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April 21, 2020

4-2020 Mars

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Change of pace

I have a Mars website with satellite images which uncover the truths of the lies being told to the public

These are honest & genuine images I personally obtained from satellites. I have researched Mars & Moon images for 30 years.

Be sure to check the menu to see all the photo posts. The only item which is not  mine is the video but i recognize as genuine mars.

there is water, giant creatures, ships, atmosphere, cities, etc. on mars. There is even seasonal color changes… How do you do that without trees? Dirt does not change.

The CIA was quite pissed when I found some of their bases. Especially the one in the azores. My uncle worked there for 8 years so I knew it was there somewhere. It was not hard to find. They like mountains & tunnels. Looking for roads which dead end on the side of a mountain is quite obvious. It also happens to be the fueling stop for our stealth bombers. They have a huge runway to accomodate the largest aircraft.

They also did not like the call I got from the head of the russian space agency in moscow when I inquired about photos. He managed to obtain my unpublished cell phone in less than 12 hours. I nearly ran off the road when he said moscow. I wasnt expecting a call. I didnt give them my number.

I read his bio & found he was a former KGB general. I guess that was how he got my number.

The CIA took it out on my family member who had retired from them then went back as a contractor.

They beat him up at gunpoint. I had to inform them that lowly agents did not make policy & anything which is accessible to the public is fair game. If they wanted to have it classified, they would have to make a presidental request. And if they threatened my family again I would be the one contacting the president. I know two VPs, a speaker of the house, the groom lake base commander, a NASA director over the mercury & gemini projects & many more.  My nasa friend quit over the fraud planned for apollo & the murders of the apollo one crew who would not go along with the fraud. Grissoms family was very vocal about his murder. Only a handful knew about the fraud. The employees did not know. They were fed false data.

His replacement director on apollo quit just days before the launch of apollo 11. Even the head of nasa, von braun left because the cia was forcing the fraud on them.

I found out that I had a very high security clearance which was why they went after my family instead & why I dont use my id online. They dont bother me anymore. Over 15 years ago. Especially since I have a group of more than 200 broadcasters who would love the story.

the Gov also tried to get me to work for the army & usaf psyops but that would eliminate all your rights. I was even offered head of NIH and vp at bell labs at the location of my choice.

I guess they think everyone can be bought. But a fun story to tell.


April 17, 2020

4-2020 survival

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Survival shows can provide info on  what to do & not to do. Most of the participants who claim to be experts dont possess basic scouting skills.

They cant build a decent shelter. Just remember how roofing tiles overlap the row below it. This will keep out rain on shelter roofs using largest leaves. A role of plastic sheeting & blue duct tape will come in handy. Keep your shelter bed off the ground.

fresh drinking water, fire starter, fish, insect repellant, rambo knife, machete & mosquito netting are primary.

I also include a raft, tent, cooking utensils, shower, solar radio, water purification pills & medical kit.

this is in addition to the emergency kits.

water, food, shelter, insect control, hunting, fishing, defense, radio, cb, medicine, money, tradable items, fuel are key issues when forced to evacuate & the system collapses. No stores, hotels, etc.

see for more info on emergency kits.


April 12, 2020


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GMO soy was a product of Monsanto. It was designed to allow farmers to spray their crops with roundup weed killer just two days before harvest without washing & declared as organic. Also known as roundup ready foods where they try to tell you the herbicide is good for you. Monsanto also created GMO corn & other crops. They also owned the company which makes roundup. Bayer now owns the whole mess. Bayer was formerly part of IG Farben zyclon b holocaust infamy.

Before GMO soy I was not allergic. It is now 95% of all soy in the US & Canada. It was banned in europe & mexico.

soy is high in estrogen which causes weight gain, lethargy, man boobs, early hair loss, baldness and the roundup causes cancer. The weight gain & lethargy affects men & women. Even worse when consumed by children. Boys are balding in their teens now.

soy is in everything. Read every label. It is even in tuna canned in water. Also in medicines as magnesium stearate to prevent clumping and in ice cream as lecithin. It is also used as a plastic softener in IV tubing & vinyl. It is also called hydrogenated veg oil.

even flour & bread products contain soy. It is not good for you.

read every label. Cook from scatch. Avoid fast or processed foods. Beware organic foods are only required to contain 25% organic products.

your entire family will feel better.

I live between grain fields of GMO crops. They spray roundup just before harvest. There are only 10 birds alive in a 10 sq mile area. Few nests with no more than one baby & all with tumors. I had a nest of baby birds near the open sliding door which all died  when the crop duster sprayed my house because I report them & take photos of them less than 20ft above my roof. 300ft was the law.

roundup is in the soy & all GMO products.


March 27, 2020

3-2020 update

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Ive been in hospital since sept. Out now. Destroyed disc in spine. Cant walk. Need surgery.

I need to catch up on events.

Good time to rotate emergency food supplies with fresh ones.

Water heaters should have backflow restriction valves added to prevent loss of water during outage from tank draining. The water heater tanks can be emergency water source. Be sure to boil emergency water.

Add antiseptic cloths, protective gloves & face masks to emergency kits after pandemic has abated.

Create medical kits with otc supplies such as aleve, wound ointments, bandages, eyedrops, benadryl, immodium, aloe vera, alcohol wipes, peroxide, toothache meds, sunburn meds, poison ivy meds, scissors, etc.


August 31, 2019

08-2019 Global Cataclysms

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Here are 3 more of a series of videos of global calamities which I found on Youtube. This person and his videos have no connection with this website and he tends to go off on connecting the calamities with  superstitions. These superstitions have nothing to do with the calamities and are the explanations for those deficient in education when they don’t know the answer. Such as the double suns which are images of the suns of Tatooine on Star Wars. It never occurs to anyone to look outside at the sun for themselves. We all have the same sun. If you don’t see 2 suns from your own yard, the perpetrator of the double sun photo is a fraud. I would be the first person to tell you if we had 2 suns or a rogue planet or a magnetic pole reversal. Nor is the earth flat. The gov’t hirelings created that hoax so they could see just how gullible & uneducated our population is. They are laughing at anyone who believes such ridiculous hoaxes such as a flat earth. They also use these hoaxes to determine what they can get away with & keep everyone in the dark from what the crooks are really doing at our expense. If you don’t believe our politicians can be crooks just read about Nixon and the Bush’s.

We cannot have a magnetic pole reversal because the magnetic fields would repel. If you have ever seen a bar magnet with a north and south pole, you would know that the north side of the other bar magnet would be repelled by the north side of the other bar magnet. Opposites attract. North attracts to south. The entire universe is magnetically oriented. The planetary magnetic fields are the reason the planets in a solar system are all aligned at their equators so the magnetic fields are all aligned so the opposite magnetic field aligns with the sun. Our planet is the same as the bar magnets. Our north magnet attracts to the sun’s south magnet. The earths magnetic fields cannot reverse because the magnetic fields would repel.  Our planetary core is liquid so it slowly moves to keep our magnetic fields matching the sun but not fast enough to allow a reversal. Also, the moon has pulled with the earth as our axis has shifted us onto our side and its magnetic field has to match earth’s field with opposites so the moon’s orbit will be slightly at an angle.  It generally looks the same, but the changes in lunar orbit to continue to orbit the earth while Earth has been shifted onto its side has created anomalies such as a thin crescent smile and the unusual receding tide oddities in South America as well as unusual quakes in areas which never had them are all caused by the moon changing to follow the shifting of the earth.

Here are the next 3 disaster videos of global calamities which our US media fails to report. The first video are chemtrail clouds after they have fully formed as a storm. The Russia & Taiwan clips are of tornadoes. The Saudi Arabia ground fire is similar to underground coal fires in Pennsylvania. So these ground fires may be the result of raw oil products or a leak in underground oil or gas pipelines. These  types of ground fires can burn for decades.  Insects turn into swarms when the weather is favorable or lack of predators. Possibly due to massive bird  losses due to excessive use of herbicides & pesticides. Especially if the insects are immune and the birds are not. I’ve seen the killings of birds and their nests from herbicides used for Monsanto GMO fields.

The bees act like they have been sprayed with some toxin such as Round up which is used by farmers when they harvest crops… usually Monsanto GMO crops which are often harvested in August. The receding shoreline may be due to the lunar orbit endeavoring to shift with earths shifting axis.

Plenty of insects and jellyfish. More underground bubbling and heat such as you would see at a hot springs. But as far as I know, there are no hot springs in these areas. However, it could be underground pipeline leaks. The grasshoppers with tape worms is a new one. However. the moron in the sailboat in hurricane winds doesn’t have enough brains to take down his sails & canopy, like the other boats.

These videos are global calamities between June and August. I will post more as they become available. These are all the global disasters not broadcast by the US main stream media. These disaster videos are exceptional and are of historic importance. The orange clouds are simply colorful sunsets.


August 12, 2019

08-2019 Recommended Evacuations

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See the video at the bottom of this post. With the severity and changes in conditions and weather due to the changes in our axis, I recommend the following locations below should evacuate further inland or to a main continent because the conditions are becoming unlivable. It is up to you but in places such as Indonesia, there is an unstable tectonic plate which is not going to improve and you have a high chance of dying if you don’t seek higher ground, inland away from the volcanoes, quakes and tsunamis as well as typhoons, etc. It is a matter of life and death and wont improve anytime soon. It is your choice.  Ask your govt to help find refugee housing or camps in countries on the mainland away from the coastline such as Thailand or China or Australia for example.

Run away from any volcanoes & their plumes. Those high columns of ash rising from the volcano like a pillar mushroom cloud will rise above the volcano until it gets so heavy it will collapse. This is a pyroclastic ash cloud which will instantly burn you to death if it falls near you. This is what killed the people of Pompeii. If you hesitate in leaving the area, it will collapse on top of you and kill you. Never stand and stare at a volcano. There were a lot of volcanic experts observing St Helens in the US whom were all killed because they didn’t have the sense to get away from it. The side wall of the volcano collapsed and killed the scientists, home owners and blasted all the trees in its path.

Recommended Evacuation locations before it is too late


  • (deadly, unstable tectonic plate, volcanic eruptions, severe quakes)

Saudi Arabia

  • (deadly weather, constant giant hailstones, insta-freeze, mass animal & insect deaths)


  • (deadly weather, constant giant hailstones, insta-freeze, mass animal & insect deaths)


  • (deadly volcano eruptions. Avoid toxic gas from volcanoes & pyroclastic flows)


  • (deadly quakes and volcanic eruptions)


  • (Massive flooding & poor sanitation & bacteria)


  • (Fires)

West Coast of the US

  • (wildfires, quakes, irradiated fish and sea water)


  • (massive glacier meltdown)


  • (quakes, volcanoes, landslides)

Any place which is having deadly quakes and active volcano eruptions, landslides, wildfires, bizarre weather  on a repeated basis should be evacuated to save your lives. Go inland on a main continent which is above 300ft sea level. Away from volcanoes, landslides, wildfires, etc.

Pack a survival bag with necessities for you and your family. Don’t wait. Do it now. There is a list of emergency kits on my posts or you can go to and look at the various emergency kits & lists which you can put together to meet your needs. For instance, most people forget to bring their chargers for their phones. & computers. Peanut butter and crackers can go a long way to feed you if you are not allergic. Medical kits. Soap, toilet paper, etc. I tried to include everything on the lists so you can pick and choose. If there is time, don’t forget your pets, jewelry & photos.

Here is an excellent video from youtube which shows the devastation in all of these locations.






August 4, 2019

8-2019 Axis shift Video

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Here are 2 weather satellite images of actual axis shifts captured.

Look at the upper right corner & see how the horizon jumps out of frame as the planet shifts on Dec 2005 & 2006. After the shift, the weather satellite realigns with its reference points

This link is the full page

This next link is the first axis shift captured on

  • Dec 6, 2005   19:15 zulu

The next axis shift occurred on Dec 4, 2006 at 12:30 zulu

If you remember, the tsunami which killed over a quarter million victims occurred on Dec 26, 2004. Notice the pattern? They all occurred in December in 3 consecutive years. 2004, 2005, 2006.

This is because December is summer at the south pole. That is when the most melting of ice occurs. Since it also acts as a gyroscopic anchor for our planetary axis angle of tilt, that is when most of the shifting occurs due to the shifting weight of the glacier ice on Antarctica. Only the weight of land-based ice affects the axis tilt & sea levels. Floating ice such as the north pole does not affect sea levels or axis tilt.

Tsunamis usually occur due to the abnormal motion of the planet such as axis shifts. There are few exceptions.

I have other images & data as well.





June 29, 2019

6-2019 Global Disaster Videos

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Here are more of the disaster videos from youtube. Fish die-offs, sink holes, bizarre weather, mass insects from unusual rains. All caused by axis shifting & radiation in the ocean. Unfortunately, the author has decided to berate us with his superstition that Jehovah is coming. Don’t buy any Watch Tower magazines. Lack of education, knowledge and research has him blaming everything on a mystical source like ancient Rome did and has even added movie clips of such. Just fast forward around these.

There is also a TV series “What on Earth” which is a CIA propaganda series which is even entitled with CIA contract hosts who are clueless about many things such as a herd of whales near South Africa which they claim were in defense mode, But one of our website viewers who lives there told us years ago the whales have a breeding ground and nursery there. But that never occurred to the CIA hosts. Many things they see on the satellites could have been solved with a simple phone call or an internet search.

Then this same TV show was making  assumptions about the discoloration and fish die offs in the Pacific and unusual high temperatures along the California coast but never once mentioned the radioactive contamination from Japan. The CIA hosts are toeing the Federal policy of not disparaging the true nature of the nuclear power program. I have not attached these episodes but you can buy them on Amazon.

Fast forward through the Jehovah pandering & movie clips added to these youtube disaster videos. These videos of disasters are through the end of June.








June 28, 2019

6-2019 Solstice

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From what I can tell with overcast & storms, the sun appears to be rising at about 2 on the clock face and setting at 10.

The stars which should be in the eastern sky appear to be in the northern sky. Don’t use the internet or your phone for the stars. They have altered the online maps to make them appear normal. I had a hot tub for over 10 years in the 80s. Cassiopeia was always in the eastern sky. It is now in the north at the same time of year and hour of night.

If anyone else was an adult in the 80’s, please verify the star positions. Anyone younger would not remember. If this rotation is accurate, it would confirm earth has shifted onto its side. But since earth & the sun are round it appears normal. Only our stars & moon are visibly abnormally rotated.

A couple months ago, I saw the crescent moon on the bottom like a thin smile instead of the side. Several months ago, I saw the moon travel diagonally across the sky from NE to SW between 6 pm and 4 am.

For the millenials, these things appear normal. For those of us who are old enough to remember, these are abnormal.

Also, be sure to check the sun position each week through the third week of July and the arctic circle temperatures through the second week of August to compare with last year.

From what I can tell, we appear to be shifted onto our side based on the rotations. They have altered the star charts to fool the younger population.

Here are images of the lunar phases. Notice how the crescents are either facing right or left. None are on the bottom of the moon like I saw a couple months ago facing south. That was a 90 degree rotation of the crescent. The gravity is pulling the moon with us as we shift but the crescents are changed. The moon will always be above the equator due to the magnetic fields.




April 19, 2019

4-2019 Share local changes of animals & weather

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Most of you are more familiar with the changes in animal behaviors & climate or other unusual changes in your regions which we never hear about on the news. So please share what has been going on in your region, no matter whether it is sea life, droughts, wildfires, hailstorms, subsidences, etc.  Include changes in the moon, meteors, temperatures, insects, etc. Include links of the events from reputable sites if available; in English preferably. If not, describe the events.

Indonesia is the most unstable region & I recommend evacuating the region after finding a new home on stable land away from the beaches. and preferably above 300 ft elevation. The unstable tectonic plate on the ring of fire cannot be fixed. You can only find a safer place for yourself & family to survive. Don’t wait for the lying government or their hireling scientists to be honest or warn you. They will let you die in ignorance.

The US controls everyone & uses money & threats to keep the world silent. This goes for any region at risk. Remember what the US did to the victims of Hurricane Katrina & other such incidences like the false flag 911 attacks & anthrax in the mail from our own biowarfare lab at Ft Detrick as verified by the DNA strain. Then they blame it on a scapegoat. Usually someone who knows the truth. You cannot trust any gov’t to be honest. I can only recommend & caution everyone to be aware, verify the facts for yourselves & prepare to protect your family.

Don’t depend on the gov’t of any country to be honest or warn you. Read my posts on the victims of 3 mile island & how they were left to die from exposure without any cleanup or protection. An example of what to expect… even from honest leaders.

For everyone globally, please share your local observations with us. It will help us to know our situation better.





April 11, 2019

4-2019 Gov’t Hirelings & Hoaxes

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I’ve cautioned everyone for 25 years to beware of hirelings paid to shout down people on blogs, set up sites with phony info to divert people from facts they don’t want exposed, etc. Political groups even hire people to write books & produce documentaries & films with specific themes. See operation Mockingbird. This began in the 50’s.

They typically hired college students whom they employed to conduct phony protests or attack bloggers. They now have a new tactic. They are hiring veterans. Specifically disabled veterans and somehow, I got on the list & they are trying to hire me to specifically block info from reaching the public thru the internet. The very issue I hate the most. Coverups.

So listen to my warnings about these tactics, hoax websites, attackers on blogs and modified software for tracking movements of the sun & moon or name labels to discourage the public & discredit whistle blowers such as conspiracy theorists.

They are now on a recruiting campaign to increase their hirelings. So believe me the next time you run into their scams. It is not limited to the US. You can read their intentions to block info from the public below.

Here is a quote from their hiring attempts:

Our company is interested in adding military veterans to one of our client’s projects.

These positions are mission based (civil); our employees are the front line of protection against improper material making it to the public through social media content – ensuring this content does not reach our children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, family members and the general public.




April 9, 2019

4-2019 Crescent moon rotated

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All my life, the crescent moon appeared on the right side. Now it is on the bottom. Indicative earth has rotated as we suspect. But still analyzing the data & evidence.

I never expected to see this change and it may continue to change as the moon continues to reorient itself to compensate for earths axis changes & orientation.

April 5, 2019

4-2019 Nuclear… did you know?

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I have researched nuclear power for decades. I nearly chose it as a career. My uncle was a Sr Nuclear scientist… but with all of my years of diligent research, I only recently became aware of the fact that ALL nuclear plants perform regular releases of radioactive gasses and products. It is called “Burping the baby: Watch the video documentary below on TMI.

They aren’t even required to monitor strontium from getting into dairy cows nearby or testing contamination levels of nearby residents. If you can see the towers from your home you are too close. Three mile Island residents were having problems from the releases long before the accident.

The NRC is just as crooked as the FDA whose board approval members come from the very pharmaceutical companies they are regulating or your local city planning dept who work for the very developers they should be controlling. The NRC is from the very crooked nuclear industry they should be regulating. Everyone is lying about levels of exposure, safety & releases. It is all about money. Do not wait for the gov’t to tell you to leave a disaster situation. Get out. If you have someone in a nursing home, take them to a hospital out of the area if they can be moved safely.

