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July 30, 2018

ITYS Tsunamis & Quakes 7-2018

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I  kept looking for Tsunamis because there had to be some to change the sun position so drastically this year. But the Tsunami warning center wasn’t listing any. This is because they have renamed Tsunamis as Oceans in opposition. This is like calling tornadoes, straightline winds. A deliberate diversion to mislead the public.

When the water severely recedes from the beaches followed by high tidal waves sometime later, those are tsunamis caused by the abnormal motion of the earth.

Here is a Jan 2018 youtube video showing these tsunamis & other axis tilt issues. This video & owner are NOT associated with this site. He even snagged some of my images. But I think you should watch this video because it matches some of the issues we are seeing. I didn’t know about some of these storms & events because I was very ill for 6 months at the time & I no longer have TV because it was a waste. However, take a look at this video posted at the bottom of page. You can see the original site by selecting youtube on the screen graphic below.

Also, here are some earthquake chart links which will help you track them:

This one is for all quakes in past 30 days globally.

Here is a selectable global earthquake browser. (Why is Australia shown as Oceana?)

Watch this youtube video, not associated with this site, but important.






July 27, 2018

7-2018 Current Sun position

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Can anyone provide the current sun position & whether it has moved to the June 21st position or further south yet?

I’m blocked by cloud cover every evening. Likely from the daily chem trails they moved to the west of us when W moved here in Dec 2008. They used to spray directly overhead. He didn’t like it. So they moved the chemtrail spraying west and the resulting cloud cover moves  over us at sunset.  Mostly blocking the horizon.

So I would appreciate any updates.


For anyone who is interested, former Canadian minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer is on Youtube talking about the same issues I have. I pasted the link at the bottom. This is one of the highest ranking credible gov’t officials to share what he knows about our crooked gov’t, ebes, 911,  gov’t misdeeds & corruption, etc. Interestingly, at the end he also mentions Haarp & chemtrails & gov’t weather tinkering.  Subjects mentioned in comments on here.

I will try not to post any more off subject info on posts or comments on this site since it seems of little interest to readers. I just wanted to share some of what I knew so the knowledge would not be lost.

I definitely recommend  this youtube video of Paul Hellyer which includes nearly everything I have said, verbatim, if anyone is interested. Knowledge is our best defense.

My knowledge of these issues comes from family & friends in intelligence or Military Careers who work on black ops projects. Paul Hellyer is telling the truth which is what I learned about 30 years ago. This video provides the truth I’ve long known about and comes from a highly respectable gov’t defense minister from Canada. His revelations are nearly verbatim of what I have said. Younger generations usually disbelieve most of it  or fear ridicule until they reach their mid 40’s. Then they suddenly realize the importance & validity of these issues which they once thought as crazy ramblings. Unfortunately, by then, those who knew the truth are gone & the secrets they knew are lost. I’d give anything to know what my father knew. I lost my chance because I didn’t take him seriously & he died 20 years ago.  My own son is the same way I was. He believes the gov’t is honest & cant conceive the gov’t or the media lying to him.

I strongly urge everyone to hear what Paul Hellyer has to say up to the end. It is 32 minutes long.

Also, Eisenhower gave a warning about the military industrial complex on his farewell address. If you can find it, I recommend hearing it because it supports what we are saying.  I’m sure it is online.

I realize Hellyer’s video is long  (32 min) & longwinded, but this is the most important video you should ever hear.  Someone has gone out of their way to discredit Hellyer with this silly image on this video to invalidate his credibility. Don’t let internet bullies think for you. This video has excellent info about the shadow gov’t & NWO & Builderbergers as well.

Here is the youtube link:



July 26, 2018

off subject – Mars & Moon

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A quick note. None of the Youtube, twitter or facebook pages, videos, etc., are associated with my sites. I never post on any of them. Occasionally, I watch movies & documentaries on youtube but no one there is associated with me or my sites. I wanted to clarify this because some of our members were misled by youtube & thought we were the same because they had copied images from our sites & created videos which falsely implied they were associated with this site. It was an attempt to misdirect & discredit by making absurd claims. Just FYI.

I may talk about things which are difficult to believe. But I don’t make false statements. Everything is based on fact & I try to provide verifiable proof no matter how unbelievable it may sound. It is genuine & honest. I don’t say it unless it is factual. I do sometimes include personal theories which I include reasons or supporting sources of facts but I usually include IMO when it is my personal interpretation such as the lost 5th planet & remaining asteroid belt debris, for example.  The links for some of the structures on Mars & the moon are listed below so you can verify for yourself. I’m still working on Antarctica structures of other world origin.

For those of you who might want to see what is really on Mars & the moon, here are a couple links which belong to me.

Be sure to read the captions & explanations to help you recognize what the images show. These are all honest images from original photos. No alterations have been made except as described with each image. Arrows are added to point out features. The photos come from NASA, ESA, USGS, Google Earth from ESA and the Navy Research lab. I want everyone to see some of what I’ve seen. Nothing is faked. I can show you how to locate the same original photos, but in most cases where I had to clean up censoring, I included the original for comparison.

Here is the link for the Mars images:

I haven’t had a chance to upload most of my moon photos but there are several images you should see plus the logo Darpa stole from the rendlesham AFB craft sighting.

These images are from the Navy research lab & Nasa.

Other  unrelated sites:

I also have sites for the Murder of Gen Patton. I have his  original daily hospital records which show how they killed him with radioactive Mercury (Mercuperia) & digitalis. It was no accident.  It was never identified because the drug was classified & so the medical community did not recognize what it was.

Only the Scientists at Oak Ridge & LANL had knowledge & access to this drug which was so dangerous, it was never released for public use. Yet it was removed from these labs by Eisenhower & flown to Germany to use on Patton who had no medical need for either drug except to kill him. I found the original documents for this drug & their experiments on humans. They killed him because he was regaining use of his extremities & his wife was taking him back to Boston. Patton had threatened to resign so he could tell the public about the 30,000 allied POW’s who were taken to Siberia & their families told they were dead & other crimes Ike committed. Patton said he was going to go public & stop Ike from his aspirations to become President.

In fact, Ike started his campaign the day after Pattons accident. Clearly, Ike thought he would be dead when his campaign hit the papers the following day. That’s why they staged the car accident because he was returning home the next day. They were not expecting him to survive.  So when Patton’s wife decided to take him home, they made sure he never made it.

Here is a Laci Peterson site. I had copied the contents (500 pages) from another site who had amazing step by step info about Laci, so I could read it at my leisure. The owner shut the site down  years ago, but I still had the copy & felt his hard work shouldn’t be lost. So I reposted his pages. I did not write any of the info. I merely posted it.






July 24, 2018

7-2018 Diversion Theories

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It is much hotter. Triple digits nearly every day since the beginning of June & getting hotter.  Not just Texas. Most states are having a heat wave,

One thing is certain. Having the sun go further north in July means our orbit around the sun has changed. We need to check it every month on the 15th and 21st.

Has anyone checked the positions of the constellations with a star chart? I have one somewhere but don’t know where. This is important because it could tell us if Earth has had a drastic change in its axis, orbit, etc. However, you can see what big lies they are telling, such as blaming the axis or solar position on an alignment of planets. You can see that with your bare eyes if such an alignment had occurred. Not all of the planets, but enough to see some of the alignment.

These gov’t hirelings are spreading fodder to confuse everyone from what is really going on. They have as many as 10 false scenarios on the internet to lead everyone astray.

With these new changes in July, we’ll have to reevaluate what is causing the new changes. Only the constellations & star charts can tell us if we’ve tipped onto our side or some other change.

I’ve already explained about pole reversals & magnetic fields. Those are 2 of the current fairy tales which you can verify once I show you how. Here is a list of their tall tales to explain the solar changes, etc., how to verify the truth & why these are wrong.  They are just trying confuse everyone because they know most people don’t have enough knowledge of science, etc., to sort out the lies. I will help you.

#1 Magnetic reversal of the poles.

This is easy to verify. Look at a compass. If the needle is pointing toward the north, it has not reversed. I checked my compass. It is pointing toward the north where it should be.

#2 Changes to Earth’s magnetic field.

If this were to occur, it would affect the power grids & cause rolling blackouts. It would affect electronic devices, Computers, cars, phones, etc. You would know if the magnetic field changed or reversed. It would cause global disturbances & outages.

#3 Alignment of planets causing gravitational stresses.

You could see some of this with your bare eyes at night. Spot the planets & see if there is any types of alignment. Ask a high school science teacher who likes to view the stars if they see anything unusual. They are the least likely to lie or be gov’t hirelings. Universities or professional Astronomers or astronomy clubs are the least likely to be dependable  & most likely to be under gov’t pressure, or hirelings, etc.

#4 Earth flipping upside down

The earth is bottom heavy due to the weight of Antarctica & the miles of glaciers & ice covering the Continent. There is no land weight at the north pole. Floating ice does not add to the balance weight. Only land based ice counts. The south pole has a massive amount of land covered with miles deep of glacial ice which acts as a gyroscopic balance weight for the planet. Specifically the tilt angle of the axis. Due to the significant weight of the south pole versus none at the north pole, it is impossible for Earth to flip upside down without any weight at the north pole. Floating ice has no weight. However, Earth can tip onto its side due to the significant weight at the equator. You wouldn’t notice the difference because the rotation & orbit would be the same & the sun & Earth are round. A small globe might help visualize this, keeping in mind the tilt is fixed in one direction which causes seasons. But that would depend on the direction of the tilt. In fact, it is the melting of the south pole ice which affects our tilt because Antarctica is Earth’s gyroscopic anchor which controls the balance & tilt of the axis. You can do this with a rubber ball in a bathtub full of water, using metal washers as weight to see how it affects tilt and balance. But the galaxy also has a fixed orientation of up, down & ecliptic plane & gravitational fields.  However, one of the planets, (Uranus, I think), is rotating sideways as we could become if Earth tipped onto its side. It is not rotating backwards as most people say. It depends on which direction you are viewing it from. For example, if it were possible for Earth to flip upside down and continued to rotate as it does now, it would appear to be rotating backward because of the reversed aspect we would be viewing Earth from. But the rotation would still be the same even though it was upside down.

#5 Planet X, Nemesis & Rogue objects

I’ve said this before. If some rogue planet, asteroid, system, etc. was affecting the earth, it would also affect every other planet & moon between Earth and the rogue element. So, as long as the other planets & moons are normal, there is no rogue affecting our planet. There may be a rogue. I’m not saying these don’t exist nor confirm that they do exist. I’m only stating it is not affecting our planet as long as all the other planets & moons in between are normal.

#6 Changes in the Sun

Our atmosphere & contaminants causes the color variations of the sun & the moon. Solar storms & the Solar magnetic field variations cause matter & flares to eject from the sun hurling ions, radiation, Xrays, etc into space. Earth’s magnetic field & atmosphere provide some protection from the CME’s, radiation, etc., but we have damaged both the atmosphere & magnetic field. Freon has created holes above the poles where our atmosphere is spewing into space and solar matter is leaking into the holes. Don’t believe their tales of how freon is not really damaging the atmosphere. They are also permitting the use of thalidomide after it deformed hundreds of babies and asbestos, organophosphates & many other dangerous products they are now claiming as safe, just to make profit at your expense because  most don’t remember the terrible histories of these products. They are spraying your food with Roundup weed killer & calling it “Roundup ready” GMO soy & corn from Monsanto. And are trying to tell you it’s harmless.  The thinning Ozone cannot block UV as it once did, so skin cancers have become epidemic. It was almost unheard of in the 60’s.

#7 Wandering Solar System

This is the theory where they claimed our solar system was wandering like a frisbee toward the center of our galaxy. Not the correction of our position version. As far as I know, our solar system is not wandering our milky way galaxy. If it was, there would be major changes to the constellations & stars & gravitational fields. Not to mention collision hazards. We have not meandered to the center of the galaxy,  as some have said to get their 15 minutes of fame. The galaxy center is where stars are born & deadly to other lifeforms.

#8 Claiming 91 volcanoes found under Antarctica 

Antarctica originally had 3 active volcanoes. Two were on islands, the other on the coastline. They are basing the 91 on H3 (Helium 3) they found saying H3 was only produced by Volcanoes. But the moon is covered with H3 so that is BS.  They also did satellite scans beneath the ice but never saw any Volcanoes. These 91 were all on the  coastline of the ring of fire. 90 are dormant or extinct but not confirmed. The 91st is a heat source under Pine island glacier melting it. That would be the 4th active volcano if confirmed but it could also be  a flood basalt fault fracture. However, it is a heat source.  As for ice refreezing, all ice refreezes below freezing temperatures but that doesn’t mean it is rebuilding glaciers. All evidence in satellite images shows massive glacier meltdowns & standing water on ice surfaces. This is just a diversion to fool the public into thinking things are improving. But if you actually check it for yourself you will see it is much worse. This is mirrored by the recent significant changes in our axis tilt.

#9 Solar system realignment

I’ve been told this is just a realignment of our solar systems position in our galaxy using updated lasers & measuring equipment to be more precise.  It does not entail movement of our solar system It is where it was. This is just a data update to pinpoint our location… like GPS has done for us on Earth. This sounds like a valid process. It will come in handy for navigating while in FTL.

#10 Galactic Central Sun energy frequencies

This is easy to disprove. They claim we are at a Galactic central point of frequencies. First, whether this is a Universal point or Galactic point of frequencies, any field of energy frequencies this strong would show up on a field strength meter. I have one & there is no indication we are being affected by any type of fields. If we were, we could see them on the meter. I can pick up the field generated by my microwave oven over 15 ft away. Don’t stand near it while it is cooking. I can pick up motors, electrical wiring, transformers, Electrical trunk lines on lattice towers, EM fields, etc. I don’t know where they came up with this theory of Earth being in the central frequency Galactic Sun but it has no validity as far as I can see & test for. However, the center of the milky way certainly has a solar nursery & powerful gravitational & EM fields & Vortices (vortexes) creating new suns; which would crush & destroy us. But our solar system is nowhere near the center of the milky way galaxy or the Universe.

#11 Conglomerated Moon Theories

They even claim the moon was formed by conglomerating rocks impacting. How absurd. The moon is a perfect sphere which tells us it was liquid or molten when formed. Liquids become spheres in weightless space. Conglomerated rocks would create an irregular shaped moon. Like the moons of Mars except those are broken asteroids from the asteroid belt. Or a lumpy chocolate chip cookie. Also, a moon formed from conglomerated rocks would have left a debris field or ring around earth. They are teaching our kids this ridiculous hypothesis as absolute fact. Simply unbelievable.

