Earth's Axis has changed

February 4, 2016

2- 2016 South Africa sun observations & the global implications

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We have someone named Johan at the very south end of South Africa who has been keeping track of the sun as a personal project. I have posted his letters & observations below.

Keeping in mind that Johan’s solar position observations are blocked on one side by mountains; if I can confirm the sun position is truly this bad on June 21st, 2016 that would be a very bad sign. That would confirm a death wobble of the axis at the final stage of slipping. It would also cause the same type of severe record breaking winter & blizzards this winter, as we experienced in the US last year.

However, I caution everyone to wait until I do the June 21st measurements this year because it is quite easy to misread the solar angles when you can only see one side. Johan’s other view is blocked by mountains. I will let everyone know in June (if I’m still around).

If my bad health overwhelms & I fail to post, each of you can take your own measurements in June & compare it to the last two measurements of June 2015 and June 2014. If June 2016 is worse than 2015, that would confirm the death wobble. If it is worse than 2014, then the axis is perched for the final shift onto the Planet’s side unless it decides to do another wobble or two before that last shift. Only the June results will tell us more.

Measurements in Spring & Fall are useless because those equinoxes would be normal no matter how far off the axis might be since that is when the sun travels from one tropic to another, across the equatorial zone.

Also keep in mind should a final axis shift onto the planet’s side ever occur, it would also be accompanied by a massive tsunami far worse than 2004. More like the movie 2012. Hopefully, that will never happen.

Only June 21st will tell us more.

Here are the observations I just received from Johan in South Africa.

Seems you are in luck. I watch the sun, since I have always been interested in the seasons and trying  to predict weather, etc.

I have made some strange observations lately and I have been dying to tell someone that will be interested. No one seems to care! Or rather, being able to appreciate the severity of the issue…

I am at the southern end of South Africa. For the past two years Summer Solstice was NOT on the 21st of December but occurred only on the 5th of January. I take the exact time of sunset on the 21st and it kept getting later by roughly 30 seconds every day until the 5th of January, when the days started getting shorter again. The sun also sets more to the south. I cannot check sunrise due to mountains to the east.

I put up a sundial in June at Winter Solstice aligning North/South with the sun and the shadow of the pin on the dial at exactly 12:30 as that is when the sun is exactly north due to me being 7 degrees west of 30 degrees , where South Africa’s time zone is taken from. The sundial is fixed. On the 21st of December at 12: 30 in the afternoon the shadow is still about 30 mins away from being exactly South.

I also cannot check sunrise or sunset on 21st June due to high mountains to the North. So I am stuck to sunsets in December…

To me that means a shift in the angle of the axis. This year I will take photos. Never actually thought of it!

Letter #2

Well, lots of news from South Africa then…

Regarding the clockface method of measuring the setting of the sun , on December 21 it was at 1:30, with 12: 00 being due South. I am on S34:42. I cannot do the sunrise due to mountains to the East.

OK, correction! With 12 o’clock due north the sun set at 7: 30.

We have been having heat waves all summer on the Highveld, which is the Northern part of the country. Temperature records broken in the last few weeks. And a very bad drought. Contrasting that, I live in a supposedly Winter rainfall area, and we have been getting lots of rain. Which is unusual. And when it is not raining it is hot as hell. Two days ago I measured 38 Deg C in the shade and 45 Deg C out in the sun. I heard the next town was 48 Deg C. Some more strange observations. The bay here is a whale nursery. Apparently the biggest in the world. Southern Right whales come here from the Antarctic for the winter. They normally arrive end of May, and depart in October. They give birth to their calves and then leave to go feed in the Antarctic in summer. This year they arrived a month later and departed a month earlier. Which means it is warmer down there in the Antarctic. Our seawater here is also a lot warmer than usual. We normally have about 20 Deg C at this time of year. At the moment it is 24 Deg C and we are catching fish that normally don’t come this far south.

This is Great White Shark territory, and they prefer temperate waters. There is a big shark diving tourist industry here but all the operators are complaining that the sharks are gone. They haven’t seen any for weeks.

