Earth's Axis has changed

January 27, 2015

1-2015 ITYS Blizzards

Our primitive methods of measuring the sun position have been proving quite effective on predicting weather and changes. I have been saying we were going to get hit with severe weather this winter due to the additional increase in the earth’s tilt which I measured last June. I hate to say ITYS… but I’m going to quote myself from a previous post:

“I still believe we will see some record breaking cold weather and heavy precipitation ahead of us in January-February. So, keep your homes stocked up with food, water and blankets and your fuel tanks full and batteries just in case you find yourselves snowed in or without power during an ice storm or blizzard.”

We are talking about unusually severe weather changes. In some of my comments and replies since last June, you can see where I said we would be hit in late January to early February. I’m just lucky I don’t live in the Northeast. Now, get ready for a hot humid summer. The change in the tilt of the earth is real. You can measure it for yourself when you see the sun position is too far north of your home in June (northern hemisphere) when it should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer and too far south in the winter. We can only hope the tilt has not increased again since the significant increase in tilt last summer. (not to be outdone by the huge axis shift in Dec 2004 creating the Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people).

The reason I repeat myself is because many people are just joining the posts for the first time and are not aware of the situation. I won’t lie like the gov’t. You can see everything I am saying for yourself. You can check out the sun position and verify the weather changes, etc. All I am doing is pointing out the situation, what to look for and how to prepare.

However, I just love hearing these weather casters trying to bail themselves out when we knew this was coming since last June.

There will probably be more bad weather over the next month. Don’t let your guard down yet. Possibly into March and early April as well.

I wanted to add this for those of us in the Midwest who are currently enjoying nearly 80 degree weather while our neighbors in the northeast are being pounded with historic levels of  “Snow hurricanes”…


Don’t get too comfortable with this lovely warm weather in the middle of the US. It is not over. We stand a good chance of having more historic ice storms and snows her in the Midwest as well in Feb thru April. But our trees are going the suffer and die from the severe contrasts in temperatures. The changes in planetary position are seriously screwing up the weather patterns which will become more and more unpredictable with historic levels of increased precipitation in snow, blizzards and floods.

If you check all of my past posts and comments you will see where I have explained how the increased melting of the polar regions is creating increased humidity in the air as it evaporates and increases the cloud and storm formations, saturated with all of this increased moisture in the air.  The hotter our summers from the increased tilt, the more moisture in the air causing increased humidity, storms and heavy precipitation. During our northern hemisphere winters, the melting of the south pole is at its highest levels and the amount of ice surface melting and evaporating is even higher than during our summers because the north pole arctic region now has less ice surface exposed but producing increased moisture nonetheless. So most of the axis shifting will occur during our northern winters as we continue to lose the weight of the land-based glaciers on the south pole which act as a gyroscopic anchor point to balance the planet. As that ice decreases, it affects the balance of the planet as well as increasing atmospheric moisture  being produced during the Nov through April months.

The heating from the increased axis tilt has sped up the process many times higher than we experienced prior to 2004.  The added heating of the oceans in polar regions in close proximity to the glacial ice is creating huge storms. The magnetic fields have altered as our tilt has changed our global perspective to the sun’s gravitational field. The gravitational fields are causing the spinning effect of storms… creating Snow hurricanes and Land hurricanes. (my phrases).

Gravity fields are not in straight lines . They are spiral like you see in water drains, tornadoes and hurricanes.  Where hurricanes typically developed in the tropic regions, the (aprox) 2000 mile increase in our tilt has moved these spinning storm formations to appear about 2000 miles north of the tropic of cancer and 2000 miles south of the tropic of Capricorn. Previously, the spiral storms formed between the two tropics and moved west. Those which are not trapped in the Caribbean  move north along the coast lines.

Now they are forming in the north and moving across the landmass. A much different behavior. You can see some of these weather satellite examples of multiyear comparisons which I had custom built by a meteorology college. These are month to month satellite loop images of spiral storms over the US every day at the same time between April and June for the years 2001 to 2007 so you can compare the changes before and after the major axis shift of 2004. You wont see this info on the weather channel or anywhere else. Gravitational fields are one of my areas of research. Until they are ready to accept &  be up front about the axis change they wont be able to apply the gravitational field changes along with the increased moisture and temperature changes which are causing the abnormal weather formations.