I think these people get a kick out of scaring people. I try to keep things calm & logical. I’ll tell you when it is time to panic. This reminds me of one of those new outer limits episodes where these astronomers see a bright glow in the night sky & assume the other side of the planet was incinerated  by a Nova & they were expecting doomsday in the morning for their side of the planet. They didn’t make any phone calls or check the radios & shortwave, etc. They just made this huge assumption without any facts or verification. They immediately assumed worse case scenario with zero facts. That’s what these nutty internet theories are like. The scary part is these theories are coming from well known astrophysicists, scientists, universities, astronomers, major science publications, NASA, SOHO, etc. It is hard to believe quality has depleted so low. These are things I would expect from a 10 year old 5th grader. The only other explanation is the gov’t holding their grant monies hostage unless they flood the internet with confusing BS to distract & divert the public from noticing that the sun was farther north a month after the summer solstice which should have been the farthest north before heading south again on June 22nd. But it continued north until approx July 18-20. The sun’s behavior (actually the earth) is what they don’t want people to notice so they toss out a dozen BS scenarios to divert them. I don’t have much respect for those who are flooding these crazy ideas. I’m really disappointed with some of them.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten to list some other divisive tactics & tall tales they are using to explain the axis tilt changes.

Here are the photos of the drone cloud which hung over my yard more than 3 hours. The only cloud in the sky. Same cloud as fired gatling gun lightning.

Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.


Same cloud slowly drifting away.







July 12, 2018

7-2018 Need confirmation on solar oddity

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Update: I cant see thru my overgrown bushes, but it looks like the sun is now moving back toward the south slightly.

Is that correct? What’s the current status?

This may be damage caused by Cern. The gov’ts fear public retribution if they should do something really stupid to damage the planet or our environment. Whether it be Cern or something else.

Mai, you are good with research. Have you seen any unusual behavior by gov’t, NASA, scientists, or a lot of smokescreen of too much scientific info from the gov’t or a particular theme (as if they are trying to find a scapegoat to blame) or unusual reports from Cern, etc? Something that looks like the gov’t & scientists are panicking to cover up? Anything in that newspaper Huntington something?


I may be losing it but the sun appears farther north than it did last month.

That shouldn’t be possible. It may be an optical illusion from the unusual weather or I’m being misled by the bushes which need cutting back. I can’t cut them back until the birds are done with their nests.

Those of you in the US or Canada who took position readings last month, please look outside at the sunset at your earliest convenience & see if you are seeing what I’m seeing.  I thought I saw the same thing last summer & the year before. The sun should have started moving south in the sky on June 22nd. Not farther north. As I remember, last year, it didn’t appear to move south until later in August but I was too ill at the time to check specifics.  But this would be seriously wrong if it is really doing this, which is why I need some of you to check the sunset this week. Particularly those who checked the sun position last month from the US & Canada for comparison.

I’m  thinking this must be an illusion. But if the rest of you see the same thing, I’d have to find out what is going on. That would imply changes in our orbit around the sun and/or a change in the direction of the axis lean  and the timing of the solstices.

So let me know what you see tomorrow or the next day or two at sunset. Is the sun farther north than it was in June.

Some info about weather:

It never rains here (Dallas) in July except once every 7 years. But it has rained the last 3 days & more. A clue something is different. Plus the heat waves across the country since May.  No winter at all here this past year.  But weather will be different in each region of the country.  Also, you can’t go by records because we have micro-climates especially on the east side of the lakes. Lake effect weather.  We have several large lakes in the area to provide water. Dallas may get rain where my home in the country 30 miles away gets none  or vice versa.

The weather of metro cities is different than suburbs because of the heat bubble from concrete & traffic. That’s why the tornadoes usually go around the outskirts of a city. The only reason the tornado hit downtown Ft Worth (in 2000) is because that city is nearly abandoned downtown. Almost zero traffic. Hence, no heat bubble to make weather go around. It is an Agriculture & Cowboy town for the cattle auctions, etc like shown with Ewings of Dallas episodes, so businesses abandoned it.  It is about 80 miles from Dallas. The skyscrapers were empty except for a famous restaurant. I was working in ft Worth on a project just the day before it hit.

Regional weather across the world will change like the Northern California droughts. I used to live there as well. Jungles into desert. Desert into swamps, etc. We’re still over 100 degrees every day which is normal. The rain is not normal. It shouldn’t rain a drop here before September.  When it rains the temperature will drop 40 degrees in an hour.

Heat waves in the UK, unheard of droughts there & tornadoes in East Europe since this axis shift began. I lived in Europe too. Panama, 45 different US states, 15 countries, so I’m familiar with weather from many places.  The UK was always cold and rainy. Sometime after 2003, London had 600 deaths from a heat wave because no one had air conditioners. Even one of the Harry Potter movies started off with a heat wave. Movie 5, I think. I remember a lot of heat related deaths in Chicago when I worked there. Northern California had cool, foggy summers & never needed Air conditioners except for 3 weeks of the year. Then these droughts hit it.

I don’t know how it is lately but they have no business growing rice around Sacramento with water shortages. Especially while Tons of rice has been rotting in Thailand warehouses because of surplus & their weather is better suited for rice crops which have to be kept flooded. Same with the unnecessary rice crops in Houston as well. They are putting rice before people by wasting vast amounts of field flooding waters. Especially when other rice is available & not a main staple of our food Consumption. I  also lived next to a rice field in Houston. Rice fields are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes & disease. After they drain the field water & harvest the rice, they burn the fields. I took photos of the thick smoke blinding the pilots in Sacramento from a plane on approach. I couldn’t believe California was allowing such pollution of air & water; much less  the smoke plumes over a major airport. I was in the plane so I know.

I thought I would share some of this trivia because it shows just how much the city, state & federal gov’t cares about the planet, weather & any of us. They would only do something if we were big businesses. I could write a book. I know some of these crooks.

But off subject. I need to know about the sun location this week. It is definitely strange to see the sun appear to be moving further north a month after the summer solstice.  Perhaps a weather issue or the bushes cutting off my view.  So be sure to let me know.

July 6, 2018

6-2018 Summer Solstice

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Just now getting to posting the readings. I had problems with overgrowth of bushes & morning high fog cover.

It appears to be close to my 2011 readings. Looking at a clock & facing north, it would put sunset just a couple notches past the 10 O’clock & sunrise just before the 2 O’clock position on a clock face. From the Dallas, TX area.

I use a clock face because everyone has access to a clock so this makes it easier for them to see & compare.

Accounting for our latitude differences, the readings posted from Pennsylvania and Canada would put us all in the same ballpark as to how far north the sun is this year. It is a bit further north than last year.

We had been stuck like glue for the past 3 years so the sun position is now on the move northward again. Meaning our axis tilt is starting to move again. Just a small amount.

March 24, 2018

3-2018 Delays

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I apologize for any delays in approval of comments. I’ve been horribly ill since October. Too ill to get on line to approve comments.

With all the nuts out there, it requires every comment to be reviewed  before approved for public viewing. So if your comment has been delayed, it may be due to my severe health issues. I will review each comment as soon as I am able. In this instance it has taken 5 months for me to recover.

The statement about Edison is true. He had 200 beginner scientists working for him whose inventions he stole credit for.  They had to sign agreements when they were hired. Tesla was one. He also used to delay federal patents, copy them & submit the copy as his own idea before allowing the original patent to be processed  when Edison had access to the Patent office.

While the magnetic field does shift around a small amount it does not affect the axis, nor will it flip the planet.  Any electrical device has a magnetic field  when powered such as your microwave.  The larger the device & power transformer, the larger the electromagnetic field & strength. You can read these with a field strength meter.


February 7, 2018

2-2018 Asteroid Belt remnants of former 5th Planet

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There is a simple answer to the great floods & the instant freezing of mammoths with food in their mouths.  It also explains the marine fossils above 13,000 feet, our moon & Mars. It also explains the dinosaur extinction. That puny asteroid which hit off the southern coast of the US and east of Mexico in the Caribbean was not large enough to destroy every dinosaur.  They would have survived on the opposite side of the planet. However, at best, that asteroid would have only reached half of the US & none of Africa, Europe, Asia or Australia. Yes, it caused a layer of Iridium, but that wasn’t enough to destroy the entire species of dinosaurs. The cause was something much larger & formidable.

The asteroid belt in our solar system is the remnants of a former 5th planet which was destroyed eons ago. This planet also probably had 4 to 6 moons in orbit.

When this planet was destroyed, it is possible it was seen from Earth & mistaken for a bright star. One thing for sure, the orbits of Earth & Mars suddenly shifted on one side.

Even a small orbital shift caused massive tsunami’s & tidal waves which inundated the planet much like the movie “2012”. The salt water covered the western & central US which  remained for hundreds of years until it eventually evaporated, leaving salt & damaged soil behind in areas such as Salt Lake, Groom Lake, NV, UT, AZ, TX, Sahara desert, Australia, Egypt, Arabia, etc. Creating toxic soil which cannot sustain plant life. The huge oceanic tsunami’s were over 3 miles high because areas along the west coast of South America such as Puma Punku have saltwater marine life fossils at 13,000 feet. This was the great global flood

Even a small change in our distance from the sun caused instant freezing on Earth… hence the frozen mammoths & other creatures frozen with food in their mouths. It also killed the plant life on Mars.  As  the Earth’s orbit stabilized closer to the sun after a few eons & the axis angle returned to normal, a massive melting occurred which caused the great flood.

The debris from this massive destruction likely resulted in the huge numbers of impact craters on Mars & the Earth’s moon. 2 of the huge asteroids (debris from the former 5th planet) became trapped in Mars orbit as moons.

You wont find  these  explanations elsewhere, as far as I know.  These are my theories but it seems we have some idea theft occurring. I don’t mind people reposting my ideas & theories; but not when they take credit such as was done with my axis shift scenario. I was the only one with those theories in 2005 & 2006.

Perhaps our own moon came from the former moons of the lost planet in the asteroid belt. Nasa dropped sections  of the crafts to prove our moon was hollow. It isn’t hollow. It is inhabited with an underground colony. You are hearing the echo of  the vastness of their underground colonies. Mars has similar underground colonies creating artificial craters like the moon. Matching craters with shallow, flat bottoms and a rising center. Many have a rising center or a matching double ring.  Only created artificially.  Not artificial moons or planets. Simply colonized.

September 20, 2017

9-2017 Emergency Evacuation Needs

Since there are so many recent instances of floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, fires & other catastrophes which may force your urgent evacuation from your homes, there are critical items we often forget to take with us.

You need to post a list of emergency items by each door as reminders.  With all the recent disasters, it would be a good idea to review all the lists & emergency kit contents now so you can prepare in advance to grab & go when a disaster strikes.  Tetanus shots, vaccines & pet shots must be up to date.

Vehicle fuel tanks should be kept full. Small fishing  boats would be handy with  paddles & fuel if possible. Buy several inflatable boats & manual air pump & patch kits plus paddles, ropes, knife & tow hooks. Multi air chambers to avoid sinking  if punctured.  Enough rafts for family, pets & possessions to escape high water.

See additional links at bottom for more emergency planning suggestions.

Primary items to Remember  (only if safe. Don’t risk lives).

  • Every member of your family must escape first
  • All your pets must be rescued in carriers
  • Place All medicines, med supplies, Dentures, partials in Zip locks.
  • Diabetics glucose test kit, meds, insulin.
  • Wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches, oxygen, asthma meds
  • Wallets, purses, checkbook, money, cards  (med ins, DL, CC), keys, ID
  • Cell phones & charger cords, eyeglasses
  • Laptop/Slate & charger cord & mouse
  • Grab Photos and negatives  & school yearbooks in plastic ziplock bags
  • Take all Jewelry in zip locks.  Do not  tell anyone!
  • Important papers in zip locks.  (Deeds, certificates, licenses,  shot & vaccine records (human & pet), permits, degrees, prenup, div, address books)
  • hearing aids, disability needs
  • sharpie marker to write ID on pet carriers, bags, property
  • Put pets in carriers on leash with ID
  • Pets should all have tags & collars with ID & contact info

Secondary Items to pack if enough time to be safe

  • Small weapon & ammo,  gun permit & knife.
  • tooth brush, paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, hairbrush
  • Babyfood, bottles, formula, diapers, clothes, shoes
  • Shaving needs,  toilet paper
  • Underwear, clothes,  socks, shoes, towels, coats in plastic
  • snacks, water, juice for family in plastic
  • pet food, water & bowls, can opener, litter, seeds
  • Hand cleaner
  • First aid kit, benadryl, snake bite med, poison ivy cream, antiseptic, Neosporin, bandages
  • Blankets
  • Flashlight & batteries
  • Extra plastic bags for trash & laundry & stools.
  • Extra ziplocks

If you have extra time or advance notice to be safe before a flood:

  • take all  remaining valuables possible into attic in plastic
  • Guns, paintings, cameras, anything that would be damaged by water & to protect from thieves
  • place items in plastic, in attic & hide under insulation
  • Move electronics, desk computers & other portable items as high  in house or attic as possible  or to relatives out of area.
  • Hide fur coats & gowns, suits, silks in giant ziplocks or vacuum, waterproof storage bags & hide safe from water & looters.
  • Move collectibles & items prone to water damage  or  looters to safe place  (attic or at relatives out of flood zone) away from danger
  • Leave large furniture, beds & appliances. Hernias are more expensive than new furniture.
  • large Appliances & cars can often be repaired
  • Portable Power tools & expensive tools, hide in attic
  • Move dry goods to highest shelves. 
  • Paperwork to highest location. Toys to highest location. Pesticides & chemicals in garage to highest shelf stated in giant ziplocks.
  • Turn off main breaker if flooding.
  • Use DRY board to gently shut down main breaker if standing in water instead of hand.