On the other hand, a Zambezi shark was caught in the Breede River. You know them as Bull sharks. They are tropical sharks, and they normally hang out on our East coast. This was a first.

I will keep you updated on news as it happens.

Note: Johan may also be adding updates under the comment section of this post so you can easily track his interesting updates of South African conditions.











  1. News from South Africa. The severe drought in the summer rainfall part of the country persists. There might be relief as there is a severe thunderstorm warning out for tonight for those areas.

    I live in the winter rainfall area. So far this summer we have had our annual rainfall so far. In the wrong season.

    Talking about lightning. Where I live lightning is almost unknown. As a child I was seven years old when I experienced my first thunderstorm. The storms are few and far between. So far this week we are on the third one. There was one last Saturday, one Wednesday (severe) and there is one raging outside now.

    I have been observing weather patterns for years, and everything is upside down. Something is definately wrong with our planet.


    Comment by Johan — February 19, 2016 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  2. Hi,
    I do not know if this is the right place to place my comment, but I want to say something for what it is worth – In 2013 I had a feeling to mark the shadow of the sun falling on my outside room at 8h00 in the mornings. I am a woman of 62 years old and living in Pretoria, South Africa. So I started. 2013 and 2014 the shade of the sun was exactly at the same place on the wall at the same time of the year, so 2015 I slacked down and lost interest and thought that I am wasting my time. Then this year, 2016, in the middle of January, my autumn flowers started to flower. They usually flowered around 17 March, when it was my one son’s birthday. I though it odd. Then one of my friends mentioned that the season feels to her like March weather. It was then that I thought to go and see were the shade of the son was against the wall at 8h00 in the morning. This was at the end of this January 2016
    What a shock I got. The shade was 60 cm higher than in January 2014. That means that the sun moved north or down +/- 60cm .In other wards towards our winter sun’s position. It was exactly on the same place it was on – middle of March 2014. So the season moved on by 2 months?
    I checked the time also. At 9h30 January 2016 the sun was on the 8h00 mark of January 2014?
    Is our Lord Jesus making the time shorter like he said he would at the end times?


    Comment by Sun Watcher. — February 14, 2016 @ 3:51 am | Reply

  3. I have just been listening to a documentary which suggested that the weight of water penned behind reservoirs in the Northern Hemisphere is responsible for the change in the earth’s axis. Is this correct and if so, can a programme of reservoir construction in the Southern hemisphere counteract this? Presumably the modern construction of swimming pools also impacts this?


    Comment by Macdonald — February 6, 2016 @ 2:09 pm | Reply

    • That’s definitely a first for me. I’ve heard it blamed on the city construction but not water. In either case it is that documentary’s inability to wrap their mind around the massive mega weight involved with Antarctic glaciers 2 miles deep across the entire continent & find a comparative Counterweight in the northern hemisphere. Although I have not performed the mathematical calculations, I doubt both water & construction together in the northern hemisphere could come close. Especially with the planet rotating.

      I’m amazed that they admitted to the axis shift on a documentary. The US has banned any such subjects on TV. Although the UK usually goes along with the US on most issues, I noticed they never do when it comes to climate, sea level & planetary problems. The UK was doing quite impressively on providing helpful info about rising sea levels & increasing heat & weather instructions for their citizens. The US just pretends it doesn’t exist.

      But if we think of the water weight in the US, whether it is contained or free flowing, either way would be a similar overall weight and not make that much difference on a scale this large. Water weight on the same land mass is the same whether it is flowing or contained. The only difference is at specific land points but not on the planet as a whole. 1 million gallons of flowing water is still 1 million gallons when contained. The points of distance between the weight distribution or by spreading them out would be of miniscule impact on such a large scale. Especially with constant usage of these water sources which changes volume & weight on a constant basis as it goes from reservoir to residence to water treatment, reclamation and back again. Also, agriculture & industry. A single rice farm in California, can empty an entire lake in one day. Then we also have the removal of oil reserves & other similar fossil fuels. We even have the rapid melting of Greenland, Iceland Canada, Alaska & Siberia. None of this can compare to the Glaciers on the South Pole continent, which is miles deep in ice.