Commercial nuclear power is only one of the problems. There are also private reactors, Industrial, military, University, Medical and research reactors, etc. You would have no way of knowing if one of these reactors is located near you.

If you think people didn’t die at 3 mile island, you are mistaken. I had 2 friends who died 10 years after TMI. You could see the towers from their house. They were exactly 5 miles away in Middletown, PA. The wife had leukemia and the husband had early onset Alzheimers and died from a hemorrhagic stroke. They canvassed their neighborhood and found 42 cases of leukemia within just 2 blocks from their home. Thousands were court ordered into silence if they agreed to money from TMI settlement deal. The local cancer centers reported over 700 patients.

Youtube has documentaries about the 1961 SL-1 accident which killed 3 men. See how diligent the responders were which the TMI victims never got. The authorities tried to blame their medical problems on stress. Does that apply to their pets, livestock & plant malformations? Were their flowers emotionally stressed? Radiation exposure of this kind will cause cancers, heart & lung and other issues. It is just a matter of when… not if. TMI victims died within 10-15 years after the accident. Most from Leukemia, thyroid cancer, bone cancers, birth defects, lung & heart failures.

What I cannot understand is why people would wait to be told to evacuate. Screw that. Get out of there and don’t wait. Not even a couple hours. Take your pets and family and clothes and get at least 100 miles away. Don’t wait for school or work to end. Go now. Even for a hurricane or wildfire.

Take iodine tablets at the time of the accident. You can buy them on Amazon for under $10. Don’t wait. If you cannot afford to have a  geiger counter which are about $350, you can buy docimeter cards on Amazon for a few dollars and place them around your home, etc and check them daily to ensure you have not been exposed. If you taste iodine or metal in your mouth, get out immediately. Alpha radiation causes sunburns and skin rashes and eye damage. Cover up.

Radiation also causes white hairs in humans and pets exposed. Bathe immediately. Scrub the outer layer of skin off with a rough sponge or cloth. Wash your hair. Don’t delay. Change your clothes. If you see or hear ash or sand from the sky, that is from destroyed nuclear fuel rods. It has all three deadly radiations. Do not drink any water from that area and the soil will be contaminated.

Your pets will need to be brought inside and thoroughly bathed. Rinse out eyes with water. Do not inhale. Buy yourself a gas mask for family and pets. Just one speck of inhaled or ingested radioactive material is too much. Thoroughly cover yourself, family and pets and get them inside. Don’t wait and don’t believe any assurances you hear. Get out. Every minute is exposure. Keep your vehicle filled with gas and emergency cash on hand. Check out my lists for emergency evacuation go bags.

Livestock should be in a cinderblock barn with covered water and covered air pipes with at least 2 weeks of food. There are Demron suits you can buy to protect against radiation and CDC level 4 positive pressure hoods. You will need plastic sheeting, duct tape, gloves, boots, pet carriers & iodine tablets for each person for 10 days. Take your cell phone, your money, clothes, sealed food for trip. Leave Asap.

Read the stories of the TMI victims so you will know what it was like. They will continue to release deadly gasses and materials into the air long after the accident and will do so on a regular basis at all plants even if there is no accident. On pages 30-33 of the witness link below, read about the blinded & dead pets left behind with plenty food & water after just a week in a garage with their eyes burned white and all the dead birds & repeated ventings of TMI.

The sunburns, blisters, skin & eye irritations are from alpha radiations as are bruising and sores which wont heal. Corneas burned white. Signs of radiation exposure are weakness, burning of skin, eyes & throat. Nausea, burns or rash with alpha and metallic taste if iodine and possibly intense blue color or a flash of heat. Animals will behave strangely. The polyps, sinus, throat & lung would be beta radiation from radioactive gasses. Leukemia, heart damage, gastrointestinal, tumor masses, organ & bone cancers would be from gamma radiation & fallout from uranium & plutonium fuel rods, caesium, krypton, tritium and other radioactive products. Iodine causes thyroid cancer & polyps & metallic taste. Strontium goes to the bones, I believe. The reactors create many different radioactive products. Do not inhale or ingest even a speck of radioactive contaminants. Anyone or anything with prolonged exposure will be mortally injured. Some of my earlier posts include info on blocking radiation. Most cancers occur within the first 10-15 years. Some exposures will have all 3 radiation forms. I have studied this extensively from reports of other exposure incidents. This is just a quick overview. Some victims will receive heavier exposure than others. It is not uniform. Talk to others in the area after it is safe to do so.

On pages 7 & 8 of the victim statements on the link below, Marie Holowka describes the intense blue colors & the deaths & blinding of her pets. At first, I thought the intense blue was a criticality flash but upon further research, I discovered Iodine 131 gas is intense violet blue & responsible for the sickening metallic taste reported by all the victims. This radioactive product is immediately absorbed by the thyroid causing thyroid cancer. Especially in young children & infants which is why iodine tablets are so important to take when a nuclear accident occurs. The tablets load the thyroid so no radioactive iodine can load the thyroid. These are only 24 hour tablets so each person should have 10 days worth for an emergency. They are very cheap on Amazon. If you live near a nuclear reactor and experience metallic taste, you should consider a tablet which you should have on hand for emergencies.

Victim statements (35 pages):

Click to access tmi-090217_tmi_testament.pdf

There are other radioactive gasses and products routinely released by all nuclear reactors in addition to Iodine 131 which most are colorless & tasteless which is why they get away with the releases. Many are called noble gasses. Beware of noble metals at the dentist office as well.

Krypton, tritium, caesium 137 & 134 (found in all seafood off the coast of California since Fukushima), uranium (yellow scum on water from fallout), strontium 90 (found in milk when dairy cows eat contaminated grass), plutonium (one of Japans reactors was using plutonium fuel rods. Plutonium burns when wet.) A very fine ash like snow is the fallout from a damaged reactor core such as 3 mile island, Fukushima, Chernobyl & nuclear explosions. Polonium (poisoned Alexander Litvenenko), paladium (dental products. Ask for precious metals not semi precious.)

More info from previous posts:

I posted numerous other posts on my sites.

If you live near a nuclear reactor or chemical plant or coastline… move. Make sure the new home is not near a reactor, chemical plant, garbage dump, industrial complex or contaminated zone and make sure you are above the 300 ft elevation level. Some place like Nebraska or Kansas. Thoroughly research the area. Hire a company to investigate. Talk to older residents. You don’t want to end up in Denver near Rocky Flats or New Mexico near LANL or Idaho across from Hanford or Oak Ridge TN… for example. Nor near any cleanup supersites like Idaho, NJ, GA, Radium city, etc.

Choose your location well. When I moved to the Dallas area my employer paid a company to thoroughly research the entire area from contamination to crime rate to schools, etc. It was very thorough. However, Raytheon is about 20 miles away where they test rocket engines. You can bet they have a reactor.

There is also a medical reactor in downtown Dallas which is not on any map. I know this because I had 2 radioactive Indium scans where they take your blood, drive like crazy to downtown Dallas where they remove the white cells and impregnate them with radioactive Indium. Then they run it back to the hospital where they inject it and scan you to see where the white cells are going for an infection they can’t find. It makes you so radioactive the technicians and doctors have to keep 25 feet from you at all times. It takes over a week to settle down. I have geiger counters and I was quite hot.

There was a man in San Francisco who had the same test. As he was headed home on a bus across the Golden gate bridge, when he entered the tunnel, his radiation levels were so high they set off a radiation monitor in the tunnel and he was apprehended until they could determine why. So the levels were quite high for someone riding on a bus to set off a monitor inside a tunnel.

The billions in nuclear subsidies have turned utilities into mafia syndicates who will quite literally kill anyone who gets in their way. They have politicians in their pockets with kickbacks & hired assassins. This is no joke. You might want to watch The China Syndrome on Amazon. Or Silkwood {a true story). TMI was much worse than the movies. They did uncover the reactor core IRL & it was half melted down. The damaged uranium was raining down on the victims like snow. No one ever cleaned it up or even acknowledged the contamination or their true levels of exposure which continued from releases after the accident.

They aren’t capable of knowing if a core is uncovered or damaged until months or years later & cannot operate a reactor without releasing radioactive products, both intentional or accidental. They have no business building these plants. Go on youtube and watch documentaries about 3 mile island, Simi valley, Rocky flats, Los Alamos, Hanford, SL1, downwinders, etc.

This TMI documentary will tell you how ALL nuke plants release radioactive gasses & other products. You need to know. Also, see my other nuke posts from last summer.






4-2019 Global Disaster Videos

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None of these youtube videos are associated with us but they provide an excellent collection of global disasters on a monthly basis which depict the changes & degradation of our planet. Most have never been reported on US news. Watch while you can because youtube is threatening to take down his videos. He has videos of disasters going back many years.

2019 is Strange part 1


2019 is strange part 2


2019 is strange part 3


2019 is strange part 4


More will be added as available




January 7, 2019

1-2019 Need Sun Position in Southern Hemisphere. Important

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Anyone in Australia or South Africa, I need to know the current position of the Sunrise and Sunset when they are in contact with the horizon.  This measurement is very important so I can compare our July to your January. Also I would like to hear about the weather in your area.  See the very bottom photo for current measurements and previous measurements for over a decade.

Do NOT adjust for any declination. That is ONLY for Magnetic North or South. TRUE North is the north pole and TRUE South is the south pole. It is dead center between the Sunrise and Sunset. It is the center spot where our axis rotates. When measuring the sun position, magnetic north means nothing because the location is completely different. Magnetic north is not a fixed position. It frequently changes. It is a completely different measurement for different uses and does not provide the physical locations where the sun is viewed. True north or true south are Fixed positions and the center point of sunrise and sunset. It never changes. So please do not make magnetic adjustments to the physical position of the sun. Those are used when you are lost in the woods or checking magnetic fields. It would invalidate the measurements for our purposes.

For this reason, I prefer the Clock face method because the numbers are fixed positions. Something anyone can do without any equipment. If you were standing in the center of a giant clock face which is about 100 yards in each direction in size for example, and 12 is pointed South where you are facing, while East and West are 3 and 9…

on which numbers did the sun rise and set.  Such as .5 or 1 or 2 or 11 or 11.5 etc.


Here is an example: (these are some of the annual measurements. 2006 and 2015 were the same because of a major wobble reversion)

This image below was in 2018. Notice that June 2018 was the same as 2014 but less than a month later in July 2018 you can see the sunrise and sunset had moved even farther north. This is unheard of. By mid July which I did not show, the sunrise and sunset were less than 5 degrees from True north. The sun should never be farther north in July than in June. June 21st is the summer solstice. The longest day and should have headed south following that day. 2015 is the same as 2006 due to the huge reversion wobble. Look how far it moved south from 2014 and how far it moved north in 2018. Then even further north in July 2018. All of these measurements were done on June 21st of each year except the extra measurement on July 12th, 2018. I only show years with noticeable changes. So 2012 would be the same as 2011. 2007 thru 2010 were the same as 2006. But the year of 2011 when the Tsunami hit Japan, there was a significant movement. 2015 and 2016 and 2017 were the same as 2014 as was June 2018. But just one month later you can see the massive change in July 2018. The past 18 months suffered nearly a tsunami every month. These are indicators of planetary shifting. 




December 26, 2018

12-2018 Don’t use phones or GPS for measuring sun position

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We were having a discrepancy on the sunrise and sunset numbers and I realized some were using their phones as a compass. The GPS system is a problem because it doesn’t shift with the planet. When they first realized this back in 2007, the GPS was out of whack for 4 months. They couldn’t correct the positions of the entire GPS network which was only going to get worse each time the planet shifted.  So while they were pondering the issue, they came up with a phony solar flare cover story for the GPS system being off. The GPS is also used as a timing system to sync computer networks and banks and phone switching offices, airplane navigation, car mapping systems, google earth, etc. They even used a flashlight flare like they used on the film silent running to simulate a nuclear blast in space which would be round. So they didn’t even bother to use a real image of a flare. They also removed all the photos of the sun and data for that date…. but missed a few which I grabbed.

They created a software patch to correct the variance of a few hundred miles and subtract that number so the GPS would appear to be normal. They waited about 4 months until the seminar of world scientists to get them all on board with the solar flare cover story and the GPS issue. The very day after the seminar they made the announcement about the phony solar flare story to explain the GPS failure. The very fact that they waited 4 months to say something about a historic solar flare discovery should have told you it was fake. Otherwise they would have fallen over themselves to rush to brag about it. They had tried to remove all the solar data and images from that date but missed a few which I found and was able to prove the flare was a fake. I did have all of these articles online saved about the GPS failure and solar flare story but they removed some of them when they classified the cover story.

Every time the planet shifts they have to apply another software patch so it appears to be normal. The GPS network does not shift with the planet and would be impossible to resync to its original position. Since it has only been a couple days since the last shift and a holiday as well, they haven’t had time to write and apply a new patch to adjust for the changes. But even if the patch has been applied, the phone is still unreliable as a compass. Especially so close to an axis shift tsunami. But if you wish to use a compass it would need to be a real one with degrees of a circle included. But using your eyes is the best way to measure the position of the sun.

This GPS problem affects the accuracy of using your phone as a compass.  So it is best to use your eyes and pretend you are standing in the center of a giant clock face on the ground. Standing in the center where the hands would be attached. The clock would be 100 yards or meters in each direction. East and west would be 9 and 3. You should be facing the sun over the polar region so the 12 should point toward your south pole in the winter or December for the southern hemisphere’s summer.  See the photo example below.

In June 12 should point toward the north pole during the summer for the northern hemisphere. Using your eyes, you should see which number the sun would rise and which number on the clock where the sun would set when the sun is just touching the horizon. You would be the hands standing in the center. This will help give us better results because the phones appear to be a problem because they use GPS. Every time the planet shifts it takes a few days for them to apply the patch. This is also why all the scientists spout the same tune to help in this cover up.  I missed the meeting because I was ill.

Here is some of that data and the ridiculous phony flashlight flare photo compared to a real solar flare and a few articles which survived the wipe.

Example of a clock face below to use to determine sunrise and sunset angles. Imagine it is about 100 yards or meters in each direction as you stand in the center where the clock hands would be attached. See how the angles of the sunrise and sunset each year lines up with the numbers on the clock.



December 23, 2018

12-2018 Need Measurements Australia & South Africa ASAP NOW

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I realize we missed the Dec 21st solstice but you can still provide measurements of the sunrise and sunset for the next few days which are close enough to Dec 21st.

We will also need measurements  once a week until the end of January. We need to compare events from the northern hemisphere last summer.

So, if you don’t know how to do this, pretend you are standing on a giant clock face facing SOUTH with 12 as SOUTH.  At Sunrise where the sun is just touching the Horizon, tell us which number on the clock face the sunrise is closest to… such as 2 or 1.5 for instance.

At Sunset, when the sun is just touching the horizon, tell us which number on the clock face the sunset is closest to. Such as 10 or 11 for instance. Or 10.5.

If you like, you can take a plumb pole verifying it is straight with a level and measure the length and direction of the shadow it casts at Noon. (This is just an extra if you want to. We really need the sunrise and sunset measurements).

Here is an example of using an imaginary clock face to do your measurements ASAP Tomorrow or the next day if possible. Then once a week through the end of January.




December 17, 2018

12-2018 Examples of axis shift Images

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I have had several requests for several months on how the earth’s axis changes & planetary shifts might look & how a horizontal shift would look. I don’t have software to create animation but I made some still images from google earth I posted below which might help  you visualize these axis changes & provide an idea of how axis shifts look based on events. Be sure to check out photos & URL’s at the very bottom as well.  I’m sorry for repeating info. I do that for those who may be new.

The first major shift caused the Indonesian Tsunami on Dec 26, 2004. The quake did not cause the tsunami.  The quake vibrations merely reached the sensors faster & the only sensors were located near Japan & Alaska.  The US tsunami warning center in Hawaii was mostly worthless. Hundreds of thousands died while they scratched their heads & marveled at their readings.  It was like having Homer Simpson in charge.

The coastlines between Africa & Indonesia were hit by tsunamis as the Earth shifted northward (which is depicted by the red arrow on the first two images below to show which way the Earth shifted).

  • The ocean water did not shift with the Earth so that caused the ocean to recede away from the coastline in the opposite direction as the Earth shifted northward on the Asian & India side.
  • Water in swimming pools (if aligned with planet shift), ponds, puddles & lakes can also depict receding water, unusual waves or behavior from the inertia of the planet’s movement or shifting.
  • (more info on receding beach water at the bottom of this post.)
  • Never walk onto a beach when the water recedes. Run away & get as high up & as far away as possible.

Here is a weather satellite image of an axis shift.

These first two images below show how the Asia, India & Russia side of the earth shifted several hundred miles to the north on Dec 26, 2004. The tsunamis devastated over 2000 miles of coastline between Africa & Indonesia killing over a quarter million people. The two images provide an example demonstrating how a northward shift of several hundred miles might look before & after.

  • When the planet stops shifting, the abruptness, duration & speed dictates the size, speed & volume of the tidal waves returning to the beach.


Since the earth is a sphere… when Asia, Russia & India shifted north, that caused Canada & the US to shift south & changed our US view of the sun which is now farther north in our summer sky because the US & Canada were shifted farther south during the 2004 tsunami  & those axis shifts thereafter.  The sun didn’t actually move. It was Earth’s axis which shifted our planet.

  • The south pole (Antarctica) acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the tilt of our axis. Just the melting & loss of one inch of ice from the south pole, land based glaciers, can cause our planet’s axis tilt to shift. Now that the sun is over Antarctica during their summer months (Dec-March) the glaciers will melt much faster.
  • Just a small amount of ice lost will make major changes on our axis tilt & shifting. Water is quite heavy. 8.34 pounds per gallon. Or 62.42 pounds per cubic foot. So imagine how much weight just one inch of water would be from melted ice on the glaciers covering Antarctica which is 5.402 million miles squared. Just one cubic foot of water comes out to about 1.8 trillion pounds squared weight from the glacier balancing the planets axis.
  • The entire glacier doesn’t need to melt to affect the axis. Just an inch is more than enough.

The farther south the US & Canada shifted, the further north the sun appeared in the sky & on the horizons. The opposite occurred on the opposite side of the planet from us. They shifted north while we shifted south. We saw the sun farther north but they didn’t see the sun farther south because it was always night on the opposite far side of earth. So when they rotated into daytime, their view of the sun was also too far north as was ours for the northern hemisphere. Always remember Earth is rotating even though the axis has shifted.

  • There was no sun on the night side for anyone to see.  The most difference was in the arctic circle.
  • The southern hemisphere has mirror seasons at opposite times of the year. Their view of the sun is the mirror opposite. So they would see the sun too far south in their summer (December). This is due to the axis tilt as we orbit the sun.

However, I saw the moon change from north to south as it moved across the sky from north east to south west the weekend before Thanksgiving 2018 from 6 pm to 4 am. It is caused by the increased tilt as we rotated.  You can see this changing position rotation better on the image below on the right, showing increased downwind shift. 

  • The moon is trying to follow the Earths axis changes but it is having trouble correcting its orbit when we shift.
  • We are also seeing more space junk entering our atmosphere with sonic booms as our axis shifts affect the orbit of the debris.

