Earth's Axis has changed

July 12, 2018

7-2018 Need confirmation on solar oddity

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Update: I cant see thru my overgrown bushes, but it looks like the sun is now moving back toward the south slightly.

Is that correct? What’s the current status?

This may be damage caused by Cern. The gov’ts fear public retribution if they should do something really stupid to damage the planet or our environment. Whether it be Cern or something else.

Mai, you are good with research. Have you seen any unusual behavior by gov’t, NASA, scientists, or a lot of smokescreen of too much scientific info from the gov’t or a particular theme (as if they are trying to find a scapegoat to blame) or unusual reports from Cern, etc? Something that looks like the gov’t & scientists are panicking to cover up? Anything in that newspaper Huntington something?


I may be losing it but the sun appears farther north than it did last month.

That shouldn’t be possible. It may be an optical illusion from the unusual weather or I’m being misled by the bushes which need cutting back. I can’t cut them back until the birds are done with their nests.

Those of you in the US or Canada who took position readings last month, please look outside at the sunset at your earliest convenience & see if you are seeing what I’m seeing.  I thought I saw the same thing last summer & the year before. The sun should have started moving south in the sky on June 22nd. Not farther north. As I remember, last year, it didn’t appear to move south until later in August but I was too ill at the time to check specifics.  But this would be seriously wrong if it is really doing this, which is why I need some of you to check the sunset this week. Particularly those who checked the sun position last month from the US & Canada for comparison.

I’m  thinking this must be an illusion. But if the rest of you see the same thing, I’d have to find out what is going on. That would imply changes in our orbit around the sun and/or a change in the direction of the axis lean  and the timing of the solstices.

So let me know what you see tomorrow or the next day or two at sunset. Is the sun farther north than it was in June.

Some info about weather:

It never rains here (Dallas) in July except once every 7 years. But it has rained the last 3 days & more. A clue something is different. Plus the heat waves across the country since May.  No winter at all here this past year.  But weather will be different in each region of the country.  Also, you can’t go by records because we have micro-climates especially on the east side of the lakes. Lake effect weather.  We have several large lakes in the area to provide water. Dallas may get rain where my home in the country 30 miles away gets none  or vice versa.

The weather of metro cities is different than suburbs because of the heat bubble from concrete & traffic. That’s why the tornadoes usually go around the outskirts of a city. The only reason the tornado hit downtown Ft Worth (in 2000) is because that city is nearly abandoned downtown. Almost zero traffic. Hence, no heat bubble to make weather go around. It is an Agriculture & Cowboy town for the cattle auctions, etc like shown with Ewings of Dallas episodes, so businesses abandoned it.  It is about 80 miles from Dallas. The skyscrapers were empty except for a famous restaurant. I was working in ft Worth on a project just the day before it hit.

Regional weather across the world will change like the Northern California droughts. I used to live there as well. Jungles into desert. Desert into swamps, etc. We’re still over 100 degrees every day which is normal. The rain is not normal. It shouldn’t rain a drop here before September.  When it rains the temperature will drop 40 degrees in an hour.

Heat waves in the UK, unheard of droughts there & tornadoes in East Europe since this axis shift began. I lived in Europe too. Panama, 45 different US states, 15 countries, so I’m familiar with weather from many places.  The UK was always cold and rainy. Sometime after 2003, London had 600 deaths from a heat wave because no one had air conditioners. Even one of the Harry Potter movies started off with a heat wave. Movie 5, I think. I remember a lot of heat related deaths in Chicago when I worked there. Northern California had cool, foggy summers & never needed Air conditioners except for 3 weeks of the year. Then these droughts hit it.

I don’t know how it is lately but they have no business growing rice around Sacramento with water shortages. Especially while Tons of rice has been rotting in Thailand warehouses because of surplus & their weather is better suited for rice crops which have to be kept flooded. Same with the unnecessary rice crops in Houston as well. They are putting rice before people by wasting vast amounts of field flooding waters. Especially when other rice is available & not a main staple of our food Consumption. I  also lived next to a rice field in Houston. Rice fields are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes & disease. After they drain the field water & harvest the rice, they burn the fields. I took photos of the thick smoke blinding the pilots in Sacramento from a plane on approach. I couldn’t believe California was allowing such pollution of air & water; much less  the smoke plumes over a major airport. I was in the plane so I know.

I thought I would share some of this trivia because it shows just how much the city, state & federal gov’t cares about the planet, weather & any of us. They would only do something if we were big businesses. I could write a book. I know some of these crooks.

But off subject. I need to know about the sun location this week. It is definitely strange to see the sun appear to be moving further north a month after the summer solstice.  Perhaps a weather issue or the bushes cutting off my view.  So be sure to let me know.