      In comparison, the Antarctic glacial weight on the land which acts as a gyroscopic anchor to balance the entire planetary axis is several miles deep in glacial ice on the land mass there.

      To counter balance for loss of South pole ice, we would have to drain the equivalent of 2 miles deep in water across the entire US. It could only be done on one section of the northern hemisphere. If you did it on the backside it would increase the weight where it would make the problem worse. But none of that is feasible because we are rotating. That would only work on a stationary planet which does not rotate. So there is no way to alter the weight factors of the northern hemisphere with the planet turning. Because it would be too heavy when rotating on the backside and not enough weigh on the front. We are too accustomed to seeing images of our planet in one position. So when we analyze the problem, it is difficult for most people to remember the physical & weight parameters are in motion and it wont react as we might expect.

      The water in reservoirs & lakes are really not the primary factor regarding the weight & balance of our axis. If you think about it, our 5 Great lakes are larger & contain more water than all the other lakes & reservoirs put together in the US.

      Only the South pole weight can truly regulate the tilt of our axis just like spinning a gyroscope. I used to have a gyroscope when I was young. Most people, even those of us who are scientists & engineers have trouble picturing the planet as a rotating, orbiting, hollow ball. So they perceive things like water as a dead weight factor. They forget the planet is rotating at a 1000 mph. So that water weight is in constant motion. The only true planetary axis balancing weight is at the bottom of the planet. The north pole doesn’t count because there is no land under the ice to affect the planets balance.

      The only way to restore the planetary axis balance would be to increase the weight on the south pole continent equivalent to ice which is 2 miles deep across at least 1/3 the entire land mass, if not more. It could be possible with massive water pipe trunking systems & expandable storage tanks pumping massive amounts of sea water onto the south pole continent to eventually restore the balance but they are running out of time.

      However, the gov’t & elite who run the world are not going to do that. They have their luxury shelter systems built at our expense & they want to thin out the global population per the Georgia Guidestone & become overlords to the few who survive. We can only hope their shelters & tunnels flood. But that is why they chose Denver, the mile high city.

      This isn’t my opinion. This is theirs. They have advertised their intentions via the Guidestone, Denver airport murals & a variety of other sources. The gov’t leaders, wealthy elite & entitled corporate execs have made it clear they want to see a significant drop in population which they plan to rule. You should see the murals they had at the New Denver airport built above their largest luxury shelter. If the visions of WW3, gas masks on armed soldiers, children in coffins (on the airport walls), extinct animals & global devastation depicted in those murals by the New world airport authority & Masonic symbols do not make their desire clear enough then the Georgia Guidestone spells it out in specific numbers. (I believe some of those Denver Murals were removed or altered due to public outrage but I still have copies of the originals which were there for years.)

      So I do not think they will try to fix the axis which is mostly beyond our abilities. But even if they could, they wouldn’t fix it because they have personal ambitions of living like lords with Castles & serfs for slaves. Having money & power did not improve our leaders. It only made them greedier.

      Everyone knows that saying. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      As I mentioned, these are not my opinions. These are theirs. But this is the main reason they are making no efforts to fix the problems we face. If you read the Guidestone, their intentions are made clear. It is just difficult for the rest of us to believe the people who run our gov’ts & corporations would do such crazy things. Then again, just look at some of the rituals of these groups to which they belong: We have seen our US gov’t officials in the Freemasons as well as Prince Phillip & some of the PM’s. I’m not sure about Prince Charles. But most of these groups support the Georgia Guidestone reduction of global population… just as long as they are the ones who survive & remain in charge.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 6, 2016 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

      • I am reminded of the 2010-11 event where rainfall in Australia lowered the worlds sea levels by 7mm,

        World Ocean surface area = 361,900,900 km2

        Depth lost of World Ocean in 2010-2011 to Australia via evaporation = 0.00007 km

        Mass in metric tonnes moved to Australia =

        Well there are 100,000 metric tonnes of water per km2 (1000^2)

        1,000,000 times 0.00007 equals 70 tonnes per km2

        Mass of rainfall on Australia in 2010-11 = 361,900,900 * 70 = 25,333,063,000 metric tonnes

        What I cannot tell you is what effect this had on the Axis tilt of the Earth


        Comment by David Kendrick — February 6, 2016 @ 11:22 pm

  4. The BBC is reporting a GPS time error on 4th February 2016 to the scale of the one on 2004 reported on this site as a substantial axis shift(


    Comment by David Kendrick — February 5, 2016 @ 8:51 am | Reply

    • Thank you.