You can see examples of these spiral systems forming every year over the central US after the shift. Spiral storms which used to form in the tropics have moved northward in the summer because we are tilted farther south. You can see these satellite loops on this page and see these storms forming in the central US during the late spring months. I had quite a few of these custom loops built to show this effect. The weather service never once mentioned it. I take it back. One female meteorologist mentioned it on the weather channel one Sunday a few years ago and she was never on the air again. This is the reason the scientists say nothing. Here is the page with those custom satellite weather loops.

Also, here is an image of spinning gravitational fields which is called the Coriolis effect. (I usually try to use plain English on the posts rather than scientific terms to make it easier to understand).






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    Comment by starcraft 3 release — August 27, 2016 @ 8:44 am | Reply

  2. Climate is changing but the debate is how much humans are playing a role in this. Polar shifts have happened before and will continue to happen (this was even predicted by the Mayans centuries before man-made carbon dioxide pollution). These shifts cause weather pattern to change. For instance, this fossil forest on Heilberg Island, which is now barren, dates back to the Eocene Period. The trees actually did not fossilize, but instead are mummified. This indicates a much faster process where they were quickly dehydrated in an area that was once a high latitude wetland forest…pointing to a likely polar shift. This is not the only place they’ve been found in the Arctic either. This indicates a very quick change in the climate possibly caused by a rapid polar shift.

    While I am all for a cleaner planet and doing our part – which must begin with population control who no one seems to want to talk about, I don’t believe that the climate changes are primarily due to human activity. What say you on this point – historical polar shifts?


    Comment by gqroll — January 24, 2016 @ 11:29 am | Reply

    • There was a scientist on a 2008 documentary who said the earth had shifted its axis like this 11 times in the past & was due again. He said he based his findings on ice cores & discoveries from glaciers at the equator as well as evidence of jungles at the poles showing a full planetary roll over onto its side. I don’t remember the frequency whether it was 11,000 years or 33,000. It was one of those Planet Earth type documentaries. I only base my estimates by the annual changes in the position of the sun. But pattern changes often come from pattern events such as Haley’s comet or other anomalies which we may not know. So there could be a pattern event affecting the balance of our system which precedes these changes.

      While our primitive settlements in the past 12,000 years have created a lot of polluting from wood & coal burning as their only way to keep warm, prior to that there wasn’t much chance for any source of pollution to affect the climate except random fires from lightning or volcanic activity. So it must be a pattern from another cause.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 25, 2016 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

  3. Part 3 of an interview with Eric Rignot who works on mapping/understanding what’s happening to glaciers in Antarctica. He’s worried.

    In the video below he says glacial recession in some areas is one kilometer per year which is unheard of.

    Search his name for other youtube interviews. He’s changed his view from an interview two years ago, when he seemed far less sure about the data.
    In one video he presents really good graphics, showing the tributaries of ice-flow that extend inland up to 1,000 kilometers.
    They pretty much cover the continent like veins of a tree leaf, each network of tributaries leading to a bay at the edge.


    Comment by dragonflysquared — February 17, 2015 @ 10:12 pm | Reply

    • I thought the post would only show the links. Sorry about that.


      Comment by dragonflysquared — February 17, 2015 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

    • Go onto Google earth and take a close look at the huge sections of ice shelves breaking away on the satellite imagery. The amount of ice destruction on both the South pole and Greenland are shocking. Adding to the ocean levels and heavy precipitation which includes snow and flooding and severe storms as the ice melts. As I said… we can see a lot just by taking notice of things and looking closely at the situation. We need to check out things and no longer blithely take the word of gov’t paid scientific puppets who spout the gov’t platitudes and brutally attack any peers who don’t play the game. Have you ever heard NASA use the term “Stay Vector” to their astronauts? That is their way of telling them to shut up and get back to work because they are on a public frequency and are talking about a forbidden subject.

      I just found a shocking number of Tsunamis which NOAA never bothered to mention which I will post separately. The gov’t actually posts most of the information on every covert subject imaginable. However, they do it quietly and don’t draw attention to it… but if they are caught in the lie or lack of public notification, they can claim it was there all the time for people to see and it is their own fault if they didn’t look for the info.