These next two images below show how Canada & the US & the north pole shifted further south.  A before and After image of how the earth might look when Canada & the US shifted south. This is why we see the sun hundreds (thousands) of miles north of the Tropic of Cancer in June because we shifted south when the opposite side of earth shifted north.


When the axis tilt was normal, the tropic of Cancer which normally runs through mid Mexico was the furthest north point the sun could be seen on the summer solstice on June 21st, the longest day for the northern hemisphere before the sun began its return to the south on June 22nd. Not anymore.

The Earth’s axis continued to shift several times since 2004 which was evident each time we had tsunamis. We have also measured the sun positions & changes each summer solstice in both hemispheres, every year, since 2005.

Between 2014 and 2018, there was a distinctive wobble which can be seen on the very bottom photo below which shows the angle of the sun positions on June 21st for significant years. The back & forth wobble was extreme & had reversed the sun to 2006 positions in 2015 where it remained until between 2017 & 2018 where there were tsunamis nearly every month and the June 21, 2018 sun position confirmed the sun was north of the arctic circle.  So be sure to look at the photo of those significant measurement changes at the bottom of this post. These measurements were over 2000 mile shifts in each direction. Those were confirmed by participants in multiple countries.

  • Decades ago, a wobble this extreme was called a death wobble like a spinning gyroscope or spinning top which is ready to fall over when it slows. Death wobble is now a reference to a vehicle problem. But I still refer to it using the old definition.
  • The death wobble is an  indicator that the earth’s axis was ready to shift the planet horizontally onto its side like Uranus IMO.
  • Earth cannot flip upside down because the north pole does not have enough landmass & weight of glaciers on land or continents to flip upside down. Only onto our side which has significant weight at the equator to shift our planet horizontal.
  • Nor are the poles flipping. If your compass still shows north, (which it is) then the poles & magnetic fields are where they should be. Another gov’t hoax.

We also had a new development in the summer of 2018, when the sun continued to move farther north after the summer solstice for the first time in our history, into mid July & was just 5 degrees from being directly over the north pole.  This was also confirmed by numerous participants in Canada, UK, US & weather reports & in articles about Russia, Japan, Scandinavia & globally.

  • (see my other posts from last Summer).

This could only occur if the Earth’s orbit around the sun has changed such as orbiting further from the sun or elliptical orbit instead of round or we have shifted onto our side like Uranus.

I have not confirmed the summer constellation star pattern because I didn’t find my star charts in time. I don’t trust the internet & the fake changes & hoax sites the gov’t creates to hide the truth. I wanted to use star charts from the 1980’s to ensure the constellation data had not been manipulated.

The moon orbit is off. The star pattern in the summer skies did look wrong but I cannot confirm until summer to be sure. This is not something I wish to make guesses about. I need to verify for absolute certain using Star Charts with unimpeachable reliability. Even sideways, the north pole would still show up as north on a compass and the rotation would still be the same & the sun would still appear normal during spring & Autumn. I can only confirm this with those charts in June & July.  If our planet has shifted & we are horizontal, then the constellations would be rotated in June & July but I must confirm this with my old charts. This is an honest site & my answers must be based on facts. So, until then we need to collect data & verify. We could have affected our orbit like the movie The Day the Earth caught fire. I don’t make guesses about things like this.

However, I do recommend you watch the videos on the URL of my post I pasted at the bottom of this post which has amazing footage of weather disasters for the past 18 months. This would be why heatwaves were above 106F in the arctic circle last July & august and the same is occurring in Australia & South Africa as their summer is now beginning.

  • And the reason for the bitter cold & crazy winter weather in the US & Canada this winter.


These images of a horizontal Earth are for example purposes only. This has not been confirmed.

Here are several images below showing what a horizontal Earth would look like shifted onto its side from different perspectives. I cannot confirm this until June & July to be sure. So this is not yet certain.  But you should prepare for devastating weather & temperatures & global upheavals from the axis shifts we already know are occurring.

Earth is shown horizontal in these images as example to demonstrate a possible scenario.

  • EQ is equator;
  • CAP is tropic of Capricorn;
  • CAN is tropic of Cancer;
  • N or red dot shows North pole;
  • Arrow shows Earth’s rotation direction (toward east);
  • S = south pole. 
  • The sun would still appear to rise in the east & set in the west even if we were horizontal because rotation would still appear to be the same from our perspective.


Left image: Red Dot shows north pole facing the sun in June.  Right image: Red dot shows south pole facing sun in Dec.



Images below are side views of horizontal rotation as it might look during spring & fall  when the poles are not facing the sun Arrows show direction of rotation. See legend above.


more horizontal images


Russia is further North on opposite side which caused darkness last summer


Earth with Vertical position arrow shows increased downward shift of US & Canada & arctic


Genuine axis shifts of the planet cannot be felt by humans. It is not like the disaster effects shown on movies. The earth rotates faster than 1000 mph but we cannot feel it. We are small like bacteria. Too small to experience the movements of our planet regardless of our expectations borne from Movies.  Small such as atoms are to us; of which we have no subjective awareness. We cannot feel electrons orbiting. Even reaction times are much slower on a planetary scale. Only a sudden stop of our rotation could be noticed because the inertia would lift us from our loss of gravity. Loss of rotation would only occur if Earth collided with another planet. Not likely, despite the false gov’t sites with phony stories to divert your attention from the true issues & hirelings they place on blogs or counter protests to shout down anyone they wish to silence. Much like the WMD lies we were told. Or the false flag manufactured attacks against our own (911 & CIA).

  • The rotation of Earth would continue even if our planet shifts onto its side, which could occur or may have already occurred without our awareness which is why it is imperative to pay close attention to bizarre changes in weather, animal behavior, geological upheavals, tsunamis, oceans in opposition, or any other renamed unusual ocean behaviors, constellation rotation & other unusual changes such as shown on the videos I previously posted at the URL pasted at the very bottom of this post.
  • Animal behaviors, ocean & water behaviors & geological activity, extreme weather & changes to the position of the sun are the primary evidence of serious global changes caused by axis shifts. The hundreds of whale & dolphin beach suicides, thousands of birds, fish, millions of starfish, turtles & even masses of insects killing themselves is shocking. Watch those 14 short videos of global devastation events.
  • I have never before seen anything like it. The images are genuine. Saudi Arabia has been repeatedly hit with cantaloupe sized hail & floods killing livestock & smashing everything on nearly a monthly basis. As have South & Central America.  These catastrophes are global & caused by a severely shifted axis. The east coast of the US has been repeatedly inundated with extreme winter storms for the past 7 years. The west coast of the US & Canada have been consumed with wildfires.


Here are images below which best show where the normal tropics of Capricorn & Cancer, Equator & polar circles are located. It will give you an idea where the sun should be during the summer solstices & where the countries are located.

  • CAN shows the normal tropic of Cancer. The sun should never be seen north of this line on June 21st, but we saw the sun in the arctic circle just 5 degrees from the north pole in mid July 2018.
  • CAP shows the normal tropic of Capricorn. The sun should never be further south than that line on Dec 21st.
  • The arrow shows rotation direction
  • EQ is equator where the sun is over the Spring & fall equinoxes whether the axis is normal or way off, the equator is always the center. This is how we can tell it is an axis issue or orbit or something else.

Below: This is a view of Africa & Europe with those same lines.

Below: This is an Asian & Australia view of those same lines


Below:  This is North pole & arctic circle on left & South pole & antarctic circle on right. 

  • Notice how Russia, Canada, Greenland, Alaska & Scandinavia are all inside the arctic circle on left. Scandinavia & Canada & Japan had temperatures above 106F degrees in July & Aug 2018.
  • When the axis shift brought the sun above the north pole, parts of Russia were shifted into darkness during the day.
  • The  image on the right is the south pole (Antarctica)


Whether we have shifted onto our side or not, we are still inundated with extreme weather & global catastrophes. Be prepared for summer heatwaves (window air conditioner & fans) or winter blizzards & bitter cold (insulated sleeping bags & blankets prepared for long power outages).  The sun would still appear normal from one perspective but the weather & temperatures would be insane just as we are seeing over 100 F in the polar regions during the summer with bizarre heatwaves as each respective pole points toward the sun during the summer for each hemisphere as we orbit the sun. If Earth was horizontal with the poles sideways & the equator was vertical, we would have extreme cold weather in the winter when our pole was opposite away from the sun and triple digit heat in the summer. But normal Spring & fall sun position & weather because the equator is always the center between both poles during the equinoxes regardless of the severity of the axis shift.

Unusual Lunar Path

A month ago (2018) I saw the moon path which was very unusual. It was either a full moon or nearly full. Its path began in the Northeast about 6 pm & arched overhead halfway about 11 pm. Then I last saw it southwest about 4 AM in the southwest.

  • It had traveled across the sky in a diagonal arc following the path in the photo below. I’ve never seen the moon travel in a diagonal before.
  • I was hoping one of our moon specialists might have some ideas on this. I think the moon normally follows our equator & may be trying to restore its orbit as the earths axis shifts.
  • Here is the path it orbited from NE to SW.
  • Never saw a diagonal path before.



Tsunamis are caused by the motion  & inertia of an axis shift or other abnormal motion of the planet which cause water to recede at beaches & coastlines prior to the surge of tidal waves. Quakes cannot cause water to recede. Quakes can only push water a few hundred miles without receding water from beaches. Only the inertia of the shifting planet can cause water to recede.  The time between the onset of receding water from beaches & the beginning of the tidal wave surge will tell you the duration of the axis shift and the speed & distance the planet shifted if proper sensors were placed in appropriate locations along the coasts.  The vibrations of quakes travel faster than water waves so they reach the sensors first & create the false impression that Quakes occurred first & caused the tsunami. The shifting axis or planet disturbed the tectonic plates & caused both the tsunami & quake. In the unstable region like Indonesia or Ring of fire, the shift can also cause volcanic eruptions & landslides, etc.

  • If you put a couple inches of water in a long pan & quickly pull it over a smooth surface, you would see how the inertia would cause the water to move toward the back of the pan in the opposite direction you were pulling. The faster & more abruptly you stop pulling will determine the size & strength of the waves as they return to the front of the pan or the coastline when the earth stopped shifting.
  • Any abnormal motion of the planet other than the normal rotation will cause a tsunami or anything that interferes with the normal 1000+ mph rotation speed will cause a tsunami. The abruptness of the stopping of that motion will determine the size & speed of a tsunami as waves surge forward again.
  • A quake or volcanic eruption or asteroid cannot cause the water to recede from the beaches or coastline. A quake can only push the waves a few hundred miles at best where a global shift of the planet can cause tsunamis of immense strength for thousands of miles. If a quake or eruption occurs in conjunction with a tsunami, it is because the planetary shifting caused them at the same time by disturbing the tectonic plates when the planet shifted. The quake vibrations travel faster than water.
  • A true tsunami is when the water recedes from the beaches & coast and is caused by inertia from planetary shifting.
  • Ancient archaeological findings shows ocean fossils above 13,000 feet elevation near Puma Punku & lake Titicaca. That means a tidal wave over 2 1/2 miles high hit the west coast of South America. I suspect a super tsunami wave also flooded the north African Sahara, Egypt, the black sea & Arabia with seawater & burying the Sahara & Egypt in miles of sand and toxic salt which destroyed the soil for any crops & flooded the river valley & villages under the black sea it formed as well as destroying all  settlements & achievements to that point such as Gobekli Tepe  and Egypt. Also the west US was flooded with sea waves as well killing the soil with Salt in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, etc. which took millennia to drain. I believe this devastation was caused when the former 5th planet was destroyed & disturbed the orbits of Earth & Mars & froze woolly mammoths with food in their mouths (instafreeze).
  • This destroyed 5th planet created the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter. 2 of the asteroids became moons for Mars. One of the moons from the destroyed planet now orbits the earth after its own planet was destroyed. Much of the debris & orbital changes of Mars & Earth were caused by the devastation as were the damages to Mars. This is what killed the dinosaurs on Earth when it became too cold for them. Yes we were hit with an asteroid from the 5th planet catastrophe but it was not the cause of their death, It was the change in orbit further from the sun which hired our dinosaurs & caused an ice age & devastated Mars.  Earth eventually returned to a closer orbit.  But our accomplishments & settlements were lost under sand & water. We had to start from scratch. But the Pyramids were built before the tsunamis which buried everything in sand. The global floods were also the cause of the water damage to the sphinx which sat in the salty flood waters until the water drained.
  • If you look at the west coasts of South America, US, Africa, Black Sea, Egypt, Arabia, Australia, etc., on Google Earth, you will see the dead zones & sand left behind by the toxic  salt water tsunamis & floods which damaged the west coasts of many continents.
  • For those who do not know, Google Earth is a free software you can download of satellite imagery of Earth, our Moon & Mars.


Photo shows position of key sun measurement changes since 2004.



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December 13, 2018

12-2018 ITYS Insane weather as predicted

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I told you that we would have a bitter cold winter in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere would suffer from the same heat waves and wildfires as we experienced last summer.  This is merely the beginning. It is going to get a lot worse before March. Bad enough to cause major power outages so it would be a good time to buy some heavily insulated sleeping bags for each family member in case of an emergency when you lose your power.

Those in Australia, South Africa and south America should buy at least one window air conditioner before it gets any hotter and the prices triple and they run out of stock. For both hemispheres don’t wait until the last minute to plan for severe weather which you already know is headed your way if not already there. Those in flood zones should also plan for that while those living in earthquake zones should expect the worst. We are talking about global Armageddon in relation to the severe weather we will all see by March. Then we will suffer again when our summer returns in June. Expect this to be the norm as long as our sun is over the poles on each solstice.

I am currently having tropical downpours where I live which is clearly not the norm for Texas… while the rest of the country is being buried in a snow storm and ice.  Of all times for my furnace to fail, I’m running on two small portable heaters… the safe liquid radiator style. The only portable heater I trust. No open flames if you have pets. But not quite enough to heat the entire house. I also have to be careful not to run the microwave at the same time while they are sharing the same circuit because these heaters really pull the current as does the microwave. Enough to pop the circuit. Even on a 20 A circuit. I can’t call for repair until I clear out the area under the attic door.

If you really want to see some wild weather stories about numerous floods and hailstorms in Saudi Arabia and subsidences I have added a link below which has a list of weather and geological related articles and photos. Not to overlook all those earthquakes, etc., Take a look at the list of disasters just in the past 2 weeks on this website link below.





December 10, 2018

12-2018 The Day the Earth Caught Fire (disaster planning & snakes)

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I recommend everyone should watch the movie, “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”. It is a black and white film from 1961 and has always been a favorite of mine. Yet, for some reason, I totally missed the part about the Axis shift.

In this movie, they start having the very same global disasters, increases in record earthquakes around the world, droughts, heat waves, unscheduled eclipses and a huge fog caused by massive evaporation and drying of water in the Thames. Floods worldwide as the polar ice melts. This film is British and takes place in London. It very much matches with the horrific weather and events over the past 18 months.  They mention a change in nutation (a wobbling precession of the pole) along with an 11 degree increase in the axis tilt plus we learn at the end that the earth is also heading toward the sun. They didn’t take any chances and listed all three. But they exaggerated the events for their axis change.

We’ve seen the results of the axis shifting and we saw a wobble between 2014 and 2018 IRL. I also saw a photo of the Rhine River in Germany nearly dry. I lived there for a couple years and remember taking a boat down the Rhine to see the fireworks display of the Heidelberg Castle burning in July. A wonderful trip on a beautiful river. It would be a shame if it dries up. Another reason we need to consider private water sources or captured rain. I don’t have a well here like I did in California because Texas water is usually toxic from chemicals, oil and other bad qualities. They say they have to drill hundreds of feet for water costing $80K-$120K fifteen years ago. That’s more than the house is worth.

However the reason I was disturbed about the sun being farther north last July than it was on the June 21st solstice is because the only way the dates of the solstices change is when our orbit changes. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to scare anyone. It is my intention to help people survive… not to panic. If the Earth had moved closer to the sun, then the solstice would have occurred earlier than June 21st. But since the sun continued to move to about the 12th of July, that implies we moved slightly farther from the sun. That means it will be damn cold this winter. But since the sun was nearly directly over the north pole on July 12th and the arctic circle had temperatures as much as 106 F Degrees and I thought the constellations had rotated but I couldn’t find my old charts in time to confirm and I can’t trust the veracity of what we find on the internet. So I will check again in June… and July. But my impression is that we may be on our side rotating horizontal like Uranus.

The movie got the apparent lightning storm right except it was actually an ion storm. I saw two in Dallas in June 2006 (I think).  Their problem was caused by simultaneous nuke tests by the US and Russia but that was only the movie and our problem is from the antarctic Ice melting.

The newspaper office in the film was real at the time and was the actual newspaper used in the story along with the real life chief editor who played himself under another name. I think the film is worth watching just for the axis info and weather changes alone… although they got the water shortages correct, they totally forgot about the food shortages. If you watched the group of youtube disaster videos for the past year, which I posted back in Oct, you will see or hear them talking about similar disasters on this movie.  They also made things a little worse. The temps in NYC in the film were described as above 140F. Plus multiple hurricanes and cyclones. It was Canada’s minister of their ecology last Aug on CN who said we should expect 130F to become our summer norm in the next 10 years. But always remember, the movies always make disasters worse than they are.

Even NASA has been stealing from my analysis so if what I say is important enough for NASA to steal, then everyone should take this seriously. NASA trashed my efforts until this year. Now it is suddenly their idea. Other scientists have now stolen my work and are publishing it as if it was their own. Youtube has also been having a field day with my work. I don’t mind people sharing my efforts but I don’t like them stealing credit for it as if it was their idea. When I started posting on this site in 2006 and posted on another site since 2004 about this issue there were zero people who supported my findings. It wasn’t until the general public started looking at the sun themselves and seeing the changes that anyone took this seriously. It was a little hard to ignore last summer when it was over the north pole.

The movie may be B&W but they tried to add a touch of orange at the beginning and end to express the heat.  You need to listen to what they say in the movie to learn about the global changes.

This movie was classed as X no children under 16 when it was released in the UK in 1961. It has since been upgraded to age 12. There is no real nudity. Just wrapped in towels. No parts showing. No real violence except a small ruckus for a few minutes. However, I agree with the age 12 considering how kids are raised these days to be sheltered from everything. I watched this film as a toddler and watched Twilight Zone since I was about 2 and would battle to see Outer Limits and every scary and sci fi movie they made. They showed these films every Saturday. Only one movie was disturbing. I think it was called The Brain that wouldn’t die about a doctor who kept his fiance’s head alive on a table after an accident. It was pretty gruesome.  But kids these days would not be able to watch those like I always did. When I was an adult, I bought a copy of all my favorites. The ones with radioactive themes were always a bit creepy during the cold war. But I was never prone to nightmares. I don’t think I ever had a single nightmare. But I really don’t recommend this movie for anyone younger than 12. But it certainly is no X film by any stretch of the imagination. However, this might give everyone a good idea about what we are currently experiencing and why the change in the solstice date and the precession wobble we have detected since 2014 and the sun over the polar regions melting and heating the planet.