      We also need to confirm if there was a Tsunami somewhere as well. I have not found any significant Tsunamis yet but I have several systems to check. However, it is likely they pulled or altered the records. Especially if it occurred in a rural area.

      They deleted the records for the April 2003 Tsunami. In the same documentary they reported the Pacific tsunami captured on video by NASA occurred April 18, 2003 and then said it was April 18, 2004. Both dates on the same Tsunami in the same documentary. It disappeared on its way to Hong Kong. However, it is not recorded in any tsunami warning system. The first problem being our gov’ts erroneous ties between Tsunamis & earthquakes. Doesn’t anyone wonder why identical quakes don’t produce tsunamis? This method of earthquake association is usually a form of deception to cloak the earths shifting events from the public. Axis shifts are classified just like lightning data.

      Major Tsunamis are mostly caused by abnormal motion of the earth and sometimes massive collapse of tectonic plates. Short distance tsunamis have been caused by landslides, volcanic eruptions & glacier collapse. Only a shifting of the earth can produce a tsunami which travels thousands of miles.

      In Dec 2006 there was another major shift which caused a huge GPS problem. They tried to blame the GPS failure on a false solar flare. It took months to reveal all the deceptions involved. They even waited 5 months for the annual international meeting of scientists to get them all on board with this deception before announcing their infamous solar flare story the following week. Here are the details of that 2006 event on the link below. Their most absurd action was to use a flashlight to create a solar flare effect. Similar to the nuke explosion effects on the film, Silent Running. NOAA has since deleted their article but I saved their fake flare image & included it in comparison with a genuine flare image on the link below so everyone could see the difference. It was quite absurd but these are the lengths they are willing to go.

      I will continue to look for any signs of axis shift for this new event. It is possible they deleted any records. They have gotten better since I nailed them on the 2006 event.

      I also caught that axis shift on the weather satellite.


      I just reviewed the article. The GPS error was in microseconds although it occurred over 12 hours. Too small to be caused by an axis shift but a good idea to keep an eye on the GPS system as our first warning sign of possible axis shifting. However, our gov’ts consistently underreport everything. If they say microseconds, it is more likely to be several minutes out of sync based on my lifelong experience with their behavior & practices. Most computer systems can easily maintain the correct sync timing for 24 hours but will gradually grow more out of sync after that initial timeline. So no danger of major problems in those first 24 hours.

      I used to work with the GPS network as a source of synchronization to many industries, military & computer networks. The article reported a software bug. I’m willing to bet they did an upgrade & forgot to include the 2007 software patch which was added to correct the Dec 2006 misalignment of the GPS network after the Earth shifted. If they do not include these patches with each software upgrade, the GPS network will be out of alignment again. Some novice forgot to make a standard copy of the patches & network conditions prior to the software upgrade which threw the GPS network out of sync again. Then no one bothered to check the system after the upgrade. This is the downfall of keeping too many secrets or employees with less than stellar work ethics. There is also the fact that no one knows these classified events occurred. However, if they had followed procedure & downloaded all patches prior to upgrade it would have captured these prior repairs & reloaded them after the upgrade without having to know what the software patches were for. The software company needs to include these patches in future upgrades to bypass further patch copies. After all, it has nearly been 10 years since that major GPS failure occurred. Someone in the gov’t needs to inform the GPS software developers that the satellites are physically out of alignment & only appear to be synchronized due to the software patches which include the appropriate mathematical corrections to accommodate the physical displacement of the GPS network positioning.


      Comment by mmc7 — February 5, 2016 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

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