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May 5, 2016

Australia Observations

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I have been reviewing the recent increase in seismic activity globally & unusually violent weather & lightning storms in the US. Something has definitely changed. I will post an update when I have reviewed the data.

While I can only obtain more precise comparisons to previous solar positions on the summer solstice June 20-21, 2016, I thought you might be interested in what our Australian friends are seeing.

Here is Dani’s post:

I have just discovered your website here about 6 months ago. I have been tracking the axis tilt as well, for just over 3 years. I have been watching the changing patterns of sun and moon placement and the stars from North Africa- on the north coast of Morocco. and our family has just moved to Australia, and again, I’m tracking changes here now. In the past 3 weeks I’ve noted several radical shifts, or “wobbles”- unlike anything I’ve seen before. Australia is heading into winter right now, with the sun lower on the horizon….. yet the friend we’re living with have never seen the sun this low before. I wish I had started measurements of the sun across the patio we sit on every morning. In the past 4 days the sun has appeared (on the patio covered deck) a minimum of 3 minutes earlier each day, but more telling is that the sun has moved across the deck by over 12 inches each day in last 3 days. In the preceding 2 weeks, the suns morning movement across the deck increased by approx. an inch each day. This is seriously a radical shift, as the sun is now hitting areas of the patio deck that has NEVER had sunlight on it before. Ever.







February 22, 2016

Weather pattern changes & updates

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This is a response I posted as a comment which I thought would be interesting for everyone. It might help some of you to recognize the differences in the weather patterns we see now… versus the weather patterns seen before the shift.

Also, check the south Africa comments. Johan has given us an update about the conditions there. I find his descriptions of South Africa quite interesting & thought others would enjoy them as well.

Here is my comment about weather patterns affected by the axis shift. Some you have heard before. Other details may be new.   Remember, when it comes to weather there are a lot of variables which affect it.

One is the falsification of the temperatures, snow & rain amounts, etc. by the NWS & NOAA. They in turn control the meteorologists with their licenses by prohibiting them from reporting any weather conditions which are not first reported by the NWS. In other words, if the local weathercaster declares a tornado, they will lose their license if the NWS did not report it first. One of these was a Little Rock, AR meteorologist who saved the town by setting off the tornado siren when the NWS refused to declare a tornado. I believe this was in the 1990’s.

There was a female meteorologist on the weather channel one Sunday a few years ago who mentioned how the storm pattern sitting over the central US looked like a giant hurricane. They immediately cut to commercial while she was in mid sentence. When they returned, she was gone & was never seen again. Nor did anyone else ever make such a statement about the spiral storms again.

MSNBC did the same to one of their doctor spokespersons who was over a large hospital in NY who stated that every DR & nurse staff member at his hospital who had received a flu shot had come down with the flu while everyone who had not received a flu shot did not get the flu. They also cut him off in mid sentence & he was gone when they returned from commercials & never returned. This was around Feb 2009, I think.

Our news & weather were not controlled for public consumption prior to the 1980’s. If you notice, local news has become commercial segments for local businesses, medical, schools, & sports. When business is down at the local hospitals, they run news segments on scanning machines & old technology checkups to boost business. They only devote one sentence to any real news item. Nothing negative which might chase away Consumer business or tourism or pique anyone’s concerns about weather changes or global problems.

Hence, I have a professional weather station at my home which measures everything except snow with extreme precision. I have had a top level weather station for 10 years.  On a regular basis, the meteorologists & weather services are significantly underreporting the temperatures, rainfall amount & tornadoes. Even when we are 103 to 106 degrees, they report 97 or 98, etc. Or 10 inches of rain as 2.5. If they get caught, they claim microclimates as the reason. They frequently declare tornadoes to be straight-line winds even with a thousand witnesses unless you can capture & prove it was a tornado on multiple films from multiple sources. Here  is one of their straight-line Winds on a photo I took near Greenville, TX. Does this look like straight-line winds?

2 Hunt co Storm 0034


The gov’t does the same type of false underreporting with disasters such as Katrina 10,000+ dead, reduced to under 2000. Or the WTC from 50,000 dead, reduced to under 3000. They sugar coat the results to stop angry mobs from forming or to disguise their complicity in false flag attacks or corrupt gov’t mishandling of disaster management. As a former major metro Emergency management agency member, this is just a drop in the bucket to the corrupt tricks the gov’t has already done & will do. And to think we used to complain about Soviet propaganda. They don’t begin to compare to what our own US gov’t has done.

It is easier for those of us who grew up in the 1900’s to notice the weather changes than it is for the younger generations. For instance, the shape of the US jet stream which affects our climate & storm formations which never used to dip further south than the Dallas area has been dipping down into central Mexico during the warmer months since the axis shifts began in 2003 & 2004. Prior to the axis shift the jet stream never dipped into Mexico. This shift in the jet stream is exactly what we would expect with an axis shift. The change in southerly dip of the jet stream corresponds with the shift of the axis during the summer months.

Where the axis change has shifted the southernmost dip of our Jet stream farther south in Summer…  it has also shifted the jet stream further north in winter.

During the winter months it barely dips below Canada causing horrific storms & blizzards in the New England states, Nova Scotia and the states north of the Mason Dixon line. However, since the winter jet stream dip no longer comes down to Texas & no longer brings down the Canadian cold air, the southern states now experience warmer winters. Just follow the jet stream.

Cold air from Canada or the Rockies impacting the warm, moist gulf air is what creates those huge thunderstorms with pouring rain, tornadoes & floods. So the change in axis tilt has had a major impact on the position of the jet stream.

However, it is mostly those of us who are over 45 who remember the weather patterns. The Canadian Inuit tribes have also noticed a difference in the sun position as well, which you can read on my old posts. So when you are reading the opinions of others, keep in mind the age group of the person providing them. Age group affects knowledge, quality of education, attitude & personal experience. How can they relate to changes they have never seen before the shift. It also depends on how much attention they have paid to the sun position & weather conditions. It sometimes takes years of experience to notice changes. Even those at 45 now would have only been 30 in 2000. So the best observers before & after the axis shift would now be over 55 and aware of their environment.

Other impacts on the weather is the Coriolis effect. These are the spiraling gravity fields which control the spinning of water in drains, or the spinning of hurricanes & tornadoes. The spinning direction is reversed in the southern hemisphere.

Since the first axis shift, we have seen land based hurricane like storm systems which sit over the central US spinning like a giant fan or hurricane between Canada & the gulf coast; pulling down cold air from Canada & Warm air from the Gulf like huge scooping fan blades creating a spinning deluge of continual rain as it rotates over one region for days and even weeks. Especially, in late spring.

I have several years of weather satellite images to show the changes in weather patterns from before the first axis shift & the formation of these land hurricanes after the first axis shift when these spinning land hurricanes appeared over the central US between mid April & mid June. We had over 30 inches of rain last May 2015. Then, 10 inches this past January in less than one week. At the time of my January post only 6 inches had rained. It was over 10 inches when it had finished.

You can see these spinning land hurricane formation weather satellite images on the link below. Remember, you will only see the axis change weather effects from 2005 and later.

I included pre-2004 weather images for comparison before the axis shifts.

These are special weather loops designed just for comparing these hurricane like storms over the US at the same time each day. For instance, each frame of the monthly images equals one day of the month at exactly 4PM. So for May 2007, the weather animation will show you the weather cloud patterns as it steps through each day of the month at 4PM. Keep an eye on Oklahoma for the spinning storms I described which occurred every spring, day after day from the last week of April thru the first week of June. But only after 2005.  Not before.

I also included daily satellite weather loops for certain days during those months if you wanted to view the entire day of cloud formations.

Another effect of the axis shift is on the temperatures of the oceans & oceanic water flow patterns. The pacific coast used to have frigid arctic waters along the California coast. Quite a difference from our warm Atlantic coast or gulf coast.  I have lived on both coasts & the gulf area as well. There is a huge temperature difference. The icy cold Pacific coast waters before the axis began shifting in 2003 & 2004 caused rain storms to develop over California every winter when the warm air contacted the frigid coastal waters which flowed down the California coast from Alaska. Creating weekly winter rain in California and snow in the mountains.

Since the axis shift, the Pacific coast waters are warmer causing a drought in California. The shortage of water is also impacted by rice farmers who use an entire lake full of water per crop each year to fill their rice fields. Then dump the water at the end of the season. Massive amounts of wasted water on unneeded rice crops while warehouses in Thailand have tons of rice rotting in storage while California’s precious water resources are wasted. Are these California rice farmers paying for the billions of gallons of water they are wasting?

Other things which occurred since the initial 2003 & 2004 axis shifts include heat waves in the UK and tornadoes in Europe.

Johan, our  South Africa correspondent has told us about the effects on Whale nurseries from the South pole, etc. We’ve also seen the deaths of penguins who may become extinct due to iceberg barriers… along with the loss of whales. The only good thing will be the loss of sharks from lack of favored food sources but not until sharks have shifted to humans and dolphins as an alternate food source.

These are just some of the many effects the axis shifts have had on our weather, water resources & animal life we should watch for.

You should start seeing the weather pattern changes in May & June when the sun progresses to the north of us. I wont know how far our axis has shifted this year until June 20 & 21. It might be interesting to watch for these spinning hurricane like storm systems over the central US between the last week of April & first week of June. Also keep an eye on the Jet stream behavior as well.

February 19, 2016

Spring & Fall sun positions

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There seems to be a great deal of confusion about the sun during the Spring & fall months. The equinox dates are Sept 23rd & Mar 21st.

Despite the axis shift which depending on the year, has extended the tropic of cancer 850-2000 miles (depending on the year) north of its normal position in mid Mexico on June 21st the summer solstice and 850-2000 miles south of the tropic of Capricorn during the winter solstice on Dec 21st… that means the equator is still the midpoint despite the axis shift. The amount of the shift will alter the sun position equally north in the Summer and to its opposite & equal position to the south in December. This is due to the way we orbit the sun at a tilt. Even with an exaggerated or increased tilt, the sun is the same distance too far north during June as it is the same equal distances too far south in December.

This means the equator is still midpoint between the two tropics. This also means that the sun is directly over the equator on March 21st and September 23rd. This was also the same midpoint when the axis was normal. So no matter how much the axis shifts, it will always measure the same over the equator in March and Sept. equinoxes. During the spring & fall months the sun travels between the tropics of Capricorn & Cancer crossing the equator on the equinox dates I mentioned above. It performed this journey the same way before 2000 Y2K or now. And still does so whether the axis tilt & tropic lines were normal or whether each tropic line had shifted 850-2000 miles beyond their normal tropic lines with the increased axis shifts & tilt. The difference before Y2K was the shorter distance the sun traveled between the two tropic lines. After the axis shift that distance of travel increased. For instance, when the earth shifted 850 miles to the north, the sun traveled an extra 1700 miles between the 2 increased tropic lines but was always over the equator on the spring & fall equinoxes.

So it does not mean a thing if you measure the sun position or axis now. Because the sun during the spring & fall equinoxes will be the same no matter what the axis tilt is. So if you go outside & measure the sun position & shadows during the spring & fall months it means nothing. This is because of the way earth orbits the sun at a tilt. This was taught in 3rd grade science.

The only 2 dates which are meaningful in measuring the sun position are June 21st for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere and December 21st for those of you who live in the southern hemisphere.

I may have to adjust the solstice measuring dates because our position has altered from what it was.

This June, we need to take measurements on both June 20th & 21st.

December is still the 21st. Both equinoxes occur a day early in 2016.

In 2017 & 2018 both solstices will again occur on June 21st & Dec 21st… if we can believe the sources.

One other item concerns comparing sun position over certain spans of years. Most of the axis shifts occurred after 2003. Before 2007. Between 2007 & 2013 only a couple small shifts occurred. For several years it remained at the same position. So if you compared the wrong years, there were no changes at all. Then then was the huge increase between 2013 & 2014. Then the significant reversal between 2014 and 2015,

I’ve measured the changes every year since 2006 but I caution everyone to be careful not to compare the wrong months or wrong year. Otherwise you will make erroneous comparisons. The earth does not shift every year. Nor can you see the shifted sun position during the spring & fall months. There have been several people jumping the gun who are trying to compare the sun position this month, so it appears I need to explain why it cannot be done in spring or fall. Only the solstice dates can provide the info we need.

Only June 21st for the Northern Hemisphere annual measurement. This year will be June 20th & 21st. Then Dec 21st for those in the southern hemisphere to measure.

These are the two days of the year when the sun is the farthest north and farthest south, indicating when it is directly over the tropics of Cancer & Capricorn. And how far beyond those lines it has traveled due to the axis shift.


E clock face solar angle changes






February 4, 2016

South Africa sun observations & the global implications

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We have someone named Johan at the very south end of South Africa who has been keeping track of the sun as a personal project. I have posted his letters & observations below.

Keeping in mind that Johan’s solar position observations are blocked on one side by mountains; if I can confirm the sun position is truly this bad on June 21st, 2016 that would be a very bad sign. That would confirm a death wobble of the axis at the final stage of slipping. It would also cause the same type of severe record breaking winter & blizzards this winter, as we experienced in the US last year.

However, I caution everyone to wait until I do the June 21st measurements this year because it is quite easy to misread the solar angles when you can only see one side. Johan’s other view is blocked by mountains. I will let everyone know in June (if I’m still around).

If my bad health overwhelms & I fail to post, each of you can take your own measurements in June & compare it to the last two measurements of June 2015 and June 2014. If June 2016 is worse than 2015, that would confirm the death wobble. If it is worse than 2014, then the axis is perched for the final shift onto the Planet’s side unless it decides to do another wobble or two before that last shift. Only the June results will tell us more.

Measurements in Spring & Fall are useless because those equinoxes would be normal no matter how far off the axis might be since that is when the sun travels from one tropic to another, across the equatorial zone.

Also keep in mind should a final axis shift onto the planet’s side ever occur, it would also be accompanied by a massive tsunami far worse than 2004. More like the movie 2012. Hopefully, that will never happen.

Only June 21st will tell us more.

Here are the observations I just received from Johan in South Africa.

Seems you are in luck. I watch the sun, since I have always been interested in the seasons and trying  to predict weather, etc.

I have made some strange observations lately and I have been dying to tell someone that will be interested. No one seems to care! Or rather, being able to appreciate the severity of the issue…

I am at the southern end of South Africa. For the past two years Summer Solstice was NOT on the 21st of December but occurred only on the 5th of January. I take the exact time of sunset on the 21st and it kept getting later by roughly 30 seconds every day until the 5th of January, when the days started getting shorter again. The sun also sets more to the south. I cannot check sunrise due to mountains to the east.

I put up a sundial in June at Winter Solstice aligning North/South with the sun and the shadow of the pin on the dial at exactly 12:30 as that is when the sun is exactly north due to me being 7 degrees west of 30 degrees , where South Africa’s time zone is taken from. The sundial is fixed. On the 21st of December at 12: 30 in the afternoon the shadow is still about 30 mins away from being exactly South.

I also cannot check sunrise or sunset on 21st June due to high mountains to the North. So I am stuck to sunsets in December…

To me that means a shift in the angle of the axis. This year I will take photos. Never actually thought of it!

Letter #2

Well, lots of news from South Africa then…

Regarding the clockface method of measuring the setting of the sun , on December 21 it was at 1:30, with 12: 00 being due South. I am on S34:42. I cannot do the sunrise due to mountains to the East.

OK, correction! With 12 o’clock due north the sun set at 7: 30.

We have been having heat waves all summer on the Highveld, which is the Northern part of the country. Temperature records broken in the last few weeks. And a very bad drought. Contrasting that, I live in a supposedly Winter rainfall area, and we have been getting lots of rain. Which is unusual. And when it is not raining it is hot as hell. Two days ago I measured 38 Deg C in the shade and 45 Deg C out in the sun. I heard the next town was 48 Deg C. Some more strange observations. The bay here is a whale nursery. Apparently the biggest in the world. Southern Right whales come here from the Antarctic for the winter. They normally arrive end of May, and depart in October. They give birth to their calves and then leave to go feed in the Antarctic in summer. This year they arrived a month later and departed a month earlier. Which means it is warmer down there in the Antarctic. Our seawater here is also a lot warmer than usual. We normally have about 20 Deg C at this time of year. At the moment it is 24 Deg C and we are catching fish that normally don’t come this far south.

This is Great White Shark territory, and they prefer temperate waters. There is a big shark diving tourist industry here but all the operators are complaining that the sharks are gone. They haven’t seen any for weeks.

On the other hand, a Zambezi shark was caught in the Breede River. You know them as Bull sharks. They are tropical sharks, and they normally hang out on our East coast. This was a first.

I will keep you updated on news as it happens.

Note: Johan may also be adding updates under the comment section of this post so you can easily track his interesting updates of South African conditions.










February 2, 2016

Crust Misconceptions

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We already know from previous reports from Southern Australia that they are seeing the sun to the south of them in December which is their Summer.

Inverse to our situation in the northern hemisphere where we should never see the sun north of the tropic of Cancer (mid mexico) which is the farthest north point the sun should appear on the longest day, summer solstice June 21st… In the southern hemisphere, the  sun should never be any father south than the Tropic of Capricorn (Uruguay) on December 21st. So our friends in South Africa & Australia should never see the sun to the south of their homes at any time. Nor should those of us in the US, Europe, Russia, etc be seeing the sun to the north at any time.

This is proof of an axis shift. NOT the shift of the Earth’s crust. Anyone who tells you it is a crust shift is wrong (regardless of who it is).  The very fact of the identical inverse positions of the sun between the northern & southern hemispheres proves this. During the most recent solstices, the sun was approximately 850 miles too far north in June and 850 miles too far south in December.

If it was a crust shift, then the sun would be 850 miles too far NORTH in the Southern Hemisphere on Dec 21st. Rather than 850 miles too far SOUTH which is inverse as it should be when it is the axis which has shifted. NOT the crust.

Anyone who tells you the axis is pointing at Polaris is clearly not standing directly at the north pole using a laser measuring device. Just because it “appears” to be lined up with the axis does NOT mean it is. Just ignore people or websites which make grandiose claims. The difference between the stars in Central America & 1200 miles north is so miniscule, it is barely discernible when the stars are millions of light years away. You cannot judge distance like this with the bare eye or an amateur telescope. I have a post on this site & star charts showing this. Plus, I have also been in both locations to personally validate this. But just because I or anyone else has a telescope does not mean we have the laser devices to provide any precision measurements. Only major observatories have these capabilities but since they are funded by gov’t grants, you cannot depend on any veracity from their statements. The scientific community whom are all paid or work for an institution under gov’t grants, controls or contracts are forbidden to disclose information on a large variety of issues… which include axis shifts & tsunamis.

Did you know that lightning data is classified? I tried to obtain some lightning info from a variety of sources and was told by each it was classified. That is just one small example of how tightly the gov’t controls every miniscule detail. Even if you live outside the US, it still controls your gov’t thru loans, trades, treaties & many other pressures. So any scientist you see on a documentary or other media is only providing the official gov’t approved version if they wish to continue in their profession.

Even I do not make claims about the southern hemisphere solar measurements until I obtain that info from someone who actually lives there. This is why I do not post the December measurements. We cannot be precise about measurements or conditions in the southern hemisphere when we are not there. I do not make grandiose claims about the measurements or conditions unless I obtain them from someone who is in that location.   So by the same reasoning, do not take the word of someone about the axis pointing at Polaris unless that person is standing on the axis while measuring it with certified laser instruments designed for that purpose. The next time someone tells you something, take a moment to consider that persons education, scientific expertise, IQ, veracity, technical training, job experience and access to precision scientific devices to support the accuracy of their statements. Or is this some redneck claiming to know all the answers while finishing his third beer. Do not let people intimidate you or make claims they cannot support.  I have always promised the info on this site would be accurate and non confrontational, so I will not approve comments regarding erroneous claims like this.

In 2014, I had my friends in Canada, Alaska, Nova Scotia & Detroit who each saw the sun north of their homes in June. Even the Inuit tribe noticed the sun being incorrect. This should give you an idea as to how severe the axis shift had become in 2014. Then it reversed itself in 2015. I will be interested to see if it wobbles back in June 2016 or continues to improve.










December 27, 2015

Land Hurricanes

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We need to come up with a new name for our spinning storms which look like giant hurricanes over land. How about Geocanes?

Ever since our axis began to shift in 2004, many of those spinning hurricane masses which formerly formed off the coast of West Africa and developed into hurricanes as they reached the Caribbean islands, Florida & the gulf coast… can now be seen spinning over the central US. They are just another example of our axis shift. The axis shift also shifted the hurricane type weather patterns several hundred miles off their normal tracking. But this winter “Geocane” is the opposite of what we should see. The weather should have shifted 800+ miles farther south in the winter as we have begun to notice how the Jet stream has been dipping into Mexico since 2004 as is never has done before. So this geocane should be in Brazil not in the US during the winter months. The coriolis effect seems to be building in strength. Also notice how this storm is being generated from Del Rio Texas like an engine. I wonder what geological energy is being produced there? This is definitely not my field of expertise. It isn’t anyone’s expertise for that matter since this is a new situation.

The central US is still hundreds of miles south of the sun’s normal position in June despite the 2015 reversion.

The coriolis effect can be seen with these giant spinning storms over the central US as I speak; as a result of our ever changing axis. Although I must admit I do not remember having seen one  during the winter. They are typically seen in April & May over the US since 2004. These land based hurricanes did not exist prior to 2004.

There has been a giant, violent thunderstorm spinning over the entire state of Texas since yesterday. The outer edge into the NW pan handle has turned to snow & ice which will spread eastward by tomorrow. You can see this giant storm today on the Dallas weather Radar at the link below. After the storm departs, it will no longer be visible on the Radar. So you can only see it now & possibly thru Dec 29th, 2015 on this link below which is a real time view of the Texas state weather.

This has been a violent cold thunderstorm with nasty thunder & lightning for 2 days which has also spun off several tornados which were not typical for winter months until the 2004 axis shifts began. Tomorrow, the snow & ice will spread to the rest of the state.

I also have satellite imagery of this phenomenon taken during the same time of day for about 6 weeks during the late spring for several years after the 2004 axis shifts.

At the bottom of the page on the link below, there are also several years comparison imagery at the exact same times of day & dates prior to the 2004 axis shift for comparison. You  can compare the weather satellite images before & after the 2004 axis shifts begun; to see the effects of the changes in the Earths tilt. Even with the reversion in June 2015, we are still 800+ miles too far south in summer which causes our sun to rise & set 800+ miles too far to the north of us.

Those of you in Australia, have there been any unusual changes in the sun during the past 2 weeks or is it still close to the Dec 21st position? Just curious. Any big tsunamis?

Here is a picture of the coriolis effect.










December 23, 2015

Thanks to our 70,000 viewers

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I wanted to thank our 70, 000 viewers who visited us this past year. It surprises me since I don’t post very often. There is a sidebar menu which lists the latest comments which have been posted.

If you wish to share your observations on this solar phenomena you can reply to this post.

If you are interested in off-topic subjects like the moon, mars, conspiracies, gov’t black projects, EBE’s, revisionist histories of our dark patriots, planetary sciences or even shocking crimes and coverups such as General Patton, JFK, RFK, Wm Colby, Jon Benet, Lacy Peterson, Fema corruption, and some shocking gov’t & executive level betrayals, nuclear hazards & accidents, etc… I do have a dozen other sites where you can post comments & discussions on these subjects.

I have tried to encourage my offline commenters to make use of these other sites for those off topic subjects. I cannot respond to them since they wish their comments not to be posted. There is no way to reply to an unposted comment.

There is even a site which has info on increasing seismic & volcanic activity, Tsunamis, Abnormal weather & other global changes over the past 10 years & survival planning.

Each site is unique & protected from gov’t hirelings, intimidators and Bullies. I just haven’t had time to add much to those sites or do updates.

I don’t have any  advertizers or info collection on any of my sites but WordPress may insert ads I cannot see & have no control without paying fees to block them. The site owner can only see a blank box with a note from wordpress that they may insert an ad at the bottom of our posts. I’m sure they probably like to insert their sponsor ads on any high traffic site like ours. If no one ever buys from those types of ads & the sponsors receive negative responses, they might stop the practice of ads, spam & telemarketing.

However, other than what WordPress does, these are all clean sites like this one.

Let me know if there is an interest & I will post those site links on here.







December 20, 2015

Time to measure the sun Australia & South Africa & Southern Peru.

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Dec 21st.