Advanced preparations for emergencies:

  • Mark names & phone on everything with Sharpie marker.
  • Keep carriers & cages in your garage for ALL of your pets with extra food, towels & leashes. 
  • Walmart & pet stores have standard Nylon carriers for cat sizes were $20-35.
  • Cardboard carriers will fall apart when wet
  • Buy inflatable rafts to fit your family, pets & belongings & store in garage. Academy stores.
  • Buy an inflatable mattress or two & store in  box in garage.  Handy as raft to tow supplies & as beds in shelter.
  • Use foot or battery pump to inflate.
  • Extra Batteries, rotate every6 months
  • Have rope in garage and basic tool kit.
  • Keep your car gas tank full. 
  • Buy several boxes large & giant zip lock bags.
  • Use sharpie to mark name & contact info on pet carriers & other property for evacuation such as inflatable beds, rafts, paddles, camping gear, plastic bags, computers, etc.
  • Portable CB radios & fresh batteries.
  • Your phones will not work in disaster zones. FEMA may scramble all radio frequencies  (except their own) & shut off all landline & wireless phones in area. This is their authority under the executive order mandates by the presidents.
  • Leaving 911 access only which will overload after 30k callers. I know this from working with FEMA. They also did this during Katrina to keep bad info isolated from press & public. 
  • Remember FEMA pulled down antenna in St Bernard Parish emergency management to prevent Communications about deaths & no supplies.
  • Satellite phones may work better for disaster zones but require clear skies. More Below.
  • All pets should wear ID tags & microchips. 
  • Keep ax in attic for escape. 
  • Beware of fallen electric lines (esp in flood)
  • Beware trees falling over in soft soil
  • Beware of local industry hazards from storm damage or power loss
  • Beware wild  animals, snakes, large reptiles, sharp debris, leaking natural gas lines, phony officials, looters, hypothermia, sewage, bacteria in flood water and any busybody pressuring you out of your house if you are still safe there.  Just say no.
  • Save the car if possible or leave before water rises. 
  • Keep hammer in car to break window if submerged.
  • Do not drive at night or through water.
  • Tetanus shots if cut or injured.
  • Every room in house, garage should have a large fire extinguisher,  fire alarms & CO2 detectors.
  • & large extinguisher inside car behind driver’s seat.


  • Get out before the water is too deep to drive. 
  • At least get your car to high ground before it floods if you plan to stay. (High Parking garage & ride taxi or friend home before storm). 
  • Brakes may not work if wet.
  • Water above tailpipe will stall vehicle.
  • Do not abandon your family or pets unless fire and no other choice.


  • Break house windows to vent smoke to access trapped family & pets from outside if safe to do so.
  • Use Wet sheets, wet blankets for protection, wet bandana for breathing.
  • Have extinguishers in every room and ladder stored outside for access.
  • Rope ladders in each room for 2nd floor escapes. No bars on windows.
  • Have tools handy.
  • Crawl low & protect lungs.
  • If you pass out from heat, smoke or no oxygen, you will die.
  • Do not risk your life.

Do not stay in a burning house.

  • Every room in house, garage & inside car should have a large fire extinguisher & alarm fire & CO2 detectors.

Detailed disaster kits & planning info link for any catastrophe

AFTER a flood: Not everything is lost

  • Low cost Gov’t loans are available for disaster victims thru FEMA.  It is their only virtue. Loan application processing.
  • Cars, mowers, dish washer, washer & dryer, refrigerators can often be restored. I have seen it done.
  • Make sure your current home owners insurance policy includes “like” replacements. Otherwise, they will replace your $600 brass Hunter wireless fans with a cheap $35 fan from Walmart.
  • Make sure roofers remove clear plastic on back of each tile or it will not stick down & will flap up & break off in high winds. A roofers trick to get return business.
  • DVD’s & VHS can be rinsed with water & special cleaner.  The DVD  wet Case paper removed & washed in bucket  & DVD  polished dry with smooth Nylon cloth to prevent scratches. These clothes are often found for polishing eye glasses.  Such as lenscrafters. Only the DVD Case paper insert would be lost. Perhaps a new paper image could be printed later.  A temporary cover could be cut to fit the case meanwhile, If My collection were involved, it would affect 6000 movies & series.  At $7-20 each or $55-100+ per season, they are too valuable to discard. Blue ray is far worse at $35+ each. I refuse to subsidize Disney’s greed.
  • The DVD players would need to be replaced if flooded. 
  • Jewelry, clothes, curtains & lamps can be cleaned
  • There are specialty cleaners for flooded items but over charge & crooked.
  • Wall to wall Carpets & pads must be discarded & replaced. 
  • Separate floor rugs can be cleaned.
  • flooring needs to be replaced; underlayment bleached, demolded & dried. Then replaced with solvent-free adhesive & new flooring. California approved MSDS.
  • Insurance should pay for cleaning costs.
  • Be sure to turn off breakers before spraying or working around electrical devices.
  • Sheetrock must be removed & replaced below water level
  • Use dilute bleach in walls behind sheet rock & floor underlayment to kill mold & mold spray to kill spores.
  • Air conditioner compressor can be cleaned with  water hose outside & sprayed with antimold inside the A frame but may need new  upper A frame unit inside. The air ducts should also be replaced and vents & filters cleaned.
  • paper window shades replaced, blinds cleaned & compromised double pane windows & doors replaced.
  • Fireplace cleaned.
  • Kitchen cabinets are mostly wood & need replacing. Anything wood in floodwater is ruined
  • Tools should be ok after cleaning & coating with lubricant.  Saltwater will corrode or must & must be rinsed clean.
  • All wood doors in house which were wet need replacing.
  • Replace wooden knife blocks & cutting boards in kitchen.
  • Discard any boxes of damaged products in water.
  • Use diluted bleach to clean every surface in house contaminated by floodwater or potential mold.
  • New furniture. Solid oak may be cleanable depending how long it was wet.  Masonite drawers bottoms may need replacing. May need extensive repairs or replacement  of solid oak furniture. A clear polyurethane coat may help restore solid oak, mahogany or Cherry wood after cleaning. Do not use bleach. Detergent is better for wood.
  • You are battling ecoli bacteria, parasites, insects, mold spores & water damage throughout the house.
  • Wear filter masks when cleaning & working or observing restoration. It would almost be easier to tear it down & start from scratch.
  • Pillows, quilts & comforters replaced.  The filler cannot be cleaned. A special hand made case could be emptied, cleaned & refilled.
  • If the flood was above the 1st floor in a 2 story home, the mold & bacteria is between levels & you are breathing it. Extensive costs. They will try to cut corners & leave ceiling without replacing where a deadly stachybotrus could be hiding. Most insurers wont cover mold removal. Special mold traps could reveal mold.  Also bacteria traps.
  • Everything in the kitchen must also be disinfected. Every utensil, pot, pans, walls, etc.
  • Stuffed toys discarded & children rooms sanitized.
  • Pools drained & sanitized. Windows cleaned. 
  • Maybe repair & rent out old house while building or buying a second new home free of mold & bacteria.
  • Perhaps group cleaning parties like barn raising would help ease the task as a group of 6 neighbor families tackled each home in groups, one room at a time.

Vehicles. After the flood.

  • Cars are also restorable but need new Carpet, new seats, new trunk liner, new roof fabric, air conditioning disinfected & demolded. Ducts replaced. New radio, filters, oil, gas, seatbelts, fluids replaced, dashboard, interior liners & covers removed & disinfected. engine overhauled. Brakes cleaned. Trunk cleaned. Battery & headlights replaced. All lights replaced. Quite, a task & who knows how many electronic circuits are bad.

For future evacuation planning, here are posted emergency kit preparation for various needs.



August 23, 2017

8-2017 Fifth planet, great flood & instafreeze

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Keep in mind, this is a personal speculation based on my personal big picture analysis, facts & strong  analytical convictions. I did not hear or read about this elsewhere. (I’m adding some photos  of  our moon & other planetary bodies at the bottom)

I believe there was a 5th planet between Mars & Jupiter which was destroyed and became an asteroid belt which now orbits  the sun where this planet was once located. That name of this 5th planet is referred to as Phaeton.  Phaeton also likely had 4 to 6 moons orbiting it before it was destroyed. Some of these moons continue to orbit within the asteroid belt.

Here is an image of the asteroid belt position so you can see where this former 5th planet was once located.

2 asteroid Belt

2 asteroids entered the orbit of Mars & became the moons of Mars. The irregular shapes of these Mars moons shows they were asteroids  which came from elsewhere & not perfect spherical moons. These asteroid moons of Mars were once part of the original 5th planet before it was destroyed. Chunks of Phaeton.

I had always  believed Earth’s moon was formed from the Pacific Ocean side of Earth while our planet was still molten & separated from our planet. The spherical shape of our moon shows it was molten when formed in space. However, many still claim it was formed elsewhere due to age & content. If that is correct, then perhaps our moon once orbited the 5th planet & entered orbit around Earth after the 5th planet was destroyed.

Our moon was not formed from accretion or Conglomeration. It would be lumpy & irregular if that was so. It would also have a huge debris field & possibly rings around the earth if those theories were accurate. Not perfectly spherical with no evident debris, which shows it was formed while molten.

The destruction of the 5th planet caused the orbits of Mars & Earth to shift. Even a minor shift would have caused our oceans & Mars to  produce huge tsunami’s and flood the continents such as the  central & West US, the coasts of Africa,  Sahara, Egypt, the Arabic countries, Australia, India, the middle East, Antarctica, etc.  It looked much like the  movie “2012” and the tsunami of Dec 2004. The saltwater & floods would have created sand filled deserts, salt lakes & poisoned the soil with salt, sand and toxins.  Many salt lakes & inland seas were formed in depressions & Canyons where these massive floods & tsunamis washed inland. It required hundreds of years to evaporate before leaving salt resins of Salt Lake, Groom Lake, cutting the Grand Canyon & toxifying the soil of mid US, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Sahara desert, Australia, India, Africa near the coasts, Egypt, middle east & Arabic countries, Antarctica, etc. Everywhere you see deserts, salt lakes, sand & toxic soil is where the ocean tsunamis flooded the continents.

Tsunamis over 3 miles high left marine fossils above 13,000 ft along the South American west coast of Bolivia near Puma Punku, Lake Titicaca & the Nazca line region. It was these giant tsunamis which destroyed Puma Punku & left the marine fossils behind. The tsunamis also covered Egypt & the Sahara region; burying them under tons of sands & toxifying the soil. The ocean floods also ravaged the Sphinx & the Egyptian cities & monuments. Some of which remain to be found until the tons of sands have been removed. There were also inland seas left behind in depressions filled by the global tsunami floods. The Caspian sea east of the Mediterranean is one which comes to mind as do the salt lakes of Utah & Nevada.

These global tsunamis would have been the great flood across our globe as our planet moved from its normal orbit. The movement of Mars & earth toward the destroyed 5th planet would have also caused instant freezing of animals & floodwaters as they moved away from the sun; instantaneously freezing food in the mouths of Mammoths & other mammals & creatures. Causing the deaths of millions of dinosaurs who could not tolerate the sudden frigid cold as we moved away from the sun and our normal orbit.  There is proof in Bexar county Texas near the caverns where fossil footprints show humans and dinosaur prints side by side. So the dinosaurs did not all die out before our caveman ancestors existed. For some reason, our gov’t & scientific institutions feel necessary to lie to us about everything in our history.  They don’t want us to know about involvement of races from other worlds  such as the two races of 8-10 foot giants whom were worshipped as gods in Egypt, Rome & Greece. When you see the artwork depicting them as larger than life, it was because they truly were large with amazing technologies.  You can see a depiction of the two races on a polish church fresco in the 1300’s. One race was blond. The other curly dark hair. Both are shown in flying vehicles on the fresco.  There were also other races which were smaller in stature & varied appearance. Genetic engineering created a variety of workers.  We were one of their achievements. Races which once lived here created huge slave labor colonies to mine their ores & precious metals.  When Earth flooded & the settlements destroyed, the surviving slaves were abandoned to fend for themselves. The pyramids & libraries were buried & lost. The soil was poisoned by the salt & sand. Very little land was viable for farming to feed the survivors so they had to rely on fish & seafood for sustenance.

The planetary orbital shifts also killed much of the plant life on Mars and the source of oxygen. Many of the animals instantly froze, as did their rivers, lakes & oceans. Those animals & people who survived on both Mars & Earth had sought shelter underground or near volcanic regions away from the floods.  With much of their civilizations & achievements washed away by floods, the survivors reverted to primitive lifestyles in caves, huts & animal skins after all their accomplishments & records were lost. Civilization had to start over with farming, hunting & fishing as their mainstay for the next few centuries.  Then wars to expand their lands & enslave captives to work the land.  If our technology, power & infrastructures were destroyed today, we would soon be living like our pioneer ancestors within a generation; once all the existing supplies, food & medicines were exhausted.  Those with medical problems would die off and only the hardy would survive. This occurs any time there is a global catastrophe which destroys all technology & infrastructure. The survivors offspring start over from scratch as  uneducated primitives who farm, hunt & fish to survive. Then resort to trade & wars to expand their needs.  Ancient Rome is a good example to study.

The south pole was once warmer & populated with settlements. There are ancient maps which show the south pole without ice. Antarctica was apparently flooded & frozen with glaciers of ice from the 3 mile high tsunamis & instant freezing. This has been hidden from us as well. Some of our military pilots have reported colonies under the ice & powerful EM fields  & openings in the ice where they are prohibited to fly. Google Earth has censored all the images of Antarctica to prevent anyone from seeing these details. What kind of sick control freaks are running our gov’t & this planet?  They lie to us about everything.  The proof is there but most people are too close minded to understand the meanings of what they see.  The ancient gods were depicted larger than the population because they literally were physically larger.

The freezing ice age lasted for hundreds of years. The bright star of 2000 years ago, may have originated from destruction & collisions in the Phaeton asteroid belt. NASA’s pitiful excuses for scientists actually claim the asteroid belt is just left over rocks which didn’t accumulate into a planet.  Even though they are all orbiting the sun in a perfectly spaced solar orbit like the planets. These are not random, free floating rocks seeded across our solar system. These are grouped together in a specific orbit from a destroyed planet. Even someone with the IQ of a turnip could see this. NASA really scraped the bottom of the barrel for cheap, submissive scientific employees.

These were the same scientists who let the shuttle blow apart over Texas. I saw it happen.  It exploded above my house & everyone ran outside & saw the smoke & vapor trails & debris raining down from the sky. I’ve been angry with NASA’s scientists ever since. They did not lift a finger to help & declined all offers. These low cost, newbie, inexperienced excuses for scientists had replaced the team of scientific experts with 20+ years of experience under their belts who said the shuttle could have been saved  by tilting its angle so the reentry heat would transfer to the undamaged wing.  NASA refused  help from Norad, Russia, the military, advice from the experienced team they had replaced 6 months earlier & made no effort to examine the damage.  There were in-depth newspaper articles about these issues at the time. So I would not believe these jokers at NASA if they said rain was wet. They have come up with the most ridiculous explanations of the  origins of our moon, asteroid belt & other issues. A grade schooler would know better.  Any moron can see the moon is not a conglomeration of accrued rocks. The spherical shape shows us it was molten when formed. There are also no debris fields or rings which would be present for a conglomerative accrual.

