Earth's Axis has changed

September 10, 2018

9-2018 Tsunamis, Quakes & subsidence

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There have been quite a few Quakes lately. The most significant was the 8.2 in Fiji Aug 19, 2018.

Here is a link to all quakes within the past 30 days. Quakes above 6.0 should be in Red but they missed a few.

Tsunamis & Oceans in Opposition have been hitting us nearly monthly since Aug 2017, There were tsunamis in Jan, Feb & April 2018 as well.

I only learned this today. I was severely ill between Nov 2017 & June 2018 & missed a number of events. Especially without TV. Not too well since June either. So keep sending info on global events.

FYI, Sept is National Emergency Preparedness month. When I heard it on the radio, they were quite emphatic about the urgency of this. There is info on this site & about emergency kits & needs. These list suggestions about things you may not think about so print these out for reminders for things such as medicines & cell phone chargers in case you need to evacuate in a hurry.

Now we know why the shifting also caused the sun position to move farther north in July 2018 when Jun 21st should have been the longest day. All these tsunamis are clear evidence the planet is shifting & moving out of its normal position.

Contrary to the official explanations, tsunamis are NOT caused by Quakes & rarely volcanoes & landslides except over short distance like across a bay such as Alaska or Iceland in the 60’s or 70’s or Pompeii in ancient times. Tsunamis are nearly always caused by abnormal motion of the Earth such as an axis shift. The quakes are secondary & also caused by the abnormal motion disturbing the tectonic plates. However, the seismic waves travel faster than the tsunami water waves & reach the sensors first even though the quakes were secondary & not the cause. But the scientific community is too close minded to see it.

We have also had faults & giant subsidence cracks across the planet. I still maintain these occurred above the TBM tunnels turning every continent into Swiss cheese as gov’ts scramble to connect their military bases, cities, gov’t facilities & their underground shelters.

However, the abnormal motion of the planet as the axis shifts may be exerting forces to cause these cracks to open where these tunnels are being created. There are hundreds of these TBM’s as every gov’t rushes to dig their tunnels before some catastrophe occurs. Why else are they rushing? They all seem to be in a hurry.

Here are TBM images.  Also, see video below TBM link.

Here is a youtube video on 2018 tsunamis and subsidence cracks. I post this for the video images. Not their misguided opinions.





  1. small quake in haiti


    Comment by nara — October 7, 2018 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  2. very rare earthquake in western denmark


    Comment by nara — September 17, 2018 @ 7:32 pm | Reply

    • I’ve never heard of a Denmark earth quake before.

      Between the earthquakes in the ring of fire and those near the European & African coasts, it sounds like the planet is tearing apart. Southern Australia has the Australian plate moving northward. As it moves it is tearing the crust at the bottom of Australia causing the magma to mix with the water table forming Maars. Also increasing volcanic activity & seismic events in addition to the ring of fire & the new behaviors of Europe & Africa.

      On earthquake strengths, having lived in California for 13 years, anything below 5.6 can barely be noticed. Distance is also a factor. Most of us would bet on the strength of each & go back to sleep.(like the Independence Day movie) One day, I was driving when a 5.6 occurred. I pulled off for some gas & opened my hood & left the car running because I thought the engine needed tuning. I could see the engine wobbling as if the mounts were broken but felt nothing of the ground tremors as I walked around & stood by the car. As soon as I heard the radio, I understood the engines behavior. It was a 5.6 quake. If I had been lying on a bed I likely would have noticed it. But anything below a 6 was discounted as minor. Usually an aftershock. Those above 8.0 are definitely planetary movements.

      I was driving under that very section of the double decker freeway in Oakland the very day before the big 7.0 quake which collapsed on all those cars. I was there at the very same time it struck but 24 hours before the quake occurred. But the day of that quake was the Baseball World series game being played locally so I was home early that day & just started watching it when the TV channel went dead followed by a huge rolling quake 2 minutes later; which seemed it wouldn’t stop. The TV signal traveled faster than the actual quake. Each quake is different. Some are sharp jerks & jolts. Some sound like explosions. This is the only time we felt compelled to go outside. It was very difficult to walk or stand. I think 63 people were killed. The world series saved me from being under the collapsed highway. It also saved hundreds of others at rush hour which is usually packed; but there were very few cars that day because of the world series.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 18, 2018 @ 6:53 am | Reply

    • These bizarre weather conditions are very disconcerting. We know our view of the summer sun twice as far north was a month past the June 21st summer solstice and midway into July for the first time ever.

