to inform the police & facility head of such criminal actions just to prevent conflicting actions. It is quite possible one of the university researchers told someone what they saw, perhaps by mail to sidestep the Feds or alert the media (hence, the post office closure.) & may have tried to signal the craft by laser or radio.

        Notice their denials always stated not seeing or contacting aliens but never mentioned crafts. Of course they couldn’t see the occupants. But I cannot think of anything else which was a security issue & transited across the sun & the moon which would require them to shut down multiple observatories & space cameras & evacuate the entire facility. Except for those observatories on the gov’t NDA payroll. Hirelings & minions.

        They can lie all they want. They can’t take back what they did. When you consider the involvement of multiple observatories & space cameras, there is no other explanation that fits except alien craft. If it were asteroids or meteors or solar storms, etc., the last thing they would do would be to shut down their observatories ability to monitor them.


        Comment by mmc7 — September 18, 2018 @ 3:01 pm

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