Many companies traded out their experienced scientists & experts for cheaper newbies straight out of college with no experience whatsoever & poor quality education  from every institution which also allowed their quality of education to falter as well. Most of those companies who replaced their skilled experts for cheap replacements failed.  Part of the dot com crashes.

Did you know that NASA stores their supposed moon rocks wrapped in aluminum foil. Aluminum is a self oxidizing metal which transfers onto things it comes in contact with. So the aluminum foil is contaminating those supposed moon rocks. I tried to tell them to no avail.  If they were genuine moon rocks, you would think they would protect precious moon rocks from contamination. This is just one example of how dumb they have become. So you might want to think twice before taking their word for any issue. I was under high demand fixing everything the newbies broke. They replaced CEO’s with 35 year old halfwits. Even at Bell Labs they had laid off their experts & I had to instruct the newbie scientists who were clueless on their own procedures the Labs developed. The entire generation of skilled experts have long since retired.  Every technology still suffers with incompetent scientists & Engineers who still lack proper training & skills.  The medical profession is just as bad.  I still remember how it was when high skilled experts were the norm in every field. And I witnessed the downfall when skills & expertise were traded for low cost newbies with zero experience.  So I wouldn’t recommend NASA’s opinions on any subject.

Although I can’t be sure of the dates these epic events of the destroyed 5th planet, floods & instafreeze occurred, but it was clearly after Egypt & Puma Punku were built  based on the sand, destruction & marine fossils. The tsunamis knocked over the huge stone blocks & structures like they were tinker toys.  The records of these events are probably hidden away in the Vatican vaults.

As our planets  gradually returned to their former orbits, the ice melted & water evaporated leaving dry salt lakes or deserts behind from the toxic salt waters which covered large portions of our continents and had buried many Egyptian structures &  the sphinx under the sand.

When the pyramids were built, they had created canals to deliver the heavy stones  directly beside the pyramids so they could be unloaded from the barges next to the pyramids. These canals were mistaken for roads by our archaeologists when they were detected by our satellite  imagery.  The Egyptians did not drag the stones  from the Nile river to the pyramids. They floated them on barges from the river & up the canals they had dug between the Nile & the pyramids. These were actually canals for the barges  carrying stones from the river to the pyramid  under construction  where the stones were offloaded at the pyramid construction site. From our findings from boats used by Roman Emperors, we know they had the technology for manual bilge water pumps. Thus, manual pump systems could have been used to manipulate the huge pyramid stone blocks.  Water wheels were also in use to produce laborsaving services. Buried beside one pyramid, they found a large boat. It could have been docked at the pyramid in the canal offloading stone blocks when the tsunamis & great floods occurred.

This  salt water also deteriorated the sphinx & deposited a large ship or ark on Ararat. Check areas for salt water & marine fossils to confirm the presence of marine fossils. There are marine fossils  found at Puma Punku, 13,000 feet above sea level, carried there by a massive tsunami caused by the earth shifting from its orbit when the 5th planet was destroyed.  Or the destroyed 5th planet could have caused our axis to suddenly shift.

The asteroid belt contains the remains of the 5th planet as asteroids and  its moons which once orbited the planet.  The salt water & sand killed the soil in many areas where the tsunamis flooded, leaving deserts & dead soil behind.

This massive shift & the  instafreeze cold also killed the soil & plants on Mars. There are still rivers & lakes & oceans on Mars but they are mostly frozen & hidden by gov’t censors.  These are featured on my Mars Images website. Even Earth’s ocean floor is censored by google Earth.  The ocean floor has been blurred to prevent the public from seeing what is there. Take a look at the ocean floor south of Australia. You can see glimpses of structures & unrecorded shipwrecks in the few areas where you can clearly see the ocean floor.

The earth has similar problems  as Mars after the shift but not as much cold.  Even a small orbital shift would be enough to cause major changes in our climates on Earth & Mars. Not to mention creating tsunamis as the planets shifted position. Just look at the temperature differences between the Equator & polar regions. Even a shift of a few hundred miles would cause devastating changes in climate & giant tsunamis.  It took a major shift of the Earth to produce a tsunami which could reach Puma Punku above 13,000 feet, destroy the structure & deposit marine fossils.

This is also why there are glaciers at the south pole which are 2 miles deep.  The floods instantly froze as we moved away from our orbit & why the south pole was once tropical until it flooded & instantly froze.

This was the great flood, the instant freezing of the dinosaurs & the great Ice age. The salt waters  flooded the continents inland which took eons to evaporate  and caused the poisoning of lands into toxic deserts, the Egyptian monuments & ancient cities buried in sand and the destruction of so much on Mars.

On another subject of gov’t lies, food additives & harmful products:

I realize this is not an axis issue but something everyone should know. It took decades of research to uncover & can be verified online. A big picture analysis was enough for my generation.  As we die off, the cynical, uneducated skeptics, self interested in personal gratification & attacking everything we know are the jackals who are in power for the past couple decades who constantly attack to bully everyone into submission.

Your food is laden with massive amounts of GMO  (genetically modified), roundup ready soy (aka lecithin) which contains massive levels of estrogen which causes extreme  fatigue, listlessness, submissiveness, overweight & feminization of men. This GMO soy is in 95% of all soy used in the US & Canada. Europe, Japan, etc. have banned GMO soy from Monsanto for these reasons.  The roundup weed killer in this GMO soy has been found in breast tumors according to medical professionals I have spoken to.  Mexico has banned GMO corn from Monsanto. I am fortunately severely allergic to GMO soy & corn. I can only eat the original, untainted products as nature intended.

For what reason is this soy being added to  products such as ice cream, Nestle’s quick, water packed tuna, all salad dressings,  nearly all packaged foods. Magnesium stearate  is in all your medicines  (to prevent clumping in the machinery) as well as vinyl plastics, IV tubing, sex toys, you name it. GMO soy is in everything you buy.

We are also being poisoned by massive amounts of vitamin additives to all our food & beverages. Even bottled water. Causing toxic vitamin & additive levels. You can OD on milk because each glass contains 400 mg potassium; 1/2 gallon equals 3200 mg potassium. 1 gallon = 6400 mg. I was nearly placed on Dialysis due to the critically high levels of potassium from milk.  Just add up how much vitamins & additives you consume each day & how the overdoses are affecting your health.  Excess vitamin A can be deadly. Buying pesticide free food products & cooking from scratch might avoid some of these toxic levels.  Just remember, a product only has to be 20% organic to  legally use that claim of organic.  Or by altering the spelling such as Organix.  An organic product can contain 80% toxins & non organic contents while using the organic claim.

Foods marked with kosher symbols are usually prohibited from using toxic preservatives. Look for these tiny kosher symbols on packaged & canned foods, etc. One is a triangle with a K inside. The other is a U within a circle as shown in this image below. Kosher foods have to comply with higher standards & are found in  every food product. Not just the specialty foods.  Kosher symbols are even found on milk cartons & Delmonte canned vegetables.  These foods can help avoid toxic preservatives unless their standards have dropped as well.

The amount of Estrogen & Roundup weed killer in your diet is massive. Just read the labels for soy & lecithin  ingredients. Monsanto also makes GMO corn & rice.  Read about roundup ready foods online containing the weed killer Roundup found in all Monsanto GMO products (soy, corn, rice).  The farmers spray the GMO crops with roundup weed killer just 1 or 2 days prior to harvest to reduce weeds. The roundup is not washed off. They are trying to claim the roundup weed killer is not hazardous to your health. Guess who owns Ortho who makes Roundup… Monsanto.

Monsanto also makes the bovine (dairy cow) hormones which cause IBS in humans. Make sure your milk is hormone & antibiotic free. You probably don’t have lactose intolerance. Everyone who had lactose intolerance whom I urged to try hormone free milk was able to drink it without  a problem. It also eliminated IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome.) Both lactose intolerance & IBS are caused by these bovine hormones given to dairy Cows. Look for Milk without these  such as Horizon.

This GMO corn accounts for the massive diabetes epidemic as well as the destruction of the pancreas by the toxic cresol & phenol additives to insulin. Also, every injection & vaccine you receive have toxins such as mercury, nickel, phenol (lysol), etc, as preservatives. Just ask to read the vial. Flu shots should be avoided like the plague. They are designed to break down your immune system. This info comes from doctors who have risked their necks to come forward. Read about Monsanto’s sue happy attacks on farmers & dirty tricks like seeding their fields with GMO contaminants in order to sue them into oblivion.

I always believed the world would improve into a Utopian society like Star Trek  depicted. I never imagined we would go backward.

Just remember, the intelligence & beliefs of each person are developed between birth & adulthood. Without learning rules, respect & consequences, your children will become self centered, heartless animals without compassion for others.  Don’t overindulge, patronize or allow them to run wild without discipline & limitations.  Teach your children to respect others & to be peace loving,  law abiding, non violent, family devoted, freedom loving Citizens of truth, honesty, science & achievement  who honor the lessons of the past & treat the planet, other nations  and other people with respect & equality.  Only then can we hope to build a peaceful society & improve our lives & planet.

Here are some interesting photos of  our moon & Callisto:

This is a NASA photo I downloaded from their site. I cropped & added a slight tint & arrows  pointing to giant air vents at the moon south pole & steam.  The  upper left arrow is next to a  tiny craft flying upwards leaving a vapor trail beneath it  and a large building. The Navy  website legend says the  lower right vent  at the red arrow is 8 miles in height  and water is found around these vents. You can see the steam & vapor & frost everywhere so it is not surprising they detected water.  Look closely to see more detail.

E Vents









I downloaded the next picture from the Navy Clementine website. It is  one of the  vent buildings at the south pole of our moon.  Not as clear as the NASA photo above but shows more buildings and stairs left of the upper  main building.

E Moon southpole facility S


This is a closer untinted view of the lst photo from NASA. The lower right vent on the first photo.  You can see the round grated vent.  The white lines are graphic lines for mapping.  All three photos are of the south pole vent buildings on the moon. The 2nd center photo is from the Navy website. I downloaded all of the photos  from the original official sites.

large vent


This is a photo of Callisto  below with interesting features on the surface. I had mistaken it for Ceres. It appears to have construction on the surface. I will look for more photos.  I have quite a few on my Mars site. I personally download all photos from the original source to ensure it has not been altered (although the gov’t & CIA censors try to conceal everything they can). Never use 3rd party  photos.






June 26, 2017

6-2017 Pole shift article

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Mai sent us an interesting article on Huffington Post which I’m going to paste below to eliminate all the streaming popups such as gov’t subsidized Newsy trying to drown out & contradict the article.

I will also include the article link below.

The one thing they are wrong about is where the melting ice has caused the axis shift. It is the south pole ice which balances the axis, not the northern hemisphere ice. The more the south pole ice melts, the more the axis shifts. The south pole ice weight acts like an anchor point on a Gyroscope; balancing earth in space as it orbits the sun.  As the Antarctic ice melts, the axis tilt shifts further, allowing earth to increase the tilt angle & lean more. This affects our weather & Seasons.

The second error is the confusion between the true north axis & magnetic north. These are entirely two different issues. The axis is the center point of rotation not associated with magnetic north. Any planet which rotates has an axis but not all planets have a magnetic field. A magnetic field is produced by the iron content in the earths molten core. Much like an electro magnet has an iron core wrapped in a copper coil.

However, as our tilt shifts, the molten iron core of the earth which produces the magnetic field also shifts inside the earth. It is like filling a rubber ball with pudding. As you turn the rubber ball, the pudding inside also moves.  So when the axis tilt shifts, the molten core moves as well. This causes the magnetic north location to move position and change shape & intensity. Magnetic north position changes are the result of the axis slippage… not the cause.

I discovered this axis change problem in the summer of 2005 and began posting info on another website. I then started this blog site back in 2006. I was the only one identifying this axis shift problem at the time. Every other scientist denied it. Now we have JPL, NASA & other scientists taking the credit for discovering the axis shifting  which they had denied existed for over 10 years.

At  least they now realize the axis is shifting so that’s a start.

It is important to show mainstream scientists are finally catching up. This is a real issue. The reversion bought us more time on the axis shifting, but now that it is shifting again, it will soon return to a critical point. Probably in the next 10 years.

However, the gov’t always minimizes the actual disaster in their reports & statements by reducing hundreds of miles into inches or a 9.0 quake to 6.9 to give everyone a false sense of safety & security.  For  example, this is the same way the death tolls of Katrina & 911 WTC deaths were reduced by the gov’t on official reports from 10,000 to 1800 and 50,000 to 2600 respectively.


Article below on Huffington Post:

SCIENCE      04/11/2016 08:45 pm ET | Updated Apr 13, 2016

Climate Change May Be Causing Earth’s Poles To Shift

Scientists solve mystery of why the planet’s axis is tilting eastward.

The position of Earth’s axis has dramatically shifted, likely because of melting ice sheets (fueled by climate change) and natural changes in water storage on land, according to a new study in the journal Science Advances.

Erik Ivins, senior research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co-author of the study published on Friday, told The Huffington Post that the movement of water on Earth’s surface affects the planet’s distribution of mass — and its axis — much like adding weight to a spinning top.

“If you considered a spinning top, and then placed a piece of chewing gum on the top, it would start spinning around a new axis,” Ivins said in an email. “On the Earth, since water can be transported in and out of the oceans to the land — affecting global mean sea-levels — this also changes the moments of inertia, in exact analogy to the piece of chewing gum on a spinning top.”

The shifting axis might add to the effects of climate change on our stressed-out planet: Global temperatures are getting hotter. Weather events are becoming more extreme. Sea levels are rising.

Earth does not always spin on an axis running through its poles. Instead, it wobbles irregularly over time, drifting toward North America throughout most of the 20th Century (green arrow). That direction has changed drastically due to changes in water mass on Earth.

Earth, as many of us remember from grade school, spins on an axis. This axis is an imaginary line that stretches through the center of the planet from the North Pole to the South Pole, and is tilted at an angle of around 23.5 degrees with respect to the orbital plane that includes the sun and Earth.

