Earth's Axis has changed

August 18, 2016

8-2016 Notable & Bewildering Observations

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Recent Abnormalities:

  • Many of our followers have recently been posting comments about unusual conditions and sun positions under the regional observations. I had normally disregarded measurements at this time of year, but I am beginning to notice some  abnormalities which should not be occurring.

  • However, I should add that the sun is in constant motion and is headed for the equator where it will be on Sept 21st. So the only time you can measure the noon shadow and shifted axis from the northern Hemisphere is on June 21st. No other day except the summer solstice. Otherwise the measurements on any other dates can only be used to compare yearly behavior Not to measure axis shift or position. You must also be located at the correct latitude to see the improper noon shadow direction. Mid & southern US can see it. I can see the noon southerly shadow on June 21st from Texas.  The UK and Canada are too far north. It will also depend if the axis shifts again. The June 21st sun position axis has shifted many times since 2006.

  • If you live in the Southern hemisphere it is the opposite and must be measured on Dec 21st and you must live south of the tropic of Capricorn, southern Australia and South Africa to see the noon shadow cast north. Everything is upside down and opposite of those of us living in the north.

  • I had been discouraging everyone not to bother with measurements at this time of year when our planet is progressing toward the Fall equinox on Sept 21st at which time when the sun will be directly over the equator. Even with the changing axis tilt angles, the equator should continue to be the midpoint for the sun during both equinoxes. Only the solstices in June and December will offer notable measurable differences  where the sun is hundreds of miles abnormally beyond each tropic line; closer to the poles… which is why we are seeing the sun to the north of the US in the Summer. And conversely, equally to the south of Australia and South Africa during our winter months (their summer).

  • Noon shadow measurements at any other time of year except the proper solstice dates (June 21st-North) (Dec 21st-South) and from any other latitudes are meaningless. The sun is constantly traveling. It is currently headed for the equator on Sep 21st. You can still see abnormalities but no usable measurements. on any other dates and latitudes.

I apologize for being repetitive on posts and comments but we constantly have new followers joining us who are unlikely to go back and read old posts. I try to make sure everyone understands the basics about the axis tilt and how the changes appear to us and affect our situations. I also encourage people to keep the regional observations updated with their comments so we know what changes are going on worldwide.

Annual Measurements:

  • I typically compare the summer solstice sun positions each year on June 21st for the past 12 years from the same location to ensure an accurate year to year comparison. This provides the best snapshot view of what our planet is doing from one year to the next. It also allows everyone else to do the same comparisons and observations from their locations so they can verify the validity of these annual changes with their own eyes rather than take just my word for it… if they are located at the proper latitudes. Those in Europe can only see it from southern Spain.

  • Also, don’t allow anyone to play mind games to convince you this is normal for the sun to be north of the tropic lines. Nor is this the result of some ridiculous rogue planet or asteroid, etc. scenario which is affecting only the earth while all the other planets and moons in our solar system are perfectly normal. There was one asteroid back in 2003 which I posted, but it is gone now according to NASA. Gravity effects from rogue planets do not jump past 6 other planets and moons to only affect the Earth. It matters not whether NASA is the source. They are puppets for the gov’t funds and have backfilled most of their positions with ex military, blackops, special forces and CIA to spout their dogma. This attrition info was actually provided by NASA. NASA is not the honest, public domain of shared info and space adventurers everyone believes.

Heat Waves:

  • We have had blistering heat waves in Texas this summer and other areas of the country. Despite what the gov’t controlled NWS/NOAA coerces the meteorologists to report (under threat of license revocation), it has been above 102 nearly every day since mid June until last week. But NWS/NOAA just loves to report 97 degrees as the public feel-good temperature instead of the actual 102. Last Friday it was 108 degrees in the shade. 120 degrees in the full sun. I have a full digital, wireless weather station plus 4 additional analog and 2 mercury thermometers to compare the results. Even my car exterior temperature gauge agreed. A storm appeared that same afternoon and dropped the temperature from 108 to 84 in less than a half hour. Our first break since mid June and continues through this week.