  1. Hi,im writing from Ireland, and yes….your observations are co+rect. Im a regular sjn moon gazer(no expert…but ive noticed since the beginning of this ‘heatwave’ that the Sun rises in a totally different position…almost 20′ off. The moon positions and where she rises and sets, plus position in the sky, also seem to be off.
    Visible chem trails were very freauent hear in the early am skies…pre dawn at the beginning of June 2018 and somehow, all this is inter onnected!
    Tons of us have noticed these changes, and so yes you are right in believing that something is adrift!


    Comment by Polly — July 18, 2018 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

    • I saw photos of chem trails over Belfast about 8 years ago. I think they are trying to cool down the temperatures. We had chemtrails over Northern Dallas every day for several years; 365 days per year. Even Christmas & weekends. The fuel cost over $55,000 per tank over 15 years ago & the website said the US is paying for the UK, Saudi Arabia & other places. 2 planes per day.

      They stopped spraying above my house when Pres Bush Jr moved here at the end of 2008. Then they moved the spaying to the west where we couldn’t see it. I guess he didn’t like having aluminum sprayed on him.

      I have a chemtrails post on here with photos & links which I posted about 2009. I can’t remember exactly but it should be on the side menu for posts. There is a really neat cloud ripple photo on there. Your can see how it starts to become rain clouds in less than a half hour.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 19, 2018 @ 4:00 am | Reply

    • Here is the link to my chem trail post, photos & links.

      For those of you who remember my post a couple years ago about the gatling gun lightning bolts shot in front of my path a couple years ago destroying a half mile of trees along the road I was driving and a single odd shuttle-shaped small cloud about the size of a car… there is a photo of its twin over my backyard at the bottom of this chemtrail post link above.

      I think it has to be a drone masked to look like a cloud. I could do that with an RC helicopter covered in cotton or something similar. It’s stalking. Also, remember I said all lightning data was classified? I called NWS & Plymouth university. Both said lightning was classified when I only wanted a photo or video of a storm from June 2007. (an ion storm).
      The only reason for classifying lightning is if it was weaponized. Why does it only appear over my yard & in front of my car? I also had 3 lightning hits on & around my house 2 days in a row, 2 years ago. Just before the gatling gun lightning.

      My next door neighbor was complaining about drones over our houses a couple months ago & I thought she lost her marbles. Perhaps not. I have a photo of this drone cloud hanging over my yard for 3 hours. That’s not possible for a real cloud. The rotation of the earth & wind breezes would negate that. It appears they really do not want the public to know about the axis & these other issues. There’s more to it but one CEO went to prison.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 19, 2018 @ 5:10 am | Reply

      • Here is the link about the gatling gun lightning & same cloud 2 years ago. I call it gatling gun because that’s how the bolts behave. As if they were rapidly fired from a gatling gun.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 19, 2018 @ 5:49 am

      • Re gatlin gun thunderbolt. I wonder if this has anything to do with plasma discharge? I wish they had never started messing with the atmosphere, it has been bad news ever since. Someone noticed that the strong weather radars can cause ionizing of some kind that makes the atmosphere start into tornadic seeds creating tornadoes in short order. Someone promoted the idea that haarp (or something) is “using” other non-haarp antennas to pass along the energies of whatever they want to do across the land to the point they want it to flow to. I don’t quite understand this, but since radio/electric signals are electro-magnetic I can kind of see that idea. I have seen on national radar the cities ‘flaring up’ seeming to push weather in different directions. Also I have seen humongous radar ‘donuts’ (they only flash and blink out) appear and then within 3 days something bad happens there. As if it was creating a negative energy vortex or something. I know something is going on with the radars being used like that. I don’t know if weather staff are aware of it or not, but if they are, they can’t talk about it or go jobless the rest of their lives. Some of the stupid excuses they say on tv about some of the weather oddities are very inventive, especially when they are caught by surprise. Like the idea hurricanes make right angle turns or go backwards. I saw the pic somewhere about the ‘strange shape’ clouds. Yeah, I saw clouds in a perfect V formation at work and showed it to a coworker and the comment was “cool”, even the square hole in the middle of it. Needless to say they moved me to a non-window desk after that. But looking at another pic showing “rows of storm clouds” I saw those too. But what would happen is that a large radar on the other side of town would ‘pin them down’ and they would start to form a giant swirl. Then they would get puffier and odd-shaped and (more normal looking) and spin into a huge pinwheel shape at which time the radar would then let them all loose and they would kind of fly off like a giant spinwheel and break up into a more normal looking storm front with power. Any rate, I learned a lot about chemtrails and clouds sitting at that window.


        Comment by lavender — July 19, 2018 @ 7:57 pm

      • Very interesting. This subject overlaps into one of my fields of expertise. This is just a guess, but from what I saw about Harp & the effects it had on people who approached it & the locations; I believe they are trying to repair the hole in the atmosphere above the poles. I have no doubt Harp can ionize the atmosphere but it doesn’t produce ionized gas (plasma) from the source antenna grid. Just ionization. Not radio. It’s more of an irradiation of elections, protons; etc. in the atmospheric layers. They may also be trying to repair the EM field which helps protect earth from solar flares.