      It has one month less to make it to the Sept 23 Equinox this year but I haven’t found anyone close enough to the equator yet to confirm if it is over the equator on that date as it is supposed to be. For our sun to be a month off that indicates either our obit has changed or our planet has shifted onto its side. It would look quite normal to us except in Summer and winter. If we have a dark winter that may tell us… but it will definitely be a freezing cold winter for us. However, the Australian winter is clearly running into their spring. Their spring Sep 23 corresponds with our spring Mar 21st… so keep in mind that we have had freak snows in April. I remember one very deep snow… about a foot in mid April 2004. So by comparison, they could have such a snow into mid Oct. It is not normal but not unheard of. The fast changes between seasons I saw about Aug 31, 2008 if memory serves when the temperature dropped 45 degrees in 30 minutes here in TX.

      We seem to be losing our spring and fall seasons altogether or less than a month between summer and winter seasons. When we saw the sun above the arctic circle this past summer, over a month after the solstice should have sent the sun south again (actually the tilt was moving the visual interpretation of the sun’s position) but it did not. This is normally the result of our orbit around the sun. Somehow, it seems to be quite off. I can’t be sure until I see the star patterns next summer. Nearly every night was covered with cloudy haze last July when I realized the sun was that far off. So I didn’t see enough stars to be certain. I have to have facts before I can confirm we are tilted onto our side. But I’m not sure how to measure the orbit and distance from the sun without the multimillion dollar SOHO laser satellites or laser equipped observatories.

      Yesterday, at sunset, the entire sky was blood red. Not just the horizon but every part of the Sky & clouds in every direction. I can’t find the charger for my camera but I did use my phone camera. I’ll try to post them. I’ve never seen anything like it. I used to take hundreds of sunset pictures but none ever like this. Possibly ions from the solar geomagnetic storm.

      Sunspot, NM update:
      The FBI is now claiming they closed the observatory due to criminal activity for the safety of the town. But that is BS because they closed multiple observatories in other states such as PA & Hawaii & shut down dozens of space webcams which had nothing to do with Sunspot.

      The only criminal activity could have been someone revealing the sighting of crafts to someone outside the site. Even the head of the observatory still claims he was told nothing. I knew they would create some cover story but they can’t explain away the other closures either observatories or space web cams or my sites for that matter.

      I could come up with a great cover story for this Sunspot farce but I’m not going to say it, because they would probably use it & everyone would believe it. I don’t want to get them off the hook. I was so hoping they would land & clean house.

      One thing is for certain, the entire planet has gone crazy.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 16, 2018 @ 6:37 pm | Reply

  3. To compare Myrtle Beach, NC with the other side of the planet, here is a Perth, Australia tidal data chart you can play with the dates.

    Here is a ‘physicist’ on YT vid saying that hurricane Florence was a cover for a non-hurricane ‘ocean excess’.

    She has other vids that are interesting. She reads everything showing on the vid. Her vid #227 is really great showing incidents and proofs for some other ‘tide opposition’ events. She has a lot of concrete looking vids explaining what is going on. Please take a look and see what you think as I don’t understand physics, just the basic things. See if you think she is justifiable, especially considering a bunch of observatories have just been shut down by the FBI.


    Comment by lavender — September 15, 2018 @ 6:05 pm | Reply

    • I had written 2 responses and lost them both. I have my doubt this person is a doctor or physicist or one of those poor examples of the science community today. Or maybe a chiropractor or dentist or podiatrist at best.