  • Plus, there are all the floods in other areas across the country to contend with.

Lightning Strikes:

  • A couple weeks ago we had the most violent, bizarre lightning strikes. I was a few miles away when I saw a group of 40+ lightning bolts hit one area near my home-all at the same time. Like  blasted from a gatling gun. Another similar group of bolts stuck another spot miles away at the same time near Walmart a few minutes later. This same storm also had a bizarre low shuttle shaped cloud which was so low it was below the elevated freeway. Separate from the storm clouds. When I got close to home, I encountered a half mile section of rural road where over 30 trees had been destroyed by those lightning bolts I had seen a few minutes earlier. The 30+ trees had been split into splinters and covered one side of the road for a half mile. This was a rural road with a row of trees as a windbreak along the sides. No reason the lightning should have destroyed an entire section of trees.

  • This also happened 3 other times in the past 6 months except the lightning destroyed brand new power poles. For some reason the storms are becoming hyper charged with lightning. I’ve only seen this once before where I saw 50 lightning bolts simultaneously strike the everglades. One of my engineering specialties was lightning protection & grounding & seismic protection.  So I have extensive knowledge on this  subject. Something has changed. It could be our electromagnetic field from increased solar flare ejections but I tend to suspect human causes. Perhaps one of our gov’t scientific experiments.

  • One time around June  2007, I saw 2 ion storms the same week in Dallas. These are extremely rare. This was when the ISS lost all of their computers & NASA just happened to have sent a shuttle with a full set of computer replacements a week earlier & were able to evacuate the ISS crew during repairs. This was clearly a solar flare and NASA knew about it in advance but told no one. Then they tried to blame the failures on Russian technology. Those Ion storms I saw were a clear indicator of solar flares as the cause.  When I tried to get pictures & info about the ion storms I was told all lightning data was classified. The only reasons I can think of for classifying lightning would be if our gov’t weaponized it or created it artificially or held back info on those solar storms without sharing it with our allies or were using it for dark purposes… or to cover their lies while making scapegoats out of the Russians. NASA clearly knew about the flares in advance from their SOHO satellites in order to get the shuttle and replacement computers there in time to evacuate the crew and effect repairs.

  • Has anyone else noticed bizarre destructive lightning like this? I’m glad I upgraded my grounding system.


  • Yet, here we are two months past the summer solstice and the sun is still setting to the north (very close to our summer solstice position) and setting only 20 minutes earlier than it was in June.  But the axis shift and noon shadow can only be measured on June 21st in the north. Any other date is meaningless.   The constantly changing sun positions are not trackable during this time of year which is why I normally discourage it. It can cause confusion if you are not knowledgeable of the seasonal movements of the sun and how it operates. With the shifting axis it is different each year. So the measurements are meaningless & incorrect.

  • But we can still see abnormalities even if we cannot make precise measurements. I also noticed that the cloudless sky at the northern horizon this week was very bright after the sun had set completely below the western horizon. I would have expected the northern horizon to be much darker after sunset in the west.   But it was as bright  as we might expect to see during midday. It should not have been that bright on the north horizon after sunset. In fact, it was a very bright midday cloudless pale blue on the northern horizon while the western horizon sunset was an intense red with clouds after the sun was completely below the flat horizon. No hills here in any direction. Perfectly flat terrain. I only mention these as curious observations because I have no prior year comparisons to use for this time of year. This has no bearing on position or tracking. We do have a few followers who are trying to do a full year tracking from their various locations but they are just getting started. One is in Canada.

Reversed Drain spin:

  • One other curious observation. This week I saw the water in the drain spinning clockwise. When I turned off the water and back on again, it had returned to the normal counterclockwise spin which is normal for the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere has clockwise draining of water. If the earth had shifted onto our side horizontally, then we might expect to see the drain spin directions randomly change from one direction to the other like this.

  • To get an idea of the bigger picture regarding  drain spin directions, coriolis effect, gravity and magnetic fields… if you were to hover above the north pole and look down at the earth, you would see the planet spinning counterclockwise. This is how the sun rises in the East. Earth turns toward the east.