Keep track of the weather and temperatures in south Australia and South Africa and the southern part of South America and the south pole this Dec, Jan and Feb to compare with our summer.

There is an excellent book on food and water storage and rotation and how to buy food your family will eat. It is called, Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton. I think I bought it on Amazon. A truly remarkable book which outdoes all of my efforts. She even includes the greenhouses…. which Walmart online just dropped in price by $300.

It is important to know how to keep food fresh and what to store it in. For instance, I have been saving my gallon water bottles which are plastic but they leech toxins if they get overheated from the car or garage. She suggests others and how to kill bacteria with just a couple drops of clorox or boiling. I think you have to wait 24 hours for chlorine bleach to dissipate if I remember correctly. You local county health dept may have info on water storage and how to treat it. This is a really great book. It also has planning charts and how to cook from scratch for survival.

I also have books on identifying edible plants and another book on natural medicines and how to find and identify the plants and which parts to use and which plants are toxic. One thing is for certain. If you see a plant full of lovely red berries and none of the birds or wildlife are eating them… avoid them. Avoid any plant the animals avoid. Also learn how to identify poison Ivy, poison oak and poison summac as well as how to identify poisonous snakes.

Do not depend on your spouse or neighbor to properly identify a snake (or properly drive a tractor for that matter). Not even someone raised on a farm. They all act like they know which snake is which. I had to train every male in my neighborhood… we all live out in the country surrounded by grain fields and a handful of cattle. The grain fields attract rats (big ones) and the rats attract the snakes. When the farmer tills the soil or harvests his grain, the mice and snakes all head for our houses for food until the grain crops are planted again.

We have a terrible time with Cotton mouth snakes which also go by the name of Water moccasins. They have a white lining in their mouths and are deadly and the most difficult for a hospital to treat. EVERY male in my neighborhood of about 20 houses in a ten square mile area of fields, all identified the snake as a copperhead. This clearly shows not one of them knows the basics on snakes. A copperhead is very distinctive. It is copper colored with a diamond design. A thick snake about 3 ft long…. also deadly.

But a Cottonmouth (water moccasin) as an adult is dark brown and about 6 ft long. It easily can hide in a tree or bush. I nearly put my hand on one when I was looking for a baby bird in a pine tree. They are not always in water. About an inch thick body. Very slender. Two of these got into my house a few years ago. They were after my birds. One actually got into the cage with the birds. It was a miracle the snake did not get them. Their fluttering and squawking awoke me. The wires of the cage are only a 1/4 inch spaced yet this huge snake got into the cage and the minute it saw me, it came out of the cage after me but the minute its head was through the bars, I chopped it off with an ax I had in my hand… because another adult snake had tried to get into the cages 6 hours earlier. I got him the same way. Beware, even with their head chopped off which I always do, both snakes came to life again just a couple hours later on the back deck where I threw them. Do not touch them or get near them. These headless snakes started crawling as if they could see where they were going. Over 200 birds and their fledglings all lined up on the tree branches over the deck above the snakes. Birds of every breed side by side. Even those who were enemies. It appeared they were using the opportunity to teach their young about the dangers of snakes. It looked like a scene out of Hitchcock’s Birds film. The heads on these dead snakes will bite anything that moves including their own bodies. The reaction of the birds was priceless and I wish my camera  batteries had been charged.

Baby cottonmouth snakes look a lot like coral snakes so make sure your children do not play with these brightly colored pink and red small snakes. Be careful of standing water, ponds, children’s pools, bushes & trees (especially those with bird nests,) etc where these snakes like best or under your house.  Also remember these snakes can hurl themselves 2 or 3 times their length. So you would not be safe 10 feet away. They can also climb straight up a tree as fast as lightning. They are deadly. We made long conduit poles with a loop of lawn mower wire… the kind of wire on the handle when you pull it to start. A very strong steel cable loop at the end of the pole which we can pull tight at the other end to catch it by the neck. We also included some sharp wood screws to keep the snake from escaping. I also have a 3 ft long machete for dispatching the snake in the loop.

I have found these snakes at the front door, sitting up like a cobra ready to bite the first person who walks out… and normally you would be looking toward your car not at the frame of your door on the porch. I’ve never seen anything about that in a book or online. Not a word about this breed of snake coiled and sitting up like a cobra. But I have seen 3 different cottonmouth snakes do this. They also killed one of my cats who was in the garage because he didn’t get along with the house cat. He was my mothers cat. Apparently he saw the snake and decided to play with it as cats do and we found him dead. We had seen the snakes the previous day but they had disappeared before we could eliminate them. We may need those old manual rotary mowers to cut grass if we should lose our fuel and electricity to keep the grass short to see the snakes. But never try to take on a snake as I have had to do unless you really know what you are doing and have the proper implements to ensure its safe dispatch without becoming injured yourself. It is very dangerous. My only point is to bring your attention to the dangers these deadly snakes bear and my experience with them. Boots are a great help. Any protection is better than none. Remember their fangs can unsheathe and become very long allowing their small heads to produce huge, sharp deadly fangs which can deeply penetrate your body and clothes. But boots are the best thing and knowledge. You can find pictures of these snakes online. Some people like snakes. I don’t. It is not worth the danger.

There is also a product called “Snake Away” which places like Lowes or tractor stores carry. But I hear it is not as effective on cotton mouth snakes. Only 50%. But it should work better on the others. I understand they won’t crawl over it. In my opinion, treat any snake as potentially deadly and safely eliminate it if possible to protect your family. It is the one creature I have the most disdain for. If I find it on my property, it is gone. Animal control just drives around the corner and turns them loose again. This is what they told me. The animal control group thinks it is ok to kill cats and dogs but treat snakes as entitled.

I am also a strong proponent of being armed to protect yourself from roving gangs during an apocalypse.  & snakes. There will also be roving packs of unfed dogs looking for food. They may have been pets which were abandoned but they get wild and vicious when 3 or more dogs pack together.

The crooks are guaranteed to have weapons and they prey upon anyone who has something they want and they know only half the people are armed. They tread lightly in country farms like ours because they know we are usually prepared to dispatch roving gangs. If your group of neighbors can set up a watch group or motion detectors, and shared resources survival is better after a crisis. I’m talking about a severe global apocalypse. Not a bad storm. How to survive when the entire infrastructure has collapsed. You will need to survive with no food, no water, no fuel, no medicine, etc.  However, the obvious roving gangs are one thing but you may find your very best friends, good neighbors and even your own relatives may turn on you if they know you have food, water, medicine, etc. Parents will go crazy and kill their closest friends if they didn’t prepare and their children and wife are starving. They will do whatever is needed to take it from someone else. There is an episode of Twilight Zone called “the Shelter” which shows how the neighborhood laughed and bullied a neighbor who was building a shelter in his basement. When a nuclear war siren sounded, those very neighbors started begging to get into his shelter which only had room and supplies for his own family and no more. The neighbors turned into a violent mob and began banging down the door of his shelter wanting to save themselves and their children. They eventually smashed the door down just as the alert was rescinded as false. People will turn into animals to get the food and water and medicines needed for their families.

Sometimes a hurricane, flooding and loss of home or electricity can last for weeks. Remember Houston. Or remember the Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people in 2004. Or the ice storms which left the east coast without electricity, heat or any way to leave their homes. Or the wildfires which left tens of thousands homeless during the past year. So these stored emergency preparations would be handy for situations like that… if you have them where you can get to them in a hurry. The people who were burned out next to my former home were awakened in the middle of the night with massive flames burning around them. They were lucky to get out with their kids in their pajamas in the middle of the night if their car had not burned. Many died trying to get to their cars or save their pets. Those fires were started by poorly maintained electrical and gas infrastructure of PG&E. The fire stopped at my former property line. I’m willing to bet a few were started by the wood stoves they all liked to burn. The smoke was so thick you couldn’t breathe. Those wood shake roofs and HOA rules against trees and other greenery were probably other factors.  So these are things to plan for. If you have a closet near the front door it is a good place to put some emergency bags in case you need to run out in the middle of the night like they did.

Or we could have some more 3 mile islands, Chernobyl or Fukushima where a flood or a storm could cause massive radiation releases. It would happen very quickly as it did in Japan. Your locations and where you are downwind could make all the difference. Could be power plants, industrial explosions like Houston when a chemical plant had dangerous reactions out of control, or fires burning caustic materials. There are many accidents we have yet to consider. If you think you live near a nuke plant, iodine tablets can be found at Amazon for about $10. They only work when an accident or attack occurs. They only last 24 hours to prevent the thyroid from absorbing radioactive Iodides and usually are recommended for 10 days for each person. But there could be future Fukushimas which spew radioactive particles for months or years if no one can stop it.

In a true global emergency (and Katrina) the elderly and disabled are abandoned and considered a drain on resources and in the way. Avoid being seen by local authorities, National guard or other troops, FEMA or Red Cross. Under Martial Law, they can and will put you into a convention center with no food, no water, no facilities, no medicine, etc. You will either be conscripted into a labor force or military or end up in a giant grave near the airport. Remember, I was in an emergency management Agency for one of the largest metro areas in the US. I know what they are about and their intentions. To my horror, I saw them do these very things during Katrina as if it was a practice run to see if they could get away with it. It is all spelled out in the executive orders about the powers of FEMA and Red Cross. They are above everyone except the President during Martial Law. They will shut down all cell phones and landlines (that was my job at the time). It can be done in 5 minutes remotely. They have no intention of letting anyone have phone service except themselves. They have executive authority to scramble all frequencies, TV, etc except their own and can forcibly conscript you into military or labor gangs against your will. They control the troops and the law. They outrank the VP and the entire Congress and Senate. The only authority above FEMA & Red Cross if Martial Law is declared would be the President. I have read the executive orders and recommend reading them if you get a chance.

I posted one of those Katrina news videos on a post last summer. If you haven’t seen it, please do. There were people dying in wheel chairs on the sidewalk and babies dying without food on camera. Not everyone will have a vehicle for transportation because in Katrina, Houston & Galveston, many cars were damaged by the flood waters before they had a chance to wake up. The video will help you understand just what to expect and how awful it can become. Anyone who goes into a store to get food, clothes or medicine or baby requirements would be shot as a looter even though the items are flood damaged and cannot be sold and will end up in a landfill. Yes there are real looters in these conditions but there are also people starving and dying and many will have no choice except to try to help them but the police and troops will kill them without asking questions even though they might be carrying diapers and baby food. Or trying to get insulin and other medicines  from a flooded pharmacy. They won’t be able to access narcotics because pharmacies keep those in the safe. However, lack of access to foods may very likely reduce glucose levels and swelling feet or high blood pressure and reduce weight. Reduced pollutants may also help with asthma and no more cigarettes, beer, liquor fried foods, candy, fast foods, etc. You might want to include some nicotine patches or gum in the kit if anyone is a smoker.

Your number one need is water and it should be boiled before drinking or using it no matter where it came from. You can survive on crackers and peanut butter for a few days until the flood waters recede. So my point is the emergency kits can have other uses besides a global calamity and can be used by your heirs. How do you keep warm if you lose your electricity or heat. My furnace broke the week before Thanksgiving and I’m surviving on portables and blankets for the moment. But without fuel or electricity you will need warm clothes like jogging suits, sleeping bags, blankets, saws, shovels, pruning shears, plastic sheeting and tape to keep the cold out of your windows and doors, etc. Also, a battery charger might be nice and a transformer which can charge your phone and your kindle, etc. I have several backup power systems but I also have a converter for the car cigarette lighter to charge those same items. It is just a matter of how much you wish to do. I’m just tossing out some ideas. The book written by Peggy Layton is the best I have ever seen. She goes into ideas for washing clothes, cooking a large kettle on a tripod over a fire outside. Her book is truly a lifesaver for surviving disasters. I rarely mention books which impress me. But this is the most thorough I have read.

Anyway, I have several books handy for survival skills, medicines, food, edible and poison plants, snakes, gardening, rotating and storing food and water, etc. I have a library crammed with every book imaginable. Long before we had Kindles and downloadable books online. I have those as well but I remembered an episode from the new Outer Limits called “Stream of Consciousness” where everyone except one person with brain damage was linked into a wireless network using a chip connected to their brains. When their computer network went wild with a virus it had to be shut down. Everyone on the planet had to learn how to read and write and that boy who had brain damage was the only one who knew how. There was another recent film called Transvergence where paranoid computer terrorists shut down the entire world from their internet and everything with a computer stopped working such as their power plants. So they were all back to square one. They did the same on the new remake of The day the Earth stood still.


November 16, 2018

11-2018 Survival Food Readiness

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While I have posted emergency preparation info on this site and the other website, I haven’t talked about specifics when it comes to preparing for food to sustain you after a catastrophe. Both the UN and US gov’t back in 2009 said there would be a global food & water shortage in 2020. You will need to know how to survive. Our parents and grandparents used to grow victory gardens during WWII. This is similar with what we need to do in the next 12 months.

You have also seen the global destruction ongoing if you watched those 14 short disaster videos I pasted on my recent post, “Bizarre Weather, animals and subsidences” which shows the destruction of crops and the disappearances of lakes and rivers draining down holes, probably into the tunnel systems our gov’ts are all drilling like crazy. They are creating the water shortage by turning the land into swiss cheese.

Due to the axis shift which placed the sun directly over the North Pole last summer, which also shifted our ozone holes where they are no longer over the ice and snow which had reflected the UV rays back into space… we suffered from heatwaves which brought temperatures exceeding 106F degrees in the arctic circle Canada, UK, Scandinavia, Japan, Russia and the west coast of California which is normally cooled by cold arctic currents along the coast which are no longer there.  The UV rays are killing crops and people and causing deadly heatwaves baking us like a microwave oven and destroying the food crops. The poorly maintained PG&E electrical and gas infrastructures are said to have caused most of the horrific wildfires in California but Canada and other locations such as Russia have also been besieged with deadly wildfires destroying massive amounts of land and homes.

This also affects the weather which would bring rain to California. Now the countries main source of produce is burning up under UV rays and wildfires. Those UV rays destroy plants and cause deadly sun strokes in people and animals. Rivers and lakes are disappearing down subsidence holes which are no doubt  draining into those hundreds of tunnels the governments are drilling to create their access between their shelters, military bases and major cities. These are not to benefit any of us. Their shelters are filled with stolen food and donations from FEMA and Red Cross for the politicians and the elite. We will be corralled by the National Guard and Military under Martial Law.  We wont be invited into the shelters. They will corral us into large convention centers like Katrina; with no food, water, medicine or necessities until we die and are too weak to fight back for our freedom. We outnumber them. They can only shoot so many as we fight back as long as we don’t wait until we are starving and weak to do so. You will know within the first two days whether you are going to be fed and watered and receive medical care. That is when you should plan your immediate escape. You wont be able to make a mass escape if you wait until you are weakened without food and water.

If we have a food shortage or a calamity or the infrastructure breaks down if the food is no longer trucked to our stores, then we will have to fend for ourselves.  If we grow our own foods and the cataclysms don’t occur, you would still benefit from having fresh foods without pesticides or hormones or antibiotics or herbicides on them. Your health might improve. I would be happy eating tomato sandwiches every day. I did that when I was 18 or 19 and planted 36 giant tomato plants. I had no idea I would have to give them away in full grocery sacks because I had hundreds of giant tomatoes. These were beautiful plants. If you break off the suckers and tie them up on stakes (8 ft tall) you can have giant tomatoes if you buy the right brand. You can also can them to make tomato sauce or diced tomatoes or tomato soup.  So be sure to have canning supplies. Tomatoes take less heat than other foods you can. So you wont need a pressure cooker for them but you will need a large enamel pot to can tomatoes and a pressure cooker for canning other things.

You can also plant fruit and nut trees and berry bushes and grape vines. Walnuts & other nuts are good for protein when you don’t have meat sources but can cause issues if you have diverticulosis. Cherry trees, tea trees, apples, peaches, pears, etc. If you don’t live in a citrus area you can buy mini citrus trees which can be special ordered from a nursery or catalog but you would need to grow them in a greenhouse.

I’ve been looking at greenhouses the last few days. Don’t look at Sunrooms because they cost two or three times as much for the same thing in greenhouses. Most decent greenhouses to place on your deck or patio or in your yard, are between $350-$800. But they have small greenhouses for $78 using cheaper materials such as plastic sheeting. The ones I was looking at are 6′ X 8′ or 6′ X 10′ and about 6 1/2 feet high with a roof vent, hinged door and twin wall roof panels included. Some have twin side wall panels but most are clear sides. They have heavy galvanized bottom frames and anchors to prevent them from blowing away.

Do not use volcanic ash soil to grow your plants. The plants may grow great in such soil but it is high in aluminum and called potash. You don’t want to have aluminum in your food plants or any kind of radioactive fallout or metals. You will have to eliminate at least a foot of top soil if your land has been contaminated with fallout such as Fukushima is doing right now and the problems on the land of Chernobyl. But do not believe for one minute that removing the top soil cures the problem of radioactive materials. It will not be safe in your lifetime or those of your descendants. They are currently lying to the Japanese who are actually farming the land in Fukushima and the US is purchasing their farm products which the very farmers who are growing it have said they would not eat it. I only mention this because when a catastrophe occurs and the secondary power backup fails for a nuclear plant or reactor, it is very easy for the containment building to blow off the top of the roof and spew radioactive gas, steam and smoke into the air. See more radiation info at the very bottom of this post below the greenhouse link.

You can grow plants on shelves and miniature fruit trees inside your greenhouse but make sure it does not get too hot during a heat wave or the soil too dry. You can grow mini citrus fruit trees inside your greenhouse which may not be able to grow in your area. The mini trees are less than 6 feet tall with full size fruit.  An olive tree to make olive oil, soap, skin lotion, food, etc.

I thought about using a lean-to greenhouse against my back door but a full size greenhouse on the deck is more stable, better sealed against snakes and rats and has more room. Some of these greenhouses have gutters which allow you to capture the rain water to water your plants. You can get these greenhouses from Walmart online. Or go to Google, select shopping and search on the word Greenhouses.

I recommend the greenhouses should be placed on a smooth, level surface and preferably placed on a plywood floor and sealed to ensure snakes don’t get in… or rats. Place the outdoor, exterior glue plywood sheets crosswise for flooring. You don’t want a joint running down the center of the greenhouse. It won’t support the weight. So place them crosswise not lengthwise and anchor the greenhouse to the floor. Add this plywood floor even if you are placing it on your deck. Trust me. You don’t want snakes or rats getting in. Also, use 3/4 inch thick plywood. Anything less will warp or sag. Exterior glue is important. You can also buy floor runners to walk on. Lowe’s has plastic runners on rolls you can cut to fit. You will also need to buy some lumber to build a floor frame to support and connect the plywood if you place the greenhouse on the yard or patio. The floor should be done before you assemble the greenhouse. Perhaps when you use the bottom galvanized steel base frame. I built a floor for a shed years ago but despite being an excellent engineer, I did a crappy job despite knowing how to build an entire house from scratch without plans. The ground was not level enough. So the floor did not match and I made the mistake of placing the plywood lengthwise. I even used filler to level the floor and laid tile on it. Still a crappy job. Should have used roll tile rather than individual tile squares. Tongue and groove deck boards might be better if laid on top of underlayment plywood, as long as it is sealed. The greenhouses usually come with a vent and a door which are both magnetically sealed to stay closed. You can buy extra. The number of vents it comes with depends on the length of the greenhouse. A 6X10 ft greenhouse may have 2 vents included.