        Weather & storms which change direction are best described by tornado behavior. The heat bubbles over large cities caused by solar heating of concrete & asphalt; plus heat from heavy vehicle traffic & pollution; all contribute to the heat bubbles. These are most noticeable with tornadoes which change their path when encountering a heat bubble. The tornadoes will start to follow the edge of the bubble around the outer edge of the city and continue its path eastward. This is why tornadoes are much worse on small towns or low traffic towns like Joplin or ft Worth (which is nearly abandoned.) They don’t have heat bubbles. So you usually hear about some small town which was mowed off the map by a large supercell tornado.

        Also, cities tend to put airports, mobile homes & industrial areas on the western outskirts of the city, which is why they are usually the areas destroyed. The cities use them as a buffer zone. Too many cities design their planning zones in the same locations for it to be a coincidence those mobile home parks, warehouses & small airports are usually destroyed.

        However, heat bubbles don’t affect the super cell tornadoes like the one which mowed a path through south OKC around 1999. Over 8000 homes destroyed near Midwest City & Tinker AFB. They have wind speeds 300-500 mph and a ground diameter of more than a mile across.

        Large lakes also affect tornadoes due to temperature differential. Cold air causes the vortex to lose strength. They feed on heat. Thus, the tornadoes either follow the edge of the lake as it goes east or they will remain high in the clouds until they get to the other side. Or lift up upon encountering the lake & dropping down again a few miles east of the lake if it gets enough heat & rotation to regenerate.

        I found it interesting that the storm clouds created by the chem trails (which I caught on my camera), did not show up on the Weather satellites. I specifically looked for it because I wanted to capture the chemtrails on the satellite video. It wasn’t there. Someone edited it out. By the way, they also alter the wind speeds & sizes & categories of tornadoes & hurricanes which they report to the public. They also blame damage on straight line winds so businesses insurance rates don’t go up. They only call it a tornado if a storm tracker or camera catches the tornado image for proof.

        When I lived in California, I noticed it would never rain Monday thru Friday. But Saturday, just like clockwork, it would rain until Monday morning. This went on for years. I noticed it because I had to water Monday thru Friday to keep plants, grass, gardens & trees from dying. But every weekend, it would rain from Saturday morning to Monday morning & ruin weekend outings. We used to take plastic sheeting so we could create tents over the picnic tables & barbecue cookers to block the rain while we ate. It used to amuse the park rangers but we had the entire redwood forest to ourselves. Only us and the Planet of Apes. I saw no reason to cancel the trip. Just prepare for rain.

        This rain pattern was most prevalent in the spring & fall months because our winters were rainy & summers were dry season. The spring & fall rain patterns were caused by the heavy traffic jams along highway 101 which ran the length of the state. The rush hour cars would be caught in stand still traffic jams for 2-3 hours every morning & evening; creeping along, moving only 10 miles in an hour. All the way to work & home. It was miserable. Every year it would back up farther.

        On the east side of the highway was a row of mountains the length of the state, so all the heat & pollution was held between the mountains & the coast, emanating from millions of cars idling for hours in standstill bumper to bumper traffic jams. This created a huge heat bubble the entire length of the coastline, keeping the storms & rain clouds out to sea & off the coast from Monday morning to Friday evening. On Saturday & Sunday when the cars were gone & the heat bubble dissipated, the storms & rain clouds were allowed to come ashore & bring rain.

        Monday’s brought back the traffic jams & heat bubbles blocking the rain off shore again. I have a unique ability to see patterns in everything. I watched these storms do this for 13 years. People thought I was crazy… until they began paying attention to the rain patterns. So heat definitely affects weather & storms. Even worse with the hotter temperatures from the increased axis tilt. Which is why they expect larger Hurricanes & tornadoes each year. It is also why NOAA & NWS changed the wind speed parameters for categorizing Hurricanes & tornadoes. They did this just after Katrina. What was a category 5, is now a category 4. They feared the public noticing an increased number of cat 5’s & they might start retaliating against gov’t officials & politicians for cutting off pollution protection, filters & restoration of industrial limitations. They keep the public happy & in the dark. They’ll never notice if they alter the storm criteria & change the death tolls. They go on with their lives oblivious of the connections.

        The gov’t also attacks anyone bringing attention to changes such as our tilt & sun being off or northern California turning into a desert. Or Jim Berkland’s predictions. One of the global shortages this will cause is water. They estimated this will occur by 2020. That will also cause food shortages from dying crops. Increasing population will also cause Power shortages, etc. Food shortages & large population requires more trucks to transport products & food which makes more traffic, etc. A vicious circle due to no population controls. I did some global shortages research back in 2009. Here are their predictions for 2020. The newspaper articles are at the bottom of the page.

