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October 25, 2018

10-2018 Radioactive Pacific is dead

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I added the downwinder map & the radiation diagram at the very bottom.

The Fukushima reactor contamination has killed the Pacific Ocean. You need to see these videos. It is very important for you to know what the news never tells you and the gov’ts have lied about the contamination in the US and Canada. I have followed this since the March 11, 2011 Tsunami. I will add more videos as I find them and watch them for content. While many people place a religious angle at the very end of the videos… it was human greed and crooked politics which has caused these problems and those of us in the US, Japan and Canada need to be aware how bad it has become. I expected such behavior from W and our current leader but I was shocked that Obama allowed us to be exposed to such radiation. If it had been a Russian reactor again, our leaders would have had a fit… but a Japanese power company we have bent over backward to help them cover this up. The entire ecosystem on our planet has been destroyed.

You need to eliminate all seafood from your diet and rice as well. Also Soy and Corn for another reason due to GMO modifications. It seems the Japanese farmers in Fukushima are selling their contaminated products to the US which they would not eat themselves. The farms are surrounded by millions of bags of contaminated waste and soil which could easily leach into the farms and ocean as well. You can also bet that Canada will do whatever we do. We are being downsized in population. But I never thought I would see our ecosystem destroyed. Earth will become a dead swamp without sea life or animals or birds or people… and it looks like the leaders and elite think our planet will become unsustainable when it is shifted onto its side horizontally but we are there now and we can see it is much more survivable than any of us had perceived. But our leaders are trying to destroy the planet. The current moron blamed the wildfires on the ecological laws and not thinning the forests of dead wood. That is the same excuse W used to allow the lumber industry to clear cut national park forests. I found out that most of those fires were caused by PG&E not maintaining their gas lines and electrical transformers. There are lawsuits.

This is part of the problem with the sea life beachings and suicides we saw on my last post with the 14 videos I hope everyone watched showing the global devastation on my last Post. They were clips of those disasters without narration. The the sea birds are dying for lack of their fish they feed upon. Also millions of star fish dying in the US Canada, UK and Spain. That is two oceans… so this radiation has spread. The commercial fishermen tell us the oceans are dead. Why are our leaders allowing this destruction of all wildlife and sea life on the planet? I can’t believe those popularity polls are genuine. They must be faked for us to believe his actions are approved. Surely intelligent, educated people would know better than to agree with a low brow like that.

The second video shows the massive amounts of stored contaminants and the area for the Olympics is in the center. Who would go to the Olympics in Fukushima? Then the info about our tearing down hydroelectric dams as an excuse to build more nuclear plants. Clean power dams for deadly, waste laden nuclear plants. Don’t you believe that solar and wind power are inadequate. Wind works when solar is not available on the slightest of breeze and power is stored in batteries so you don’t need solar 24 hours per day. If all of us allowed solar panels and 1 windmill each on our homes and connected to our power supplier, they wouldn’t have to buy power and we would all have free power. All we need plus extra to sell back.

The nuclear power propaganda was so convincing during the cold war, that I actually was determined to become a nuclear physicist when I was growing up for at least 15 years. But my father was adamant against it since his brother was killed as a Sr Nuclear Scientist working on a hydrogen Bomb test. I studied the downsides of nuclear energy for decades so trust what I tell you.

Those so-called protective suits they gave to the  employees and the 60 minutes Australia crew are just paper suits. They protect against dust. Not radiation. Nor are those breathing masks any good. Those are for painting with a sprayer. Not radioactive contaminants. Even I have better protection than that with Demron suits which block alpha, beta and Gamma radiation and a CDC level 4 positive air hood for the highest level of protection. There is no reason these nuclear plants have not provided their employees with this appropriate protection. The suits are only about $550 and the hood is about $350. There is no excuse they cannot fork out the money to buy these for nuclear employees and visitors. Probably a lot less with a bulk discount. There is also a digital docimeter for about $300. They want to build these plants to stuff their pockets with gov’t subsidies and kickbacks. But those white suits are nothing but paper. I have those as well but not for radiation protection. Those are just cheap throw away suits which only cost about a dollar each. The filter masks are also those $10 masks you can buy at Lowes for construction, sawdust and paint spraying. Not a nuclear plant. A severely damaged reactor, no less.

One item on this first video which isn’t what it seems, the rising numbers on the Geiger counters were in the count modes for numbers of hits which would naturally keep getting higher for each hit of radiation including natural background radiation. It was not showing you the radiation levels as to how high the radiation was. They were showing you the numbers of counts per second. I suspect they didn’t like the actual levels so they used the counts to prove their point. Either that or they didn’t understand how to use the meters.

The  second video has a narrator but his info is important. However, Geiger counters don’t cost $6000. You can buy very good meter on Amazon for about $350 which are every bit as good as my top of the line professional Victoreen which I bought from a nuclear power plant supply company. This digital model will fit in a purse or your coat pocket to take to the store to test the produce. I did this for at least a couple years after Fukushima.



Downwinders map from 50’s Abomb tests ordered by Congress


Alpha Beta and Gamma penetration diagram





  1. giant squid found dead on california coast


    Comment by nara — August 8, 2019 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

  2. closer to ” home”
    from article : COLUMBIA, SC

    Groundwater at Westinghouse’s nuclear fuel factory on Bluff Road is contaminated with unsafe levels of radioactive material from years-old leaks that state and federal regulators only learned about in the past year.


    Comment by nara — November 10, 2018 @ 5:06 am | Reply

    • That reminds me of Kerr McGee and Karen Silkwood. She was murdered for planning to provide evidence of illegal practices at the plutonium plant in Oklahoma to a reporter and for forming a union. She was found dead in her car following a union meeting enroute to meet with a reporter and her evidence had disappeared. Just prior to her death when she wasn’t even working in the glove boxes, she stopped in to say hi to her former workmates in that department. She hadn’t touched anything in the room but set off the radiation monitors. She said someone must have spiked her urine sample from a previous exposure. They went to her house and everything she had touched was radioactive with plutonium. Someone had spiked her but they tried to claim she had done it herself. Her parents had sued Kerr McGee but they lost the first trial. However, a subsequent trial had awarded them a few million for damages and death. A famous story back in the 70’s.

      Then there was General Electric whose Hanford plant contaminated the entire Columbia river area and adjacent states which were downwind. It was terrible. The communities and farmers were having deformed children and animals from the contamination. They are still cleaning up the mess.

      The Savannah River was another one and Idaho was another contaminated site. Then there was the Simi Valley California contamination which is still contaminated today by a nuclear plant and the owners have refused to clean it up. The entire valley was being contaminated from fallout on a continuous basis from lazy a$$ morons who refused to follow safety rules. Even their own families were contaminated and they didn’t tell their own wives. Those children in the area have been fraught with cancers as have the wives.