All of you who live south of the Tropic of Capricorn need to measure the sun position today at dawn & dusk. Use a clock face. 12 for due South; 3 for West and 9 for East.

The sunrise should be somewhere near 10 or 11 on the clock face angle.

Sunset should appear near 1 or 2.

Be sure to measure when the sun is in contact with the flat horizon. Mountains will obscure the results.

Just one side measurement is ok if you have mountains on the other side.

Also, if you missed your Dec 21st measurement, you can still obtain the sun’s position for the next week or soonest possible day. We just need an idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

If you Are unsure about the clock face, read the previous posts on how to measure the sun position with an imaginary clock face. I simply inverted the clock to face south for you. If you wish to invert the clock in the opposite direction it is OK. Just be sure to tell us which number points to the South.

Follow up:

Check the comments to this post for the responses we received.

It is impossible for us to be accurate from the northern hemisphere in December when the sun is in the southern hemisphere due to the extreme curvature.

I do not wish to post inaccurate measurements so in December we have the visitor observations which I cannot verify from my location with any accuracy. But we appreciate any observations our visitors can provide. Those who reside in the southern hemisphere south of the tropic of Capricorn can compare what they see with other visitors.

I would rather be accurate than speculate since I cannot verify from those extreme southern positions. The most reliable measurements I can provide from my location in the central US, is on June 21st each year. I don’t like waiting either but I should never wish to post inaccurate info. In June, everyone in the northern hemisphere can verify my measurements are accurate by comparing what you see on that date.

We saw an improvement last June 2015 but these weather patterns are disconcerting. I hope it continues to improve which sounds promising from our December responders.

But I have a bad feeling it wont continue and need to see our June results for 2016 & 2017.







July 14, 2015

Simple Solar Measurement Guidelines

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I created some image overlays to help illustrate how to easily measure the angle of the sun. I  posted several photos below to make it easier to visualize. I like to use a clock face because it is a simple universal method which transcends all language barriers & is familiar to everyone worldwide without requiring any special knowledge. The photos below show several pertinent measurements using a clock face overlay, a 360 degree overlay and a compass overlay in conjunction with the solar positions. Pretend to be standing in the center of a clock which is  lying flat on the ground. I included several annual solar position measurements so you can see how to use a clock face determine angles. If you pick a landmark, building, tree, etc to  mark the position of the sun when it is in contact with the horizon at sunrise & sunset on the solstice, it will help you to align the angle changes each year. You can also use Google Earth satellite imagery to align with true north. Align the imaginary clock with 12 for north, 6 south, 3 east & 9 west.

This example shows where each annual sun position falls on the clock face.

E clock face solar angle changes

If you prefer to use 360 degree measurements, here are the examples of the overlay using that method.

E 360 solar angle changes

This is a closeup of the 360 directions using the same North South orientation.

E circle360

The third method is using compass directions.

E compass solar angle changes

Here is a closeup of the compass directions using the same north south orientation.

E wind compass


I still think the clock face method is the most simple but any of these methods  will work to estimate the angle of the sun to let us know how far our axis has shifted. Keep in mind, our measurements are approximations. We don’t have the equipment for precise measurements. But we can get quite close in our estimates.

The measurements are best taken at sunrise in the east & sunset in the west at the moment the sun is in contact with a flat horizon. The best time to take measurements for those living in the northern hemisphere is Jun 21st, the summer solstice. For those living in the southern hemisphere, the best time to take measurements is December 21st, the winter solstice. These are the dates when the sun is the furthest north (June) & furthest south (December). Also known as the longest & shortest days of the year. The two hemispheres being mirror images, reversed & upside down regarding seasons, etc.

The sun travels in an arc, so do not try to measure it in the air. You can still see the abnormal position of the sun in the weeks leading up to & after the solstice dates but it is in a constant slow state of change in position as we orbit the sun. Spring & Autumn are the same as before the axis shift except the seasons change more extreme from the additional tilt distances. You can understand better if you familiarize yourself with how the axis tilt & orbit around the sun cause the change in seasons. Basic orbital mechanics from grade school science.

The sun which is now hundreds of miles further north in the summer is due to our axis shifting our global position several hundred miles toward the south in the summer. During the winter, the tilt is in a reversed perspective where we are some hundred miles farther to the north which causes the sun to appear too far to the south. This situation has essentially moved the tropic of cancer north of the US from its mid Mexico position & the Tropic of Capricorn to the south of Africa & Australia (with a decrease since the 2015 reversion).

Anyone in the US who grows houseplants always knew there was no sunlight in our northern windows until 2005 and avoided those windows for plants. I also used to have an outdoor pen for my cats on the north side of my house & an aviary on the north side of a subsequent house. Neither ever had direct sunlight on the north side of those homes at any time of day. This always troubled me that the pets never could enjoy the sunlight but the north side was the only location available.  Even at noon, the house cast a shadow on the north side so they were always in a shadow. This was all before the axis shifted.

Since the first major axis shift occurred in 2004, the sun now streams into the northern facing windows at sunrise & sunset. Even at high noon, there is no longer a shadow on the north side since there was less than an inch of shadow this year 2015.

In 2014 the new tropic of Cancer was north of the Canadian border.  The reversion  in 2015 moved the line back down north of the Oklahoma border. Since the axis shift in 2004, we now have the Sunrise & sunset streaming sunlight into our northern windows each June and no shadow cast on the north side of the house.

There was a significant increase in the sun position toward the north in  2014 adding to the axis shifts after 2004 which totaled about 2000 miles to our axis tilt. Then there was a marked decrease in 2015 reducing our axis tilt from 2000 miles to about 850 miles. The photos show how the sun position has changed from year to year since 2004.  They include several annual solar position measurements from central Texas taken on June 21st each year at sunrise & sunset.

As I mentioned, I believe this reversion (decrease from 2000 miles to 850  miles between June 2014 and June 2015 after a prior  increase from 1200 to 2000 miles between 2013 and 2014) to be indicative of a death wobble just before the planet Axis makes the final shift onto its side. Like a spinning top wobbling just before it falls over. These frequent changes indicate a very disconcerting situation.

We will have to be diligent about tracking these solar measurements to verify this is a death wobble or not. The last two years have shown marked changes so it will be interesting to see the 2016 measurements. Hopefully, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere may see changes in December to alert us to the changes earlier. Their feedback will be critical in seeing the changes sooner if this turns out to be a death Wobble as I suspect.

July 13, 2015

Planet X theory not viable for axis change

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I decided to create a post to address my recent reply about planet X Nibiru and some basics about the axis shift. Thus, much of this post is a repeat of my reply & some earlier posts. I have no opinion on whether planet X Nibiru exists or not. My only objective is to address how this issue does not relate to the axis shift. If you wish to read about planet X Nibiru, here is the Wikipedia link on that subject.

I disregard the planet X Nibiru theory as a factor for the axis shift. Any gravitational force of that magnitude would affect EVERY object in the solar system. Not just the Earth. Every planet, moon, asteroid & speck of debris would be disrupted toward the source of such a gravitational pull. Not to mention how such a rogue planet would also be pulled into the gravitational pull of such gas giants as Jupiter, Saturn or the sun or any of the other planets & moons in our system.  This situation would apply to any theories of rogue planets, asteroids, wormholes, black holes or any other source of gravitational or EM fields.  None of these would affect just the Earth alone without affecting our moon, orbit & adjacent planets in our system.

The problem most people have is “tunnel vision” or “nearsightedness” when it comes to Earth. Many people still think our planet & population are the exalted center of the universe with a sense of entitlement. As if we were the only tree in the forest. So they fail to consider any gravitational source strong enough to affect the Earth would also affect the other planets, moons, asteroids, orbits, comets,  etc in our solar system. The earth is just one grain of sand among quadrillions. Our Solar system is a finely balanced group of planets, moons & other celestial objects in meticulous orbits which would be severely disrupted by the intrusion of a rogue planet.

The closer to a large gravitational object, the more significant the disruption would be among  the celestial bodies in our solar system. Common sense mandates no such external force could affect the Earth alone without severe disruption of other planets closer to that force, not to mention the orbit & orientation of our own moon. Anything close enough to affect our planet would certainly have affected our moon, its orbit, the tides & any other planet or moon it passed by.  So whether or not such a rogue planet exists, you would clearly see visible changes in our moon, tides & other planets as well as massive seismic & volcanic events in conjunction with lunar orbit changes & extreme high tides. This is simple logic of gravitational interaction between major celestial objects within close proximity.

Although I have no opinion on the planet X Nibiru issue, I certainly would not recommend taking advice from someone recommending Euthanasia for pets or people.  Remember “Heaven’s Gate” & Jonestown? I would think twice about trusting the reliability of anyone giving such rash advice & strongly advise reading about this issue on the Wikipedia article link I provided above.

I’m not saying the planet X wont be a future issue on a larger scale but it is not associated with the current axis issue.

This axis shift is not a new occurrence. We have scientists who have found evidence that our planet’s axis has shifted onto its side as many as 11 times in the past leaving evidence of tropics at the polar regions & glaciers at the equatorial regions. The multiple occurrences of previous axis shifts negates any external force as the causal factor.

The simple answer is the glacial weight on the South pole land mass acts as an anchor to maintain the axis angle balance of the planet. Massive melting & loss of this ice weight on the landmass allows the axis to shift position. The more it melts, the more the axis shifts. The melting ice changes the planetary balance  & weight distribution. The planet begins shifting toward the equator which is the next heaviest portion of the planet. When sufficient ice weight has been lost at the South Pole, our planet will shift horizontally sideways. It wont take much more for the final shift to occur. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for all the ice to melt.   We are at the tipping point.

To envision how the south pole functions as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the axis angle, think of a rubber ball floating in water with various weights attached to represent land masses. These landmass weight distributions dictate the orientation of the rubber ball in the water. If the bottom anchor weight which maintains the planetary balance reduces sufficiently (such as Antarctic glacial ice loss), the ball will shift orientation toward the next heaviest point. In our case, the equator is the next heaviest which is why we are shifting toward a horizontal position. The north pole is lacking sufficient landmass to invert the planet upside-down.

Events of such a large scale occur on a slower pace so it usually takes years for these changes to occur.

However, we have also seen how a massive shift of our axis created a tsunami which killed over a quarter million people from Indonesia to Africa. The earthquake was merely a symptom of the planetary shift, not the cause of a tsunami. It usually requires abnormal planetary motion or significant water displacement (asteroid, landslide, eruption, etc) to produce a tsunami. Not an earthquake. These particular tsunami related quakes are only a byproduct of the axis shift. Not the source of the tsunami.

The tectonic quakes & aftershocks which are not associated with axis shifts & do not produce tsunamis. A good example are the Japan aftershocks, many of which were of nearly the same magnitude as the first one & at the same epicenter location. None of which produced even small tidal changes. If  the first quake had caused the Japan Tsunami, then the successive quakes should here caused more tsunamis of varying sizes based on magnitude. They did not do so, because the tsunami was caused by the shifting of the earth, not the quake. The quake was a byproduct of the shift. The destabilized fault line produced the aftershocks.

Another example was the 89 Oakland quake which I was present. You didn’t see any tsunamis wiping out Hawaii after that quake rocked the Bay area. That was a tectonic plate fault line quake. Not an axis shift. So without planetary motion, no tsunami occurred.

That doesn’t mean the change in axis position is not associated with the increase in seismic & volcanic activity. The global shift in the position of our axis does effect the planetary & gravitational stress on the Tectonic plates & geothermal conditions as well as ocean currents & weather. The shift of our planet has significantly increased the occurrence & magnitude of seismic & volcanic activity & weather conditions. But I did want to show the difference between the axis shift & tsunamis versus tectonic plate or fault line activity. Large tsunamis are indicators of major planetary movement.  Only abnormal motion of the planet can displace waves of such a large scale and vast distances.

To envision how tsunamis are created by planetary motion & not by quakes, place a couple inches of water in an aquarium or roasting pan. Slide or pull the pan across the counter to see how the water in the pan surges in the opposite direction from inertial motion. That is like a tsunami from planetary movement. Place a vibrator under the pan to see the effects of a tectonic quake. No matter how strong, it will not create a surging wall of water (tsunami) traveling in one direction. A true tsunami needs the inertia of planetary motion or sudden significant water displacement to produce such a surge.

Also note that a normal quake should produce rings of small waves in ripples outward in every direction from the epicenter. Not a huge wall of water surging in a singular direction over hundreds of miles like we see in a tsunami from a planetary shift.

Tsunamis require a major planetary shift.

Landslides, glacier collapse & volcanic eruptions can also produce tsunamis but of short distances across a bay like in Alaska, Iceland & Italy. A large asteroid hitting the ocean could create huge waves but in a ring ripple pattern & equivalent to the amount, size & force of impact and water depth. I suspect these could also be the cause of rogue waves.

We also only hear about tsunamis when they cause significant damage to a well known populated region. For instance, a huge tsunami was caught on satellite imagery heading for Hong Kong around April 2003 or 2004. (The TV program “What on Earth” stated both years in the same episode when they showed the satellite image of this unreported Tsunami).  I think it was April 16th in 03 or 04.  The tsunami suddenly dissipated before causing damage so it was never reported or listed. Yet, it was a gigantic tsunami caught on camera without any earthquake association & was a giant surging wall of water hundreds of miles wide, traveling in one direction. It was so clearly a result of an axis shift. This was before the Dec 2004 Tsunami.

The gov’t also likes to severely underreport the data to placate & spoon feed the public like they did with the Katrina & WTC death tolls. A 10 inch shift did not move the sun position hundreds of miles to the north. Common sense alone should tell you that data is a fraud.

The gov’t is trying to trivialize the issue by diminishing the actual data to ridicule & shut down any public concern or questions.  They turn all death & global shift report data into trivial jokes by reducing the numbers below 10% of the actual figures. This is nothing new. They’ve been doing this for decades. Then they send out hirelings to shout you down & intimidate you on the media & internet to embarrass everyone into silence. Only an axis shift of several hundred miles could cause the sun to be rising & setting several hundred miles to the north of its normal position. I could give you a long list of instances of gov’t adulterated data. Missing POW’s from WWII & VN are a couple of radically altered data lists which come to mind where abandoned POW’s  were deliberately listed as dead rather than imprisoned to reduce public outcry. Our younger generations need to be more aware of corrupt gov’t practices from history to understand why their reports & data cannot be accepted at face value.

At least on this axis shift issue, they cannot hide the sun. Thus, it is not my word against theirs. It is the Sun position which reveals the truth of it. Anyone can look outside & verify it.

The gov’t fears public panic & economic disaster so they will never admit to this situation. They will go to their fancy shelters & leave us to the under mercies of Martial Law to lockdown & eliminate the surviving hordes. This is not conjecture or speculation. I was on a major metro emergency management agency for 2 years.  I almost had my head torn off for asking about food, water, medicine & supplies & victim rescues. FEMA & Red Cross dictated the control, corralling & confinement of survivors at these meetings. Katrina was no accident. It was a practice run.  There are no plans for rescue, food, medicine, care, clothes, shelter or personal needs. Keep everyone confined without food, medicine or water. Use Troops to confine survivors. Use troops from Mexico as backup if our own troops falter. Shut down all access, escape & communication. Then mass graves. Read the Presidential Executive orders on FEMA’s powers if you have any doubts.

As I have stated, we need to keep informed & monitor the situation and track changes. We can’t do anything about it except be aware & prepared.

Keep a cool, rational head & don’t panic or anticipate. If it happens in our lifetime we will deal with it when it does. If you live in a large city you need to be outside of the metro within 30-45 minutes after a disaster occurs to avoid being cordoned in. Cell phones & phones will be shut down. Radio Frequencies will be dampened.  Army surplus khakis may come in handy in such a situation. Consider alternate back roads & groups for safety in numbers.

Otherwise, we continue as normal & hope for the best. Panic & worry are a waste of energy. I believe the gov’t expects a calamity to occur between 2020 and 2026. They already have their fancy shelters & maglev tunnels prepared with no plans to warn the public. If we are lucky, perhaps it wont occur in our lifetimes. But we can prepare for planning disaster survival for any calamity which may come our way. This final axis shift will be survivable for those who remain calm, prepared & away from coastlines.

As I previously stated, I believe the latest reversion in axis position this year  may be similar to a spinning top which begins to wobble just before it falls over. We need to closely measure the sun position each solstice to verify this for certain.

There is additional info about the global issues & axis changes as well as disaster planning ideas on





June 26, 2015

Axis Angle reversion… not a good sign

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I’ve been measuring the angle of the sun every year on June 21st for over 11 years. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the angle of the sun has reverted back to the 2006 angle positions. On the surface this reversion may seem like a good thing. It is not a good sign.   We are talking about a massive planetary movement in differing directions over a 2 year period. Not to mention in the opposite direction against the natural forces causing the axis to shift in the first place. The planetary forces analogous to riding your bicycle uphill against hurricane force winds.

There was a significant increase in the axis shift changes between 2013 and 2014. An axis increase over 800 miles which resulted in the most severe record breaking winter on record which I had warned about when I saw the extent of the axis changes a year ago.

Now, just one year later, we are seeing a sudden reversal in the angle of the sun.  I do not think this is a good sign. I will describe the details on the cause and effect of this situation. The angles and distances are approximations since we don’t have the high tech equipment for precise readings. However, our primitive methods help us to keep track of the important changes.

Here is a brief basic overview of the axis changes & current situation:

Our first major axis shift in 2004 heralded by a massive tsunami which killed over a quarter million people from SE Asia to Africa. I first noticed the sun rising and setting to the north in 2005 but did not take any measurements. My neighbors  were quite adamant about the sun being out of position and they had noticed it before I did… insisting I should find out what was wrong. So I set all of this up to keep the neighbors, friends & relatives all informed.

In 2006, I began measuring the angle of the sun and distances annually and discovered our planets axis had initially shifted about 800 miles (beyond its pre 1999 normal position). The axis was tilted 800 miles farther south in the summer and 800 miles farther north in the winter. This is why our weather, seismic & volcanic activity has changed from what we knew pre 1999.

By 2011, a series of smaller axis shifts between 2004 and 2011, many heralded by Tsunami’s in places like Japan, New Zealand, Haiti, etc (which you can see on had increased our axis an additional 400 miles (occurring in smaller increments) to a new axis position total of about 1200 miles from its normal pre-1999 position.

In 2013, the axis had remained steady at the 1200 mile position where it had been 2 years earlier.

In 2014, we saw the largest increase in our axis shift of an additional 800 miles to a total of 2000 miles increase in our axis (beyond the pre 1999 normal axis position). This basically placed the Tropic of Cancer from mid Mexico to the northern border between the US and Canada. When I saw how significantly we had shifted in just one year between 2013 and 2014, I warned that we would be subjected to record breaking Winter cold and precipitation and severe historic blizzards as a result of the significant increase in our axis.  Last winter did indeed break all records as I had warned.

Now, in 2015, the angle of the sun has decreased its position for the first time in the opposite direction by about 1200 miles. This places our current axis position at about 800 miles beyond our normal pre 1999 axis position. Basically, this places us at the same position I first measured the initial axis shift in 2006. I will have some additional info with more precise measurements to compare with my own, when one of my contributors  returns from holiday.

The planet is NOT repairing itself. This is NOT a good sign.  The only good news is the winter temperatures should be milder. However the extent which the polar ice melted and evaporated, will control how much precipitation, snow and flooding we will see. This is a separate issue from record cold temperatures and record storms because precipitation quantities are based on atmospheric moisture from evaporation and whether the Jet stream pulls warm air into Canada again forming massive storms and if it steersthem across the NE states again. The hotter the polar summers and the more the ice melts, the worse the snow and flooding will be for each year. Since this is the first reversion, I cannot predict the weather as easily as last year.

Please look at the photo I included below where I marked the changes I measured in the angle of the sun each June 21st so you can visualize what I am describing about the changes in the position of the sun.

The axis tilt angle is controlled by the weight of the south pole continent and glaciers which act as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the planetary balance. As the ice has been melting at a massive rate, the reduced south pole weight has allowed the axis to shift. Antarctica has been compromised as the gyroscopic anchor in maintaining the axis tilt. It has become ineffective in maintaining our original axis tilt as it continues to lose the weight of land based ice. We were at the halfway tipping point last year. It would not have taken much more ice to melt for the planet to shift the rest of the way onto its side.

What could cause a reversion of the axis tilt?

#1 Technology.

There is no possible method or technology we could have employed to effect any correction to the tilt of our planets axis. A shift of the planets axial tilt is simply over our heads and too big to effect any change. It would be like an ant trying to move a car parked on top of the ant hill. Humans do not have the capability of  correcting our axis. It is beyond our means to fix it… although we are quite adept at damaging our environment and escalating the ice melt.

#2 restoring the ice levels at the south pole would restore the axis.

We know this did not happen because it takes thousands of years to create & replace the massive amounts of glacial ice which have melted and caused our current axis shift predicament.

#3 Reducing the glacier weight at the North pole to lighten the load & restore balance. Reducing the top weight could minimize the shifting and increase the effectiveness of the south pole ballast as an anchor point in restoring & maintaining the axis tilt from slipping further or correcting the tilt to normal positions. Reduction of north pole weight could only occur by massive glacier melting and loss of all land based glacier ice weight at the north polar region. Most of the north pole ice is not on land and does not contribute to the planetary balance. The glacier weight is mostly in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, Canada & Russia. This is also one of the reasons why the planet will not flip upside down. There is insufficient weight at the top for a full inversion.

We know this did not happen because the sea levels for just the melting of glaciers on Greenland and Iceland alone would have risen over 30 ft above normal sea level.

#4 A wayward planetary body (asteroid or planet) affecting Earth’s axis with their gravitational fields.

Not likely. Any gravitational field strong enough to affect our planets axis would also have caused extreme high tide conditions and massive coastal surges. It would also affect the orbit and other behaviors of our Moon. So this is not the case either.

#5 The death wobble.

Just like a spinning top which begins to wobble just before it falls over, our planet may be in the process of beginning the final shifting of the axis where we will end up sideways. (Earth does not have enough top weight to flip upside down. We would end up sideways because the equator is the heaviest and largest circumference of the planet. This has apparently occurred 11 times in Earth’s past according to one scientist back in 2008 who found evidence of tropical growth at the polar regions and glaciers at the equator.

This death wobble is the most likely scenario. This reversion may be the final wobble of our planet before it shifts onto its side like a spinning top wobbling just before falling over at the end. However, things on a planetary scale happen much slower than in our own environment. So this wobble could be months or years before it makes the final shift. Where a toy top wobbles and falls in minutes, the Earths death wobble might take 4 to 10 years before it shifts over onto its side. It is now very important to keep a closer watch on the situation for any signs of wobbling or other changes. Perhaps it will stabilize and remain in this position. Or, we could see even more dramatic changes next year. It is essential that we watch this very closely. I hope that someone else will continue the annual measurements if I’m not around to do so next year.


I cannot think of any other reasons for this axis shift reversion. We will know better when we measure again next June. The axis shifted even more this year 2015 than it did between 2013 and 2014… just in the opposite direction this time. We are still shifted over 800 miles beyond where our axis should be. The sun is still rising and setting to the north where it should never be.

For those who are using the clock method for measuring the sunrise  and sunset… Here is a photo and an overview of how the changes in our axis have occurred over the past 10 years using approximate clock face numbers to indicate the angles. (I present it this way to keep it simple and easy for anyone to do.)

Here is an image of the measurements I have taken annually with the explanations below:

E solar angle changes

SUNSET & SUNRISE Changes seen in photo above

Pre-1999 (WHITE line)

The sun was setting at an angle of about 8 on a clock face and rising about 4 on the clock face. This was the normal configuration when the sun was never farther north than mid Mexico where the tropic of cancer was located.

2006 (RED line)… also 2015 on the same line

The red line is hard to see but this was the angle of the sun in 2006 where it was setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face. After the 2004 Tsunami shift of the earth’s axis, we had initially shifted about 800 miles farther south, placing the sun toward our north.

2011 (GREEN line)

The Green line was the solar angle in 2011 which showed the sun setting between 10 and 11 on the clock and rising between 1 and 2 on the clock face.

2013 (PINK line)

This was where the sun was located in 2013. It was setting  2/3 between 10 and 11 on the clock face and rising between 1 and 2. By 2011, we had multiple smaller axis shifts and tsunamis which had shifted us a total of about 1200 miles farther south and this angle remained stable through 2013.

2014 (YELLOW line)

This was a dramatic increase in just one year. The sun was setting above 11 on the clock face and rising above 1 on the clock angle. This was an increase of about 800 miles which increased our total southward shift of about 2000 miles.

