Earth's Axis has changed

March 8, 2015

3-2015 How Antarctica (South Pole) Ice Loss causes Earth’s axis to shift

Here is some basic information on how the melting of the ice at the south pole causes the earth’s axis to shift. I am posting this due to recent questions. I had previously responded with a comment reply but thought a full post might be helpful and also allows me to embed additional images below and various links to articles.

Added Note: I will also not be posting any comments showing ice at the south pole to claim we are in no immediate risk for the final shift. We are shifting right now including another significant shift between June 2013 and June 2014. That should be of concern to everyone. As I explain below (& someone failed to read) we do not have the luxury of waiting until ALL ice melts from the south pole. We are already at the half way tipping point. It will only take a minor amount of additional glacier melt for the planet to shift the remainder of the way. The ice is melting at an alarming rate with severe melting from the glacier base and rapidly flowing into the ocean. It wont take much loss of ice to set off another shift. So when you see ice covering the south pole, don’t let that be a comfort factor for you. The planet axis has already shifted by about 2000 miles. It wont take much more to shift us the rest of the way. Although I do not normally watch Al Jazeera TV, they are running an excellent series of climate change and Antarctic ice melting all month with a special they are running this very afternoon on the ice melt. This will give you an idea of how fast the ice is melting regardless of whether they think it is associated with planetary shift. The scientists have been threatened and suspended from their jobs for even using the words climate change. However, you can see the change in the position of the sun with your own eyes in June. The gov’t cant hide the sun. I wont be posting any naysayers claiming you have until ALL the ice melts to worry. They can bury their heads in the sand elsewhere. We don’t have that time. We have already shifted at least 5 or 6 times since Dec 2004, the Indonesian Tsunami. I post what I believe to be the truth based on extensive scientific research & measurements as a courtesy to inform the public since the gov’t has tried to squelch all efforts in order to hide the truth. It makes no difference to me whether someone believes it or not. I already know the truth. I have  nothing to gain. This is for your benefit, not mine. I have provided the details, images and links below to explain how the south pole ice affects the axis and shifting of our planet.

The south pole acts like a gyroscopic anchor point which maintains the balance of Earth’s axis. As the ice melts, it allows the axis tilt to shift. The more the land based ice melts at the South Pole, the more the Earth’s axis will shift. To understand how the ice at the South pole can affect the entire balance of the planet and how melting of ice could allow the planet to shift, you must first understand that the south pole (Antarctica) is the size of the US & Canada combined and larger than Australia. It is covered with a glacier of ice over 2 miles thick. This is an incredible amount of weight which has been rapidly losing chunks of the glacier the size of Germany at a phenomenal rate. A result of our pollution and industrial mismanagement of the environment. Once the land-based ice breaks off or flows into the ocean, the weight is disbursed into the sea.  During our winter months, the sun is now 2000 miles farther south due to our present degree of shifted axis and is now melting the south polar ice at extremely accelerated rates. This is why most axis shifts and Tsunami’s occur during our winter months when the sun is hottest at the south pole. Satellite images have shown that the south pole and Greenland ice has significantly decreased reflectivity which indicates the ice is undergoing a severe meltdown from the bottom of the glacier which has accelerated the rapid destruction of huge areas of the glaciers as they slide into the sea. This bottom melting has been visually confirmed in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and the south pole. This vast amount of melting should have been a process which once required thousands of years and has now been reduced to a matter of months. None of the scientific timeline predictions are valid in this runaway glacial destruction by their own admission. However, they now expect extensive loss of the west Antarctic glacier between 2020 and 2026.

To understand the enormous weight of a glacier, it not only has the power to move rocks the size of houses and sheer off mountain ranges, carve valleys and produce the great lakes… the land will often increase in elevation and significantly rise after the ice has depleted. It takes a lot of weight to block the upsurge of a landmass. You know how heavy a chunk of ice is when you hold it in your hand… now imagine the weight of a sheet of ice 2 miles thick the size of the US & Canada. That is what maintains the balance of our planets axis to act as a gyroscopic anchor point which kept the tilt of Earth’s axis in check. (Think of a rubber ball floating in water with silver dollar weights representing the various landmasses and glaciers. As you remove the weights at the south pole, it allows the ball to shift its angle in the water. This is how our planet behaves in space within the orbital snare of the sun. Have you seen how objects behave in space or how liquid forms spheres in a weightless environment? That is why the planets and moons are mostly spherical. They were formed as molten spheres and trapped within gravitational fields into orbiting the sun. The spheres rotate as the magnetic fields interact with the sun… such as the way like magnetic poles repel. If you have seen the super cooled magnet experiments where the magnet spins above the other magnet when the two like polarizations interact, that is how our planet rotates. Since there is no friction in space, this allows the object to spin on its axis indefinitely in space while caught in the orbital attraction of the sun).