      Regardless as to how many people claim Tsunami’s are caused by earthquakes… they are not. They are caused by abnormal motion of the earth like walking with a bowl of water and the water sloshing over the side. Just take a fish tank with 4 inches of water and slide the tank sideways. The faster you slide the tank, the bigger the waves. Any good engineer can explain the mechanics of water motion. Avoid these theoretical scientists. Most would not know what to do with a screwdriver if they had one. Their big goals are to come up with a crazy new theory which will get them published… whether it is true or not. It is the notoriety they care about. Not facts. Reputation among their peers is everything, so they will always go along with political dogma. Those who don’t play the game and who express moral truths and obligations to public honesty are treated like Oppenheimer. Stabbed in the back by Teller who thought he would inherit his accolades. This is just an example of why they all play along and keep quiet to keep their jobs, pay and reputations. Then there are those who aggressively lead the attacks to silence anyone with a crisis of conscience or moral obligations. If all else fails, they are told the information will cause global panic and economic meltdown… and they will lose their seat in the gov’t shelters… or their families are threatened. Whatever works to keep them quiet. So if a scientist speaks out against the crowd, they are taking a huge risk. Typically, those who speak out would be retired, widowed, terminally ill or angry as heck with nothing to lose. A lot like the ex-CIA director William Colby. Anyone who knows the big secrets are watched very closely as they get older or ill for signs of wanting to go public… like Col Philip Corso. Another example of the level of effort they will go to destroy someone’s credibility, Bob Lazar is another good example. They reward others like Friedman to publically attack and eat their own. If you were Friedman, what do you think his price was to attack Lazar so viciously? The one thing he wanted to know more than anything… the truth about his favorite subject. There is a crisis of conscience as a good example. Would we attack and destroy the credibility of someone else if they offered us the proof of what we want to know or money or prestige and power? They say we all have a price. Condon certainly had a price… but his directives to destroy project Bluebook backfired because J Allen Hynek decided to join the side of the public. This is an overview of why the scientists will not come forward in most cases… at least until they are retired or terminally ill or without a family.

      As for Tsunamis, it is the abnormal physical motion of the planet which causes the waves. The Earthquakes are just another byproduct of that motion when in conjunction with a Tsunami. But since the waves have to travel some distance, the monitoring stations tend to notice the earthquake before the Tsunami which is why the tsunami arrival timing predictions are always slightly off by 15 – 30 minutes.

      There are exceptions such as short distance Tsunamis which were caused by landslides and glaciers falling into the sea or a volcano eruption or asteroid, etc. But those are rare. Ones that come to mind were in Alaska and Iceland a few decades ago or volcanoes in the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. In these cases, the waves traveled a shorter distance across a bay or other close land across from the source; depending on the size of the disturbance.

      I’m hoping some of the other experts will begin to have a leap of moral conscience and start breaking away from gov’t dogma and start telling the truth for a change.

      At least this is one issue they can’t hide like they do everything else. All they can do is try to confuse the public with clever BS and wordplay. Some are quite good at it, enough to make you question your own name. But everyone should always remember… the evidence is there in the sky for everyone to see in plain sight.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 18, 2015 @ 3:20 am | Reply

  4. trying to visualize the Tropic of Cancer as a circle on a sphere and then the sphere’s axis tilts further, but true north stays the same. The Tropic of Cancer doesn’t move with the sphere like some attached latitude, does it? Isn’t it like the circle has sort of slid over the surface of the sphere as a result of the increased tilt? So while it’s further north for some locations, isn’t it further south for others?


    Comment by dragonflysquared — January 28, 2015 @ 11:35 pm | Reply

    • just looked at one of your graphics and think I got it


      Comment by dragonflysquared — January 29, 2015 @ 12:04 am | Reply

    • You can use google earth to view the original tropics of Cancer and Capricorn by turning on the grid under the “View” tab. I have also included images and links below.

      The tropic of cancer is the imaginary point where the sun is directly overhead at its furthest north point on June 21st each year. The farthest north point… which was the mid Mexico latitude. The tropic line encircles the earth at that same latitude when all things were normal.