2015 (RED line)… same line and solar angle as 2006

This year, we have a reversion of the solar angle. It is now, once again in the same place it was in 2006. The sun is once again, setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face. This is a 1200 mile reduction in the tilt of the axis in the opposite direction. We are still currently tilted about 800 miles increased axis tilt beyond where we should be. So we are still 800 miles farther south in the summer and 800 miles further north in the winter. The sun is still shining in our north windows. As I said, this is NOT the good sign you think it is. I believe it is a death wobble. We will have to check measurements very carefully next year to determine the situation. This is the second year in a row with dramatic changes. This was a definite wobble in both directions. I’m wondering what we will find next year. Keeping in mind, when dealing with a planetary scale, actions occur at a slower pace.


Timeline clues

However, we saw the gov’t frantically rushing to complete their underground shelters and nationwide maglev tunnel train network at such a panicked pace, they were causing ground subsidences & quakes across the country on a massive scale in 2013 with their tunnel boring machines and trying to blame it on fracking. They were even adding a second tunnel last Autumn while they were boring an additional set of tunnels for his highness GW Bush’s personal access to the maglev system from his home. The quakes these machines are easy to track by date and the tremors are usually below 4.0. Easy to spot since Texas is a Zone Zero earthquake zone. That means this is a Zero earthquake region. The first set of quakes was when they bored the first set of tunnels to his home in Dec of 2008 which you could follow northward as they bored the tunnels from his house to Denver. About 30 miles per month.

From what I can determine, the gov’t seems to be planning for some massive catastrophe to occur some time between 2020 and 2026. Unfortunately, it is a long time between solstices for our measurements so we can determine if we will see any further significant changes and whether we will see the wobble reverse directions again. Hopefully, our friends in Australia and South Africa will help us with their measurements in December. We need to know the situation more frequently as it progresses so we won’t have to wait an entire year for the next results.

The only good thing is the winter should be much milder this time… although we could still have a lot of precipitation depending on how much ice melted and evaporated and how the latest changes will affect the jet stream. We’ve already seen massive flooding in Texas. Between April 20th and May 31st there was 32 inches of rain in northern Texas. However, with the reduction in the tilt, the winter temperatures should be warmer than last year.

Here is an image showing where the sun was originally rising and setting on a clock face when the tilt was normal in Pre 1999 (the pink dots show where the sun is supposed to be rising and setting pre 1999).

The red dots show where the sun was rising and setting in 2012. I have posted this image a few times before but wanted to include it on this post as well for better visualization of the changes in the position of the sun due to our axis shifts. 2015 has the sun on the 10 at sunset and on the 2 at sunrise. So you can still see how far off the sun is when compared to the pre 1999 normal positions… despite the reduction in tilt… it is still off by 800 miles.

E axis Clock face2


(For those who question the star positions, please reference which provides comparative star position charts between these distances. The star positions from the official mid Mexico tropic of Cancer and the 2000 mile shift in axis last year are nearly identical and the minute differences are actually too negligible to see. When dealing with stars which are billions of light years distant, any  big movement on our planet does not equate to a big movement in stars. Also keep in mind that the stars are constantly in motion as the Earth rotates. You can compare the star charts which show the star positions at this increased distance of 2000 miles as they would appear on the exact same date and time 2000 miles from the tropic of Cancer which was the increased distance of the tilt last year.)

Recent Winter weather.

  • The 2014 shift increase was so significant from the 800 mile increase for a total axis shift of 2000 miles in 2014… I had warned everyone in advance that we would be having record breaking severe winter weather and heavy precipitation… which we did. Exactly as I had described.
  • The increase in our axis meant that we were 2000 miles farther south in the summer and 2000 miles farther north in the winter in 2014. That has now been reduced to just 800 miles in 2015. The death wobble.
  • The increased sun on the polar regions in 2014 caused massive melting and evaporation which gave us record blizzards and flooding.
  • The 2014 shift also affected our jet stream behavior which has been completely abnormal in shape and behavior and position for the past 10 years when compared with pre 1999 conditions. It was dipping down into Central America this past year.
  • Since we are shifted into the tropical latitudes during the summer, those hurricanes which used to generate in the tropical regions are now seen over the mid US as huge spinning land hurricane masses. Just 2 weeks ago, there was a perfect Land hurricane dead center over the top of Dallas. Don’t let anyone tell you this is normal. The flood waters still have not evaporated a month later. These tropical land hurricanes certainly were not normal before 2004. There are quite a few satellite images on the website showing these spiral land hurricanes have appeared over the central US each year since 2004. There are dozens of these satellite images listed on this page link. The motion satellite images also include imagery from the same timelines BEFORE the 2004 shift. So you can look at 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 before the axis shift on the same dates and times to see how the weather formations looked during those very same months and then compare the weather patterns with 2005 through 2007 After the shift so you can see the difference the shift has caused in the weather patterns. The images by month show one frame for each day of the month at the same time of day so you can see an entire month of  daily weather patterns for the same 3 months each year. Then compare with the after shift images. These are special, custom created weather satellite loops for anyone who is truly interested in how the shift has affected the weather patterns.  Here is the link to the sat images.

As I always remind everyone… the one thing the gov’t cannot do is to hide the sun. So everyone can see for themselves that the sun is not where it is supposed to be. It should never be farther north than mid Mexico (tropic of Cancer) at any time. The sun should never be shining into the north windows of any home in the US. Mid Mexico should be the farthest north position it reaches on the longest day each year, June 21st, the summer solstice.  The sun should never, ever be rising and setting to the north for anyone living in the US. You can still see the sun in the north throughout May, June and July as it gradually returns to its seasonal motions. I have also heard some absolutely ludicrous explanations from the gov’t hirelings trying to make it seem perfectly normal that the sun is on the opposite direction it should be. Don’t let them bamboozle you with nonsense tech talk in an effort to make you distrust your own eyes. It drives them crazy that this is the one lie they cannot hide. So they have to try to make you doubt your own eyes and question your own competence. Don’t let these loudmouth gov’t pitbulls intimidate you. They will try to shout you down and disrupt blogs and websites and insult or intimidate anyone with credentials. They can get quite nasty when they want to. I could tell you stories to fill a book. Needless to say, I don’t allow them on here. This is an honest site with respectable, verifiable data and information.

We have about 60,000 visitors who read our info each year and average about 250 to 450 per day. I am going to adjust the setup parameters to hopefully make it easier for everyone to communicate better. I did not hear back from a couple of our regulars such as our friend in Utah… so I will check those software settings.

I’m hoping we’ll hear from our Australia and South Africa followers for their Dec 21st solar measurements.

If you were unable to take measurements on June 21st due to weather or other problems… you can still do the measurements of the sunrise and sunset for the next week. Even if you can only see the sun on just one side of your horizon, that would be welcome. We can still get an idea a few days late since we aren’t making precision measurements. So be sure to let us know what you see.

You don’t have to do the noon measuring. That was just an extra option for those who were interested in extra comparisons. Not necessary. The sunrise and sunset (or even just one of the two) choose a clock face number position where you see the sun when it is in contact with the horizon. You can also use Google earth to find true north and to help you with the angles from above like you see in the photo I included above where I show the positions of the sun for certain years.

At sunset, the sun will appear to be quite high in the air and just as you get distracted while waiting, it will suddenly drop quite rapidly below the horizon between 8PM and 8:30 PM Daylight savings time and you can easily miss it. Be sure to choose a landmark near the position of the sun so you can compare it again next year from the same spot.

It would also be a good idea to start keeping records on the timing of the sunrise and sunset. This has also been changing. Just note the time of day when you saw the sunrise or sunset occur. Don’t go by books, almanacs, internet or anything else. We need to start keeping track of these changes as well and it will also help us to see just how deep the revisionist rewriting of documents and historical sources by armies of gov’t hirelings and pitbulls (aka: jackals) has become.

The past few years it was still too light outside to see the fireworks. In the 90’s, we had the fireworks at 9PM but it was still too light outside until 9:30 PM.

After the axis shift of 2004, it was still light until 10:30 PM and they changed the fireworks to 10PM but the first half hour was still too light outside and should have waited until 10:30 to do the fireworks.

But with the change in axis  this year, it is getting dark much earlier again. I noted the time of the sunset, but I didn’t note when it was dark outside since I usually do that on the 4th. But I think it was dark an hour earlier this year. I will check this week and confirm this. We can start checking these various issues and make notes so we will have all the details from this year if we see something unusual next year.

Keep in mind that the sunset times vary inside a time zone depending on your physical location. The times of the true sunsets vary on a sliding scale. If you live at the far west line of your time zone, your sunset time will vary from someone else who lives at the far east border of your time zone. It is due to the way we set up our time zones into large regions. It would be too convoluted to graduate the clocks precisely across the entire region having the town to the west be 10 minutes earlier than you. So they do it in regional blocks which is less than accurate and the time of sunset actually varies based on where you are located.

The one thing I would prefer would be to leave the clocks on daylight savings time all year instead of setting back each winter where it gets dark at 5PM. It is a real nuisance for people coming home in the dark or having a car accident or injury just because someone made us turn back our clocks during the shortest days of the winter for some political purpose.








June 20, 2015

Time to Check the sun position June 21st 2015

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It is time again to check the position of the sun so we can see if there have been any additional changes since last year.

Check the sun tomorrow at sunrise when the sun is in contact with the horizon and again at sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon. This will not work in mountainous terrain. You need a relatively flat horizon. But even if you only have flat land on one side, we will be happy to take it.

Use the numbers on a clock face to gauge the angle. Consider you are at the center of the clock. North is 12. East is 3 and west is 9. South is 6.  Face due north and picture yourself standing on a clock face and choose where on the clock the sun is rising and setting (When the sun is IN CONTACT WITH THE HORIZON). NOT in the air above ground.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, north of Mexico in the US or Europe or Russia… then you should be able to see that the sun is rising and setting to the north instead of south where it should have been. The sun should never be north of the tropic of cancer. It is at its farthest most point on June 21st the summer solstice.

But we are seeing the sun to the north where it should NOT be. Do not measure the angles while the sun is in the sky because it travels in an arc. Only check the angle when the sun is in contact with the horizon at sunrise and again at sunset. If you are in the mid US or mid Europe you will probably see the sun setting at an angle toward the north somewhere between 10 and 11 on a clock face. You will likely see it rising somewhere between 1 and 2 on a clock face. Pick a landmark or tree, etc so you can compare it next year to see if it has changed.

However, if you are in Canada or other far north locals, it will be different for you. The sun should be in different clock face positions for you. I am hoping to hear from some of you so we can better pinpoint how far the sun is off.

Optionally, You can also do a third measurement if you wish. You can use a post to measure the shadow at noon. You will need to have a post which is perfectly vertical using a level to confirm it is not leaning. You will need to include the exact height of the post and measure the length of the shadow it casts at noon and the compass or clock face direction of the shadow. I will need to know your basic location (closest city & country) and whether you are on daylight savings time. I do NOT need an address. Just a city state and country will be sufficient.

If you are on daylight savings time, you might want to get a second measurement at noon standard time (11 AM).

If you do not have a clear view due to weather problems, I will accept the measurements for the next 10 days. The closer to June 21st, the better. Just tell me which date you took the measurements.

If you had any doubts about the sun… just look outside. It is setting and rising to the north when it should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer which is located at the mid Mexico latitude.

I have repeatedly described how this is affecting the weather. If you had any doubts, did you happen to notice the land hurricane which was swirling over the top of Dallas, Texas this past week? It is because our axis has shifted us down where we are now located in the tropical region about 2000 miles farther south during the summer months. So we are being subjected to the coriolis effect of spinning hurricane weather patterns which frequently developed in the tropical regions. Now these hurricanes are developing spinning storms over the US on land… We are seeing these spinning weather systems 2000 miles farther north than usual because we are tilted farther south into that tropical region. You may also have noticed that Northern Texas had over 32 inches of rain between April 20th and May 31st this year. Also caused by our shift into the tropical regions during the summer months.

Did anyone happen to notice the jet stream behavior? It certainly doesn’t look and behave like it did 30 years ago. It was actually dipping down into central America at some points and up into Canada on other times. It is not the jet stream we all knew back in the 1900’s. Everything changed after the big shift of 2004.

Then during the winter, we are 2000 farther north and subjected to extreme cold and record breaking weather. The melting and evaporation of the polar regions is causing heavy precipitation… record floods and snowfall. Your measurements will tell us if the weather will get any worse this coming winter. From what I can see, it should be about the same as last winter but not any worse…. but last winter was as bad as it had ever been. We have seen continuously record breaking weather. But at least we do not seem to have shifted any more like it did between 2013 and 2014.

The more the south pole melts, the more the axis shifts. It won’t take much more melting before the entire planet shifts onto its side. It won’t require the melting of the entire ice sheet for the axis to tip. We are already at the halfway tipping point. One more major slippage of glacier from the south pole land into the ocean should be sufficient to complete the axis shift onto the side. It is just a matter of time… coming very soon.

The reason California has a drought is because the ocean water is no longer cold enough to develop the rainstorms needed to produce the wet weather. The shifting axis has affected the temperature of their ocean and currents. So they are missing the conditions which produced the rain. I would also recommend banning any type of rice farming. Just one field uses an entire lake worth of water… then they drain it for harvest and pollute the air by burning the fields and chaff… then they fill the fields again with water when the plant the next crop. One entire lake of water, per field, per year or per planting.  There is no reason to be allowing such horrific waste. Especially when there is excess Rice rotting in the Thailand warehouses going to waste while these Rice farmers in California are sucking up all of your water. I highly recommend you get together and have these rice farmers run out of town or make them grow something else. Any high water usage crop should be highly restricted (celery, melons, etc) but Rice should be banned completely. There is no sane reason to allow their pillaging the water from California to continue. There is plenty of world rice available without robbing California of its precious water resources. Here in the mid US, our farmers do not water their crops.

Here is a clock face showing how the sun looked in 2013 from the mid US on June 21st. The magenta dots are where the sun should have been rising and setting if our axis was normal like it was 30 years ago.

The red dots show us where the sun was rising and setting in 2013. It shifted more in 2014. We now need to know if it has shifted any more since last year. This is the reference to use when you measure tomorrow.

E axis Clock face2


Here is an image of the coriolis effect which affects the spinning of weather patterns.



May 23, 2015

Increased Volcanic & Seismic Activity

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The shifting of the axis is not only apparent in the weather changes and the position of the sun, it also affects the volcanic and seismic activity of the planet.

Our west coast has been subject to a series of volcanic and seismic activity during the past month in addition to shifting of coastlines which has ruptured oil pipelines as well.

Here is an interesting site on the latest volcanic and seismic activity which I think might interest you.

You can also access links to global seismic links and volcanic activity on


More Flooding

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In the past month, we have had nearly 27 inches of rain. That is more than 2 feet of rain in 30 days. This is north central Texas. The water  has pooled over a foot deep in standing water on our adobe yards like a swamp… not to mention swarms of mosquitoes and snakes. This is clearly not normal Texas weather. The temperature has even been in the 40’s. Not something we see after April.

I have both a digital weather system and an analog weather system to cross check these measurements. Yet, our honest national weather service still has us listed as a severe drought area on the US drought map. Which just shows you cannot expect anything the NWS says as valid. They are deliberately underreporting & misreporting the weather. You need to install your own digital weather system if you want the actual measurements and temperatures.

It has rained here on a daily basis for 2 weeks straight now. As much as 2 1/2 inches in a matter of hours and an inch per day average. This is from massive melting and evaporation of the polar glaciers creating increased humidity and increased precipitation.

We are up to our knees in standing water while California is drying out. This is the first time in 17 years that our lakes have been filled to capacity. It will take at least 3 weeks of totally dry, hot weather and full sunlight before these pools of water dry up in our yards. I am astonished our septic systems are still functioning with standing rain water covering the entire area. It is like a giant swamp over a foot deep in the lower spots and 6 inches deep on flat ground. We have also been consistently overcast for months now with less than a handful of days where we have seen sunlight. It is also still raining with no prospect of relief in sight. There is nothing but daily rain in the forecast for a week in advance… as it has been for over 2 weeks. So we may not have dry yards again for at least a month…. depending on whether the rain will stop.

Although I like the cooler, wetter weather when compared to our normal super hot, dry desert conditions… I’m not too fond of the mosquito filled, snake infested swamp conditions we have had for the past 2 months. This is Texas. Not Florida.

Nor do I like to hear about California drying up. California has a different problem. During the 13 years I lived in northern California, I noticed the weather systems always stayed offshore during the week days and the rains only came inland during the weekends. This was due to the heat bubble or wall of heat produced by the exhaust of bumper to bumper traffic and industry.

Tornadoes in the Midwest are also affected by these heat bubbles which make them veer around major cities where concrete holds heat and heavy traffic and industry are located. The heat of car exhaust and industry affects the weather systems. The increase in population, cars and industry and the loss of forests has affected those weather patterns in coming onshore in California. But now, with the shifting of the planet, California is 2000 further south in the summer and 2000 miles further north in the winter. This changes the temperatures & behaviors of the ocean currents. The changes in ocean temperatures has affected the formation of storms off shore as an additional problem. Thus, between the heat of pollution and the change in ocean currents & temperatures, California is no longer getting the storm systems it needs. Every part of the US is being affected by these changes. Just look at the blizzards in the NE US and the disappearing coastlines. It won’t be long before FL disappears altogether. The gov’t has been running bulldozers round the clock to shore up the beaches and widen the mouths of rivers and dredge to artificially maintain the coast lines. We can expect our planet to undergo many more severe weather changes as we continue to shift on our axis.

Even as recently as the last week of April, the sunrise and sunsets were already infiltrating through our north windows.

We also have these internet hirelings who try to disseminate disinformation through geometric formulas. This is to intimidate you from asking questions. All of the BS in the world will not change the fact that the sun is rising and setting to the NORTH of the US during the month of June. Every 3rd grade student knows the sun position should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico at any time of year. That is the farthest north point the sun should ever be on the Summer solstice, June 21st… the longest day of the year. So, when you see someone trying to buffalo you with formulas… just remember the sun should NEVER be north of mid Mexico at any time of the year. Thus, you should not be seeing the sun rising and setting to the north if everything was normal.

They can try to twist your perception and intimidate your confidence or loudmouths shaming you into submission. Or they will try to use star positions to confuse you. If you go to there are star charts which show just how similar the star positions are with a 2000 mile difference. The difference is negligible. Nothing you would be able to notice or measure… and you should also keep in mind that the stars are constantly in motion. The reason there is negligible  difference in the star positions between these latitudes is because the distance to the stars is so vast. A 2000 mile difference in the stars we see between viewpoints from mid Mexico to the Canadian border is very nearly identical which you can see for yourself on the star charts.

But, as I have told you many times… they cannot hide the sun from you. Ignore anything you have been told by any of us. Just look out your north window in June at sunrise and sunset. If it is rising and setting to the north of Mexico… you can clearly see the sun is not where it is suppose to be… with your own eyes. Don’t let anyone twist the truth of what you can see.

The weather changes are just the tip of the iceberg… quite literally. We will know if there has been any additional shift of the axis since last year when we are able to see the measurements of the sun this coming June 21st.

April 24, 2015

Flooding & weather monitoring

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Just in the past 5 days, we have had 9 inches of rain in Texas and it is raining again at this very moment. We have lovely pools of water formed on top of the adobe in our yards as much as a foot deep. Our yards are giant ponds now. It will take at least 3 weeks of dry weather to evaporate. The water moccasins are quite happy with it as are the frogs. I haven’t seen this much rain here in 17 years.

It is all due to the axis change which you will be able to clearly see in the month of June when the sun will be 2000 miles farther to the north than where it should be… due to the fact that our planet has shifted on the axis.

Are you ready to believe our massive weather changes are a lot worse than what your gov’t is telling you? Have your official weather reports been off by as much as 10 degrees and are they reporting half the amount of precipitation? I still remember how the weather channel set up on the heaviest traffic interchange this past February where the rush hour exhaust had melted the snow and were claiming that tiny smattering was all the snow we had received… while less than 1 mile away and across the entire metro area, we were covered with over 6 inches of snow. This is how they are falsifying the weather reports.

The gov’ts fix for the global weather changes due to the axis shift is to lie about the weather conditions, misreport the temperatures and falsify precipitation levels. So I highly recommend you should do what I did and purchase a digital, wireless weather station which measures the rain, wind, temperatures, humidity, pressures, forecasts, etc. It runs on solar power and transmits the data to a digital readout in your house. The only thing it does not do well is measure snow. You can do that with a yardstick. I bought mine at Lowe’s. I don’t remember the price but I think it was under $100 when I bought it a few years ago. Probably a little higher now. Well worth the price. Then you will have accurate weather instead of the phony revised weather to make you believe the weather is less severe than it really is.

We already know the weather is being caused by the axis change. The point of this post is to encourage you to obtain your own weather monitoring equipment and measuring systems rather than relying on the lies. Your local meteorologists cannot say anything except what has been sanctioned by the NWS and NOAA without losing their licenses. It doesn’t matter if we have had 9 inches of rain because the NWS will tell them they are only allowed to admit to 3 inches or some other ridiculously modified figure. Start taking control of the information by doing your own measuring so you will know what the true situation is. Plus it will help you see just how much they have been lying to the public.

At this point, most of my mature trees are all dead. Between the weather changes, the sun changes and the aluminum poisoning from the chemtrail fallout, I have dead and dying trees all over my property. At least a dozen are falling over because the roots are dying and the entire trees are pulling out of the ground. There is no disease or insects in the trees. They are literally falling over and pulling out of the ground. Those which have not fallen over, have died at the outer ends of the branches and only have leaves near the center of the tree close to the main trunk.

There are cheaper versions of the weather monitoring stations but they require you to empty cylinders and physically measure the rain. Or come with multiple parts to assemble or mount. It is really impractical. My ACU-Rite system has a one piece outdoor monitoring station which automatically measures the rainfall without any human intervention or effort and drains the water. I bought mine at Lowes but they can be purchased at other locations. I have included a link so you can get an idea of what the weather station looks like. It was easy to mount on the rail of the back deck where it can be charged by solar power. It comes with a digital readout for inside the house which plugs into AC and has a battery backup. I’m sure you can find it for lower prices. The link is just to let you see what it looks like. I don’t know anything about the vendor or website.

Don’t depend on the propaganda you are being fed by the gov’t weather services who are holding our meteorologists hostage by their licenses if they should dare to tell you the truth.

The entire point of these posts is to keep you informed and educated and prepared.

Here is a link to the weather station I use. It is a no fuss system which requires no intervention or maintenance except to keep leaves out of it. Check with Lowes. They may still carry these. Don’t settle for lesser systems. Just mount it on the rail of your back deck where it has full sunlight. Then place the readout inside your house. I keep my readout receiver next to my chair and computer. It also provides the indoor conditions as well as the outdoor conditions. You can also buy some of those cheap temperature gauges to mount in the shade and sunlight to compare if you wish. I always make sure I cross check my data with multiple sources before posting it.

As I said, I don’t know anything about this website or vendor. I just wanted to show you the weather station I use. I have had mine for several years without any problems.



April 5, 2015

Reliable Scientists

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I am going to start a list of reliable Scientists… those who have been punished or dared to risk their necks to tell the truth despite efforts by the gov’t and Energy companies to silence them. This will be a continuing list which I will update as I receive more info. Please use the comment feature to send me the names, websites and info about Scientists who should be added to this list. If you do not wish to have your comment published, please note this on your comments. I personally moderate all messages to keep the gov’t attack hirelings off of here, so I will see your request to not post your comment. I will update the names and info for any scientist who has earned our trust in being truthful about the climate and other planetary issues. I am going to start with the few names I know who deserve our respect and have sacrificed to tell us the truth in their respective fields of expertise.  This doesn’t mean they are the only ones and this does not mean they agree with me about the axis shift. But they have valuable information to share and have been punished by our gov’t for refusing to lie or to destroy their research such as free energy from seawater.

It is time we start standing together and supporting those who are risking their necks for our benefit.

Jim Berkland

Berkland devised the only reliable method of predicting earthquakes despite criticism from envious  wannabes.  His methods include a combination of Lunar orbit positions, tidal patterns & animal behaviors resulting  in highly accurate results. He successfully predicted numerous major earthquakes within a week of their occurrence; including the 1989 Oakland Quake and  the March 2011 Japan Quake.  His refusal to withhold his predictions from the public cost him his job as Santa Clara County Geologist he held for 21 years.  He placed the public welfare above his own and refused to withhold his predictions from the public.