  • But if you were to hover above the South pole and look down at the earth you would see the planet spinning clockwise. This is how gravity, coriolis effect and magnetic fields work… and why the northern hemisphere drains spin counter clockwise while the southern hemisphere spins clockwise.

Seismic & Volcanic activity:

  • However, with our planet shifting on its axis, we should  take special notice of increased seismic or volcanic activity. Even the behavior of animals fleeing or stampeding can be a warning sign of impending seismic activity. These can also be  evidence of further shifting. There are at least 2 dangerous volcanic calderas near Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and the Southern California Mammoth Lakes region which are capable of wiping out millions of lives. A major shift could set those off.


  • Then I saw this curious article today about a 2011 quake in Virginia which went into questionable explanations about quakes east of the Rockies being rare and due to breakage of mantle rocks. This is the problem with so called scientists these days whose educations are severely lacking. I happen to have earthquake zone maps which we used for increasing equipment building codes to resist seismic damage. Clearly, they are unfamiliar with the New Madrid Fault near St Louis. As I remember, the southern tip of Illinois is categorized as zone 3 for supplemental earthquake bracing. Only to be exceeded by California which is zone 4 requiring a warren truss system to support equipment racks to withstand extreme seismic activity.

  • Fault lines can be  sections where the plates have separated; or pressed together or where sections like the San Andreas fault slide separately. Disturbances can be indicative of planetary shifting. So we should watch for changes in frequency and intensities. These researchers appear to be totally oblivious to the fact that the three 1811-1812 New Madrid fault quakes rattled chandeliers in Washington, DC and tremors were felt in Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It even stopped clocks in South Carolina. Coal dust geysers spewed from the ground near the epicenter.  The founder of the Audubon society described how the land in Kentucky rose and fell in great furrows like waves on the ocean. Chasms were torn into the landscape of Kentucky. Entire lakes disappeared within minutes. Rivers flowed backward and the landscape looked like a rumpled bedspread. Some of these changes became permanent. The damages were captured years later when photographs could be taken.

  • Having lived in California for 13 years, small tremors were a weekly occurrence. Anything lower than 4.0 were completely ignored by the residents. Even a 5.2 would just  rattle a few items on the shelves. Very little to no damage until the upper range above 5.4.

  • But I was in the 7.0 quake. It was quite a ride but the only thing that broke was a sidewalk slab which split in half  and lifted up out of the ground. Not one lamp or curio fell over. The power lines were snapping overhead. But I was 60 miles from the epicenter so we did not have collapsing highways as they had in Oakland… the exact spot where I had been the previous day. If not for the world series, I would have been sandwiched between those collapsed highways on the lower level in bumper to bumper traffic instead of home to watch the game. The world series saved a  lot of lives because that highway was nearly barren of traffic on Quake day despite being 5PM rush hour. Within a minute of the start of the game, the TV channel went dead. The signal was lost a few minutes before the quake reached me. We had no idea what was coming. This was the only quake  we fled outside to escape in 13 years. This was a long rolling quake which continued for 15 minutes where  the epicenter  experienced violent quick jerks lasting just a couple minutes. It makes a huge difference as to your geological ground structure and distance.

  • Those who are not accustomed to quakes get overly excited over the small quakes while those of us who lived with them as a regular occurrence make bets on the quake strength. Just as those who are used to tornadoes will look outside and watch casually as a tornado passes by; while someone who is unaccustomed will run for shelter. You develop a callous response to these frequent occurrences after having needlessly run for shelter. After you have  experienced dozens of quakes or tornadoes, you know  when it poses a direct threat to your welfare and which requires evasive action.

  • Clearly, these residents and scientists in Virginia had little previous personal experience with quakes. Not to mention a total lack of historical knowledge about quakes in the Eastern US by the neophyte scientists.  It is clear that the quality of education has sunk to a new low. Likely further exacerbated by inadequate pay to promote interest from better qualified experts. From what I have seen, the quality of US engineers and scientists has become an embarrassment in nearly every field. Even in medical care. We are forced to import our experts from around the world because we have failed to produce our own. Those home grown “experts” in positions of authority have usually achieved their exalted ranks by the  good ole boy method of advancement by connections and favors or acquired by rich parents and those who play the game of spouting gov’t dogma. Not by talent. Condon was a good example.