      Then there was the radium city site from Westinghouse where the women who painted the clock numbers with radium had terrible cancers because they were forced to twirl the brushes in their mouths to make it sharp to paint the clock numbers. Westinghouse dumped a lot of radioactive radium at that site. I think it is in Illinois but I’m not sure. South Dallas was contaminated with massive amounts of lead from a battery factory. Former Conoco HQ in Kay county, OK polluted the entire south end of town in Ponca City, OK with their acres of open acetate pools and other chemicals for making gasoline. They had to buy all of the contaminated property but ended one house away from my mothers whose trees and plants were killed by the black goo bubbling up from the ground. They paid for the trees and plants but not the property. Those fumes come up through the floors of the house.

      If those people in south Carolina allow Westinghouse to get another 40 year permission to run that plant, they are nuts. They need to hire someone to test their groundwater. Especially those on wells. I can’t believe they claimed the contamination was shallow. They don’t call these heavy metals for no reason. No doubt our rotten leader who has cancelled every pollution control regulation and filtering requirements will let Westinghouse continue to pollute. Notice they always choose the areas where the education levels are low to build these plants using workers who don’t know any better other than what the owners want them to know. They convince them it is safe and don’t care that they die of cancers because they are expendable. This is why Tennesee was chosen for Oak Ridge and Oklahoma was chosen by Kerr McGee, etc. The saddest area of the country I have ever seen is West Virginia. These companies find areas to build their plants which have a population of expendable people. They used the native american indians to mine uranium ore. They weren’t informed of the dangers or given masks for dusts. I saw trainloads of Uranium ore passing through San Antonio in open top rail cars with the uranium dust blowing all over the area as they passed through each day. These are some of the worst cases which come to mind… except for the contamination at Los Alamos New Mexico where the LANL labs was dumping contaminated chemicals and waste water into the area. One was called Acid Canyon where the school was built. The children were floating toy boats in the radioactive liquid… which is still there. Both of my cousins have cancer. The only members of my family on either side whom have ever had cancer. They were raised in Los Alamos until after my uncles death when working on the atomic bomb in Enewetak. Their mother took a job at LANL but she moved her family to Santa Fe where she was raised. But not fast enough. Bladder cancer is a classic radiation exposure result. As is heart damage I found out but Leukemia and Thyroid cancers are the most prolific cancers from radiation. I also had a friend in school who was born with an indented chest and developed parathyroid cancer when he was about 22. His brother was born mentally challenged. They were both born in Guam when the Castle bravo and other Abomb tests were done in the Marshall Islands. When I told him of the radiation & fallout exposure he was angry. He wanted to blame it on the DDT trucks which sprayed us every night in Panama. That wasn’t good for you either but he and his brother, the only two born in Guam and during the worst hydrogen tests and they were the only ones afflicted out of 9 children. The rest were born elsewhere. I got the same reaction when I sent my cousin the info on the radiation exposure at Los Alamos which was documented and how the Labs had run secret experiments on the children and wives by giving them doses of radiation in their medicines or food. Whenever you mention someone was affected or exposed to radiation they get angry and go into denial. If it was me, I would want to know. You have a better chance of surviving if you know the cause of your ailments.

      Read these interviews of the victims of 3 Mile Island. An accident they covered up. Over half of the reactor fuel rods melted down and they vented unfiltered fallout ashes and radioactive gasses repeatedly into the neighborhood. It will shock you when you read the interviews on the link below taken by a Japanese University. We never would have known if not for their efforts. Nearly everyone including my friends who lived there were all dead within 10 years. From the description of the dairy farmer who lived just a few hundred feet from the reactor and some others in the vicinity, when they describe how everything was intense blue and was preceded by a hot rush of air which was thick and heavy… that was a criticality incident. I’ve been trying to get the nuclear engineers to look at their descriptions. The crew at the plant would not have seen the blue ionization of the air from their control room. Only those who lived with 3 mile island in their front yard saw the blue and were hit by the hot air. It is a scary thing to see because it often results in your death. Every one of them described the strong metallic taste in their mouth. One had 5 cats. When they came back 5 days later, the cats all had white eyes and were blinded. 4 were dead and the 5th died a couple days later, also blinded with white eyes. That is alpha radiation. The dog was in the garage with 50 lbs of dog food and 5 gallons of water and a mattress. When they came back 5 days later the dog was dead and had eaten none of the food but threw up water all over the garage. He did not have white eyes because the alpha was blocked by the garage so it was beta and most likely gamma which killed him and the doses had to exceed the human death dose of 4 Sieverts or 400 Rads per hour. A criticality event can produce 1000 rads. One woman who was a manager for a news outlet said that every reporter who had been standing and waiting in the parking lot of 3 mile island during the accident all died in their 30’s of cancers. That was on a youtube video documentary. One of the 3 mile island plant workers who had been told when he showed up for work he was not needed that day due to a reactor accident, rushed to the local gas station and filled up his tank and told the owner he was getting the hell out of there and advised him to do the same and to close all his doors and windows. There is also an interesting interview with the local vet who describes the issues with the farm animals. I highly recommend reading these 35 pages of interviews. They are really interesting.

      Click to access 090217_tmi_testament.pdf


      Comment by mmc7 — November 10, 2018 @ 8:10 am | Reply

  3. Hi can you suggest an accurate Geiger counter available to civilians? possibly for under $200?


    Comment by Deb Moffett-Hall — November 2, 2018 @ 4:55 pm | Reply

    • It depends on the use. A nuclear Geiger counter doesn’t test for Radon. They have radon detector meters specifically for that purpose but those are separate. Amazon has Geiger counters to measure nuclear radiation as low as $79. GQ has several models and one was $299 but I have never used any of these models.
      You would want to be sure it can at least detect Beta and Gamma Radiation. Or all 3 including alpha. Most only do Beta and Gamma.
      Make sure the meter has a digital readout screen on it (or analog) so you can see the numbers. I noticed some of the meters had no screen.
      You can get them with wands or without. I noticed that the cables are very short. Less than 2 feet.
      The wands need to have a sturdy exterior and not a cheap plastic which break easily. Mine are stainless steel. You won’t find that except on professional models.
      But I noticed a couple on Amazon looked quite flimsy. So be sure to read the reviews.
      The wand should also have a good cable connection which wont pull apart or constantly be coming out of the connection.
      Mine has a locking twist coax type of connector.
      My digital meter does not have a wand. It has a circle of wire screen on the bottom which you hold over the area you wish to measure.
      It will measure outside in the air but you should also test the ground if you are checking fallout.
      The screen detector on the bottom can easily become damaged if dropped or laid on something which might dent or tear the wire screen. Or handled by children or pets.
      My digital meter has limited measurement feature or options. It only reads in Rads or CPS (counts per second). But the calibration matches the Victoreen perfectly.
      My victoreen is made from heavy duty battleship steel and could almost be run over by a car except for the wand holder.
      But it is a professional model which you use near a reactor to find out if you need to run for your life.
      My digital model is a nylon plastic which could survive a drop but would shatter under pressure or weight.
      You need to find out the units or types of measurements the meter can do… Rads, Sieverts, GY’s, Roentgens, Bq’s, etc.
      Be sure to check the details of each and let me know the model and I will take another look at it
      Read the reviews of people who have bought the meter or meters you like best. They will usually report the flaws of the device.
      I find the Amazon reviews to be very helpful on the things I buy.
      Make sure the meter is capable of reading low levels as well as high. Because background radiation levels are usually very low.
      But (for example) if the meter only reads sieverts and not micro or milli-sieverts it won’t be of much use because 4 sieverts per hour are death.
      So unless you are planning on working at Fukushima, it won’t be much use. You may also want to consider some docimeter devices.
      There are very cheap ones for under $5 or expensive if you are going to be working near a radiation source for prolonged periods.
      The cheap ones can be bought in box fulls for a couple dollars each per docimeter badge.
      The expensive one is about $350 and used by someone living or working in Japan or planning to visit Chernobyl or for your emergency kit for the future.
      Dan Abrams of CNN wore one of these $350 digital docimeters while reporting in Japan during the accident.
      We don’t need them unless we live near a Nuclear power plant or for a future accident.