Scientists have long known that Earth tends to wobble as it spins, causing its poles to drift slightly. However, a dramatic shift occurred around the year 2000, when the North Pole turned east.

In an attempt to understand why, Ivins and his colleague Surendra Adhikari analyzed space geodetic and satellite gravimetric data from 2003 to 2015. This data allowed the researchers to unambiguously identify the causal mechanism for the Earth’s drifting poles after 2003.

The researchers wrote in their study that the Earth’s spin axis has been shifting 75-degrees eastward from its normal long-term drift direction since the early 2000s.

“In this paper we are talking about shift in ‘drift direction,’” Adhikari told HuffPost in an email. “The pole used to be heading along ~75 degree west longitude, toward Canada, during the 20th century. It is now heading along the central meridian, i.e. 0 degree longitude, toward the U.K. So, this shift in direction would roughly be about 75 degrees to the east, from Canada to the U.K.”

That shift, the researchers found, is being driven not only by melting ice sheets, but also a loss of water mass in Eurasia due to the depletion of aquifers and drought, according to a NASA release.

“This is the first time we have solid evidence that changes in land water distribution on a global scale also shift which direction the axis moves to,” Adhikari, lead author of the study, told New Scientist.

Jonathan Overpeck, professor of geosciences at the University of Arizona, who was not involved with the study, told The Guardian that “this highlights how real and profoundly large an impact humans are having on the planet.”

While the findings are surprising, Ivins said, there is no need for alarm. The shift, he said, is relatively small, and there is no real chance that the amount of solar radiation reaching sensitive parts of Earth will increase.

“What the shift does tell scientists,” Ivins said, “is that we have a new tool to probe past climate changes in a very quantitative and accurate way. To us, that is significant.”

More comments:

As I’ve mentioned before, the gov’t thinks the economy will implode if the public learns the truth about various global issues  and everyone will stop working, buying, paying taxes, etc. The gov’t & corporate moguls want to keep their pockets filled at your expense & keep everyone in the dark just like the old days of serfdom slaves for the rich lords. Remember, they all have their fancy shelters to survive global catastrophes. They will keep the public in the dark & work them until the last minute when the axis shifts the planet onto its side & leave them under martial Law to die without food, infrastructure & protection. Remember Katrina? It was the adjacent states which finally rescued the victims who were starving. Having worked with FEMA, I can guarantee that they have no plans to feed & rescue victims. When I attended the emergency management meetings for one of the largest metros, FEMA nearly tore my head off for asking about food, water & supplies for victims. The 911 center manager was also upset about FEMA taking over the emergency management & the disappearance of the supplies.  I suspect the supplies disappeared into the gov’t shelters such as Denver airport.  They had no intention of rescuing victims. When Katrina occurred, it was handled exactly like FEMA planned. Control & corralling the victims but no food, water, meds or rescues. The bodies from the airport disappeared into a mass grave. Texas sent buses & set up a victim shelter in the Astrodome. Other states provided homes & shelters as well. The Louisiana governor was not at fault. The moment she signed the request for emergency federal aid, FEMA took over control of the state gov’t and nat’l guard. This is why Florida refused FEMA’s aid a couple months later when another hurricane hit them.

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June 22, 2017

June 2017 Summer Solstice

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My internet satellite was down for 3 months until yesterday. So I apologize for the delay in clearing the messages for post.

There was only a slight change farther north in the sun position. So the axis is moving again allowing the sun to be too far north of the original Tropic of Cancer. We should never see the sun north of mid Mexico in June. You can still look outside & see it for the next few days if you live in the US or Spain or other counties at this latitude.

It is just a few degrees further north than last year & the difference is barely discernible. But clearly too far north of where it should be and the axis shifting is on the move again. After the past 2 stable years, the shift reversion we experienced has begun to shift again. Very minute changes at this point.

I also want to advise that  NONE  of the videos, You tube or other links posted on comments posted by visitors are associated with this site. Nor is arcturian affiliated with this site or his mockery videos with graphics & pages hijacked from my sites & other sites which made me so angry I lashed out at the wrong people. 

Maizart’s links are excellent & informative for anyone interested.

The only website associated with this site is which is far behind on updates & contains a variety of subjects such as nuclear incidents, emergency preparation & some older seismic & volcanic data; older weather conditions; satellite weather patterns, tsunami data & other items of interest which need updating.







December 22, 2016

Dec 2016 Solstice ~ Southern Hemisphere

If those of you in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Southern South America, Fauklands, South Africa or Southern Hemisphere areas south of the tropic of Capricorn missed the solstice measurements, you still have a few days left.

Although the ideal time to measure is on the Dec 21st solstice for your region, a few days wont make that much difference. The sooner the better. So if you forgot or ran into cloudy weather, you can still do the measurements as long as you do them before Dec 31st.

As I said, the sooner the better but we don’t have to be perfect since we aren’t using laser instruments.

I would rather have a close idea of the measurements a few days late than none at all. The differences of a few days are minimal.

So please try to do the measurements if you live in this region. You still have 9 days grace to do it. The sooner the better. You can also split the days if needed to get both sunrise & sunset from different days as close together as possible.

How to measure:

Pretend you are standing in the center of a giant clock face laying on the ground under your feet. We will orient your clock opposite of ours if it helps.

If you pretend 12 is due south, 3 is west, 9 is east and 6 is north, you can estimate the angle of sunrise & sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the flat horizon. (if you have mountains on one side, just do the flat horizon only. One side is still helpful).

So, if you are in southern Australia, for example, your sunrise will probably be somewhere between 10 & 11. Your sunset may be between 1 & 2. It varies based on where you live.

If you wish to check the noon shadow, choose a pole or post which is straight & at least 6 ft tall. Measure the length & direction of the shadow at noon. If you are south of the tropic of Capricorn, your shadow should be cast toward the north. It will vary based on where you are located. If you have no shadow or a very tiny shadow because the sun is directly overhead, that is very important info. The sun moves in an arc so your noon shadow may be very different from your sunrise & sunsets but provides very important info. The arc may be  so extreme it could be opposite of your horizon settings. So it would be helpful to know if your noon shadows are pointing South or north. And how short the shadows are. This could tell us if we are closer to the sun. Or if the shape of our orbit or rotation has changed. So don’t let the differences confuse you. But those with no noon shadow also tells us exactly where the noon arc is directly overhead so our estimates can be more accurate since we don’t have fancy equipment.

But at least everyone is able to see the changes. The gov’t cant hide the sun but they create phony websites with false measurements & fancy animation to convince you the sun is normal. Especially to those not old enough to remember the original tilt sun positions. Or they try to discredit anyone who tells you otherwise. Remember Bob Lazar? He stuck his neck out to share the truth with the public & nobody supported him when they sicced their jackals on him. But in this case you can see the sun position for yourself and you know the sun should never be further north than the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) June 21st or further south than the tropic of Capricorn on Dec 21st, the summer & winter solstices. Don’t ask for opinions from skeptics or anyone else, for that matter. Just look outside at the sun on Dec 21st (Southern hemisphere) and June 21st (Northern Hemisphere). Don’t take anyone’s word for this. You can verify it just by looking outside on those dates.

If you choose to orient your imaginary clock face with 12 facing north, as we do in June from the northern hemisphere,  it will change all your readings so be sure to let me know if your 12 faces south or north.

You have a few days grace so try to get those measurements if possible. I’m too far north to do the December measurements so I have to depend on you who live there. So if you live in the southern half of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chili, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Fauklands, Lesotho, Sandwich Islands, Swaziland, Tasmania, Antarctica or any number of southern islands, it is your turn to do the sun position measurements.

On your location info, just provide the closest town large enough to find on a map. Details are not necessary. If you need to check the “official position of the tropic of Capricorn” use Google Earth. It is a free program which allows you to see satellite images of the earth. If you go to “view” on the toolbar, click on “Grid” and it will show you all the tropics, meridians, equator, latitudes, & longitudes. You will be able to see how far south you are located from the original tropic of Capricorn. You can turn the grid on & off as needed.

I also recommend under “View” selecting “show Navigation” and “always” so you can maneuver the earths position & orientation. It is a very useful & fun program. It also has satellite images of the moon & Mars as well. All free. I’ve been using it for 13 years.

If you live north of the tropic of Capricorn, you wont be able to provide the details we need for the December solstice.

I need as much of the following info as possible and as soon as you can before Dec 31st. Sooner the better.

Your location: Country & closest big town.

Clock orientation: 12 is pointing South or north?

Sunrise position on clock: when sun contacts horizon

Sunset position on clock: when sun contacts horizon

(optional) Pole or post height: in feet & inches

(optional) Noon pole/post shadow length: in feet & inches

(optional) Direction of Noon pole/post shadow: north or south

time of sunset: optional but interesting to track annual changes

time of sunrise: optional but interesting to track annual changes

Any unusual weather from anywhere would also be interesting. Such as the record rare snow & hail in New Zealand and series of quakes around 2012? This really demonstrates the extent of changes caused by our altered tilt.

October 26, 2016

10-2016 Important Observations from Australia

I am pasting a comment below from John in in Australia, which is of great interest for everyone. John can also add more details by commenting to this post.

From John:

I have been watching this site on & off for some time and now feel I should have an input. As a retired Avionics Engineer and experienced international sailor who has designed and certified International Airline navigation systems including VLF Omega, Satnav and of course GPS.

I now live in Cairns Australia and intended to travel down to Rockhampton that is on the Tropic of Capricorn but there was no point at our Winter Solstice and I had already used a protractor and pendulum to check the Southern Cross that seemed to 10 degrees higher than expected, confirming your findings.

As we know the Sun should not go further South than Rockhampton, so I used a Lookout above Cairns at dawn on 21st of June 2016 and used the fence rails as a physical reference then. I continued to roughly take sightings after that date on and off when horizon was visible.

We kept moving south ( sun moving North) for approximately 6 to 7 weeks before Sun stopped and changed direction. The distance is approximately 600 statute miles and the locals around here can tell by the weather that something has changed! The technique described here could be used by your readers and I will take sightings around our Summer Solstice and continue the Sun changes direction again.

Keep up the good work.






October 6, 2016

10-2016 Best locations to see abnormal Sun position… have changed

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note: One of our followers said he could see the sun to the north from mid Nebraska in June. So I may have underestimated the sun position. If he can see the sun to the north in June, perhaps more of you in the northern US states will be able  to see the sun to the north in June than I thought.   This is why your feedback next June will be imperative. I don’t have access to any fancy equipment. All I can do is estimate. Apparently the sun is farther north than the 41 degree N latitude estimate on June 21st. So I hope everyone will measure the sunrise & sunset angles plus the standard time noon shadow & direction. We can be much more accurate with everyone helping.

Here is my original comment with the 41 N estimate. Since we now have someone at 41 N who says they could see the sun to the North in June, that means my numbers are underestimated. So more of you will be able to view the sun to the north in June than I had anticipated. Each number may be several degrees farther north. So we will need feedback from everyone in June. So all the numbers below may be underestimated. Everything below which is highlighted in blue may be under estimated.  We  need to  confirm  this in June with everyone’s feedback.

When answering a recent comment, I realized I needed to post this information for everyone since I had not previously mentioned how the recent changes affected your ability to see the sun’s abnormal position since the sun’s position dramatically changed (reverted) in 2015.

Prior to the recent reversion of the sun’s Summer solstice position in 2015, the sun could be seen abnormally to the north on June 21st as far north as Canada. So, basically, everyone in the US could see the sun abnormally rising and setting to our north. It was at its farthest north point in June 2014.

But on June 21st 2015, it reverted to about the 41 degree latitude north which places it about mid Nebraska. This position remained stable in June 21st 2016 as well. I do not know what caused the sun to revert. I do know what caused the axis to shift in the first place. Loss of melting ice at the south pole which is the gyroscopic anchor point balancing our planet and the angle of the axis. Loss of the weight of ice allowed the axis to shift.

However, this had one more effect. Only those who live south of the 41st degree latitude north (or those who live south of Nebraska) can now see the sun to the north. In fact, they really need to be south of Kansas. Being too close to the sun’s latitude will affect your ability to discern its true position. Especially since the sun travels in an arc across the sky.

So, all those people who were once able to see the sun abnormally to the north in June, are no longer able to do so. Basically, you would need to live south of the 35th degree latitude north, in order to see the sun is abnormally to the north. Living in Texas, I’ve always been able to see it to the north since 2004. But now, everyone north of Nebraska or Kansas will not be able to see the sun to the north. It is still abnormal because it should be at the 23.5 degree latitude north which is located in mid Mexico. That is where the original tropic of cancer is located. So we are still off by hundreds of miles. Close to 1000 miles.

But now, the entire northern half of the US, Canada, UK, most of Europe and Russia can no longer see the sun to the north. This is the majority of people who follow this website.

You either have to be south of Kansas or in southern Spain, northern Africa, northern Arabia and central China and Japan to now see the sun  abnormally rising and setting toward the north on June 21st. I’ve also lost most of those who provide measurements in this shift. I don’t know what caused the sun to revert farther south in 2015 but it did improve our situation. We are not currently in danger of the final shift because we are below the tipping point. But not completely, because the sun is still several hundred miles too far north on June 21st and has remained stable through 2016. But all we can do is watch the situation and measure the changes on each summer solstice. June 21st for those of us living in the northern hemisphere and December 21st for those who live in the southern hemisphere.

If you live south of Kansas, you should be able to see the sun to the north in June (unless we have shifted again). As long as the sun is several hundred miles from its proper location, we will continue to have hotter summers and colder winters and altered weather patterns and Jet Stream position.

The measurements can only be done on the summer solstice. June 21st for most of us… although you can see the abnormal position of the sun for a couple weeks prior and after. But only if you live south of the 35 degree north latitude.

Everyone else who lives north of Nebraska, Canada, UK, most of Europe and Russia will see the sun south of you on this date as long as the sun remains over mid Nebraska on June 21st. This is a huge change from 2014 when the sun was at its northernmost point… beyond the tipping point up in Canada. Eight months later, the US was hit with the worst severe winter on record as I had warned due to the extreme position of the sun at that time.

The good news is we have been stable since the June 2015 reversion. The bad news is how few people can still see the sun’s abnormal position to keep track of it. So if you run into someone who says they cannot see the sun abnormally to the north in June… find out where they are located. Most of those who once could see the sun to the north are now too far north to see it. In either hemisphere, you need to be between the 23.5 and 35 degree latitude parallels to view the sun too far to the north. The sun is currently around 41 degrees latitude on the summer solstice… unless it changes again.