      Conversely, in the winter the tilt is in the opposite direction due to the way the earth orbits the sun. The axis is actually supposed to be fixed at a single angle. It is only the manner in which earth orbits the sun at that fixed angle which reverses the points for the sun positions between winter and summer. The planet was not actually changing the tilt during it’s normal orbit (before the shift). So during the winter, the farthest south point where the sun is directly overhead is the tropic of Capricorn which normally ran through mid Paraguay and Chili on Dec 21st each year which is why the southern hemisphere has summer when we have our winter.

      Since the sun should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer in mid Mexico at any time, we should never be seeing the sun north of our homes in the US at anytime… ever. The farthest north it should be would be mid Mexico on June 21st.

      After the huge shift in Dec 2004 we are now seeing the sun significantly to the north of our homes and the sun is shining directly into our northern windows at sunrise and sunset for the first time ever. This was also why I was checking with one of our 5000 visitors each month in southern Australia to verify that they were seeing the sun to the south of their homes during our winter months to verify that they were seeing the exact inverse of us. But most people are oblivious to what is going on around them. They can’t drive or walk or talk without a cell phone in their ear so they aren’t paying attention to the sun unless someone points it out to them. Then it would require some basic knowledge of planetary motions.

      However, with the shift of the axis, those imaginary lines indicating the northern most point of the sun in the summer (tropic of Cancer) would actually now conceptually be about 2000 miles farther north in the summer and the same amount south in the winter for the tropic of Capricorn.

      But don’t expect the authorities or scientific community to go along with this. They can’t fix it and they don’t want the panic of people being upset over the shifting planet. It might affect the economy and the flow of money from spending and working. That will always be the bottom line above the welfare of the public which is essentially expendable since we are not invited into their shelters. So they don’t want any attention being brought to it.

      But they cannot hide the sun. There is no explanation whatsoever which can justify the sun being north of our homes in the US during the summer or south of the southern coast of Australia during our winter… at any time for any reason. Don’t let that “Curvature of the earth” explanation fool you either. The sunrise and sunset would be even farther south during the summer than the highest overhead point at midday. Not north. Ask any female who is old enough to have grown plants in their windows prior to the shift and you won’t find very many who put them in the north windows where there was never any direct sunlight on the north side in the US… ever, at any time of year.

      The shift of our axis killed over a quarter of a million people with a Tsunami from Indonesia to Africa. Only the movement of the planet can do that. Not an earthquake. The quake was only a result of the shift not the cause of the tsunami. It requires planetary movement to create a tsunami of those proportions… like walking with a bowl of water. The more motion the more the water sloshes out over the edge.

      The other trick is to agree that the planet shifted except they will declare the shifts to be in inches rather than miles. So they try to use misdirection and twisting the facts to patronize anyone who questions them. But I say again… simply look at the sun during sunrise and sunset in the summer in the US and you will see just how far north the sun really is. They cannot hide the sun. But they will never tell the public. When it slips the rest of the way onto its side… they will be in their shelters leaving the national guard and FEMA behind to control us. That is what all those preparations are for. To contain, control and corral everyone into arenas or holding areas without any supplies. I know. I used to belong to one of the largest emergency management agencies in the US. My job was to cut off all the phones to the public. It only takes 5 minutes to shut down every phone cell or landline in a city of millions. A simple computer command. It is all preprogrammed to only allow first responders and special numbers the ability to call. The only numbers which will work for the public will be 911 and their center could only handle 30,000 calls in a metropolis of millions. Of course, everyone is free to believe what they choose. But I won’t lie to them.

      I have some images which may help visualize it. Most of this is on
      Here are a ton of images.

      I will endeavor to paste a couple images of the tropic lines below.

      The first image is what the original axis tilt looked like.

      Normal axis tilt

      This next image is an increased tilt estimate and estimated new locations of the tropic lines.