      The closest Nuke plant to me is 100 miles but I have Geiger counters, digital docimeter, Demron radiation suits & CDC Level 4 positive air pressure hoods with filter belts which runs on batteries. Because if some disaster damages the power grids and any of the nuclear plants lose their power source to run the cooling circulation system which had to come from another power source rather than the reactor it cools, then multiple reactors like Fukushima, Chernobyl and 3 mile island could easily happen. If I’m still alive when that occurs, I am ready. When I was rereading the interviews of 3 mile island again, I noticed a couple of them mentioned that the felt a rush of hot air and everything turned blue. Intense blue which they could not see farther than 10 feet. One kept falling down trying to go back inside the house. These people literally lived at the riverbank just a few hundred feet from the reactor. These are the signs of a criticality event. They had uncovered the core which was low on water. The core was 50% totally destroyed, melted down and missing from the core. They lied about their readings and were doing repeated releases. According to physicist Michio Kaku, all nuclear power plants do periodic venting. He described it as burping a baby. I did not know this. I thought they only vented during an accident to prevent explosion. So if you live near a nuclear plant (within 50 miles or downwind) I would definitely advise a Geiger counter and docimeter badges with emergency escape supplies ready to go. Especially if near a coastline or tornado country or hurricane areas or severe flooding zones.

      The first thing I wanted to do with my Victoreen was to test it near a nuclear plant. I finally got to do that a couple years later and was disappointed there was no radiation from the parking lot of the plant where I parked. The background radiation after the Japan accident was elevated in the US but it followed the path of the Jet stream which no longer dipped into Texas. I would have liked to have seen the readings of our northern states at the time. The reactors are no longer spewing billowing smoke or columns of radioactive steam into the upper atmosphere but the radiation levels outside the plant reactors has increased to over 600 sieverts (which you may remember I said 4 sieverts is death). This is more than it had after the accident. The reactor fuel has burned through the bottom of the reactor core housing and the radioactive water is massively leaking below the containment building and is running under the site, into the ground water and back into the sea. I posted the link to a youtube video on one of my comments to the video of Fukushima trying to find the leaking water problem.

      Neither of my Geiger counters are on Amazon but I will paste the Amazon link to a page full of Geiger counters for you to look at. After you choose some you like best and have checked out the details and read the reviews, let me know which ones you like and I will check them out for problems and features. I will also include a link to a site which allows you to convert the level formats from one to another. They keep changing the units of measure to purposely confuse the public.

      I made the mistake of leaving the batteries in my Victoreen for years and they literally ate through the flimsy battery holder inside. The one weak point. But I finally went to Radio shack and bought a new battery holder and replaced the damaged one.

      Victoreen was always considered top of the line but I bought mine 35 years ago from a nuclear supply company which supplied high end devices for nuclear power plants. My meter has a Pan head wand which cost extra but that was over $1000 back then so I imagine those meters cost 3 times that amount by now. It also included a grain of plutonium taped on the side for calibration and the meter has numerous adjustable readouts in a variety of measurement formats. The PU is very dangerous because it only takes one grain inhaled or ingested to cook you from the inside and eventually cause serious damage to your body. It is the worst possible radioactive element. So if you have pets or kids or a spouse who does not listen to advice, you would want to make sure the meter does not include PU. I doubt any of the meters on Amazon will have it unless they are well over $1000. I bought it just after Chernobyl. I wanted to make sure we weren’t getting fallout in California at the time. They don’t usually sell something like that to the public. Digital meters usually don’t need to be calibrated. The Victoreen is a professional model which is rarely used by someone not in the business. I bought the digital model as a backup because it is portable but I didn’t take enough time to find out the measurement options were severely limited unlike the victoreen. So I was surprised when it did not have a wand… I didn’t realize they now make them without wands which are needed if you plan to go prospecting or checking specific items. It does the job fine but I would have liked to have had more features. So let me know which ones you like best.


      Comment by mmc7 — November 2, 2018 @ 9:17 pm | Reply

  4. check this out, what do you think?
    Oct 13, 2018
    The Nuclear Scare Scam
    Nuclear physicist Galen Winsor spent 35 years of his life processing polonium from nuclear reactor sites. He lectures on the subject, Nuclear Energy. He worked on the Manhattan Project, in Hanford Washington, and every major reactor plant. He is the foremost expert on nuclear radiation and is recognized by the Nuclear Atomic Energy Commission in every country of the world.
    “radioactivity is the hoax.. the polonium chip is heavy metal.. ..its toxic, all heavy metals are. Outside the body these particles cause little damage because they cannot travel very far and they can even be stopped by something as thin as a sheet of paper.”


    Comment by Mai Zimbleman — October 28, 2018 @ 1:34 am | Reply

    • Either he is senile or quoted out of context or is being paid to spew propaganda.
      For the intents and purposes of nuclear radiation, there are 3 types: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Anyone from the cold war era can usually quote the characteristics of each. Most nuclear bombs produce all three. Only Alpha is blocked by paper. Beta by aluminum or dense wood and Gamma (as I remember) requires an inch of lead, a foot of concrete or 6 ft of soil to block it. There is also a fabric called Demron which blocks Gamma to some extent. I have 2 of those suits. They used to be $500 when they first opened business. I was one of their first customers. But now they are almost $3000 each. Radiation travels in straight lines and doesn’t bend around corners. So for anyone to imply that all radiation can be blocked by paper is either a deliberate deception or a case of mental breakdown.

      Polonium is uniquely a high alpha emitter with a tiny single spike of Gamma which is virtually unreadable. It is self heating to over 900F degrees which is why they use it on Mars rovers and other space devices to prevent them from locking up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the Hubble to keep the gyros warm. That is only speculation.

      However, Polonium can only be produced in a nuclear reactor and I just read where every country except Russia quit producing Polonium in 2000 except the Russians… although our gov’t also says a lot of things which are untrue. It costs 10’s of millions to produce just a tiny amount like a gram which is enough to kill 20,000 people. The polonium slug of metal further required the FSB lab to convert it into a liquid form.

      It also readily converts to an airborne form which makes it dangerous to handle. It is so dangerous with its extreme alpha emission that normal alpha blockers often don’t work and special glove boxes inside other boxes have to be used. And with the half life of 134 days it cannot be stored.

