Earth's Axis has changed

December 27, 2015

12-2015 Land Hurricanes

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We need to come up with a new name for our spinning storms which look like giant hurricanes over land. How about Geocanes?

Ever since our axis began to shift in 2004, many of those spinning hurricane masses which formerly formed off the coast of West Africa and developed into hurricanes as they reached the Caribbean islands, Florida & the gulf coast… can now be seen spinning over the central US. They are just another example of our axis shift. The axis shift also shifted the hurricane type weather patterns several hundred miles off their normal tracking. But this winter “Geocane” is the opposite of what we should see. The weather should have shifted 800+ miles farther south in the winter as we have begun to notice how the Jet stream has been dipping into Mexico since 2004 as is never has done before. So this geocane should be in Brazil not in the US during the winter months. The coriolis effect seems to be building in strength. Also notice how this storm is being generated from Del Rio Texas like an engine. I wonder what geological energy is being produced there? This is definitely not my field of expertise. It isn’t anyone’s expertise for that matter since this is a new situation.

The central US is still hundreds of miles south of the sun’s normal position in June despite the 2015 reversion.

The coriolis effect can be seen with these giant spinning storms over the central US as I speak; as a result of our ever changing axis. Although I must admit I do not remember having seen one  during the winter. They are typically seen in April & May over the US since 2004. These land based hurricanes did not exist prior to 2004.

There has been a giant, violent thunderstorm spinning over the entire state of Texas since yesterday. The outer edge into the NW pan handle has turned to snow & ice which will spread eastward by tomorrow. You can see this giant storm today on the Dallas weather Radar at the link below. After the storm departs, it will no longer be visible on the Radar. So you can only see it now & possibly thru Dec 29th, 2015 on this link below which is a real time view of the Texas state weather.

This has been a violent cold thunderstorm with nasty thunder & lightning for 2 days which has also spun off several tornados which were not typical for winter months until the 2004 axis shifts began. Tomorrow, the snow & ice will spread to the rest of the state.

I also have satellite imagery of this phenomenon taken during the same time of day for about 6 weeks during the late spring for several years after the 2004 axis shifts.

At the bottom of the page on the link below, there are also several years comparison imagery at the exact same times of day & dates prior to the 2004 axis shift for comparison. You  can compare the weather satellite images before & after the 2004 axis shifts begun; to see the effects of the changes in the Earths tilt. Even with the reversion in June 2015, we are still 800+ miles too far south in summer which causes our sun to rise & set 800+ miles too far to the north of us.

Those of you in Australia, have there been any unusual changes in the sun during the past 2 weeks or is it still close to the Dec 21st position? Just curious. Any big tsunamis?

Here is a picture of the coriolis effect.











  1. There has been a recent phenomenon that may have placed the Earth back on its axis. If you have the resources to substantiate this please indicate the site that may confirm this.


    Comment by Catherine — August 28, 2016 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

    • Although our axis position improved 2 years ago without explanation (for the first time since 2003), the sun is still twice too far north on the summer solstice in June. The sun should never be farther north than the Tropic of Cancer (mid Mexico latitude) 23.5 degrees; at any time of year. June 21st is the longest day. The Summer Solstice. And the farthest north position of the sun during the entire year. So we always measure & compare the sun position on that date each year. Those of us in the US should never see the sun north of us. Nor should it ever cast southerly shadows but it has been doing so for over 10 years. June 21st is the only date the sun position can correctly be measured due to the way Earth orbits the sun. It changes daily throughout the year. Hence, the angle, position & shadows can only be measured on June 21st each year by those of us in the southern US to correctly establish the axis angle & position of the sun.

      So… since the sun is still twice as far north as it should be on June 21st, there could not be any other reliable website describing a situation which does not exist.

      Since the earth orbits the sun while tilted, the axis angle cannot be measured on any random day. It must be specific. The longest day of the year when the sun is at its furthest north position. June 21st. Then compared with June 21st positions at Sunrise, CST noon and sunset each & every year.

      Only during the Spring & Fall equinoxes (Sept 21 & Mar 23rd) is the sun positioned where it should be at that time… over the equator. Because the midpoint will always be the equator no matter how much the axis shifts beyond its normal angle (until the planet eventually shifts onto its side & becomes horizontal).

      So… since the axis is still shifted twice too far from where it should be on the solstices in June & December & is twice the distance from the tropics toward the poles (41 degrees instead of 23.5) ——- the midpoint on the Spring & fall equinoxes will still be the equator as the midpoint. Regardless whether the axis is normal or shifted hundreds of miles beyond its normal position as it is now. The equator is still midpoint in the spring & fall. —- Many people without a basic science education are confused by these details.