  • My question would be what prompted them to published this wholly inaccurate article today; 5 years after the event? Perhaps there is another axis shift pending in the near future or another New Madrid quake on its way? Why else post this article 5 years after the fact?

Here is the VA quake article they took 5 years to publish:


Also ask yourselves why someone would go out of their way to dissuade you from measuring the sun position? Why are they so adamant to stop you?  The position of the sun is the one thing the gov’t cannot hide or control. So they send out their hireling jackals to attack. Their only option is to play mind games & make you believe you are in error. Anytime you see nasty head games & attacks on the messenger, it is usually when the gov’t is trying to block information from the public. My generation would never put up with that. We drove out the crooks like Watergate. We had no tolerance for a corrupt, controlling gov’t. Learn from us.

Remember Lazar, Corso, Schneider, Wellstone, Carnahan, Karen Silkwood, Colby, Patton, JFK, RFK, MLK, etc? These are all people they Silenced. Only Lazar survived but they destroyed his credibility to a thankless public. Plus he had valuable scientific talent. Anytime someone or some critical issue is under attack the public should support those who risk their necks to come forward. Not join with the attackers. I rarely have that problem on here. In my case, I have nothing to prove and no agenda. Everyone can look outside and see for themselves.  I already know the truth so this is for the benefit of others.  I just post my measurements each year & any notable observations. The observations of others from around the world are also quite helpful.

If something should happen with my bad health issues or otherwise & I fail to post annual measurements within a reasonable time after each June 21st solstice, I hope someone else will create another similar post to continue the subject since we now have nearly 100,000 followers. I can’t put this site on automatic because it would leave it open to unmoderated attacks. But that hasn’t been an issue.






  1. Drains normally flow clockwise in the northern hemisphere. Your comment specified the opposite.


    Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — August 20, 2016 @ 8:27 pm | Reply

    • This is actually something I pay attention to and have traveled the world. I also just checked again before responding. It is counterclockwise in the US and I have lived in & visited 44 states and 20 countries. Always has been counterclockwise in the US except the one time I mentioned. But some people get confused when watching as to which way is which.

      You can purposely force it to go the other direction. Drain covers & strainers can also alter the directions. As will short drainpipes or obstructions or plumbing designs and barreling.

      There is an additional issue beyond the coriolis effect that everyone overlooks. Gravity does not travel in straight lines. It travels in spirals which match the coriolis effect. You can see this in air plane death spirals & sky diving or just watching leaves fall. The longer the distance, the more spins. Gravity just happens to be a specialty of mine and works in spirals in tandem with the coriolis effect. But you wont see anyone mention this spiral gravity effect on drains because they don’t understand it.

      Then you have so called experts claim the earth rotates too slow for the coriolis effect. We rotate over 1000 mph. That is plenty fast to control the spins on hurricanes & Tornadoes which are quite consistent on spin directions which is why they call southern hemisphere hurricanes as Cyclones because they rotate clockwise. Opposite of hurricanes in the north which are counterclockwise.

      The coriolis effect, spiral gravity, spinning storms and spinning drains and directions are all tied to our planets 1000 mph rotation as viewed above the poles. It doesn’t matter to me if 5 million people say otherwise. This is what it is. Instead of everyone arguing themselves blue; everyone is free to believe whatever they like. Unlike other websites, I do not try to coerce anyone’s beliefs. I simply provide my reasons & let everyone believe as they like.

      However the internet has websites which state both ways. Most of those in error are UK sites. Then there are the condescending US dogma sites which claim no such condition exists. Who cares what some grant money peon claims as they spout gov’t dogma to ridicule the intelligence of the public. Just like Condon. A gov’t hireling.

      They also do not want the commercial space corporations to learn how to reverse gravity on space vehicles they construct. The gov’t sends in black ops as employees to ensure their efforts fail. That’s why they have so many catastrophic failures on their craft. It’s an inside job & Intelligence Satellite interference with computer systems.