      It indicates that the executioners of Litvenenko had no idea how to handle it. Just the opening of the stopper on the vial was enough to spread the contamination. The resulting traces indicated it was sprayed into his tea. As a former Russian spy, Litvenenko should have known better than to eat or drink anything when meeting with other Russians or intelligence agents since he was a defector and a constant target. Especially when he publicly called Putin a pedophile. Even if he was, it wasn’t a smart thing to say in his position especially after his friend had recently been murdered.

      I was also disturbed when I read polonium was tied to methylcobalamin which I immediately recognized as Vitamin B 12 shots… the alternative form which does not come from Cyanide. But well over $430 for a single vial while the cyanide version of B12 is only about $20.

      They neglected to mention that this same polonium specialist was responsible for killing 5 people at the Manhattan Dayton Project by injecting 4 patients and orally feeding a 5th patient with Polonium in 1947 just so they could compare human autopsies to those of lab animals. He is a murderer which our gov’t condoned. His specialty was Polonium. They did the same with Plutonium and 9 other patients. But they didn’t die quite as horrifically as the patients who were killed with Polonium.

      The reason Polonium was chosen is because it could be carried undetectable in glass through airport scanners inside a non metallic covering to block the alpha. Only Putin could have ordered the removal of polonium from their high security reactors in a closed town. Our Presidents have done the same thing such as Eisenhower approving the use of Mercuperia from Oak Ridge Labs on General Patton when Ike was Chief of the Joint chiefs. That’s not speculation. I have Patton’s hospital records and it shows the Mercuperia on his last day when he died. Patton’s comments indicated he knew they were killing him that day. They were preventing his family from taking Patton home and the indications he was recovering from his paralysis. Like Litvenenko, Patton didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and had told Bedell Smith that he planned to stop Ike from running for President when he returned home by going public against him (3 days before he was to leave).
      Link to my Patton site

      However, the difference was the slow, torturous death of Litvenenko and the contamination of thousands as his killers left a trail everywhere they went. Polonium exudes through the sweat glands. But since alpha cannot penetrate skin, they could not read it with a normal Geiger counter and doctors missed it until a nuclear lab doctor from the cold war recognized the scan of the samples they were sent as Polonium. They needed a meter which could detect the single low gamma spike which only the US had, so the FBI had to help the UK trace it.

      But for this scientist to claim radiation is a hoax he has to be in an advanced stage of dementia to be willing to utter such falsehoods and risk his reputation. I don’t think money would be enough for him to go to that extreme.

      Only Polonium is an “alpha only” emitter. The other radioactive materials are not alpha only although radium and radon which emit all three are also high alpha emitters.

      But if anyone wants to believe such a blatant lie, I welcome them to wrap themselves in a sheet of paper if they should have the misfortune of being subjected to a radiation accident or attack.

      Instead of giving kooks like him or other untrue ideas (such as being safe to eat seafood which contain radioactive contaminants) any more space on this site which confuses people whether it is reality or fantasy, we need to focus on things that concern our welfare which are honest, factual and true. I’m trying to help people, not confuse them with gov’t hoaxes. This planet has enough problems without bad science making it worse. I don’t care if 500 websites, 200 scientists and the President all tell someone it is safe to eat seafood contaminated with radioactive materials such as cesium 137 & 134 from Fukushima… I’m telling you it is NOT safe to eat. You’ll hear nothing false from me.

      If there are any questions on the validity of what I maintain, just look at the sun on the summer solstice and watch those 14 videos on my previous post where you can see the planet tearing itself apart and check out any links or videos I post or reputable links of your choice for confirmation. If anyone decides to wrap themselves in paper during a nuclear event, be sure to send me a video. I’d like to show everyone what not to do and what happens if you do.



      Comment by mmc7 — October 28, 2018 @ 3:27 pm | Reply

  5. Potassium iodide suggested to counteract high level exposures – suggestions for use? Source of high quality product? Dose?


    Comment by D — October 27, 2018 @ 11:37 pm | Reply

    • No. It only helps prevent the thyroid from absorbing Radioactive iodides. Worse for young children. It does nothing for the rest of the body or exposure. If you live near a nuclear reactor, you should have Iodine tablets to take in an emergency to protect your thyroid. The children of Chernobyl did not get any tablets so they had hundreds of children with thyroid cancer.

      You can get them on Amazon. I have them. But these accidents or released gasses are usually covered up by the reactor company or gov’t unless witnessed by the public like Japan. So by the time you learn about the danger, it is too late. 3 mile island and Chernobyl waited 2-3 days before alerting residents. But the tablets are inexpensive & a good thing for an emergency kit.

      Read the online instructions. These only protect the thyroid AFTER a nuclear accident occurs. Taking them beforehand will do nothing to protect you. Nor will taking more. They only last 24 hours. See instructions on the product page below.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 28, 2018 @ 1:02 am | Reply

  6. as the old saying goes : ” you have seen nothing yet ” in case you have missed this article ; here’s what the headline says

    Environmental authorities in Japan are planning to flush over one million tons of radioactive water into the ocean after running out of space to contain it, according to a report Tuesday from the Daily Telegraph.


    Comment by nara — October 27, 2018 @ 1:46 pm | Reply

  7. Thank You For This Post. It Seems “De ad Night” are de pop ula ti ng the pla net. So horrible to hate self and those whom are like self. Light does not depopulate be it night or day. That is why I was so perplexed why Americans vote in lesser of two evils. Anyway, I have been Powerless. I try to warn the people but unfortunately It seems “The World” is on A Suicide Mission by remaining nonbelievers. Gods calling has been Purposefully Wasted, Blo cked.


    Comment by hikinore — October 26, 2018 @ 9:47 pm | Reply

  8. I wont comment on the radiation video, but I will comment on the effects of Tritium, Tritium is a very unusual electrolite in that tthe human body will process it as water but a concentration of 1/3rd parts per liter will kill whatever ingests it since it blocks bilological electrolysis in a living cell. The beta emission is not going to be a factor in mass surface die offs, it is too slow and most of the foodchain depends on short life and massive reproduction rates from the South Pole via anchovies migrating north.

    The ElNinio years have been back to back 2014-2016 and this year so only 2011 -13 and last year 2017 has the life in the North Pacific not been stressed by temperature. The salmon catch rose for 2 years post 2012 to record levels in the Pacific after ocean seeding with iron by Russ George the plankton and alge blooms caused catches of 272 milion tonnes to occur, one of the odd things about this is that the rapid lifespan of plankton in the open ocean means any radioisotopes are locked in the snow of dead organisms and this rains down onto the sea floor which in the pacific is 2 – 5 miles or more deep, locking any radioisotopes into the pacific perhaps pernamently as far as we are concerned.