        The pinwheel cloud patterns you mentioned are similar to the hurricane style cloud patterns over the central US every day between 3 PM & 4 PM CDT from April to June 2007. Those storms were like blades of a fan raining off & on over us while it was spinning. I had satellite video clips of those spinning storms made comparing days & years on the same times each day for 3 months. The increased axis tilt had moved the spinning storms & Coriolis effect over land which normally form hurricanes in the Atlantic & Caribbean.

        As for the atmosphere, Nasa claims the holes were caused by a solar storm sheering the atmosphere above the north pole creating an ion fountain & allowing atmosphere to spew into space. It could also allow solar flare components to leak into our atmosphere as evidenced by the Aurora Borealis & ion storms in 2007.

        Those of us who were alive before the lies & BS cover stories, know that the holes in the atmosphere were made by freon. They are currently trying to do revisionist history with dangerous products to make everyone believe they are now safe for the monetary benefit & profit of those Companies who control these products; Freon, asbestos, thalidomide, Diazanon, Organophosphates, aluminum, mercury, lead, hexachlorophene (phisohex), phenol, m-creasol, GMO soy, GMO corn, tobacco, Roundup ready crops & food, aspartame, flu shots, Tylenol, Metformin, children’s vaccinations tied to autism, etc., just to name a few.

        Plasma is different than lightning. It is an ionized gas. Like seen in the aurora borealis. But not lightning bolts. I call it gatling gun lightning because of the way it fired a dozen bolts at a time, wiped out every tree in a row on one side of the road for a half mile in each direction. Yet it ignored the power lines & grounded power poles on the other side of the narrow, country road.

        Take a look at my old Chem trail post on this site. You can see how the trails evolve into huge storm cloud covers within minutes. At the bottom of the chem trail article is the lone cloud which sat over my yard for over 3 hours. It was the same cloud which shot the gatling gun lightning just for 4 miles away about 6 years after I took the picture of that same cloud over my yard. For a cloud to remain stationary for 3 hours, it had to be independently & remotely controlled. An artificial drone cloud. The only cloud in the sky. Easily made by using white cotton on a drone like those 4 point copter drones which can be maneuvered straight up & down, back & forth, side to side & hovering.

        I also had multiple lightning strikes on my house, my neighbors house & within 100ft radius. These were from clear skies. It blew apart brand new power poles which were only installed a couple days earlier. As I’ve said, the only reason for them to classify lightning is if they have weaponized it & I think the gatling gun lightning & cloud drones are the result. Cloud drones have also been seen on the east coast as well. This one has been identical in shape & size, both times I’ve seen it. If they are waiting for me it will be a long wait because I rarely go outside.

        I would still like to find video of the 2 ion storms from June 2007.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 22, 2018 @ 12:01 am

  2. I reside at 51.64 degrees North by 121.29 degrees West, on the interior plateau of British Columbia. Two evenings ago I was driving north on Hwy 97, the old gold rush trail leading to Alaska, and noted the near setting sun blinded me, so I’ve taken renewed interest in polar shift/axis change. Last evening it was still light at 9:30 as I closed the chicken coop and though our heavily treed area and partial cloud cover didn’t allow exact reference, light and shadow from the setting sun on the interspersed clouds made it obvious the sun is setting a significant distance north of our latitude here. I too have been aware of the need for the sun to retreat south in the sky following June 21, but my solar panels, mounted on dollies on our front deck needed to be moved forward two weeks ago, south on our deck, because the sun’s arc moved further north, placing the solar panels in shade, and there’s no need to re-adjust them to account for our sun heading south so far. Interesting times. Reminds me of reading Velikovsky (Worlds in Collision, Ages in Chaos) and Churchward (re, Lemuria and Atlantis) books many years ago.


    Comment by David Thatcher — July 14, 2018 @ 11:26 am | Reply

  3. My home faces due north. Have a front window that never sees sun inside. Yesterday full sun . Lived here 29 years. House hasn’t moved but the sun is now between 12 and 1300 . Lat35.3784 log 97.42775.
    A day prior it seemed to be at the 1300 position. Sunset position at 1100. Again very unusual.
    Our weather is mimicking 2011 temps. To me it seems the sun has tracked further north.


    Comment by Kathy — July 14, 2018 @ 4:25 am | Reply

    • It looks similar to that here as well & it matched my 2011 readings on this past June 21st, 2018.