His website:

Wikipedia article: (keep in mind that the gov’t hirelings like to trash renegade scientists whom we should herald for their bravery and sacrifice to bring you the truth.)

Bart Bibler

Florida EPA scientist who was suspended for speaking out against the Exxon pipeline and using the banned phrase “Climate Change”.  He is still fighting for his job.

Stanley Pons & Martin Fleischmann

These two scientists who discovered “Cold Fusion” were mercilessly attacked & destroyed by the leeches who present themselves as our scientific community. They were unceremoniously ridiculed & attacked by their peers who sold out to the US gov’t stance & their funds were frozen & denied.

The motive behind these attacks were generated from our oil & energy companies who “OWN” our US politicians. The energy companies do not want development of any cheap or free sources of energy production which would certainly bite into their profit margin. So they sicced their political minions on shutting these brilliant scientists down & had the gov’ts puppet scientist community ridicule these men using gov’t grant money to pressure compliance & other federal funding sources to gain the participation of puppet scientists to attack every aspect of Pons & Fleischmann’s experiment & the entire subject of Cold Fusion.

Our gov’t sent out their piranha  hirelings to destroy Cold Fusion for the benefit of the Energy Corporations and to make Cold Fusion such a stigma label like “Conspiracy Theory” in order to destroy the credibility & reputation of any scientist who dares to research this field. Every supporter was forced to back down to save themselves.

This is the heinous power of our Energy corporations who utterly control our Executive branch, Presidents & Congress. Both scientists left the US for Europe but did not realize that our US Gov’t & Corporations also extend their control over most international gov’ts who also have to play ball because they are subject to crushing debts of loans from our gov’t & our corporations who would destroy their economies. Our gov’t also controls the foreign leaders who are elected as well. Our CIA used to assassinate any foreign leader they didn’t like & sent out their Jackals to create political unrest. If you have any doubts just check out our post WWII controls of Europe & Asia. Our CIA interference with the governments of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, central America, Korea, Japan, Phillipines, France, Cuba, etc. Not to mention the false flag attacks where our intelligent operations pretend to be terrorists. I personally know some of these intelligence operatives involved in these false flag incidents; Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, central America, Panama, Cuba, 911, WTC, Pentagon, Viet Nam, Cambodia,  Thailand, Myanmar, China, South Korea, etc. Only Venezuela & north Korea managed to defend their ground.

Did you know that Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State had negotiated an Agreement with North Korea that the US would supply fossil fuels to them in exchange for their not using Nuclear power, etc? It was George W Bush who defaulted on the Agreement; cutting off their supply of  fossil fuels. Thus, forcing North Korea (who does not have fossil fuels) to seek nuclear fuel sources. Making it look like their fault. He forced them to go with Nuclear. If not for this deliberate act by GW Bush, we would not be dealing with a North Korea nuclear issue today. Bush also deliberately incited the Iraq false wars for his Haliburton buddies to profit & to grab Arab oil fields. In Nov 2001, Bush also defaulted on the Global Chemical & Biological ban treaty as well; & refused to allow a US representative to attend the conference. Bush also squashed the Kyoto pollution treaty for his corporate buddies. If you do not know these things, you should take the time to learn. The crooks are in control & you have a world of information at your fingertips on the internet. Knowledge is Power.

Do not underestimate the corrupt power of our Energy Corporations who literally control our gov’t. They make JR Ewing look like a preschooler when it comes to their crooked international scams & political control. Like they said at Watergate, “Follow the money” and the false corporate shell games where they launder their money & donations. Especially in Caribbean Island bank accounts.

Most scientists are rotten to the core. Gov’t puppets willing to sell out & destroy fellow targeted scientists at the behest of keeping those cheap energy & fuel substitutes off the market. These puppet scientists fill their pockets & accolades doing the gov’ts bidding. The gov’t does the Energy Companies biddings. There is no low too low for them to stoop. We must support these few respectable scientists willing to risk their reputations & careers for the public good. Without our support the gov’t & Energy companies will crush & break them. We will be the losers in these battles.



If you know another scientist who should be added to this list… please submit  their name and info using the comment feature for this post. If I feel the person merits our trust, I will add them. If they are disingenuous gov’t puppets, they will not be added. You may request to keep your comment from being posted and I will only post the info you wish to provide.






April 4, 2015

Oceans, Weather Changes, Nuclear reactors & Climate change Terrorism

I normally don’t post comments this often, but when I saw the 600 – 1000 daily visitors worldwide who check this site on a daily basis and the 60,000 different visitors who came onto this site just in 2014 plus the surge in visitors after the Blizzards and Droughts on the news, I felt compelled to offer whatever info I can. Of course, the most critical info will come when I do the annual measurements of the sun in June. I hope you will all join me in taking those measurements. I will post instructions in June, so be sure to check back. That will be the most critical month. The solar measurement results will help to reveal any dramatic changes we may expect to see in our weather… like the additional shift I measured between June 2013 and June 2014 enabled me to warn everyone of the severe record winter storms and blizzards we experienced… 9 months before they occurred. Just using simple, primitive measuring techniques gave us an insight the gov’t and their hirelings failed to provide. They have no intention of keeping the public informed.

I also need to bring attention to the scientists and gov’t employees who are being terrorized, suspended and fired for speaking the words “Climate change” and the pressures to change their reports and wording to meet an unwritten ban on these subjects. So we have mafia tactics being used to silence those scientists and gov’t employees who wish to be truthful in their reports and to the public. It is far worse than any of us could imagine and I have included some additional info about this below. Now you know why you haven’t heard anything and how the truth is being silenced with threats and punishment. Remember Galileo?

I hope everyone got the chance to see the coverage of the Ocean, weather, South Pole glacier melting and droughts on the Aljazeera news channel. If not, they are showing it again in about a half hour. Normally, I don’t watch this channel and never thought I would watch this channel. But I have been impressed over the past week in their professional, quality reporting of issues such as our environment and droughts on their Tech specials. I was pleasantly surprised. Their regular news still has too much politics, too much war and too much middle east coverage for my preference, but I highly recommend their Tech coverage and the factual, unrevised reporting professional quality on global stories such as the Germanwings flight or the sailor stranded at sea for 66 days or the VA hospital scandal without twisting the stories or turning it into an opinionated free for all like I see on CNN, MSNBC, HLN or Faux. So if you get a chance to see their episode tonight on the subjects I mentioned, I highly recommend it. In fact, I am going to publish this post in increments before I finish writing it to give everyone a chance to see the repeat of their TechKnow program tonight and the Florida nuclear plant story is on right now.

In their coverage, they showed how the glaciers on West Antarctica (south pole) are melting at a phenomenal rate. This will increase sea levels by many feet. But more importantly, the south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of the Earth’s axis. We are currently at the tipping point so it wont take much to shift the planet the rest of the way onto the side. What is even more scary is how the nuclear power plant in Florida Turkey point will be flooded with just a 6 inch increase in sea levels. According to this TV program, they are expecting an 11 ft increase in sea levels from the south pole glacier melt in the next 20 years. This does not mean it will take 20 years for any sea level increase to begin… that 6 inch increase will occur by 2020 if not sooner and continue to rise. A single hurricane storm surge will be more than enough to create a Florida Fukushima. The TV program also talks about how the entire state of Florida will be under water and how the gov’t punishes any employee for suggesting moving the population away from these coastlines. I think those in charge of our gov’t are true followers of the NWO Georgia Guidestone which says to maintain humanity at 500,000,000. You can’t reduce to those population levels without losing the major population centers on the coastlines which are homes to over a billion people worldwide. So if you listen to the gov’t, they would ask you to remain in your burning house and trust them. At some point, you have to think for yourselves and use common sense as to what you need to do.

12 years ago, I spent 18 months working on a project in Florida. I discovered the ground water levels were just barely 1 foot below the soil level… at that time. Yet, the everglades were nearly totally dry. This was brine water… saline. I arrived one morning to find our new water filled ditch with a big alligator inside (crocodile… whatever it was).  Seems he preferred a tiny covered trench to the luxurious giant ponds and fountains connected by endless canals in that area. Who knows why a croc does what he does? However, the water has since begun to fill in the everglades again from both below and above as the sea levels increase.

If the rising ground water levels were that high 12 years ago, I would shudder to think what it looks like now. No one seems to be wondering what is going to become of the millions of people living in Florida… not to mention places like NASA, the USAF launch facility, Disney World, etc. You know without a doubt that Florida is slowly flooding and the gov’t does not deny the water levels are continuing to rise… so why is anyone continuing to live there? Why isn’t someone doing something about this? That should tell you just how interested the gov’t is on saving anyone. They don’t plan to. They will head for their shelters in Denver without one word of warning to the rest of us. You will be on your own, without infrastructure and under the control of FEMA, Red Cross and the National Guard troops at that time… and they won’t be feeding you or helping you. Read my other posts & comments about this issue. I spent 2 years on a major metro Emergency Management Agency. I do know what I am talking about.

In addition to the Turkey Point Nuclear power plant on the Florida coastline which has just barely scraped by after escaping surges from prior hurricanes… it is not the only Nuclear reactor on the US coastline which should be of concern regarding the danger of hurricanes and storm surges. For instance, there were 3 private reactors which you never heard about on the coast of Texas near Port Arthur which were hit by the Galveston Hurricane. They immediately dispatched military to take control of the area and the journalists were escorted around by the military in “approved” areas and kept away from touchy issues like reactors. So we never saw the condition or even the locations or uses for these 3 reactors or what damages or conditions they endured from that storm. We are fortunate to even know they were there. These are not the only ones. In addition to a plethora of reactors lining all of our coastlines, there are mothballed nuclear vessels from the Navy which are parked in Virginia because they are too radioactively hot to decommission for another 30+ years which would not do well in a storm. California has another shipyard full of mothball ships near Vallejo.

How does rising water and storms affect nuclear plants and reactors? Ironically, they require power from an outside source to COOL the reactors and circulate the cooling ponds for spent nuclear fuel rods. They cannot run the circulation pumps from the power created by the same reactor they are cooling so they depend on power from an outside source. If those power lines are damaged by a storm or go down, then the backup generators go online. Some require manual start. But these generators are damaged by storms when they are flooded. This is what happened in Japan. The Tsunami wiped out the external power sources, destroyed the backup generators and scammed the reactors. Without the cooling pumps, the reactors began over heating as did the spent fuel rod pool over heating which began producing hydrogen gas by boiling away the water. The hydrogen collected in the containment buildings then exploded and blew off the roofs of the containment buildings.

Then the reactors melted down through the casings and the spent fuel pools cracked and drained out the water. One of the reactors used plutonium fuel rods which catch fire when exposed to water… unlike the other 3 reactors which needed cool water on their uranium fuel rods. So then we had burning radioactive fuel rods, melting reactor containment vessels which burned through the core containment vessels. Radioactive smoke, steam, water and fallout spewed by the volumes into the upper atmosphere contaminating not only the local region… but every global country in the path of this radioactive cloud and fallout which continued for months. Not to mention the runoff of contaminated water being sprayed onto the reactors which washed into the oceans… and even when collected by barge… they went and dumped it into the oceans elsewhere… so I don’t see the benefit they gained except moving it away from their location but it still contaminated the oceans and was found in Tuna off the coast of San Diego just 5 months later. Not to mention the horrific radiation exposure & cancers of the US sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier who were under the fallout without warning as it literally snowed down upon them.

So the US simply used our military to HIDE the problems with the private reactors after the Galveston hurricane to avoid the Japan scandal. Our gov’t lies to us.  We have no idea how bad it was. They also hid how bad 3 mile island was and I knew people who died from Leukemia less than 10 years later. There were hundreds of victims which you never heard about who were silenced by a court order to receive money for their injuries and medical care. They are all dead now and they are trying to cover it up… so I have included a couple links you should read to see just how honest our gov’t is about nuclear dangers to the public. You may think it is safe because you have not heard anything. They are not telling you the real conditions of the private reactors, military reactors, gov’t, university, medical, sea vessel, weapons, missiles and public power utilities reactors concerning accidents, storm damage, leaks, releases of radioactive venting… etc. So, think of this the next time you see a hurricane, storm or tornado hit a coastline or anywhere a nuclear reactor might be located. How much danger are you in when the next calamity occurs?

Then there was the Al Jazeera coverage of the oceans affecting weather patterns. They had a biologist who said she never considered that the currents and temperatures of the oceans affected weather and climate. These younger under educated gov’t hireling scientists are so tunnel visioned on their own projects that they cannot see the big picture on the most basic of weather patterns. This is grade school stuff. Cold and hot temperature interactions create the storm fronts needed for producing rains. I find it beyond belief that our scientists are so blind. It is indicative of the poor quality of education these days.

One university professor of energy at Berkley said they were told they do not want to hear any Scientists,  professors, employees or contractors using the words “climate” and “Change” together in any sentence. Especially in reference to the state of Florida. So they are even controlling what the scientists and university professors say and teach. All the scientists are tied to gov’t monies through grants, contracts and gov’t controlled facilities or tax dollars. Many who play the game are not any better than the CIA hirelings. They either refuse to see beyond their noses while others have been threatened with their livelyhoods if they speak up about any of these conditions. Many have selective tunnel vision regarding anything but their own projects. The world scientists are controlled by foreign aid, US pressures, threats, loss of job, loss of career, pressures of corporate loans & business from US entities. You will not hear any truth. You will have to peel out the truths one layer at a time starting with what you see with your own eyes. There are only a tiny handful of us willing to speak out.

Monday, April 6, 2015 on the  Al Jazeera channel Techknow program, they are doing more coverage on the flooding of Florida and other global weather changes which you may want to watch. Also, Al Jazeera’s “Inside story” is also doing an expose on how the gov’t is forcing the scientists to change their reports and change the wording to lie to the public and have been fired and suspended for not omitting these unpalatable truths from their reports. Appearing on this report, Bart Bibler from the FL EPA was suspended for his opinions on environmental hazards and for taking a stand against the Energy company pipeline and speaking about climate change which is an unwritten forbidden subject. There was an unwritten ban on expressing any such negative comments  about the environmental concerns or any mention of climate change.  The gov’t employees and scientists are scared for their jobs. Many are being terrorized and they are coming forward to speak about this on this program. This channel will be running environmental programs during the entire month of April so I hope everyone will watch. It is very well done and surprisingly different from what I expected to see on a news channel by that name. It is so far, the only channel which does not seem to be controlled by the US gov’t controls and censoring so watch it while they are still providing open and honest coverage of these forbidden issues.

The reasons the ocean currents and temperatures have changed is because the planet’s axis has shifted. You cannot expect to have the same currents and water temperatures with a 2000 mile positional shift in the summer and winter months. Add that to the changes in the air currents and jet stream patterns. Plus we have increased humidity and moisture from massive glacier melting which is continuing to dump glacial ice into the oceans, changing temperatures, sea levels and salinity. Melting faster because the sun is now more direct over each respective pole during the summer for each hemisphere. The shift has also changed the flow of currents and the weather patterns. So now we have areas with severe droughts and others which are flooding. This is what happened to northern Africa and Egypt eons ago; changing lush tropics into the Sahara desert. This will be the fate of the southern US. If we continue to chop down the forests and jungles, we will see these areas dry up as well. You cannot have tropical rain forests without the tropical forests.

Stealing water to grow crops has been the bane of California water loss for decades. Now, with the axis shift, the land cannot recover due to the weather pattern changes. You also need cold water ocean currents interacting with warm air temps to create the rain storms which fill the reservoirs, lakes and snow packs of California. They need to cover those barren hills with thick trees and forests to cool the land, promote the rain storms and change the weather patterns. They can temporarily use Chemtrails like they do in Texas and Saudi Arabia to produce the rain to water these new forests and produce mountain snow pack until the forests have grown to sufficient levels. I’m sure Californians would volunteer by the thousands at this point to help plant new trees and might even volunteer to buy 10 new trees each for this effort. They might even volunteer to keep them watered. It will also help stop the mudslides and fires to have young, green trees. Drought stricken areas also need to spread out the work day over 24 hours to cut the wall of heat and pollution  produced by traffic jams and industry which blocks the flow of storms from coming inland from the sea. They also need to place a moratorium on building homes and new businesses until they have recovered enough proven water reserves to handle them on a regular basis.

While they claim the production of desalinating sea water requires too much energy, we have seen that there is more than enough solar, wind and geothermal options to make this a cheap, affordable process which these farmers and the public water reservoirs can employ. These excuses are nothing more than political dogma driven by the Energy corporation gluttons who don’t want free, renewable, non polluting energy to be used which could be realized by the public that it is a viable option… far better than making these oil and energy corporations richer. Stop listening to these lies that solar, wind and other renewable resources are insufficient. They are not and are established, cheap sources of energy currently being employed and the number one biggest threat to the Energy corporations who run this country and own every politician running the US and all other countries they have set their sights on.

The public needs to make their presence known in these issues like they did on legislation in Indiana. The public and large corporations who drove those issues should turn their efforts to help California and crush the control of the energy corporation tyrannies. You cannot make a difference by sitting at the computer sending emails and commenting on blogs no one will read. Yes, I see the irony in the comparison. You can take on these oil companies one at a time. Instead of refusing to buy gas for one day… refused to buy gas from ONE particular oil company at a time… such as starting with Exxon or Chevron. One at a time, boycott all the gas stations their company serves. You can buy from any other station. Just not the one being targeted. After you break that one… then go after the next. By the time you get to the third company, I guarantee they will change their tune… just like those state legislator’s and politicians who were dead set against changing those other Laws. This is how you take on the Energy companies. One at a time. Never all at once. They cannot make money if you do not buy their products. It must be a total boycott of one brand and the sub brands they serve. Do not go to the next until that one has broken.

Read my articles on drought and blizzards and weather changes to understand more about how the axis shift has affected the weather. It does no good for me to keep hammering at the same thing, over and over again to people who have already read these statements a dozen times in my other articles or comments. So if you have not yet read these articles and about weather, chemtrails and other issues… please access these through the menu on the side bar where I have made these posts all available. Keeping in mind, some of these are over 8 years old and new info improved my understanding as I continued to research and measure and analyze the situation. Also, be sure to check the website below for info on seismic, volcanic, Tsunami’s and other things which have been affected by the axis shift.

As always, all of the info on the website is verifiable and includes the links to the original sources… respectable sources like NASA, USGS, Smithsonian, NOAA, FEMA, ESA, SOHO, etc. You may need to reload the links for them to appear. Also remember that they cannot hide the sun and you should check the sunrise and sunset position with your own eyes in the month of June if you live in the northern hemisphere. (In the month of December if you live in the Southern Hemisphere). Then you can see with your own eyes that the sun is not where it is supposed to be. Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

The gov’t will try to confuse, intimidate, discredit or ridicule by claiming the shifts to be in centimeters rather than hundreds of miles in order to shame you from asking. They load up the internet with paid hirelings & loudmouths to shout you down and create disruption and abuse anyone who questions by trying to make them feel stupid. (They are not allowed on here). Use your own eyes. Don’t let anyone intimidate you from checking these things for yourself. Don’t expect some joker on Ask or some other site or paid gov’t scientist or hireling to tell you the truth. If they are still lying about Roswell, what makes you think they will tell you the truth about this? They will not tell you anything that might disrupt the economy, the workforce, the flow of money and their profits.

This info is for your benefit. Not mine. I already know the truth and have nothing to gain. You can validate all the info on the website below which provides the links for all sources of info… and remember to use your own eyes to verify the sun is not rising or setting at the tropic of Cancer (located in central Mexico) in June where it should be on the summer solstice June 21st . The sun should NEVER be north of any location in the US at any time. So take a look in June. Especially on the longest day which is the farthest north point the sun should be. Don’t check it in the sky since the sun travels in an arc. Check it at sunrise and sunset in June when it is in contact with the horizon and you can use landmarks to spot the positions. The land must be flat. Mountains will skewer the results.

More info on the June 21st measuring will be posted in June.










April 1, 2015

ITYS Droughts, Blizzards, Flooding, Water shortages, record temps…

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I have repeatedly warned that the change in the axis is affecting our weather and conditions across the world. We are shifted about 2000 miles farther south in the summer (which is why we see the sun rising and setting to the north of the US in June) and 2000 miles farther north in the winter (which is why south Australia sees the sun setting to the south in December and why the south pole is melting so rapidly). As we lose the south pole ice, we are losing the gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of Earth’s axis tilt.

The jet stream has now been dipping deep into central America because the planet had shifted. A pressure system bubble has formed over the central US forcing arctic air patterns to target & besiege the NE US and Nova Scotia with record storms and precipitation while blocking the storm systems in the Pacific from coming inland into California. So the weather is parked off shore. Also, the warming currents are producing less storms which require a combination of cold and hot to form a storm system.

Enjoying 80 degree weather? Just wait. The severe storms are not over yet. We can expect drastic alternating patterns for the next 3 weeks. Since the initial shift in Dec 2004, spiral coriolis effect weather patterns which look like hurricanes have been forming over the central US in April & May scooping arctic air from Canada and hot air from the Gulf which results in alternating hot and cold weather every few days in April and May.  See my extensive collection of these annual spiral weather pattern images over the US and comparison images for the years prior to the Dec 2004 axis shift… when these weather patterns did not exist… until after the shift… which are continuing to occur. Here is a link to those satellite images of these central US spiral weather patterns.

In June 2014, I measured a new significant increase in the axis from the previous year and I warned everyone to expect record cold temps and blizzards this winter. The added glacier melting has increased the humidity, moisture and precipitation which equates to high snowfall, blizzards and floods. Unfortunately, the changes in axis position has altered the sun position and weather patterns.

Back in 2006 and 2009, I warned that this change in planet axis would affect weather patterns and cause desertification of some regions while turning others into swampland. It would also produce violent changes. The earth has reportedly shifted onto its side at least 11 times in the past. We cannot invert upside down because there is not enough land weight at the north pole to flip the planet upside down. The next heaviest area on our planet is the equator… with Central Asia being the heaviest area pulling the planet over onto the side… which is why the Dec 2004 tsunami hit the southern coast from Africa to SE Asia since that was the focal region of the axis shift.

This is what happened to Ancient Egypt. It used to be lush and green at one time with canals dug right up to the base of the pyramids so the stone barges from the quarries could be unloaded at the pyramid rather than dragging it from the river. (This is something you can see by satellite despite what archaeologists say. They cannot understand these are not roads. They were canals.) We had glaciers in Africa and the Sahara was once green. Now it is desert. We also have many areas of coastlines now underwater which used to be above sea levels when the glaciers covered most of the US and Russia and Europe. (Stonehenge were moved to the site over frozen ice. Like gliders.) After the glaciers melted and retreated, these coastal areas as recently as after Cleopatra’s life, have been submerged… like the Bimini roads.

As we shift and the weather patterns stabilize, we will see the desertification of the entire southern US. Just in the last year, I lost over 10 mature trees. Dead in a single year. It doesn’t help that we are stripping the jungles and forests of trees and polluting the air and water. We reap what we sow… unfortunately, those who are most responsible are going to be the ones surviving in their fancy shelters bought by our money… either through taxes or money we spend on corporate products.

This shifting process also alters the temperatures of ocean currents and has affected the way storms form off the west coast over the pacific. There is nothing we can do to stop it… unless we stopped all pollution immediately and hoped we could avoid that final shift onto our side. But we are already shifted to the halfway point on the tilt… we are right at the tipping point on the edge of a precipice.

California is now 2000 miles farther south in the summer with the rest of us, so it is now experiencing the weather conditions of central America in the summer. The extreme dips of the jet stream into central america, spiral weather patterns and pressure bubbles over the central US have blocked the onshore flow of rain into California. They could use Chemtrails to increase storms and precipitation like they do in Dallas but the aluminum compounds would contaminate the California produce and water. However, they might want to consider chemtrails at least for the northern and eastern areas of the state over the Cascade and Sierras to produce snowfall in the mountain ranges.  Also, if we can pipe natural gas and oil across the country… we could certainly pipe fresh water from the Great Lakes to California. There is also Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, Crater Lake, Mono Lake, etc. to enhance water sources for short term relief. However, they must also place a total moratorium on building houses and new businesses. If they cannot supply the population they have, then they cannot support new ones. This should go for any drought region.