    The sea is not ‘dead’ the pacific is effectively a desert ocean to begin with since most life lives in the first few meters of cold water near a nutrient source where there is sunlight at a coast of which there is not very much. Anything further down is an extremeophile territory depending on energy sources such as methane in an entirely different food web and exposed to radiation levels which make your geiger counter readings look daft, the entire pacific ring of fire sealife is natrually exposed to vast amounts of natural radionuclides from vulcanism. What they dont get is mostly Tritium water which will suffocate any organism. The fact is this has been deliberately withheld from the public, you could have had mitigation by ocean seeding which would effectively have ended the ‘crisis’ and that tritium would be quite safe if stored as ice in Antarctica, with a half life of 12 years it becomes half the problem it was very quickly,

    The best solution to such problems of course is not to have them in the first place. .


    Comment by David Kendrick — October 26, 2018 @ 1:41 pm | Reply

    • When I hear commercial fishermen talking about the Pacific being dead and we see the videos of massive numbers of sea life beaching itself in group suicides and mass fish, turtle and star fish die offs plus the dead birds, I become very disturbed. There were millions of dead starfish on the west coast as well as the UK and Spain. The numbers of dead in those 14 videos on my second to last post were staggering. Those 14 videos were monthly records of cataclysms and global upheavals and animal die offs which are under the youtube series 2018 is Strange, contain the footage of these events. No narration. Just videos of global upheavals as the planet tears itself apart. I can only assume the shifting of the planet and interaction with the moon’s gravitational field as each shift disturbs the lunar orbit.

      If you get a chance, watch them. I only post videos which have reliable information which can be verified by other reliable sources. That series was a rare find because they document all the upheavals which indicate a planetary meltdown beyond anything I could imagine. The series was partially filmed by a professional cameraman who specializes in global disasters. I endeavored to list the highlights under each video so they can be selected for content of interest. I knew some of these incidents but I was stunned by the sheer extent of the cataclysms. Jim Berkland was also a strong believer in the behavior of animals just prior to a major catastrophe and the effects of the moon’s gravitational pull upon the earth, especially when it is at its closest orbital position.

      Cesium is also mistaken for potassium by plants like coconuts and bananas. Strontium gets into the milk by the dairy cows eating hay and grass which has been dusted with fallout. We are past the strontium danger now that the billowing reactor plumes have ended. Strontium has a 90 day effect on the milk. Cesium is the main issue of seafood contamination and crops. Tuna off the coast of San Diego has been testing positive for cesium since Aug 2011 (5 months after the tsunami).

      The most important issue I thought everyone should see on the radiation videos was the massive amounts of contaminants they are storing in the midst of the seacoast, food crops and the Olympics. I was also troubled by the fact that the US is buying the foods from that region. Even the farmers on the video said they would not eat their own crops. The one video had the narrator talking throughout but I felt the photos of the massive amounts of contaminated soil stored in the area should be known and seen by everyone since it is a public health hazard. I never would have known what those areas contained if I had not encountered those last two videos.

      It is also important to be aware of why we should check the origin of our foods and not to eat any seafood from the Pacific and quite possibly from any ocean or fish farm. The starfish die off in the UK is the same as the US west coast. It leads me to believe the contamination has spread across the arctic ocean to the north atlantic. The contaminants are from 3 exposed reactors. One of the reactors was using plutonium fuel. Plutonium catches fire when wet. It is the worst, most deadly radiological element. Just a single grain smaller than a grain of sand inhaled or ingested is a death sentence as it continues to cook from the inside. In the lungs it becomes americium… which incidentally is the content of the gases used by hospitals to obtain images of the lungs. They insist the half life of their americium gas is only a couple days… but still, since it is a byproduct of plutonium…

      That doesn’t quite match with the americium they found in the lungs of Karen Silkwood after she was contaminated by corworkers. The gov’t was giving out false info after the Fukushima disaster and the media was playing along. The public has to have some alternate source of info on things like this. I have recently been endeavoring to find videos and sites which provide honest reports of any issues which affect the planet and its life forms. I just don’t understand why our leaders are allowing the planet to be destroyed.


      Comment by mmc7 — October 27, 2018 @ 3:04 am | Reply

      • Mitigation by sea fertilisation only ensures the Pacifics existing Phytoplankton lock into their cells said Caesium/Strontium, Zooplankton would consume the Phytoplankton and either die or be consumed by predators further up the food web, at the moment the pollution plume reaches clear across the Pacific, this ends with mitigation by seeding because the biota will lock the radionuclides within as essential minerals, which will hasten their demise, again falling as marine snow. The effects of the plume slowly move westward to a point of stability in the Western Pacific where 100% of the radionuclides are consumed. This does not mean Fish Birds etc are safe, it just means the effects will be diluted as at the moment scarce food web biota are comusmed 100% contaminated wheras with seeding the same radionuclides are spread across a vast sea of bitoa diluting the effects and the effects on the predators where natural death will occur before the effects of radiation. This does not mean at this time cod etc are safe, they will become so if something is done in about 20 years in the Eastern Pacific. Stuff from Japan will always be unsafe to eat, its the price of a bit of terrorism, denial and really bad decision making. If you were going to build reactors anywhere you would be better off removing the population of the UK and building over the country in them, I live in an Earthquake, Volcano, Tsunami free part of the world.with plenty of coolant. I am not particularly worried about contamination other than Tritium making its way into the Atlantic for the same reason, it all gets locked into Phytoplankton on the way here, our stuff is local from French, British Russian dumping resulting in the London Convention of 1972 and our coasts down to the shelf are dotted with barrels of nuclear waste from nuclear programmes Sellafield reprocessing and La Hague in France which pollutes the channel. Out of sight out of mind.


        Comment by David Kendrick — October 27, 2018 @ 11:57 am

      • If I’m not mistaken, Sellafield is the nuclear plant which caught on fire. It was an air cooled reactor instead of water. They said it polluted the area downwind and it was shut down for years but they decided to restart it again.

        That certainly didn’t work that way for all the Tuna and Salmon off the California coast which tested positive for cesium contamination since Aug 2011 to present. Not just one cesium isotope but both Cesium 137 and 134. The 137 is 30 years and the 134 is only 2.2 halflives which confirms Fukushima as the source. But they can word some of these articles to make you think the hazard is low, based on the 134 but avoid mentioning the 137 which is the real danger & 30 times higher than before 2011.

        The Plutonium reactor at Fukushima was spewing burning plutonium fires into the upper atmosphere. Several articles said the scientists discovered they were wrong about the dilution theory about plankton and fish when they tested these Tuna and found 2 different cesiums from the reactors. Some of these articles were trying to claim it was ok to eat the fish with high levels of cesium. Some mentioned the levels were 30 times higher than before the accident and said it was under the NEW gov’t standards for safe levels.