When our planet shifts onto its side, it will continue to rotate horizontally like the planet Uranus and will continue to orbit the sun alternating between extreme weather and temperature conditions with each season based on the direction the axis is pointing during that season. If you think about it, since earth is a round ball and the sun is a round ball, even when the earth is lying horizontally on its side, the rotation will still have the sun rising in the east and setting in the west during the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. The main problems which will occur, will be during the summer seasons when (depending on which way we slip) the north pole will be directly facing the sun for 3 months and the south pole will be facing away from the sun in total darkness for 3 months. This will produce extreme heat and constant daylight with no night or darkness in the northern hemisphere and extreme cold in the southern hemisphere… far beyond any survivable temperatures. In the winter, the opposite will apply. The south pole will be facing the sun and the north pole will be in total darkness away from the sun and extreme freezing temperatures for 3 months. This is why I selected the tropics as the most temperate zone to survive. Spring and Fall will moderate between the extreme variances in temperatures with extreme super storms.

If our horizontal angle is perfectly perpendicular to the sun in Spring and Fall, then the sun will be directly aligned over the equator during the equinoxes and will begin to move toward one of the poles as we orbit the sun to summer or winter when one pole will always be facing the sun on the solstices. (this is a little difficult to explain clearly in words. You have to be able to picture the way our earth would behave as it orbits the sun keeping its same perspective direction (always pointing at the same location in the galaxy) as it orbits the sun. This causes the perspective with the sun to alter as it does now to create the 4 seasons. The only difference is that we would be tilted onto the side horizontally instead of a 23.5 degree tilt and severe changes in weather and temperatures.

00 2B 90 AxialTilt


However, we don’t have the luxury of waiting until ALL the south pole ice melts to begin to worry. So don’t assume we are safe as long as there is ice. Our axis has already shifted to the critical halfway tipping point. We are now at a tilted angle of about 50 degrees instead of our original 23.5 degrees. 45 degrees is the halfway point of  the distance of the angle. So we are already past the halfway tipping point. It wont take much more loss of Antarctic ice to shift our axis the rest of the way where Earth will suddenly slip completely onto its side where the equator is our next heaviest point. The planet will not invert upside down because there is not enough land or land-based ice at the north pole for a complete inversion and  that is unfortunate. We would do much better upside down which would only reverse our seasons; as opposed to a horizontal shift. According to one scientist in 2008, our planet has shifted onto its side 11 times in the past. Our mismanagement of the planet has accelerated this to where we will probably witness this shift in the near future based on our annual measurements of the continuing axis shifts.

The gov’t is concealing the level of damage to the south pole from the public or the problem with the shifting axis. They don’t want anything to disturb the economy. They want everyone to go to work and spend money and keep the elite and crooked politicians rich until the very last day when they retreat to their Denver shelter leaving everyone else behind to suffer the consequences without one word of warning.

If you go onto Google earth you will see that the most recent photos for the south pole are dated 1998. Even then, you can see the devastation of glacier destruction is horrific so I shudder to see what it looks like now, since it is currently 17 years later than the photos they are showing us. Remember, all of the shifts have occurred since 2004 which is 6 years after those photos were taken. At least two of the glacier sections lost in the south pole were the sizes of Germany and Rhode Island. I will include some of those 1998 satellite photos below along with some links below. But that was 17 years ago. I will also provide photos and links I can find on more current glacier destruction.

This doesn’t include the issue of rising seas. The loss of Greenland ice alone will increase the sea levels by 29ft. Current satellite reflective measurements show the entire glacier is severely melting from the bottom which will send it careening into the oceans at a dramatic rate of speed. The same situation exists in the South Pole. Severe melting from the bottom, undercutting the glaciers grip on the landmass. Losing all of the ice will raise the oceans by 297ft. But that will occur long after we have shifted onto our side.

Just remember, we are currently at the tipping point… half way to shifting completely onto the planets side where we will rotate horizontally. If you do not believe it, just look at the sun during the month of June if you live in the US and you will see the sun rising and setting to the north when it should never be farther north than the tropic of cancer in Mid Mexico. Don’t take my word for it. You can verify this with your own eyes. I know I say this every time to make sure you take the time to verify this for yourself. Don’t dismiss this simply because you do not believe me. Look for yourself in June.