I wasn’t the only one who warned about these water shortages and other shortages all slated for 2020.  Check the shortage news links on this page:

Here are a collection of articles about drought predictions & climate changes for California dating back as far as 1994, 2005, etc. This is a very sobering set of articles which warned about this situation and was laughed off by the gov’t scientists and public. Look who is laughing now…

You cannot expect the planet to undergo such a dramatic shift in axis tilt without affecting the weather. It is imperative that we keep a close eye on this and help provide measurements of the sun position every June 21st. I will post a note about this in June to remind you. We are already at the halfway tipping point now. It wont take much more ice melt at the south pole for the axis to shift the entire planet the rest of the way onto its side where our poles will be horizontal. Don’t let the presence of ice in Antarctica give you a false sense of security. It will only take another large chunk of ice lost from the south pole continent to tip us the rest of the way. Don’t expect any help from the gov’t. They don’t even plan to tell you. They will simply retreat to their fancy Denver underground shelter cities powered by pipelines of unlimited natural gas and all of those missing warehouses of FEMA supplies and underground farms and nationwide underground maglev trains and leave us to fend for ourselves under FEMA, Red Cross and National guard troops to corral, control and contain us. As the Georgia guidestone says… maintain humanity at 500,000,000. We may not believe this but the elite and politicians in their underground  shelters believe in the NWO and they are quite prepared to survive at our expense. We are nothing but vermin to them. They have taken efforts to save everyone they believe is worth saving… all the rotten ones who created these problems with their destruction of our environment.

We can only hope some super tsunami floods the continent during the final shift and drowns them in their tunnels…. why do you think they chose the highest elevation for their fancy shelter?

More info can be found on







March 26, 2015

Magnetic poles, inversion, crust slippage & other hypotheses

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Here is some info on some of the “other” ideas and comments I have seen floating around the internet plus a few of my own.

#1 Inversion (upside down)

There is not enough landmass weight or land-based ice at the north pole to invert or flip the planet upside down.  Ice floating on water does not add weight or sea level increase to affect the balance of the planet. It merely displaces the water. When the planet makes its final shift, it will shift to the next heaviest point which would be the equator which is slightly larger than any vertical circumference and is also the heaviest area of landmass. Particularly, the Eurasian continent would likely be the heaviest point but the rotation would continue as before, even after the planet has shifted horizontally on its axis like the planet Uranus.

#2 Axis shift measurement changes

Our world gov’t “cover stories” would have you believe that these Tsunami’s only shifted the planet in ridiculously laughable amounts  measured in centimeters. This is the gov’ts effort to ridicule & discredit & spread disinformation to make the public feel stupid for having the audacity to ask. Deliberate gross underreporting is a method used by the gov’t hireling puppets & jackals to intimidate the public and make you feel foolish by giving you completely absurd miniscule amounts. Didn’t you feel ridiculous when you looked up and found these tiny reported shifts? That was the idea. To admit to the shift but make the amount so miniscule that you would feel ashamed  for asking. Plus they are trying to make the rest of us look crazy. Frankly, I don’t give a rats a$$ what they say because I already know the truth and cannot be intimidated by attacks and lies. It makes no difference to me whether anyone believes it or not. I have nothing to gain and they have everything to lose if the truth comes out. You are the ones who will suffer if you buy their ridiculous attempts to condescend & intimidate you.

If you live in the US… all you need to do is to look at the sunrise and sunset positions in the month of June (at the point where the sun contacts the horizon) and you can see with your own eyes that the sun is located to the north of the US. It should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer in Mid Mexico at any time. You should know this from grade school science.  That is not an axis change of centimeters as our gov’t puppet scientists claim. It is a change in hundreds of miles. Approximately 2000 miles farther north than it should be in June.

(See clock face below) Consider you are standing in the center of a clock facing true north. 12 is true north and 6 is south, 9 is west and 3 is east… In June, you will see the sun rising between 1-2 on the clock and setting between 10-11 on the clock face (at the point where the sun is in contact with the horizon). If the sun and axis were in the correct positions, the sun should be rising at 4 and setting at 8… to the south behind you.

Here is an image of the aprox changes in the sun’s position as of June 21 2014. The red dots are the current (June 21, 2014) positions of the sunrise and sunset from the central US on this date where it should NOT be if the axis were correct.

The pink dots are the location of the Tropic of cancer in Mid Mexico where the sun is supposed to be rising and setting. This is not a shift of mere centimeters. This is a shift of aprox 2000 miles… or more. Look for yourself this June. The gov’t cannot hide the sun. Don’t listen to puppet rhetoric. You can clearly see the sun is not where it is supposed to be. You don’t have to believe me either. You should remember this from grade school. Don’t let the gov’t intimidate you. Do your own thinking by checking the sun with your own eyes.

The two red dots denote the current (June 21, 2014) sunrise and sunset in June as seen from the central US due to the axis shift.

The two pink dots denote the normal sunrise and sunset in June where the sun should be if the axis were normal in June as seen from the central US before the shifts began to occur in 2004.

E axis Clock face2


#3 Wobble

If the planet was wobbling on its axis, the sunrise and sunset would not be rising and setting at evenly placed positions on the horizon. There is a slow wobble over thousands of years called Precession. But if we were wobbling daily, it would have to be a perfect wobble which only occurred at midday which would be unlikely. If we were wobbling annually, then we would not have the perfect opposite position of seeing the sun 2000 miles farther north in the summer and 2000 miles farther south in the winter. This is indicative of the static angle of our axis shift which has basically doubled from our original degree of axis tilt. There is a slight wobble of a few miles but not enough to be discernible to the naked eye. Here is a link describing the types of precession.

#4 Magnetic north

Actually, they claim the dipole magnetic north is located at the south pole… but for the sake of argument… we are talking about magnetic north as the direction in which your compass needle points to the north in this post. True north is the center point at the center of the north pole where the planet rotates on its axis. Magnetic north is the location where your compass points. At one time, magnetic north was in Canada. It continues to move farther north each year and is actually closer to true north than it has ever been in the past couple hundred years which is just the opposite to what I had heard.

Keep in mind that the center of the earth is a molten magma of a conglomerate of melted elements and ores under extreme heat, pressure, planetary rotation & gravitational field of the orbit around the sun. The magma and molten metal composite are in constant motion caused by heating and cooling action of the currents of molten materials flowing inside the core. Similar to a lava lamp. When such temperatures exceed white hot, they become an eerie iridescent blue in color which you can see inside a nuclear reactor. I suspect that the earth’s core is so superheated it is likely a nuclear blue color at the very center of the core until it surfaces and mixes with oxygen and ground waters where it erupts as a red hot Lava.

You won’t see this info anywhere else. This is my personal opinion… I do not believe Earths center core is solid like they are now claiming. It is junk science and another attempt at revisionism to gain 15 minutes of self-serving, unmerited attention while making a mess out of our science texts.

The temperatures at the center of the earth are so hot and the pressures are so extreme, there is no element capable of being solid under those conditions at the center core of the earth. This should be the hottest point on our planet with the highest pressures. So hot, the center should be blue like you would see in a nuclear reactor. The diagrams you see depicting a red earth’s core should actually have blue in the center, surrounded by a ring of white, another ring of yellow, another ring of orange and a final outer ring of red magma. The densest components (heavy metals, lead and iron) would likely reside in the center of the core, surrounded by the less dense ores and metals circulating in the outer rings.

This is my rendition of the core heat rings with the hottest nuclear blue in the center with each outer layer slightly cooler.

E clr earth core

These molten metals still contain magnetic properties but they also flow and move within the core as you might see in a lava lamp where the heat forces the materials away from the heat source which later drop back toward the heat source when they begin to cool. In the case of a planetary core, the materials would drop toward the center as the cool and rise from the center as they get hotter. This type of constant flow occurs within the core of the earth which creates, affects and alters the shape & behavior of the magnetic field it creates. The rotation of the planet helps to keep the core centered, hot, under pressure and active with the centrifugal motion. It is the quantity of iron contained in the core which dictates the strength of the magnetic core for any planet. The core composition materials vary from one planetary body to another.

As the axis shifts, this will change the relationship of the molten materials flowing in the core and their behaviors. While this following photo shows convection flow, I believe it is actually more of a circular motion like you would see in a stew pot or a lava lamp except rising from the center outward in circular spiral pools. Not vertical as in the photo. In fact, when thinking of the coriolis effect which is what drives spiral gravitational effects on storms, draining water, etc… think of a sphere covered with tornadoes where all of the tornado tip tails are pointing toward the inner center of the core and the tops are facing away at the outer edges of the mantle. Not in vertical coils like the photo below. Thus, gravity travels in spirals, not straight lines and the spinning is reversed based on the polarity of the hemisphere.

E convection_rolls

The only way the magnetic poles would “flip” would be if the earth began to rotate backward. If the earth were to invert upside down, then it would appear to be rotating backward but it would actually still be rotating the same way as it always had… just upside down. I believe the planet Venus is like this. But as I said in the previous segments, earth does not have enough top weight to physically invert completely upside down. Only onto its side. The iron content is what generates the magnetic field. So there is no danger of magnetic inversion unless our scientists come up with something stupid like placing monster sized particle accelerators (larger renditions of Cern) at the north and south poles. (They wouldn’t do something stupid like that, would they? It’s hard to tell since the most recent images of the north and south pole we are allowed to see are dated 17 years ago in 1998… and even then they obscure the central pole area. Isn’t it interesting that Russia, China, Japan, Europe, etc., can all see what our gov’t is doing from their own satellites… but our gov’t keeps all of this info and imagery concealed from the public… who pay for all of this with their hard earned tax dollars the gov’t carelessly splurges).

It is the thickness of the crust and the actual centering of the core within the earth and flow of molten magnetic iron materials which pinpoints the location of magnetic north versus true north. So the amount of pressure changes from volcanic activity between the tectonic plates under the oceans and release of pressures from volcanic ranges can allow thinning of the crust at those locations or offsetting the center of the core which allows the magnetic north to shift slowly over the years. But it wont shift away from the poles even if the earth tips onto its side unless the rotational characteristics change… which is unlikely. We will continue to rotate at the same speed and direction even if the earth is on its side. Other than a rotation change, the only other problems which would affect the characteristics of the magnetic field would be from a severe loss or change to the earths central core position, pressure, magnetic components or temperatures.

#5 Basic Gravity & Rotation concepts

The physical size of the core and planet also relates to the gravity of a planet. Mostly, it is the size of the core than the size of the planet where the planet has different outer characteristics such as a gas giant which affects mass and density. Mars is half the size of earth and has half the gravity. The moon is 1/6 the size of earth and has 1/6 gravity.  Venus is nearly the same size as Earth and has almost the same gravity.

Being in the orbit of a planet or sun also helps maintain the internal action, pressure and heating of the planetary core and rotation. A planet or moon which is not in orbit and free floating for eons is likely to have a cold, inactive core and no gravity or electromagnetic field. If the core of a planet or moon was cold and not active, it would not produce the electromagnetic fields, gravity or metered rotation. It could be spinning erratically from being hurled out into space by a force or large event, but not a regular, clockwork rotation which is caused by the reaction of the planet magnetic poles interacting with the sun’s magnetic poles… or a moon interacting with a planet in a similar fashion.

A cold core would be the same as a dead asteroid or rock in space without any gravity. It may have magnetic properties like a chunk of magnetized iron but not generating an electro magnetic field like an electromagnet we see in active planetary cores. It would not produce gravity without an active core. However, if the theory that orbital process controlled the gravity was correct, then the gravitational pull would not so closely match the size of the planet and core and the gravitational intensity would have been based on distance of orbit and speed rather than the physical size of the planet or moon. If the theory that the rotation of a planet controlled the gravity was correct, as has often been suggested, then the moon would have no gravity since it does not rotate. However, this could indicate that the core of our moon is cooling or missing the necessary magnetic elements to create the magnetic field required to interact with earth where the like magnetic poles would cause it to rotate.

However, the inertia exerted from orbital forces does create down pressures on the planet and core similar to spinning around with a bucket of water which does not spill due to the inertia from the spinning motion. While this does not create the gravity or the electromagnetic fields, it does affect mass, pressure and characteristic behavior of the core. The orbital field also maintains the rotation action of the planet as it interacts with the magnetic polarization properties of the sun. The rotation of the planet is similar to the way a super-cooled magnet will behave and spin when placed next to a like magnetic pole which causes the second magnet to repel and spin. The repelling force of the like magnetic pole of the planet interacts with the like magnetic pole of the sun and causes the planet to spin (rotate) like the super-cooled magnet analogy. The down force of the orbital inertia keeps the planet in a static spinning position which prevents the planet from spinning off and repelled into space and away from the sun the like a  magnet. So the magnetic poles cause the planet to spin (rotate) while the sun’s gravity and orbital inertia keep the spinning planet captured in a steady orbit. Creating a controlled spin or rotation.

If the planet completely inverted, the molten core would not invert with the planet… the same way the fluid inside a rubber ball would not turn upside down with the ball. The liquid in the center would maintain its perspective and would still be affected by the rotation and orbital forces. It would certainly stir up the molten center, but not invert it. All magnetic north poles appear to be aligned in the same direction by the galactic forces. I think we will see this throughout the galaxy and possibly a universal constant. I would think this also applies at the atomic level as well. If the magnetic poles were to invert with the planet, then that planet would be attracted by the sun instead of repelled and would end up being pulled toward the sun.

I believe there is one planet in our solar system which rotates backward in the opposite direction from the other planets. This situation would be caused by a planet which had inverted upside down on its axis. But its magnetic properties would still have north on top, otherwise it would not spin and would be pulled into the sun by the magnetic opposites attract principle.

If Earth had been top heavy, then we would have the potential for inverting upside down when the axis shifts. But the north pole does not have sufficient landmass to create a full inversion to counter the weight at the south pole… so the Earth will end up rotating on its side like the planet Uranus. The Earth will only return to a normal upright axis tilt when sufficient ice weight has reformed and restored the anchor point at the south pole enough to force it back into an upright position. Since this has happened 11 times in Earth’s past, this pattern of behavior will likely continue until some surviving population gets smart enough to ensure that the ice levels at the south pole are meticulously maintained to ensure it does not occur again… at least until the sun begins enlarging with age in the far distant future and makes the planet uninhabitable.

#6 Shifting crust over core

This is a non issue since the earths core is molten surrounded by a solid crust. The molten materials freely move inside the center of the earth’s core at all times. It is like filling a rubber ball with liquid. If you change the orientation of the rubber ball by rolling it sideways, the liquid inside is going to act independently depending on the viscosity of the fluid and the action of the rotation of the spinning rubber ball on that fluid inside as the ball rolls onto its side, still spinning. So to talk about the earth’s crust shifting over the core IS the design of the planet due to our molten core which is always in motion. Similar to the characteristics of a lava lamp. Heat creates a constant flow of circulating molten materials as the conglomerate of different molten elements and ores cool and reheat like the materials within a lava lamp except the source of the highest heat in the earth’s core is at the center and not the bottom. Convection is the circulation of those molten materials under heat and pressure and material densities. The core is also subject to the effects of the constant rotation & magnetic fields as well as the planetary orbit and effects of the sun’s gravitational field. So the molten core will always react independently of the solid crust until the day it finally becomes cool and solid. There is no abnormal slipping of the crust around the core. It is a ball with viscous liquid in the center… and behaves accordingly when the tilt is altered as it continues to rotate and orbit the sun.

#7 Star positions, GPS & Satellite dishes

See the previous post on star charts, blizzards and bizarre weather which includes detailed info and photos. There is also detailed info about the GPS system, satellite dishes, star charts & weather which can be accessed on

This is my previous post on star positions including images of  star charts

#8 Revisionist History

There is a lot of junk science going on in most of the professional fields. Trashing the theories of predecessors just to replace them with their own feeble substitutions. I think the most absurd claim is the one where they believe the moon is a conglomerate of space rocks which smashed together and subsequently heated. A child would know better than this feeble hypothesis currently in use. Or the similar giant impact hypothesis. Ridiculous. Clearly, the moon and the earth were molten when they formed… hence the spherical shapes. If they were from a collision or conglomerate they would not be spherical… but that logic seems to have escaped them. Liquid takes a spherical shape in the vacuum of space. Grade school science.  So, either the moon was formed as a separate body from the same spinning vortex of heated materials as the earth and was pulled into orbit or it was a piece of the earth which separated just before it was starting to cool. The way you see a drop of water divide. If you look at a view of the Pacific Ocean on Google Earth, you can see this area could easily be the scar of separation for the moon while both were clearly still molten. Like other liquids which are spherical in shape in a weightless vacuum, the liquid sphere can be separated into multiple spherical spheres which all would reestablish a spherical shape. Hence, earth could have separated into two bodies creating our own moon while it was in a molten state.

However, when you talk about the moons of mars, both of those moons are clearly chunks of rocks from some large asteroid which entered orbit as they passed by. Neither of Mars moons are spherical. Common sense tells you that spherical planets and moons were all formed while molten. Those formed by collision are irregular such as the moons of Mars.

While we are at it, that planet Uranus is pronounced U Rain US…. not Urine US as the historical revisionists would have us believe nor is it Yur anus either. I still have dictionaries from the 50’s to prove it.

  • Renault= Ren AWLT. NOT Ren OH
  • Homage= HAW maj NOT OH mazh.

We need to stand our ground against these ridiculous revisions & public brain washings. Don’t be a puppet. We also need to boycott any site or institution which omits Pluto. We don’t have to stand for this absurdity of rewriting history. In fact, there are supposed to be about 12 planets in our system out near pluto; 3 which they never added. But they changed all the books just because one group of jerks decided one morning in 2006 that they didn’t like Pluto anymore? Pluto orbits the sun, it rotates, it has gravity and it has 4 moons. That makes it a planet in my book regardless of the size or what some group of amateurs say.

#9 Planetary balance

As I have mentioned, the south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains the balance of the planet and the tilt of the axis. As the glacier ice melts from the Antarctic continent at an alarming rate, this has allowed the Earth to shift on its axis. We are now at the tipping point which you can see for yourself simply by looking at the  current position of the sunrise and sunset during the month of June. You can clearly see how far north of the US the sun is located when it should never be north of the tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico. Most of the axis shifts have created Tsunami’s which were usually also accompanied by earthquakes.

As the ice melts at the south pole, it allows the planet to shift on its axis. However, it will not be necessary for ALL the ice to melt for our planet to shift onto its side. This is a false comfort zone. The earth will shift onto its side long before the ice melts. We are currently at the halfway tipping point where only a tiny amount of additional melting of south pole ice will generate the final shift of the axis onto our side while there is still plenty of ice cover at the Antarctic. So remember, just because you see ice at the south pole, it does not mean you have plenty of time. In fact, we have run out of time and it is only a matter of enough melt to tip us the rest of the way onto our side where the poles are rotating horizontally. This will create enormous tsunamis and extreme summer and winter weather and temperature conditions which will wipe out massive levels of human and animal life on the planet, not to mention vegetation. Survival will be very precarious and mostly in the tropical regions after the initial tsunami’s flood the continents and reach a stable condition.

To avoid repeating everything, here are my previous posts on pertinent issues:

My post on how the south pole affects the axis shift.

My post about Tsunami’s

My  post on Blizzards & Bizarre weather








March 8, 2015

How Antarctica (South Pole) Ice Loss causes Earth’s axis to shift

Here is some basic information on how the melting of the ice at the south pole causes the earth’s axis to shift. I am posting this due to recent questions. I had previously responded with a comment reply but thought a full post might be helpful and also allows me to embed additional images below and various links to articles.

Added Note: I will also not be posting any comments showing ice at the south pole to claim we are in no immediate risk for the final shift. We are shifting right now including another significant shift between June 2013 and June 2014. That should be of concern to everyone. As I explain below (& someone failed to read) we do not have the luxury of waiting until ALL ice melts from the south pole. We are already at the half way tipping point. It will only take a minor amount of additional glacier melt for the planet to shift the remainder of the way. The ice is melting at an alarming rate with severe melting from the glacier base and rapidly flowing into the ocean. It wont take much loss of ice to set off another shift. So when you see ice covering the south pole, don’t let that be a comfort factor for you. The planet axis has already shifted by about 2000 miles. It wont take much more to shift us the rest of the way. Although I do not normally watch Al Jazeera TV, they are running an excellent series of climate change and Antarctic ice melting all month with a special they are running this very afternoon on the ice melt. This will give you an idea of how fast the ice is melting regardless of whether they think it is associated with planetary shift. The scientists have been threatened and suspended from their jobs for even using the words climate change. However, you can see the change in the position of the sun with your own eyes in June. The gov’t cant hide the sun. I wont be posting any naysayers claiming you have until ALL the ice melts to worry. They can bury their heads in the sand elsewhere. We don’t have that time. We have already shifted at least 5 or 6 times since Dec 2004, the Indonesian Tsunami. I post what I believe to be the truth based on extensive scientific research & measurements as a courtesy to inform the public since the gov’t has tried to squelch all efforts in order to hide the truth. It makes no difference to me whether someone believes it or not. I already know the truth. I have  nothing to gain. This is for your benefit, not mine. I have provided the details, images and links below to explain how the south pole ice affects the axis and shifting of our planet.

The south pole acts like a gyroscopic anchor point which maintains the balance of Earth’s axis. As the ice melts, it allows the axis tilt to shift. The more the land based ice melts at the South Pole, the more the Earth’s axis will shift. To understand how the ice at the South pole can affect the entire balance of the planet and how melting of ice could allow the planet to shift, you must first understand that the south pole (Antarctica) is the size of the US & Canada combined and larger than Australia. It is covered with a glacier of ice over 2 miles thick. This is an incredible amount of weight which has been rapidly losing chunks of the glacier the size of Germany at a phenomenal rate. A result of our pollution and industrial mismanagement of the environment. Once the land-based ice breaks off or flows into the ocean, the weight is disbursed into the sea.  During our winter months, the sun is now 2000 miles farther south due to our present degree of shifted axis and is now melting the south polar ice at extremely accelerated rates. This is why most axis shifts and Tsunami’s occur during our winter months when the sun is hottest at the south pole. Satellite images have shown that the south pole and Greenland ice has significantly decreased reflectivity which indicates the ice is undergoing a severe meltdown from the bottom of the glacier which has accelerated the rapid destruction of huge areas of the glaciers as they slide into the sea. This bottom melting has been visually confirmed in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and the south pole. This vast amount of melting should have been a process which once required thousands of years and has now been reduced to a matter of months. None of the scientific timeline predictions are valid in this runaway glacial destruction by their own admission. However, they now expect extensive loss of the west Antarctic glacier between 2020 and 2026.

To understand the enormous weight of a glacier, it not only has the power to move rocks the size of houses and sheer off mountain ranges, carve valleys and produce the great lakes… the land will often increase in elevation and significantly rise after the ice has depleted. It takes a lot of weight to block the upsurge of a landmass. You know how heavy a chunk of ice is when you hold it in your hand… now imagine the weight of a sheet of ice 2 miles thick the size of the US & Canada. That is what maintains the balance of our planets axis to act as a gyroscopic anchor point which kept the tilt of Earth’s axis in check. (Think of a rubber ball floating in water with silver dollar weights representing the various landmasses and glaciers. As you remove the weights at the south pole, it allows the ball to shift its angle in the water. This is how our planet behaves in space within the orbital snare of the sun. Have you seen how objects behave in space or how liquid forms spheres in a weightless environment? That is why the planets and moons are mostly spherical. They were formed as molten spheres and trapped within gravitational fields into orbiting the sun. The spheres rotate as the magnetic fields interact with the sun… such as the way like magnetic poles repel. If you have seen the super cooled magnet experiments where the magnet spins above the other magnet when the two like polarizations interact, that is how our planet rotates. Since there is no friction in space, this allows the object to spin on its axis indefinitely in space while caught in the orbital attraction of the sun).

When our planet shifts onto its side, it will continue to rotate horizontally like the planet Uranus and will continue to orbit the sun alternating between extreme weather and temperature conditions with each season based on the direction the axis is pointing during that season. If you think about it, since earth is a round ball and the sun is a round ball, even when the earth is lying horizontally on its side, the rotation will still have the sun rising in the east and setting in the west during the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. The main problems which will occur, will be during the summer seasons when (depending on which way we slip) the north pole will be directly facing the sun for 3 months and the south pole will be facing away from the sun in total darkness for 3 months. This will produce extreme heat and constant daylight with no night or darkness in the northern hemisphere and extreme cold in the southern hemisphere… far beyond any survivable temperatures. In the winter, the opposite will apply. The south pole will be facing the sun and the north pole will be in total darkness away from the sun and extreme freezing temperatures for 3 months. This is why I selected the tropics as the most temperate zone to survive. Spring and Fall will moderate between the extreme variances in temperatures with extreme super storms.