        The gov’t did that same changing of new radiation exposure level standards to higher and higher safe levels in the 50’s as the soldiers were subjected to higher radiation exposures. The UK gov’t may not do this but our US gov’t does. If their mouths are moving they are lying. There is a movie called Nightbreaker about this very subject. A true story about the soldiers who were pointlessly exposed to absurd levels of radiation which the gov’t kept raising the safe limits and then denied them veterans medical coverage or disability for the radiation damages to their bodies and those of their children in some cases. The Army simply swept the radioactive dust off of the soldiers with a broom and handed out free cigarettes then raised their safe radiation limits. Of course, the British gov’t has the deaths of the Australia natives on their hands as seen in the film Ground Zero

        This also reminds me of Monsanto trying to convince us that it was ok to eat roundup ready foods (GMO soy& corn) which contain the herbicide Roundup which is made by the pesticide company which Monsanto owns. Not only is round up used on their GMO soy and corn, it was found in the breast tumors of women & has been banned in Europe because the high levels of estrogen were feminizing the men. And banned in nearly every other G20 country except the US & Canada. When Mexico bans something it has to really be bad. Cesium will be next. Some articles said it was very high levels of cesium in the fish and others said very low levels… so guess which ones are on their gov’t payroll to make sure the public doesn’t boycott the foods. They just keep raising the limit as to what is safe and according to some of the articles these are NEW standards set just for the Japan reactors contaminating levels. If anyone believes the fish are safe to eat we can probably find an old bridge to sell you.

        Nothing is worse than Plutonium. Only an inhaled or ingested speck would cause cancer. Just ask the 300 sailors on our aircraft carrier who were exposed. They were trapped out at sea for over 9 months because none of the ports would allow them to dock due to the fallout despite their using special flushing systems and manual scrubbing to remove the fallout. Finally, Thailand allowed them to dock but look at the photos and read about their cancers in their 20’s. The fallout actually came down as snow and they were catching the snow in their mouths because no one told them about the reactors and they were unaware they were in a fallout plume. They were denied Veterans medical as well. Our gov’t can’t admit to any Coverup. Although I was wondering why their radiation detectors didn’t go off since they were a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Surely our Navy vessels are equipped with radiation detectors

        As I said they first started finding Tuna off the coast of San Diego just 5 months after the accident and continue to find more irradiated fish to this day… although most of of the fish in the northern Pacific are dead according to the commercial fishermen and the scientists who are testing the sea life. The radiation is not dissipating. They keep dumping more. Plutonium will convert to americium in the lungs but that is not a good sign. That only tells them how much you inhaled. The rest usually deposits in the bones and causes leukemia and aplastic anemia. It lodges in your body for life. The half life of Plutonium is something like 200,000 years.

        I wouldn’t recommend listening to any documentaries on the subject. The gov’ts are all on a pro nuke kick so they will go to extremes to convince the public there is nothing to fear and lie about the seafood being safe to eat. There are no algae plumes on the West coast of the US where all those starfish died. The Algae is near Florida. If you watch those videos of the monthly global events you will see hundreds of dead turtles, millions of starfish, sea birds, massive schools of fish, whales, dolphins and manatees beaching themselves by the thousands. This is no small event. This is happening on the West Coast of the US, Mexico, Australia, UK, Spain, south America and other locales. I watched all 14 videos on my second to last post which showed the locations and months when all these occurred this past year. They can be confirmed by international news reports. Just seeing the scope of these events is quite overwhelming. Perhaps the British gov’t has convinced its population that the fallout and contaminated water at 300 million tons per day are safe and you are welcome to eat all the seafood you want… but this is no algae or virus. When you see millions of fish and bird and starfish deaths and mass suicides of the Whales and dolphins, it is shocking of the total breakdown of our ecosystem. People’s lives & health are at risk. I won’t have someone telling them otherwise. at least not on this site. The axis shift is part of it but we will all be facing starvation in just a few years… not to forget the losses of dozens of lakes and rivers disappearing down sink holes. I’ve watched the local farmer lose his crops every year as the UV & heat destroy his crops. Only one viable crop since 2004.

        Back in 2009 the gov’t and the UN said we would be facing catastrophic shortages of food and water world wide. Our coasts are in danger of flooding and our water sources may also become contaminated by sea water. If we lose the power grids, all of our nuclear plants across the world could end up like Fukushima because they depend on a second power source to run the cooling system for the reactors and the depleted fuel rods. We could be wiped out from a domino effect where there is one failure after another following a catastrophic storm or geological event. The gov’t and UN stated 2020 as the year for global shortages and breakdown of our planet being unable to sustain us. That was their words, not mine. I never posted these because I did not want to be a scare site. But I did list the news articles on my other site. However most of the news links no longer work. Only the titles remain. Incidentally, 2020 was my estimate based on the way the gov’t was rushing to complete their shelters and tunnels. When we had the 2015 wobble reversion, I moved it up to 2026 but when we shifted back this year and the sun was over the arctic with heatwaves in the arctic circle, I returned to my original 2020 date. I don’t think the shift will do us in. It will be the loss of infrastructure, food, water, medicine, electricity, jobs, etc. and the global weather and storms which will be the end of us. But there is no sense in adding irradiated seafood to our problems.

        I’ve including the link for those 300 sailors with cancer and I have included a second link to the interviews with the people who lived in the path of 3 mile island and how the repeated radiation releases affected them. Radiation is deadly & horrifically detrimental to our health. I want everyone to hear it from those who were exposed. I had friends who lived within sight of 3 mile island. The wife died of Leukemia and the husband got early onset Alzheimers and died from a hemorrhagic stroke, both less than 10 years after the 3 mile island accident. They had canvassed their neighborhood within 2 blocks of their house and found 42 other cases of Leukemia. The local cancer center had 600 cases of leukemia. The victims who sued were court ordered to silence about their health issues if they accepted the money the power company paid. About $25,000,000 for about 2000 people in the law suit. There were thousands more who were not in the law suit or were dead or too ill to fight. My friends were not part of the law suit. Thus, nobody knows about the radiation releases from 3MI and the devastating effect on the population there. They even managed to snow Pres Carter who had been a nuclear tech in the Navy with faked or missing data. These people were told by our gov’t there was no danger & swept them under the carpet. I’m including the link to those interviews. It is quite harrowing to read. The metallic taste, the white hair or pet fur from fallout, the blinded & dead pets outside, the thyroid cancers, etc are all clear evidence of exposure to fallout and radioactive gasses.

        The radioactive materials don’t dilute in seafood any more than they do in a human regardless of the info they may be selling to the public. Radioactive contamination should never be taken lightly and certainly not consumed. I question the motives of anyone who says otherwise. It does not pass through the body like food. It lodges in bones, exoskeletons and organs and continues to internally cook the person, animal or fish for a lifetime. Cesium 137 has a 30 year halflife. Its whole life is as long as ours. That accounts for 2 of the reactors and what they have been finding in the fish off of the California coast since 2011. But one of those reactors used Plutonium which catches fire when wet. It burned for over a year and a half because they couldn’t use water on it which would make it burn more. From those plumes of plutonium smoke which rose into the uppermost atmosphere, the burning embers of the particles were seen in Japan and California falling from the sky like burning snow flakes or embers from a campfire except deadly.

        In crustacean creatures like Shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters, and bottom feeding fish it is much worse. The highest levels on the Pacific coast of the US are in Tuna and Salmon. They are the worst but not the only seafood affected. Inside the body whether human or fish, the alpha and Beta particles don’t read through the bones, muscles and skin on a Geiger counter. Only the gamma picks up from internal contamination. So a fish can be teaming with alpha and beta and scan normal if there is no gamma. I have two Geiger counters. A top of the line Victoreen with a pan head which I bought in the 1980’s from a nuclear power supply company. The second meter is digital which I bought in 2011. I also have a field strength meter and a variety of other unrelated science and medical research equipment. I don’t guess.