I grew the tomatoes from seeds the first time rather than nursery plants because I didn’t know any better. I had never been to a nursery where they sell the starter plantings for gardens. They didn’t have Lowes in those days. I also made the mistake of transplanting them to large mayonnaise jars as they outgrew the ice cube trays where I sprouted my seeds. The jars  curve in at the  top and get smaller where the lid was screwed on. I was growing these in my window sills for months because it was too cold outside. All the neighbors would stop to see these 3 ft tall tomato plants in the window with flowers in winter and then the small tomatoes developing as they started to bear. This was when I lived in Pennsylvania near the Susquehanna River much farther north than 3 mile Island and I moved away a year before 3MI occurred. I had the most perfect black soil to grow my garden. The only issue was the aphids on the Broccoli but I don’t like Broccoli anyway. My preference is Brussel Sprouts. The only plant I had trouble growing was celery until I lived in California and a section of the yard had flooded. The celery seeds I had planted a year earlier which never grew suddenly sprouted and grew under water. It had to flood like rice for celery to grow.

When it came time to plant the tomatoes outside, which were nearly 6 ft tall with young green tomatoes on them, I couldn’t get them out of the jars through the smaller opening where the lid had been screwed on.  I had to take a hammer and break all 36 jars to get the plants out without damaging the roots.

(so if any of you are teen age or younger, trust me. You don’t know a lot of things you think you do until you have more experience. I had straight A’s & the highest IQ & still did not know better about things I had never done & was naive & easily fooled by those who hated anyone who made them look bad. Ever hear of a snipe hunt? There’s no such thing. I was raised on army bases in foreign countries so we did not own the houses we lived in.)

Someone showed me a better way to grow potatoes. I have all the books on how to grow vegetables & the regions, etc. But when I grew potatoes for the first time, I tied up the tubers to the fence as if they were tomato vines. I was Wrong! The potatoes don’t grow unless they are under the dirt. “The Martian” movie showed it wrong as well which was even worse because the character was an astronaut botanist. Actually a xenobotanist since it was mars. He was growing his potatoes under the ground and using raw sewage for fertilizer when he could have used left over meals instead.

The potatoes grow under the dirt. Not on top.

The best way to grow potatoes:

  • Buy a new Rubbermaid 30+ gallon trashcan.
    • With wheels & a handle so it can be rolled. Especially if you have a rock driveway like I do. Mine is filled in with smooth river rock. Much better than that awful calechi they used.
      • Calechi is dried adobe. A white clay which looks like rocks but when driven on it breaks apart and turns to dust. If you are trying to drill a hole in the ground, the auger just keeps turning on the calechi and the hole fills up with dust and doesn’t go anywhere. You end up with powdered dry white clay. When it gets wet it turns into white mud and you track it into your house and you make a mess. 
    • Also, a soft rubbery plastic trashcan so it doesn’t crack like harder or rigid plastic
    • Do not use a metal trash can nor a used trash can which could have dangerous and deadly bacteria.
    • You don’t want any metal or bacteria to contaminate your food plants.
  • You can add 4 small drain holes to your new Rubbermaid trash can.
    • No larger than a pencil size.
      • You don’t want snakes getting inside.
      • Place the holes about 4 inches from the center & evenly spaced in a square
  • Place the trashcan on a plant stand with wheels; or
  • buy a plastic trash can with wheels & a handle
    • so you can move it when it rains.
    • Once it is full of dirt and potatoes it will be heavy.
  • Put a plastic or nylon “window screen” (not metal) on the very bottom  of the trashcan (cut to fit)
    • so the sand does not fall out through the drain holes.
    • and the water can drain instead of pooling at the bottom.
    • And blocks insects and mice from getting in 
  • Add a couple inches of clean sand in the bottom; and
  • Add an inch of gravel or small river rocks as a layer on top of the sand.
  • Cover the sand and rocks with another plastic screen (not metal)
    • Therefore, when you are ready to pour out the dirt you don’t end up with a mess.
    • The layer of sand and gravel & drain holes will help prevent water rot of your plants
    • If you can think of some way to wedge something on top of the nylon screen so it doesn’t let the sand &  gravel fall out when you pour out the soil, while still allowing it to drain. Let me know.
      • Perhaps 3 dowels (1/2 inch diameter) cut to fit in a tightly wedged triangle on top of this second screen above the gravel and sand may help hold down the screen
        • & prevent the sand and gravel from dumping out & mixing with the soil when you pour out the soil at the end.
        • Dowels can be found at Lowe’s about 36 inches long.
        • Dowels are round sticks of wood about 3 feet long 
        • They come in various thicknesses & types of wood
        • Lowe’s usually lays them on their side and paint the ends of the dowels and are usually on the same aisle as the baseboard trim & door trim, etc. Dowels are similar to broom handles. They come in all various thicknesses 
        • You can measure the trash can at the bottom which is smaller diameter than the top. Not in the middle but wedged in a triangle
        • Smaller 1X2  similar to bed slats could be used.
        • It is better to cut the dowels too long than too short.
        • OR come up with a better plan to hold down the sand and rocks when you dump the soil after the season is done so you can reuse the soil and start a new potato from the beginning again.
          • And let us know what you came up with.
  • Add about 6 inches of loose potting soil in the bottom; &
  • plant your chunk of potato with at least 2 good eyes under the soil.
    • You can also plant 2 or 3  chunks of potatoes with at least 2 good eyes each
  • Space the chunks  about 6 inches apart in a triangle (for 3 chunks)
    • You can add extra soil so you have about 3 inches of soil over them.
  • Keep the soil loose. Do not pack it down.
    • Depending on what type of potato you are growing (I prefer large Idaho baking potatoes) You can take a baked potato and cut it into sections.
    • Each section should have a couple of good eyes to bud.
    • You don’t have to divide it equally as long as each chunk has at least 2 good eyes.
  • Plant your chunk of Potato with eyes into the soil with 3 inches over the chunks.
  • If needed, add more soil. 
  • You will need to leave growing room above the new plantings so you can add more soil as the plants grow so they can form potatoes. 
  • Start with about 3 inches of soil to cover your planted potato chunks with eyes. Then add more soil periodically as the plants grow.
  • Don’t let plants grow no more than 6 inches above soil line. Add dirt to cover the growing plants leaving 2-6 inches of plant exposed above soil line where it has enough leaves to receive sunlight.
  • Water with a Miracle Grow mix (unless the soil already has miracle grow mixed with the soil)
    • Don’t over water. The soil should be damp enough for eyes to grow but not soggy.
    • Not too much miracle grow. It will be toxic if  too much is used. Especially before the plant has had a chance to mature and grow.
      • The sand & gravel at the bottom should help prevent water rot.
  • Set the trashcan out in best sun possible. Especially when the potatoes are young and too deep inside the trashcan to see the sun.
  • You should cover the top of the trashcan with plastic or nylon window screen which allows the sun to reach the plants while keeping out squirrels, rodents, nosy people, snakes and various people and creatures.
    • The plastic or nylon screen (non metal) comes in rolls for window screen at Lowes
    • It can be bought in various solar blocking grades and UV resistant materials
    • I recommend about 80% sunlight or 20% sun blocking
  • secure screen on top of trashcan with giant rubber band or small bungee cord or adjustable straps.
    • Add more soil as the potato tuber (vine) grows longer & flowers expire
    • keep the top 3 inches of potato tuber on top above dirt.
    • As it grows,  lightly water to reach roots & add more dirt.
  • You may wish to install watering tube before you add potato sections so you don’t damage roots
    • Watering tube could be made from old water hose or something else which wont contaminate soil. 
    • a 1 inch PVC conduit would work best for a watering tube. Also at Lowe’s
    • Install watering tube before you plant the potato
    • Watering tube should be off to the side and about 4 inches above the drain screen where it wont interfere with roots, potatoes or tuber.
    • Don’t place watering tube all the way to the bottom where the screen separates the sand and gravel. Place the watering tube about 4 inches above the drain screen and off to the side to water the roots and not to cause water rot or damage to the roots
    • Or you can use a different tube as long as it is not metal and only goes about 4 inches above the drain screen and should be off to the side where it doesn’t interfere with potatoes or tubers.
  • Keep the tuber (vine) covered with potting soil as it grows.
  • Keep the top 3 inches above the soil to allow the leaves to absorb the sun
    • Caution: the tuber is fragile and breaks easily. Be gentle.
    • Don’t suffocate plant by covering it with the lid. 
      • The trash can must be on a stand with wheels or have built in wheels with a handle so you can move it out of the rain on wheels without covering the trash can.
  • If you leave the potato trash can out in the rain, the potatoes will drown & die even with the precautions to avoid water rot.
  • Keep potting soil loose. Miracle grow always helps on any plant.
    • If the potting soil has miracle grow then don’t add more to the water, but make sure the Miracle grow is not just a brand name on the soil bag rather than an ingredient.
  • Keep adding potting soil layers as it grows. Just enough to cover exposed plant while Leaving the top 3 inches exposed to the sun.
  • As the tuber grows start coiling the tuber (vine) upward and cover with soil in order to  gain  a little more room to grow.
    • You need to cover each layer of the vine tuber with 3 inches of soil. The potatoes only grow in soil.
    • The coil would be a gentle spiral upward. The tuber is VERY fragile and will easily break. The tuber is also hollow.
  • I forget how long it takes to grow the potatoes. I think 45-60 days. 
    • You’ll have to look up the growing details online or in a book.
    • It has been a while since I’ve grown any and I have forgotten much of the details.
  • You’ll have to coil the tuber layers each time it grows and exposes too much of the tuber vine which is hollow and fragile.
  • Keep the soil loose but use enough to keep the vine covered 
  • If you’ve let your soil be loose & kept a secure screen cover on top, you should be able to feel the size of your potatoes.
  • When ready you can pour the dirt into a big box or another new Rubbermaid trash can when you are ready to harvest your crop.
    • Do not use trash cans which have been used for garbage which collects dangerous deadly bacteria.
    • Do not use metal trash cans. Only new plastic cans.
  • When you pour out the dirt, the can should be full of large potatoes if they have had enough time to grow.
    • I saw someone do this. It was the neatest way of growing potatoes. Due to health issues I have not done this myself but it was really cool to watch.. You might want to place a layer of plastic screen over the gravel and sand in the bottom when you start so you can pour out the dirt without pouring out the sand and gravel.

I clearly didn’t learn my lesson  with too many tomatoes because I did the same thing when I got 2 dozen baby chicks which grew into full size chickens. It never occurred to me that I would have 23 eggs every day which we couldn’t eat. Don’t get a rooster unless you like bloody eggs with embryos due to his fertilizing the hens… and have him crowing outside your bedroom window at 3AM every morning. I had gotten one rooster by accident. You also don’t want to prepare a live chicken for food. Have someone else do it for you. My spouse had always bragged about growing up on farms and plucking chickens, picking crops, etc. They were a migrant farm family. He was 15 years older than me so they lived during the dust bowl. Anyway, if you ever saw a cartoon with a chicken running around without a head… that is no joke. When the chicken loses its head it starts flapping and running around. I couldn’t believe it.

Snakes do the same thing. If you cut off their head two hours after they die the body will start crawling around as if it could see where it was going. And the head will actually bite anything that moves including its own body. Trust me. You don’t want to prepare a live chicken yourself. It gets worse when it comes to plucking feathers and removing the organs. If you cut into the intestines be prepared to throw up from the horrific smell and it will contaminate the chicken with bad bacteria such as e coli.

Most snakes in Texas are deadly poison. Nearly all wild animals in this Texas county have rabies according to the animal control. Yet, they will kill cats and dogs after a few days but when they catch a deadly snake or a harassing squirrel or possum, the animal control just drives around the corner and lets them loose again within a half mile of your house where they will come back again. They also use 4 ft snake loops while we made an 8 ft and 15 ft loops. These snakes can climb trees faster than the squirrels. All those snakes were the deadly cotton mouth; also known as a water moccasin. On one occasion, three were seen crossing the road from the fields into my property at the same time. I can only handle one at a time. The fields had been harvested so the rats all headed toward our houses with the snakes following right behind them.

My bard rock chicken was laying giant eggs with 3 yolks. Unfortunately, after a year and a half she finally laid an egg so large it turned her inside out and she died. All of my bard rock chickens laid at least 2 yolk eggs. She laid 3 yolks every time. These chickens are black & white checkered like hounds-tooth patterns. There are also chickens which lay colored eggs such as blue or pink. or green. I had some of those as well. I can’t remember the name. I never understood why the stores don’t sell them. Especially for Easter. The colored eggs do not need to be hand colored. Having chickens is a good idea for the eggs.  A good source of protein. If there is a catastrophe then you would need a rooster to produce more chickens. But you would need to keep some of your chickens isolated (or the rooster isolated) so you won’t be eating bloody eggs. And to keep the rooster away from your bedroom window at 3 AM. Don’t have more chickens than your family can eat the eggs on a daily basis. Remember to include the number of eggs each family member would eat daily.  Such as 3 eggs each. When calculating how many chickens to raise. Don’t forget to include feed seed and chick mash and calcium grit for feeding them.

Geese or Guinea hens are good for keeping the snakes away from your chickens. Rabbits could be a producing source of meat if the infrastructure collapses (which is when our food and medicines and fuels and gov’ts are no longer providing for the country and we are on our own. So there wouldn’t be any hamburgers or bread or electricity or water as the utilities collapse. Food cant be delivered without fuel for the trucks. Etc. Our ancestors and some European countries today, deliver food and fuel on river boats. Then by horse pulled wagons to various communities in the past which we would end up doing without fuel or after an EMP weapon. When they talk about bombing us back to the stone age, they are not kidding.

So you would be looking for replacement meats but I never would be able to harm a rabbit. And  the deer and wild turkeys and other wildlife and birds would all be gone in a very short while from people hunting them to feed their families. They will also kill you and take yours. So keep them penned in the back yard. No more than one or two chickens per person in your family and one extra hen and a rooster to produce more chickens but keep him separated so he doesn’t fertilize the eggs you eat. The hens will lay one egg every day without a rooster.

You may also consider a dairy cow. I’ve never had one but I believe the cow has to have either born a calf or given proper hormones to produce milk. You don’t want hormones in your milk because that is what causes irritable bowel syndrome IBS and makes people think they are lactose intolerant when they are not. This is not recommended if there is any fallout. Strontium gets in the milk when the cows eat the grass if there has been radioactive fallout and you will get it when drinking the milk. Also, cows produce a huge amount of milk so you will need to share it with your neighbors and the calf. Do not use a bull to impregnate your cow. Hopefully there will be a vet who can use artificial means. I believe the cow can produce milk for 2 years but you will have to look this up. You will also need to know how the pasteurize your milk with heat to kill bacteria and filter out debris and hair and homogenize the milk to mix the cream and fluids so the milk doesn’t separate. You won’t want to mix all the cream. Some of that can be used for coffee and cooking and making cheese or butter the old fashioned way.

I have a lot of books in my library on how to survive and prepare foods like the original pioneers. Yes, real books. You will need them when the internet is gone.  One cow should provide for a half dozen families but the cow has to be fed and milked and watered every day. This is only needed if you lose access to stores to obtain food.

Money will be an issue. No one will trust paper money. So you will need precious metals, furs, animal meats or produce to trade. Walnut trees are a good source of income because they produce a lot of walnuts you can sell at those farmers markets or trade to a local farm store or General store like they had in the old days which provided everything to pioneers. Coins were an acceptable money. So you might want to stockpile the coins from your pocket each day into large jars.

If you run out of access to fuel, you will need a bicycle or horse and buggy, trap or small wagon to get around and acquire foods. They used to sell solar cars quite cheap. Under $10,000 or as low as $2000 and could also convert old cars to solar. You will need a huge chain and thick padlock to lock up your bicycle. Keep it out of site and take the front wheel with you and be prepared to defend it. It is better to take the entire bicycle inside. Also keep in mind someone will kill you for the horse. So you will need one or two well armed men to go with you so you will need more than one horse to pull 3 large adults and whatever you put into the wagon. The horse will also need feed, hay, alfalfa, water, shoes and medical care.  I live where there are only a dozen houses on the entire road and could easily be barricaded to prevent intruders but would need to be constantly guarded.  But an enclosed small group of homes is perfect for sharing a couple horses and a cow and eggs. We also have a nice creek but the water would have to be filtered and boiled for 10 minutes to ensure it is drinkable because the coyotes also drink there and who knows what else is dumped there or if there is fallout.

I was looking through the greenhouses on the Walmart website. They have an excellent collection for reasonable prices. Search on greenhouses. Not Sunrooms. If you search on sunrooms which are the same as greenhouses except they triple the prices and use clear glass. Search on greenhouses for the best prices. Make sure they have “twin wall” roofs and wall side panels. Twin wall panels are more sturdy. They should also have a roof panel which opens for a vent and it will need to be anchored for the wind. The panels also block 99% of the UV rays. They also have gutters which drain to the end where the water can be captured for the plants. Palram seemed to be the best ones. Be careful, some have twin wall roof panels but say nothing about the side wall panels. There was one which said both roof and wall side panels were twin wall. They cost more. So you could buy twin wall roofs with single side panels. The vent and door also have magnets. These can be placed on a deck or yard but you will need to build a level floor to support the unit and keep it level if you place it out in the yard. If you can’t afford the $600-$700 plus shipping, they have cheap units as low as $79 but it is just a flimsy frame with sheet plastic. In any event, you will need to anchor the greenhouse on deck or in your yard so it is not destroyed by winds.

Coastlines will have their water tables contaminated with salt water like in Florida. If you dig or drill a hole in Florida… which I did to install a ground bed, you will hit brine water about 1 foot below the surface. That was in Ft Lauderdale… and be sure to cover the hole overnight. We did so but still were greeted by an alligator (crocodile or caymen… I can’t tell them apart) who was in the excavation when we arrived the next morning. He probably crawled over the plywood covering the hole and it fell in under his weight. Or you might find a python. I took a lot of pictures of the wildlife and birds while I was there. The crocodile was gone by the time I arrived. Animal control removed him. Every business had a huge pond with a fountain in the center which were attracting the crocodiles. The everglades looked like they were drying up 15 years ago but the entire state will soon be under water. So not the best place to stay with all the forthcoming cataclysms. You may need to set up solar and wind power and a cistern to capture rainwater. It will also need to be treated with a few drops of clorox and covering to prevent debris and snakes from getting inside.

Back to the plants, there are seed kits you can buy for emergency preparations. Do NOT buy Monsanto which is now owned by Bayer. You will need to grow grain to produce flour so you can cook breads. If I can ever afford the solar power, I have bread machines and flour mills and nut mills, etc to make these things… if I can produce electricity. Also a water distiller. Again, if there is any fallout. you need to cover as much of your yard as possible with canvass to prevent contamination.