      And just like the idiots who decided Pluto wasn’t a planet; we now have idiot scientists claiming the coriolis effect is too weak to affect the spin on draining water. Yet they agree the coriolis effect does control tornadoes & hurricanes with 300-500 mph winds. That doesn’t sound weak to me. We are also rotating at 1000 mph. Water isn’t spinning faster than that.

      Other revisionist sciences examples:

      ………….As for the definition of a planet, if it orbits the sun & rotates, it is a planet & no idiot revisionist can change that.
      ………….If the planets were categorized correctly, we would have 12 planets.
      ………….We also have an asteroid belt beyond mars, orbiting the sun, which used to be a planet but no one bothers to teach that either.
      ………….But most people go with the flow whether right or wrong.
      ………….I always said I would not place false info on here regardless of what the good ole boy gov’t dogma may say.
      ………….Our scientists are so incompetent we have to obtain laser docking resupply ships for the ISS from Russia.
      ………….Because we don’t have the technology.

      There is an ongoing effort to revise both science and history and keep competitors in the dark. Perhaps I am the only one who dares to defy the revising of science & history since I’m not beholding to any gov’t grant monies or contracts. If you actually knew some of these idiot scientists who have questionable IQs, making these false revisionist claims just so they can get an article published in a scientific journal, you wouldn’t let them assemble your child’s swing set. I’ve been mortified at the degraded levels of our science knowledge in the past 20 years.

      When you watch the water in your drains & toilets you really have to remember which way the hands turn on a clock.
      Clockwise goes from 1 to 12… Turns to the right.
      counterclockwise goes from 12 to 1…. Turns to the left.

      From Wikipedia on hurricanes & cyclone spin depictions they quote;

      “In the Northern Hemisphere the direction of movement around a low-pressure area is anticlockwise. In the Southern Hemisphere, the direction of movement is clockwise because the rotational dynamics is a mirror image there. At high altitudes, outward-spreading air rotates in the opposite direction.[32] Cyclones rarely form along the equator due to the weak Coriolis effect present in this region.”

      So they contradict themselves about the strength of coriolis when comparing drains to weather. It is the same effect either way. Counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Tied to gravity spirals.

      In 50-100 years, Another group of scientists will change it back that coriolis controls both drains & weather spin directions.

      The direction of spin is easy to verify. We have 100,000 visitors on this website from all over the world annually. Perhaps they will share their drain spin directions. But remember, plumbing & levels do make a difference.

      Remember which way the clock hands turn. If it turns to the right, it is clockwise. If it turns to the left it is counterclockwise.

      Near the equator it can go either way.

      It is possible, however, that some areas could have magnetic field differences or deep magma flows or plumbing differences or other issues affecting the spin direction of their drain water. Especially in areas with underground black ops labs or cyclotrons or colliders. So you could have backward water flow in Chicago, NM, NV, UT, Southern CA, Boston, Cern and other places which have these underground labs & equipment… when they are in operation.

      However, if you are getting this info off the internet, half of the websites have it backward. But I stand firm on the Coriolis effect and spiral gravity no matter what they may say about it. As soon as those good ole boys who bought their positions with favors, are dead & gone, new scientists will come in & blast their idiot statements. I stand by real science.

      Not by the good ole boy method who spout false gov’t dogma about the cause of Tsunamis; the angle of the axis when everyone can see otherwise; the coriolis effect; the earth’s molten core; the origin of the moon; the conditions on Mars; FTL speeds; Black holes; etc are all under attack by gov’t dogma revisionists. Our history has been rewritten the same way. And why would they classify lightning data unless they are weaponizing it?

      This is the reason we are all here about the abnormal sun position in the first place. For the truth we can see with our own eyes despite the dogma they spew. Not to mention a Tsunami which killed a quarter million people.