        However, I will have to get a new telescope since I broke the legs and support structure off of the one I currently have. I have my eye on an automated telescope which does all the star tracking and can be remotely controlled to allow me to place it outside while I remain inside watching on the computer with remote controls. You may have to help me pick it out since I am not an astronomer by any sense of the imagination. I know the constellation layouts but that is about as far as a telescope goes. But it will be a while before I can afford the $1200 price tag.

        I’m hoping you can help us keep track of the moon as well. Lunar orbits are also outside my expertise.

        US Sailors contaminated (Highly recommended)

        3 mile island victim interviews of their exposure (Highly recommended)

        Click to access 090217_tmi_testament.pdf

        This has a list of the 2020 shortages articles. Most links no longer work but the title remains.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 28, 2018 @ 12:47 am

      • I am not claiming dilution, I am claiming that the death of those organisms which ingest radionuclides will naturally lock those elements into the sediments, their species will survive as long as they breed faster than they expire and ocean seeding provides sufficient prey for a population explosion, like it or not especially if not, life on earth has evolved around a strategy of breed fast and die young and a natural death is usually to be eaten by another critter. I am not worried, life will not go extinct,this event only affects the top of the food web, i.e. humans who caused the event and we are replaceable, and currently the technology has become available to de-extinct species and/or make artificial ones we also have the back programes which are 30 years ahead, I am quite satisfied that the means of removing the foot also existed in that at any time nuclear weaponry could have been used to vaporise the reactor remains and bury the area under a magma plume. Japan would have had to be evacuated and most of the land covered in poly sheet but it was which point there would have not been an infinite release of radiation, the plume would have fell for several hundred miles into the sea but the main point is it could have been locked into sediment there and while it is dust it is not undergoing fission. I dont do Woe is me I do understand that doing nothing like this is Japans revenge on those it blames for the event, which is everyone else. Our top brass have had the ability to stop this from the get go.


        Comment by David Kendrick — October 28, 2018 @ 2:09 pm

      • Unfortunately, a news crew went out on a boat with scientists in Japan and tested the waters and the sea life at the bottom of the ocean near Japan… there was no bottom life in the sea. It is gone and the fact that the tuna which swam 6000 miles to the US from Japan was still contaminated means it is not locked in the sediment. Every type of fish they have tested off the coast of California has been positive for Fukushima contamination. The commercial fishermen said they traveled from Japan to the US and the entire ocean which had been teeming with fish all their lives… was gone. They said the entire Pacific was an eerie dead zone. The videos I watched which were made on the fishing boats showed how they were down to less than a dozen catch when their past catches had been in the hundreds.

        When I lived in California, we used to go to Bodega Bay (where Hitchcock filmed The Birds) and buy albacore tuna right off the fishing boats. Their holds were filled with hundreds of Albacore on ice weighing about 30 lbs each. They sold it at $1 per pound. We used to can the albacore at home. About 3 Albacore each time (90 lbs). That was 35 years ago. The tuna boats are now nearly empty.

        There are several excellent documentaries about the commercial fishing after Fukushima on youtube. They also had interviews with the farmers in Fukushima who said the US was buying their products which they would not eat themselves.

        These greedy politician bast@#ds have destroyed an entire ocean and are further trying to depopulate the excess people by feeding them bad food, bad medicines and bad water. From my high school where there were over 3000 students, only 5 of us are alive. The others all died in their early to mid 50’s. Nearly all from cancer. Our area was one of the high fallout zones from the Nevada Test Site. The only reason I survived because I only lived there a few years and long after the bomb tests had ended. I pasted a downwinder map below. I’m not sure it will come out.

        The planet is becoming unsustainable and from what I saw of the unstable geological upheavals and mass die offs of animals, seafood and ecosystems just during the past 14 months, we only have a couple years left. I see things in a big picture mode. Our planet may begin to recover in 30 or 40 years after we are all dead but only if there are enough wildlife and fish left to breed and if the habitats are not too polluted to support that life. I’m not sure they will survive that long. We will end up like on the films Wall-E or Idiocrasy with a dead swamp instead of a thriving ocean and a junkyard without people.

        I still stand by my statement. Don’t eat the seafood. I originally meant the Pacific seafood but I now include any seafood from any source because the contamination has spread to other oceans and even the fish farms were dusted with fallout after having seen what the ocean bottoms look like now and the severe lack of fish and sea life. But more importantly are the mass fish, starfish and turtle die offs and suicides by thousands of whales, dolphins and other lifeforms.

        So I now expand my warning. Don’t eat any seafood from any source. And don’t eat Coconuts or Bananas and other fruits from a contaminated area due to their uptake of radioactive cesium 137. Nor foods from Japan.

        Here is the downwinder map which was commissioned by Congress.



        Comment by mmc7 — October 28, 2018 @ 4:29 pm

      • All i can say is, if the sealife is dead, just reseed after pounding the fuel into radioactive dust and when the fallout drops on the pacific bind the plutonium with silicate on the seafloor, then layer with anything at all such as builders rubble. There is an ancient Roman cement which sets underwater you could bind the cap layer with. Remember everything is on a one way trip under the mantle in the Pacific, if you encase the factor prior to detonaton in sufficient water such as an artificial iceberg cap you get a spray dome and much reduced blast, all the nasties wll drop in the local region downwind. I do doubt all the sealife is ‘dead’ or we would not be having this conversation on not eating any. What will happen post detonation is radioactive pollution equal to everything in the storage ponds plus the foot which will have to be absorbed by pre seeded phytoplankton in nutrient enriched water. Radiation is only purged from the environment by being absorbed by living organisms sometimes killing them and ending up as sediments. Just keep seeding and fertilisation until radiation drops which may take 200 or so years or everyone evacuate s earth, whichever comes soonest. We are in an Asimov or phillip k dick scenario.


        Comment by David Kendrick — October 29, 2018 @ 12:21 pm

      • Here is the link to the video documentary about the Windscale nuclear plant fire accident and the local contamination in the UK which was Britain’s plutonium production site. Air cooled reactors which did not produce any electricity. These reactors were for plutonium production only. Windscale has since been renamed Sellafield. If someone has a nuclear accident or fire… they can just rename it and hope it goes away.
        (These details are for those in other countries who may not be familiar with Windscale.)

        This video also shows people just how tiny these microscope specks of plutonium & other radioactive particles are & how easy they are to inhale or ingest without knowing it.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 29, 2018 @ 7:01 pm

      • I just found an excellent video on Fukushima which I haven’t seen before. It is the first to mention tritium contamination. It is a technical documentary on the issues of a radioactive water leak & radiation levels above 600 siverts (4 Siverts is death within an hour). It also shows the rates of continuing spread to the sea & into the ground water.
        Here is the link on the Fukushima Documentary.