If our horizontal angle is perfectly perpendicular to the sun in Spring and Fall, then the sun will be directly aligned over the equator during the equinoxes and will begin to move toward one of the poles as we orbit the sun to summer or winter when one pole will always be facing the sun on the solstices. (this is a little difficult to explain clearly in words. You have to be able to picture the way our earth would behave as it orbits the sun keeping its same perspective direction (always pointing at the same location in the galaxy) as it orbits the sun. This causes the perspective with the sun to alter as it does now to create the 4 seasons. The only difference is that we would be tilted onto the side horizontally instead of a 23.5 degree tilt and severe changes in weather and temperatures.

00 2B 90 AxialTilt


However, we don’t have the luxury of waiting until ALL the south pole ice melts to begin to worry. So don’t assume we are safe as long as there is ice. Our axis has already shifted to the critical halfway tipping point. We are now at a tilted angle of about 50 degrees instead of our original 23.5 degrees. 45 degrees is the halfway point of  the distance of the angle. So we are already past the halfway tipping point. It wont take much more loss of Antarctic ice to shift our axis the rest of the way where Earth will suddenly slip completely onto its side where the equator is our next heaviest point. The planet will not invert upside down because there is not enough land or land-based ice at the north pole for a complete inversion and  that is unfortunate. We would do much better upside down which would only reverse our seasons; as opposed to a horizontal shift. According to one scientist in 2008, our planet has shifted onto its side 11 times in the past. Our mismanagement of the planet has accelerated this to where we will probably witness this shift in the near future based on our annual measurements of the continuing axis shifts.

The gov’t is concealing the level of damage to the south pole from the public or the problem with the shifting axis. They don’t want anything to disturb the economy. They want everyone to go to work and spend money and keep the elite and crooked politicians rich until the very last day when they retreat to their Denver shelter leaving everyone else behind to suffer the consequences without one word of warning.

If you go onto Google earth you will see that the most recent photos for the south pole are dated 1998. Even then, you can see the devastation of glacier destruction is horrific so I shudder to see what it looks like now, since it is currently 17 years later than the photos they are showing us. Remember, all of the shifts have occurred since 2004 which is 6 years after those photos were taken. At least two of the glacier sections lost in the south pole were the sizes of Germany and Rhode Island. I will include some of those 1998 satellite photos below along with some links below. But that was 17 years ago. I will also provide photos and links I can find on more current glacier destruction.

This doesn’t include the issue of rising seas. The loss of Greenland ice alone will increase the sea levels by 29ft. Current satellite reflective measurements show the entire glacier is severely melting from the bottom which will send it careening into the oceans at a dramatic rate of speed. The same situation exists in the South Pole. Severe melting from the bottom, undercutting the glaciers grip on the landmass. Losing all of the ice will raise the oceans by 297ft. But that will occur long after we have shifted onto our side.

Just remember, we are currently at the tipping point… half way to shifting completely onto the planets side where we will rotate horizontally. If you do not believe it, just look at the sun during the month of June if you live in the US and you will see the sun rising and setting to the north when it should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer in Mid Mexico. Don’t take my word for it. You can verify this with your own eyes. I know I say this every time to make sure you take the time to verify this for yourself. Don’t dismiss this simply because you do not believe me. Look for yourself in June.

Since we are already at the halfway tipping point, it will not take much more loss of ice to shift us the rest of the way onto the planets side. Perhaps just one more of those ice shelves sliding off the south pole land mass will be all it takes. Based on the comments made by our gov’t and their frantic rush to complete their shelter in Denver and their nationwide tunnel system linking all the USAF bases & key metro areas to their shelter, it appears they are expecting a calamity to occur between 2020 and 2026. This is just a SWAG. It could happen before or after that date… but it will be soon from all indications and changes in the measurements of the continuing increases in the axis.

Here is a little info on their tunnel systems. I have photos of the TBM’s and crews and have known people who worked on their tunnel and shelter systems. I posted some of these on other posts. Here is a link to photos of TBM’s on yahoo images.;_ylt=A0LEVwi1Ev1UDpsA6itXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZnNnMjV0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUlDMV8xBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=tbm+tunnel+boring+machines&fr=sfp&fr2=piv-web

Their gov’t elite shelter under Denver and tunnels are all complete. They are only adding extra bypass tunnels at the moment, in case one of their main tunnels becomes damaged or impassible. They are all ready to use their fancy shelters to save the worst corrupt elite of our country. If you live in one of the G20 countries, your governments are also doing the very same thing. There are currently hundreds of these Tunnel boring machines running nonstop worldwide to save the worst of our society and leave the public (who paid for the costs) to die without any warning… not even at the very last moment.

The 2020 SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) date is based on their own comments about severe shortages and their rush to complete their shelters & tunnels which became so haphazard that they were causing ground subsidences across the country in 2013 at an atrocious rate… and blaming it on their cover story of “fracking” to hide their true activities. You can track those tunnels by using the earthquake Icons on Google earth for tremors between 3.0 and 4.2 (actually just about any quake under 4.2 where you can see nearby low quakes and you can track them by the successive dates on nearby locations as the TBM’s continue to dig their tunnels toward their destination). In some soft soils, they can bore as fast as about 50 miles in 2 or 3 months. The latest one I noticed is a secondary tunnel for Bush’s Dallas home about Oct 2014 which could be seen in the area of Irving and west Dallas, TX. This was his new West tunnel from GW’s Dallas home which connects to Taos where there is a large interconnect terminal for the tunnels (hence, the Taos Hum). It used to have an underground turntable and repair terminal for the older trains before they upgraded to maglev trains. Those older underground trains caused the Taos Hum which plagued residents for years until they were replaced with maglev trains. Each tunnel has room for at least 2 trains and the option for 2 levels. The machine not only bores the tunnel, it also removes the dirt and places concrete connective rings around the tunnel walls as it continues to proceed forward.

To understand how large these tunnels can be, consider the tunnel under the English Channel where multiple lanes of traffic can drive from England to France in both directions. These are enormous tunnels systems. From Taos, NM, one tunnel goes to Dallas. Another tunnel goes north through Norad, Peterson AFB and Denver. Another south to Los Alamos and a west link to Dulce and Nellis Range. Most of the major USAF bases are connected to the tunnel systems; Edwards, Randolph, Offutt,  Wright Patterson, Nellis, Vandenberg, Andrews, Kirtland… just to name a few. With connections to Northrup Grummon skunk works which has about 42-47 levels underground near the border of CA and NV Nellis range. I know someone who worked there and 6 who worked at Groom Lake and one who worked at Norad. I’ve seen the air vents for the underground facilities under the Randolph runway perimeter and have been to Wright Patterson as well. So I’m not speculating. These are facts I know. Bush’s main Dallas tunnel to the Denver shelter was being built in Dec 2008 and could be traced through OK in Mar & May 2009 enroute to connect to the Denver shelter tunnel system. These are easy to track because Texas is a Zone Zero earthquake region. No natural earthquakes.

2020 is just a SWAG on my part based on gov’t statements and behaviors but it also coincides with the expected loss of the entire western half of the Antarctic ice between 2020 and 2026. They do not plan to warn the public. I’ve also mentioned several times that I used to be on one of the major emergency management agencies for a couple years for one of the largest metro areas in the US… and I can assure you that FEMA and the Red Cross and those Emergency management agencies have no plans to rescue. Only to corral, control and contain any survivors by armed guards in large arenas without providing any sustenance or supplies.

For those of us who paid for these shelters and maglev train tunnels for the corrupt elite, politicians and corporate crooks who caused this travesty in the first place… those of us who manage to elude FEMA and the national guard containment efforts and lockdowns, will be left to fend on our own without any warning whatsoever. Those who survive the mammoth Tsunami’s produced by the final shift, which will flood entire continents (like in the movie 2012) will have to deal with mass destruction and elevated sea levels in addition to flooded continents. We have seen evidence of previous shifts in Utah and Nevada where the remaining tsunami flood waters finally evaporated after thousands of years, leaving only the salt deposits behind. Why do you think there has been so much effort by various groups like LDS to save the records of our civilization, world seed banks, DNA banks, etc. They are endeavoring to save what they can but zero efforts are being made to save the population living on the coastlines. Just like Japan in 2011, there will be mass destruction of everyone and everything in those areas.

Remember the Georgia guidestone which says to maintain humanity at 500,000,000. We may think this is a joke… the New World Order and 33rd level Freemasons (Illuminati) take it quite seriously. You have to remember there is a huge difference between the regular Freemason business community members and those elite who are 33rd level illuminati such as the Bush’s. They have knowledge of the most deeply protected secrets. All those conspiracy theories which you might scoff at have been under their protection. Don’t expect any ebe’s to save us. They don’t want us here either. We are just an overpopulated left over which is trashing the planet.

The best region to inhabit while the planet is rotating on its side would be the tropics above the 300ft elevations (after the tsunami’s have occurred)… however, fresh water will be a problem due to the contamination by sea water & chemicals from flooded industry. You will need mountain spring water and a place to grow produce, fruits & grains. There will be no utilities, no medicines, no food, products or vehicles. Everything will be lost during the Tsunami floods and the survivors above ground may have to deal with roving hordes of violent mobs who would kill you for your supplies. Not to mention those ruthless crooks in the underground shelters who will be well armed with stockpiles of supplies to sustain them with the intent of becoming ruthless overlords to control the survivors as a subservient workforce and terminate those who do not acquiesce.

If this seems laughable… I recommend you take a look at where the sun is rising and setting in the month of June. Then go online and read the Georgia guidestone for yourself regarding maintaining humanity at 500,000,000 and look at the original murals in the Denver airport which was built above the entrance to the underground shelter city by the New World Airport commission.

We have already seen the Tsunami’s caused by the axis shifting which are often accompanied by earthquakes as a byproduct of the shift. We have had numerous axis shifts & Tsunamis since 2004. The more the south pole ice melts, the more tsunami’s we will see as the planet shifts from the loss of the gyroscopic anchor point.  The largest of which was the Indonesian Tsunami of Dec 2004 which killed a quarter million people. Major shifts have occurred in 2004, 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2014 which currently has us  tilted about 2000 miles farther south in the summer and 2000 miles farther north in the winter. This severely affects our weather and temperatures. The melting ice and evaporation causes increased humidity, precipitation, floods & blizzards.  It also causes changes in the weather patterns, storm development and severity, changes in the jet stream, patterns, bizarre weather behavior, stronger storms, hotter summers and record cold winters.

I apologize for repeating info but if someone is reading this article for the first time, they may not know the info I have already posted so I try to include the basics on each post. You may also wish to read the previous posts on Tsunami’s, Blizzards, weather and increased axis slippage. There is also an article on chem trails… the gov’ts desperate attempt to cool down the weather. They are still doing it. I just saw more of them a couple days ago. Ironic how they will spend billions of taxpayer dollars to spray the skies to create cloud cover and billions to build themselves shelters and tunnels… but not one penny of effort to control the pollution causing the ice to melt. We have more than enough solar & wind technology to power the entire planet and the technology to have pollution free vehicles. We could all put solar panels on our homes and tie them together to create more than enough power to run all of our communities along with wind power as a supplement… but the Energy corporations run our planet and our gov’t. Every politician is bought and paid for. Just check their corporate boards of directors on the Energy, Oil and Auto corporations and you will find our executive presidential cabinet members on all of their boards… Directors on at least 20 different corporate boards each with full salaries for each board… with particular emphasis on the Energy corps, the auto companies, the financial companies, Insurance companies and key top 100 corporations. Just check our previous presidents cabinet members to see what corporate boards they were on while they were serving on his cabinet. So you can be assured that the energy corps have free reign to pollute and use fossil fuels and glom onto nuclear subsidies to their hearts content no matter what damage it does. They all have seats in the Denver shelter as do their lapdog politicians. You can forget about voting in your candidate. Those electronic machines are all rigged. Just read the newspaper articles about how the machines were found to be deliberately misaligned so that every vote for one Party went to another… especially between 2000 and 2008. This was on the news and newspapers in San Antonio and Dallas during each major election. So it is not conjecture. The company which made the machines was owned by a Republican Senator. One voting machine company is located in Texas. Even the old type machines were crooked as discovered by a Louisiana candidate who tested the machines herself and found 2/3’s had been rigged to provide a specific outcome. I saw her testing the machines in the warehouse on live camera. Those in charge of the state elections are so corrupt that they refuse to correct the problem even when proven to be defective or incorrect. You might remember the Nov 2000 Florida elections. The head of the state elections was also the campaign manager for GWB and his brother was the governor.

The problem is that the corruption is so deep that they now have all their like minded buddies running every gov’t dept now. Both political Parties and the candidates are controlled by the Energy companies. Then there are the DOD contractors who always push to keep wars going. It is like choosing between two mafia families. Even your local politicians are controlled by developers and they placed their own candidates into every local gov’t office to control planning so they can get rich developing without constraints.

And the public is too busy with their cells phones, technology toys, personal entertainment and recreational drugs and sad lack of quality education and knowledge of what is truly going on… that they don’t even care.

Hopefully, those 60,000+ people (up to 1000 per day) who read this information each year will at least care enough to take a look at the situation for themselves and perhaps may be the only ones who will survive. I certainly hope it does not happen in our lifetimes… but it is not looking good. After 2004, I measured an 800 mile increase in the axis. After 2006, it increased to 950 miles. We had further increases in 2011 which brought us to 1200 miles. But the worse increase based on annual measurements between June 2013 and June 2014 brought our axis tilt increase to 2000 miles. This places the sun at the border between the US and Canada on the summer solstice June 21st… when it never should have been farther north than mid Mexico.  You can see this for yourself in June. Notice where the sunrise and sunset are located when the sun touches the horizon in June. Don’t try to measure it in the sky since the path is arced. Check the sunrise and sunset when you can use landmarks to gauge the angle and you will see how far north it is. Some loudmouth made a comment that the Canadians would notice if the sun had changed…. well they have. The Inuits have noticed as have my friends in Canada and Alaska. They used to have about 4 hours of twilight during the summer where the sun once went slightly below the horizon. Now it never goes below the horizon during the summer (on flat terrain). I posted an earlier article about the Inuits.

I also added a post with star charts a few days ago. All of this info is verifiable. Go to for additional details and links. This article is to help you understand the situation with the south pole ice loss.

Perhaps some of these links and images will help someone care. Remember, we won’t have to wait for the entire south pole to melt. We are already at the tipping point so it wont take much more before the planet takes that final last shift onto its side and those tsunami’s flood into the continents and the economy and food and medicine and utilities all disappear overnight… probably within the next 5-11 years… that is based on the gov’t comments… not mine. 2020 is a SWAG to be sure but the last significant axis increase was measured last year on June 21, 2014 which took our axis tilt to the tipping point where we are right on the edge of the final shift onto the side where we will rotate horizontally like the planet Uranus.

This info is for your benefit, not mine. I already know the info and have nothing to gain. We can’t stop the shift… all we can do is be informed, prepare and try to survive. You will have a better chance if you understand the situation when the worst has finally occurred. I’m hoping that most of those who survive will be the 200 to 1000 people who read this post every day… over 60,000 last year. I’d like to see those who were smart enough to do their own research when they realized something is wrong with the sun and the weather… to be the ones who survive. With these posts and the website, you should have enough info to know the best places and what you will need to live if you are able to survive the final shift and Tsunami’s. I recommend living inland above the 300ft level. Far enough inland and high enough to survive a catastrophic Tsunami as well. This is a very good time to move away from the coastlines. The final shift may create a super tsunami large enough to flood entire continents.

I have included articles, links and images below concerning loss of south pole ice:


Links about south pole ice loss:;_ylt=A0LEV1j4ZflU8PEAEsxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZWIwNGk1BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQNTc3XzEEc2VjA3Ny


Here is my prior comment about the Antarctic Ice:


This next link is a page of Antarctic ice images on yahoo;_ylt=AwrBT74VZ_lU1lEAuIxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzdHVtMGc4BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDVklQNTc3XzEEc2VjA3Nj?p=Antarctic+Glacier+Collapse&fr=ie8


Additional Articles about South Pole ice loss:


Images of Ice loss & Thwaites Glacier collapse in Antarctica (south pole):

Thwaites Glacier south pole 2014


Here are the 1998 Google Earth south pole images:

Antarctic 1     Antarctic 2 Antarctic 3     Antarctic 4 Antarctic 5     Antarctic 6

If this was 1998… I shudder to see what it looks like now.







March 5, 2015

Axis Changes versus star positions

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When someone tells you the stars are the same so the axis cannot have changed, they are clearly either incapable of complex thinking or they are one of the gov’t paid hirelings to spread disinformation to make you doubt yourself. As I have repeatedly said, you only have to look at the locations of the sunrise and sunset in the month of June to see that the sun is rising and setting far to the north of the US when it should never be any farther north than the Tropic of Cancer located in mid Mexico on the longest day, summer solstice, June 21st. Never north of the US.  They cannot hide the sun.

Stars are tiny pinpoints of light millions of light years away.  So the visual perspective is quite different than a large object within our own solar system such as the sun. You would be amazed at how little the change is in the stars with a 2000 mile shift. The change in stars is actually very miniscule. When looking through a telescope, it is just a hair difference. Close enough to where the human eye cannot see the variance from our perspective without laser targeting. So I downloaded the star chart for mid Mexico and the star chart for nearly 2000 miles away in North Dakota for the exact identical dates and times so you can compare for yourself just how close those star formations appear despite a planetary shift of 2000 miles. This is factual verification you can check with your own eyes… just as you can also check the sun position with your own eyes rather than listening to some loudmouth moron lording over you on some blog for their 15 minutes of attention or some gov’t paid hireling hyping disinformation at you to create chaos and doubt.

Don’t take my word for it. Check the images for yourself. The first image is the star chart from  North Dakota. The second star chart is for Mid Mexico (Tropic of Cancer).  These locations are 2000 miles apart. You can clearly see how nearly identical the star locations are with just a hair of difference between the two. This is the same distance our planet has shifted. You can see how miniscule the changes are in the stars at this distance despite the severity of our axis shift which you can clearly see in June when you find the sun shining in your “NORTH” windows at sunrise and sunset.

Also remember the stars are constantly in motion due to our rotation and orbit… so when someone tells you they see the stars are always in the same place… that should tell you something about the veracity of their statement. These star charts compare exact dates and exact times between the two locations.

It makes no difference to me whether you believe it or not. I already know the truth. This is for your benefit. Not mine. I have nothing to gain either way.

Every piece of data provided is verifiable from a reliable source. You can access the data and the links to the original sources of data from authentic gov’t agencies on this site

Here are the star charts for identical dates and times for North Dakota & Mexico so you can compare how miniscule the difference  is  2000 miles apart.

North Dakota star chart



Mid Mexico Star chart



Here the same 2 images side by side (smaller to fit the page)

North Dakota                                                                        Mid Mexico

polaris_detail_ND   polaris_detail_Mexico_445













February 20, 2015

Tsunami’s caused by planetary shifts & gov’t deception

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I have included a list of global Tsunami’s below where you can get a better idea of the scale and frequency of the occurrences of these events caused by the shifting of our planet. This list comes from the NOAA website. I think you will find the information quite beyond normal expectations.

Before I begin with the new info I found on Tsunami’s, I wanted to answer the gnawing questions people continue to ask. Why does our gov’t lie? Because they didn’t make room for us in their underground emergency shelters and massive tunnel systems and mag-lev trains which they built with our money. There are no plans to save anyone but themselves. This is no theory. This is a genuine fact. I know people who worked on these projects and have been in some of the underground  metro areas myself. A former spouse also worked at Norad.

The gov’t does not want anything to disturb the economy. They want everyone to continue to go to their jobs, keep the food and utilities functioning and spending money so they can all get richer. It is all about power, money and control. They are not worried about panic. That is a cover excuse they use if they get caught. They are worried about the people turning against them en masse and they might lose their prized seats in those extensive underground cities under Colorado which are linked to all the USAF bases by underground mag-lev train systems and major metro areas, etc. If you have any doubts, just remember how Air Force One hopscotches from one USAF base to another or lands in Denver during national catastrophe’s if our leader is traveling at the time.  Access points.  If they told the truth about any of these things… the public would demand measures be taken to save everyone… especially since “everyone” is paying for their elite underground cities. They expect us to work until the last moment while they seek shelter and leave us here to die without any idea what is coming. We are expendable for their personal safety and comfort. If we survive, they are leaving FEMA, Red Cross & the troops in charge of the country to corral the survivors… and not for the purpose of saving anyone. Remember the Georgia Guidestone numbers they plan to have for their “ideal” population in the new world order which states “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000?” We think it is a joke… it is not to them.

These people are deadly serious and they are in full power over every aspect of our gov’t just like our gov’t was infiltrated in the 40’s and 50’s at the highest levels by another faction. People were being killed to ensure their silence back then (Patton, Forrestal, etc). It still happens today… William Colby is one that comes to mind. A former CIA director fired by President Ford for revealing the CIA’s dirty laundry to Congress and the public where we learned they were using citizens for gross experiments with bacteria, radiation & chemical exposures, horrific mind control experiments… all documented facts released to the public. When Colby was in his late 70’s (aged retirees are the agencies greatest fears for leaks and public revelations) and was seriously considering telling the public the rest of the dirty laundry, he was “killed in a canoe accident while alone.” Senator Paul Wellstone was another as was Carnahan. Let us not forget the Kennedy’s or how Reagan was shot while HW Bush sat in Dallas waiting like a spider to take over. Or Ron Brown among many others. Both Parties are corrupt like 2 mafia families but the Republicans have no sense of constraint at all & will go to any extreme to attain their objectives regardless of loss of life, ethics, fraud or false flag attacks on our own citizens.

My family has worked in the highest levels of intelligence  for decades. These are not theories. These are facts. It is not my intention to make this into a political issue, but you do need to have an idea of how and why your gov’t has become reduced to these levels and why it is no longer under the control of the people and how they are getting away with it… while making a façade to lead us to believe that we are in control. Our US gov’t key positions were thoroughly infiltrated and replaced with like-minded cohorts since 1988 and escalating  after 2000 to unimaginable levels of corruption. Even our voting machines were replaced with corrupt digital systems. I could tell you some nightmares about those widespread incidents of voting machine fraud perpetrated by the Republican Party…which were even reported in the major newspapers yet nothing was done. Deliberate misalignments where all the votes went to the wrong candidate on not one but every election since 2000. We even had a police chase of an election worker who stole the ballots and took off in their car to keep them from being tallied. This is a major metro area which manufactures those crooked voting machines. The people no longer choose their candidates. The energy corporations do. If you want some scary details… take a look at the names on the boards of directors for the Oil & Energy companies and auto companies since 2000 and see how many were members of the  Executive branch  of the US gov’t former presidential cabinet. Each cabinet member being on 20+ different major corporate boards of directors including during their cabinet appointment. I won’t go into further details, but perhaps I will add a separate post with some of that info.

All the G20 countries are doing the same thing to their own populations with their own underground facilities. There are currently hundreds of TBM’s boring tunnels worldwide. UK, Europe, Canada, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, etc. The US has  already completed all the initial facilities and tunnels completely. They are now building secondary bypass tunnels… hence all of the ground subsidences and the unusual low earthquakes in nonquake regions. They are in a rush and getting careless. The TBM’s usually produce tremors between 3.0 and 4.1. You can track the tunnels  by dates on Google Earth icons to locate them. (However, they have removed some of the icons). The gov’t target dates seem to be 2020… but that is just my best guess based on their statements and behavior.

As I have previously mentioned, Tsunami’s are caused by the abnormal motion of the planet. You can see how this works by placing 4 inches of water in a small aquarium and then slide the aquarium sideways. The more sudden the shift of the aquarium, the more severe the waves produced. This is essentially what causes a Tsunami on the planet. Not earthquakes. Earthquakes are a byproduct of the same abnormal shift of the planet which often occur at the same time… but not always. They usually notice the earthquake before the tsunami because the monitoring systems pick up the earth tremors before they pick up the slower moving wave. There are a few Tsunami’s caused by other things like a landslide in Alaska and a glacier breakage in Iceland or volcanic eruption such as the one that buried Pompeii… but those are localized tsunami’s and travel shorter distances across bays and water inlets, etc. Some of the ancient Mediterranean eruptions even reached ancient Egypt but none of these have the force to send a monster tsunami across entire oceans. Also, not all global shifts produce earthquakes. They usually do but our fearless leaders refuse to list the tsunami’s they cannot explain away… such as the monster waves they caught on satellite headed toward Hong Kong on April 18, 2003 (they also said April 18, 2004 on the same “What on Earth” Science channel documentary). Yet, after years of searching, I finally found a list of Tsunami’s on the NOAA website and this very Tsunami was missing. You only hear about the ones in higher  populated places. However, you will see just how many of these they have not told us about. Notice how they failed to list the April 18th (2003 or 2004) monster Tsunami caught on satellite which dissipated prior to reaching Hong Kong. So there are a lot of Tsunami’s you will never hear about. Some of these are from the same Tsunami but arriving at later dates at more distant locations.