      Our axis is not where it is supposed to be in June 21st or December 21st (the solstices) which is when we are able to measure how far off our axis angle has shifted. Those of us who live in the northern hemisphere measure the axis on June 21st. Those who live in the southern hemisphere can measure on Dec 21st.

      We compare our measurements on June 21st each year to see how much the axis has shifted. I’ve been posting the axis positions every year since 2006. There is a photo to show the differences between various years on my posts.

      You can see the photo comparing the angles of the sun as viewed each year on that post on the link below. You will notice that 2015 is the same angle as 2006 because the earth’s axis reverted that year & has remained the same in 2016. Stable for the past 2 years but we don’t know why. However, it is still not located where it should be. The sun is twice too far north on June 21st. Several hundred miles too far north of where it should be.

      We can only watch & continue to compare each year. Here is my post with the photo. I can’t attach a photo to a comment. Only a post.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 28, 2016 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

  2. Since finding this blog/site a few years ago I’ve always checked it for updates. It’s made me more aware of things like this as I never thought to pay attention to this before.

    Because this site introduced me, in a non fear mongering way, to the possibility of changes I did come to notice a difference in the sunrise spot from where I seem to recall it being in the past (my observation was towards the ending of 2014 to beginning of 2015). I will admit I never really intentionally scrutinized in the past but I asked a neighbor who is generally a really early riser (so he sees many sunrises over the years) I asked him in a non leading way about the sunrises and his answer was a little chilling. He observed the same as me that the sun was rising quite a bit off from where we used to see it rise. I haven’t done an early morning observation since my late 2014 to early 2015 ones but from what I read on here things are apparently back closer to where it should be (though that may be temporary).

    I started a new website ( and I try to plug your site and posts when I can. I think it’s valuable and I find it disappointing and surprising that so many people are just plain unaware of this possibility (axis shift).

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


    Comment by Stargazer — January 14, 2016 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

    • Thanks. I’m quite curious to see what the next 2 summer solstices show. I never expected a reversal. It is still off by about 850 miles but this is definitely not what I had thought we would see. In 2014, we were right on the edge of a final shift. It had drastically increased since 2013 to where we were 2000 miles off. Now we are back to 850. A definite curiosity. This is where we were in 2006.

      So I’m quite curious to see what changes will occur. Is this a final wobble? Did we have an increase in South Pole glacier ice? Did our gov’t come up with a way to correct it? Was there an external gravity field change? None of these seem to be extensive enough to have made such drastic changes in both directions in 2 years except the wobble. So I hate to not be appreciative of the improvement but I’ll rest easier if it doesn’t wobble back again over the next 2 years.

      I wish I had some fancy laser measuring gear on a satellite to get quicker answers but I’m stuck doing the measuring the old fashioned way. It’s going to be a long wait until June. Our Australian responses indicate the same I saw in June 2015. But then we heard about some odd lunar anomalies. Most shifts occur in our Winter months due to the South pole summer ice melt at that time.

      Meanwhile, Tsunamis, large earthquakes & unusual volcanic activity can also indicate global movement. I admit I am baffled by this change. Only time will tell if it will change for the better or worse.


      Comment by mmc7 — January 14, 2016 @ 7:45 pm | Reply

      • As am I. And I guess being 850 miles off isn’t as obvious as the previous amount?

        I hear you on wishing you had fancy laser measuring gear. I feel that way about a lot of things, like having access to fancy satellites and their data and also access to powerful telescopes, seismographs and so on. Not have direct access mean that even though those things gather the real data, whatever we get can still be manipulated.

        So unfortunately we are left to our own devices (no pun intended). But focus and diligence is still an important tool we have so keep it going.


        Comment by Executive Editor - Compton N. — January 26, 2016 @ 3:43 pm

      • You are right. They manipulate the data and replace it with something more appealing to the public or pursuant to their intentions.

        I spent 2 years on one of the largest metro emergency management agencies in the US. FEMA and Red Cross controlled everything. There were no plans to rescue anyone or provide food, water, medicine, necessities or assistance to anyone. Only to corral, control and contain… and you know what happens when you corral people into large arenas under armed troops without food or necessities. They die. I nearly had my head removed for daring to ask about rescues, food & supplies. I was only there under orders by my employer because I had specific engineering skills which no one else could provide.