Since we are already at the halfway tipping point, it will not take much more loss of ice to shift us the rest of the way onto the planets side. Perhaps just one more of those ice shelves sliding off the south pole land mass will be all it takes. Based on the comments made by our gov’t and their frantic rush to complete their shelter in Denver and their nationwide tunnel system linking all the USAF bases & key metro areas to their shelter, it appears they are expecting a calamity to occur between 2020 and 2026. This is just a SWAG. It could happen before or after that date… but it will be soon from all indications and changes in the measurements of the continuing increases in the axis.

Here is a little info on their tunnel systems. I have photos of the TBM’s and crews and have known people who worked on their tunnel and shelter systems. I posted some of these on other posts. Here is a link to photos of TBM’s on yahoo images.;_ylt=A0LEVwi1Ev1UDpsA6itXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZnNnMjV0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUlDMV8xBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=tbm+tunnel+boring+machines&fr=sfp&fr2=piv-web

Their gov’t elite shelter under Denver and tunnels are all complete. They are only adding extra bypass tunnels at the moment, in case one of their main tunnels becomes damaged or impassible. They are all ready to use their fancy shelters to save the worst corrupt elite of our country. If you live in one of the G20 countries, your governments are also doing the very same thing. There are currently hundreds of these Tunnel boring machines running nonstop worldwide to save the worst of our society and leave the public (who paid for the costs) to die without any warning… not even at the very last moment.

The 2020 SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) date is based on their own comments about severe shortages and their rush to complete their shelters & tunnels which became so haphazard that they were causing ground subsidences across the country in 2013 at an atrocious rate… and blaming it on their cover story of “fracking” to hide their true activities. You can track those tunnels by using the earthquake Icons on Google earth for tremors between 3.0 and 4.2 (actually just about any quake under 4.2 where you can see nearby low quakes and you can track them by the successive dates on nearby locations as the TBM’s continue to dig their tunnels toward their destination). In some soft soils, they can bore as fast as about 50 miles in 2 or 3 months. The latest one I noticed is a secondary tunnel for Bush’s Dallas home about Oct 2014 which could be seen in the area of Irving and west Dallas, TX. This was his new West tunnel from GW’s Dallas home which connects to Taos where there is a large interconnect terminal for the tunnels (hence, the Taos Hum). It used to have an underground turntable and repair terminal for the older trains before they upgraded to maglev trains. Those older underground trains caused the Taos Hum which plagued residents for years until they were replaced with maglev trains. Each tunnel has room for at least 2 trains and the option for 2 levels. The machine not only bores the tunnel, it also removes the dirt and places concrete connective rings around the tunnel walls as it continues to proceed forward.

To understand how large these tunnels can be, consider the tunnel under the English Channel where multiple lanes of traffic can drive from England to France in both directions. These are enormous tunnels systems. From Taos, NM, one tunnel goes to Dallas. Another tunnel goes north through Norad, Peterson AFB and Denver. Another south to Los Alamos and a west link to Dulce and Nellis Range. Most of the major USAF bases are connected to the tunnel systems; Edwards, Randolph, Offutt,  Wright Patterson, Nellis, Vandenberg, Andrews, Kirtland… just to name a few. With connections to Northrup Grummon skunk works which has about 42-47 levels underground near the border of CA and NV Nellis range. I know someone who worked there and 6 who worked at Groom Lake and one who worked at Norad. I’ve seen the air vents for the underground facilities under the Randolph runway perimeter and have been to Wright Patterson as well. So I’m not speculating. These are facts I know. Bush’s main Dallas tunnel to the Denver shelter was being built in Dec 2008 and could be traced through OK in Mar & May 2009 enroute to connect to the Denver shelter tunnel system. These are easy to track because Texas is a Zone Zero earthquake region. No natural earthquakes.

2020 is just a SWAG on my part based on gov’t statements and behaviors but it also coincides with the expected loss of the entire western half of the Antarctic ice between 2020 and 2026. They do not plan to warn the public. I’ve also mentioned several times that I used to be on one of the major emergency management agencies for a couple years for one of the largest metro areas in the US… and I can assure you that FEMA and the Red Cross and those Emergency management agencies have no plans to rescue. Only to corral, control and contain any survivors by armed guards in large arenas without providing any sustenance or supplies.