      At first the sun looked like it was due north but upon closer inspection it was between 11 & 12. Twelve being true north. Not magnetic north. But the sun was darn close to true north and shining in my north windows thru the overgrown bushes. Those windows were always in shade before 2004. In fact, I nearly left off the tint & polarizing when I bought my Anderson sliding glass door because of the total shade. But added the features to match the rest. Good thing, because the sun is blinding the room & TV screen I no longer watch. I also had no plants in those windows due to year round shade. I notice these things because I used to build & renovate. Same with the Levolor blinds with foil centers to keep out Texas heat & sun. Some on the north side don’t have blinds because there was no sun on the south side & open with a porch on the north side to appreciate the total shade in summer. That was long before the axis shift. I put the china Cabinet in front of one north window without a shade, to block the sun. So this is not a figment of our imaginations.

      In fact, I took a course on designing homes to most efficiently use the shade & sunlight to cool & heat the home… building it half underground.

      A couple days ago, when I first saw the sun nearly due north, I leapt out of my chair & said, what the hell was that, when I saw it. I simply could not believe my eyes. I need to check the star charts to make sure we aren’t sideways.

      Have there been any mention of tsunamis, quakes or volcanic eruptions lately or the past year? I don’t have TV. I can check online. Although I did notice this same issue last summer but health issues interfered. This has to be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen & does not match any info or situation ever taught or mentioned in astrophysics. It would certainly make our temperatures hot like it has been. Over 100 every day.

      The sunset times have been changing over the past 15 years. 4th of July used to get dark at 9 PM cst. Then it was 9:30 some years and 10 PM after the 2004 tsunami. Now it is 9 PM again. Definitely strange.

      But nothing is stranger than seeing the sun nearly north and in July no less. The sun was only setting on the horizon just past 10 on the horizon June 21st ~ 2018. Now half past 11 on the horizon July 12th.

      We still get darkness because of the rotation & our axis angle in perspective to the sun. It all depends which direction the axis points & our relationship to the sun from our orbit. They seem to be pulling out every diversion, excuse & fake explanations to divert the public until they get tired of hearing them. They fear public retaliation for the pollution of our environment. So they overload everyone with magnificent BS reasoning until they can’t stand it. The star charts should tell us. We need to find orion’s position. It is easiest to find.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 14, 2018 @ 6:04 am | Reply

      • The Galactic Central Sun of our Milky /way Galaxy is in the constellation Pleiades, referred to as The Seven Sisters. This central star is Alcyone, the constant central axis around which the rest of the galaxy, from our vantage point on earth, is seen to rotate.


        Comment by David Thatcher — July 14, 2018 @ 11:03 am

      • Actually. BC news reported over 1000 mini quakes of the southern tip of Vancouver island that moved the island away from the mainland. Was very little but fact remains it was happening past month or so.


        Comment by Sandra — July 15, 2018 @ 5:07 pm

      • I’m lost. Which timeline & subject is this tied to? I’m not familiar with this island shift.

        When the gov’t acknowledges geographic shifts & other events, they usually will alter the data significantly. Such as 8 inches instead of 800 miles. (NZ 2010 or Japan 2011 if memory serves). Or death tolls from 50,000 downgraded under 3000 (WTC 911). Or Katrina from 10,000 down under 2000. I’ve worked with FEMA in a major Metro area. These downgrades are deliberate & purposely false.

        I lived in Northern California for 13 years. It’s been my experience that clusters of miniQuakes usually occur after a major Quake. But volcanic events often occur before a major quake. Especially on the ring of fire or near Italy.

        I haven’t checked but are there any unusual recent or upcoming moon events? Such as closer to earth. I thought someone mentioned a lunar eclipse? Jim Berkland often tied the moon’s behavior & additional gravitational stresses as forerunners of his predictions.


        Comment by mmc7 — July 15, 2018 @ 7:18 pm

  4. I am at Crewe/Manchester UK because of the jet stream for the first time in 2 months we have had rain today, I did get a position reading for the sun at 314° 8.30pm 13/7/2018 well above the horizon, my comparator is google planetarium which has sunset for my location RA 7hr 32min dec +21° 44′ for my position/date but sunset is 20.16(8.16pm) compared to about 9.20pm on the 7/7th by observation – see my post. I did readings last year and this compares well with midsummer being a month late then with similar anomalies with redshift 2 a maris multimedia software program which runs from disc and hence with the company no longer extant uses data which should be good for +- 5000 years if nothing had changed since 1995(google seems to have stopped playing with data). We are in BST at the moment, so the anomaly is even worse.


    Comment by David Kendrick — July 13, 2018 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

    • P.S. Sunset on 7/7/2018 was exactly 9 pm Crewe/Manchester/UK which was 8.21 pm according to Google planetarium 7 hr 8 min Dec +21° 30′(, I strongly suggest just taking the time down of sunset and checking it against software, sunset being late is hard to miss.