  • Tsunami of October 9, 2014 (Southern East Pacific Rise)
  • Tsunami of July 25, 2014 (Elfin Cove, AK)
  • Tsunami of July 11, 2014 (Naime, Japan)
  • Tsunami of June 23, 2014 (Rat Islands)
  • Tsunami of June 23, 2014 (Kermadec Islands)
  • Tsunami of April 19, 2014 (Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of April 18, 2014 (Guerrero Mexico)
  • Tsunami of April 13, 2014 (Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of April 12, 2014 (Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of April 3, 2014 (Iquique, Chile)
  • Tsunami of April 1, 2014 (Iquique, Chile)
  • Tsunami of November 17, 2013 (Scotia Sea)
  • Tsunami of October 25, 2013 (Off East Coast of Honshu, Japan)
  • Tsunami of August 16, 2013 (South Island, New Zealand)
  • Tsunami of July 21, 2013 (Cook Strait, New Zealand)
  • Tsunami of June 13, 2013 (Northwestern Atlantic Ocean
  • Tsunami of February 08, 2013 (Lata, Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of February 06, 2013 (Lata, Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of January 05, 2013 (Craig, Alaska)
  • Tsunami of December 07, 2012 (Japan)
  • Tsunami of November 07, 2012 (Champerico, Guatemala)
  • Tsunami of October 28, 2012 (Haida Gwaii, BC)
  • Tsunami of September 05, 2012 (Costa Rica)
  • Tsunami of August 31, 2012 (Philippines)
  • Tsunami of August 27, 2012 (El Salvador)
  • Tsunami of April 11, 2012 (Northern Sumatra)
  • Tsunami of March 20, 2012 (Mexico)
  • Tsunami of March 14, 2012 (E Coast of Honshu)
  • Tsunami of February 2, 2012 (Vanuatu Islands Region)
  • Tsunami of October 21, 2011 (Kermadec Islands Region)
  • Tsunami of September 02, 2011 (Fox Islands, Alaska)
  • Tsunami of August 20, 2011 (Vanuatu)
  • Tsunami of July 10, 2011 (Honshu, Japan)
  • Tsunami of July 06, 2011 (Kermadec Islands Region)
  • Tsunami of June 24, 2011 (Amukta Pass, Alaska)
  • Tsunami of April 7, 2011 (Honshu, Japan)
  • Tsunami of March 11, 2011 (Honshu, Japan)
  • Tsunami of March 9, 2011 (Honshu, Japan)
  • Tsunami of February 11, 2011 (Central Chile)
  • Tsunami of January 9, 2011 (Vanuatu Islands)
  • Tsunami of December 25, 2010 (Vanuatu Islands)
  • Tsunami of December 21, 2010 (Bonin Islands)
  • Tsunami of October 25, 2010 (Sumatra)
  • Tsunami of May 29, 2010 (Sarigan Volcano)
  • Tsunami of April 6, 2010 (Indonesia)
  • Tsunami of March 11, 2010 (Chile)
  • Tsunami of February 27, 2010 (Chile)
  • Tsunami of January 12, 2010 (Haiti)
  • Tsunami of January 5, 2010 (Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of January 3, 2010 (Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of October 7, 2009 (Torres Islands, Vanuatu)
  • Tsunami of September 30, 2009 (Indonesia)
  • Tsunami of September 29, 2009 (Samoa Islands Region)
  • Tsunami of March 19, 2009 (Tonga Island Region)
  • Tsunami of February 11, 2009 (Talaud, Indonesia)
  • Tsunami of January 15, 2009 (Kuril Islands)
  • Tsunami of January 3-4, 2009 (Irian Jaya)
  • Tsunami of August 7-8, 2008 (Kasatochi volcano)
  • Tsunami of April 9, 2008 (Vanuatu Islands)
  • Tsunami of December 09, 2007 (Fiji Islands)
  • Tsunami of November 14, 2007 (Chile)
  • Tsunami of August 15, 2007 (Peru)
  • Tsunami of August 2, 2007 (Aleutian Islands)
  • Tsunami of April 1, 2007 (Solomon Islands)
  • Tsunami of March 25, 2007 (Vanuatu Islands)
  • Tsunami of March 25, 2007 (Honshu, Japan)
  • Tsunami of January 13, 2007
  • Tsunami of November 15, 2006
  • Tsunami of July 17, 2006
  • Tsunami of May 3, 2006
  • Tsunami of November 14, 2005
  • Tsunami of June 15, 2005
  • Tsunami of March 28, 2005
  • Tsunami of December 26, 2004
  • Tsunami of December 23, 2004
  • Tsunami of November 28, 2004
  • Tsunami of November 21, 2004
  • Tsunami of November 11, 2004
  • Tsunami of September 5, 2004
  • Tsunami of September 5, 2004
  • Tsunami of November 17, 2003
  • Tsunami of September 25, 2003
  • Tsunami of January 22, 2003
  • Tsunami of January 20, 2003
  • Tsunami of October 10, 2002
  • Tsunami of September 13, 2002
  • Tsunami of September 8, 2002
  • Tsunami of January 2, 2002
  • Tsunami of June 23, 2001
  • Tsunami of November 26, 1999
  • Tsunami of July 17, 1998
  • Tsunami of May 3, 1998
  • Tsunami of December 5, 1997
  • Tsunami of April 21, 1997
  • Tsunami of December 2, 1996
  • Tsunami of November 12, 1996
  • Tsunami of September 5, 1996
  • Tsunami of September 4, 1996
  • Tsunami of June 10, 1996

Nor can you pay any heed to the distances they claim we shifted. They alter the data… so if they say 8 inches you can figure it was 80 miles. If they say 8ft then you can figure the actual numbers are about 800 miles. They also did this same thing when tallying the number of dead after Katrina. The actual numbers were between 10,000 and 20,000 but when they got done with their daily tally reductions, they altered the public info to below 2000. Death tolls are usually reduced by a factor of 10. They will rarely go above 2000 no matter how many died. Same with the WTC. 50,000 down to a couple thousand… to make it more palatable. Those families involved know better. I was on one of the largest emergency management agencies for a couple years. I know what they do. FEMA & Red Cross run the show & meetings in every location. They have shocking powers given to them by Executive Order which empowers them above the presidential cabinet and Congress in an emergency… and they don’t plan to “save” anyone. They will cordon off escape routes, control, corral and contain everyone into large arenas under armed guard without any food, water, medicines, necessities, etc. Just like Katrina. That was no accident. That was a dry run of how they plan to handle the ELE… which is why FL declined any help from FEMA. Once a governor requests federal emergency assistance, they are signing over their powers as governor placing FEMA in absolute control of their state, their gov’t, their national guard troops, the decisions, etc. FEMA will block all communications like they did tearing down the antenna in St Bernard Parish, all phone and cell service will be cut off, all frequencies will be blocked… so radio won’t work either, people will be corralled into large arenas under armed guard and left without sustenance and can be conscripted into work gangs and military against their will. They even have a contingency to bring in Mexican troops if our own should begin to balk at allowing people to starve to death. This is the same thing that is occurring with the info about Tsunami’s. Trying to blame an earthquake for a quarter million deaths on a monster wave which wiped out the southern coastlines from Thailand to Africa. If this had been generated by a quake, the wave would have travelled in every direction from the central point and would not have reached Africa by any stretch of the imagination.  It would have taken out Australia and New Zealand and the islands to the east as well. This was a major shift of the entire planet which caused such a massive Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people… perhaps 3 or 4 times that many in reality and why the tsunami travelled in a northwesterly direction.

This is from a recent comment I made:

What concerns me are the signs of an ancient flood above 13,000 ft elevation at Puma Punku. Will the final shift cause ocean tides to go that high? Seems incredible but they have the fossils of sea creatures at that elevation… and the sudden abnormal movement of the planet causes Tsunami’s in which the wave intensity & destruction is based on the severity of the abnormal shift of the planet. So will that last shift actually create waves that high? However, it does appear that the shifts are producing tsunamis which are headed in a north westerly direction. Hence the south and east coastlines have been the most vulnerable. Back in 2008, there was a scientist who said the planet has shifted onto its side 11 times in the past, based on their tropical findings at glacier locations and evidence of glaciers at equatorial regions… so this is a cycle (which we sped up with our mismanagement of the environment) and according to the way they found mammoths and other creatures suddenly frozen while eating, it implies that final shift will be sudden and without warning. Despite the fact that many of us are above the top sea level elevation increase of 297ft if all the glaciers melt… we wont have much of a chance if there are tsunami’s on the order of 13,000 ft like fossil evidence shows in south America at Puma Punku. That may explain the evidence of ancient seas across the US Midwest if they were deposited from tsunami’s of prior shifts… and it also explains why our gov’t has chosen the highest possible elevation for their ELE shelter under Denver. I think the highest risk of monster tsunami’s will be in Asia and India, etc. That seems to be the main area which suffers from the shifts. Perhaps there was a reason they made that movie “2012” showing a global flood? And the movie “The day after Tomorrow” where the US suddenly froze and Mexico blocked the border to our refugees. We can see the sun and we can see the weather. Those are things they cannot hide. Their only option is to try to confuse or belittle or intimidate. We might be able to survive such an initial massive tidal surge in the Rockies, Alps, and similar tall mountain ranges around the world. Once the water settles down, then the areas above 300 ft above sea level in the tropics would be the best area if the planet is shifted completely on its side. …. And if you are in Colorado after the calamity and PO’ed about the elite cozy in their shelters… just remember the air shafts for those shelters, as well as heavy construction equipment used to drive I-beams for sky scrapers and the oil and water well drilling equipment might come in handy to reach your objective if you were so inclined…. and take lots of pictures. I’m sure any others who survive the calamity would like to see this epic moment after having been totally abandoned to fend on their own by their own gov’t without any forewarning or support whatsoever. Just remember that they can travel by underground mag-lev to any airbase or major city nationwide (but not all at once… just FYI).  Some of the airbases have these underground access facilities buried under their runways and you can see the airshafts near the perimeter of the taxi and runway areas on the bases. All access are protected by LRAD, filters, lasers and a lot of worse security systems which is why the construction equipment would come in handy. There are also hardened concrete access tunnel sections in addition to the bored train tunnels. The amount of rebar &  concrete lining depends upon how much of a hurry they were in. To show their level of wasteful excess… they also added a tunnel connection to our former President’s Dallas home in Dec 2008 which could be followed northward by progressing earthquake dates. Just 4 months ago, they added an east-west tunnel thru Irving to his Dallas tunnel. This is a zone zero earthquake region. No natural quakes. One of my areas of expertise is EQ bracing. So I notice these things. You can trace the tunnels by earthquakes in the 3.0 to 4.1 ranges & sequential dates. Then there are the ground subsidences blamed on fracking. A cover story. All public accessible info if you know how to interpret the data.

Just some tidbits of colorful options & wishful thinking for the worst case scenario. A bit of satire now… and food for thought, later. . . . .    


January 27, 2015

ITYS Blizzards

Our primitive methods of measuring the sun position have been proving quite effective on predicting weather and changes. I have been saying we were going to get hit with severe weather this winter due to the additional increase in the earth’s tilt which I measured last June. I hate to say ITYS… but I’m going to quote myself from a previous post:

“I still believe we will see some record breaking cold weather and heavy precipitation ahead of us in January-February. So, keep your homes stocked up with food, water and blankets and your fuel tanks full and batteries just in case you find yourselves snowed in or without power during an ice storm or blizzard.”

We are talking about unusually severe weather changes. In some of my comments and replies since last June, you can see where I said we would be hit in late January to early February. I’m just lucky I don’t live in the Northeast. Now, get ready for a hot humid summer. The change in the tilt of the earth is real. You can measure it for yourself when you see the sun position is too far north of your home in June (northern hemisphere) when it should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer and too far south in the winter. We can only hope the tilt has not increased again since the significant increase in tilt last summer. (not to be outdone by the huge axis shift in Dec 2004 creating the Tsunami which killed over a quarter million people).

The reason I repeat myself is because many people are just joining the posts for the first time and are not aware of the situation. I won’t lie like the gov’t. You can see everything I am saying for yourself. You can check out the sun position and verify the weather changes, etc. All I am doing is pointing out the situation, what to look for and how to prepare.

However, I just love hearing these weather casters trying to bail themselves out when we knew this was coming since last June.

There will probably be more bad weather over the next month. Don’t let your guard down yet. Possibly into March and early April as well.

I wanted to add this for those of us in the Midwest who are currently enjoying nearly 80 degree weather while our neighbors in the northeast are being pounded with historic levels of  “Snow hurricanes”…


Don’t get too comfortable with this lovely warm weather in the middle of the US. It is not over. We stand a good chance of having more historic ice storms and snows her in the Midwest as well in Feb thru April. But our trees are going the suffer and die from the severe contrasts in temperatures. The changes in planetary position are seriously screwing up the weather patterns which will become more and more unpredictable with historic levels of increased precipitation in snow, blizzards and floods.

If you check all of my past posts and comments you will see where I have explained how the increased melting of the polar regions is creating increased humidity in the air as it evaporates and increases the cloud and storm formations, saturated with all of this increased moisture in the air.  The hotter our summers from the increased tilt, the more moisture in the air causing increased humidity, storms and heavy precipitation. During our northern hemisphere winters, the melting of the south pole is at its highest levels and the amount of ice surface melting and evaporating is even higher than during our summers because the north pole arctic region now has less ice surface exposed but producing increased moisture nonetheless. So most of the axis shifting will occur during our northern winters as we continue to lose the weight of the land-based glaciers on the south pole which act as a gyroscopic anchor point to balance the planet. As that ice decreases, it affects the balance of the planet as well as increasing atmospheric moisture  being produced during the Nov through April months.

The heating from the increased axis tilt has sped up the process many times higher than we experienced prior to 2004.  The added heating of the oceans in polar regions in close proximity to the glacial ice is creating huge storms. The magnetic fields have altered as our tilt has changed our global perspective to the sun’s gravitational field. The gravitational fields are causing the spinning effect of storms… creating Snow hurricanes and Land hurricanes. (my phrases).

Gravity fields are not in straight lines . They are spiral like you see in water drains, tornadoes and hurricanes.  Where hurricanes typically developed in the tropic regions, the (aprox) 2000 mile increase in our tilt has moved these spinning storm formations to appear about 2000 miles north of the tropic of cancer and 2000 miles south of the tropic of Capricorn. Previously, the spiral storms formed between the two tropics and moved west. Those which are not trapped in the Caribbean  move north along the coast lines.

Now they are forming in the north and moving across the landmass. A much different behavior. You can see some of these weather satellite examples of multiyear comparisons which I had custom built by a meteorology college. These are month to month satellite loop images of spiral storms over the US every day at the same time between April and June for the years 2001 to 2007 so you can compare the changes before and after the major axis shift of 2004. You wont see this info on the weather channel or anywhere else. Gravitational fields are one of my areas of research. Until they are ready to accept &  be up front about the axis change they wont be able to apply the gravitational field changes along with the increased moisture and temperature changes which are causing the abnormal weather formations.

You can see examples of these spiral systems forming every year over the central US after the shift. Spiral storms which used to form in the tropics have moved northward in the summer because we are tilted farther south. You can see these satellite loops on this page and see these storms forming in the central US during the late spring months. I had quite a few of these custom loops built to show this effect. The weather service never once mentioned it. I take it back. One female meteorologist mentioned it on the weather channel one Sunday a few years ago and she was never on the air again. This is the reason the scientists say nothing. Here is the page with those custom satellite weather loops.

Also, here is an image of spinning gravitational fields which is called the Coriolis effect. (I usually try to use plain English on the posts rather than scientific terms to make it easier to understand).





January 18, 2015

Southern Hemisphere Solar position

If anyone knows someone who lives in the southern hemisphere south of the tropic of Capricorn.. such as Southern Australia, the country of South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay or New Zealand… ask them to look outside at sunrise and sunset when the sun is in contact with the horizon and ask them if the sun is to the south of their location right now.

The appearance of the sun position from my vantage point in winter may simply be because I’m too far north to properly evaluate the position of the winter sun.


Our request was answered. We now have the info and response we needed from the southern tip of Australia verifying the sun is to the south of their position, so this verifies our original concerns since the major shift of the planet in Dec 2004 significantly altered and increased the tilt of our axis. The sun which should never be farther north than the tropic of Cancer in Mid Mexico or farther south than the Tropic of Capricorn in Mid Australia is now significantly beyond those points. The sun is now about 2000 miles too far north in the summer shining in our northern windows and too far south in the winter shining in their southern facing windows at sunrise and sunset. I had some concerns that the orbit around the sun had possibly altered the direction of the angle and could not verify from my location, hence my inquiry today which the response has now alleviated those concerns.

We have  now verified our original observations and measurements of the abnormal position of the sun due to a significant shift of our axis in Dec 2004. However, it has also significantly shifted again in the past year for the first time since 2004. We had some smaller shifts but this was quite noticeable. So it will be interesting to see if there are any further changes when we measure again this summer June 21st or if it has settled down again. We also don’t know what the world governments may be doing covertly to address the situation. We do know they are using Chemtrails to cool down the weather. I posted the websites of one of the gov’t contractors on those projects. But if they do something foolish trying to undo the shifted axis, they could make it worse for all of us. Their batting average has not been very good so far. I will make a new post on what we need to look out for. 


January 11, 2015

Migrations & wildlife disturbances

I was watching a documentary about Elephant seals appearing in Brazil and New Zealand. Bull Sharks swimming up rivers (including the Mississippi) and living in land locked freshwater lakes. Tropical Lion fish leaving the south pacific coral reefs and taking over the entire Caribbean. Giant crabs have taken over the entire coastline of Europe.

While biologists appear to be completely confused as to the behavior of these animals… I strongly suspect we are seeing these changes in animal and marine life behavior due to the abnormal shifting of the Earth’s axis. Everything is normal for wildlife during Spring and Fall when the earth is at the original positions to the sun, but the extreme shifts during the summer and winter months when the tilt is 2000 miles shifted too far or too south, (depending on the season and hemisphere) is really throwing the animal life into confusion during those months. Even in the Spring and Fall, the changes between summer and winter are much more severe because of the additional 2000 miles it has to change on each end from summer to winter.

If you check the dates, you’ll find most of these lovely nature programs are dated prior to 2005. Before the shift disrupted everything.

We are also seeing a difference in plant growth. I’ve lost over 6 large full grown trees which have just died and fallen over in the past 12 months. Giant, healthy trees. I have other living trees which are pulling out of the ground and falling over. The roots are not holding the tree in the soil. This is adobe clay soil… so it really doesn’t make sense. Most of these trees are close to 30 years old.

This winter we haven’t seen the sun more than 4 or 5 days at most since October. It is either constantly overcast or covered in high fog. Not normal weather for this dry region for certain. I’m expecting a severe ice storm or blizzard some time between Jan 15 and Mar 15 due to the additional shift we measured last summer. Best chance is around the beginning of Feb… and perhaps a last hurrah storm in April. None of these types of weather issues occurred prior to 2005 except those once every 50 year exceptions. If this was a normal winter… we would start warming up at the tail end of January and trees blooming in February. But not since the Dec 2004 axis shift. They try and they die because of the changes. If you want to see just how much the weather has changed, check out the FEMA Website annual declarations of emergencies.

I also have friends that live near glaciers which are rapidly melting and racing across the landscape toward the oceans. What used to take millions of years, now occurs in just a few years. They used to have 20 ft of snow on top of their roof every winter after each weekly blizzard which they had to use a snow blower to remove and now, they barely see any snow at all and their winters are averaging 45 degrees. No need for snow blowers since. Is there any wonder the glaciers are melting? This is Canada and Alaska.

The permafrost in Russia is nearly gone. Just take a look at Google Earth. Greenland and Iceland and the South Pole are severely melting from underneath the glaciers… undermining them to quickly slide away.

We will soon see nothing but weeds, ants, cockroaches and the worst life forms which will outlive us all.

I was glad to see that the TV finally showed the underground cities and maglev trains between all the air force bases coast to coast which the US gov’t has built at extreme taxpayer cost to save their sorry hides when the planet becomes unlivable for the rest of us. No one would believe it. The gov’t kept paying these skeptics and pit bulls to attack & discredit anyone who dared to mention their dark secret black projects. Now everyone can see for themselves these underground cities they have built for all the elite at our expense… which those of us in the know have known about for years. Elective ignorance is the most difficult problem the public has to overcome. All the information they want to know is out there… but they were too pigheaded to realize it and allowed the hired pit bulls to convince them it was false.

Not far from the fancy underground city in Denver, they also have enormous vaults of seeds stored to replant the planet after the disaster occurs. Ever wonder where all of those FEMA and Red Cross supplies went? Very little of it went to US residents. Most of the time, the states & business donations from places like Walmart took care of most their needs while the majority of donated and gov’t supplies were squirreled away underground in Colorado.

I saw where they are using the sonic rad system to keep people out of the access tunnels. I have friends who worked on some of these underground facilities and tunnel systems and I have personally been in the underground cities beneath Houston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc., when I was working on various projects which required me to be in those areas. They also dug a tunnel in Dallas in Dec 2008 after Bush bought his home and extended a tunnel which they bored up through Oklahoma and into Colorado to the facility there. If you go up on Google earth and turn on the earthquake features, you can follow the progress of the tunnels they drill with the large boring machines. They tend to create small earthquakes in the 3.1 to 4.1 range. When Dallas had a quake in Dec 08, it was clear what they were doing. Texas is a zone zero earthquake zone. You can’t get any lower than that on the earthquake scale. I used to design earthquake bracing so I notice things like this. You could follow the route of the tunnel boring by the dates & strengths on the earthquake symbols heading northward. You can actually use these to map out the tunnels.

As a result of the incredible amount of tunnels they have crisscrossing the US, the country was besieged with sink holes in 2013. Now that they’ve finally revealed the underground tunnels and facilities on TV, you don’t have to wonder about it anymore. It isn’t a theory. It is a fact. Only the deluded will refuse to believe their own eyes and bury their heads in the sand.

The amount of luxury items in these underground shelter areas is obscene. This is also why you see our top levels of gov’t stopping at the main air force bases or Colorado whenever a major disaster is imminent. 2001. The huge asteroid which got too close, Etc. Did you know that the communications companies which handle the gov’t circuits are not allowed to touch any of the equipment or systems or make repairs whenever airforce one is in the air? It is hands-off.

Most of the time, you won’t even know something bad is about to happen. Those with reserved shelter invitations will run to the closest USAF bases or DC or Colorado to access tunnel locations and will just let the worst happen without saying a word. Can’t have the economy suffering by evacuating anyone or forewarning anyone. They might not show up at their jobs… and that would cut down on the money for them to waste on their private black projects we pay for. They won’t even do anything about all the major cities on the coastlines which will succumb to the continually rising sea levels. No preplanning, etc. It might disrupt spending.

So, if you see all the top dogs of the gov’t, elite and corporate CEO’s all heading to Denver or their closest airforce base… that should give you a clue something very bad is about to occur. Unfortunately, even the journalists who travel with the President would go on lockdown and not be allowed to contact their network during such an emergency. Don’t expect any help when everything goes to hell. Much less any notice. All I can say, is I hope you live away from the coastlines and above the 300ft elevation where there is some mountain fed stream water and a nearby valley for growing food. Why do you think they chose the highest City in the US to place their main underground city shelter for the topdogs?

This weather and wildlife migration alterations are just the beginning. It is going to get a lot worse. But go ahead and continue on as normal… its only some conspiracy theory… if you put your trust in those who have a first class lodging in the Denver shelter.

