Earth's Axis has changed

July 31, 2018

90 F in arctic circle July 30, 2018

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Arctic with Texas temperatures. 90 degrees Fahrenheit.




  1. I don’t know that the AOL article is correct, because I just checked the surface temp at the north pole and it is 1.1C, but the south pole is minus 52.3C. Sorry to hear about your fun gear getting un-funned. I left Texas. The negativity was palpable at the time (2000). Even though I miss the bluebonnets and the wildflowers and the trees and critters I am familiar with, I don’t want to feel that heavy energy again. I was never lost in Texas even when I didn’t know where I was. The strange thing was, when I moved, I suddenly always became lost and it was a humbling period of time. Took 1.5 years for my body to re-orient. Now I am ok as long as I can look at a map (because I just don’t know all the details about the terrain here by heart). So based on that, we can see that the earth itself does have an affect on the human body; thus, when these pressures and movements build up under the ground, I can see how they would affect people in odd ways we would not consciously be aware of at the time. (Similar to the full moon affect). My opinion.


    Comment by lavender — August 1, 2018 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

    • It’s correct. I just checked Google earth & other sites. The article was about Banak Norway. Brennelv Norway is 88 F at night now & were 92 F earlier today. They are both well within the arctic circle but not at the North Pole center.

      It was cooler in Dallas yesterday at 80F.

      I could tell you nightmares about the crooks, dirty politicians & redneck employers here. TX spawned LBJ & the Bush family & the assassination of JFK.

      However, it has no state income tax, cheap housing costs, low Col. The TX DMV fees are $52 while Calif was $680 twenty six years ago. TX was a culture shock after calif & horrible hot temperatures, but you can sell your 900 sqft home in CA for $300,000 (fifteen years ago) and buy a 2000 sqft home in TX for $120,000. Half the people in my county retired from California.

      In a global upheaval, TX is the only state to have its own power grid. US has 3. One for east coast, one for west coast & one for TX. Texas is set up to be a self sustaining, independent country. Massive water reservoirs, etc. We can always dig our homes underground & avoid the coastlines. Plenty of Solar & wind power. Most major companies HQ in Dallas. Energy & fuel companies HQ in Houston. TX is self contained. The crooks are paranoid & will self implode during a disaster that affects them directly.


      Comment by mmc7 — August 1, 2018 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

  2. In the UK we have had 2 months of constant temperatures around 25 degrees without cloud, we have 2 ocean currents near us affecting our climate, the Gulf Stream which in fact never comes anwhere near the UK but warms the NE cost of the USA, Greenland, Iceland and Norway and the reason for that was a current only discovered in 1995 the Biscay shelf current(or shelf edge current) which flows North from the coast of Africa acting as a heat pump from the tropics. In my day at school in 1986 in geography we were taught the Gulf Stream was a phisics coriolis defying current flowing directly West to East directly to the UK(I never ascribed science to geography which is why I was not taken in by Global Warming, I took Chemistry and Physics at the same time and the methology was not there) when it flows much further north due to the sargasso sea and peters out in Greenland, you will still find plenty of illustrations to the contrary since there is a North Atlantic Current which has the majority of the flow falsely given to the Gulf Stream which itself adds to warming but is part of the Gyre which creates the Sargasso. Now our Bay of Biscay current would have been transferring all our heatwave for the last 2 months North to Norway and this will have been added to by the Gulf stream which would just now be coming into effect as the last 2 months of extreme southern US temperatures have heated this current up but only now has the 10 knot current arrived in the GIUK gap to dump that heat.

    As such I have no suprise whatsover in a sudden spike in temperature in the North of Norway especially if our cloudless conditions have prevailled north which was the case here with our high pressure zone extending into southern Norway for a least a month.

    The Slope/Shelf Edge Current
    Joanna Gyory, Arthur J. Mariano, Edward H. Ryan


    Comment by David Kendrick — August 1, 2018 @ 6:10 am | Reply

    • 25 C equals 77 F degrees for those of us who use Fahrenheit.

      I remember the gulf stream well. I was taught the same but I have been in the Gulf stream on a ship, twice. In 1965 when I took a Military transport ship from NYC to Bremerhaven Germany. The Gulf stream shortened our trip like walking on the automated walk conveyor belt at the airport. A very fast trip. Ironically, we were sent by ship because my mother, an engineer at Boeing & Pratt & Whitney; claimed to be afraid of planes.