You can plant fruit trees in your yard and berry bushes, grapes, etc. You can order mini citrus trees for your greenhouse. You will love the smell of the leaves and flowers on the mini citrus trees. Especially the Orange and Lemon mini trees. They won’t usually have them in stock. The greenhouse will allow you to grow all year long. Keep in mind, if you buy one with plastic sheeting, it will usually break down in the UV rays and fall apart in pieces and would have to be replaced every year. I can’t grow foods in Texas. I tried to plant tomatoes outside which were eaten by giant grasshoppers and caterpillars before they were even ripened. Between the grasshoppers, caterpillars, crickets, rats, etc., I definitely need a vented greenhouse which fully seals to grow the foods. These greenhouses have magnetic seals for the ceiling vents and doors. You may need to add a screen to keep out insects.

Palram greenhouses are the best and more affordable. Be sure to check that the roof vents, twin wall roof panels which block UV rays and prehung doors are included. Walmart has the best collections online.

You could also grow edible fish in a pond on your property or a plastic pool. If you prepare live animals, birds or fish for eating, please do not do so in front of your children. It doesn’t toughen them up. It is very disturbing. I can say that from experience. I’ve never forgotten the ones I’ve seen. I still get nightmares when I think about it.

For other emergency foods you will need to buy for the first year before you can grow food, make sure you buy foods you like which you can rotate and replace so they don’t expire. MRE’s have the capability of cooking themselves without electricity. Spaghetti and sauce will keep for a long time as will peanut butter. You can also buy large containers of Tang to mix with water. Keep enough sugar because that will be the hardest to get in a collapsed economy. You will also need to have salt with iodine. Salt used to be a major tradable item under high demand prior to the 1900’s. There are also jello’s and puddings which don’t need to be refrigerated.  I have a portable ice maker… if I have electricity enough to run it… and a spare chest freezer to keep food frozen and cold. I also have 3 refrigerators because I buy food for a month at a time. Canned foods will usually last a long time. Bottled drinks will also last for quite a while. Use olive oil to cook. You can use your outdoor grill or camp fire to cook. Be sure to have stainless steel or enamel cookware to cook with. Sometimes an Army Navy store or Academy store will have things you need. Sleeping bags are a good idea even if you lose power for one night. It gets awful cold if you lose power during a winter storm or ice storm. Sometimes 3-8 weeks with no power. That includes the local hotels and jobs with no power… although they will get priority over residents. Hospitals, police and fire depts, phone companies will have the highest priority.

If no calamity happens you will have nice fresh produce to eat and the ability to survive if your electricity is lost during an ice storm for 3 weeks. It happens all the time.

This link is for a 6’X8′ Palrum greenhouse. This one has clear side panels and twin wall roof. Those with twin wall side panels are not clear but they are stronger. I also prefer the 6’X10′ greenhouse. The green frame is prettier but the silver frame is cheaper. It needs to have a roof vent. You can also buy extra vents. I’m not sure how strong it is for hanging plants. Don’t forget shipping costs and taxes. You can also go on google and use the shopping option to search for greenhouses.

Plutonium has a half life of about 200,000 years… repeating that is only HALF the life of PU. One Cesium has a half life of 30 years and the other has a half life of 60 years. Strontium gets in the milk for 90 days after the fallout stops. Iodine causes thyroid cancer and you should have iodine pills on hand. 1 per day only when fallout occurs. You cant take it in advance since it is only a 24 hour pill. It stops the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodides. The pills are less than $10 per packet. I believe the duration is 10 days but read the packet to find out. They are available on Amazon. Even though the closest Nuclear plant to me is 100 miles away, remember how Chernobyl seriously spread fallout all over Europe and how Fukushiima spread fallout all over the US and Europe for over a year and a half. Remember, one of the 3 reactors in Japan was using Plutonium fuel rods. Plutonium catches fire when wet and looks like burning embers. Even one microscopic particle of plutonium inhaled or ingested is too much and will destroy your bone marrow and organs from the inside. During a catastrophe, these plants will spread fallout over everything even when thousands of miles away. 3 mile Island decided to repeatedly vent their containment building where 50% of the reactor core had melted down which was proven by a remote camera after the accident. It had melted and was in a melted glob at the bottom of the reactor vessel. They apparently had no filters in the vents because more than one person saw it snowing ash. Radioactive ash. They had no idea there had been a reactor accident at the time because the 3MI crew decided not to tell authorities for 3 days. Then, the authorities waited another 3 days before telling the public. So that was a week of exposure because of the lies. Even then, they only told Pregnant women & children under 5 to leave. The victims closest to the plant which was nearly in their front yards saw everything was blue. Ash was falling and building up on their water barrels as yellow scum (uranium is called Yellow cake). A hot rush of heat preceded all the events. Some felt a rumble. They were falling down. Skin was burned and rash. Hair turned white. Animals which remained behind after evacuation had white eyes, were blinded and died during the 5 days the owners were gone despite having ample food and water and shelter. Air was thick and heavy. Every person described strong metallic taste each time 3MI was venting. The authorities tried to blame it on fear of radiation… but these people did not know the plant had an accident for the first 3 days. That eliminates the fear factor. The intense blue seen by those who lived right next to the reactor is a sign of a criticality event which produces over 1000 rads per hour. 400 is death. The burns and white eyes and blindness were from alpha. The cancers were from Gamma and Beta. Nearly all of the plant radiation monitors were not working on this brand new reactor only a couple months old because the monitors had exceeded their maximum exposure. The crew in the control room would not have seen the blue ionization of the air produced by a criticality event during the meltdown while the crew continuously vented radioactive gasses like Krypton, hydrogen, etc., into the air affecting everyone within 15 miles with severe radiation exposure. So even if you live on the east coast and a west coast reactor releases gasses or explodes the containment roof like in Fukushima, you don’t have to live next door to be exposed. The fallout will encircle the globe. Do not believe anything the lying crooks tell you. Get to safety. 1 inch of lead or 1 foot of concrete or 6 feet of earth are the standards for blocking gamma. There are lead suits and Demron suits to block Gamma.  These are things you need to know. Only those of us from the cold war era were taught how to survive. You need to remain in a shelter for 1 to 12 months before you can venture out in your protective suits and proper level 4 CDC filtered positive pressure hoods.




October 25, 2018

10-2018 Radioactive Pacific is dead

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I added the downwinder map & the radiation diagram at the very bottom.

The Fukushima reactor contamination has killed the Pacific Ocean. You need to see these videos. It is very important for you to know what the news never tells you and the gov’ts have lied about the contamination in the US and Canada. I have followed this since the March 11, 2011 Tsunami. I will add more videos as I find them and watch them for content. While many people place a religious angle at the very end of the videos… it was human greed and crooked politics which has caused these problems and those of us in the US, Japan and Canada need to be aware how bad it has become. I expected such behavior from W and our current leader but I was shocked that Obama allowed us to be exposed to such radiation. If it had been a Russian reactor again, our leaders would have had a fit… but a Japanese power company we have bent over backward to help them cover this up. The entire ecosystem on our planet has been destroyed.

You need to eliminate all seafood from your diet and rice as well. Also Soy and Corn for another reason due to GMO modifications. It seems the Japanese farmers in Fukushima are selling their contaminated products to the US which they would not eat themselves. The farms are surrounded by millions of bags of contaminated waste and soil which could easily leach into the farms and ocean as well. You can also bet that Canada will do whatever we do. We are being downsized in population. But I never thought I would see our ecosystem destroyed. Earth will become a dead swamp without sea life or animals or birds or people… and it looks like the leaders and elite think our planet will become unsustainable when it is shifted onto its side horizontally but we are there now and we can see it is much more survivable than any of us had perceived. But our leaders are trying to destroy the planet. The current moron blamed the wildfires on the ecological laws and not thinning the forests of dead wood. That is the same excuse W used to allow the lumber industry to clear cut national park forests. I found out that most of those fires were caused by PG&E not maintaining their gas lines and electrical transformers. There are lawsuits.

This is part of the problem with the sea life beachings and suicides we saw on my last post with the 14 videos I hope everyone watched showing the global devastation on my last Post. They were clips of those disasters without narration. The the sea birds are dying for lack of their fish they feed upon. Also millions of star fish dying in the US Canada, UK and Spain. That is two oceans… so this radiation has spread. The commercial fishermen tell us the oceans are dead. Why are our leaders allowing this destruction of all wildlife and sea life on the planet? I can’t believe those popularity polls are genuine. They must be faked for us to believe his actions are approved. Surely intelligent, educated people would know better than to agree with a low brow like that.

The second video shows the massive amounts of stored contaminants and the area for the Olympics is in the center. Who would go to the Olympics in Fukushima? Then the info about our tearing down hydroelectric dams as an excuse to build more nuclear plants. Clean power dams for deadly, waste laden nuclear plants. Don’t you believe that solar and wind power are inadequate. Wind works when solar is not available on the slightest of breeze and power is stored in batteries so you don’t need solar 24 hours per day. If all of us allowed solar panels and 1 windmill each on our homes and connected to our power supplier, they wouldn’t have to buy power and we would all have free power. All we need plus extra to sell back.

The nuclear power propaganda was so convincing during the cold war, that I actually was determined to become a nuclear physicist when I was growing up for at least 15 years. But my father was adamant against it since his brother was killed as a Sr Nuclear Scientist working on a hydrogen Bomb test. I studied the downsides of nuclear energy for decades so trust what I tell you.

Those so-called protective suits they gave to the  employees and the 60 minutes Australia crew are just paper suits. They protect against dust. Not radiation. Nor are those breathing masks any good. Those are for painting with a sprayer. Not radioactive contaminants. Even I have better protection than that with Demron suits which block alpha, beta and Gamma radiation and a CDC level 4 positive air hood for the highest level of protection. There is no reason these nuclear plants have not provided their employees with this appropriate protection. The suits are only about $550 and the hood is about $350. There is no excuse they cannot fork out the money to buy these for nuclear employees and visitors. Probably a lot less with a bulk discount. There is also a digital docimeter for about $300. They want to build these plants to stuff their pockets with gov’t subsidies and kickbacks. But those white suits are nothing but paper. I have those as well but not for radiation protection. Those are just cheap throw away suits which only cost about a dollar each. The filter masks are also those $10 masks you can buy at Lowes for construction, sawdust and paint spraying. Not a nuclear plant. A severely damaged reactor, no less.

One item on this first video which isn’t what it seems, the rising numbers on the Geiger counters were in the count modes for numbers of hits which would naturally keep getting higher for each hit of radiation including natural background radiation. It was not showing you the radiation levels as to how high the radiation was. They were showing you the numbers of counts per second. I suspect they didn’t like the actual levels so they used the counts to prove their point. Either that or they didn’t understand how to use the meters.

The  second video has a narrator but his info is important. However, Geiger counters don’t cost $6000. You can buy very good meter on Amazon for about $350 which are every bit as good as my top of the line professional Victoreen which I bought from a nuclear power plant supply company. This digital model will fit in a purse or your coat pocket to take to the store to test the produce. I did this for at least a couple years after Fukushima.



Downwinders map from 50’s Abomb tests ordered by Congress


Alpha Beta and Gamma penetration diagram




October 8, 2018

10-2018 Bizarre weather, Animals & subsidences

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The planet has gone insane. These are the most amazing sets of disaster clips I have ever seen. They clearly show just how terrible the bizarre conditions have become as the Earth is falling apart. The Earth may have shifted onto its side for all these things to occur. But I cannot confirm this until I check the orientation of the constellations in June. Please  take a look at these amazing videos of the disasters which have occurred in the past year alone. I found these on Youtube. There is no narration but the country of location and months are included on the corner of the screen for verification. These are just footage’s of the most incredible disasters, mass suicides of whales & dolphins, birds, etc., bizarre weather, wildfires, millions of dead starfish, fish, turtles, ground subsidence’s, disappearing lakes and rivers down sink holes, unbelievable mass swarms of insects. You have to see these to believe them.  I can see why many people think these are biblical but perhaps the ancient apocalypses were also caused by the axis shifting. These videos contain disasters for about a month each and this entire group of 14 videos show all the disasters which have occurred this past year. I have pasted all 14 of  the past year of videos below. Most are about 15 minutes each. There is no talking in them just background music which you can turn down or off. They are verifiable on international news.

I was very stubborn about the subsidences being unrelated to the earth shifting. I felt they were caused by the massive numbers of tunnels being bored by our gov’ts underground for their maglev trains which connect all the USAF bases, major cities, gov’t and elite shelters underground. All of the G8 counties are doing the same and turning the planet into Swiss Cheese which I believe have caused many of the sinkholes responsible for the loss of lakes and rivers.

Now that I have seen these disasters around the world, I can also see how these monthly tsunamis and shifting of the planet have wreaked havoc and disturbed the wildlife and affected the weather and clouds and tearing the crust apart.

This first video is a year ago this month. Oct 2017. I am adding it because it was my former home in Santa Rosa, California for 13 years. I moved away because they built a subdivision up against me & there were no jobs. Over 5000 homes burned to the ground in the middle of the  night while people were sleeping: It burned right up to my former property & stopped. All those suburbs are now gone. If the losses weren’t so horrific I’d say karma. But when looking at google earth, the fires bypassed the original properties & structures; only destroying the new subdivision homes. Perhaps something in their construction such as wood shake roofs & dry wood siding &  wood fences &  dry landscaping plus wood burning stoves spreading ashes.  I just found this. I didn’t know about it until today, a year later. Oakland hills burned the same way back in 91. The fires created fire tornadoes. This video shows the winds.

I added a brief list of disasters below each video to show the contents of each.

2017 part 14  Sept-October

  • Santa Rosa, CA horrific fire
  • South America historic hailstorm
  • Mexico 7.1 earthquake
  • Volcanoes
  • Ground tears
  • dam break flood
  • Cracks in ground
  • Dust storm

I highly recommend these youtube set of videos for bizarre happenings in 2018. These are just movie clips of these events with background music. This is the best set of videos of global disasters I have ever seen. All of you will be amazed at the extent of these unbelievable global disasters occurring every month. The only ads are one at the very beginning which you can skip after a countdown. Some have none.

Part one Dec – Jan 2018

After the first scene of strange clouds, he labels the name of the country or state for each event. I will list the links to his videos. You will all enjoy them and become mesmerized at how bad things really are and how much our media has NOT been telling us. I have listed the highlights of each video. They are about 14 minutes long.

  • He also shows sundogs in Chile, subsidences in Washington state, Peru, China, etc.
  • The most poignant were the beachings of dozens of whales in Indonesia in Jan 2018.
  • The subsidence cracks around the world.
  • The violent hailstorm covering Saudi Arabia like snow.
  • Thousands of blackbirds standing by the pumps of a gas station in Texas under the lights during the night. Just standing. Not eating or flying. Just standing perfectly still and perfectly spaced like a scene out of Hitchcock’s The Birds film.
  • Bizarre clouds around the world I’ve never seen before. Especially the one in South Africa.

He has a chain of videos each month in 2018. You really need to see these. You will be astounded. I didn’t want to be right about the monthly tsunami’s and our axis tipping over but It is no longer a speculation. It is a reality which is rapidly coming down upon us. He has a religious application to it at the very end which he puts on the screen for a few seconds but easy to ignore. People often resort to religious explanations when they don’t have enough scientific knowledge to understand it. It is the violent weather and upheavals which we need to be prepared to deal with. If you live in the highly unstable tectonic plate of Indonesia, I recommend moving.

For me this is a scientific issue which I’ve spent almost 14 years researching, measuring and following because I could see something bad was happening to the planet. Based on the sun being over the north pole in July 2018 and over the south pole December 2018, I believe earth has shifted onto its side and these nonstop disasters are the results. But again, I still have to verify the orientation of the constellations next June to be sure.

Part 2 Feb 2018

  • The second video has masses of fish kills.
  • Starfishes by the millions beached themselves in Spain and the UK.
  • Birds dying and flipping out by the millions in Mexico.
  • Volcanoes violently erupting including Indonesia and 40 newly active volcanoes just this past month.
  • Fireballs around the world. I believe these may be the orbiting space junk coming back to earth as it shifts and pulls them out of orbit. I could see the behavior of some of these fireballs on his 2nd video which look like space junk on re-entry. However, it is the recent frequency of these which is of concern as our planet shifts these continue to descend upon us… mostly on the opposite side of the planet.
  • A river of oil bubbling up from the ground in Syria.
  • Global floods
  • Puerto Rico small tsunami
  • Red Sky over Iraq. Remember the city in the Russian arctic circle which experienced several hours of blackout darkness when they usually have 24 hour daylight?

Part 3 Feb March 2018 has a sundog in brazil and you might want to turn off the music on this one.

  • Sundogs over Brazil
  • Fireballs like a comet over Thailand
  • Strange behaving clouds over Russia and Pennsylvania look like Cloud drones.
  • A square cloud over Brazil
  • Floods
  • Tornadoes in Portugal and Italy
  • Brutal hailstorm in Mexico smashed nearly every car window.
  • Bees swarming to buildings
  • Over 30 Dolphins beached in California
  • Mud volcano in Romania
  • Huge pit in Saudi desert:
  • cracks in Kenya 2 miles long
  • huge landslide in Croatia

Part 4 March 2018

  • Red sky in Greece from sandstorm
  • Animals and bees dying off
  • Dozens of beached whales (140) beached themselves in Australia
  • 60 beached dolphins the next day in Argentina
  • tsunami in Italy
  • Mile long cracks Australia
  • Peru huge subsidence
  • Sinkholes in Indonesia and California
  • Also in Rome and South Africa
  • Mud Volcano Indonesia
  • Alabama storm
  • Avalanche buries cars in Russia caught on camera
  • Many of theses subsidences also caught in motion

Part five  March April 2018

  • Phoenix Chemtrails
  • More clouds sundogs and chemtrails and subsidences
  • floods
  • volcano erupting in Indonesia
  • Japan volcano a few days later
  • Another Indonesia volcano. the third
  • 34 dead geese in Idaho
  • 38 whales beached in New Zealand Apr 5, 2018
  • Oil spills everywhere
  • Dust storms & Sand Storms
  • Tornadoes everywhere
  • More Saudi Arabia hail storms and floods

Part 6  May 2018

  • Dust and sand storms
  • Long Island fish die off by millions
  • Bizarre clouds & landslides
  • More volcanoes; Hawaii being destroyed

Part Seven May June 2018

  • Hawaii ongoing eruptions
  • More Volcanoes erupting. Guatemala
  • Cameraman almost died in a pyroclastic flow when ash column collapsed… just like Pompeii. Inhaling volcanic ash is just as bad as asbestos. The searing heat of the ash will burn the skin off of you like those casts in Pompeii.
  • Idiot tourists screaming at geyser erupting in Yellowstone.