Also remember, the measurements can only be done on the summer solstice. June 21st for the northern hemisphere and December 21st for the southern hemisphere. It is the only time of year when the sun reaches its furthest points. I will continue to provide the measurements each year as long as I can still see the sun’s abnormal position to the north and able to report it.


August 30, 2016

8-2016 Cloud drones

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I thought this was interesting. Especially since more than one of us has seen these. My photos are at the bottom.

It appears that cloud drones & artificial clouds are real. These are 2 different things. One is a new level of spy devices. The other is for weather modification & cooling.

This link says they saw a cloud drone with twinkling lights.

They also plan to use artificial clouds to cool an open top sports stadium. Clearly, they were too cheap to pay for a retracting roof & central heat and air system. The artificial clouds will likely cost more. It doesn’t look anything like a cloud. It is a flat rectangular helium filled structure with RC quad copters.

Then there are cloud seeding drones. Or drones which seed clouds.

It wouldn’t be that difficult to create a cloud drone. Just buy an RC quadcopter with a camera & video like the paparazzi use to obtain overhead photos of celebrities. Spray paint it white, then glue white trash bags & cotton or other white fluffy materials like fur or wool etc., on the bottom & sides to disguise it like a cloud. Something lightweight to not weigh down the drone. Ensure there is enough airflow for the RC drone quadcopter. Use the video Camera hidden on the bottom to guide it & take pictures. You can also include a GPS device, phone or Tom-tom. Be sure to blackout any lights on the device.  Crushed frozen CO2, steam or insect foggers could also be adapted to create cloud cover.

A few years ago, I saw a single small cloud hovering over my yard lower than 100 ft (closer to 50 ft) high for 2-3 hours. The cloud was smaller than a house. Possibly smaller than a car. It was the only cloud in the sky. With the Earth rotation & air currents, it is impossible for a cloud to hover for 2-3 hours in one spot. Then it drifted away. I took photos of it & forgot about it until yesterday when one of our site visitors mentioned seeing one like it.

Also interesting was the weird cloud I mentioned seeing under the gatling gun lightning storm 3 weeks ago, which was exactly the same shape. Like one of the old shuttles on the Starship Enterprise. A Rhombus shape.

(when I mentioned this older cloud  to my family member who retired from the CIA & then became a contract agent; he told me how they used to put cameras in fence posts at certain intersections. When I laughed about it, he walked down my road & showed me a hollowed out fence post with a Camera view hole less than 100 ft from my house.) They are always PO’ed about various issues I post for the public. Tough. Everything I post was obtained from freely available public info. Not my problem if their censors missed things.

Here is the photo of the cloud which hovered for 3 hours, I saw a few years ago. It was also silting some type of white powder. Very curious.

Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.

Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.


Same cloud slowly drifting away.

Same cloud slowly drifting away.






August 23, 2016

8-2016 Unusual Lightning & Storms

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As I mentioned on previous posts & comments, the lightning is becoming increasingly bizarre. Just a couple weeks ago, we had an incident of concentrated grouped lightning as if it had been shot out of a gatling gun. Over 30 huge trees were simultaneously blasted to pieces on a half mile section of rural country road near Dallas. I saw the tight group of simultaneous bolts strike when I was a short distance away. I then drove past all these shattered trees lying all over the road. These were from separate bolts which struck all those trees at the same time. Not a multiple branched bolt. I saw the strike. A group of individual bolts. I’ve never seen tight grouped lightning before. All 30+ huge shattered trees lying on a half mile section of the rural country road I was headed toward. This storm produced two grouped strikes in 2 different spots within 2 minutes. The second group hit 4 miles away. A couple blocks behind the Walmart. Near where I stopped for salads.

The 30+ trees I mentioned were large windbreak trees planted along the edges of a rural country road. It looked like the Tasmanian devil had destroyed them. The sky was clear above this spot at the leading edge of the storm. No tornadoes. I  had seen the lightning strike before I reached that section of the road on my return trip home.

I had driven down that road less than an hour earlier for a quick errand.  It was a small storm about 10 miles square. If I had not seen all the bolts strike there at the same time, I never would have known what happened to all the trees. There were some startled construction contractors  near  the location at the time of the strike who were trying to clear the trees just minutes later.  They saw the  lightning from about 100 ft away. If anyone had been driving when those 30+ bolts struck, they could have been killed.

That same storm which produced those concentrated groups of clear-sky lightning bolts from the leading edge of the storm, also had this weird shuttle or rhombus shaped cloud about a square block in size (hanging under the main storm cloud) which then impacted the elevated highway. This cloud was also unnatural in appearance. It  is a miracle someone didn’t have an accident just looking a these oddities of lightning & cloud while driving.

We’ve had 4 unusual lightning incidents over the past 6 months. These storms also appear to be artificially supercharged. One hit took out 2 brand new power poles & sheered off the top 1/3rd  of the poles & cross bars & power lines (100 ft away). Another hit my house. No damage.  Another  hit my power pole & damaged my transformer fuse housing (10 ft from the house). Another hit my neighbors yard (50 ft away). This all occurred during 2 weeks of separate storms this past spring; within 100 ft of my house. I’m beginning to feel like a target.

Especially since our gov’t has classified all lightning data as they would only do if they had found a way to weaponize it. Why else classify it? It WAS just an act of nature until Darpa & CIA got their hands on it like they did the U2 & starwars particle beam.

Returning to the weather:

Back in June 2007, I saw 2 ION storms, two days apart. I’ve mentioned this before. Ion storms are very rare. Lightning protection is one of my specialties. These are the only Ion storms I’ve ever seen. They are usually near the north pole & a result of a severe solar flare. That same week which I saw the 2 ION storms near Dallas was the same time the ISS (Int’l space station) just happened to lose ALL of its computers & backups. Coincidentally, a space shuttle had just arrived a few days earlier with a full set of replacement computers & evacuated the ISS crew until the computers were repaired & restored.

4 months later, NASA tried to blame the failure all on Russian technology.


The Ion storms tell us it was a huge solar flare. The fact that the shuttle arrived ahead of time with a full set of replacement computer packs before the ISS computers failed tells us NASA knew about the flare headed toward Earth in advance. The fact that NASA tried to blame it on the Russians 4 months later tells us NASA didn’t have the decency to let the Russians know about the Solar flare they detected with their SOHO satellites. NASA didn’t tell anyone else on Earth either which could have destroyed many other satellites & global electronic systems.

This photo of an aurora borealis over Hudson Bay on June 10, 2007 (below) demonstrates there were abnormally high ion particle levels when I saw the 2 ion storms in June 07. There was also a double sunspot reported at the time. This tells us that NASA deliberately concealed this data & knowingly risked the health & welfare of their astronauts with exterior work divisionary projects when they knew conditions were unsafe without atmospheric protection. The 2 ion storms I witnessed & the catastrophic failures of all the ISS computers & backups during June 2007 clearly show the dangerous levels of CME (solar ejections) around earth at the time which NASA & SOHO concealed & 4 months later falsely blamed on the Russians and the records have all been  doctored to hide it. NASA & CIA are clearly hiding hazardous environmental events & weaponizations from the public.


NASA has also been backfilling job openings with former CIA, blackops & military. NASA stated this on an announcement several years ago.  So they are no longer the public space agency. It is all about cover up of anything they find. Russia has also been backfilling their space agency with former KGB generals. At one time (2003), maybe still, they had the photos & resumes of the RSA execs. All KGB generals. Makes you wonder what everyone is hiding. Some of us already know. You wouldn’t believe it, so I won’t bother to try. The CIA has already been infiltrating MSSS, JPL, Northrop Grumman & other aerospace contractors for decades. They  are  also sabotaging the efforts of the commercial space corporations to impede their efforts. (Read about their spectacular launch failures). The black ops have also long since infiltrated the ranks at MSSS to censor the imagery before NASA ever sees it. I  had relatives & friends who worked for several intelligence agencies and DOD.

I contacted NWS/NOAA; NASA & meteorological universities years ago to obtain images of the Ion storms. I called them lightning storms to keep it simple. Every one of them told me that All lightning data & imagery are classified. I could not believe my ears. The only reason to classify lightning would be if they have weaponized it. After seeing the gatling gun lightning here a couple weeks ago, it would certainly qualify as weaponized & unnatural. There certainly was nothing in any of these strike locations which would have caused or instigated such lightning behavior. I’m a national expert on lightning protection (among other things). So I don’t speculate on these issues lightly.

All I wanted on the Ion storms was video so I could share it with you. Now we have been getting clear sky leading edge storm lightning bolts like fired weapons near Dallas. Near me, for that matter. I’m not so sure this is random.  I can say for certain this was not natural. Since my house was hit, I had everything upgraded to protect it from these strikes. They can try but it is well grounded.

I noticed yesterday, the power company is changing out all the transformers in the area. I don’t know if it was the power companies idea or the neighbors after they saw me having all my lines, poles, grounds & transformers replaced. The power company is real nice about changing everything out for free or trimming trees. Oddly enough, the lightning strikes began after the power company replaced the main line & poles in this area but had not changed our drops or transformers.

The hits shattering the 30+ trees 3 weeks ago were not associated with any power equipment. There was none there. In fact, there was nothing to attract the lightning where it hit all those trees. There were more trees of equal size & numbers plus power poles on the opposite side of the road where the lightning did not hit, which would have been a more appealing target for lightning. So it made no sense.

I find it interesting that I’ve only seen one lightning strike in my entire life until this year. That one strike was a substation transformer when I was a teenager which shot a fountain of sparks 50 ft into the air like a giant Roman candle firework. The only lightning strike I ever saw until the last 6 months …and now it is like being targeted all within 100 ft of my house except for the 30+ trees and those were within 5 miles and on the very road where I was driving. I would have been at that very spot during the strike if I had not diverted a quick stop for food. The timing would have been impeccable if I had not diverted. Makes you wonder why the timing was so precise as to my perceived route location…

I did see a row of about 50 bolts hit the edge of the everglades at the same time near the airport in Broward County, FL about 13 years ago when I was there to install a better grounding system. But these were well spaced bolts hitting a swamp. The water table in Ft Lauderdale was only a foot below the soil when you dig a hole. It is brackish water. A mix of salt & fresh water. Makes a great battery. I’m  not counting these bolts as strikes. Only where I’ve seen actual bolt strike & impact damage on an object.

There was a company in South San Francisco in the 80’s who unintentionally turned their soil into a battery with sand & seawater & acid. It take special skills & knowledge to create a ground bed under such conditions.

The difference between an Ion storm & lightning storm is the sound & discharge. An Ion storm flashes & flickers rapidly like a strobe light. There is no thunder. Instead, you hear loud electrical arching, buzzing & clicking. Similar to the sound & flashing of a downed mainline electrical cable or an electrical panel shorting out. Imagine giant rapidly flickering, flashing strobe lights in the clouds with only the loud sound of arching, buzzing & clicking. No thunder. No bolts. No crashes. Like being in a scary carnival attraction.

So if anyone sees any strange lightning or storms or the aurora borealis south of Canada, let us know. We need to track these and other unusual phenomena.

I believe it was 1998 when a solar storm sheared the top of earths magnetic field & atmosphere creating a hole spewing a fountain of atmosphere & Ions into space. I wonder if that also thins our oxygen levels as well? Not to mention depleting our protection from solar flares & cosmic radiation & UV.

It occurs to me that a super severe solar flare could strip away earths entire atmosphere, destroying all life on our planet. Not to say it will ever do this, but the potential is there.  Especially since it already sheared off the top of the atmosphere in 1998.  But  has not done so in billions of years, so I guess we are safe. I noticed how NASA lost all interest in the subject after they spent all their project grant money after launching Caper. They didn’t even bother to evaluate the data they gathered. I tried to find it on their site dedicated to this project & their main site as well. They left the entire project in limbo, unfinished.

Here is some info on it.



Odd cloud at about 50-100 ft with silting white powder hanging over us for a long time.



Same cloud slowly drifting away.

3 hours later





August 18, 2016

8-2016 Notable & Bewildering Observations

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Recent Abnormalities:

  • Many of our followers have recently been posting comments about unusual conditions and sun positions under the regional observations. I had normally disregarded measurements at this time of year, but I am beginning to notice some  abnormalities which should not be occurring.

  • However, I should add that the sun is in constant motion and is headed for the equator where it will be on Sept 21st. So the only time you can measure the noon shadow and shifted axis from the northern Hemisphere is on June 21st. No other day except the summer solstice. Otherwise the measurements on any other dates can only be used to compare yearly behavior Not to measure axis shift or position. You must also be located at the correct latitude to see the improper noon shadow direction. Mid & southern US can see it. I can see the noon southerly shadow on June 21st from Texas.  The UK and Canada are too far north. It will also depend if the axis shifts again. The June 21st sun position axis has shifted many times since 2006.

  • If you live in the Southern hemisphere it is the opposite and must be measured on Dec 21st and you must live south of the tropic of Capricorn, southern Australia and South Africa to see the noon shadow cast north. Everything is upside down and opposite of those of us living in the north.

  • I had been discouraging everyone not to bother with measurements at this time of year when our planet is progressing toward the Fall equinox on Sept 21st at which time when the sun will be directly over the equator. Even with the changing axis tilt angles, the equator should continue to be the midpoint for the sun during both equinoxes. Only the solstices in June and December will offer notable measurable differences  where the sun is hundreds of miles abnormally beyond each tropic line; closer to the poles… which is why we are seeing the sun to the north of the US in the Summer. And conversely, equally to the south of Australia and South Africa during our winter months (their summer).

  • Noon shadow measurements at any other time of year except the proper solstice dates (June 21st-North) (Dec 21st-South) and from any other latitudes are meaningless. The sun is constantly traveling. It is currently headed for the equator on Sep 21st. You can still see abnormalities but no usable measurements. on any other dates and latitudes.

I apologize for being repetitive on posts and comments but we constantly have new followers joining us who are unlikely to go back and read old posts. I try to make sure everyone understands the basics about the axis tilt and how the changes appear to us and affect our situations. I also encourage people to keep the regional observations updated with their comments so we know what changes are going on worldwide.

Annual Measurements:

  • I typically compare the summer solstice sun positions each year on June 21st for the past 12 years from the same location to ensure an accurate year to year comparison. This provides the best snapshot view of what our planet is doing from one year to the next. It also allows everyone else to do the same comparisons and observations from their locations so they can verify the validity of these annual changes with their own eyes rather than take just my word for it… if they are located at the proper latitudes. Those in Europe can only see it from southern Spain.