      Comment by David Kendrick — July 13, 2018 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

  5. Good to see you milling around! I did hear all the planets have been moving to one side of the sun to be all there effective 7-19 and then slowly over the summer moving on out, which is the 7th time in 120 years coinciding with extra-volcanic action (from what I’ve found in vids). But there are 3 more important items going on. First, the claim that we are now coming into the eyesight of the Galactic Central Sun (whatever that is) supposedly in the center of the Milky Way as per some observatory in Australia. Second, a lot of asteroids will be “clustering” between Earth and Mars for the entire month of July and part of August, adding to this unbalance. [Maybe this is why there have been so many sightings and near misses.] There is a third thing, but I have embarrassingly misplaced the thought.

    UVc is coming all the way to ground now at high rates in many areas. I have a feeling this is to do with the fluctuating magnetosphere.

    Large cracks are opening up all over the world. Some say the earth is expanding. I think lower magma is being tugged (it is magnetic), and with all this force being exerted, the plates shift a bit to ease the pressure, cracks happen and the Steamboat Geyser goes off. I compare that to a pressure cooker valve. Better that than something else as the volcanoes here in the US are not “oozers” like the one in Hawaii and we don’t want California to fall off. Earth stretch marks are fine, just nothing worse, please!

    However, frakking hasn’t helped the situation. Hawaiians are starting to wonder if the PGV thermal plant (which essentially does the same thing) didn’t set off the fissures in that area instead of it oozing out of the crater or other regular vents. And I look at all the oil frakking in the west volcanic areas, along the mid-continental rift in Michigan, in OK and TX. Not good, as this weakens the layers. These things are out there in the >thousands<, you can see them on GE.

    But an honorable mention of seriousness does go to the oceans "disappearing and reappearing" off and on in various places. I figure that is an earth wobble even though in Brazil I have heard that a VERY reduced version happens seasonally. Since when does water totally disappear from the Venice canals? It eventually came back, but still.

    There are many incidents of animals acting very out of character. Sometimes I wonder if they are getting more humane while mankind is getting more animalistic.

    Of course this is my 'armchair professional opinion'….. ha!

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    Comment by lavender — July 13, 2018 @ 1:33 pm | Reply

    • Great info but this sounds like deliberate diversions. Attempts to mislead & distract everyone from realizing serious hazards & situations by overloading them with magnificent BS to the point where they wont believe anything; including the truth.

      The gov’t has created their luxury shelters under the Denver airport with our tax dollars & plan to put everyone else under Martial Law without shelter, food, water, medicine, etc. Just like their trial run during Katrina in New Orleans. I worked with FEMA in a major metro emergency management agency & know some exec levels responsible for the underground mag lev trains & getting gov’t exec’s to the shelters. W lives here.

      If I lived in Denver after they were all comfy underground in those tax paid luxury shelters filled with donations & Tax paid FEMA supplies while leaving the population under armed lockdown without supplies, I’d find one of those large construction equip used to drill holes, water wells, oil wells or to set skyscraper girders or a TBM’s (tunnel boring machines) & dig them up to suffer with the rest of us.

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      Comment by mmc7 — July 13, 2018 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

  6. maybe check this out: magnetic poles 2018


    Comment by Mai Zimbleman — July 13, 2018 @ 1:23 pm | Reply

    • Changes in magnetic poles will only affect EM & electrical devices. It would affect our power grids. So, if you don’t see major, global, rolling power outages & interference with your tech devices, computers, phones, TV’s & radios, then there is no issue with the magnetic fields no matter what they tell you. Use a compass to check for magnetic north.

      This is another diversion to fake out the public. A real change or alteration in the global magnetic fields would affect everything I just mentioned.

      If the compass points north, no problem. If it was flipping, the needle would point south or spin.

      I just checked the compass. The magnetic field is where it should be. So even though the axis is tipping, our magnetic field & rotation have maintained their normal perspective with the poles. It appears to be controlled by our global rotation & iron magma at the center.

      Even if we tip sideways, magnetic north will remain in the arctic. It is like spinning a bar magnet. The same end of the bar magnet maintains its characteristics even if you change its position although it tends to travel around the arctic slightly as our axis shifts. It would only change poles if the planet rotated totally the opposite direction & that won’t happen. If we were reversed upside down, it might appear so, but we would still be rotating the same direction. (unless we do something colossally stupid).

      We cannot flip completely upside down because we have more landmass & weight at the south pole with its ice covered continent. The north pole has floating ice which doesn’t affect weight or balance. Not enough weight to flip upside down. Only sideways.

      The map of Antarctica in the 1500’s shows it was ice free. So the earth could have been sideways then or closer to the sun. It would look the same to them.

      There appears to be a generalized galactic magnetic field & gravitational field with a fixed up & down orientation and ecliptic solar system plane which seems to synchronize & align the planets, characteristics, rotations, orbital spacing, orbits, gravitational positioning of planets, planet sizes in the distance from each sun, etc. in our galaxy & solar systems.