        When I told people about these FEMA plans, they thought it was a joke. That no emergency agency would do such a thing. No one would believe me. Even I had trouble believing it despite being in those meetings every two months. Then Katrina happened and everything I had said about the emergency management agencies came true. Under the direction of FEMA & the Red Cross as I had described. But even I couldn’t believe they would actually do such a thing and deliberately allow people to die by the thousands. Especially a major American city after a disaster. While FEMA and the Red Cross sat 100 miles away saying that they would only provide help if the victims came to them. But the victims were being held by the troops and had no transportation. They did the same to the victims in Mississippi.

        Then there was that horrible scene at the New Orleans Airport where hundreds of sick people dying on the floors were denied medical care and medicine. Doctors who went there to help were not allowed to tend to patients or give them any needed medicine. The doctors who arrived to volunteer were told to sweep floors while people lying on the floors were dying in front of their eyes. (not to forget those poor hospital patients who died and those nursing home patients who drown). FEMA also had thousands of mobile homes to house displaced people. I’ve seen them. The gov’t also has numerous abandoned military bases with housing and barracks which only needed the utilities turned on to house the homeless. The police also had riot squads and bomb disposal units with bulletproof gear to wear and armored vehicles they could have used to rescue the patients… not to mention the donated hoverboats which FEMA locked up and the Walmart supplies they sent away, etc.

        I was in those meetings in another metro area back in the 90’s… so this wasn’t under just one President or one Party. I also know that the numbers of dead they reported for Katrina or any other catastrophe is 1/10th or less of the actual numbers. They will always try to reduce the numbers of reported dead below 2000 to 3000 so it doesn’t sound as bad. And from the thousands who died in Katrina… likely around 10,000. There is a mass grave somewhere. Those volunteer doctors even said there were hundreds who died in that airport terminal every day. FEMA and the gov’t also spread those rescued victims around the country to split them up so they couldn’t compare notes on how many people had died. Just think of how many people were disabled or ill or without cars who had no way to escape. All of this was on TV as they did interviews.

        FEMA even has backup plans in case the National Guardsmen refuse to cooperate. For Mexican troops to come in. I remember that from our meetings. The only reason I can think the gov’t would want so many to die would be to thin out the population, beginning with the sick, elderly and disabled. Sounds a lot like the population eugenics of WWII Germany. We were angry at the German population for allowing such terrible acts to occur… so what is the US population doing about a similar situation? They close their eyes and say it is untrue. But every one of these details and more was on the media coverage of Katrina. I could write 10 pages just on what occurred in New Orleans. St Bernard Parish was mistreated the worst and they tried to make the Mayor look unhinged when he cried over the nursing home patients who died because FEMA wanted to discredit the things he told us about FEMA… such as tearing down their antenna in the middle of the night to block their outside communications and refusing to provide assistance. They also discredited the Mayor of New Orleans and the Gov of Louisiana. But the problem with signing a disaster request for gov’t & FEMA assistance means the governor is handing over full control of their state to FEMA. A disaster declaration places FEMA in total control of the entire state authorities, Law enforcement, Military, etc.

        Jeb Bush knew this when another hurricane hit Florida 2 months later. He refused FEMA and did not sign the declaration to transfer his power. But the Louisiana gov was badgered over her delay in signing the documents. These are things the public doesn’t understand. Hopefully this axis shifting situation may continue to improve but even if it does, there are other types of catastrophes which could set off another Katrina by FEMA & the Red Cross. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, terror attacks, tsunamis, earth quakes, meteors, asteroids, etc. Even chemical, nuclear or biological accidents. So it is important to know about these things. My best advice is to get out of the area within 30 minutes because all access out of the area will be closed in an hour. Don’t depend on cell phones or computers or landline phones. Those will all be shut down within the first half hour.

        The only reason Texas sent in the buses to remove the victims to shelters in other states is because the American public was right on the edge of going down to New Orleans en masse to rescue them after what they were seeing on TV. The public had finally had enough.

        I think everyone should read the presidential executive orders. Especially the ones written between 1993 and 2008 which give FEMA total control during Martial Law or Disaster declaration; above Congress, above the cabinet, above the VP, above the military. Above everyone except the President. Those Executive orders give FEMA control of the military, control of media & communications and the right to conscript citizens into the military or labor gangs against their will… and Red Cross is hand in hand with FEMA. This is all in writing in those Presidential executive orders. Executive Order 12656, EO 11921, EO 12148, EO 12241, EO 11179, EO 13438, EO 12472 and EO 13269. I have the breakdowns of which provisions in each of these executive orders extend those specific powers. I also have links to those documents.