  • Also, don’t allow anyone to play mind games to convince you this is normal for the sun to be north of the tropic lines. Nor is this the result of some ridiculous rogue planet or asteroid, etc. scenario which is affecting only the earth while all the other planets and moons in our solar system are perfectly normal. There was one asteroid back in 2003 which I posted, but it is gone now according to NASA. Gravity effects from rogue planets do not jump past 6 other planets and moons to only affect the Earth. It matters not whether NASA is the source. They are puppets for the gov’t funds and have backfilled most of their positions with ex military, blackops, special forces and CIA to spout their dogma. This attrition info was actually provided by NASA. NASA is not the honest, public domain of shared info and space adventurers everyone believes.

Heat Waves:

  • We have had blistering heat waves in Texas this summer and other areas of the country. Despite what the gov’t controlled NWS/NOAA coerces the meteorologists to report (under threat of license revocation), it has been above 102 nearly every day since mid June until last week. But NWS/NOAA just loves to report 97 degrees as the public feel-good temperature instead of the actual 102. Last Friday it was 108 degrees in the shade. 120 degrees in the full sun. I have a full digital, wireless weather station plus 4 additional analog and 2 mercury thermometers to compare the results. Even my car exterior temperature gauge agreed. A storm appeared that same afternoon and dropped the temperature from 108 to 84 in less than a half hour. Our first break since mid June and continues through this week.

  • Plus, there are all the floods in other areas across the country to contend with.

Lightning Strikes:

  • A couple weeks ago we had the most violent, bizarre lightning strikes. I was a few miles away when I saw a group of 40+ lightning bolts hit one area near my home-all at the same time. Like  blasted from a gatling gun. Another similar group of bolts stuck another spot miles away at the same time near Walmart a few minutes later. This same storm also had a bizarre low shuttle shaped cloud which was so low it was below the elevated freeway. Separate from the storm clouds. When I got close to home, I encountered a half mile section of rural road where over 30 trees had been destroyed by those lightning bolts I had seen a few minutes earlier. The 30+ trees had been split into splinters and covered one side of the road for a half mile. This was a rural road with a row of trees as a windbreak along the sides. No reason the lightning should have destroyed an entire section of trees.

  • This also happened 3 other times in the past 6 months except the lightning destroyed brand new power poles. For some reason the storms are becoming hyper charged with lightning. I’ve only seen this once before where I saw 50 lightning bolts simultaneously strike the everglades. One of my engineering specialties was lightning protection & grounding & seismic protection.  So I have extensive knowledge on this  subject. Something has changed. It could be our electromagnetic field from increased solar flare ejections but I tend to suspect human causes. Perhaps one of our gov’t scientific experiments.

  • One time around June  2007, I saw 2 ion storms the same week in Dallas. These are extremely rare. This was when the ISS lost all of their computers & NASA just happened to have sent a shuttle with a full set of computer replacements a week earlier & were able to evacuate the ISS crew during repairs. This was clearly a solar flare and NASA knew about it in advance but told no one. Then they tried to blame the failures on Russian technology. Those Ion storms I saw were a clear indicator of solar flares as the cause.  When I tried to get pictures & info about the ion storms I was told all lightning data was classified. The only reasons I can think of for classifying lightning would be if our gov’t weaponized it or created it artificially or held back info on those solar storms without sharing it with our allies or were using it for dark purposes… or to cover their lies while making scapegoats out of the Russians. NASA clearly knew about the flares in advance from their SOHO satellites in order to get the shuttle and replacement computers there in time to evacuate the crew and effect repairs.

  • Has anyone else noticed bizarre destructive lightning like this? I’m glad I upgraded my grounding system.


  • Yet, here we are two months past the summer solstice and the sun is still setting to the north (very close to our summer solstice position) and setting only 20 minutes earlier than it was in June.  But the axis shift and noon shadow can only be measured on June 21st in the north. Any other date is meaningless.   The constantly changing sun positions are not trackable during this time of year which is why I normally discourage it. It can cause confusion if you are not knowledgeable of the seasonal movements of the sun and how it operates. With the shifting axis it is different each year. So the measurements are meaningless & incorrect.

  • But we can still see abnormalities even if we cannot make precise measurements. I also noticed that the cloudless sky at the northern horizon this week was very bright after the sun had set completely below the western horizon. I would have expected the northern horizon to be much darker after sunset in the west.   But it was as bright  as we might expect to see during midday. It should not have been that bright on the north horizon after sunset. In fact, it was a very bright midday cloudless pale blue on the northern horizon while the western horizon sunset was an intense red with clouds after the sun was completely below the flat horizon. No hills here in any direction. Perfectly flat terrain. I only mention these as curious observations because I have no prior year comparisons to use for this time of year. This has no bearing on position or tracking. We do have a few followers who are trying to do a full year tracking from their various locations but they are just getting started. One is in Canada.

Reversed Drain spin:

  • One other curious observation. This week I saw the water in the drain spinning clockwise. When I turned off the water and back on again, it had returned to the normal counterclockwise spin which is normal for the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere has clockwise draining of water. If the earth had shifted onto our side horizontally, then we might expect to see the drain spin directions randomly change from one direction to the other like this.

  • To get an idea of the bigger picture regarding  drain spin directions, coriolis effect, gravity and magnetic fields… if you were to hover above the north pole and look down at the earth, you would see the planet spinning counterclockwise. This is how the sun rises in the East. Earth turns toward the east.

  • But if you were to hover above the South pole and look down at the earth you would see the planet spinning clockwise. This is how gravity, coriolis effect and magnetic fields work… and why the northern hemisphere drains spin counter clockwise while the southern hemisphere spins clockwise.

Seismic & Volcanic activity:

  • However, with our planet shifting on its axis, we should  take special notice of increased seismic or volcanic activity. Even the behavior of animals fleeing or stampeding can be a warning sign of impending seismic activity. These can also be  evidence of further shifting. There are at least 2 dangerous volcanic calderas near Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and the Southern California Mammoth Lakes region which are capable of wiping out millions of lives. A major shift could set those off.


  • Then I saw this curious article today about a 2011 quake in Virginia which went into questionable explanations about quakes east of the Rockies being rare and due to breakage of mantle rocks. This is the problem with so called scientists these days whose educations are severely lacking. I happen to have earthquake zone maps which we used for increasing equipment building codes to resist seismic damage. Clearly, they are unfamiliar with the New Madrid Fault near St Louis. As I remember, the southern tip of Illinois is categorized as zone 3 for supplemental earthquake bracing. Only to be exceeded by California which is zone 4 requiring a warren truss system to support equipment racks to withstand extreme seismic activity.

  • Fault lines can be  sections where the plates have separated; or pressed together or where sections like the San Andreas fault slide separately. Disturbances can be indicative of planetary shifting. So we should watch for changes in frequency and intensities. These researchers appear to be totally oblivious to the fact that the three 1811-1812 New Madrid fault quakes rattled chandeliers in Washington, DC and tremors were felt in Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It even stopped clocks in South Carolina. Coal dust geysers spewed from the ground near the epicenter.  The founder of the Audubon society described how the land in Kentucky rose and fell in great furrows like waves on the ocean. Chasms were torn into the landscape of Kentucky. Entire lakes disappeared within minutes. Rivers flowed backward and the landscape looked like a rumpled bedspread. Some of these changes became permanent. The damages were captured years later when photographs could be taken.

  • Having lived in California for 13 years, small tremors were a weekly occurrence. Anything lower than 4.0 were completely ignored by the residents. Even a 5.2 would just  rattle a few items on the shelves. Very little to no damage until the upper range above 5.4.

  • But I was in the 7.0 quake. It was quite a ride but the only thing that broke was a sidewalk slab which split in half  and lifted up out of the ground. Not one lamp or curio fell over. The power lines were snapping overhead. But I was 60 miles from the epicenter so we did not have collapsing highways as they had in Oakland… the exact spot where I had been the previous day. If not for the world series, I would have been sandwiched between those collapsed highways on the lower level in bumper to bumper traffic instead of home to watch the game. The world series saved a  lot of lives because that highway was nearly barren of traffic on Quake day despite being 5PM rush hour. Within a minute of the start of the game, the TV channel went dead. The signal was lost a few minutes before the quake reached me. We had no idea what was coming. This was the only quake  we fled outside to escape in 13 years. This was a long rolling quake which continued for 15 minutes where  the epicenter  experienced violent quick jerks lasting just a couple minutes. It makes a huge difference as to your geological ground structure and distance.

  • Those who are not accustomed to quakes get overly excited over the small quakes while those of us who lived with them as a regular occurrence make bets on the quake strength. Just as those who are used to tornadoes will look outside and watch casually as a tornado passes by; while someone who is unaccustomed will run for shelter. You develop a callous response to these frequent occurrences after having needlessly run for shelter. After you have  experienced dozens of quakes or tornadoes, you know  when it poses a direct threat to your welfare and which requires evasive action.

  • Clearly, these residents and scientists in Virginia had little previous personal experience with quakes. Not to mention a total lack of historical knowledge about quakes in the Eastern US by the neophyte scientists.  It is clear that the quality of education has sunk to a new low. Likely further exacerbated by inadequate pay to promote interest from better qualified experts. From what I have seen, the quality of US engineers and scientists has become an embarrassment in nearly every field. Even in medical care. We are forced to import our experts from around the world because we have failed to produce our own. Those home grown “experts” in positions of authority have usually achieved their exalted ranks by the  good ole boy method of advancement by connections and favors or acquired by rich parents and those who play the game of spouting gov’t dogma. Not by talent. Condon was a good example.

  • My question would be what prompted them to published this wholly inaccurate article today; 5 years after the event? Perhaps there is another axis shift pending in the near future or another New Madrid quake on its way? Why else post this article 5 years after the fact?

Here is the VA quake article they took 5 years to publish:


Also ask yourselves why someone would go out of their way to dissuade you from measuring the sun position? Why are they so adamant to stop you?  The position of the sun is the one thing the gov’t cannot hide or control. So they send out their hireling jackals to attack. Their only option is to play mind games & make you believe you are in error. Anytime you see nasty head games & attacks on the messenger, it is usually when the gov’t is trying to block information from the public. My generation would never put up with that. We drove out the crooks like Watergate. We had no tolerance for a corrupt, controlling gov’t. Learn from us.

Remember Lazar, Corso, Schneider, Wellstone, Carnahan, Karen Silkwood, Colby, Patton, JFK, RFK, MLK, etc? These are all people they Silenced. Only Lazar survived but they destroyed his credibility to a thankless public. Plus he had valuable scientific talent. Anytime someone or some critical issue is under attack the public should support those who risk their necks to come forward. Not join with the attackers. I rarely have that problem on here. In my case, I have nothing to prove and no agenda. Everyone can look outside and see for themselves.  I already know the truth so this is for the benefit of others.  I just post my measurements each year & any notable observations. The observations of others from around the world are also quite helpful.

If something should happen with my bad health issues or otherwise & I fail to post annual measurements within a reasonable time after each June 21st solstice, I hope someone else will create another similar post to continue the subject since we now have nearly 100,000 followers. I can’t put this site on automatic because it would leave it open to unmoderated attacks. But that hasn’t been an issue.





July 27, 2016

7-2016 Solar & axis tilt Basics

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The sun is currently headed toward the fall equinox on Sept 21st when it will be directly over the equator. It doesn’t matter how far the axis tilt is off. The equator will always be the center point for the fall & spring equinoxes which is why there is no point trying to view the positional change of the axis shift at this time of year.

The sun does have farther to travel between the equinoxes, but the Sept 21st & Mar 23rd equinoxes will always be directly over the equator as the midpoint until the earth shifts onto its side horizontally. Since we seem to have a temporary reprieve, we do not appear to be in any imminent danger for the moment… until the axis begins to shift again. So no need to panic. It may not occur in our lifetimes. We can keep track by measuring the sun each June 21st.

Note: The sun is not actually traveling. It is a figure of speech to describe the position of the sun in our skies as we orbit the sun while our planet leans at a tilted angle. The sun is too far north on June 21st because our planet shifted toward the south. During the winter solstice on Dec 21 st, the opposite occurs for the southern hemisphere who sees the sun equally too far south. An inverse image, equidistant by the same amount too far south as we see too far north.

Since 2004, the planet has shifted several times. Those whom have followed the annual measurements we do each June 21st summer solstice will remember seeing these changes. Anyone who says this is normal for the sun to be north of the US  is either smoking weed or can’t remember their 3rd grade science. The sun is never supposed to be north of the tropic of cancer located in central Mexico. The suns farthest north position occurs on June 21st (with the occasional variance of a day). The normal axis tilt was a 23.5 degree angle tilt. It is no longer. The axis tilt has changed several times since 2004. It would not keep changing every couple years to different positions on June 21st if the sun was normal. We are not talking about a small positional change, we are talking about hundreds of miles.

Therefore, the sun should never be north of the US at any time & should never cast a southerly shadow at any time of day in the US… at any time of year.

The first major axis shift which I noticed was after Dec 2004 when the Indonesian tsunami over 1000 miles long killed over a quarter million people when the planet shifted downward on that side of the planet which caused the ocean to surge northward between Africa, India, Southeast Asia & Indonesia. The quake was a result of the shift. Not the cause. But vibrations travel faster than tidal waves so the quake was detected first even though it occurred after the shift & surging waves. Surges  from a quake would travel outward from a central point. These waves were traveling north over the coast of an entire continent & part of another.

There was an earlier tsunami around April 18, 2003 captured on film by NASA heading toward Hong Kong but petered out before it arrived. The program gave the date as 2003 & later as 2004. I was unable to confirm which year since the documentary gave both,

Another shift occurred around Dec 2006 which was caught on a weather satellite & also misaligned the GPS system. Easily fixed with a software script to correct the location variances. They tried to blame that one on a solar flare which never occurred. Then they tried to delete all the solar data for that date to cover their tracks. I found a few they missed.

There were a few more since 2004. We have measured several changes in the suns position & axis tilt over the past 12 years. So how can they claim the sun position is normal if it keeps changing. This is why I recommend you use a clock face and landmarks at sunrise & sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon on June 21st each year. (if you live in the US). The most significant recent increase was in 2014 when the sunrise & sunset were at 51 degrees. This is past the 45 degree tipping point. I believe it was that May which also had the multitude of large quakes & volcanic eruptions. We also had 41 consecutive days of rain that same month (sans 2).  The following winter was record level blizzards which buried the Northeastern US as I had warned about.