      This is not my field of expertise but I find the repeated patterns fascinating.

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      Comment by mmc7 — July 13, 2018 @ 3:21 pm | Reply

    • I just found several of your comments from 2016 which had been discarded by the system. I only just found them while looking in the trash bin. I rarely check it because only unpleasant comments & real spam usually end up in there. Only 8 in 12 years. The system automatically deletes any comments with more than 2 links, assuming it to be spam. I just wanted to let you know that I did not remove or delete your comments.

      FYI: The system automatically rejects & discards comments with more than 2 links except for comments posted by the site administrator.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 15, 2018 @ 10:18 pm | Reply

  7. I left a reply this morning, but for some reason, it didn’t show up here.
    We are in a polar shift, which could account for the abnormal position of the sun. In addition, the sun’s UV rays have been much more intense, causing global heat waves and burning of vegetation. The sun is also abnormally bright. We are also having a lineup of the planets on July 19, which has historically been accompanied by increased flooding and volcanic activity, all of which we have been experiencing on a global scale. Tonight, July 13, is a partial lunar eclipse. Not sure what that might bring, but I do think that the earth and sky changes started about the time we had our total solar eclipse this year.


    Comment by coneyislandbooks — July 13, 2018 @ 1:21 pm | Reply

    • I moderate all comments to avoid the attacks we had about 12 years ago & I don’t always get to them quickly. Sometimes they get missed with unusually large numbers of comments like this week.

      I did write a very detailed response about the atmosphere causing the issues rather than the sun. But the entire response was lost. The atmosphere affects the color of the Sun & moon. Those of us old enough, remember the atmosphere hole & loss of the ozone layer due to Freon back in the 70’s which is why they changed to R-12 & other substitutes. That’s when the skin cancers began, due to damage to the ozone layer which filters out UV & other sun components. But they try to hide those past discoveries from the younger generations such as finding aluminum in the brains of people with alzhiemers. All our cookware used to be aluminum as were all the sodas. Now they are finding teflon in our bodies and GMO soy (Monsanto) in breast tumors. I heard this from a radiology oncologist. I was not a patient. I’m fortunately allergic to all of Monsanto’s products & soy. The high estrogen levels in GMO soy are also affecting males according to Europe (weight gain & lethargy & energy) & was banned in Europe, Japan, even Mexico & everywhere else except US & Canada. I’ll bet they find it in prostate tumors at some point. These companies usually have their employees go online to tip the load of search engine hits to sites in their favor and changing site contents by law suits.

      The gov’t uses their power over grant & tax monies to bully people into parroting their stance on issues. In 1998, Nasa claimed a solar storm sheered the atmosphere which is leaking our atmosphere into space. That hole was already there due to ozone damage by freon 25 years earlier.

      I believe this is another diversion to mislead the public because the gov’t & politicians don’t want the public to blame them & raise hell over the pollution damaging the atmosphere & water. So they blame the sun with magnificent BS.

      W withdrew the US from agreements & international treaties to control pollution. If everyone knew the truth they would be angry. But the gov’t uses hirelings & media to divert the blame to something as a scapegoat the public cannot fix, like the sun. (or Oswald JFK) & ridicule, discredit or demean anyone who mentions pollution or environment. (Al Gore) The current Pres cancelled the remaining pollution restrictions so Industry can get rich while asthma & other respiratory problems & Cancers, etc. are at their highest rates. When everyone over 50 dies off, our knowledge of these things will be lost unless those under 50 start doing research on the things we mention while we are still around.

      Read about Monsanto & Roundup ready foods. Roundup, the weed killer made by Ortho owned by the same Pharmaceutical company where Rumsfeld was CEO. W’s Sec of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The company makes Aspartame, Nutrasweet & was only approved after years of denial by loading the FDA decision committee despite cancer ties and they also have exclusive rights to make & provide flu vaccines. Isn’t it amazing how they always know which flu vaccine to make when it takes a year to produce the vaccines. And how these designer flus always come from some Chinese street market. I have a family member who was CIA who was asked to take one of these types of packages to China. I wouldn’t let him go. I knew what they were doing. Only the bird flu didn’t come out of China because it was too far for birds to fly & falsely blame the Chinese. So they falsely blamed Canada & the birds instead.

      When an MSNBC medical consultant & administrator for largest hospital in NYC said those of his staff who got the vaccine all got the flu. Those who didn’t, did not get the flu. They cut him off mid sentence & we never heard from him again. I wonder if he was the same doctor who recently jumped from a bridge whose exwife was a well known personality for MSNBC morning shows. Which makes me wonder if he actually jumped. A meteorologist on the Weather Channel mentioned the spinning hurricane pattern over the central US around 2007. She was cut off mid sentence & never seen again.