      Speaking of coriolis and gravity spiral, There is an interesting DVD on “Evidence” by Eric Sereda which is the best physics demonstration on how to achieve faster than light speed using a vortex which is always faster at the center. It is a very dry physics presentation but for someone interested in FTL travel it the best & only viable theory. There is no better example of spiral gravity than a black hole or worm hole vortex.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 21, 2016 @ 2:04 am | Reply

  2. On three separate occasions over the last two weeks I have tried to post comments on youtube about the axis tilt, changed sunrise/sunset locations etc. Each time they were removed almost immediately. So I know for a fact youtube is censoring comments to keep it from the public. This also happened on Dane Wigington’s site Geoengineeringwatch. I even emailed Environment Canada asking if they had noticed what I had and they did not respond. So I know that they know and are intentionally trying to shut people up. So much for freedom of speech. Anyone else have this happen to them?


    Comment by Dean — August 19, 2016 @ 8:59 am | Reply

    • They can’t go against big brother or they will lose their jobs. Every issue has to be vetted by the gov’t before they can discuss it. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can’t force them to risk their jobs. It will only drive them deeper underground & make them more aggressive. At least they can’t hide this issue. Everyone can see the sun is off position in June. No matter what they say.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 19, 2016 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

  3. all I can say is I TOLD YOU SO. I tried to tell this forum a couple of months ago to start checking AZIMUTH, both the lunar and the solar. So maybe someone here as an explanation of what I am seeing on a video feed from the ALPs. Look to the timestamp from about 10 pm to roughly 245 am.



    Comment by enkidu — August 19, 2016 @ 6:29 am | Reply

    • You will have to clarify what you are seeing. Also, no one is going to click on an unknown link. Try describing what you are seeing for the group in simple English. This site is for the general public not a group of scientists. I’ve always promised to keep everything simple. Try describing what you see so everyone on here can understand. Also, describe what is on your link as well.

      I’m not being rude to you. I just need you to be clear for everyone to understand what you are seeing.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 19, 2016 @ 1:38 pm | Reply

  4. Here in CA we’ve been having severely hot weather, and there have been many fires that have burned over 25,000 acres. We now have the Blue Cut fire and up north, there are several other fires.


    Comment by coneyislandbooks — August 19, 2016 @ 1:06 am | Reply

    • That is sad. It used to be nice and cool all year and a rich green in the rainy season. At least in Sonoma. Hopefully, you will get a lot of rain this winter & it will cool down soon.
      They also need to get rid of the rice farms. They are draining the state into a desert.
      We are all at risk with these heat waves. This is our first week of cool weather since mid June.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by mmc7 — August 19, 2016 @ 1:47 am | Reply

  5. My son-in-law questioned the whole thing and suggested that I check the position of the sun at noon by using a vertical post and checking its shadow.

    When I did this there was a shadow about 16″ long pointing due north. The sun is setting at about 280 degrees and rising at about 080 degrees. I have no idea how the sun can rise and set above east and west but at noon it is SOUTH!


    Comment by William Keen — August 18, 2016 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

    • It is the wrong time of year. You cannot do the measurements in the northern hemisphere except on June 21st.

        No other day.

      I did measure the shadow on June 21st at noon and the shadow was cast to the


      You cant just pick any day. The sun is in constant motion as we orbit it.
      The sun is currently traveling back to the equator.
      After that it will travel to South America in December.
      Then it will travel back to the equator in March.
      The sun wont be north again until next June.

      It can only be measured on June 21st which is its northernmost point.
      Then it will depend upon where you live.
      It will also depend on whether the sun has shifted again.
      For the last 10 years the sun has been several hundred miles north of its Proper position on June 21st.

      If you don’t measure on the correct date and at the proper latitudes it means nothing.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 19, 2016 @ 12:23 am | Reply

  6. I have noticed the same re: brightness after the sun has set, and I’ve seen some comments on the forums of a similar nature. I think also there were a week in late July of almost 180 degree reverse in magnetic readings so, north to south – I found quite others online that verified my reading. I used 3 real and 2 cellphone compasses.

    I an in Tacoma Washington.


    Comment by Astraea Luminata — August 18, 2016 @ 9:52 pm | Reply

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