December 28, 2014

Cold Overcast Winter

Due to the continuous overcast, we have been unable to take any solar position measurements this winter. The continuous weather conditions, overcast skies, high fog and rain have obscured any view of the sun rising or setting or any shadows for measuring. In the past 2 months, I have only seen the sun from sunrise to sunset on two days. This is due to the increased moisture in the air from melting polar ice forming fog, clouds and increased precipitation. I have never seen so many overcast or high fog skies since I lived in California. It was normal to only see the sun in northern California between 11am and 4pm in the summer dry season and rarely any sun in the winter during the rainy season. However, this is not normal for northern Texas. Our shift in axis position has affected all of us in one way or another. Only those of us who have been around for a few decades notice the significant difference with how the weather was 30 to 50 years ago as compared to the weather of the past 10 years.

I suspected we would have a problem obtaining the measurements this winter because of the constant overcast conditions throughout the month of November. So I did not hold out any high hopes we would be successful. The high fog has been fluctuating between about 50 ft above ground in the morning to about 700 ft above ground at midday.

Unfortunately, that means we cannot obtain any measurements this winter and will have to wait for the summer solstice on June 21, 2015 for our next solar measurements.

Ironically, just as I was writing this comment, the sun decided to come out for just the 3rd time in 2 months, but still enough high fog to prevent the appearance of shadows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with our positional measurements since we cannot see the horizon or sun at sunrise or sunset and we are past the winter solstice on Dec 21st.

If Murphy’s Law holds true to course, I’m willing to bet the sun will be shining the entire month of January. While it would be a welcome change after the 2 solid months of overcast, that doesn’t help for calculating the measurements we needed on Dec 21st. I still believe we will see some record breaking cold weather and heavy precipitation ahead of us in January-February. So, keep your homes stocked up with food, water and blankets and your fuel tanks full and batteries just in case you find yourselves snowed in or without power during an ice storm or blizzard.

December 15, 2014

December 21st, 2014 measurements

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Remember to do what you can to take measurements of the sun from your location on December 21st, 2014 (next Sunday). I know this will be most difficult for those of us in the northern hemisphere because we have been dealing with chronic overcast and we cannot measure the sun or shadows if we cannot see it. I’m especially interested in any measurements from the southern hemisphere. But we will also try the northern hemisphere as well.

However, if you can remember, next Sunday, Dec 21st, try to do the best you can to estimate and obtain the following measurements. (We will also do the same on June 21st, 2015).

You must use a flat horizon to do these measurements. Hills and mountains will obscure the results.

Using the points on a clock face, you will be standing at the center of the clock facing due south:

  • Due south would be 12 on your clock face.
  • Directly to your right is West and 3 on your clock face.
  • Directly to your left is East and 9 on your clock face.

At sunrise, when the sun is in direct contact with the horizon, tell us where on your clock the sun is located on the horizon. It should be between 9 and 12 on your clock. Tell us your best guess.

At Noon standard time, using a pole as your measuring device, tell us the exact height of your pole above ground level and tell us the exact length of the shadow produced at exactly noon sharp. The ground around your pole should be flat and smooth. Your pole needs to be exactly vertical so use a bubble level on all 4 sides of your pole to ensure it is vertical and not leaning. The pole should be at least 4 ft tall. You can check the levels the day before the measurement. Don’t wait until noon of the 21st to do so, because we need your shadow measurements at NOON sharp.

At sunset, when the sun is in direct contact with the horizon, tell us on where on your clock the sun is located on your horizon. It should be between 12 and 3 on your clock. Tell us your best guess.

If you like, you can also try to measure the angle of the shadows produced by your pole at exactly sunrise and sunset and include those results but this is much more difficult to be accurate as to angle. Your visual estimate of the horizon location of the sun on the clock face as to where you see the sun rising and setting is more important.

We will also need to know your location. Do not give us your personal info or address. We only need to know the name of the local city, state and country where you are located. Latitude and longitude from Google earth or GPS is also ok… but I would prefer that it didn’t pinpoint your exact location since this is a public internet posting. The nearest large city to your location would be best. We are just trying to get a basic idea of the sun. Last year was the first significant increase since the major shift in Dec 2004.

Obtaining accurate measurements is very hard for those of us in the northern hemisphere to estimate in the winter time. Our best measurements will come from those who live in the southern hemisphere. But we will do our best to see what info we can get. The more, the better. Obviously, you cannot measure if the sky is obscured with overcast. So if you cannot get all three, we will be happy to receive even one measurement. We also realize that you may only have flat land on one side, so we will take any measurements you can do from your location. Obviously, our summer measurements will be much easier and efficient. But we will give this winter measurement a try.

If you are unable to obtain the measurements on Dec 21st due to overcast or other problems, we will take measurements up to 10 days after the 21st, but they will be less accurate. If this occurs, please tell us the exact date of your measurements as close to the 21st as possible.


December 12, 2014

Canadian Inuit tribes Warn Earth’s axis or wobble has changed

(I would like everyone to take a look at this link sent to me by a friend in Canada. Their Inuit tribes are warning that the Earths axis has changed or the wobble has changed because their sun is no longer behaving as it used to. The position of the sun and the sky has changed. This is exactly what I have been saying. Here is the link to their story.

We also had a commenter on the “2014 changes in solar position” article who  posted additional links for info about the Inuit observations of the changes they have seen in the sun and the stars. I just love it when people claim the stars are the same and have not changed. I ran the star charts for a 2000 mile latitude variance and the differences were virtually indistinguishable. You would have to be using an advanced laser measuring system to detect any variance at all. When you are dealing with the vastness of space, a 2000 mile variance on earth is not worth a pinpoint of change. You can get into your car and drive hundreds of miles and the stars will be virtually standing still with the only exception of the earth’s rotation making any difference.

Take a look at the star charts of Mexico compared to the Dakota’s at the same date and time. The difference is so miniscule 1200 miles apart that you could not tell the difference with the naked eye when looking up at the stars. These gov’t paid disinfo attackers like to use this as a point of attack. So look for yourself. 1200 miles does not mean anything in the perspective of stars hundreds of light years away. If these were orbiting our planet, then yes, we could see a difference. But the stars are on a vast scale. So take a look at the star chart comparisons on this page and check it out for yourself. Especially Polaris. The difference is so miniscule, you would not see the difference. Especially with the earth rotating. But these charts have frozen the details in place so you can do a side by side comparison of two points 1200 miles apart.

Anytime you see a lot of vicious attacks on someone or information, that should tell you that the gov’t is desperately trying to silence that person or ridicule their info. If you notice, they completely ignore erroneous info such as the photo of the naked sloth which lost its hair and was beaten to death by Panamanian teens last year and posted on the internet as an alien monster. While a sloth is admittedly an odd looking creature, especially after losing its hair to mange or some other condition… I know a sloth when I see one and so should anyone in Panama which has a large sloth population. But no one has said a word about that photo or any of the other recognizable creature photos. They only attack valid information. They leave the quackery alone in the hope that it will ridicule the entire subject. But they attack and destroy anything or anyone with valid info. So use that as your guide. Those under attack are usually valid. I do not allow hired attack dogs to post on here. I have zero tolerance for gov’t disinfo attacks. You won’t see them on here.

What people don’t seem to understand is that the entire scientific community is dependent upon the gov’t for their jobs. Every university received gov’t grants and accreditation. Every aerospace job is tied to DOD or NASA taxpayer dollars. Every professional astronomer depends upon observatories and space telescopes tied to gov’t entities. Nearly every foreign country is tied to US gov’t loans or US corporation loans. Even their retirements are tied to gov’t monies.

Not one scientist dares to speak out on these issues for fear of their jobs. Many don’t want to see or hear anything about it. Some have been twisted by the company they keep. The gov’t hired pit bulls would also attack and discredit any whistleblower who dares go public. Other scientists in their field would be compelled to attack and discredit any scientist who dares to speak out on subjects forbidden by the US gov’t. They are even afraid to speak amongst themselves since they don’t know who might report them. When my uncle worked for LANL, even their homes were wired. They moved to a nearby town just to get away from the constant surveillance and monitoring the gov’t does to scientists. But even that would not have stopped the constant monitoring. Even with the FOIA release of documented info which reveals the things our gov’t has done… people bury their heads in the sand and don’t want to believe it. They also have short memories about these events.

The gov’t uses compartmentalization to keep anyone from sharing info with others in their field. Any scientist who dares to come forward would lose their job, their reputation and their ability to work in their field. Just ask Bob Lazar what happens to someone who speaks out. They destroyed his job, his reputation, his employment records, even his academic records were destroyed. The gov’t minions hounded, harassed and nearly killed him but decided to leave him a broken wreck as a warning to others. They found others who were willing to sell out for a price (like Friedman) to attack and destroy Lazar. I know he was genuine. He worked at the same place as one of my relatives who was also a scientist. But our Pavlov’s programmed society of sheeple has become like a pack of wild dogs who attack and eat their own at the first sign of blood. The gov’t has used the media, targeted programming, labels like Conspiracy theorist and use paid disinformation hirelings to control the population and flow of information.

So don’t expect any other scientist to come forward and tell you the truth about the axis change. No one is going to risk their neck for a thankless public who attacks and eats their own. If the public is not willing to protect and support those who come forward with info, then they don’t deserve to know the truth.

But the one thing they cannot hide is the sun. Despite all the efforts they have made to convince the public it is perfectly normal… all of you over the age of 50 know that the sun should never, ever be farther north than the tropic of cancer (mid Mexico) on the longest day (June 21st). That is the farthest north the sun should ever be. If you live north of the tropic of cancer such as the US, Europe, Russia, Canada, etc., you should never, ever see the sun setting or rising to the north of your location. You should never have sunlight through your northern windows. This is one thing the gov’t cannot hide from you. Their only option is to twist your thinking and make you believe it is normal. Especially those of you who are not old enough to remember the sun’s behavior before the axis shifted.

We have had the gov’t disinfo discreditors try to nitpick and use the artic circle by saying that people living in the artic circle would have noticed if there was something wrong with the sun or their attack dogs claiming to live there themselves…

Well, someone has noticed!  The Inuits are not puppets of the gov’t like our scientists have become. So they are not afraid to speak out. They have noticed the changes and so far, they haven’t kowtowed to the gov’t (yet) and the puppet scientists whose jobs depend on gov’t grants, contracts, foreign aid, corporate monies, trade agreements and taxpayer monies.

I had said in previous articles that the sun in Alaska and Iceland used to dip below the horizon for about 4 hours in the summer before the axis shift in 2004. It was still twilight during those 4 hours so it was never dark in the summer months. But the sun did go just below the horizon  for about 4 hours in the summer prior to the axis shift. Now it does not dip below the horizon in the summer at all.  (all references to flat land, not mountainous).

Since the axis shift in 2004,  the sun never dips below the horizon in the arctic circle. It is even worse now with the additional shift which has occurred in the past year. The sun in the arctic region is now always above the horizon and is much warmer. This is severely increasing the rate of melting of the polar ice. As the land based ice melts… (especially at the south pole), it affects the planetary balance. The south pole acts as a gyroscopic anchor maintaining our balance and axis tilt. As that ice melts and disburses into the ocean, the axis slips and the sea levels rise. At some point, the axis angle will reach the tipping point and the earth will end up laying on its side. One scientist did say that he had evidence this has happened 11 times in earth’s past which is why there are findings of tropical forests in the arctic and Antarctic circles.

This is not a magnetic reversal of poles and the planet does not have enough land based weight at the arctic to flip upside down. Earth will end up lying on its side because most of the weight is at the equator. The weights do matter because the earth is tied to the gravitational pull of the sun. We do have another planet in our solar system which is currently lying on its side. We also have one rotating backward because it inverted. Earth’s balance is regulated by the ice at the south pole. As I described above, it serves as a gyroscopic anchor which maintains our axis tilt. As the ice there melts, our axis slips. The more it melts, the more it slips. With the sun higher above the arctic horizon, it is hotter and increasing the rate of melting.

These changes affect our weather. You can see this polar ice melting in the increase in humidity levels, the increase in rain, flooding, snowfall, blizzards and the increase in fog and overcast skies. We haven’t seen the sun for the past month in the south central US. The constant overcast reminds me of the high fog in northern California which caused a daily overcast there during the summer months. The daily high fog overcast in California rarely was above the 300 ft altitude clearance required to fly a private plane on visual flight rules. We rarely had a clear day. We never had this issue in Texas until now.  This isn’t just overcast. It starts out as ground fog every morning, then slowly begins to clear but the sky never clears. This high fog remains over us the entire day. Just like it did in California. But this is Texas. We never had such weather before the axis shift and it is this past year after this second shift when these foggy overcasts began to occur and now we have not had a clear day in a month.

What was even more bizarre was to see rainy overcast throughout the summer months. This was normally a desert climate. Dry heat. Zero rain between July and Sept. Triple digit heat usually above 110 between July and Sept. But this last summer 2014, we had rain every week and temps in the 80’s and 90’s. One thunderstorm after another. This is unheard of between July 1st and Sept. 1st. I had just measured the first significant increase in the position of the sun on June 21, 2014 since the initial shift of the earth’s axis in 2004 which shifted the earth’s axis about 1200 miles. I measured and photographed the position of the sun every summer on June 21 beginning in 2006. It remained the same until June 21 2014 when I saw a significant increase in the sun position, indicating a shift of perhaps an additional 800 miles totaling about a 2000 mile difference from the position of the earths axis prior to the initial shift in 2004.

My friends near the eastern Canadian coast are suffering from violent wind storms and thunder snow which used to be a rare occurrence. Those spiral weather patterns which used to be reserved for the equatorial and tropic regions are now occurring over the US and Canada because we have shifted into those zones during the summer and into the arctic zones during the winter.

Only the spring and autumn have the sun in normal positions but with the increased tilt positional changes, the spring and fall weather now changes more rapidly to  go from the one extreme to the other to transition between summer and winter.

My friends who live near the glaciers of Alaska have the opposite situation. They used to have 20ft of snow on their rooftops. I have photos of them using snow blowers to clear their roofs. Now the winters rarely go below 45F degrees with very little snow in the inches instead of feet. They no longer have any use for their snow blowers and the glaciers which they can see from their homes are melting and disappearing. These are dramatic changes in our weather and environment.

You do not need to wait for official announcements by the gov’t or weather or scientists. They will lie about the shifting axis until the last moment the planet shifts onto its side and then plan to save their own hides in their underground shelters under Denver built at taxpayer expense while leaving everyone else to fend on their own and to die.

If you want to know the truth, contact people in Alaska and rural Canada who are above the age of 50 who have lived in those regions most of their entire lives who remember what it used to be like. Anyone under 50 is unlikely to be old enough to remember what it was like before the axis shift. Don’t bother with people who work for universities or aerospace entities who are all dependent upon gov’t grants and contracts or taxpayer dollars. They will adhere to the gov’t approved dogma. Retired engineers who were not associated with DOD contract corporations and scenic artists would be the best who would be detailed oriented enough to notice changes without being tied to gov’t controls or propaganda.

Now that the axis has shifted so severely, it is beyond our ability to fix it. There is nothing we can do to undo the damage. We can only hope to delay it or keep it at status quo but only if we made immediate efforts to cease any pollutants with fossil fuels and industrial pollution. We have plenty of natural energy from solar, wind, water, etc. and the technology to use it despite what our crooked energy companies would lead everyone to believe. The most ridiculous energy company scam is to create hydrogen fuel from oil at some horrific expense to keep their profits and control over it. Any high school student can tell you that water is H2O (two parts hydrogen which is easily released with electrolytic treatment). We have unlimited water in the ocean which could be turned into hydrogen and there is no sane reason whatsoever to be extracting hydrogen from oil. But our population doesn’t seem to care about these scams and controls maintained by the energy companies who run our gov’t and our politicians. If we don’t immediately do something to stop the melting of the polar ice, we may very well see the earth’s axis slip onto its side within our lifetimes. I would hope it would delay until after our lifetimes… but we don’t have years for our gov’t to decide to do something… which they never will because the energy companies run the govt. They will only care about money and power until their last breath no matter what destructions may befall the planet.

The gov’t estimates such a calamity is expected to occur about 2020 and they already have their underground refuge facilities stockpiled at our expense under Denver which is ready and waiting to save the worst of our planet’s population who are responsible for all the deceit and damage and coverups… leaving all the rest of our Pavlovian programmed population to fend for themselves. Just wait and see what kind of wild animals our population will become once this occurs. I hope someone will direct their rampaging toward the air vents of the underground Denver facility. The access is under the new airport. The one with the murals of world destruction. Here is an excellent overview of those murals. If you have not seen them, you need to look at this page, the photos and the descriptions.

If the final axis shift doesn’t happen in our lifetimes, then don’t worry about it.

However, if it does happen in your lifetime and you are one of the few who had the sense to know the sun is out of position and now you have the Inuits who have verified this as well… should the worst happen, the best place for survival is to head for central America between Columbia and Mexico, away from the coast lines, away from volcanoes… but above 300ft due to the rising seas. You will need a mountain fed water source because the water table will be contaminated by the rising oceans. You will also need to be able to have soil and conditions to grow crops and access food sources.  Preferably in a home capable of surviving off the grid without utilities or commerce or medical. There are survival preparation ideas available on


July 2, 2014

2014 Changes in Solar Position


An update on the sun position. For the first time since the significant axis shift in 2004 which we’ve been tracking since 2006, the 2014 summer solstice measurements on June 21, 2014 have shown another increase of the sun position to the north. Where it was setting about 10:00 to the north on a clock face. It is now about 10:15 to 10:45 toward the north from where I measured it in TX & 10:00 from Salt Lake’s viewpoint. I had expected the Salt Lake City latitude to be closer to 9:00 so that means the sun is much farther north of the Tropic of cancer than the 1200 miles I estimated. More like 2000 miles north of the mid Mexico Tropic of Cancer. Perhaps north of Washington State. I wish we had heard from someone in Seattle or anywhere on that latitude.     

This explains the changes in the weather this year. Increased solar position toward the north is increasing melt & evaporation of the glacial ice. Thus, increasing humidity levels. This explains the high fog we are seeing over TX each morning this year. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of weather in Texas during 20 years of residence. Daily high fog is normal in northern California but not Texas. I have also read some interesting articles on the rampant increases in Greenland’s glacier melting & loss of ice reflectivity indicating heavy bottom melting. So this corresponds with what we are seeing with the sun & unusual weather. Fortunately, our planet still remains the same distance from the sun.

Texas always had a dry heat but I’ve been seeing humidity levels consistently above 89% every day in June. It is 90% as I speak at 5 AM July 2nd. I have a digital wireless weather station to track conditions, temp, humidity, barometric pressure, wind, rain levels, etc.

The top of the photo is true north. The red lines indicate the sunrise & sunset positions from DFW Texas region on the June 21st summer solstice between 2006 & 2013. The yellow line shows the new sunset position for June 21, 2014. A significant change for the worse. Although the sunrise also increased exponentially, the daily morning high fog obscured the view for precise sunrise measurements this year.

E2 sun 2014 image

But once the  southpole ice depletes enough to reduce its function as a gyroscopic anchor to balance the planetary axis angle, the planet will slip onto its side with the poles horizontal (east & west) and the equator vertical (north & south). Earth will not flip upside down because there is insufficient landmass or land based ice weight to invert the planet. Only the heaviest point will rest at the bottom. As the south pole ice melts, it pulls the planet onto its side where it is the next heaviest & widest. Earth is currently near the tipping point where it wont take much for the planet’s axis to make a sudden shift the remaining distance onto its side.  

Once our axis slips our planet onto it’s side one pole will suffer bitter cold & 24 hour pitch darkness during one 3 month season as it points directly away from the sun  & sweltering heat with 24 hour blistering sun at the other pole pointing directly at the sun. The conditions will reverse  during the opposing season. The other middle seasons will still be similar to current norms despite horizontal polar regions although we will rotate toward the north instead of toward the east. It will look close to normal from our perspective even though we would be rotating vertically toward the north. To us, it would still seem to rise in the east & set in the west.   But the two seasons where each pole points directly toward or away from the sun will be dramatically different depending on your position on the planet which will determine the intensity we each will endure at our respective locations.

Whether you agree with my analysis or not, the one thing beyond dispute is the fact that the sun should never be rising or setting to the north of Mexico; much less, north of the US. It should never be north of the Tropic of cancer in mid Mexico on Jure 21st the summer solstice and longest day. Nor further south than the tropic of Capricorn in South America on Dec 21st, the shortest day. (from a US perspective). A lot of effort has been made by the powers that be to salt the internet & documentaries with paid experts with contrived explanations to make it seem normal. But all you have to do is look out your window during the summer to see the sun rising & setting to the north. Depend on your own eyes & common sense to know this is wrong despite any efforts they employ to make you disbelieve what you see.

The one thing they cannot do is hide the sun.


normal axis before the slippage


current axis slip

0EM 26d_increase_AxialTilt

Future axis if we continue to slip

2B90 AxialTilt




May 13, 2014

Bizarre Weather

I don’t know about anyone else, but Texas usually has temperatures in the upper 90’s or triple digits by this time. Yet, we’ve had quite chilly temperatures this May. As cold as 30 degrees and today in the 50’s. It has been quite chilly. I had to turn on the heat. I have never seen temperatures like this in the past 20 years I’ve been here.

Even more unusual is the way the sky has been obscured every morning with a high fog… about 100 ft above the ground which acts like an overcast and doesn’t clear until noon. I remember this type of weather was the norm for northern California, but I’ve never seen it in Texas. I’m not complaining because it keeps the temperatures cooler. Even on the warm days this month, the temperature stays in the low 80’s or upper 70’s. These are much better conditions than our previous broiler years.

Last year, it was so hot and void of rain as it had been the previous year as well…  more than half of my mature trees died. This year, we have had an unusual plethora of rain and cool weather. A little late for the trees but welcome. The gov’t had been spraying chemtrails above us for the past several years which spread into an overcast covering in an effort to fight the heat. But this year, the sky is already overcast at sunrise, so perhaps they are spraying the chemtrails farther to the west creating a front which reaches us by morning.

The overcast has been so complete and dark, that I have not been able to see the sunrise or sunset for nearly a month. Back in March it was already rising and setting to the north. An abnormal condition which has been occurring since the major global axis shifts since 2004.

However, with these unusual weather patterns, I will be interested to see if there is any change in the solar position on June 21st as compared to the abnormal past 10 years where the sun has been at least 1200 miles farther north than it should be.

I suspect this unusual cool wet weather is the result of chemtrail spraying. If you have doubts about the chemical aerial spraying, you can check out the websites of these aerial spraying contractors who list the names of the gov’t projects on their websites. I listed some of them on an older post. Also there are state gov’t sites which license the aerial spraying activities. These are genuine sites. They even list the aluminum and SF6 compounds they use. So this is not some crazy conspiracy theory. In fact, any time you hear someone use those labels, you should take notice and listen. Nearly all of those are true issues which have been buried in decades of coverups. The public has been brainwashed to turn against anyone or any issue associated with those labels. It is like Pavlov’s dogs. You have been conditioned to react negatively to certain labels & clever wordsmithing. It saves the gov’t a lot of effort now that the public eats its own. Those people who know the truth about these issues also no longer come forward or stick out their necks for an ungrateful public. Basically, people are shooting themselves in the foot by their programmed knee jerk reactions.

The problem on chemtrails is that the costs of jet fuel is astronomical. I know in the 90’s that it cost $55,000 to fill up one commercial passenger plane per trip. So it must be twice that or more by now. I do have an issue with the fact that our tax dollars are also paying for this spraying in places like Saudi Arabia according to the contractors doing the aerial spraying. They certainly have enough money to do their own spraying at their own costs. I have also seen photos of these trails over Belfast Northern Ireland. I realize the gov’t is desperately trying to use this as an effort to counteract the rising temperatures and rapidly melting ice which has allowed the planetary shifts to occur. But these aluminum compounds and SF6 are actually harming the environment. I support the spraying efforts but only if they find a safer chemical to use for these efforts. I also realize it has to be done globally, but those countries should pay for their own efforts.

The UK was one of the countries most affected by weather changes. Their country was normally cool, damp and foggy year round. I’ve been there a number of times. But they have been hit with numerous heat waves in the past 12 years. This is quite devastating for a population not equipped to handle the high temperatures. They never needed air conditioners prior to these changes and hundreds died. The heat was also accompanied by ravaging weather as well. This explains why we see chemtrails over the UK.

I’m interested to see if the unusual weather changes this year are from chemical spraying projects or changes in the sun position. The position of the sun on June 21st will answer that question.

A reminder for everyone to check the sun position on June 21st at sunrise and sunset at the point where the sun is in contact with the horizon. (Flat horizon… not mountainous.)



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