        For those who don’t know, there is a movie called Fat man & little boy which shows what it looks like to be hit with all 3 radiations at death levels which a scientist named Louis Slotkin experienced when he grabbed the demon core to keep it from going critical & killing everyone. It was called Demon core because it caused 2 deadly accidents. Harry Daghlian was the first to die from the same core. It is basically like being literally cooked inside a microwave at those lethal levels of alpha, beta & gamma. Alpha causes severe sunburn type burns & blistering. They learned radiation also damages the heart. There are many scenarios depending on the dose, type of radiation, type of exposure, element type, etc. The other observers who were most affected all died about 20 years later of classic radiation issues. (leukemia, aplastic Anemia, etc).

        I just learned my uncles boss was responsible for the exposure of the troops to the bomb tests & was reckless & dismissive about radiation safety. My uncle a Sr Scientist for LANL was killed while working on the bomb test equipment, so his boss’s attitude is disconcerting.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 30, 2018 @ 5:08 pm

      • Sorry I was trying to read & respond to 3 different people at the same time, while reading 3 mile island interviews & watching a TMI documentary as well. Multitasking. I recommend the video on 3 mile Island called Fatal Fallout narrated by physicist Michio Kaku. It is recorded in 9 ten minute videos. Youtube used to limit us to 10 minutes for videos so movies had to be broken into 10 minute segments. It is set up for auto play so it automatically goes to the next part & is barely noticeable.

        Michio was always one of the best scientists. I had always liked him. But a few years ago he became a gov’t mouthpiece like the other scientists. They are usually blackmailed with their jobs or salaries or dirt to hold over their heads or threats on their family like they did to Ross Perot. I lost faith in him when he went to the dark side spewing their propaganda. But when Japans nuclear reactors began hemorrhaging contamination, he came back into the light again. Since I have no TV, I don’t know if he went back to the darkside after the 2011 tsunami. But in this 3 mile island video made before the 2011 tsunami, he is really taking on 3 mile island & the coverups & health effects of victims who were exposed to high levels of radioactive gasses secretly & repeatedly vented without reporting it for 2 or 3 years after the core melted down.

        I learned something new & disturbing from Michio who is a nuclear physicist thus he would know. Apparently, All nuclear power plants do periodic venting of gasses on a continuing basis when gasses build up. He referred to it as burping a baby. I did not know this. I thought the gasses were only an issue they vented when the core overheats due to issues with the graphite control rods or cooling system water issues. They don’t have to report it if they claim the venting radiation levels were below maximum standards. 3 mile island were the guys who altered their data & hid a core meltdown from the president who was a former nuclear engineer in the Navy and was on site in person.

        I couldn’t believe they were so stupid to shutdown both water pumps when the core was in alarm for low water in the first place. Then they couldn’t figure it out when the entire system went nuts. Any idiot or 8 year old could have figured that out. If alarms increase, turn water pumps back on. Duh! Homer Simpson. Both Chernobyl & 3MI were caused by fools shutting off the water. That was shown on the second video below.

        That was one heck of a shell game they played. But the NRC was clearly crooked. I suspect they received huge kickbacks to keep quiet & lied to the President & Governor. If we stopped paying those billions in subsidies which the plant owners pocket, they would stop building Nuclear power plants. We had shut them down for 30 years until just before Japan occurred & they planned numerous unnecessary plants under Obama which is why they are lying about radiation. They want the money. Billions of free money per plant.

        And I was right about the gov’t increasing radiation safe levels & food safety limits after Fukushima to allow shockingly high levels. 2 Siverts. 4 is death. That’s why they keep changing the units of measure for radiation. To confuse people. The scientists were horrified. I forget which video that was. Possibly the dead zone video I posted on the last post.

        Back to this current video & the gas releases; they have actually been tracking the occurrence of cancers (especially in children) stillbirths, mutations, diseases, etc., & a variety of other issues with their livestock, etc., in residents who live near nuclear reactors. I’ll have to watch it again but I think the occurrences were something like 23% above those who do not live near reactors. We wouldn’t even know if we were living near a private, industrial or military reactor. They shouldn’t allow these reactors to be within a 30 mile radius of any population. A zero habitation or farm zone. Then there would be no more humans, livestock or food crops or water reservoirs or drinking sources within the 30 mile radius zone. That’s for accident safety. Not venting. They need to do a vent capture system where it is captured in a tank & mixed with a neutralizing fluid for hazardous waste removal without releasing it into the air or water.

        If 3 mile island doesn’t tell the local public about the periodic venting (how often is periodic?) then we can expect none of the other plants will tell the local population either. I have never heard about this before except in Conjunction with an accident. I also remember seeing a huge list of nuclear accidents I never heard about during my 40 years of research on the subject of nuclear power & the various bomb tests & programs. All of those reactors venting radioactive gasses on a regular basis would be enough to permanently shut them all down in all the G8 countries. I’ll bet the politicians don’t know about this either. They can take those subsidies & buy some windmills & solar panels instead. They can provide all the power we need. These plants have crappy design problems. I used to live in PA & I’ve mentioned I had friends killed by the 3 MI radiation 10 years later. I visited them in 85 & 91 when I lived in California. I could see 3MI from their house. When the courts ordered silence for receiving money for 3MI injuries, it seems to me that is a violation of the constitution freedom of speech. The power company said they paid the 2000 who sued, $25 million to force their silence. The first video set mentions over 30 reporters who died young from cancer after standing at 3MI when they were venting an exposed core meltdown gasses & ash particles from the damaged fuel rods. Incidentally, the movie China Syndrome had been released just a week before 3MI. Talk about timing.

        It was the California, power company’s bad maintenance which caused 12 of the wildfires. I remember when they lost over 200 transformers due to dust when the first sprinkle at the end of the dry season summer wasn’t enough to wash it away and caused shorts instead. The phone company only had 2 diesel generators for over 30 systems which had no power. We had to choose which 2 switching offices to save. Then the batteries overheat after 5 hours when the battery power runs low. So I’m not surprised by the wildfires next to my former homes property line. It was their worst fire in history.

        Here is that video with Michio Kaku which deals with victims. It auto steps to the next. Each is 10 minutes. There is no part 4.
        The second link is a step by step documentary of 3MI events.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 29, 2018 @ 9:48 am

      • Hey your links are not being posted.


        Comment by hikinore — October 30, 2018 @ 7:26 pm

      • I can see the links but the replies are not in chronological order.

        If you are low on memory or you have blocking on certain items it may affect what you see.

        There were two photos I tried to add to my replies but the system did not recognize them. But you can bring them up by right clicking and opening under a new tab. One photo was the downwinder map which you can also find under wikipedia under that heading. The second photo was a radiation diagram which is also on wikipedia under the radiation heading which you can also bring up the same way. Those are the only two instances of things which did not come up when I pasted them.


        Comment by mmc7 — October 30, 2018 @ 9:31 pm

  9. Thanks MMC. The cornerstone article is a well researched expose of the Fukushima disaster.


    Comment by cosmicalarmclock — October 25, 2018 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

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