Then, for reasons unknown to me, we reversed to the 2006 angle of 41 degrees in 2015.  The sun travels in an arc across the sky. But even at midday in the US on June 21st, we can clearly see it is casting southerly shadows which means the sun is to the north of us from sunrise to sunset & in between. It could not do this if the sun was over central Mexico where it was supposed to be & has not been in its proper position since before 2004 if not earlier.

We remain stable in 2016. So no imminent danger or reason to be concerned at the moment. I had thought it might have been a death wobble like a spinning top just before it falls over. But the change remained stable for 2 years so it is not a wobble.

The sun is still twice as far north on June 21st than it should be but it is no longer past the tipping point. So we don’t need to be worried until the axis begins to shift again. So it is important to check the position of the sun next June 21st & annually thereafter. Although our friends in Australia & South Africa can help with their measurements on Dec 21st, the winter solstice.

If you use a tall pipe or post (which is level & plumb) at midday on the solstice (with a level ground surface), you can see the southerly shadow it casts.

Those of you in the UK or Europe will not see the sun to the north because you are located too far north. You will need to go to southern Spain to see it.

However, since I don’t have any fancy laser measuring devices, your input on June 21st will help improve my accuracy. I had put the wrong measurement last month. 41 degrees places it in mid Nebraska. But even if I’m off a few hundred miles, the sun is still way too far north on June 21st when it should never be north of central Mexico… Ever! At Any time of year. Nor should the sun be changing position from one year to the next on June 21st summer solstice. Also known as the longest day of the year.

The sun is still almost twice too far north on June 21st and twice too far south on Dec 21 st which is devastating to our weather. Hotter summers. Record cold winters. Extreme temperatures, violent storms, droughts, changing ocean currents, increased ocean temperatures, abnormal humidity & increased precipitation from melting glaciers, Jet stream positional changes, spinning land storms, melting glaciers, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, increased water & power usage, crop destruction, depleted fish, fowl & meat production, food shortages, wildlife & bird deaths, increased insects, forestry destruction, water supply & water table depletion, wildfires, desertification, rising sea levels, blizzards… And deliberate underreporting of temperatures, precipitation & other weather conditions by gov’t & media officials. This means when it is between 102 and 110 as it has been here for a month, they like to tell you it is only 97 degrees to keep everyone placated. They seem to like 97 degrees when it is triple digit heat here. I have a full professional digital weather station, plus 4 analog & mercury thermometers in the sun & shade to compare & verify the temperatures & conditions. So I know when they are lying & this has been ongoing for at least 10 years. Everyone should check to see if they are underreporting in your area. You can buy weather stations & thermometers at Lowe’s or Amazon.

The NWS & NOAA will take away the meteorology licenses from any meteorologist who doesn’t report the official NWS & NOAA conditions provided. If they report the actual conditions in contradiction to NWS or NOAA, that will be the end of their careers.

Yesterday, we had over 30 trees along a half mile stretch of road, split & knocked down from rapid lightning bolts as if they had been shot from a gatling gun. I saw both the rapid fire lightning strikes in this one location & maneuvered around the huge, fallen trees blocking half the road. It looked like a tree holocaust. This is the 3rd incident of rapid lightning destruction in 5 months. It took out multiple brand new power  poles the last  time.

I also know that heat waves in England are not normal as are tornadoes in Europe. But they have been suffering since 2004. I remember how cool & damp & foggy the weather used to be in England before the axis  began  shifting. I think it was around 2006 or earlier when 600 people died in London from the heat. They had no air conditioning because it was never needed before. The same thing happened in Chicago.

I would be interested in hearing about major  changes in weather or other conditions worldwide.


June 21, 2016

2016 Summer Solstice results

From my location, I was surprised to see the sun at the exact same reverted position this week as we saw in 2015 which had reverted to the 2006 position.

This is still not normal. It is currently setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face.

This also eliminates the evidence of a wobble.

I’m still at a loss to understand why the axis reversed last year when it had been at the tipping point in 2014. Something effected major changes both ways between 2013 and 2015.

The sun is still more than 850 miles north of its correct position. But not as bad as the 2000 miles it was in 2014. Perhaps the gov’t was able to improve the situation?

So we have bought more time before the final shift will occur but this still greatly affects our weather & climate. We saw how quickly the axis shifted from 2013 to 2015 in both directions so we need to keep an eye on it.

So for 2016; no change from 2015.


E clock face solar angle changes













June 18, 2016

6-2016 Time to measure the sun June 19, 20, 21, 22 (2016)

I’m asking everyone this year to measure the position of the sunrise & sunset over 4 days (measure each morning & each afternoon)… just in case the weather or chemtrails block your view.  So start measuring on June 19, 20, 21 & 22. Your measurements can be up to 10 days late. But the measurements closest to June 21 are best.

Remember, the sun should be in contact with the horizon on sunrise & sunset. The land should also be flat. No mountains in the way.

Remember to use a clock face measurement. 12 is due north. As you are facing north, state the position of the sunrise (such as between 1 & 2) and sunset (such as between 10 & 11).


Sorry for the delay on comment approvals. I was in the hospital for the past week.







May 25, 2016

5-2016 Verifiable Data; NOT Doomsday antics

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I take exception to any implications that this is some doomsday site. I only post factual data about the position of the sun. I keep everything simple & easy to understand.  You can look outside each June 21st and verify what I have posted.

I have never said it was doomsday. Or incited panic. Or try to recruit followers. I do not have an agenda nor some crazy end of world ravings.

I have said the axis will eventually shift the Earth onto its side. NOT upside down. There is insufficient land mass at the north pole to invert our planet completely.  I have also said this would create Tsunamis & other problems. But this can be a survivable situation which is why I caution about coastlines & tsunami’s which is a real event as it was in 2004 & 2011 (among others).

I also have info on surviving such situations. But I do not claim doomsdays or other shock & awe tactics to prey on people. I simply post the sun’s position each year and my opinions on what our situation is at the time.

It doesn’t matter to me whether anyone believes the axis has shifted. I already know the truth. This site is for your benefit not mine. I have nothing to gain in this endeavor.

There is also a difference between pole shift: magnetic shift and axis shift. This site only addresses the shifting axis tilt of the Earth which we measure each year on the longest day (the summer solstice) when the sun is at its furthermost north position. Which was the Tropic of cancer in mid Mexico. Yet we are seeing the sun north of the US. Any schoolchild knows the sun should never be farther north than mid Mexico’s latitude.

As for pole shifting, something quite different, the magnetic north may creep around the north pole a few miles each year but that is mostly caused by the shifting axis. Not some huge pending magnetic pole shift. Our universal forces will prevent any magnetic pole shifts. If it ever does, the drain water would reverse spin direction but that wont happen.

The galaxy & universe have universal constants of magnetic fields & gravity which keep the solar systems & planets aligned & orderly. Unfortunately, it cannot prevent the axis from shifting as the Antarctic land mass Gyroscopic counter balance anchor loses weight or mass as the land based glaciers melt. This loss of anchor weight allows the planet to physically shift further on its axis. I  am not dumb enough to put a date on this event because I do not know when. I can only watch, measure & judge by the situational changes. It appears to be soon. I will know better in June. When Earth’s axis reaches a tipping point, the earth will shift the remainder onto its side. But it will continue to rotate & we can survive once the tsunami flood waters recede. But we will have to live between the tropic zones for the best survival region as we rotate horizontally. I believe it is Uranus which rotates. like this. I’ll have to look it up.

So disregard these “pole shift” sites & magnetic reversals. It is NOT the same thing as an axis shift. Neither a pole shift nor magnetic reversal are going to occur. We will only see the creeping variations in magnetic north because the axis tilt continues to change. The shifting of our axis in turn affects the molten planetary core & orientation with the galactic constants as we continue to rotate in our changing tilt conditions.

The axis shift is NOT related to the magnetic poles. Those soothsayers predictions have come & gone. They are after fame, power, control & money. They also tried to piggy back on the axis change. Neither them or their ideas are associated with the axis change or our site. I have not earned one penny for my effort. Nor fulfilled any vice. My only interest is the truth. If I’m wrong I will correct it. I simply measure the sun each year & keep track of the changes.

However, this does not mean our gov’t & scientists are not capable of doing something stupid to affect the Earths magnetic poles. Who knows what giant Cern-like device they may have built at the poles. Our scientists are quite capable of utter stupidity which could destroy the planet. Remember the movie “Crack in the world”? I  hope they aren’t this stupid but after Cern & other such colliders built under residential areas, I have to wonder. It is always a possibility so we need to keep an eye on the gov’t & their hireling scientists.

The gov’t  can’t easily hide the sun. They can only try to divert your attention. I try to point out any diversionary tactics I see such as a farce hole in the earth. They are trying to divert us from something. I just don’t know what. It could be the axis change or something totally different. But we need to beware and keep an eye on them.

Everyone can see the sun is not where it is supposed to be. I do my best to keep everyone informed on the situation & provide survival info should we ever need it.

I already know these things about the axis shift & how to survive; so it makes no difference to me whether others believe or not. I don’t need to post the info for my sake. It is for yours. The time & effort is all free. I do not place ads on this site. WordPress does that for themselves.

But there is no point in panicking. We can’t do anything about it except to have emergency preparations ready for any type of disaster. Place your emergency gear in giant plastic Ziplocs so it will float in case of flood.

I can only guess when the planet will shift over when we reach the tipping point. We were very close in 2014 before the reversion or wobble. Keeping an eye on the gov’ts behavior can provide major clues. I try to point out these diversions as well.

You don’t actually think the gov’t will tell you if a disaster is pending? It may be some other disaster we aren’t expecting. The gov’t & their buddies will run to their elite shelters built at our expense & leave the rest of us to die at the mercy of FEMA & the troops to corral & contain you away from their shelters.   This isn’t speculation. I was on a major metro Emergency management group with FEMA & their red cross cohorts. I already know what they plan to do.

The earth may shift over in the next 10 years or it may not do so for 100. This is why I measure the sun’s position each year & post it. I also invite others to do the same. Hopefully, our efforts will give us some advanced warning of the final shift.

This is not a doomsday site. Panicking is a waste of energy. Everyone is free to believe as they wish but they wont be bombarding anyone on here by posting their bad altitudes. This is a group who are interested in the facts & collaborate on the observations & measurements around the globe.

We help each other to know the facts & when or if we should worry & how to survive. Continue to post your observations of unusual weather, solar activity etc under your regional comments.

June 20 & 21 are coming soon for our next Summer solstice measurements.

Be Ready to take measurements.






5-2016 It’s NOT Hollow! What about the magma?

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I think the gov’t is up it its old tricks of diversion again. To distract your attention toward the ridiculous because something worse is nipping at our heels.

So they’ve accidentally “on purpose” had NASA release north pole photos. A hole in the Earth?! Has anyone looked down a volcano lately? Where do they think all that magma comes from? It comes from a “molten planetary core”.

The depths of our Earth becomes hotter the deeper you go. In fact, below 850 ft the heat goes above 120F & becomes unbearably hot in the salt mines and other underground excavations. This is the radiant heat of our molten Earths core. Our rotation keeps it molten. If our Earth should stop rotating, the magma would begin to cool & solidify like our moon. This rotation keeps our magma “stirred” & heated.

Are there intelligent people who actually think we have some giant hole on top of our planet? Perhaps a drain for the oceans to disappear? How silly can we get?

However, that does not mean there isn’t a hole in the glacier where it is melted exposing the ocean. Or an island we are not aware of.

If you look closely at the moon on the US Navy’s Clementine website you will see buildings, crafts, mines, antennas, power poles & eons worth of civilization & construction which is still occupied. (Check the moons south pole in particular & the right side as well).

Colonel Philip Corso first told us this in his book. He was over the National Security Council (NSA) at the white house under Eisenhower for 5 years. He was at the Pentagon over disbursing alien technology. Everyone at Bell Labs & Corning knew this. This is no joke. He  was also a Senate Security advisor on Black Budget Projects. This man knew what he was talking about. The public blew their chance & allowed gov’t hirelings to ridicule him like they did to Lazar. Shame on you for not listening when you had the opportunity to know the true details from those with firsthand knowledge.

You should have rallied behind them. Public support would have empowered them & more insiders would have come forward. But you blew it.  The public doesn’t deserve to know what we insiders know.

However, if there are buildings & intelligent life on the moon & Mars which we can clearly see; it is also possible for there to be such colonies at the Earth’s poles or other locations. Maybe that is why Earth’s poles are international shared access. So I don’t dispute that possibility.

But there is no hole or hollow Earth. Maybe subterranean structures if there is a landmass. But the center of our planet is molten magma. Too hot for life below 850 ft.

The only holes are below Dulce, Cern, S-4, A51, Northup Grumman skunkworks, NTS, Florida launch sites, UTAH, Denver airport, Norad, Peterson,  & the salt mines. (Not counting Russia’s facilities and our nationwide subterranean maglev tunnel system. Global now.)

The gov’t is deliberately distracting the public with this north pole hole farce. Less than a month from now we will see how far the axis has shifted the sun farther to the north of the US.  Perhaps this is the reason for their distraction at this time or maybe something worse is going on.

Keep your eyes open for anything they don’t want us to see. List any unusual observations or news reports under your regions. I will post the best comments. We will compare what we see. Something is going on. We need to know what this is.





May 5, 2016

5-2016 Greenland, Iceland, Azores & anywhere else Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Greenland, Iceland, Azores & anywhere else Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 New Zealand, Philippines & Pacific Islands Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for New Zealand, Phillipines & Pacific Islands Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Central America & Caribbean Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Central America & Caribbean Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Israel, Egypt, Middle East & Arabia Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Israel, Egypt, Middle East & Arabic Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for India, Pakistan & Bangladesh Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 Southeast Asia & Indonesia Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for Southeast Asia & Indonesia Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

5-2016 China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea Observations

To help us organize solar observations & compare changes, I am creating posts for each region so we can view the best observations & comments & track changes.

This post is for the China, Mongolia, Japan & Korea Region. If you have observations about unusual Solar characteristics, weather, seismic activity, etc., in this region, which may be connected with the earth’s shift or abnormal changes, submit your info as a comment & specify the general location.

Only the best info will be approved as a comment for the various regions. In some cases of exceptional info, I may add your comment as a new post.

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