      Estimated new axis tilt


      Comment by mmc7 — January 29, 2015 @ 12:43 am | Reply

  5. See:


    Comment by tlarremore — January 27, 2015 @ 9:46 am | Reply

    • I’ll allow the link… although you should have defined what it was. Most people will not click on an unexplained link. That is how viruses infect computers. Emails containing links with no explanation. However, all information about the axis shift is being carefully managed worldwide. The global meeting of scientists in April 2005 (after the Dec 2004 massive axis shift) set the agreed standards between world scientists on how the catastrophic axis shift would be “managed” for the public. Starting with the problem the shift caused for the GPS system. The earth shifted, the satellites did not and they were creating a lot of problems on systems which depended upon the GPS system sync timing and measurements. I used to work with GPS system synchronization. The GPS alignment problem was fixed with a software patch which provided corrections to realign the readings with previous results. Thus, with the software patch, the misaligned satellite system was made to appear it was in alignment. At that meeting, they also made the decision to blame the GPS failure on a historic solar flare which never occurred. They made the Flare announcement the week after the meeting of global scientists once they were all on board with the cover story. Clearly over 4 months after the “supposed” historic flare occurred. The fact that NASA didn’t jump out of their seats to brag about a flare back in December should be your first clue. They would not wait 4 months to announce a historic flare. Since the scientists are all tied to gov’t projects and monies in every country, they did not dare go against the flow unless they wanted to lose their careers, reputations and possibly their lives. So they had little choice but to agree to the cover stories and keep the axis shift from causing public panic.

      NASA and SOHO removed all the solar records and images for the week of the supposed historic flare so no one could prove otherwise. That was clue number 2. All the solar images and data are available for every day EXCEPT the day of the flare… however, they missed a few and I was able to obtain that data and solar images which prove there was no flare. It was a cover story to explain the GPS system failure due to the axis shift. I also found a weather satellite video showing the actual shift.

      The April 2005 meeting of global scientists is how they obtained global coordination of scientists. Anyone who doesn’t play ball, also loses their seat in the gov’t shelters.

      I was on the list of invitees but I did not go to that meeting. Like I said, there are very few of us who are independent enough not to be blackmailed into compliance. So any “Data” from the scientific community is suspect as is all their equipment they use which was purchased through gov’t projects and monies. Equipment which is also maintained and calibrated and set up by gov’t paid employees and scientists. It is of no consequence to me whether someone believes it or not. That is up to each person to make their own decision. I only trust the equipment I control and the measurements I take… which everyone can also validate by doing so for themselves. In this matter, we can only trust our own eyes. Nothing else.

      You simply have to trust your eyes to tell you the truth. No matter what they do or what they say, they cannot hide the sun.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 27, 2015 @ 10:41 am | Reply

      • oh well, remove it


        Comment by tlarremore — January 27, 2015 @ 3:29 pm

      • It’s ok. I’ll leave it. There is no harm in it. Everyone can make their own decision. But it is a good idea to describe a link when posting it. Otherwise people don’t know what it is and will assume it is spam or a virus, etc., and no one will look at it.

        But there are undercurrents in the scientific community that most people don’t know about and I just wanted to provide info on why they are not saying anything. It is their careers and reputations and sometimes their families welfares are at stake. Their peers would shred them to pieces for going off the range. So they all play along and get perks as rewards… such as a seat in the Colorado shelter in case of an ELE. Just like the Fukushima Japan reactor when they made fun of anyone expressing concern to protect the billions of dollars in nuclear plant subsidies for their new nuke projects in the US. I have two Geiger counters and I cross checked with both of them. I try not to make statements if I have not checked something for myself. When a German nuclear Physicist from Berlin tried to explain the dangers of the readings he was seeing (the actual levels)… they hurried him off the air and did not bring him back. They instead only showed people whose jobs depended on the new US nuclear projects to belittle anyone who had concerns about uranium and plutonium fallout. Yes, one of those reactors had plutonium rods and they burn when they get wet and send plumes of smoke into the stratosphere for months. It only takes one microscopic particle of Plutonium ingested or inhaled to cause damage. Not to mention strontium getting into milk.

        Like I said, there are very few of us independent enough to not be broken. This doesn’t just apply to the axis shift. There are a world of things going on that most people don’t know about from wiretapping to nukes to planetary travel. True reality is so unbelievable that no one believes it when they see or hear it. Very few of the scientists have the real facts. Only those of us who were also in executive management or the highest Senior member of scientific staff are privy to some of these things. A lot of scientists simply have no idea. They just play along. Mostly because they are kept compartmentalized and unable to share info with their own peers due to security issues. Those security issues also guarantee that they don’t get together and compare info. You should see the Agreements they have to sign. My entire family has worked on those types of projects as have I. It truly is the inner sanctum. But I have always had an inquiring mind and I want to know the truth… from a source I can trust.


        Comment by mmc7 — January 27, 2015 @ 7:28 pm

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