      Our moon is 1/6 size of the earth and 1/6th gravity if I remember correctly. As it orbits our equator, it causes gentle ebbing of the tides except when storms increase their severity. So, for another planetary body to affect our tides, it would have to be orbiting our planet and be twice the size of our moon. You would be able to see it in orbit. If something was “passing by” our planet, it might disturb the tides as it came near but only for a short time and it would be gone again. Maybe 24-48 hours. There is certainly no rogue planetary body close enough to affect our tides and certainly not in such a localized area as she suggests. This was simply the TV station leaving up the potential tides in case the storm strengthened again. A “Better safe than sorry” situation. The storm is graded on wind speed and that can change repeatedly as a storm approaches. They didn’t want to reduce the tide warnings and having people return to their homes if the storm gained strength. They would not have been able to evacuate them again a second time.

      She was just trying to fit these events with her planet X scenario and gain more subscribers for more money. It was not. I pay for all of my sites. I don’t advertise or collect subscribers to gain money. If she was a REAL doctor of Physics…. she wouldn’t need the donations she is asking for. Like the others, she is just trying to live off of other peoples money. So she chose a subject of interest, claims to be an expert (which she is clearly not) and get people to subscribe or donate… all of which are money sources. The more viewers and subscribers… the more money they earn per hit. If she was a real doctor of physics she could afford the pitifully low costs of the internet and sites. Research is free.

      The multiple observatory closures clearly indicate there is more than one object in space crossing the path of our sun and Nasa’s reports of transitions across our moon. This tells us the objects are between us and our moon. Plus Nasa’s detection of 72 radio bursts and one recording (?) indicate the objects are of intelligent origin.

      The authorities also brought down dozens of space webcams for viewing the observatories and satellite images. They also brought down this axis site and my Mars and moon sites but did not touch any of my non aerospace sites such as Gen Patton or Laci Peterson. But the three sites I mentioned had their Server IP addresses deleted this morning and I could not access them. Clearly the gov’t is paranoid about our “Independence day” visitors. I’m sure they will come up with some great cover stories.

      When they say they didn’t contact aliens or see aliens… that doesn’t mean they did not see alien Crafts. That only means they did not see the actual aliens. I can’t think of anything else where they would shut down multiple observatories and evacuate a town except the detection of intelligent beings with whom our gov’t is not familiar unlike those at Dulce, NM and S-4, NV. (Check Blyd Bushman’s death confession and Bob Lazar… he was also genuine but the hirelings discredited him and his life was threatened. Philip Corso was also genuine as was Phil Schneider who was killed by them along with 22 of his coworkers in the same month, I think… and all were claimed as suicides. Phil was strangled from behind with his oxygen tubing and he had no fingers which had been shot off by a Dulce ET so he had no way to kill himself in this manner).

      The last thing you would do for a celestial body such as a rogue planet or asteroid, etc. would be to shut down your ability to track them from the observatories.

      They sent in the FBI which evacuated the entire town of 80 college researchers and 35 homes with black hawk helicopters. Sunspot observatory was donated to the university for solar research. It has special filters and tools for viewing the sun. SOHO is a NASA-ESA group which has several satellites and cameras for viewing the sun.

      The FBI put the university researchers on lockdown. I suspect they either told someone what they saw or were overheard intending to tell the public or reported by an insider. The gov’t has strict rules about sighting ET’s. It is in the USAF officers manual. The men climbing the towers in Sunspot were likely installing cameras and listening equipment either to track the researchers or if the researchers did attempt to make contact with a laser or radio signal, our paranoid gov’t may fear the ET’s might try to follow the signal to Sunspot.

      By closing the post office, they eliminate the researchers ability to send photos and letters, etc. Cell phones and landlines are all already recorded by the gov’t (yes, everyone, regardless who you are) but mail can slip past them. There is nothing more of a security risk than unknown ET’s. Remember, they shut down multiple observatories and dozens of space cameras. Not just Sunspot.

      Then they tried to tell everyone in San Diego that was a military exercise they saw a few nights ago. No FAA required red or green lights on the object they filmed. But they did the same thing during the Phoenix lights. The military dropped flares to keep everyone in Phoenix riveted on the flares while a genuine craft was on the other side of the mountain. They divert your attention away from the real thing or claim it was a military exercise.

      So the next time you see something that looks like a flare… check elsewhere to see if they are trying to divert your attention.


      Comment by mmc7 — September 16, 2018 @ 5:48 pm | Reply

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