Earth's Axis has changed

July 26, 2018

off subject – Mars & Moon

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A quick note. None of the Youtube, twitter or facebook pages, videos, etc., are associated with my sites. I never post on any of them. Occasionally, I watch movies & documentaries on youtube but no one there is associated with me or my sites. I wanted to clarify this because some of our members were misled by youtube & thought we were the same because they had copied images from our sites & created videos which falsely implied they were associated with this site. It was an attempt to misdirect & discredit by making absurd claims. Just FYI.

I may talk about things which are difficult to believe. But I don’t make false statements. Everything is based on fact & I try to provide verifiable proof no matter how unbelievable it may sound. It is genuine & honest. I don’t say it unless it is factual. I do sometimes include personal theories which I include reasons or supporting sources of facts but I usually include IMO when it is my personal interpretation such as the lost 5th planet & remaining asteroid belt debris, for example.  The links for some of the structures on Mars & the moon are listed below so you can verify for yourself. I’m still working on Antarctica structures of other world origin.

For those of you who might want to see what is really on Mars & the moon, here are a couple links which belong to me.

Be sure to read the captions & explanations to help you recognize what the images show. These are all honest images from original photos. No alterations have been made except as described with each image. Arrows are added to point out features. The photos come from NASA, ESA, USGS, Google Earth from ESA and the Navy Research lab. I want everyone to see some of what I’ve seen. Nothing is faked. I can show you how to locate the same original photos, but in most cases where I had to clean up censoring, I included the original for comparison.

Here is the link for the Mars images:

I haven’t had a chance to upload most of my moon photos but there are several images you should see plus the logo Darpa stole from the rendlesham AFB craft sighting.

These images are from the Navy research lab & Nasa.

Other  unrelated sites:

I also have sites for the Murder of Gen Patton. I have his  original daily hospital records which show how they killed him with radioactive Mercury (Mercuperia) & digitalis. It was no accident.  It was never identified because the drug was classified & so the medical community did not recognize what it was.

Only the Scientists at Oak Ridge & LANL had knowledge & access to this drug which was so dangerous, it was never released for public use. Yet it was removed from these labs by Eisenhower & flown to Germany to use on Patton who had no medical need for either drug except to kill him. I found the original documents for this drug & their experiments on humans. They killed him because he was regaining use of his extremities & his wife was taking him back to Boston. Patton had threatened to resign so he could tell the public about the 30,000 allied POW’s who were taken to Siberia & their families told they were dead & other crimes Ike committed. Patton said he was going to go public & stop Ike from his aspirations to become President.

In fact, Ike started his campaign the day after Pattons accident. Clearly, Ike thought he would be dead when his campaign hit the papers the following day. That’s why they staged the car accident because he was returning home the next day. They were not expecting him to survive.  So when Patton’s wife decided to take him home, they made sure he never made it.

Here is a Laci Peterson site. I had copied the contents (500 pages) from another site who had amazing step by step info about Laci, so I could read it at my leisure. The owner shut the site down  years ago, but I still had the copy & felt his hard work shouldn’t be lost. So I reposted his pages. I did not write any of the info. I merely posted it.






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