        However, FEMA made some mistakes with Katrina. First, not to allow any media into the sites and second, to block all radio and TV frequencies except their own. They corrected this when Galveston had their last hurricane. They brought in soldiers from the 5 San Antonio bases to control and contain the disaster area. They also managed the media by “escorting” them with the military in helicopters which showed them only select managed areas in the disaster region. The media thought they were getting first class treatment. But they were being managed as to what they saw, where they went and what they were told. There was no coverage of victims or damages. They also didn’t know about the conditions of the 3 nuclear reactors in the hurricane area. But the media only thinks about power plants when it comes to nuclear reactors. They forget about military, industrial, private, university, DOD contractors, Labs and medical reactors. I believe there were 3 which were damaged in that area but the public was never told.

        So FEMA has figured out how to avoid the negative publicity of how they are handling the victims. Who knows how many victims died in Galveston since the media was only given the sugar coated tour. I found it ironic that the governor of TX came on TV and was asking the local people in Houston to provide food for the military. That should tell you about their emergency food reserves. And what was wrong with the food at the 5 military bases in San Antonio where the soldiers were based? Did they not have food? It is only a 3.5 hour drive between San Antonio and Houston… and a lot less by plane.

        The reason I mention this is to exemplify how the gov’t downgrades emergencies and the numbers of victims. Such as Katrina and 911. You can bet over 30,000 died in the 911 event. But they quickly removed all of the debris and bodies to foreign soil away from US access where it could be properly investigated.

        Then there are the downgrading of tsunami’s caused by axis shifts. They admit the earth has shifted but they drastically reduce the numbers to make it look amusing. For 850 miles they will say we shifted 8.5 inches. But we can all see the sun north of our homes in the Summer… and that is clearly not a shift of 8.5 inches. I’m happy the sun has reversed from 2000 miles to 850. I only hope it continues to improve or at least doesn’t get any worse. We can only continue to watch and wait.

        And one last thought… where did all of those donations and foods and medicines go? I suspect they end up in that nice underground shelter in Colorado.

        I have a near photographic memory of all these events so I thought perhaps some of these reminders of past deeds & events might be of interest. Because it could happen again on some future catastrophe.



        Comment by mmc7 — January 27, 2016 @ 10:24 am

  3. Must say was very interested when i came across your website 6 months ago. Although i was somewhat skeptical the more i researched the more i beleived in the axis changed. However i am disappointed that 7 days after the 21st Dec there has still been no post of the southern hemisphere axis measurement. Instead you post information on Texas weather changes???😤😭😭
    If i missed a post then please let me know. Otherwise let your followers know what changes if any occurred between winter and summer solstice 2015. Im sure there are many of us eagerly awaiting this information.


    Comment by Heiko — December 27, 2015 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

    • The resposes from various observations from our visitors are under the comment menu or the comment replies to the post where I reminded them to post their observations. You were probably looking for posts instead of comments or replies to my post on Dec 21st “Time to measure the sun Australian, South Africa, etc.” On the right side bar there are 3 menus. The center menu is recent posts. The bottom menu is recent comments.

      Here is the link to the post.

      The comments at the bottom of the post are the responses. Most recent on top. I cannot control the quality of the responses. We can’t do a credible measurement of the sun in winter from the northern hemisphere. The curvature is too great to be accurate from our position. So I try to get measurements from South Australia or South Africa in December. It is a very sparsely populated area so the responses are limited.

      The best measurements I can provide from my location would be on June 21st. I don’t like waiting but I also don’t want to post unreliable measurements in December. I could not trust my accuracy in December when the sun is in the southern hemisphere. If I can obtain more sources of Australian measurements to compare, it would be better. But what we have is in the comments under that post.

      I also try to post anything unusual such as the weather since the degree of shift affects the weather. Just as a point of interest. We should not have this spinning storm pattern at this time of year. Which piques my interest as we have had dramatic increases & reversals since 2013. It is disconcerting but I can’t be sure until June. Large Tsunamis would be another indicator.

      If I’m still alive & kicking in June, I promise to post the measurements as I do each year for the past 10 years.

      I would welcome any observations or measurements anyone wishes to provide on the solstice dates. June 21st is when I can provide the best reliable measurements which can also be verified by anyone who wishes to do their own measurements. I have a post on how to do measurements. I try to keep it simple for everyone.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by mmc7 — December 27, 2015 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

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