For those of us who paid for these shelters and maglev train tunnels for the corrupt elite, politicians and corporate crooks who caused this travesty in the first place… those of us who manage to elude FEMA and the national guard containment efforts and lockdowns, will be left to fend on our own without any warning whatsoever. Those who survive the mammoth Tsunami’s produced by the final shift, which will flood entire continents (like in the movie 2012) will have to deal with mass destruction and elevated sea levels in addition to flooded continents. We have seen evidence of previous shifts in Utah and Nevada where the remaining tsunami flood waters finally evaporated after thousands of years, leaving only the salt deposits behind. Why do you think there has been so much effort by various groups like LDS to save the records of our civilization, world seed banks, DNA banks, etc. They are endeavoring to save what they can but zero efforts are being made to save the population living on the coastlines. Just like Japan in 2011, there will be mass destruction of everyone and everything in those areas.

Remember the Georgia guidestone which says to maintain humanity at 500,000,000. We may think this is a joke… the New World Order and 33rd level Freemasons (Illuminati) take it quite seriously. You have to remember there is a huge difference between the regular Freemason business community members and those elite who are 33rd level illuminati such as the Bush’s. They have knowledge of the most deeply protected secrets. All those conspiracy theories which you might scoff at have been under their protection. Don’t expect any ebe’s to save us. They don’t want us here either. We are just an overpopulated left over which is trashing the planet.

The best region to inhabit while the planet is rotating on its side would be the tropics above the 300ft elevations (after the tsunami’s have occurred)… however, fresh water will be a problem due to the contamination by sea water & chemicals from flooded industry. You will need mountain spring water and a place to grow produce, fruits & grains. There will be no utilities, no medicines, no food, products or vehicles. Everything will be lost during the Tsunami floods and the survivors above ground may have to deal with roving hordes of violent mobs who would kill you for your supplies. Not to mention those ruthless crooks in the underground shelters who will be well armed with stockpiles of supplies to sustain them with the intent of becoming ruthless overlords to control the survivors as a subservient workforce and terminate those who do not acquiesce.

If this seems laughable… I recommend you take a look at where the sun is rising and setting in the month of June. Then go online and read the Georgia guidestone for yourself regarding maintaining humanity at 500,000,000 and look at the original murals in the Denver airport which was built above the entrance to the underground shelter city by the New World Airport commission.

We have already seen the Tsunami’s caused by the axis shifting which are often accompanied by earthquakes as a byproduct of the shift. We have had numerous axis shifts & Tsunamis since 2004. The more the south pole ice melts, the more tsunami’s we will see as the planet shifts from the loss of the gyroscopic anchor point.  The largest of which was the Indonesian Tsunami of Dec 2004 which killed a quarter million people. Major shifts have occurred in 2004, 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2014 which currently has us  tilted about 2000 miles farther south in the summer and 2000 miles farther north in the winter. This severely affects our weather and temperatures. The melting ice and evaporation causes increased humidity, precipitation, floods & blizzards.  It also causes changes in the weather patterns, storm development and severity, changes in the jet stream, patterns, bizarre weather behavior, stronger storms, hotter summers and record cold winters.

I apologize for repeating info but if someone is reading this article for the first time, they may not know the info I have already posted so I try to include the basics on each post. You may also wish to read the previous posts on Tsunami’s, Blizzards, weather and increased axis slippage. There is also an article on chem trails… the gov’ts desperate attempt to cool down the weather. They are still doing it. I just saw more of them a couple days ago. Ironic how they will spend billions of taxpayer dollars to spray the skies to create cloud cover and billions to build themselves shelters and tunnels… but not one penny of effort to control the pollution causing the ice to melt. We have more than enough solar & wind technology to power the entire planet and the technology to have pollution free vehicles. We could all put solar panels on our homes and tie them together to create more than enough power to run all of our communities along with wind power as a supplement… but the Energy corporations run our planet and our gov’t. Every politician is bought and paid for. Just check their corporate boards of directors on the Energy, Oil and Auto corporations and you will find our executive presidential cabinet members on all of their boards… Directors on at least 20 different corporate boards each with full salaries for each board… with particular emphasis on the Energy corps, the auto companies, the financial companies, Insurance companies and key top 100 corporations. Just check our previous presidents cabinet members to see what corporate boards they were on while they were serving on his cabinet. So you can be assured that the energy corps have free reign to pollute and use fossil fuels and glom onto nuclear subsidies to their hearts content no matter what damage it does. They all have seats in the Denver shelter as do their lapdog politicians. You can forget about voting in your candidate. Those electronic machines are all rigged. Just read the newspaper articles about how the machines were found to be deliberately misaligned so that every vote for one Party went to another… especially between 2000 and 2008. This was on the news and newspapers in San Antonio and Dallas during each major election. So it is not conjecture. The company which made the machines was owned by a Republican Senator. One voting machine company is located in Texas. Even the old type machines were crooked as discovered by a Louisiana candidate who tested the machines herself and found 2/3’s had been rigged to provide a specific outcome. I saw her testing the machines in the warehouse on live camera. Those in charge of the state elections are so corrupt that they refuse to correct the problem even when proven to be defective or incorrect. You might remember the Nov 2000 Florida elections. The head of the state elections was also the campaign manager for GWB and his brother was the governor.