      Gulf stream links (including your reference):

      Thousands of military families were sent to Europe to close down our bases in France to move them to Germany after DeGaulle kicked the US out. At the time, I didn’t know the CIA tried to kill him. I only recently found that out. So I don’t blame him anymore. He was provoked.

      The Gulf Stream flows from the tip of Florida toward Europe. I don’t remember its exact path. I also remember the sargasso sea in the middle of the atlantic, NE of Bermuda. There was a movie about it.

      When I returned from Europe in 1968, we avoided the gulf stream until just before going around the tip of Florida past the keys & toward New Orleans because it flowed against us. We were also caught in the edge of a hurricane near Florida.

      The ships first mate had me throw a bottle with a note into the gulf stream, just before Florida so it would float toward Europe. Using, one of the Captains liquor bottles. He had a lot of them & we didn’t see him much. Never heard from anyone about the bottle but my mother had given me an unreachable address to use. A general delivery address. Plus, she never gave me my mail, even as an adult. She wasn’t particularly nice & I was a child who didn’t know better. It was a cargo ship which could carry 12 passengers.

      I remember seeing a documentary after the 90’s about the Gulf stream being a heat pump. I’ve been to Southampton England twice. Once on each of those voyages as a port stop in the 60’s. Also in London in the late 90’s for a couple weeks to work. Even in summer it was foggy & cold. Late autumn, the last trip to London. I drove up to Althorpe & took photos. I loved driving in England. I put over 600 miles on the rental Jaguar.

      I can’t conceive of London being hot. I remember a news report about 600 people dying from a heat wave around 2005. I don’t remember the exact year. Also, one of the Harry Potter movies showed a hot sun-beaten summer in London with dead grass & suffering residents. No clouds, no typical fog. Movie 5, I think.

      Also, remember the movie, The day the Earth caught fire? That would be similar to the London heat waves. We are also hearing of Japans record heat waves killing over 80 people last month. Chicago also had heat waves & deaths about 15 years ago. During the London heat waves, there were tornadoes in Romania. Unheard of & others in the UK. This shifting is affecting the coriolis effect positions & weather. I have an image of Coriolis on one of my old posts. The US also had spinning land hurricanes of storms in the center of the US at the same time every day in April & May. I captured these from the weather satellites & had clips built to show this spinning storm every day.

      I couldn’t imagine a summer in London which wasn’t chilly & foggy. Similar to San Francisco which has a cold arctic current along the west US coast from Alaska which keeps Pacific waters too cold to swim on beaches in Northern California. I also lived about 60 miles north of SFO for 13 years in 80’s. Now they mention heat waves there. It was always cool enough & foggy after 4 PM & morning until noon. We never needed air conditioners except for 3 weeks in summer. We had to dress in layers because it was Chilly except between 1PM & 3PM in summer & chilly again at 4PM requiring more clothes. Usually Jogging suits for warmth. Heatwaves would be unheard of. The grass was always dead because of no rain in summer but wasn’t hot. But rainy season winter would cause mud slides due to sand & no deep roots on hill sides. Plus constant small quakes. The only place which was hot was the valley south of sacramento in the center of the state where all the fruit & vegetables grow.

      I now live in the middle of farmland near Dallas. For the past 15 years; every seed crop has died except 2. The corn & other crops just burn up in the sun. The farmer plants millions of acres on every field he can rent. He even owns his own combine which is rare. Most farmers rent them. He has an equipment barn full of seed harvesters & dozens of multimillion dollar equipment which everyone else rent from equip companies for their crops. He just put up a sign to sell his home which looks like Tara on Gone with the wind. So this burning Sun & UV is destroying our global food as well. All my neighbors are selling.

      I did some weather research about 10 years ago. The world gov’ts expect massive global water shortages in 2020. Food shortages, among others as well.

      Here are those links & the satellite loops:


      Comment by mmc7 — August 1, 2018 @ 9:49 am | Reply

  3. I went to all the trouble to build a sturdy chair with a broken rib for viewing Mars outside. Then discovered all the tripod legs on my telescope were broken. I only broke the scope for sighting. I think the legs were broken before I touched it, by someone who’s no longer here, who loved to break things.

    I only broke the scope, not the legs. There was no way I broke the tripod legs.
    I needed a better telescope, anyway.


    Comment by mmc7 — July 31, 2018 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

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