Part eight May June 2018

  • Fissures and subsidence cracks
  • Galapagos volcano eruption
  • New geysers boiling lake Guatemala
  • Several mud volcanoes in Iceland
  • Another Japan volcano
  • Another Guatemala volcano
  • Another Japan eruption
  • Another Guatemala eruption
  • Another Geyser eruption at Yellowstone. These people don’t seem to understand that is boiling steam and water.
  • Fish die off in Russia
  • Earthquake in Israel
  • Sandstorm in Russia
  • Weird clouds like giant pipes as far as you can see in Texas
  • Kazakhstan, Syria, Lebanon violent flash floods
  • Violent hail in Russia & Minnesota
  • Michigan Mudslides
  • Flash flood Houston
  • China breaking apart, collapsing roads, cracks,
  • Russia Hail & floods
  • San Francisco orange sky from wildfires
  • US violent wind hurling portapotties
  • Lake Michigan weird clouds on the water
  • Wyoming huge hail smashing windows

Part Nine July 2018

  • Yellowstone Geyser erupting again and huge fissure opened up
  • More Hawaii eruptions
  • Hundreds of pelicans fleeing a storm in a single column in Texas
  • Japan floods
  • California fires
  • Violent giant hailstorm in India
  • strange clouds
  • lightning storm in Nebraska
  • England extremely odd clouds
  • Wildfires California

Part 10 July Aug 2018

  • Wildfire Athens Greece
  • Flash floods athens greece 2 days later
  • Brutal hailstorm Mexico
  • struck by lightning
  • Solar minimum hoax by gov’t
  • UK Ireland Europe in droughts
  • Darkness in Siberia Russia mid day noon
  • Russia sinkholes
  • Germany dust devil
  • California wildfires
  • Indonesia cracks & earthquakes, small tsunami
  • mud & steam volcano eruption New Zealand
  • Landslides India
  • Sinkholes Turkey
  • Argentina river disappeared overnight

Part 11 August 2018

  • Wildfires in California & Greece UK Algeria Portugal
  • Argentina dust storm
  • Saudi Arabia hailstorm floods
  • Wisconsin Sink holes
  • Mudslides China
  • Switzerland dirt slides
  • Saudi Arabia Lake overnight from Hail
  • Indonesia 3 quakes and eruptions in 10 days
  • Turkey trees burning from inside
  • China partial solar eclipse
  • India landslide & sinkholes and floods
  • Flooding in France
  • New Jersey flooding
  • Chile earthquake and eruption
  • Venezuela volcano
  • Indonesia volcano eruption
  • Russia bizarre clouds
  • 50 Manatees die off Mexican coast
  • Drought in Europe
  • Sinkholes Hailstorm in Colorado

Part 12 Aug 2018

  • Italy floods
  • Montana wildfire
  • BC Canada wildfires
  • Saudi Arabia violent wind storm
  • Snow in Emirates desert
  • Chemtrail in boston as cross
  • 2 more earthquakes in Indonesia are 5th above 6 in two weeks. Cracks everywhere. Multiple volcanoes erupting. Dust devils, subsidences and sinkholes.
  • Earthquake Venezuela

Part 13 Aug-Sept 2018

  • Indonesia 7.5 quake, tsunami and eruption and liquifaction
  • Philippines typhoon
  • Saudi Arabia hailstorm & floods
  • Mexico river drained into a sinkhole
  • Indonesia sinkholes
  • Canada tornado
  • Uruguay hail storm kills cows
  • Tunisia flash flood
  • Massive swarms of insects in Russia
  • Locusts in Trinidad and Tobago. Deep enough to shovel
  • Hundreds of dead turtles on coast of Mexico
  • Millions of butterflies in France
  • Tunesia cracks and quake


This was the last video of this series so far. However, there are more videos on youtube for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 named similarly such as  these videos “2018 is strange part 13” You can insert the prior years and parts 1 thru 14 for each. The account is “Last Message”. Not affiliated with this site but the videos definitely show what is happening to our planet…. abnormal events due to the changing axis and planetary shifting.



October 3, 2018

10-2018 Quakes Cannot Cause Tsunami’s

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Every scientist and seismologist will tell you that Earthquakes cause Tsunamis. They are all wrong. They are lacking engineering skills to understand how things interact. Did you ever notice how many times they issue a tsunami warning after a quake and nothing happens? Even when the quake is of identical strength and location of an earlier quake which accompanied a tsunami.

With only a few exceptions which I will explain later, Tsunamis preceded by water receding from a shoreline or beaches followed by a surge of waves are almost always caused by an abnormal movement of the planet. Abnormal, meaning other than the normal rotation or normal orbit. Abnormal such as an axis shift of the tilt angle, change in speed or interference of rotation or orbit, or orientation, etc.

Quakes cannot cause water to recede from the beaches or coastlines. Quakes can only push water. Usually in multiple directions because they tend to occur in a rocking motion. Waves generated by a quake usually occur in two or more directions or circular like a rock thrown in a pond. These pushed waves usually peter out within a few hundred miles and can pose a threat to coastlines and shipping within a few hundred mile radius. However, quakes cannot cause the water to recede from beaches or coastlines. They are limited to about 10 meters in height. Only a planetary shift such as an axis tilt change or an abnormal movement of the earth such as a disturbance of the rotation or orbit can cause the oceans to recede from the shoreline. This lack of understanding has caused the tsunami warning sensors to be misplaced and hundreds of false tsunami warnings to be made while missing genuine tsunami threats.

In most cases it is a shift in our axis tilt caused by the melting ice in the Antarctic which acts as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the angle of our tilt. When the ice melts at the South Pole, the axis shifts. Usually in small increments. But if a larger chunk of ice is lost, then a larger shift occurs.

In Dec 2004, our planet suddenly shifted northward from Africa to southeast Asia. The water receded backward away from the beaches toward the south along this entire 2000 mile coastline by inertia. When the planetary shift stopped, the water surged northward toward the beaches in a huge tsunami wave which killed over 250,000 people.

To see how this works, take a long rectangular pan and place about 2 inches of water in it. Then pull it quickly across a smooth, level sidewalk and see how the water is pulled toward the back of the pan. Then stop pulling and see how the water surges forward. This is how the planetary shift causes the water to recede from the beaches, then surge forward with huge tsunami tidal waves.

The reason the scientific community is confused about the tsunami’s is because the shifting of the planet causes unstable tectonic plates to bump into each other, usually  generating a quake above 7.0. Most significant tsunamis accompany quakes of 8.0 to 9+ when the shift disturbs the plates. However, the quake vibration travels faster than the water surges and the quakes reach the monitors first. So the scientific community falsely believes the quake must be the cause since they saw it appear on the monitors first. The quake actually occurred simultaneously with the receding water of the tsunami when the earth shifted. The duration of the shift can be measured by the time it takes for the water to recede from the beaches until the water starts to return as a tsunami surge. The abruptness of the planetary shift, duration and sudden stop will dictate the size and speed of the returning tsunami surge.

As of now, the tsunami sensors and warning systems are wholly inadequate and erroneously placed since they do not understand how a planetary shift causes the tsunamis… not by the quakes if the water receded from the beaches. Quakes can cause waves up to about 10 meters over a short distance of a few hundred miles or across a bay or gulf.

Water reversal sensors should be placed about a half mile away from any beach which has ever had a tsunami occur, to detect receding water (water flowing backward away from the beaches or shoreline). The sensors should be placed every 5 miles along any beaches or coastlines which have ever had a tsunami in the past. When the reversal of water receding from the beaches is detected, the sensors should automatically wirelessly activate an automated tsunami warning siren system and recorded voice instructions in the local native language and English, warning people to immediately seek higher ground. This system should have battery backup in case a quake destroys the power grid.  Everything should be earthquake braced and placed on a structure which can withstand violent quakes of 9.0 or worse. This should all be automated to avoid human errors and delays. Without this system, people will wander onto the beaches to look at the receded water while the authorities stand around scratching their heads. The warning should be broadcast at least 5-10 miles in each direction of the affected coastline or along every coast where the water has receded and detected by the sensors. This is an inexpensive system and easy to install. The sensors need some type of solar or other power with long life rechargeable batteries in a waterproof container and placed inside a buoy. Do not use the sensors which measure the height of the water from the bottom of the sea. You only need sensors which detect direction of the flow of the tide. Very simple with a rotating fan-type blades which spin in the direction of water flow and detects a reversal of water flow from 1/2 mile away from the beach (or closer if desired) but not so close the residents can reach it. The sensors and system need to be checked every 3-6 months for optimal functionality. The buoy should be checked for rust and corrosion and replaced or painted. Especially check the electrical connections and batteries for corrosion. To avoid corrosion, the electrical connections should be plated in Tin or Zinc or gold or titanium. If you use gold, someone will find out and start stealing the contacts. I personally prefer tin plating. Bell Labs prefers zinc plating. Do not use aluminum.

Also, be aware of the metals in your screws, washers, nuts and sensor housing. Never use aluminum with steel. It will corrode. The metals in the screw hardware must match the metal in the sensor housing or wherever you are using them. Or use plastic screws and hardware. Especially when it is being used in salt water. Hopefully, the sensor outer housing in contact with water will be a UV resistant, hard plastic which does not become brittle in sunlight.

The exceptions to the tsunami’s I mentioned were the Alaska landslide in the 1958 and the Iceland glacier collapse into the sea around the same timeframe and the volcanic eruption which buried Pompeii. Each of these generated large tidal waves across a small gulf or inlet without receding the water from the shoreline. In fact, the landslides cause violent mega-tsunami’s when they cross a bay or gulf, etc. They can cause megatsunami’s which are 500 to over 600 meters high. Right now, the precarious condition of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands near Spain has an unstable slope which threatens the entire eastern seaboard of the US from Boston to Miami. This wave would dwarf any skyscraper in the country.

There is no such thing as a meteotsunami caused by changes in barometric pressure. This is a bad science fantasy to explain a tsunami or swelling water body such as a surge of a lake or swimming pool. These are caused by abnormal movements of the earth. Not air pressure. Only a quack would give that answer.

When small tsunamis occurred on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America at the same time in Aug 2017, the confused scientists did not have any earthquakes to blame them on and did not understand about the motion of the earth so they renamed these tsunamis as “Oceans in Opposition”. However, the water receded from the beaches and returned with a small, gentle tsunami. The position of these tsunamis suggests a minor disturbance in the earth’s rotation as the cause of the tsunami’s which is why these tsunami’s were located so unusually.

If a large asteroid were to crash into the ocean, it would push the water toward the nearest shorelines in large tidal waves, depending on the size and impact strength of the asteroid. It would not cause the water to recede from the shoreline since it is not an abnormal motion of the earth. The nearby coasts would be hit with waves likely pushed in circles like a pond but without receding water to warn the coastal communities. This is one type of tidal surge where the mid ocean sensors could come in handy. Just not for genuine tsunami’s caused by abnormal planetary movements.

Normal movements of the earth are our rotation and our orbit around the sun. By abnormal, I am referring to Axis shifts of our tilt angle, acceleration or impairment of our rotation or orbit, an axis wobble or change in our distance or orientation to the sun. Or an impact or foreign gravitational field which disturbs our normal rotation, orbit or orientation. Keeping in mind that any foreign object big enough to affect the earth would have affected the other planets in our system and our moon before it would ever disturb the earth.

Anytime the water recedes from the shoreline, it is a tsunami caused by the abnormal motion of the planet. Usually an axis shift of our tilt angle.

Here is a link showing a swimming pool receding and surging repeatedly prior to a major tsunami in Indonesia.



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September 23, 2018

9-2018 Severe Winter Preparations

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Since this past summer was so unbearably hot, we can expect a bitterly cold winter. Just the opposite of our 2018 summer.

I’m including preparations for ice storms & long power outages as well as being stranded in a car during a blizzard, under water escape issues, what to do if locked in a car trunk, converting to all electric, avoiding frozen gasoline, emergency car supplies, winter supplies, Converting appliances, etc. Anything which I thought might be helpful in emergencies or preparation.

Especially along the jet stream path across the northern US states, Canada, New England & Nova Scotia. Also, the UK, northern Europe & northern Russia. There is a plastic window covering product which is taped to the window trim & shrunk to firelight by a heat or hair blower. It works really well on windows which freeze & allow frigid wind to enter. This is inexpensive & fairly easy to do It blocks the freezing cold from old windows in an old house. Cut to fit. The difference in cold air is unbelievable. Even better than new windows. The downside is you cannot open your windows until the plastic sheets are removed. If you use flame heating or gas or wood or kerosene, etc.; the CO2 would kill you since you need to keep the windows open a crack for oxygen.  So only use this product if you have electric heaters & no gas applies. Otherwise, use heavy drapes & blinds to keep out the cold.

Be prepared with protective clothing, food, water & necessities in case you have an extended power outage. Just one ice storm will wipe out the power lines & telephones. I’ve seen ice on trees & branches & lines on power poles nearly an inch thick after an ice storm.  I’ve had my sidewalks like sheets of ice, my doors frozen shut & unable to leave the house and my car encased in ice, unable to leave work or home. You might want to keep spare emergency food & beverages & a blanket & spare clothes at work as well. If I worked in the top of a high rise I would check into whether a parachute, would work. For height calculations, figure 15 ft per floor. 10th floor would be 150 ft high. 100th floor would be 1500 ft high.

The weight of ice encasing the power & phone lines is too much for the lines which fall to the ground & the power is lost for millions. It takes weeks for the crews to repair. Even your satellite internet & TV go down if snow or ice gets on the dish.

If you can, stay with friends, relatives or hotel suites & kitchenettes which are quite reasonable a week at a time for commuters. They are quite nice kitchens, living areas & multiple bedrooms, multiple baths, etc. This is a much better option than trying to rough it. Use your vacation time. Or send your family to live with out of state relatives if your work requires you to stay.

Please remember not to use open flame heaters like Coleman or kerosene or gas if you have no central heating or power during an outage. These open flame heat sources burn up the oxygen inside the house & produce carbon dioxide. This includes your gas oven. It is deadly. Entire families have died. My nephew died with his friend while sleeping in a trailer at an antique car show using a coleman heater. He did not leave a door or window partially open for oxygen. I came close myself with gas wall heaters in a rental house which burned up all the oxygen. I was 21 and didn’t know any better. If you have to use these, please keep the windows open an inch in each bedroom & location of the heaters.

Better yet, use those portable radiator style, oil filled sealed electric heaters on wheels for heat.  Requires no fuel. Just electricity. They have no open flame & safe around pets. They can be bought at Lowes  quite cheaply. About $60. Some as low as $32. Buy one for each room but don’t run all of them at once. 3 max would be enough at the same time in different rooms on separate circuits. I used them to heat my aviaries as well as heating the house because I couldn’t use the gas heat. I used De’longhi brand from Lowes. Here are multiple brands.

Carbon Dioxide detectors (CO2) are needed in any home heated by flame or wood stove, fireplace, gas, kerosene, coleman heaters, etc. Also, keep in mind that natural gas causes migraines. Even a single pilot light such as a water heater. I believe it is from the added scent. I live in an all electric house & have not had a migraine since  moving here 15 years ago. My electricity is cheaper than gas.  Don’t be  swayed by Propaganda. Those who use coal, oil & gas should convert to electricity. Consult an electrical expert. The outside compressor for a central heat & air should be able to be used with the new electric heater & A frame. Call Sears. Don’t use a  small private Company. Use a larger store. Lowes, etc. Get price estimates from more than one. If you have migraines, stay at a hotel for a week or two which has electric heat & and see if your migraines improve. If so, you may want to convert your home appliances to electric. Your central heater,  portable heater, hot water heater, stove, oven, dryer, etc.  Also, new electrical wiring, breakers, breaker box, outlets, etc.

Don’t use Trane. Their prices are outlandish. Be sure price estimates clearly state installation prices separate & itemized appliance prices & brand names so you can see where to cut costs by comparing prices & brands & reusing  the outside compressor. I did. It saved $5000.  If you replaced all the components of an outdoor compressor for central heat & air, there are only 3 components. Compressor, fan & capacitor. None more than $350 each. About $1100 total max for all 3 including installation. Plus cost of refrigerant if needed. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than $5000 for the outside compressor unit alone. This does not include the inside Central heater unit, blower & A frame..

My new inside central heat & air unit only cost $1200 compared to Trane’s $8000 & they wouldn’t reuse existing compressor.  I also included a UV light and April air filter system for another $1000. Ten times too high price but very effective for allergies, dust, mold & bacteria control. Keeps the unit fins clean as well.

A private electrical contractor company will use the existing compressor if the refrigerant matches  & they think you will go elsewhere. Also, don’t replace an air conditioner in the heat of summer. They will gouge you. Do it in cold weather & get confirmed installation dates in writing. Name brands like Trane won’t  use existing compressors. Don’t use mom & pop, one man contractors. A bigger private company with a half dozen techs. Sears appliance repair has been best but Lowes is my second favorite.

An ice storm will also freeze your car encased in inch thick ice. You cannot open doors or the hood under the ice. Ice removal tools & plastic scrapers don’t work. I have resorted to using lukewarm water to remove the ice but the door, trunk & hood locks remained frozen. They also sell ice melting sprays for cars.

When I was working in Chicago around the winter of 93-94  (?), the 70 degrees below zero actually froze the gasoline & the cars had to be towed to the dealer to thaw. However, one of my engineers used shamrock gas (now Valero) which was 10% alcohol & prevented his car gas from freezing. We were all staying at hotels, thus our cars were not protected in a garage. So be sure to use Valero gas in the winter.

Also be sure to have ample salt products for melting ice on your sidewalk & porch plus kitty litter in your car trunk to use for traction if your wheels spin on ice.

Snow shovels & snow blowers for northern & NE states.  A snow shovel for the southern states. Pay someone to shovel your snow if you are over 40. It will kill anyone older who may have unknown health issues. Don’t take a chance. Don’t use decongestants either. They shrink the blood vessels inviting clots. Use a nose spray for sinuses & expectorant like guafinesin for congested lungs if you are over 40.

Pay a teen to shovel your snow.

Make sure you stock up food, water, batteries, flashlights, battery lanterns (not kerosene), blankets, sleeping bags, emergency generators installed by a licensed electrician which has a shut off for commercial power feed while the generator operates so you don’t accidentally electrocute a power company employee with your generator. You will also need to safely store extra fuel for the generator in a ventilated area. Gas fumes pool about 18 inches on the floor of a garage. Any spark or pilot light will ignite it. Including your car, water heater pilot, central air heater, chest freezer, dryer, power tools, cigarettes are all examples of spark producing items. Especially below the 18 inch height.

You need food which doesn’t require cooking. Some MRE’s have self heating options. Also have an outdoor grill. Be sure to have extra charcoal or gas & lava rocks to last for weeks & a butane lighter for cooking food outside. Make sure food is thoroughly cooked & hot enough to kill germs. Have extra ice chests to store food if you lose electricity. Store ice to keep it cold in garage in ice chests during winter. Buy extra chests for emergencies. They are cheap. I can tell you it costs about $1000 to restock a refrigerator full of food. Ice chests & ice are much cheaper. So is one of those small chest freezers about $149.  But don’t let the food thaw, If it does, you must cook it right away.

Keep your car filled with Valero gas in case you encounter an emergency or traffic jam.  Never let your vehicle gas tank go below half full. Consider the weather & temperatures if you should run out of gas. I also recommend emergency blankets in the car and extra pairs of heavy socks & gloves as well as graham crackers for emergency food. Also water stored in glass not plastic for drinking. Heat inside a car will release toxins from plastic containers such as gallon water & milk containers are sold in. Thus, the water would be only fit for the car radiator. Not drinking.