      Meteorologists cannot report weather events unless the NWS reports them first or approves it. Otherwise they are risking their license. A meteorologist in Little Rock, Ark saw the formation of a tornado but the NWS, would not report it or give him permission to warn the local community. He did so anyway & called the local emergency office & airport. He saved many lives & airplanes but last heard the NWS was trying to revoke his license. This was in the 90’s. I don’t know the end results. But this is why the meteorologists will not speak about bizarre weather or sun position or d disagree with the NWS. They are held hostage by their licenses & the NWS.

      My mother always got the flu every year from the flu shot. My brother & I refused to get the shots & have never had the flu. A doctor on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy series who treated gov’t execs & went who hiding in Panama, said the shots were designed to destroy the immune system.

      In the case of the TV series ancient aliens, they try to discredit their findings & flood the internet & TV with magnificent BS to divert the public & attention with false data from some profound source who is dependent on gov’t grant monies. The only false pseudohistory being fed to the public is coming from the US gov’t & their university grant money minions whom have been twisting the past & history and covering the locations of missing artifacts. They even cover up hieroglyphs to hide them. The US gov’t gives out huge sums of money to buy the silence of foreign countries & their representatives.

      The Smithsonian has been hiding discoveries such as the Egyptian artifact cave in the grand canyon which was reported in a local newspaper and reports of Phoenician artifacts in other states. But Smithsonian claims ignorance of the locations of the cave of artifacts even though the newspaper article in the 1800’s clearly states their involvement and names names.

      Same as the crusades were used to steal & hide artifacts in the UK, France and Vatican archives. And the way the gov’t diverted attention from the anthrax attacks in 2001 traced to Ft Detrick Army bio lab about 30 miles north of Washington DC which was found to be the source by DNA and falsely blamed the Facility director microbiologist who would have known who was really responsible. When he left ft Detrick & got a job at Rice, the gov’t threatened their grant money if he wasn’t fired. So three weeks after he was hired, he was fired.

      I lived in Europe & visited a lot of places & saw many things. Plus being all over the US. I have not been to Egypt or Eastern Europe.

      I tried to redo my lost response in a hurry & added more so it may not be as good as I would like. I may have repeated info from other responses because I couldn’t remember which was which. I tried to include examples of gov’t pressure & efforts to cover up or divert attention & blame elsewhere. It sounds like they are filling the internet with multiple BS stories to explain the suns behavior.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 15, 2018 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

  8. This is quite possible, since we are going through a major polar shift. The sun is also a different color now, as it is bright white, and the UV rays have increased exponentially. UV readings all over the world are alarmingly intense, even in places like Denmark. Here in Southern California, plants have been burning up from the UV rays. In about six days, we will have a rare planetary line up. Historically, this type of line up has been accompanied by increased volcanic and flooding activity, which we have been having throughout the world. I think that the total solar eclipse that we had this year marked the beginning of earth changes, which we are now seeing, both on earth and in the sky. By the way. We are having a partial lunar eclipse tonight.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by coneyislandbooks — July 13, 2018 @ 10:08 am | Reply

  9. I live in rural north western PA on the Ohio border. I have noticed daylight arriving late. A newscaster in New York commented on this yesterday. He was concerned. Also songbirds have stayed around here, much longer than in previous years. They are still here. Bàsed on your measurements and the normal tilt of the earth where would your home be sitting? In the Gulf?


    Comment by Elsie Anne Bean — July 13, 2018 @ 6:11 am | Reply

    • Dallas


      Comment by mmc7 — July 13, 2018 @ 9:43 am | Reply

    • If you can, try to confirm the sunset position tonight or tomorrow. In addition to the overgrown bushes over 12 ft high, I have had cloud cover & intermittent storms since Wednesday. The sunset occurred here between 8:30-8:45 PM Central Daylight savings time. Depending on your longitude, it would be an hour later in PA. The sunset time varies based on physical locations. It is also getting hotter in the summer.

      I used to live in Wilkes Barre in the mid 70’s. I’ve lived everywhere & moved over 45 times. Before the internet, my job skills were in big demand because I was a national expert in over 65 fields. Before that, my father was military.

      However, since the internet came along, we can access the knowledge of others globally. With my health issues, plus doing something stupid like exacerbating a new injury by seriously overdoing 6 days ago, things like cutting bushes become major obstacles. Plus, the cardinals are sitting on a nest & I couldn’t cut the bushes even if I was able. So I have to confirm what I see with observations of others.

      I appreciate any info. In June, the sunset position looked like 2 notches past 10 on a clock face. It now looks like past 11 which is crazy for July & not correct to be further north after June 22nd, to be sure.


      Comment by mmc7 — July 13, 2018 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

  10. I moved recently so unable to help. However I thought the same figured was cause of the move.


    Comment by Sandra — July 13, 2018 @ 2:56 am | Reply

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