The problem is that the corruption is so deep that they now have all their like minded buddies running every gov’t dept now. Both political Parties and the candidates are controlled by the Energy companies. Then there are the DOD contractors who always push to keep wars going. It is like choosing between two mafia families. Even your local politicians are controlled by developers and they placed their own candidates into every local gov’t office to control planning so they can get rich developing without constraints.

And the public is too busy with their cells phones, technology toys, personal entertainment and recreational drugs and sad lack of quality education and knowledge of what is truly going on… that they don’t even care.

Hopefully, those 60,000+ people (up to 1000 per day) who read this information each year will at least care enough to take a look at the situation for themselves and perhaps may be the only ones who will survive. I certainly hope it does not happen in our lifetimes… but it is not looking good. After 2004, I measured an 800 mile increase in the axis. After 2006, it increased to 950 miles. We had further increases in 2011 which brought us to 1200 miles. But the worse increase based on annual measurements between June 2013 and June 2014 brought our axis tilt increase to 2000 miles. This places the sun at the border between the US and Canada on the summer solstice June 21st… when it never should have been farther north than mid Mexico.  You can see this for yourself in June. Notice where the sunrise and sunset are located when the sun touches the horizon in June. Don’t try to measure it in the sky since the path is arced. Check the sunrise and sunset when you can use landmarks to gauge the angle and you will see how far north it is. Some loudmouth made a comment that the Canadians would notice if the sun had changed…. well they have. The Inuits have noticed as have my friends in Canada and Alaska. They used to have about 4 hours of twilight during the summer where the sun once went slightly below the horizon. Now it never goes below the horizon during the summer (on flat terrain). I posted an earlier article about the Inuits.

I also added a post with star charts a few days ago. All of this info is verifiable. Go to for additional details and links. This article is to help you understand the situation with the south pole ice loss.

Perhaps some of these links and images will help someone care. Remember, we won’t have to wait for the entire south pole to melt. We are already at the tipping point so it wont take much more before the planet takes that final last shift onto its side and those tsunami’s flood into the continents and the economy and food and medicine and utilities all disappear overnight… probably within the next 5-11 years… that is based on the gov’t comments… not mine. 2020 is a SWAG to be sure but the last significant axis increase was measured last year on June 21, 2014 which took our axis tilt to the tipping point where we are right on the edge of the final shift onto the side where we will rotate horizontally like the planet Uranus.

This info is for your benefit, not mine. I already know the info and have nothing to gain. We can’t stop the shift… all we can do is be informed, prepare and try to survive. You will have a better chance if you understand the situation when the worst has finally occurred. I’m hoping that most of those who survive will be the 200 to 1000 people who read this post every day… over 60,000 last year. I’d like to see those who were smart enough to do their own research when they realized something is wrong with the sun and the weather… to be the ones who survive. With these posts and the website, you should have enough info to know the best places and what you will need to live if you are able to survive the final shift and Tsunami’s. I recommend living inland above the 300ft level. Far enough inland and high enough to survive a catastrophic Tsunami as well. This is a very good time to move away from the coastlines. The final shift may create a super tsunami large enough to flood entire continents.

I have included articles, links and images below concerning loss of south pole ice:


Links about south pole ice loss:;_ylt=A0LEV1j4ZflU8PEAEsxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzZWIwNGk1BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQNTc3XzEEc2VjA3Ny


Here is my prior comment about the Antarctic Ice:


This next link is a page of Antarctic ice images on yahoo;_ylt=AwrBT74VZ_lU1lEAuIxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzdHVtMGc4BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDVklQNTc3XzEEc2VjA3Nj?p=Antarctic+Glacier+Collapse&fr=ie8


Additional Articles about South Pole ice loss:


Images of Ice loss & Thwaites Glacier collapse in Antarctica (south pole):

Thwaites Glacier south pole 2014


Here are the 1998 Google Earth south pole images:

Antarctic 1     Antarctic 2 Antarctic 3     Antarctic 4 Antarctic 5     Antarctic 6

If this was 1998… I shudder to see what it looks like now.







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