Replace food & water & batteries every 3 months. You never know when you might get caught in a blizzard or snow drift. Especially in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Pennsylvania, Idaho, the Dakotas, Illinois, New England, etc.  You may also want to keep a portable CB radio in the car, in case your cell phone doesn’t work. Make sure it has a cigarette lighter plug for optional power since batteries would be dead (remove them before plugging into your car lighter but keep fresh batteries aside in a ziplock bag in the trunk in case you get locked inside). Your cellphone & onstar may not be working.

I use windex for windshield washer fluid but it will freeze so you may want to mix standard washer fluid with it to prevent freezing. The windex is excellent to use on insect splatters during the summer. It prevents smearing. I use it year round in Texas. Be careful not to damage windshield wipers on ice or trying to extract them from ice because you will need them to see to drive in bad weather.

In addition to kitty litter and a small foxhole shovel, keep 1 or 2 gallons of water for the car in case you break a hose or spring a leak. You will need large plastic tywraps to serve as hose clamps or tailpipe brackets plus a sharp knife or box cutter for damaged hoses. Also, duct tape for temp repairs.

You also need a hammer or special tool inside the car compartment to break windows if you end up in water. Windows are hard to break. The power windows will work under water for a short time if the ignition key is turned. Car doors wont open until water equalizes at chest height inside. But wont open if the doors are jammed by impact & you must use windows to escape.

If upside down, you may need knife or box cutter to cut seat belts which won’t release when under pressure.  Do not cut yourself when the seat belt suddenly breaks & you drop. Also to cut away deployed air bags.

You may also need some 18 -20 gauge wire & electrical tape, screwdrivers (flat, Phillips, etc), wire cutters, needle nose pliers, channel lock (slip jaw) pliers, regular pliers, lug nut wrench, jack, etc. A small emergency tool kit for each car plus anything it doesn’t include. Keep these items in a bag in the trunk so they don’t spill.

Also, at least a dozen road flares & emergency lights to warn other drivers who may not see you.  These burn hotter than fire so follow directions & handle carefully. A manual air pump. A wrench kit appropriate for your vehicle. Metric, standard, both. Adjustable wrenches. You can buy these kits cheap. These are to remain in your car so don’t use them at home. Buy another, better set of tools for your home. Get a cheap set of tools & nut wrenches for your car in case you become stranded. A head band flashlight allows you to see without using your hands to hold it.  spare batteries recycled. I also have jumper cables, a portable battery jump device in case another car isn’t available. Canned air & tire repair kits or sprays, headgear flashlights, extra batteries (recycle every 3 months with fresh batteries.) I even have a portable heater which works off the cigarette lighter & a DC to AC converter which allows you to use AC power devices like a computer or cellphone charger, etc. About the size of a coffee cup. Maybe keep sealed tea bags & sealed instant coffee and packets of powdered INSTANT milk. Plastic utensils. Plastic drinking cups. Paper Bowls for soup. MRE’s, cans or packets of soup & Chef boy R dee. Some MRE’s can heat the meals.if stranded. You will also need a butane lighter in case you need to create a wood fire outside to keep you warm. You need it to light the campfire.  Don’t forget how to build an igloo & lay out branches to alert helicopters you need help. You could be trapped for days in a blizzard. You shouldn’t drive anywhere in such weather.

Keep a CB radio with spare batteries & a flashlight in the trunk of your car in case you get locked inside. Don’t keep the batteries inside the radio where they would leak & go bad. Recycle these batteries every 3 months with fresh ones. It could save your life. Also keep a “Help, call police” sign on fabric with 2 inch letters which you can hang out the trunk after you get it open for the cars behind to see without alerting the perpetrator. Use a piece of leather or plastic for a help sign it must be readable from 20 ft away.  Not paper. It would tear in the wind or rain.  Visible in Daytime or in headlights. White 2 inch letters on dark background. Or reversed. Keep the sign inside the trunk under the lining, where it can’t be seen.  It needs to have extended handles you can hold on to or secure from inside trunk. Also, a box cutter & wire cutters hidden in the trunk in case you are bound.  Drinking water. Remember, you don’t want the perpetrator to see these when they look inside. They will likely remove anything they see in the trunk.  It is imperative for you to become familiar with the trunk latch & how to open it from inside.

There are emergency channels on your portable CB radio which the police monitor. But any active channel will contact help. Don’t talk too loud & alert the perpetrator inside the car. Be sure to install the spare batteries you keep inside a ziplock bag for the CB radio.  Extend the antenna & search the channels.  Channel 9 is for emergencies. Truckers monitor channel 19.  So learn to open the trunk latch, hide the CB radio, knife, cutters, batteries & help sign under the trunk liner where you can access it while bound. Be sure your entire family knows how & understands not to tell anyone about it. Anyone can end up locked in their trunk. Your life depends on these items.  If you still have your phone, you can be found by GPS tracking. Be sure to know your license plate number. Write it inside the trunk. If you are inside the car, you can dial 911 with the phone hidden out of the perpetrator’s sight & volume turned down so the police can track & listen without the perpetrator hearing. 911 is trained to deal with silent calls where the victim cannot talk. Remember Laci & Stacy Peterson. Their perpetrator was their spouses.

Sleeping bags, full body winter jumpsuits used by motorcycle sides, extra jackets, blankets, extra heavy socks. A couple rolls of Viva thick paper towels. Hand cleaner. Wet ones, toilet paper. Place these items at the back of your trunk in fabric bags & out of the way of your groceries.

Complete your preparations before November. Some places were already getting freak snows in Aug & early September.


9-2018 Fall Equinox

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It appears the bizarre changes this past summer did not affect the fall equinox. Despite the summer solstice sun being much further north in July than it should have been,  it appears it did not affect the date & location of the fall equinox. These dates are controlled by the orbit of the earth around the sun  which equals 365 1/4th days per year. The fractional day is corrected with an extra leap year day every 4 years (Feb 29th).  I still cannot confirm the cause of the suns positional behavior this past summer. I will know better next summer.

The group following this site each verified the sun was farther north in July than it was in June. We have group confirmation from multiple countries & states. This could not happen unless our orbit around the sun had changed. The concern was the fall equinox would be affected as well if our orbit had changed. But the sun appears to be where it should be on the equinox.

The sun should always be above the equator on the spring & fall equinoxes whether the axis is normal or shifted 4000 miles. Due to the mirror image nature of both hemispheres, the center point never changes.  Even if the earth has shifted onto its side, the sun would still be over the equator on the equinox & appear perfectly normal to us from our perspective.  Since the sun & earth are round & we orbit the sun, our rotation every 24 hours would still show the sun rising in the east & setting in the west. We couldn’t tell the difference if our planet was on its side except during the summer & winter based on the suns position and the star patterns during those seasons.  If our planet had shifted onto its side horizontally, our winters would be very dark and bitterly cold while our summers would be intensely bright & insufferably hot.

Whether before the axis shifts or after, the equator is always the center point. This is why the equinoxes do not provide measurable changes of the axis shifts. Only the summer solstice for each hemisphere can be measured for changes to our axis.



September 22, 2018

9-2018 US diplomats brain injury in Cuba

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This is another example of gov’t lies & CIA dirty tricks.

Links at the bottom.

There are over two dozen incidents of Brain injury to US diplomats in Cuba and a couple more in other locations. The victims from our Embassy claim to have heard high pitched sounds before the damage occurred. It is believed to be from sonic or microwave weapons. These weapons & particle beam weapons do exist despite the Cuban’s claims but their doctors have been isolated by politics. Cuba denies involvement.

These attacks are from our own CIA trying to create an excuse to drive a wedge or start a war with Cuba. The Brain injury attack on diplomats in Cuba & elsewhere were CIA false flag attacks on our own embassy as an excuse to start a war. Just like Bay of pigs & Operation Mongoose. All false attacks in Cuba were to satisfy CIAs war agenda & place the blame on Cuba. Neither Cuba or Russia or China were involved in these attacks on US diplomats.

Our gov’t & CIA are hoping it will incite the gullible public into supporting their phony war as they did on 911. These sonic & RF (microwave) weapons are also commonly used by CIA to injure & target US dissidents & various troublemakers which they began using after their assassinations were quelled by Presidential authority requirements. Alternative uses of these weapons are for false flag purposes to appear as attacks by enemy countries as excuses for retaliation. Similar to 911, WTC, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, Lebanon, WMD Iraq, Iran Contra, Pentagon, Oswald, Operation Mongoose, Bay of Pigs, etc. False flags & phony terrorists posed by our CIA black ops. ONI (Navy Intelligence), also participates in posing as terrorist groups as they did in Lebanon during the 70s, fake Al qaeda websites, fake ISIS recruiting, etc. You wont find these staged incidents in any documents or records. This CIA black ops group is not among the official infrastructure & have separate black ops funding handled by 2 senators with the highest classified clearances..

This wouldn’t be the first time the CIA tried to start a war with Cuba. Their Bay of Pigs fiasco & Operation Mongoose are two reasons behind the assassination of JFK.

Neither Cuba, the Russians or China are dumb enough to do something so stupid & obvious. This is a clear CIA attack on our own diplomats to further their agenda by creating a seemingly valid reason for attacking Cuba.  This has been a CIA obsession for 60 years.

The CIA needs to be shut down & spread to the winds.  They would destroy their own families to further an agenda; without a drop of remorse.

Just another example of gov’t & CIA crimes. Cuba needs to stop their denials. It sounds like guilt. And start investigating CIA involvement as the cause of these injuries & give their doctors the boot. The mere fact that they claim 26 victims could be attributed to preexisting conditions is absurd beyond belief. One or two, maybe… but not 26. Their statements are offensive. The Cuban doctors clearly are not qualified & their incompetence & efforts to cover up are thrusting the blame back at Cuba by absurd denials & total lack of consideration toward the victims. The victims didn’t know their fellow CIA undercover operatives at the Embassy & among the journalists were responsible for their injuries. Nor did the Cubans know this. The Cuban gov’t needs to silence those buffoon Cuban doctors before they turn this into a worse situation.

Again, they need to investigate the CIA’s involvement. Some may be undercover as Cubans or Embassy personnel (the ones without genuine brain injuries). Or photojournalists for the US media.  Install hidden Cameras & monitoring equipment to detect sonic, microwave, particle beams & other potential weapons used at the embassy or their living quarters. Track the activities of suspected CIA including the spouses & adult family members of the Embassy staff. Remember Valerie Plame? Especially those who make frequent trips to the US. And those who didn’t bring their families.

They need to have sweep teams checking the offices & residents of our embassy staff checking several times, 24 hours per day. They may even want to try metal helmets on diplomats until they learn the cause. Or Copper foil or copper screen lining the offices & residences; grounded like a faraday cage. It must be screen sized copper mesh to block pinpoint signals. I would also recommend checking their cellphones.




September 14, 2018

9-2018 Radiation levels

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When Japan’s reactors were spewing radiation across the Pacific the fallout hit the west coast & northern states of the US & Canada because that was the path the jet stream carried it. One reactor was plutonium which catches fire when wet. Like you would see floating embers from a camp fire. The other 2 reactors were uranium. The smoke columns from burning plutonium covered the skies for over a year & a half. The depleted fuel rods were in open pools & the reactor casing burned through into the floor. The cooling system was lost by the floods.  Depleted does not mean safe. They are about 50% level but I would have to check to be certain.

Texas wasn’t in the path of the fallout due to the changes in the jet streams normal path so we only had 11 mr/hr background radiation.

However, I just checked & we now have 18 mr/hr outside my front door. That’s the highest I’ve ever seen. Not dangerous. But is there another reactor damaged or is this from the sun & geomagnetic storm.



9-2018 Space Sabotage

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It seems someone is drilling holes in the space station & space capsule as sabotage.

Also, Nasa is sending up a new satellite to measure the ice sheets. (why would they do that if the ice was thickening like the gov’t hireling hoaxes would have you believe).  They said the lasers wont melt the ice. What will it do to people? And why only a 3 year mission? You would think they could build it to last for $1 Billion dollars.

sabotage link:

ice measuring link:



September 13, 2018

9-2018 Sunspot, NM Second Update

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Update #2:

Now they are claiming child pornography & unusual visitors at Sunspot. Not for one minute do I buy they needed to shut down multiple Observatories & space cameras & evacuate an entire research town, place them on lockdown and not inform local police or the facility head.

Not to mention the objects transitioning in front of the sun AND the moon plus the 72 radio bursts which have suddenly been changed from NASA to Seti and now changed from another galaxy.  When is the last time the Feds evacuated a town & closed a post office for child porn. This occurs in every city in the US. Now it’s been turned into a jail with the newly mounted video cameras & newly hired security. Those 80 people are still on lockdown.

But the Feds certainly found a lie that would discredit every person in that town so the public would disbelieve anything they say. Just the same way Bob Lazar was discredited by destroying his credentials… which were impeccable.

The mere fact that the local law enforcement & facility head were kept in the dark & other observatories & space cams shut down clearly show this story is a bogus coverup by gov’t minions. Or a real story regarding a janitor & used to divert attention & discredit the entire groups credibility. Nor are there any arrests or charges for any such crime.  The websites first posting these porn stories were CIA hireling front companies used to spew gov’t propaganda & coverups. If you have any doubts, read about Operation Mockingbird and the CIA program to alter articles in publications & media to divert public perceptions. Ben Bradlee of Newsweek & Washington post, Cord Meyer, spouse of Mary Pinchot Meyer who was mistress to JFK and sister in law to Bradlee, Richard Bissell & other well known CIA operatives were involved with Operation Mockingbird under the direction of Allen Dulles CIA DCI.

What were they censoring crossing the sun & moon? Apparently, whatever they were, the craft occupants had enough sense not to approach a planet full of paranoid warmongers who keep the taxpayers in darkness.

Anyone who is gullible enough to believe these bogus coverup lies deserves every corrupt crooked deception the gov’t spoonfeeds to them.  I don’t buy it.

Update #1:

The authorities are now claiming they evacuated the community for their safety due to criminal activity, as their cover story.

However, this poor excuse for a cover story does not explain why several other observatories were shut down & dozens of space webcams shutdown.

Plus there were the Nasa reports of objects crossing the path of the moon & the sun, in addition to the 72 radio bursts & 1 recording (?) from deep space.

The Feds claimed criminal activity but did not inform local law enforcement or the head of the Observatory & research. But they are hiring a security group & have installed cameras & microphones throughout the site to monitor the 80 people & 35 houses.

Perhaps the university researchers attempted to contact the craft using laser or radio & the paranoid Feds think the occupants of the crafts will track the signals back to Sunspot.  Or they planned to contact the media. Personally, I was hoping the craft occupants would come here & clean house.

It seems the  occupants of Sunspot will still be on lockdown  even after returning to the site.  Crews were seen on the towns. Probably installing surveillance cameras, etc., and replacing communications antennas which only work on the Feds frequencies. (Like they did to St Bernard Parish, Louisiana during Katrina.) I suspect someone revealed what they saw to someone outside or planned to tell the public & an inside covert agent reported them.  I’ve worked on jobs where covert agents were planted among the employees.  Listen to Snowden. The gov’t has strict rules about revealing ET’s to the public. This in the USAF officers handbook.

So they were shut down & debriefed until the Feds were satisfied. They did the same to other observatories who might have seen the craft. The post office was closed to prevent them from sending out uncensored info.

A crappy cover story because a criminal act in Sunspot, NM does not explain the closures of other observatories & certainly not the shutdown of the dozens of web cams.  Nor why the local law enforcement & head of the research facility have not been notified or informed. You can be sure to hear more cover stories about this as the feds backpedal.

Don’t believe a word they say.

Original Post:

I thought everyone might be interested in this issue brought to my attention yesterday. (links are pasted at the bottom)

Sunspot, NM is a University Observatory with research labs. It is 25 miles east of White Sands missile range and 85 miles from Roswell, NM. It is also south of Los Alamos & nearly on top of Alamogordo. It has a population of 80 & about 35 houses.

A few days ago, the FBI suddenly descended upon this community & Evacuated the Observatory & closed it, permanently closed the post office, evacuated everyone & closed access.

They wrapped yellow tape around the community. Black Hawk helicopters were seen flying around. The FBI claims it is a security issue. The local law enforcement was told nothing. Several other observatories have also been closed in PA, Hawaii & other locations. Also, all the space webcams went down at the same time.

Nasa also detected 72 radio bursts in deep space & a recording(?).  Plus multiple objects crossing in front of the sun & our moon. The images are being blocked with filter discs to hide them. The discs are not the craft. Only the instruments blocking the craft from view. People make erroneous snap judgments & don’t use proper logic & analysis to properly determine the real situation.


  • UFO’s & aliens are typically the purview of the CIA; not the FBI.
  • The FBI was sent to evacuate the town as were the Black Hawk helicopters.
  • The evacuees are on lockdown. Probably held in the FEMA detainee camps or gitmo to prevent them from talking about what they saw.
  • There are Black Hawk helicopters kept at Dulce, NM as are the EBEs.  Dulce is an underground lab where the CIA & Ebe’s conduct horrific experiments on humans & animals.
  • More helicopters are available in Ft Bliss at at El Paso, TX.
  • There are more EBE’s at S-4 on Nellis Range Nevada. 18 Ebes from what I’ve been told. Joint labs there work on space craft & propulsion systems & Ebe technology. We also have underground labs in Utah & A51.
  • If it were a spy security issue, closing the other observatories & shutting down cameras in other locations wouldn’t have been necessary.
  • Clearly, the observatory saw something in space & the gov’t rushed in the FBI to remove, lockdown & detain the entire facility & town to prevent them from talking. The observatory may even have tried to contact the ships they discovered.
  • Multiple objects crossing the moon & the sun plus deep space radio bursts implies there are multiple craft between us & the moon which are unknown to us.
  • The objects are not near the sun. They are near us & merely crossing in front of the sun & our moon.  If they were near the sun, the craft would be dwarfed to pinpoint size.
  • The approach of these spacecrafts appear to be a real life Independence Day arrival.
  • Based on the reactions of our Authorities; these are apparently new ebe’s & not the ones we are familiar with; hence the panic & observatory closures to keep the public in the dark.
  • The true reason the gov’t keeps the public in the dark is not from fear of public panic. Their real fear is having the public oversee their projects with the Ebes & forcing the gov’t to stop inhumane practices & police the CIA activities. Someone needs to get rid of the CIA.
  • The gov’t will definitely try to cover up this event with lies & cover stories. Their latest attempt to shut down those who believe in UFO’s is to imply only narcissists believe in Aliens. There is no narcissist worse than Trump himself. Remember, sticks & stones? Don’t let them get to you with slurs just because they are hiding the truth at our expense.
  • There would be less bad reactions from the public if the authorities were honest for a change. Silence is even worse.
  • Let’s hope they aren’t stupid enough to shoot first without trying peaceful contact first. If our authorities start an unnecessary fight, let’s hope the Ebes know where to find them.

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